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Published by optimasprimeraghav, 2020-08-04 04:47:47

Description: The Official Newsletter of Millennium Model United Nations.


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THE LIBERTARIAN An Initiative of the International Press

From the Office of Internation Press It was in-deed a pleasure to be a part of the esteemed organisation of Millennium Model United Nations conference. This virtual simulation hosted 4 committees whose learning was consummate and commendable. The Executive Board of International Press extends our gratitude and also congratulate the team of Secretariat, Organizing Committee, Members of International Press for their unconditional support at all times. This edition of newsletter is titled, ‘The Libertarian’, and it encompasses a variety of articles which are an amalgamation of information representing true facts, un-biased, creative and research aspects. Experience is just a number, it definitely adds up-to something, but, wonders can be achieved even by first-timers, as the team of International Press had many first-timers, pulling this newsletter was quite a task but, their indulgence and cooperation; the task became loving and enriching for the whole team. We would like to extend our heart- felt thanks to the Advisers and the Secretariat for making the summit possible. Regards Raghav Panjiray -Heads of Press Paridhi Bajaj -Head of Caricature Disclaimer: All the images do not indent any copyright infringements or theft of intellectual property.They are used under the pretext of a Model UN simulation. Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 02

No Rebirth on Earth! Guneet Kaur presenting how sorrow spun through the elements of nature evokes fear from being reincarnated on Earth in their next lives. The raindrop says, \"I don't want to be reincarnated as a The tree stump says, \"I don't want to be reincarnated as raindrop on Earth. What is the point if I would only to a tree on Earth. What is the point if I mature into a cause havoc and agony to the living beings! If I visit healthy and stout adult just to be killed one day for the Earth too frequently, the people are swept by the greed of humans? I think being selfless was a horrible water, and if I refrain from it, then I am cursed for idea because now I am taken for granted by everyone! causing drought. But is it my fault that the lack of My grandparents always recited wonderful stories plantation on Earth helps me flow over the surface? Or about the Chipko movement and the care shown by is it my fault that humans waste a huge amount of humans towards us. Now I am quite sure that it is a water, which makes them wait for me to satisfy their fiction tale to educate and please children. I already needs?\" lost so many of my childhood friends just to satiate the The granule of soil says, \"I don't want to be modern needs and greed of humans. Why toil so hard, reincarnated as the soil on Earth. What is the point of bear storms, bear harsh climate and heat, when like tasting those chemicals every day and then being humans, you can save the world just by a tweet!!\" blamed for not giving a better yield? My body feels The fish in the water bodies says, \"I don't want to be endless pain due to the acidity and salinity added to me reincarnated as a fish on Earth. What is the point of in the form of harsh chemicals. Tell me, is it my being a fish when our homes are invaded by black fault?\" smog and waste? There is only one thing that we see, breathe, and even eat sometimes- Garbage! I feel so suffocated with my emotions. My little ones lost their life by getting strangulated in polythene thrown by humans conveniently into our home.\" Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 03

All these creatures, drowned in their griefs, poured their hearts out to one another, having no clue of the passive listener paying attention to their complaints. The almighty was tensed, stuck in a dilemma. None of the creatures was satisfied with their position in nature: all hurt and slaughtered by Humans- who themselves are the most prized creation of his own.  But as a guardian, he must punish the guilty and so he finally decided to give justice to all the sufferers! His new creation ought to be stronger than humans to make them realize their mistakes.! It should be able to give humans a taste of their own medicine! After pondering, he finally got the cure- a virus! A deadly virus that would lift the burden of greed and selfishness from the pious nature and restores its beauty and values.Ultimately restoring the balance on Earth. After injecting the virus, every new day became more challenging than the previous day. Humans, who were uncontrollably selfish and destructive, were now being shackled in their houses forcefully. They finally understood their wrongdoings, but it was too late to apologize. *1 Year and 6 Months Later* A man lying dead in his grave says, \"I don't want to be reincarnated as a human on Earth. I don't deserve to ask for this, but it is painful to lie in my grave with the burden of greed and deception. In the last few days of being quarantined, realization dawned upon me that all I have given to mother nature is pain and sorrow. I wouldn't dare to live such a sinful life again.\" And there was silence and peace thereafter. Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 04

Who is responsible? Guneet Kaur, reporting for the United Nations Environment Programme Committee analyses the Assembly’s views on fixing responsibilities among Developed and Developing nations regarding environmental degradation. Statement:  The developing nations contended that most of the ecological degradation is the product of industrial development undertaken by developed nations. Hence giving the developed nations more responsibility for undoing the damage.  Scenario:  The reporter wants to clarify the committee's stance about the developed nations being more responsible for environmental degradation.  Options: 1. YES 2. NO 3. ABSTAIN Votes: In contrast, the equal number of oppositions Delegates who voted yes:  United States of America, consisting of Finland, Italy and France argue that South Africa, Denmark environmental degradation is a joint responsibility of Delegates who voted no: Finland, Italy, France  all the nations and fixing responsibility among nations Delegates who abstained from voting:  Qatar, India, is not plausible.Five nations choose to be silent about Norway, Iceland, Sweden     the statement and abstain, comprising Qatar, India,           Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. Analysis:  Delegates of South Africa, Denmark, and The United Conclusion: Considering the voting stances taken by States of America support the statement agreeing that the delegates, it is construed that there is an equal the industrialization caused by developed nations is a number of countries in favour and against the claim significant cause of degradation of the environment whereas the majority of the nations choose to remain and hence, should bear more responsibility than the silent about the matter. developing nations. They also agree that the developing nations are still in the process of industrialization, and they shouldn't be subjected to the same restrictions which apply to developed nations.  Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 05

A War with Life! Guneet Kaur, reports on the press conference held in the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP)Committee. The press conference held in the UNEP was a The first press conference ended with an open-ended culmination of subtlety and hypocrisy. The opening question for all the delegates invoking a response from question was to the Delegate of India, asking about the them about lack of unison in the committee since reasons behind Indian cities occupying more than half inception, i.e. from raising a motion to collectively of the list of the most polluted cities in the world. The seeking solutions to the problem. Delegate of Norway delegate stated it is due to the status of India being a was recognized to answer the question followed by the developing country and quoted that the Indian Delegate of the USA. Both the delegates answered by government is committed to reducing forty per cent stating that the foreign policies bound their countries, (40 per cent) of pollution by 2030. The Delegate of the thus reflects while choosing appropriate motion in United States of America (USA) was asked to accordance with their alliances. However, the countries comment upon the statement made by their president assured to participate in collective measures that need on describing \"Global warming as a hoax created by to be adopted to combat the crisis.   and for Chinese\". The delegate responded by saying that the President of The United States has made certain questionable statements and has taken decisions with an aim for the welfare of US citizens. However, the USA is looking into many negotiations and discussions to curb this global challenge.   When the Delegate of Iceland was asked to throw light During the second press conference, the Delegate of upon the laws and regulations made by their country to India abstained from answering when questioned about combat the crisis, the delegate listed acts and programs the justification of amendments done by the implemented by their country, including treaties Environmental Impact Amendment and on India's executed in this regard. The Delegate of France, advancing footprints towards the usage of coal as an however, cited the Chain of Energy Transition Act and industrial fuel. The Delegate of the USA, however, a budget that is to be spent on improving renewable justified the withdrawal of the USA from numerous resources, when asked to enlist some concrete federal mandates. With the final question directed measures taken up by the French government towards the Delegate of Italy questioning upon Italy's regarding the current situation. response to the recommendation by the International Energy Agency, the delegate responded by saying that Milliennium MUN | July 2020 a proposal for the use of solar cars is in order. The delegates, seemingly engrossed with the gravity of this issue and the impending dangers associated with it, moved towards the next discussion thread. Page 06

Revisiting History....... Sivaranjani V, reporting from the Axis Cabinet, JCC on the tumult of events Asserting one’s ideological stance is imperative while In contrast to the previous session, Franco exclaimed fighting a war. Hence, the first session was that this was an action to cripple the Axis Cabinet and characterized by leaders asserting their allegiance to a affirmed his faith in Hitler. particular cabinet  grudgingly. Having declared their After Mussolini nearly escaped an attack with minor stances, the Axis Cabinet, following the first update, injuries while negotiating with Roosevelt, the Cabinet looked to paralyze Britain by invading France. The began formulating plans to attack Britain from the plan, the brainchild of Hitler, didn’t receive the North Sea. Roosevelt, on the other hand, suffered grave unanimous approval of the Powers. Hirohito declared injuries. his slight at being side-lined and called it ‘foolhardy’. Realizing the unproductive aims of both sides, the Axis Meanwhile, Francisco remained firm on isolating powers and the Allies were called to make Britain through a blockade. Several castles were built negotiations. It was made clear that the attack on in the air, while a feeble plan of action was put Roosevelt would be avenged. Despite the denial, together as a last resort.  German troops had invaded Stalingrad.  The Cabinet was taken by storm when news of the Hitler quoted a peaceful stance and refused to pay even German invasion of Poland arrived. The Axis Powers a penny of reparation, while Mussolini refused to be feeling betrayed, addressed the situation. Stalin blamed for the attack on Roosevelt. Molotov, however, declared a change in allegiance, while Hirohito and requested for a mere apology for the assassination of Mussolini denounced the ‘supremacy’ of Hitler. Hitler Stalin in return for cooperative ties.  Several requests maintained that this was a ‘political coup’ to create and demands were incorporated on a negotiation paper, turmoil within the Cabinet.The Cabinet was baffled which received the unanimous approval of both when news of Stalin’s assassination arrived. Cabinets, unlike the Treaty of Versailles. Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 07

War Lust: The French Bait Sivaranjani V, from the Joint Crisis Committee, brings to table deliberations on war plans to topple the Allied Powers. Der Fuhrer, showing his aggressive intentions, stated General Franco emphasized on the establishment of that France's allegiance to Britain must be used to the naval supremacy in the English Channel. He further Axis powers advantage – the French Government had focused on the policy of isolation with regards to pledged the control of their forces to the British Britain through a blockade.  Government. Following the policy of 'never wake a Stalin, in contrary to the Fuhrer, declared that Germany sleeping dragon', Hitler stated that provoking America must go beyond criticizing rumours and suggested a after their declaration of remaining uninvolved unless change of focus to decolonization to gain support. provoked would be foolish.  Further discussions ensued, with the Fuhrer claiming Criticizing rumors of Germany's preparations to take the idea of a pact with India to be far-fetched and over Poland, Hitler asserted that China \"would be no Franco suggesting an invasion of France through match for Japan\" hence, would not take up too much Switzerland. Though deliberations primarily focused space in their war plans.  on the invasion of France, no comprehensive plan was One might feel that a common bait, in this case, charted out in unison.  France, would lead to the formation of united plans. Treading the path of caution, Hirohito expressed Reality seemed starkly different.  concern on the involvement of neutral countries like Hirohito vehemently stated that the Germany's plan Switzerland and also expressed his views over being was flawed and that it is pivotal for China to be always sidelined while forming war plans.  acknowledged as a power to avoid underestimation of Though each seemed to describe plans of invading the enemy. He further suggested that a non-aggression France and stand against Great Britain, they each pact be signed with India.  quipped myriad plans without convergence. Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 08

The Perfect Salesman Musing over the enthusiasm prevalent over the alliances being formed in the Joint Crisis Committee, Sivaranjani V writes.... “The early bird catches the worm.” “I smell hypocrisy!” proclaimed the Fuhrer. “Like the Like an ardent salesman who lures several customers Allied Powers, every nation that seems to expand for into making unnecessary purchases; Hitler, in the very its interests looks to cripple the states that depend on it same spirit, began his journey of poaching alliances for for shelter.” Commending the memory of the Fuhrer, the Axis Cabinet, through the course of the lobbying one is amazed by his ability to successfully erase his session and opening remarks.  own fatherland’s attempts to climb up the ladder using “Be warned!” declared Der Fuhrer, “the Allies merely exploitative means.  seek to infringe the sovereignty of the subordinate Despite several nonchalant replies and a few nations. They wish to utilize and exploit all those they affirmative responses from the members, the Fuhrer disregard as seen through the Treaty of Versailles.” did not seem deterred. However, desperate times call Ironically, the aims of Der Fuhrer did not seem starkly for desperate measures. He declared that siding with different.  the Allies would mean to trap oneself in the path of Proceeding with a bit of cheek, Hitler attempted to subservience. One wonders whether he has forgotten convince Netaji to side with the Axis Cabinet. “Netaji his ideological allegiance to the system of control and trusts my ideologies and siding with my stance would restriction.  prove to benefit him,” quipped the Fuhrer, evoking a Like those loyal to their jobs, the Fuhrer continued to slightly perplexed expression from Subash Chandra press “May I have your allegiance please, sir?”Birds of Bose. Netaji remained mute, while Hirohito a feather flock together humorously affirmed that he could not imagine nations, who were on their quest for freedom, “aligning with oppressive powers.” Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 09

The Caged Bird Hoping to see the light of the free world, Sivaranjani V, while in hiding, pens down her thoughts in her diary. Dear Diary, Having lost count of the number of days in hiding, I am surprised at my eagerness to pen down my thoughts every day. Unlike most other activities that seem to be ordeals, putting down my thoughts seems to be my only source of joy. There seem to be talks of suspicions of our religious identity; Father, however, does not deem fit to tell us, my sister and me, about it. He presumes that shielding us from the harsh truth will save us from fearing the imminent doom. Father listens to the news sincerely; he feels one must be in tune with all occurrences that take place. The news seems to paint a gloomy picture, far more despairing than what I can perceive of the world through my little window. Well, ignorance is bliss. The sun was coloured a deep yellow today, my favourite colour. Comically, the star we all wear to distinguish ourselves is also coloured the same. While one of its shades seems to be, perhaps, my source of strength, the other erases all aspects of our humanity. I recall being called “disgusting vermin”. Of course, I was enraged then, but now I do not retain any power to fight the inhumane structure that the Powers are creating and fighting for. I have paced my room several times; I think I know the number of steps it would take me to pace across. When the smell of the doughy, watery soup that is being prepared; the one we consume every day, turns to be unbearable, I sneak breathes of fresh air from cracks in the window. Most of the time I just stand by it, counting and recounting the bars and staring into the sky. Who knew that one would turn prisoner in one’s residence, counting bars…? Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 10

Listen, I am right always! Akash Degala reporting from AIPPM The All India Political Party Meet (AIPPM) was called to discuss the constitutionality of the Unlawful Activates Prevention Act (UAPA) concerning Citizen Amendment Act(CAA) – National Register of Citizens (NRC) protests. The committee started with fierce opening speeches both, government and opposition. Sonia Gandhi being the first speaker she started pointing out the flaws in the UAPA 2019 amendment. She said the previous law were self-sufficient and added that this amendment had made the law a draconian law. Yogi Adityanath being the next speaker who got provoked Sonia Gandhi's words has lashed out at the Indian National Congress filling his speech with statements like “Congress should be kicked out of India” and “people who oppose the government and the country have no right to live” and drove away from the agenda. Immediately after Yogi Home Minister, Amit Shah spoke about the necessity of the 2019 Amendment to UAPA. He said, “Terrorism was not born because of guns, it was born in a person’s mind”. Prime Minister (PM) Modi surprising the committee spoke in Kanada and the speaker gave the committee a translation to his speech. In PM’s speech he included various judgments given in the past which amends UAPA the need of the hour and said the UAPA 2019 is in no way unconstitutional. After the PM and Rahul Gandhi spoke in his speech he put all his predictions and concerns regarding the law. He says this law is being misused by the government and the voices against the government are being oppressed by this law. After Rahul Gandhi, Rajnath Singh in his speech has compared the CAA-NRC protests with the protests in Hong Kong and China his intention behind it is still not clear. Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 11

Various sub-agendas were discussed like the constitutionality, nuances and consequences of UAPA. The most controversial topic was raised by Yogi Adityanath which was ‘is democracy needed at this point’. Yogi in his speech called for removing of democracy and trying dictatorship for 5 years. His speeches also included statements praising the Hitler regime. Due to this, he had faced a lot of backlashes especially from leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Asaduddin Owaisi. Even members of his party didn’t agree with him and the internal party committee was put to look into this matter and clarity regarding this was given by the Home Minister in an interview. In the end, both the parties have given their press releases giving out their opinions and suggestions. The main points Congress focused on were regarding the expansion of the review committee and also appeals to the judiciary to give a written order against UAPA 2019 as it’s unconstitutional. The government side press release had summed up all their points which they spoke since the start of the committee and also included their view and definition of what terrorism is for them. In conclusion, we can say that the purpose of this AIPPM conducted some commendable debate. Both the government and the opposition were stubborn upon their points and views. Neither the Government nor the Opposition attempted to have a negotiation with the opposite bloc. Both the blocs were the busy alleging and blaming each other for their political and ideological stances forgetting that they are for the people, of the people and by the people. Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 12

Converse, Engage and Change. Anusha Sharma on the proceedings of UNCSW. Icebreakers, altercations, questions and sometimes, and truly believed in humanitarian principles and diplomacy. The committee proceedings of the United equality of the sexes. Nations Commission on Status of Women reached The second half of the first day marked a critical heights with its debates and discussions. situation that can arise in Model United Nations The introductory session, followed by the General conferences. There was a significant amount of friction Speakers List, paved the way for formal debate to between the Delegate of New Zealand and the commence on day 1. The delegates deliberated on Executive Board. However, this very entertaining matters regarding the agenda at hand, and they nuanced spectacle was put at ease with the highest rate of over the policies their countries have in line for the etiquette by the Executive Board. same. The Executive Board, with its highest degree of The second day started with a new ray of sunshine. diplomacy, looked for new motions on the floor. The The Delegates were highly ambitious and determined Delegations of the United Kingdom, France and to come up with productive and realistic solutions Iceland were prompt at each step to initiate the towards the various issues that are to be discussed in necessary motions and lead the committee of the path the committee. The Delegates of Japan, China and of a moderated caucus. Spain enthusiastically addressed the role of media and The motion for a formal debate passed and the cinema as influencers of ideologies. The Delegate of Delegate of the People’s Republic of China (China) France talked about the importance of making abortion being a prominent speaker, raised points on various legal. forms of inequality faced by the women around the With a highly enriching and zestful press conference, world. The speeches made by each delegate proved the committee headed into the direction of a that they were enthusiastic about the agenda constructive formal session. Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 13

Expectations lead to crimes? Anusha Sharma analyses the committee’s views on how societal expectations can nurture toxic masculinity. Statement:  Analysis: “Certain societal expectations condition men to After the Delegate of Spain mentioned that “societal become robbers, kidnappers and criminals.” matrices influence men to become potential Scenario:  kidnappers, robbers and other criminals”, the executive The reporter wants to clarify where the committee board was quick to rise and request for elaboration. stands in regards to the claims made by the Delegate of The delegate went on to explain that it is the societal Spain about whether society plays a leading role in expectations associated with toxic masculinity that conditioning men into potential criminals.  encourage a majority of the male population to commit Options:  crimes and other inappropriate activities. 1. In favour of the statement As observed in the statistical result, the majority of the 2. Not in favour at all  committee believes that societal conditioning is not the 3. The statement is semi correct; there are other aspects sole reason that influences the male population to act as well.  out and commit crimes. They believe there are many Votes:  other aspects as well. Delegates in favour of the statement: Conclusion: New Zealand 75% of the committee agrees that there are other Delegates not in favour at all: aspects as well that can nurture the mind of one who Iceland, Australia  may commit a crime in the future. 16.7% of the Delegates that think the statement is semi correct and committee believes that societal pressures and norms there are other aspects as well:  do not influence the actions of a criminal. Meanwhile, China, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, France, 8.3% of the committee agrees that society and its Denmark.  expectations from a particular gender can further lead   that part of the population to do wrong things.   Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 14

A Silent Catalyst; Gender Based Prejudice Anusha Sharma comments on how prejudices lead to adverse gender issues. “Hush! You talk too loud for a girl.”  “Don’t cry like a girl.”  “You don’t know how to cook?”  “Your clothes are too short.”  “Boys will be boys.”  “They’re just hot-blooded young men.”  We’ve all heard these sexist remarks in our everyday lives. We listen to it, ignore it and move on. So today, let’s address an issue that hasn’t been linked with causes for gender-related issues: sexism. Every time a woman is told to bow down to society, every time she is told to compromise, every time zero is removed from her pay check and every time she is barred from going out at night, another girl child somewhere is questioning her importance. If half the population grows up believing that they are inferior to their counterpart, how can we dream of an absolute transition of society? The problem is not only limited to sexist remarks and gender-stereotypical matrices of society, but the issue also lies with the fact that we have generalised these norms and accepted them.  The most effective way of eradicating sexism is educating both girls and boys on gender equality, sex education, feminism etc. Subjects like home science, fashion, art, dance etc. should also be widely encouraged for boys to learn so that they grow up understanding that these interests and duties should and need to be shared among all genders. Another vital aspect that needs to be talked about is the encouragement of girls to take on leadership roles. If girls are taught from a young age that they have a voice, they have an opinion, and that they need to be vocal for being heard, it will not only make them more confident, but it will also instill a balance of power in society. The sad truth is that when girls tend to lead teams, organise and manage tasks, they are often perceived as bossy, rude and unaccommodating. How do we tackle this? By normalising women and girls taking leadership roles. And how will we do that? By educating both the genders on equality. So, you see, it’s a constructive loop.There are so many empowering books that talk about feminism and leadership for girls. These are pieces of work that should be read by all genders since it helps to gain exposure and broaden the mind’s horizon. Other forms of creative deliberation like poetry, stories, songs etc. can help spread awareness and advocate on these much essential issues effectively. Milliennium MUN | July 2020 Page 15

Anahtalya : A Poem Am I dead? No, said the angel Page 16 You’ve just started to live. Then why does the world seem so vulnerable? Because, for the first time we’re not telling you to behave. Is this the land of dreams? Yes, precisely much. It exists in our subconscious too I see another angel flutter her wings, the dust falls off as though it were waiting. There seem to be many more arrivals of lost souls as myself, But sadly enough, more angels are leaving this land. I wonder what’s calling them awake? Responsibility, patriarchy or is it a bullet right in the head? Wake up Anahtalya, I hear this petrified voice, I see the same angel, who guided me through the land of dreams. Who are you? I asked whilst gaining my conscious, Your guardian angel said the petrified voice. A growing mind, once again stopped By fears and lies. Stop waking the angels. Don’t act as a guardian. - By Anusha Sharma Milliennium MUN | July 2020

Raghav Panjiray International Press Head Editor Designer Paridhi Bajaj Head of Caricaturist Reporting Bureau Guneet Kaur (UNEP), Anusha Sharma (UNCSW), Ishan (JCC Allied), Sivaranjani V (JCC Axis), Akash Degala (AIPPM) Caricaturist Bureau Reet Lath, Shagun Mehra, Manan Parikh, Aarna, Ayan THE LIBERTARIAN TEAM INTERNATIONAL PRESS MILLENNIUM MODEL UN 2020

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