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May 2017

Published by sales, 2017-05-30 06:17:49

Description: Seasons Magazine

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FREE COPYseasons magazine Life Beyond 50 May 2017 • Waikato/Bay of PlentyThe Concentration GameLife Of A Professional ArtistAnd Rock ClimberGrand MotheringBecoming A Grandmother Kingsley Field Seasons May Change, But Soup Is Always Good

Share your Travel ExperiencesTwo exciting and exotic tours have come on the radar of the House of Travel in the Waikato - Hamilton City, Cambridge,House of Travel in the Waikato Solo Travellers Club. Matamata, Morrinsville and Te Awamutu - is creating a register of people interested in exploring the world withCruisin’ Cuba is a 14-day fly/stay/cruise package departing like-minded solo travellers.on October 12, while a 16-day ladies only tour of Mexicoleaves on August 17. A particular focus is on the over-50 age group in the region, says House of Travel consultant Angela Taverner. She isHosted by cruise specialist Ann Mellor, Cruisin’ Cuba also putting together a database of those with similar tastes andtakes in the wonders of the Caribbean and South America. interests in international travel who will be matched and tour options then evaluated.Ann says Cuba is a “must-see” before it changes forever. Sometimes a holiday can be a wonderful chance to escapeStops in the Caribbean include Jamaica, the Cayman Islands alone with your own thoughts, said Angela. Other timesand Cozumel. there is nothing better than sharing your experiences with a friend or new acquaintance.With flexible return dates, guests also have the optionof a second cruise from Havana, or to stay longer in the \"We want to give our over-50s who can’t get the travel bugCaribbean, Central and South America. out of their systems an opportunity to connect, discuss and plan their travel adventures.\"\"Mexico for the Ladies\" is led by Annie Sale, a vastlyexperienced tour leader and traveller. The best holidays are created together. Membership of the Solo Travellers Club is free.\"Imagine taking a trip with other women who are just as To register, contact Angela Taverner at:excited and interested in travel as you are,\" says Annie. (07) 888-8034\"Experience fun and friendship on my small group, ladies [email protected] tours instead of travelling alone.\" ANGELA TAVERNER2 seasons

Contents 06 12 03 Contents 04 CEO's Note Women's Lfestyle 06 Seasons May Change, But Soup is Always Good Expo 2017 08 Simon Bridges MP for Tauranga 16 09 Tim Macindoe MP for Hamilton West 11 Message from the Minister of Senior Citizens 23 30 12 The Concentration Game 15 Standing Against Elder Abuse 16 Women's Lifestyle Expo 17 Food Intolerance? Allergies? Autoimmunity? 19 Your Next Best Season 23 Grand Mothering 25 A Mother's Love 29 The Russian Room-Mate 30 Friends Breathe Life into Bush Reserve 33 Epilepsy Association of New Zealand 34 Breaking Bad Habits - Part One 38 Living Independance for Everyone 40 Active Retirees at the Mount 45 Vetora Pet Page 46 Trusted Tradies & Services 48 The Care of Roses 49 Laugther is the Best Medicine 50 Recipes 52 May 2017 Calendar 53 Puzzle Pages\" seasons FREE COPYWant to become a subscriber? magazine Life Beyond 50Subscribe to receive your magazines for $6.00* per issue March 2017 • Waikato/Bay of Plenty*postage and packaging costs onlyName:Address:Phone: Email: No. of Issues: Season's Local Un-sung Hero Moves on in Life of AdventureSend this form with your cheque payment made out to Just 1 Ltd (Seasons Mag) PO Box 134, Ngaruawahia 3742 New Times for Ancient OrderEmail your enquiry to [email protected] or visit our website Te Marama Masonic LodgeLike @seasonsmag on facebook for news and updates Kingsley Field ...And Autumn's on the Way Seasons magazine features articles, columns and information relevant to the 50+ communityMay 2017 ISSN 2382-2481Hamilton: Grant 021 213 0319 Seasons Office 07 847 4602Tauranga: Grant 021 213 0319 email: [email protected] web: Seasons is a special publication published by Just 1 Ltd, Hamilton NZ The views and opinions expressed in Seasons magazine are not necessarily those of Just 1 Ltd

Dear Readers, seasons magazine Life Beyond 50 May is a very exciting month with great things coming up that we look forward to, such as Mother’s Day on Sunday 14th May, which is a very special time to show appreciation to mothers, and not forgetting grandmothers. We CEO Mijda Jamieson also have The Women’s Lifestyle Expoat Claudelands Event Centre on 20th and 21st May, wherewe will be exhibiting Seasons Magazine (50+ and lovingit!) and where we have the privilege of Kingsley Field andJenny Magee at out site (site 716) for their book signing. Welook forward meeting our avid readers and supporters ofSeasons Magazine, so please make sure you pop by our site(716) and say “hi” to us.We would like to introduce and welcome Jenny Magee(columnist) to Seasons Magazine who has written a greatcolumn on Grand Mothering in our May issue (See page 23)to read her story.Also, just a reminder that we now distribute across the Bayof Plenty but if you have problems finding a copy of yourmagazine, please feel free to contact us at the office inHamilton (07 8474 602).With the elections coming up in September we will be 50+ and loving it!building up towards this in the next 3 issues giving updateson the elections, so any input from our readers about whatour politicians should consider would be welcome for ourmonthly updates.Seasons Magazine supports Charities from time to time as Music Moves Me Trust, Kauri 2000 Trust, Make aWish Foundation and Epilepsy Association NZ to mention Enquiries 07 847 4602 or 021 0285 1847a few. Extending your gold coin donation to any of these Sales 021 213 0319Charities would be very welcome and will go a long way in [email protected] their cause. Please note you will need to contactthem directly for information about making your donations.Hope you all have a wonderful month of May.Cheers Can't get enough of Seasons Magazine? Follow us on Facebook for more news and updates throughout the month! Go to or search @seasonsmag on FacebookMijdaThe Complete A Grade Service Cnr Heaphy Tce & Brooklyn Rd Opp. Claudelands Event Centre Hamilton· Service & lubes · Loan cars available · Exhausts · Tyres· Brake & clutch repairs · Trailer hire · Tune-ups · Wheel alignment· Gearboxes · Free pickup & return · Mufflers · Cambelts and much more!5% discount if you mention Seasons Magazine or are a Super Gold cardholder 07 855 [email protected] seasons

TREATMENTS EXTERIOR BUILDINGSUOCTUARRCERHAETAESMIRSESLNFOOTUSSSL... CLEANING ANDARE SO SUCCESSFUL... PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Half price Our Softwash system provides all exterior building consultations cleaning requirements, via van based technicians who can efficiently and effectively wash and clean for May houses, commercial buildings and associated surface areas such as roofs, windows, garages, paths, $25 cobbles, driveways, fences, and decks. We can also apply a general insect treatment to the exterior and BECAUSE WE TAKE interior of your home. Our unique Softwash process A CLOSER LOOK is gentle and has been proven to lengthen the life of paint by preventing the build up of the oxidizingWe don’t just sell you a treatment, we catalysts, algae and mould - all this by using no harsh water pressures/’s cTaAusiKngEthe To find out more call us on 0800 GO SOFTWASH orSRSBHaEiArCCClAinLicU’OsSuSnEiEquWRe mLEicOroTOsAcoKKpicEhair email [email protected]’t judsettseecltlsyouanaytredaetmfoernmt,awtieontaskeoaf EXTERIOR CLEANING SPECIALISTSA CLOSER LOOKtchloesehraliororkoaottwahnadt’s cclaousseinlyg tehxeapmroinbelesmt.he Why Softwash? OBQFLURIGOEAETTENI!OONWcSoReSndHdiatoiironCn’ltinojiucf’ssytuonusiqreulslecmayloipcur.osacotpriecahtamir eannatl,yswise FREE QUOTE FAST, EFFICIENT SERVICEtAdaerkmteecetads acwnloyitshdeertfohlroimsoakktnioaontws wloefhdathgte’eshacaanirudrsoitonatgkainnthgde CLEANS GENTLY PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENTpicnlrotoosbellyaecemxcao.muinntesythoeucrongdeitnioentiocf ydouisrpscoaslpit.ion, SAFE PRODUCTS INSECT CONTROLtaStlofAaawhiarnRfrcnreoeecmacSdartsolkotmetyhHuamyrdsannsselaieetist,ywnirrrneosiyottrsCudpohoastechlue,anoithserntuphdtperisircagseceeai’esncgtsk,nasniflnnaduwneauowlntyolneawiycicecnrnqllkyfceoyouodidnswsoeritgesgthrdyipermlleeoyleofmaarsusifcnsceoeif.t,rtdonixroooimoranprtnsmpsamfrc,a,laekuuotiulisginelnipuoasfngeneecitnacsche,sistninywhntcatlahgoeeaysoierfcwoinlldfoitrimounlaotfeyaoturerastcmaelpnt. especially for you. 278a Kahikatea Drive, HamiltonArmeTdOTOMwMiAtAKhKEEtAhANiNs AAkPPnPPoOOwIINNleTTdMMgEENeNTT,aVnVISdISITITtaking 0800 GO SOFTWASH P: 07 848 1700ilinfteoWstyWalWOcCeWcRAWo.LCSuWaLARnn.LUSStdLRHSyUSAoOHSaIuAnRNOryICNR0gLC80eIoLN08nIt00NheI0CIet3Ci.rc3C4.4C8O8dOi6.niN6s.1fNp1lZ6uZ6oeOsniRtcioinng, 0800 46 7638 [email protected] M: 021 389 918factors, such as work stress, pregnancyor menopause, we will formulate atreatment especially for you. TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, VISIT WWW.SRSHAIRCLINIC.CO.NZ OR CALL US ON 0800 348 616 GatAen2HGg, Al7aeMtsTeeIhLa2aATcC,Onkl7HgNienlArTeiacMhsyaeIScaLtkTCeOrliNa7nTy3aicTuSS,AritxaUrteneRegeAatnN,tShGoAuAtvhe 00880000 334488 661166 AUCKLAND HAMILTON TAURANGA WELLINGTON seasons 5

Seasons May Change, But Soup is Always Good Yes, well, I got that wonderfully wrong, didn’t I? Last month I suggested it would be nice if we were in for “a lovely, crisp, colourful autumn …” Chance would be a fine thing, obviously.Even as the April edition of Seasons magazine was hitting the off most of the herd, and feeding out heavy forkful of silagestreets, so too was a monstrous downpour of rain that deluged from the trailer as Dad drove the tractor in a wide semi-circlemuch of the North Island and turned the far-eastern Bay of ahead of the hungry milking herd. And then it was May, andPlenty towns and villages of Edgecumbe, Te Teko, Thornton and sometimes there were early brittle frosts spread wide andother locations into bogs of mud, sludge and misery. By the white and sparking across the paddocks in the sunrise. It wastime this is published, most of a month from now, decisions dark when we left the house for milking, and dark when we gotwill have been made as to what portions of the towns and back to the house from milking again in the afternoon.villages can be reclaimed, and what might be the fate of therest of the former homes and living areas too badly ruinedto be reclaimed. At this early stage, while the debris-ladenflood-waters are still surging through those homes and streetsand farms, no-one quite knows quite how much anguishhas been generated by the loss of personal possessions,family treasures, and all those good things that individualsand homes and generations have worked whole lifetimes toaccomplish. It is difficult and dreadful to imagine.And then, a week or so later, Cyclone Cook came barrelling Quite often, in spite of these long-range rainbow-recollectionsthrough, and wrecked much of everything again. Days after of warm late-season sunshine and vibrant autumn colours, theCook hit, weary and over-worked electricity staff were still weather was, in fact, about as rotten as it’s been here for thetoiling away in miserable conditions, desperately trying to past few weeks. We got our good fair share of battering early-reconnect hundreds of homes. Some people were without winter sou-westerly rain-storms that came slashing in acrosspower for a fortnight. Heavy machinery drivers too were our Otewa Valley farm at the back of Otorohanga, hustled in byworking long hours, clearing debris, flattened trees, slips surging winds over the Waitomo hills from the heaving Tasmanacross highways and country roads, blocked drains, streams Sea out Marokopa way. It was always cold, that rain, and noand rivers. Volunteers by the hundred stepped up to lend a matter how well we did ourselves up in oilskin sou-wester hatshand, give a smile of sympathy and encouragement, and let tied down over our ears, and double-caped oilskin coats thatvictims of hard times know that somebody cares. were pleated at the back for riding horses and had little buckled straps on the side flaps to strap on to our legs so the garmentNow, half-way through Easter weekend, rollicking showers are stayed close around us and fell below the gumboot tops, andstill pelting down, blasting mercilessly across the countryside the big fold-up collars that covered our ears and was well upand disrupting public events at Karapiro and in Te Awamutu inside the long oval flap at the back of the rain hat – no matterand all over the region. how protected we thought we were, there were always sudden, uncomfortable, chill little trickles that seeped in round the neckIt wuzn’t like this when we wuz kids, wuz it? and down the front or across the spine and round the waist and wormed their way further down.Well, maybe it was, pretty much. Sixty years ago when wewere youngsters, April was a time for gathering hatsful ofmushrooms, and break-feeding the cows on the turnip crop,and starting to fill up the firewood box every night, and drying There were times when we would feed out a trailer-load of silage or a dozen bales of hay in the evening to a heavily pregnant herd that was quickly being dried off prior to calving, and we would put the tractor and trailer away in the shed and trudge the long half-kilometre in the early darkness to the warm lights of home, and our shoulders and heads would be hunched against the driving rain, and we would do the uphill slog bone-weary and chilled to those weary bones by sodden, heavy clothes, gumboots, and oilskins.6 seasons

It was an effort to strip off the coats and the boots and the always a large kakky-yellow cast iron soup pot sitting regally atclothes, and we would be almost numb with cold when we the back of the stove hot plates, and Mum carefully shuntedstepped, one after the other, into that steaming shower. I left overs into it – the parings off a roast bone or a chickencan remember sometimes just standing there, head against carcase, a spare carrot or parsnip not eaten at dinner, anotherthe wall in utter exhaustion, and feeling my body become potato chopped fine, several left-over tomatoes from thereinvigorated as the jetting hot water beat against my back. garden or maybe a few beans, perhaps a little rice to thicken the brew, the rest of an onion not used elsewhere, a couple ofThen it was into dry, warm clothes, and the smell of the stalks of chives and a parsley sprig not used in the gravy, thekitchen and its fabulous food remains with me still. When remains of that self-same gravy from last night’s dinner, maybeone is physically spent, the aroma of good hot food and the a teaspoon of Bovril to boost the flavour, salt of course, and aknowledge that you’re going to be feasting on it very soon is flick or two of extraordinary luxury. It was a brew that on wet, cold, miserable days – just like thoseGreat steaming bowls of thick rich porridge at breakfast time, we’ve had to put up with during April and probably now into Maysmothered in Jersey cow thick rich cream and several generous – was about as good as putting 96 octane petrol in your car. Itspoons of thick rich brown sugar; warm scones with butter and just made the system run really, really well, once it was on board.home preserved apricot jam for morning tea; everything-in-itbowls of hot soup – invariable with seconds, please – and slabs Ever since those days, I’ve been a great believer in good soup.of brown bread and butter for lunch; more scones and maybe My Dad loved it beyond belief. On a bleak winter's day he wouldspicy boy-tarts for afternoon tea; and then that marvellous, come in from his morning’s work on the farm and would waitheaped plate of roast mutton or beef with potatoes and at the lunch-table in gaunt silence while my mother placed abrussels sprouts, pumpkin, carrots, parsnips and sometimes bowl of her fragrant soup in front of him. He would sit hunchedsomething a little exotic such as kumara or eggplant. All of it and tired and pinched with cold and that hot, rich, nourishing,smothered in thick, generous, gutsy gravy that nothing out oh-so-tasty soup would put an extraordinary vitality back intoof a packet can come close to emulating. Sometimes Mum his body within minutes. He loved every last spoonful of it, andwould produce fancy curries or fish dishes or mince or cottage always, but always, in a tone that was a mixture of plea andpies. There were relished desserts too – preserved fruit, rice pleasure, he would ask: “Meg, more please.”puddings, bread-and-butter puddings or spicy apple pies.Always, big servings and cream on everything. It was a brew that on wet, cold, miserable days... was about as good asWhatever it was for dinner, every single night when we walked putting 96 octane petrol in your car. Itthrough that back door and began to shed our sodden gear, just made the system run really, reallythe marvellous redolence that wafted from the adjacent well, once it was on was spur enough to get through the shower, into dryclobber and out to the dining table, pronto. That second bowl too would be drained to the last scraping.She was a magician, that mother of ours. She hummed almost Good soup is really easy to make. Anything can be included. Itall the time she worked over the big Aga coke-burner stove,hymns mostly, but other happy little tunes as well, and she doesn’t have to be an expensive concoction, and it’s somethingnever, ever failed to have good, hot, nourishing, life-giving foodavailable to whoever drew up a chair at our substantial dining that can be easily had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with ortable, whenever they arrived. At this time of year there was without toast / bread / crackers as you see fit. It’s the sort of meal you can happily have if you’re flying solo, or there are two of you, or there’s a sudden influx round the table. If needs be, biff in another Kingsley Field can of crushed tomatoes, or a soup-mix packet of Continental Tom Yum or Maggi Golden Pumpkin, or all of the above, or any of the other assorted brews on offer in the supermarket soup section. Provided it’s hot and rich and tastes Author Kingsley Field has good, you can’t go wrong. published two volumes of his columns and has a third due for publication shortly. He can be contacted at [email protected] seasons 7

Simon Bridges Here in the Bay, job ads were up 21 per cent. MP for The National-led Government will continue to implement Tauranga its strong economic plan, focusing on building better public services and infrastructure, steadily reducing net debt, and April was a big month... ensuring the benefits of economic growth are shared with Kiwi families across New Zealand.We celebrated Easter and commemorated Anzac Day. I alwaysfind this time of year is good to spend with family and is also a April also saw us introduce a raft of changes which are squarelytime for reflection. focused on protecting children and young people, and supportingWhen we look at how our regional economies are performing, families. These important new measures will complement muchsome positive statistics were released during April, which of the work this Government already has underway to help Newshowed Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty performing well. Zealand families and children. They are good examples of theThe challenge now is to sustain that growth, build for more benefits our responsible policy program is delivering.growth, and act for the people most under pressure. TheGovernment’s books again exceeded forecasts with a $1.4 The changes come on the back of nine years of sound economicbillion surplus for the eight months to February. Budget 2016 management, which has helped get New Zealand back on track.had forecast a $568 million surplus. Today, many New Zealanders, including our children, will shareFigures released by Statistics New Zealand showed that the the benefits of our country’s economic stability.Bay saw a 7.7 per cent increase in GDP for the year to March,followed by 6 per cent in Auckland and 4.8 per cent in Otago. A key milestone in the work this Government is doing to buildThe national increase was 4.1 per cent. These figures make the a more child-centred care and protection system is the newBay of Plenty the strongest performing regional economy. Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki, whichThere is a great vibe here in Tauranga and the Bay. We have seen officially opened on April 1. This new Ministry will help us betterhuge population growth and with this we have seen a huge understand the people who most need our intervention, andnumber of new businesses start here, or relocate to Tauranga. identify what really helps them to lead better lives.Tauranga has become a place that people want to move to, notjust for our lifestyle, but as a place to work and do business. Alongside this was the launch of VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai,Statistics from the Companies Office show that in 2016 there New Zealand’s first independent advocacy service for children.were 2066 new company incorporations in Tauranga. This wasa 25 per cent increase on the year before in which there were Together, these initiatives show how very committed this1684 new company incorporations in Tauranga. Government is to stamping out child abuse, and giving our kids theTurning to jobs and the latest job growth data shows the helping hand many of them need to lead confident and happy lives.regions are leading the charge in job adverts. Trade Mereported that in the three months to March almost every Other important changes include low-income working familiesregion in the country had double-digit percentage jumps who are eligible for the minimum family tax credit (MFTC)in new job listings compared to last year. The Bay of Plenty receiving a small increase, bringing their after-tax annual incomeexperienced a 14.8 per cent increase. And the latest ANZ to $23,816. The adult minimum wage will rise to $15.75 an hour,job survey showed every single one of the 11 less-urbanised and we are raising the starting out and training minimum wageregions experienced stronger annual job ad growth than any of to keep it at 80 per cent of the adult minimum wage.the three main centres. Superannuation also increased from 1 April, maintaining our commitment to keep superannuation at 66 per cent of the net average wage. ACC levies will be further reduced for the second year in a row. Students will benefit too, with student assistance – including allowances – adjusted to inflation. Repayable Living Costs is being increased, as is the threshold for repaying student loans – the first time the threshold has increased since 2010/11. My staff and I are available to support you where we can. We can assist with issues including housing, benefit entitlements, victim support, small business opportunities, immigration, and law and order. If you would like to meet me, or have an event or organisation I might assist with, please get in touch. As your MP, my door is always open.8 seasons

Tim Macindoe There are around 70-80 cars on show at a time, out of a collection of 150, with five or six changed every few months. MP for “We re-theme different areas of the collection, to keep it Hamilton West fresh,” explains Tom. “Most people can associate a vehicle with some part of their personal history, and the cars can evoke wonderful memories for people.” “A lot of retirement groups come through, and they absolutely love it. Often we hear memories and historical information from visitors who remember the cars from a specific time,” adds Toni. “Dementia Waikato often brings groups through and it helps to trigger memories for their clients, also.” Classics Museum The collection encompasses an extensive collection of petrol memorabilia, including enamel signs, pumps, tins and oilIf you’ve driven down Avalon Drive in Hamilton, you’re bound to bottles. There are vintage toys, pedal cars and scenes fromhave seen the Auburn Speedster perched on a pole, overlooking early New Zealand. Expect a few pleasant surprises as you seethe busy roundabout. You may have also seen the giant Jukebox, items that take you back to your childhood!which stands guard over the entrance to Jukebox Diner andClassics Museum. The Auburn offers just a hint of what is on There is a workshop with a full-time mechanic who isoffer inside the museum. It’s one of my favourite attractions and continuously working on the cars, with Tom hands-on workinganother wonderful reason to visit Hamilton. beside him. “When we restore a car, it’s not just one man in a workshop. We’re using local panel-beaters, upholsterers and soTom Andrews has had a life-long passion for all things on and creating an economic flow for the region.”automotive and collecting memorabilia. As a 10-year-old, hisfirst job was filling the oil cans at John Asplin’s garage on Milton Tom has a genuine love for Hamilton and its continuing growth.St. As his collection grew over the years, space to store it ran “Years ago Hamilton used to be dismissed by some as bland, butout and what began as a solution to his storage problems there are people in our community who have given back and whoresulted in a wonderful addition to the Hamilton tourism have helped to lift the city, and that’s what this museum comesscene, Classics Museum and the Jukebox Diner. back to. Hamilton is a strong, solid city, it’s a great place,” he says.“I’ve always had an interest in cars, and started collecting old There are plans in place to expand the museum, with a secondsigns and petrol pumps and bottles years ago – I just find them building to house Tom’s ever-expanding collection. Currently thefascinating,” says Tom. “I’ve always liked old, historical things.” focus is on a very special restoration attraction that has been seven years in the making, and an exciting Bugatti restoration project.“Too many times, something becomes old and just disappearsforever. You need to have an appreciation for older objects and Along with Hamilton Gardens and Hobbiton, Classics Museuma vision to be able to do something with it.” has secured its spot as a must-see attraction in the Waikato, and is listed as ‘Number Two’ on Trip Advisor’s Things toThe museum is a family affair, with daughters Toni Hamlin Do in Hamilton. I’m very proud to have such an appealingand Emily L’Huiller over-seeing the day-to-day running of facility in my electorate. You don’t have to be “a petrol-head”the business. “Classic car museums are few and far between to appreciate the beautifully restored cars, the authenticin New Zealand and, as such, Classics Museum is extremely memorabilia and the care that has gone into the collection.appealing to people with a particular interest in not only thecars but the era,” Toni explains. It’s advisable to allow at least an hour to see the museum, although don’t be surprised if you’re there all day! Classics Museum and Jukebox Diner, Railside Place, Hamilton. opening in December 2012, Classics Museum has had asteady stream of visitors from all over New Zealand and theworld. Busloads arrive from as far away as New Plymouth, rest-homes and retirement villages make frequent visits, and as soonas visitors walk through the sliding doors beneath the giantJukebox, they are transported into a by-gone and much-lovedera. The diner is reminiscent of a 1950s milkshake bar and is apopular venue for a number of organisations and functions. seasons 9

A Message from the The Ministry for Social Development is currently finalising contracts which will include a free phone number to call to ensure Minister for vulnerable older people can get help when and where they need Seniors it. So from July 1 new EARS providers will have to demonstrate increased accessibility and improved cultural responsiveness. Maggie Barry Some may not realise that what is happening to them is abuse.The new $2 billion pay equity settlement means a big pay rise It may start relatively innocently with the use of an olderfor some of the health sector’s lowest paid workers in our parent’s eftpos card to purchase something on the spur ofaged and disability residential care, and home and community the moment while out shopping for them. Nothing is said forsupport services. This historic settlement recognises the work fear of being isolated from that person who’s often a familycarried out by 55,000 workers and will help to ensure we have member. What might be considered small indiscretions cana higher paid, more skilled and engaged workforce caring for grow into much greater abuse, ultimately causing terribleNew Zealand’s most vulnerable. damage to relationships and individuals.From July 1 this dedicated and predominantly female workforcewho are mostly on or around minimum wage will receive a pay Elder abuse and neglect can cause or exacerbate health issuesrise of between around 15 and 50 per cent depending on their such as depression and chronic pain and can also lead to earlyqualifications and experience. entry into residential care.This means a fulltime worker will be taking home around anextra $100 a week, more than $5000 a year. In June New Zealand other countries around the world willThe pay increase will also help to reduce the high turnover mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (Thursday 15 June)of our care and support workers across aged and disability which gives us all the chance to raise awareness about elderresidential care, and home and community support services. abuse and neglect and reduce it. The SuperSeniors’ websiteAlso about to change is the way Elder Abuse and Neglect ( has a range of informationPrevention services are funded. Around 2,000 cases of elder on WEAAD and elder abuse and neglect and the latestabuse and neglect are reported each year but still more cases SuperSeniors newsletter is available through the website. It’sgo unreported. easy to subscribe to for the latest news of interest to seniorsResearch suggests around 1 in 10 older people experience some and for SuperGold card discounts.form of abuse. It can range from name calling and put downs toa lack of care by people close to an older person but it can also The following signs MAY indicate an older person is being abused:include physical violence like pushing or hitting and financialabuse by using an older person’s money without consent. • Unexplained behaviour, sleeping or eating habitsAny abuse has a significant effect on seniors – their family,quality of life and health. It can also affect independence and • Fearfulness and edginessconfidence and how secure older people feel at home or intheir community. • ConfusionAs the Minister for Seniors I have decided to reconfigure theway Elder Abuse Response Services (EARS) are funded to make • Unexplained injuriessure our efforts and resources are focused on intervention andpositive outcomes for seniors who have been abused. • Drowsiness (due to over-medication) • Recoiling from touch • Unusual withdrawals from bank accounts • Unpaid bills, lack of money for necessities If you believe you or another older person is in danger, call the Police on 111. The Family Violence information line (0800 456 450) is available seven days a week, from 9am - 11pm. An after-hours message will redirect callers in the case of an emergency. seasons 11

THE CONCENTRATION GAMEProfessional artist and rock climber Deborah Hinde knows how “I started climbing in my early 30’s which is considered quite lateto concentrate - in the months of work in illustrating a children’s - most rock climbers these days get into the sport while they’repicture book, or searching for hand and foot holds half way up a at school. When I started I found it a real battle, my body just20 metre cliff. It all takes focus and a set of learned skills. didn’t know what to do and even though I was quite flexible I had no upper body strength, which means the foot work is muchFirst as a graphic artist and then as an illustrator, Deborah lived more important. You use rock shoes and you learn that withand worked in Auckland until 2004 when a change in rental your shoes you can actually stand on one leg on a little 5mmcircumstances left her wondering how she could continue to live nubbin of rock, you learn to trust your shoes. Your body learnsin that expensive city. “I decided to move out of Auckland and and remembers moves, which slowly become automatic.the only place I knew was Wharepapa South where I had spentmost of my weekends since I’d started climbing.” Climbing really is about problem solving, how to get from A to B using minimum exertion. It took about 2 to 3 years ofSo Deborah moved to Te Awamutu for a few weeks before climbing weekends and during the week for me to start tofinding a rental property at Wharepapa South. One more ‘flow’. Occasionally I’d have a day when I was so focused everymove and a year later she found a house she could buy. “It was move went right, when there was no doubt about whethera house I had driven past regularly when I went climbing at I would be able to reach that hold or whether I could standFroggatt Edge. The thing was, I could see myself living there on the teeny, tiny, edge. Then the next day I’d be in tears,even though at that stage I’d never been inside.” frustrated because I couldn’t do a move or I was unable to hold a particular hold long enough to complete a move. But rockWharepapa South sounds like the back-of-beyond, and it climbing is much like illustrating or writing, every time youwould be, except for being one of the North Island’s premier work on your skill you get better at it.''spots for rock climbers, studded as it is, by heavily pocketedignimbrite cliffs. Favourite sites for climbing include Castle Deborah met her partner Mark in 2010 through climbingRock and Froggatt Edge – with its colourfully named routes – friends. Because they both love climbing they can go out whenTerror Incognita, Monsterpiece and Take your Daughter to the they want without the need to organise other people. LivingSlaughter – draws climbers from far and wide. It is a popular close to the crags means they can pick the best not only with Kiwis but also with the tourists who comeinto the country specifically to take on its climbing challenges. “Mark had only ever done indoor climbing which is very different to real rock, where you can use the whole rock face.Deborah’s introduction to rock climbing began at the old I found indoor climbing harder on the body, especially theMount Eden quarry with its 'Long Side' overlooking the fingers. But climbing walls are great for kids that aren’t ableAuckland Grammar School lower fields and Mt Eden Prison. to climb outdoors. They can learn basic rope skills and develop their climbing ability in a relatively safe environment. The“I was looking for something. I had already had a crack at transition from indoors to outdoors can be underestimated.skydiving but decided that wasn’t for me and then Dianne, a I’ve seen some pretty scary stuff and had to say somethingwork mate, suggested we join a group that was running an because I really didn’t want to be the person to ring 111.”abseil course up at Whangarei Falls which has a drop of 26metres. I remember being scared, but not as scared as I was Deborah has climbed mountains but prefers rock climbing.skydiving. We got talking to people and someone pointed ustowards the Alpine Club. We both joined the Auckland Section “Snow and ice is hugely demanding. I’m scared almost theafter a day of rock climbing on the 'Short Side' of Mt Eden whole time. With rock climbing the returns are much quicker,quarry. It was exciting to learn new skills but a bit frustrating you can back down on climbs or leave if the weather turns bad,as we couldn’t actually get up anything. We both went home something you can’t do half way up a mountain.''sporting bruises in places you wouldn’t believe.'' Deborah has climbed around the North and South Islands,But joining the Auckland club was the best thing Deborah Australia and Ireland. In September the couple are off to stayever did. It got her into tramping, rock climbing and in France in the Ariège region in the Pyrenees – the greatmountaineering, sea kayaking, mountain biking along with mountain range that divides France from Spain. They plan oncaving and white water kayaking. doing multi day hikes, cycling and rock climbing.12 seasons

The other, bigger part of Deborah’s lifeis spent illustrating picture books. Herfirst picture book illustration work wasA Kiwi Night Before Christmas writtenby Yvonne Morrison (Scholastic NZ,2003), which is now a Kiwi classic.Since those early days Deborahhas illustrated over 70 books, bothfiction and non-fiction including 32children’s picture books.Her most recent work is Moo andMoo and the Little Calf too (Allen &Unwin 2017). The story written by thelandowner Jane Millton, is the true storyof the two cows and a calf stranded on an ‘island’ ofgrass when the paddock they were in slid and buckled80 metres down the hillside during last year’s Geoff LewisKaikoura earthquake.Deborah has recently released her first authoredand illustrated book Hare (PictureBook Publishing,2016) and is currently working on illustrations foraward-winning Raglan author Sarah Johnson.

HEARING AIDSMr Hugh Litchfield FRCS, Ear Specialistin Waikato since 1978, founded for hispatients and now welcomes anyone who wantsquality hearing care without having to pay too much. 2017 Digital Hearing Aids Trusted brands from reputable manufacturers ACC & Government Funding, Subsidy, WINZQUALITY HEARING AIDS, QUALITY HEARING CARE5 year warrantyQuality care includes WITH NEW HEARINGFor details please enquire. AIDS0800 (0800 432763), Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Matamata, Morrinsville & Auckland

Standing Against Elder Abuse Age Concern Hamilton provides services for older people, their families and care givers. All services are free to older people.Autumn is upon us here at Age Concern as we prepare for Accredited Visiting ServiceShoppingsome special weeks coming up. ServiceSupportive ServicesHealth PromotionElder Abuse PreventionElder abuse awareness is coming into focus next month for theweek 15-22 June so please rally around and support the cause ServiceEducation & Trainingas Elder abuse should be observed all 52 weeks of every yearand not tolerated ever.With 17,000 cases of abuse suspected each year but only 2,000 07 838 2266cases reported and/or investigated, the Ministry for SocialDevelopment have begun raising an interest within this sector, [email protected] compete for a $2.5 million fund which covers New Zealand www.ageconcern.gen.nzfor a whole year.The $2.5 million fund is more than what has been given in past At Age Concern we help with visits, education, fellowship andyears, but feels miniscule when it’s likely that behaviors or shopping with nearly 300 volunteers, many of whom providethreats, not to mention financial abuse including scammers, weekly services, which is a wonderful reflection on the peoplephysical abuse and neglect being the main forms of abuse of Hamilton and surrounds including the small dedicated team Idirected toward older people, is growing rapidly with our have the privilege of working with at Age Concern.ageing community. Our team of volunteer shoppers who help older people to liveAge Concern takes these problems very seriously. Please let us independently for longer have been nominated as excellentknow of any concerns that you may have, because as well as volunteers with Volunteering Waikato this year – winners orinvestigating suspected elder abuse, we also provide support not for the awards, all our volunteers are winners in my eyesto improve the lives of older people. and the eyes of the people they are caring for.For Specialist Services in HEARING LOSS call 0800 432763 - Auckland & Waikato $5 Per card of 6 batteries ONLY Preferred brand used by the top hearing aid manufacturersDr Hugh Litchfield FRCS, Ear Specialist in Waikato since NO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION OR OTHER HIDDEN COSTS1978, founded for his patients and now welcomes anyonewho wants quality hearing care without having to pay too much.This page is proudly sponsored by seasons 15

HAMILTON 10AM - 5PM 20TH & 21ST MAY DOOR SALES $10 CLAUDELANDS EVENT CENTRE CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE [email protected] | 06 354 0408 | The Ultimate Weekend for Women Is Back! If you’ve been looking for the perfect occasion for you and your girlfriends to get together for a girls day out then here it is. The annual Women’s Lifestyle Expo is back in Hamilton this May. Renee Murray from NZME Events, organiser of the Expo says they are very excited about returning to the Waikato. “Don’t miss this opportunity to see so many wonderful companies and do lots of shopping under the one roof. Aside from having the best of local companies exhibiting at the Expo we have a large number of national companies who will travel to Hamilton from all around New Zealand especially to show local women their products. We expect thousands of women from all around the region to visit and experience the show. It’s a great opportunity for women to stop, relax and spoil themselves for one weekend. The Expo will feature lots of new companies and everything from fashion and accessories to giftware, fantastic food and beverages, a large artisan craft zone, unique businesses, beauty and so much more, so do not leave your eftpos card at home! Renee (The event Director) says: “Our aim is to have as wide of a range of companies involved with the Expo as possible. Women are all different and their individual interests are so diverse. One woman may love the latest in skincare but the woman beside her may be more interested in craft supplies or even products for their pets. We have local artisan crafters like Toni from Fanny Adams with her NZ handmade superior underwear and Archers Hair Design running a Hair Design Lounge exhibiting alongside brands like Harvey Norman and Shiseido Moisture Mist. It’s great on the weekend to see all the various women visit the show, from teenagers to business women, mothers to grandmothers and friends simply enjoying each other’s company”. Take time for yourself. Have a Mother Daughter day out or grab the girlfriends and head to the Women’s Lifestyle Expo on the 20th & 21st May at Claudelands Events Centre. Door sales available all weekend, $10 and under 12 Free. For more details please see seasons

Food Intolerance? Allergies? Autoimmunity?Biohawk can help you get your life back. Bloating and tummy Biohawk products are based on cutting edge research andpain, inflammatory bowel disorders, autoimmune conditions technology developed by Dr Cliff Hawkins, and there arelike rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease, psoriasis, eczema thousands of testimonials available from people who haveand other inflamed skin conditions, asthma, infertility, autism, experienced the joy of an improved quality of life, sometimesdiabetes and cancer; what do they all have in common? after decades of pain and misery.Inflammation is the answer... and what causes inflammation? Food Gluten Free/Dairy Free? Don’t be! Use Biohawk enzymes andintolerance is one of the most common causes of inflammation. safely enjoy all foods.Do you know someone who is Gluten Free or Dairy Free? Or Upbeat Health Ltd is the New Zealand distributor of Biohawkmaybe you can’t eat garlic or onions or some other common products, and owner Jenny Hobbs is delighted to be able tofood? Over 40% of New Zealanders have the genetic potential offer these revolutionary products to New Zealanders, as anto suffer food intolerances or allergies when they eat wheat, alternative to restrictive diets and to help reduce inflammationdairy, and other plant products. And, many people diagnosed and the associated drug use.with an autoimmune disease are not aware the cause could bein the most common foods they eat daily. Come along to the Women’s Lifestyle Expo and talk with Jenny at the Biohawk Site 606 to find out more about how theseBiohawk has discovered a way to break down the proteins in unique products could help you and your family. You canfood that cause allergies, food intolerance and other serious also enter the draw for a $200 voucher to spend on Biohawkautoimmune diseases caused by inflammation, using enzymes products, drawn at the end of the Expo.found in the Ginger family of plants, including Turmeric. Women's Expo Site No 606This means people who are affected badly by foods they eat, Upbeat Health Ltddo not have to take those foods out of their diet, but rather 242 Lindemann Roadcan treat the foods with a Biohawk product, which makes Katikatithe food safe for them to eat, often leading to reduced 021549191inflammation and resolution of their autoimmune disease. [email protected] seasons 17


Your Next Best Season Trust the uncertainty. Embrace the unknown that lies ahead. Rebecca Jefferies Beauty lies in the in-between. Watch out for new beginnings. Breathing Space CoachUntil now Take care of yourselfYour life starts with you. Before you can do anything else in It is important to note that during our lives but even moreyour life you need to begin with where you are at right now crucial in challenging times it is vital to take care of ourselves.and where you have been. Begin to honour this amazing and Never underestimate the investment you make in yourindividual path you have travelled to this point in order to start health. Ensure you do things daily to add to your quality of lifefresh where you are. Illustrate in some way your beautiful story through eating wholefoods and greens, drinking water, movingand own and accept every part of it. Everything happens for your body, breathing well, loving deeply and having fun. Builda reason. Respect your history and look for the lessons that an energy within you that lights the path have been granted along the way. Then leave it all whereit belongs in the past. Now get excited about what is coming. If this has all sunk in or self-compassion has always comeThe opportunities ahead and the fun to be had. This is the first easily for you then the next step is to commit to yourselfday of the rest and the best of your life. completely no matter what happens. Leave nothing up to chance. You are the driver of the vehicle of your life so decideBelieve in yourself that you will do whatever it takes to achieve the goals you have or are creating for yourself.As I said, your life starts with you. So how do you feel aboutyou? Do you treat yourself kindly? Remember the way you Building momentumconsider yourself sets up how others will treat you. If yousee yourself of little value and worth or as someone who is Now is your time. There is no better moment than right now.unhappy and dissatisfied or alternatively as a brilliant and So with the force of your positive and healthy mentality andexceptional human being then this is the way people will see the willingness to do whatever it takes to move forward youyou in return. So start believing that you are worthy. Our can begin to create a new vision for yourself. Look at whatofferings to the world vary greatly from person to person and doesn’t fit anymore in your life like habits, language, materialit is so important to realize that you truly bring something possessions and maybe even some relationships. What do youvery unique that only you can deliver in your special way. need to unlearn? There is no point staying comfortable becauseNobody else on this earth can do a better you than you! Has great things never come from our comfort zones. And if youthis conversation already created unease for you? If so, this is like being completely comfortable then know you are alsowhere we must stop for a while and set up shop. There is no content to go nowhere else in life. So, don’t moan about thereason to dive in further until you have created an unwavering lack of opportunities coming your way. Create a vision boardlevel of faith in yourself that you are indeed a wonderful of everything that tickles your fancy, everything that gets youperson who is whole and worthy. I would suggest a good place excited or ideas that you have always thought impossible. Whatto start is listing the things that you like about yourself. Then are your passions? What do you do best? Does it involve workingask a family member or friend to add to this list. Read over with children or nature or helping others or being creative?daily and continue to add. Start affirming these things out When you become clear about what you want and no longerloud and include statements like, ‘I am unique. I can achieve my want in your life, check out what opens up for you? What newgoals. I am a healthy and successful person.’ directions are possible? Or what old ways need reinvigorating if they are still what interests you. This is your chance to be who you choose to become. Dream big. Continued page 21 seasons 19

Small steps to great things Weight Loss atShow your story. Have you fully owned and shared the story Body Buzzof your life thus far? Unpack your story. Give us an inside lookinto your highs and lows. How did you feel along the way? Rose lost 46kg the Body Buzz wayWhat were the rock-bottom moments and the turning points?Be vulnerable. Allow others to be touched by your openness. “Everyone has a bad photo that they don’t want anyoneShare with acceptance and with respect. See your younger else to see. The photo above on the left was taken inself with loving eyes and bring understanding to the choices Christchurch. I had just bought a new top and I felt prettythat were made were the best you could do at the time. Then cool in it because I was still blind to the fact that I was a bigcreate a solid knowing that you are not what has been? And person. When I was back in Te Awamutu I took a good lookwhat has been does not become what will be. at the photos. That’s when I first realised I was overweight. I walked in to Body Buzz and joined. I didn’t really believe ICreate and establish some healthier habits to bring you more could lose weight but the machines made me feel good soenergy and wellness into your life. How can you bring more if I lost some weight that would be a bonus. At the time Iwholesome food into your diet or invite in more movement? had no idea that a year later it would be my ‘before’ photo.”What activities can you engage in that fill up your cup and feedthe child within you? Please remember not to bite off more “Not so long ago large women had to browse the menswearthan you can chew. Just wee changes each day are enough. section to find clothes that were big enough for them. Then the Warehouse started selling larger clothes which madeStart a vision board. There are so many ideas online if you need shopping easy. I would just walk in and grab the biggest sizesome inspiration or if you have no idea what a vision board is. they had. I didn’t bother trying it on because I knew itRealize the power created when you have your dreams and would fit. Now that I am size 14 there are lots of differentgoals in front of you to see daily. styles to choose from and as I have always been overweight I have no idea what suits me and what doesn’t. ShoppingPlease relax, we haven’t lost sight of securing employment. It is for clothes is a whole new experience for me.”worth being patient and mastering the inner work first and thejob you are hoping for will be there when you are ready. “The reason Body Buzz works so well for weight loss is because of the system. If you follow the education andFollowing on: Progressive Mindset support system Marty has set up you will succeed.” Creating a willingness to do whatever it takes. If you find yourself identifying with Rose and you too want to look and feel great again then it’s time to take action andFor further information please contact: become part of the community at Body Buzz.Rebecca Jefferies - [email protected] See you at the Hamiton Women’s Expo on the 20th - 21st May at Claudelands Event Centre. Give us a call today for your FREE consultation OPEN 24 HOURS AND AIR CONDITIONED 16 Market St 16A Vialou St Te Awamutu Hamilton 07 871 8558 07 834 2271 [email protected] [email protected] Check out our other testimonials on seasons 21

STRENGTHENING Strengthening Women women Are you wanting to increase your energy, strength, maintain muscle tone and strong bones? inside and out Get your endorphins flowing, de-stress and enjoy the caring, safe and supportive environment we offer at Curves Chartwell. Our Circuit Coaches are committed to changing lives by supporting you to attain your health and fitness goals. Regular strength training ensures you lead a healthy active lifestyle. The Curves 30 minute circuit specifically designed for women is fun, fast, safe, and effective for all levels of fitness and ages. Our members say regular strength training gives them confidence and energy to participate in activities they would not have previously considered. Our members have enjoyed biking the rail trails, doing longer walks and participating more with family activities. Come, chat with us, we would love to meet you at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, site 327. EXPO SPECIAL OFFER: Join Curves Chartwell after meeting us at the Expo and you will receive a free BioAge test valued at $59 and enter a draw for a free month. Terms and conditions apply.22 seasons

Grand MotheringI’m about to become a GM. A Grand Mother. My grandson, My love for words has seen beloved books that were savednicknamed Tiny, has been growing nicely for 37 weeks and from earlier years, brought out and re-read. I’ve beensoon we’ll get to meet face-to-face, rather than via the bulging remembering couch snuggles and bedtime stories; the pageselbows and knees that keep my daughter awake and my son- of Little Yellow Digger and The Very Hungry Caterpillar arein-law entranced. dog-eared and worn. It’s definitely time for a visit to the Children’s Bookshop to replace old titles and find new joys. HowIt’s the next family adventure, a lifelong one that will change us all. do I encourage him to fall in love with learning and the world of books? Not necessarily so he can race into academia, but toI’ve been intrigued to hear the conscious conversations that instil a lifelong passion for interpreting the world.the New Parents are having. How will we parent our son? Arewe raising a boy or a man? What will he mirror of the best and In this technology-driven world, the simple pleasure ofworst of us? What matters most for him to learn? What will he creating something from nothing has become a hobby, ratherteach us? What kind of person do we hope he will become? than a necessity. Yet the thinking involved in taking simple materials and baking or making, encourages experimentationWhen, after months of disappointment, the New Parents and being comfortable with failure. Lessons for life. How can Iannounced their pregnancy, I was overjoyed for them. Yet, make the space for him to make a mess and clear it up?surprisingly, it set me back on my heels, reminding me of myown ageing and inevitable mortality. All the stereotypes of At 50-something, I have learned that life is all about relationships;Grandmother flashed before my eyes. From a small, stooped that love and connection protect us and build resilience. Recentlywoman, shawl around her shoulders, bearing a basket of I watched Robert Waldinger’s TED talk about the Harvard Studyhomemade goodies and sitting quietly in the rocking chair of Adult Development. His conclusion from the 75-year studyin the corner, to the overbearing and dogmatic matriarch, tracking the lives of adult men is that the good life is built withholding court and dispensing unsolicited advice. good relationships. So, how do I build a strong intergenerational bond with this young man, whose world will be so different fromNeither rang true for me, so it was time for some conscious mine? I want to see the world through his eyes and have himgrand-parenting conversations. After all, this new identity goes understand what brought me here.far beyond whether I’m to be called Nana or Grandma. So, withTiny’s Mum and Dad, we’ve started exploring how they see the You might think that such learnings are the responsibility of hisrole of grandparents and the wider family circle. parents. Yes, quite right - and they are mine too. It takes more than parenting to raise a child, and I have every intention of beingI’ve been wondering what kind of grandmother I want to be.? as present, active and involved as his parents wish me to be.How can I be useful and supportive to his parents? How will beinga grandmother change the way that I am a mother? And more Friends, who are grandparents, speak with delight, sayingpersonally, what does the role signal for me about my own life? ‘If I’d known how good it would be, I’d have skipped the middle bit and gone straight to grandparenting!’ From aThe thing is, becoming a grandparent is another visible sign of place of uncertainty about the ageing implications of being aageing. One that has nothing to do with wrinkles and everything grandparent, I feel a new sense of opportunity, of possibilityto do with legacy, and the prospect has me considering what and of hope. When Mother’s Day comes along in May, I will bematters most in my life and what I wish for him. celebrating the Grand extension to Mother.I want to foster his curiosity and sense of adventure. So, what Jenny Magee is known as the Bold Boomer. She workslevel of energy and fitness do I need, to examine bugs in the with Baby Boomers who want to make the most ofgarden, push swings at the park or march in gumboots in the the second half of their lives. You can contact Jenny byrain? What do I need to do about my health if I want to be email to [email protected] or visit her websitearound to celebrate this young man’s 21st birthday? seasons 23

SKODA KODIAQ BREAKS COVER AT LAST!After months of waiting it is our great pleasure to announce Boasting huge flexibility, genuine large vehicle space andthe arrival of the newest and arguably, most exciting Skoda towing ability, the Skoda Kodiaq also delivers on being anEVER to the NZ Market. eco-friendly, highly efficient SUV with genuine levels of performance available when called upon and open roadThe Skoda Kodiaq is our first full sized 7 seater SUV and enters cruising ability that would rival many Luxury cars.the NZ market at a time when this sector accounts for almost50% of the New Vehicles sold in NZ. Add to this a starting price from as little as $39,990 (entry specification Ambition 2wd) and featuring safety featuresLong gone are the days when family sedans and wagons had a and driver aids to protect you, your passengers and otherHolden or a Ford badge on them. road users, you can see why we are so excited about this new addition to our family.The SUV (Suburban Utility Vehicle) has taken over this rollworldwide and re-defined the “Family Car” forever. The appeal Not to forget too that like all our vehicles, the Skoda Kodiaqof the high driving position to enhance urban vision and the has a service interval of up to 30,000kms or 2 years, which isflexibility of space these vehicles offer along with the ability to another real world benefit that helps keep more money in yourtow all manner of recreational toys, is beyond question. pocket over the life of your ownership.The challenge with them has often been that these benefits We now have the Skoda Kodiaq on display in the showroom andcame with significant compromises. available for a test drive, so if you are part of the 50% of the market who own or aspire to owning an SUV, you need to comeGenerally not regarded as the most fuel efficient, eco-friendly in and see us and have a look over the Kodiaq for yourselves.options and lacking in maneuverability and handling, thesevehicles have definitely created their own challenges in terms It may well change the way you think about SUV’s…..and Skoda!of satisfying the expectations of their owners. Mention that you saw this article in Seasons magazine and weThe New Skoda Kodiaq is one of the new European breed of will shout you morning tea after you’ve been for your test drive.SUV which is set to change all this.

A Mother’s Love Making space for time to share Is important for mums to show they care,Mothers have no trial run for first daughter or son Rather than helping hands, it’s listening earsBut the love is the same no matter which one, That are often needed throughout the years.The first hold of the miracle bundle she getsIs so special that she never forgets. Mothers know that they’re not always right Though they constantly try with all their might,Sleep is something often done without Hoping that words that are spoken and things that are doneFrom baby years to when children are out and about, Will be taken as deeds of love by each one.But love keeps a mum going on her feetTo carry on, trying not to miss a beat. When it’s time for the children to make their own way And leave home and find somewhere else to stay,Coping with blood when bike and child crash A mother feels proud they have done so wellAnd covering wounds from the plaster stash, And loves hearing the success stories they tell.Shows love for the injured one with the tearAlthough seeing the hurt might cause some fear. Then when there’s the patter of grandchildren’s feet And with big smiles at the door they greetHelping with homework for the next spelling test A grandma who loves them more than words saySo that Jimmy or Jemima could do their best, And thinks they’re the worlds best in every way.Takes love when there is so much else to do,Which could be simply finding the missing shoe. Delwyn White • Readers SubmissionThere are meals to prepare and washing to be doneAnd the garden to keep tidy when there is sun,Then add sport and music to the aboveBut no matter what, it is done with much love.Get Inspired This Mother's Day! We are Mdeoltihveerr'sinDgaoyn! We offer friendly service and amazing bouquets Please visit our website and Gifts for every occasion63 Victoria Street, Cambridge • [email protected] 07 827 7489 • a/hrs 027 527 • inspiredby2 seasons 25

SPECIALISTS IN POLISHED CONCRETE FORBOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR STYLESUsing the best possible components, including grinding COST EFFECTIVE Once your Floors Inc. polished concretemachines, diamond heads, surface densifiers, grouts and floor is complete, your upkeep costs are minimal for the nextproducts, we have calculated the optimum grinding and 10 years. No re polishing, no rising edges, no trip points, nochemical application methodologies to create exquisite results. broken boards, no steam cleaning, no stain removal and no tiles to replace.WHY CHOOSE FLOORS INC.?At Floors Inc., we’re not just creating a floor; we’re creating an NON ALLERGENIC With their non porous surface that’s easy toobject of beauty. One that will be an integral feature of your clean, polished concrete floors don’t have any space for bugs orhome that is with you for decades to come. allergens to hide.HOME OWNERS – BUILDERS – RENOVATORS POLISHED CONCRETE FLOORS FOR CLIENTSPolished concrete flooring adds an element of luxury to any Here are a few reasons why we believe we’re the right providernew or renovated home. At Floors Inc. we work closely with of polished concrete floors for clients:owners, builders and renovators to add that stylish finishingtouch to the job. From upmarket residential homes to retail PROFFESONIAL Todd Horsburgh, owner and operator of Floorsor showroom premises, our superior polished floors put Inc., is a creative professional who is as serious as you in histhat mark of quality on any property. We work closely with desire to create the perfect outcome for your client. And it’s anarchitects, designers and luxury brands to tailor a finish that approach he instils into every member of his team.meets your client’s needs. ARTISTIC Floors Inc. concrete grinders understand they’re notBENEFITS OF POLISHED CONCRETE FLOORS just creating a floor, but a thing of beauty to match the visionHere are some advantages of installing polished concrete of you and your client.floors into your home: IN TOUCH Our concrete polishers place an emphasis onDURABLE Polished concrete floors are the hardest, most communication to ensure you have all the informationdurable floor surface you can install. All that’s required is a re you need for you and your client. We’ll then work with youpolish, buff and reseal approximately every 10 years. throughout the process to ensure we understand and deliver exactly what it is you want. Located in the old Forlongs Flooring Department Building 07 847 9089 - Ext 3 | | [email protected] Commerce Street, Frankton | PO Box 24189, Hamilton 325326 seasons

VISIT FLOORS INC FOR EXPERT ADVICE ONYOUR CARPET LAYING AND UNDERLAYHow wide is carpet? AFALVROLSAEPFEILETLRAOIOQVBONLIURESCINOOEGNTEThe standard width is 3.66 wide, but some styles are produced Handy Tips:in 4 metre widths. Check the carpet colour in both store light and natural light, thenWhich is better: Wool or Synthetic? at home. Each time place carpet on the floor, not at eye level.Both have great characteristics, neither fibre type is better Check pile density by bending back a corner of the carpet to seethan the other, when choosing the right one for you consider how much of the backing shows. The more backing seen, the lessthe following: fibre to walk on and the less durable the carpet.• What is your budget? If uplifting your own carpet cut 10 cm away from the wall to• Do you have pets? insure easy removal.• What is the likelihood of staining?• Are you wanting to create a certain style? 12 months interest free on 18 months interest free on• Residential or commercial? your Forlongs card your Q cardQuestions to ask your carpet professional:• Will the salesperson come out to the home to do an accurate room measurement at no charge?• Can you borrow samples of different carpets to take home to analyse colours and style?• Does the price of the carpet include underlay and carpet installation?• Underlay thickness and price difference (if any)?• Warranty on carpet and underlay?• What is the charge for removing old carpet and underlay and hauling it away?• What is the charge (if any) for moving furniture? Located in the old Forlongs Flooring Department Building07 847 9089 - Ext 3 | | [email protected] Commerce Street, Frankton | PO Box 24189, Hamilton 3253 seasons 27

Blue MountainsAustralian Escorted ToursJoin Scottsdale fully-inclusive senior tours and discover the natural wonders of Australia.From Sydney’s world famous Bondi beach, spanning to the Blue Mountains National Park,to Cairns’ World Heritage Rainforests and Great Barrier Reef - Australia is waiting to takeyour breath away. Let Scottsdale Tours help you experience your dream holiday today.Quote “STSM1705” to receive a $50 discount off your next tour.*Cairns Stay Put Sydney & the Blue Mountains12th August – 19th August 2017 2nd September – 7th September 2017Lovely tropical Cairns with its palm trees and beautiful Sydney with its cobbled courtyards, city lights on thewarm ocean seas. We have certainly packed in quite a lot water, restaurants and beaches. This is just a taste ofof activities on this tour. what you will experience on this tour.Included is a day cruise out to the Great Barrier Reef, Included is a Sydney city tour hopping off at the Rocksa ride on the Karunda Scenic Train and Skyrail and a Market, a ferry to Fort Denison or a Boutique Wildlife Tour.wonderful 4WD in a Hummer. We will visit the Blue Mountains National Park, followedWe have allowed some time for you to relax, to re-charge by a Parramatta River Cruise and enjoy an evening on theyour batteries or do some of your own exploring. Captain’s Dinner Cruise around Sydney Harbour. There will also be ample time for you to do your own exploring or simply relax.Call us on 0800 66 44 14 to request a brochure or visit our websitefor more information*Terms and conditions apply.

THE RUsSiaN ROom-mAtEThereshewas, serene and calm in her travel cage, green eyes blinking at me in cat language. I think she was saying the two Labradors in the hold that were her travelling companions didn’t faze her one little bit. What a brave little kitty and she was wearing here wonderful grey fur coat tipped with silver. Her dearMy Russian room-mate is little oriental face captured my heart at first glance.not hard to describe.There are many adjectives that fit her perfectly: female, Miss K is only two years old and has already experiencedpromiscuous, provocative, sensuous, sexy, lazy and not at all many adventures.loyal. I have even caught her kissing the handyman when she She took swimming lessons one day, as a funny noise comingthought I wasn’t looking! I know she allows almost anyone to from the bathroom caused an investigation and, oh dear! Theregive her a belly rub. She spends a lot of time looking for her she was a wet, bedraggled little cat clinging to the rim of thelittle friend Mac who lives downstairs. He, like her, also wears toilet bowl trying to look all innocent but not succeeding.a lovely fur coat and when she spots him she rolls on her back Flying lessons were also on her agenda, not only by aeroplanebeing very submissive indeed. If she was a human daughter but under her own steam from the first floor window. A kindshe would be on permanent grounding or packing to live in a passer-by shouted: “something fell out your window!” Ohconvent. What a worry she would be. damn! Where are you Bluebell? And there she was coweringHer official name is Miss Katalov and when she came to live beneath a bush and more frightened of the big outside worldwith me I was asked to give her a Russian name, but after than the fall. Returning indoors she headed straight to themuch pondering I decided I didn’t know much about Russia nor window to have a second try. I kept imagining her wearing ahad any plans to visit there, so that influenced my thinking and crash helmet and possibly even flying goggles, but decidedI decided to give her the very English name of Bluebell. fitted window screens may be best.On a lovely fine April day I drove from Pauanui to the The reason Bluebell came into my life was to be a companionHamilton Airport to meet and greet Miss Katalov. for the day when I would live alone, and she is filling that role with amazing ability. I can tell her anything and she never repeats a word to anyone. We have some good old gossip sessions and our early morning cuddles fill a void in my life. My baby girl is just the best thing for me, always ready to greet me when I return home, always on my knee to watch TV, always ready for a game when I have the energy. Money could not buy my Bluebell as she is priceless and unique. I am sure Blue and I will have many more years and adventures together and as her life expectancy is longer than mine, I have bequeathed her in my will, and if you turn out to be a very lucky person you may be the one to inherit her. I believe that I do not own Bluebell, she actually owns me, and I also believe that this breed was the cat of the old Russian Czars, as she is a true princess and of course, also my Russian room-mate. Barbara Adams • Readers Submission

Friends Breathe Life into Bush ReserveWarwick Silvester likes what he sees when he views the canopy All told about 12,000 native trees including manuka, kanuka,of native trees in the Pukemokemoke bush reserve. rimu, matai, totara and kauri and other large forest trees have been planted. The banks of a natural river at the foot of hillAn Emeritus Professor of Biology and chairman of the Friends have been been cleared of weeds and re-planted with kowhai,of Pukemokemoke Trust for 15 years, his experienced eye pittosporum and flax.recognises the health and vigour of the reserve's skyline.Pukemokemoke is a high point and 40ha reserve located about Pukemokemoke is the site one of the southern-most stands30 minutes drive north east of Hamilton. Logged for native of naturally occurring kauri. The Friends have worked hardtimber during the 1950s, the hill was gifted by landowner to protect the iconic national tree from the spreading perilDavid Johnstone 30 years ago. of kauri die-back disease. This fungus-like infection has killed many kauri in Northland, the Auckland area and Coromandel. ItThe Friends, a group dedicated to restoring the native flora is thought to be spread by soil contaminated by fungal spores,and fauna of the block, was launched about 20 years ago. It tramped from one area to another by people.continues today with a core group of about a dozen, mostlyolder, members and a wider circle of up to 30 people who Kauri die-back has not appeared at Pukemokemoke. In an effortarrive to help out on monthly working bees. to fend off the possibility, the Friends have built more than 400m of board walk giving access to the area up to and roundAs Professor Silvester explained, when the group began work, the kauri stand which gives visitors the opportunity to viewthe reserve was in degraded ecological state, an ''unbelievable the trees without contaminating the surrounding soil. Begun inmess of honeysuckle, pampas, privet and gorse.'' Not only had October and almost completed, the $35,000 cost of materialsmost of the larger trees been taken for timber but cattle had for the project has been covered by grants from the Waikatoeaten out much of the understory - the smaller native varieties District and Regional Councils and the Tindall Foundation.and immature examples of the larger trees. The place was rifewith weeds, pest species and predators including possums and As part of the March working bee Friends volunteers replacedrats which actively diminished the native birdlife. a rudimentary boot and shoe washing facility at the entry to the reserve with a more sophisticated automated designOver the years the Friends have worked to remove the weeds which will rinse visitor’s footwear going in and out in aand pests and undertaken an extensive replanting program disinfecting solution.featuring about 1000 seedlings a year.Morrinsville-based Papawai Left to Right: Emeritus Professor Warwick Volunteers working on the automatedGirl Guide Ranger leader Gina Silvester, Nick Whitten, Fred Hayward,Chaney with Rangers Ashleigh Harpal Singh-Thandi, Harjeet Singh- boot-washer: Retired plasticMontgomerie (14) and Kristie Sandhu and Tom Clancy engineer Doug Downs andChong (15). Hauraki District Council civil engineer Nav Singh-Thandi30 seasons

Bringing the birdlife back has also been a challenge based around eradicating pestsincluding possums and rats. An on-going monitored trapping program is funded byFulton Hogan the new owners of the adjacent Tauhei quarry. ''As a result we have tui,pigeons, fantails and even kaka back. Pukemokemoke is the best place for native batsin the Waikato,'' Silvester said.Over the years the reserve has become a focal point for recreational and academicuse. An increasing number of individuals and groups including five pre-school groupsturn up ''rain, hail or shine.'' It is not unusual to find half a dozen cars in the car parkat 7am in the morning as fitness freaks beat their way around the mountain's 3kmof tracks in their exercise regimes. The top of Pukemokemoke has a viewing towerwhich gives a panorama of the surrounding landscape to distances of more than100kms on a clear day.Pukemokemoke has become popular with local schools. Staff and students from theRototuna Junior High School, one of Hamilton's newest, use the reserve and everyyear the second and third year students from the University of Waikato's NZ floraclass use it for their outdoor workshops.The core group of the Friends is made up mostly of older and retired people fromHamilton and the nearer Waikato. Their motivations are similar - Geoff Lewisto help out and do something constructive in an enjoyable socialatmosphere. Younger people also help out including a group of GirlGuides from Te Aroha and Morrinsville who have been turning upon working-bee days for about a year, clearing weeds, drains andplanting as part of their 'community action hours'.Hamilton Eye ClinicWaikato’s Specialist Eye Centre and Eye Surgery Facility We are a team of highly qualied and experienced Ophthalmologists, with Fellowship training in various subspecialties, providing an Ophthalmic service of excellence. We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment services, including surgery in our adjoining purpose-built facility Bridgewater Day Surgery. General Ophthalmology • Cataract Surgery Strabismus • Medical & Surgical Retina Paediatric Ophthalmology • Pterygium Uveitis • Oculoplastic & Lacrimal Surgery Glaucoma Management • Acute Eye Conditions Neuro-Ophthalmology • Visual Electrophysiology Laser Treatment • Macular Degeneration Management 07 834 0006 130 Grantham Street, Hamilton seasons 31

Epilepsy Association of New ZealandA total of six New Zealanders will hear that they have epilepsy Established in 1956 this has given us over 60 yearstoday. The Epilepsy Association of New Zealand is here to help experience working with those living with epilepsy and theirthem navigate the haze of the period immediately post diganosis. families, and providing information, education and supportLife is interupted after a diagnosis like this with basic life functions to people diagnosed with epilepsy and providing communitycoming into question- driving, working and the uncertainty of awareness for kiwis.when another seizure might come to name just a few. Our vision is to achieve a positive quality of life for all thoseOur Educators provide support to people living with epilepsy living with epilepsy in New Zealandwhose lives are turned upside down by an epilepsy diagnosis.Visiting them in their homes to help them make sense of their We are the trusted professionals for those living with epilepsydiagnosis and provide information about how to live with to turn to help navigate their diagnosis, and help educate andepilepsy and live life to the fullest, achieving independence. reassure their family and friends.The service we provide is top quality care and assistance fromour specially trained Educators, who provide information and Did you know?advice in a compassionate, understanding way. Approximately 2000 people are diagnosed with epilepsy in New Zealand each year, that’s 6 people a day who will hear theOur service is heavily reliant on donations and public support. news that they have epilepsy.Our locally based professionally-trained educators are part ofthe vital support network around people living with epilepsy so Currently 47,000 New Zealanders are living with is important that their work continues. Epilepsy affects people of all ages and social backgrounds andWe know that epilepsy is easier to live with when you is one of the world’s most common disorders of the brain.understand it, so that is why it is important that our Educatorsare out there in our communities educating those living withthe condition and their families, as well as educating thegeneral public to help reduce the stigma around epilepsy.Together we can do more to help get epilepsy out of theshadows and achieve a positive quality of life for peopleliving with epilepsy.We are:New Zealand based with our National Office in Hamilton, and12 local offices across the country, with 15 locally based trainedepilepsy educators providing services in local communities. Donate Today!Visit our website to donate directly and click on the ‘donations’ buttonIf you would like to make a one-off donation via online banking, make your payment to: Payee: Epilepsy Association of NZ Account: 02-0316-0132384-00 Reference: Seasons-YOUR SURNAME If you require a receipt please email your name, address, amount, date and reference to: [email protected] donate via cheque use this tear off: Name: Address: Phone: Email:Send this form to: Epilepsy Association of NZ, PO Box 1074, Hamilton, New Zealand 3240 | Freephone: 0800 37 45 37 or 07 834 3556

Breaking Bad Habits Part OneHumans are creatures of habit. Moreover, humans are Your success depends on how well you track and reviewcreatures of pleasure and self-gratification. Habit formation, progress. Diarising or using a phone App to track youroften as being a direct result of this, can be described as improvements each day encourages you to keep going. Inlearned, almost automatic thoughts and behaviours that addition, by identifying where you’re falling short you’ll noticehave somehow become problematic. These bad habits can patterns and make adjustments so you won’t feel stuck inhave a detrimental impact on your life, jeopardizing health habits that feel unnatural or aren’t producing real change. So(both physically and mentally), wealth, relationships, goals and break out your journal or phone app on a regular basis andachievements, and can waste valuable time and energy. really spend some time sitting with your bad habit, focussing on the constructs ie., when does it occur most, in whatWhy habits start, how they are maintained, and their frequency, where you are when it occurs, who else is around,underlying psychopathology is in- and of itself a Thesis; what else is happening for you, how you are feeling, whathowever, the aim and objective of this article is to simply teach you are thinking about, what happens right before the habityou how to break and/or replace bad habits, or at least help to occurs, and how it makes you feel afterwards.manage them better. Not only are you generating information that can help you findWhilst I certainly don’t have all the answers I will still show you effective alternatives, the very act of tracking and measuringa few sure-fire ways to make positive changes in your life, and your habit may automatically cause you to reduce how oftenmaintain it in a realistic way. you engage in that activity/ unwanted habit. Moreover, you are bringing it into the light of your consciousness and confrontingMaking Bad Habits the issue. This way you will become increasingly aware of the habit which is the first phase in process of positive change.In most cases, bad habits develop as a way of dealing with Breaking the Bad with the Goodstress, anxiety, and/or boredom, from nail biting to smoking and Whilst some bad habits are extremely hard to break it can stillalcoholism. Whereas the latter may start as a response to stress be done. Finding alternative habits that substitute the bad oneand anxiety may further develop into a biological drive, thus in more healthier and constructive ways can effectively help tosustaining it. The same way we learn bad habits, we can also learn eliminate the bad to substitute for them, and replace them with healthier For example, if you smoke when you get stressed, then it's isalternatives for dealing with stress, anxiety, and/or boredom. going to be a real challenge to avoid reaching for the packet in those circumstances. Instead, you should find a different wayStepping Forward to deal with stress that provides the same level of reward, or that completely shifts your attention or focus away from yourThe first step is confronting the bad habit which, underlying desire to have a smoke.the stress and/or boredom, may have some deeperpsychological roots. These issues may be challenging to thinkabout but if you’re keen on kicking the bad habit you have tobe totally honest with yourself. Ask yourself the question –what are my beliefs, reasons, and justifications supporting thebad habit? And what is causing me to hold on to it? A fear? Anevent? A limiting belief?Recognizing the causes of your bad habits is crucial toovercoming them!At the outset you will always feel good, and full of energy andoptimism, when you decide to step forward and take action.You will seem to effortlessly make changes in the first week.Thereafter however, it will get more difficult before gettingeasier again, and it is crucial at this stage that you don’t a.) giveinto any temptations or craving, b.) slip back into the statusquo as you attempt to build these new changes into your dailyroutines and/or c.) lose sight of your new goals.34 seasons

Bad habits for certain needs in your life, and for this reason you you may have around the challenges or break throughs youmust replace your bad habits with a healthier behaviour that are having with your journey over the next 4 weeks. And stayaddresses that same need. Expecting yourself to simply cut tuned for the next part of this program.out some bad habits without replacing them means you'll havecertain needs that will go unmet and you will be less likely to Most importantly, CELEBRATE your success, reward yourselfstick to your goal or the decision for a routine of “just don’t do for your progress, and ….it anymore” for very long. ‘Super-charge Your Will Power’ – to be covered in nextI challenge you to start with these strategies between now and month’s issue.Part 2 of this series, and let me know how you are tracking. Jordan Jamieson,Send me an email on [email protected] or call me Wellness Coach BSc. ClinPsy. (Hons), Dip. NT., Dip CBT.021-0289 0545 with your updates or any further questions Email: [email protected] Tissue Massage Therapy Health and Wellness Massage Therapy Special Offer: Full Assessment and Report Special Offer: $80 1.5hrs (Usually $100) $60 1hr (Usually $80)Do your body a favour send an email enquiry to or book online at [email protected] call today on (021) 0289-0545 ARE YOU WANTING TO INCREASE YOUR INDEPENDENCE & EXPLORE YOUR MOBILITY OPTIONS? Total Rehab Plus can assist you in getting the most out of life Our Qualified Occupational Therapists strive to find the best solution to meet your needs. We offer In home assessments that will advise you of the essentials needed for independent living. We provide An extensive range of quality mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, liftout chairs, bathroom equipment and accessories for daily living. We have a special discount for SuperGold cardholders. Farmers card is also accepted. Delivery and maintenance options are available for your convenience. For your equipment requirements visit our showroom or call for an appointment for us to come to you. 179 Thames St, Morrinsville 07 889 6451 | 0800 889 645 seasons 35

Jewellery Repair ExpertsThe Midas Jewellery Repair Centre is kept very busy with repairsand remakes of precious jewellery. We also do in- store Insurancework and valuations, unique designs and manufacturing,diamond dealers and all general jewellery maintenance.Paul, the owner and jeweller, has extensive knowledge in thearea of antique jewellery restoration. Alternatively, old familypieces can also be given a new lease of life in a more moderndesign. You shouldn't dismiss any old bits of broken jewellery,gold, silver, platinum, as they could be used to completely makea new item of jewellery. Midas Jewellers offer a FREE professionalring cleaning & checking service while you wait in store. Have your family Heirlooms 10% Gold Card Reparied or Re-Styled! DiscountMidas Design Studio, Manufacture & Repair, Diamond FREE Specialists, Insurance Work & Valuations Ring Cleaning and Inspection307 Barton St, Casabella Lane, Hamilton | 07 839 0039 | There when you need us Instant solutions to your eyesight is now a very real option by visiting us at Eye Xpress. With 15 years’ experience in the optic market and with our ability to buy Direct from the manufacturers allows us not just to offer xpress solutions but also the best pricing in the market today. Within 30 minutes you can have a complete pair of single vision glasses and we offer xpress in store and on-line services. If you still love your frame we can fill it with your prescription lenses from only $49.00. Mention Seasons Magazine and receive 3 pairs of glasses for one low price or get one pair of glasses for half price! seasons 37

Living independence for everyoneMobility scooters - walkers - daily living aids - hearing and disability adviceGo online 24/7 to find great solutions for better Our knowledgeable staff can give you up-to-date information on communitymobility and independent living or visit our Life Unlimited Store at 20 Palmerston resources so you can make informed decisions about the supports you need forStreet, Hamilton. an independent life.We stock an extensive range of mobility products including mobility scooters, And you’ll find us in the community too, giving presentations to disabilitywheelchairs and walkers, as well as assistive equipment to support independent organisations, community groups and retirement villages, as well as in-homeliving in your home. consultations for those who may not be able to see us in store.Life Unlimited Store provides a free disability information service.NIP* Glide Walker NEO mobility scooters NEO Galaxy SIIIThe NIP* Glide is not only stylish, it’s New Zealanders have trusted NEO Mobility for over 15 years. A medium-sized scooter with additional length in the foot tray forfunctional too, offering great support when All our mobility scooters come with a fully adjustable tiller and taller riders. The delta bar assembly allows foryou’re on the go and comfortable seating for 360-swivel, reclining seat with armrests to provide a easier manoeuvrability.those times you need to take a break. comfortable ride that’s just right for you. And NEO takes care of your safety with Weight capacity 182kg• Light and manoeuvrable yet sturdy with headlamps, side mirrors, indicators Max speed 11kph maximum weight capacity of 120kg and rear lights standard on all Travel range 25-32km full-sized mobility scooters. Turning radius 1480mm• Auto Safe Brake system to keep you in control Dimensions 1360x660x1320• Easily adjustable handle height to switch • 3 years structural warranty • 12 months electrical warranty effortlessly from walker to seat • 3 years AA roadside assistance• Folds down for easy storage and transportation• Optional accessories include storage bag, padded seat cushion and butler tray.NEO Saturn NEO Titan HD NEO NeptuneThis new-look, larger scooter brings style and sophistication to our A large scooter with full suspension front and back. Built with the A robust, medium-sized scooter suitable for all riders. The widerange of scooters. The Saturn has plenty of zip, and the large larger person in mind, this scooter has a maximum wheelbase and larger tyres give this scooter added stability so youslim-profile tyres ensure a smooth ride. carrying weight of 180kg and is designed to can ride with confidence on a variety of terrain. provide extra comfort on rough terrain.Weight capacity 160kg Weight capacity 136kgMax speed 17kph Weight capacity 180kg Max speed 11kphTravel range 30-40km Max speed 12.8kph Travel range 30-40kmTurning radius 1485mm Travel range 20-25km Turning radius 1350mmDimensions 1450x660x1200 Turning radius 2130mm Dimensions 1310x610x1160 Dimensions 1500x740x1250 Part of Life Unlimited Charitable TrustHamilton - Tauranga - Rotorua - Gisborne | 0800 008 011 |

Mobility scooter saftey top priority for charitable trust24 April 2017 - One of New Zealand’s leading providers of “Deciding which mobility scooter or mobility aid is right formobility scooters says it’s keen to engage with local authorities you is challenging and we understand that.”about mobility scooter safety and awareness. Hughes said a 2015 literature review completed by theThis follows Stratford district councillor Gloria Webby saying Research and Guidelines Steering Group of the Roadmobility scooter users speeding along footpaths are “accidents Controlling Authorities Forum found significant healthwaiting to happen”. and safety issues attached to mobility scooters and that a coordinated and consistent approach to ensure provision ofLife Unlimited general manager Enterprise William Hughes safer infrastructure, safer mobility devices and safer devicesays the charitable trust ran mobility scooter awareness operators appeared to be days in Hamilton in partnership with the city councilover the past two years which proved very successful in “We feel it is important organisations like Life Unlimited steppromoting mobility scooter safety. up and take an active advocacy role around mobility scooter safety,” said Hughes.“We see the positive change in so many people’s lives throughthe increased independence that a mobility scooter can “We’re particularly interested and focused on the skill of theprovide and feel it is very important to give people a chance to operator for their own safety and for other users of footpathssee how easy they are to operate and how safe they can be.” and public spaces.”Life Unlimited Charitable Trust offers health and disability services,advice and equipment from its 24/7 online store and four storesin Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua and Gisborne selling a range ofmobility scooters including the New Zealand exclusive Neo scooters.“Mobility problems can lead to social isolation so it’s importantto get some help at an early stage.“It’s amazing the difference getting a mobility scooter, Life Unlimited Tauranga | 160 Devonport Road | 07 571 6351becoming confident using it and understanding how to lookafter it can make in people’s lives. Our trained staff at LifeUnlimited Store provide independent advice to find the bestsolution for each person,” said Hughes.FREE COPYseasons seasonsFREECOPY seasonsFREECOPY magazine Life Beyond 50 magazine Life Beyond 50 magazine Life Beyond 50 April 2017 • Waikato/Bay of Plenty March 2017 • Waikato/Bay of Plenty December 2016/January 2017 Women Reclaimed Season's Local Un-sung Hero CeDleobnra'ttibnge aChGrrisitnmcahs tinhtihseCChormimstumniatys úîĭÒęĶĸłŰĔúş¾łĶÒĸ Moves on in Life of Adventure Hospice WaCiekaletobrCahtreisttmhaesSCeoanscoernt FromMoHnuavmalbelBelBueebgeirnrynFianrgms Matamata Matters TNeeMw aTriammeasMfoarsAonnicciLeondtgOerder Seasons April Spotlight A StKoirnygosf lCehyriFstimelads Kingsley Field Kingsley Field ...And Autumn's on the Way April a Season for ŒŸęúۍúƦúîŰęłĸHave your story featured in Seasons Magazine!Seasons magazine would like to invite our readers to Email your story to:submit a local story or poem, relevant to our 50+ age [email protected]. If we love your story it will be featured Please note stories cannotas a readers submission in the next issue of Seasons. contain the names of specificAll stories MUST be submitted prior to the 18th of people, businesses or places,each month. Please ensure you also include your unless prior approval hascontact details. been sought and granted. Seasons Magazine reserves the right to the publishing of any story submitted, as well as any editing and design required. seasons 39

ACTIVE RETIREES AT THE MOUNTVery few times a month do we get the opportunity of wakingup on a bright sunny Saturday morning, with the time andability to take a drive just for the sake of getting out and aboutto stretch off those bones and enjoy the day without work orhousehold chores looming over our heads.After a five minute discussion our plans were set!!We only had to look into the ‘you have been neglecting me’ Inside the event centre we were greeted at the door by aeyes of our princess of the household, LADY, our dog, and we lovely couple from the Probus Group that I had met withhad the first part of our plan for the day sorted which was to recently regarding a few joint ventures together in thetake her to her favourite place – The Beach, and in her eyes future, and they allowed me to take some photos which I(Any Beach!) would be fun enough for her. have shared with you in this article.The next part of this plan was to attend the Probus Group Everything from Travel to E-bikes, and of course the betterActive Retirees Lifestyle Event held at Baypark Events Centre, living type stalls were everywhere, showcasing their specialMount Manganui, which was conveniently close to the beach show offers. There was even a dance/fitness/movementwe had in mind for Lady’s morning exercise, and in this way we exercise class where ladies between the ages of 55 to 80 pluswould be able to ‘kill two birds with one stone’. from a local gym, performed on stage and displayed their enjoyment and the fun side of exercise. Quite frankly theyThe car packed and stacked with enough paraphernalia to could take me down easily in a dance off that’s for sure.enjoy the day out, and a few snacks and soft drinks for thedrive, we set off on our day out adventure. Thanking our hosts for allowing Seasons magazine to be distributed at the Event, although the boxes of the magazinesThe first stop unfortunately for LADY was the Probus Event, as given to them evaporated in minutes, we decided it was time towe wanted to stop in and see how our Seasons Magazine was live up to our dog LADY’S expectations and hit the beach withbeing enjoyed by the attendees at the Event, and catch up with fish and chips and stick in hand, which is everything required forsome old and new business associates at the same time, not to making a success of a day at the beach with your dog.mention get some ideas for a special expo we are holding nextyear at the Hamilton Rose Gardens, called “50+ and lov’n it!” One of the most stand out things during our day out was seeing so many 50+ people out and about at the beach, theThe Baypark Event itself was very well received, especially shops, and so many couples and groups enjoying cycling upthe free entry and the chance to eye up some awesome RV and down the beach tracks taking in the fresh air and sunshine,(Recreational Vehicle) options at the entrance, which although looking like school kids on their Christmas holidays.on our wish list, may have to wait a little bit longer as all ourfocus is on Seasons Magazine. After approximately an hour and a half at Papamoa Beach and dog still revving to keep sprinting into the waves to retrieve her stick (playing the ‘fetch’ game, and then with style and grace, bodysurfing or rather doggy surfing back to shore), we called it quits and time to hit the road home as it was getting late in the afternoon. Heading back towards Matamata we stopped at a popular homemade hamburger shop which was very busy with holiday makers still travelling to their destination for the long weekend, getting their fill of burgers and homemade fresh fruity ice cream. This place has become my favourite stop on a monthly basis when I pop over to the Bay of Plenty to deliver the next edition of Seasons Magazine.40 seasons

The rest of the journey home was full of laughs anddiscussions about the day out and nutting out ideas for ourspecial event in April next year, which will be different andexciting for our 50+ readers.A special thanks to everyone at the Event for being goodsports and allowing us to take some snapshots of theirwonderful stalls and of course to Probus for having us!Grant • Team SeasonsNo-one Knows Mother’s Day like Florist ileneAt Florist ilene we have a passion and flair for all things SMuOonMrtdfhdoaaeryeyrt’1srh4iDnstahoywfloral we love to spend our days arranging our fresh rangeof flowers into beautiful pieces of art. We work with you to ensure satisfaction Fresh flowers delivered everyday direct from growersYour flowers will always arrive in their best conditionOur NZPF qualified florists create the perfect floral expression for any occasionWe include care instructions with every order to get the best out of your floral arrangementsCall us on 07 847 5718 to preorder your Mother’s Day or interflora gift requirementsLet my team and I create the perfect gift for you today129 Commerce street, Hamilton | | 07 847 5718 seasons 41

The healing benefits of hydrotherapy have been known to all of Today, Sundance continues these centuries-old traditions bythe world’s great cultures, with a history that dates back enhancing the restorative properties of water. Sundance spathousands of years. In its modern form, spa hydrotherapy has hydrotherapy uses massage, heat and buoyancy to acceleratebeen found to be effective in treating muscle pains and stiffness, your body’s natural healing process, and promote physical andinflammatory disease, and the symptoms of daily stress. mental well-being.Particularly effective are spa hydrotherapy treatments that Established in California in 1979, Sundance Spas have beencombine the components of heated water, water massage, and available in New Zealand for over 20 years. If you would like toreduction of pressure on sore joints by decreasing body weight find out how you can benefit from a Sundance Spa, we are herethrough buoyancy. to help.MAURICE’S POOLS & SPAS LTD4 Manchester Place, Te Rapa 25 Albert Street Hamilton Cambridge 07 827 8600 07 850 6106

ESCORTED TOURS Queensland Coast Escape Treasure of Scenic Southern Splendour Vietnam & CambodiaFeaturing Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Including Stewart Island & the Catlins 13 days Departs 04 November 10 days Departs 11 August $3,999pp share twin 9 days Departs 21 November $3,495pp share twin $3,899pp share twin Stay Hanoi, cruise aboard a Fly to Brisbane and coach up to traditional Vietnamese Junk along Fly to Dunedin (3 nights) full of Sunshine coast (5 nights) including the UNESCO World Heritage Scottish Heritage, Visit the all breakfasts & Dinners, Cruise to Halong Bay, stroll through the Albatross Colony, Botanic Gardens Pelican Tavern for lunch, visit ancient Streets of Hoi An, see the and Chinese Garden. Enjoy Scenic private local garden, morning tea at remnants of the Vietnam War at Rail journey on Taieri Gorge Railway. Maleny Botanical Gardens, visit the Chu Chi Tunnels, Immerse Coach through The Southern Montville with its craft shops, yourself in the vibrant city of Ho Scenic Route - The Catlins. Off the Eumundi markets, Coach via Chi Minh City, savour the rual beaten track and through rural Sanctuary cove where we include delights of the Mekong Delta and heartland and rugged coastlines!!! lunch to Gold Coast (4 nights) take a boat ride from My Tho to Overnight Invercargill, fly to magical Crowne Plaza (all rooms with BenTree. Marvel at one of the Stewart Island (2 nights) Explore balconies), all breakfasts & Dinners, archaeological wonders of the Oban and enjoy cruise of Paterson Day trip to Mt Tambourine, world, Ankor Wat. Sights in Siem Inlet, Ulva Island. Back to Invercargill shopping at Harbourtown, Reap. Includes airfares, accommo- and join our coach for the short sightseeing around the coast and dation, sights, breakfasts, most journey to Queenstown (2 nights), beaches. Join us for some sunshine!! dinners, English Speaking guide sights Arrowtown and farewell (Supreme Escort if we reach dinner cruise to Walter Peak. minimum numbers). NELMAC Garden - Malborough Festival Vivid Sydney 5 days Departs 9 November 2017 - $2,599pp share twin 5 days Departs 12 June 2017 - $2,799pp share twinFly from Tauranga to Blenheim, stay Picton overlooking Join us for the biggest lighting spectacular of its kind inThe Sounds. 3 nights Marlborough - Vintners Hotel - the world! See the Opera House & other iconic Sydneyluxury amongst the vines! Enjoy 3 days of garden visits buildings like you never have before. 4 nights Shangri La,featuring diverse garden themes, gorgeous scenery and guided walks around the displays on the waterfront,fabulous garden art. All breakfast & dinners and most dinner cruise with fantastic views from the harbour, citylunches. Lots of inclusions! sights with high tea at Baronia House, return airfares, all breakfasts & dinners, one lunch. Tasmanian Tempter Adelaide & Murray River 12 days Departs 23 October 2017 - $5,799pp share twin Featuring Kangaroo Island Join us and enjoy the stunning scenery of this beautiful 11 days Departs 29 September 2017 - $5,620pp share twin area of Australia. Fly to Launceston (2 nights), cruise cataract gorge. See a tasmanian devil at East Coast Fly to Adelaide (3 nights) sight seeing of the city area. Nature World, Bicheno, beautiful Freycinet National Park Visit to Hahndorf German Village. Join PS Murray with its jagged pink granite peaks, Hobart (3 nights), Princess in outside cabins for 4 nights cruising the scenic harbour cruise, Port House. Includes all breakfasts & Murray River with its variety of wildlife and wonderful dinners and most lunches. Return airfares from Auckland. sunsets. All meals onboard. Return to Adeliade for overnight before joining our short flight to KangarooBONUS: $50 towards your Island. Fabulous sightseeing including seal colonies,shuttle from Tauranga Cliffords Honey Farm, birds of prey - lunch at a local vineyard. Return to Adelaide overnight before flying home to Auckland. SUPREME TOURS & TRAVEL LTD 54 Wellesley St, Auckland City | 0800 809 [email protected] | TAANZ bound for your protection and member of Iata seasons 43

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pet page Proudly Sponsored by ISSUE 05How Can I Recognise if my Pet has Osteoarthritis?We all know that old age is not a disease, but Osteoarthritis is. What can I do to help?Chances are your pet is probably just too sore to run, fetch theball and jump around as they used to. Calling your vet to book a health check is a great place to start. AnAs 26% of New Zealand’s 700 000 pet dog population are 8 examination by a vet can be enough to indicate where your pet isyears old or over, it’s likely that many of them are suffering sore, and often a vet can diagnose arthritis with a thorough exam.from undiagnosed arthritis. Kiwi’s love their cats too, and The vet may then prescribe some pain relief and/or recommend acurrently there are approximately 1.1 million pet cats in NZ, joint supplement such as Bomazeal® Mobilize.many in their senior years, 22% are 11 years old and over.Osteoarthritis is a debilitating disease in which pain and Things to ask your vet about:stiffness develop as a result of wear and tear on the joints.Cartilage reduces stress on bones by acting like a shock Weight management – joints that are already sore are madeabsorber, minimizing impact on joints. When cartilage is worse when they have to support extra weight. Reducing weightdamaged, inflammatory changes occur, eventually leading to leads to significant improvement in the quality of life of your pet.destruction of the cartilage and subsequent damage of theunderlying bone and joints become painful causing lameness. Therapeutic exercise – Exercise must be a balance betweenThese changes are not curable, but you can lessen the pain andinflammation associated with them. not over exerting the joints, but getting enough exercise to reduce stiffness and muscle wastage. Little and often, gentleIs your pet showing any of these signs? lead walks can be preferable to epic runs just once a week. Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy options are increasing for• Difficulty jumping on and off the bed/sofa/surfaces pets in New Zealand now too, and can be very effective at• Difficulty getting in and out of the car promoting muscle strength, tone and joint motion whilst• Difficulty going up and down stairs limiting impact on joints.• Slowing down on walks, especially going up or down slopes• Reluctance to play, go for a walk, lacking energy Help around the home – Thick padded comfy beds help pets• Limping or stiffness• Change in character or getting grumpy alleviate excess pressure on sore joints and provide more• Reluctance to be patted or picked up warmth from a cold floor during the winter months. Pets need good footing to avoid slipping and falling. Carpet runners work well on hardwood floors. Move feed bowls to another location if your pet is slipping on tiles or lino. Ramps can be used to minimize stair climbing or to assist dogs getting in and out of cars. Medications - In moderate to severe cases the vet may prescribe pain relief/ anti-inflammatory medication. There are also joint supplements available without prescription for mild arthritis, or to use in conjunction with anti-inflammatories. Bomazeal® Mobilize is a tasty tablet that can be used as a safe, natural alternative for dogs with osteoarthritis, based on NZ Green-Lipped Mussel Extract, available over the counter at the clinic. Or ask about Bomazeal® CatPep, specially formulated to increase your cat’s mobility.Proudly Sponsored by

trusted tradies and services We sell and service scooters Why are Scooters the best form of transport? · Car parks are for cars – your scooter doesn't need one. · You can drive a scooter without a licence and you never get speeding tickets. · A scooter means you can have as much fun as you like, 0800 004 884 anywhere, any time. 132 Osborne Road · A scooter gives you independance. Wherever you need RD1, Hamilton to go, a scooter can get you there. Full Service Package from $79.95 Includes Oil Change, Oil Filter & Fluid Top Ups with Visual Maintenance Inspection 89 Killarney Rd 518 Te Rapa Rd 07 847 7193 07 850 644746 seasons

The thought of moving house overwhelming?Move Managers takes the stress out of preparing your home for sale, downsizing, moving or just wanting to get organised. When you're faced with the challenge of downsizing to a smaller home or need help clearing a home for sale, Move Managers is here to help. It's easy to get started. Just give us a call, we'll visit you to discuss your needs. The initial visit is free. Police checked, fully insured and happy to provide testimonials. Now in our 5th busy year. Call us 0800 389 957 022 658 1109 Visit our website for more information Emails us at [email protected]������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Paperzone is Hamilton's scrapbooking destination!We have a wonderful range of: We also have a fabulous selection of Scrapbooking and Card Making classes:• Scrapbooking papers including the exclusive SCRAPBOOKING with Tracey Paper-Arts range Monday - 7pm - 9pm• Mixed Media Sheet Tuesday - 12:30pm - 2:30pm• Specialty & Plain papers and Cards Wednesday - 10am - 12noon and 7pm - 9pm• Transparencies Thursday - 10am - 12noon• Tapes and Glues• Inks and Paints CARD MAKING with Sharon• Albums and Tools• Tracey Jane Scrapbooking Kits Friday - 10am - 12noon• Creative Bride - precut and folded card range CROP ‘N’ PLAY is on Tuesday - 9:15am - 12:15pm• Ribbons and Flowers CROP 'N' PLAY Is when you get to bring along your scrapping or card making• Paper by the ream and finish off your projects in the company of like minded people. Lots of fun much and more! & laughter and learning from each other.Come in-store or shop online at NOTE: This is our base WEEKLY schedule. Please see our events tab on our Facebook Page (@PaperzoneOpening Hours HamiltonNZ) for exact dates and times. We often run Saturday classes, Midnight Crops and All Day Crops.Tuesday - 9:00am - 4:30pmWednesday - 9:00am - 5:30pmThursday - 9:00am - 4:30pmFriday - 9:00am - 4:30pmand some Saturday's (please see our Facebook Page) paperzone Cnr Commerce and High Streets, Frankton, Hamilton, New ZealandPh 021 744 866 | Em [email protected] | Web | Find us on Facebook @PaperzoneHamiltonNZ Volunteers Wanted One of last year’s seedlings on the Black Jack hill Saturday 10th June 2017 Where: Mynderman’s Hill site (same as last year) Date: Saturday 10 June (bad weather back up day Would you like a fun day out in the bush? Kauri 2000 Trust is looking Saturday 17 June) for volunteer planters to help with planting kauri seedlings. Time: 9am, planting through to about 2pm Plant a kauri, recreate a forest! There will be a sausage sizzle on site afterwards so we can relax together – Kauri 2000 will provide the sausages and cold drinks. Would you like to join our volunteer day this year? Contact co-ordinator Janet Munns on 07 866 0468 or email [email protected] with your details so we can send you some notes (and make sure we have enough sausages!) THE KAURI 2000 TRUST is a non-profit charitable trust, registered in New Zealand under the Charities Act 2005. seasons 47

The Care of RosesPlantingDig a hole a little deeper than the container and twice as wide,the bud union should be slightly above ground level.DO NOT PUT FERTILIZER IN THE BOTTOM OF THE HOLE, onlywell rotted compost.TRY TO AVOILD TEASING THE ROOTS, place the rose straightinto the hole. Water well and fill in hole and tread firmly aroundthe plant. Plant bushes not less than 80cm apart and forstandards not less than 100cm apart.Roses need an open, sunny position, protected from winds.They can tolerate a few hours shade.PruningIf you are buying your new roses in the winter they will still need Sprayingpruning as well as any established ones you may have. Prune justbefore the spring growth commences, in most areas around mid Apply a winter spray 1 week after pruning using either limeJuly. Prune your new rose preferably to an outward bud. sulphur or white oil plus copper oxychloride. Spray regularly with a recommended spray for insecticides and fungicides.Existing Roses Alternate your spray programme. Use protective clothing when spraying. Also read the instructions carefully and carryIn all roses you must completely remove all old wood and out all safety recommendations.spindly growth. All dieback removed to a clean healthy bud.Treat standard roses the same as bush roses. Climbers are PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.pruned in a similar manner except that the younger strongshoots are not shortened back, but attached to the fence to Feedingspread out as evenly as possible. Old growth and unwantedbranches should be removed. Use pruning paint on bigger cuts. During spring cover the surface of your rose bud with well- rotted organic material, including weed free mushroom compost . Apply a balanced rose fertiliser September, November and January. Always follow the instructions on fertiliser bags. CAREFUL PRUNING, WATERING AND MOST IMPORTANTLY FEEDING EVERY 3 MONTHS FROM JULY TILL APPROX CHRISTMAS TO ENCOURAGE A HEALTHY ROSE. Roach's Roses sell weed free, bark free, mushroom compost. It is available by the tractor bucket load or in bags and is the best compost money can buy! 0800 TOP ROSES (0800 867 767) 07 824 1725 [email protected] 150 Schollum Road, Eureka, R D 2, Morrinsville

Laughter isthe best medicine The lighter side of getting older EXPENSIVE FLIGHTTHE BOSS SAID Man to very beautiful airhostess: “What’s I LEARNT IT AT SCHOOL your name?” Air hostess: “Eva Benz..”I went into work this morning and my A student at business managementboss said to me “I want you to have a Man: “Lovely name… any relation to school walked up to a very pretty co-great day today!” Mercedes Benz?” Air hostess (smiling): student and gave her a huge hug and kiss “maintenance cost is the same.\" on the cheek straight out of the blue.\"Awesome I will,\" I replied. So I went home. THE MUGGER The suprised girl asked, “What did youNO MAN CAN EVER BE do that for?”SATISFIED WITH THESE Late one night a mugger wearing a maskFOUR THINGS IN LIFE stopped a well-dressed man and stuck a Smiling back at her he said, \"I was gun in his ribs and demanded, “Give me practicing my direct marketing.\"1. Mobile phone all your money!”2. Automobile Then the girl slapped him soundly on3. TV Scandalized the man replied, “you the cheek.4. Wife can’t do this I’m your local member of parliament!\" \"What was that for?\" he asked.Because, there is always a better modeljust round the corner. \"Oh! In that case,\" smiled the mugger \"Customer feedback,\" she said. “Give me all my money!!”THE OPERATING TABLE HUSBANDS, KEEP THIS IN WHATEVER YOU DO MINDAn elderly man was on the operatingtable about to be operated on by his Whatever you do give it 100%. Compromising does not mean you areown son who was a famous surgeon. Just not when donating blood. wrong and your wife is right.Just before he was going under THE STALKER It only means that your safety is muchanaesthetic he asked if he could please more important than your ego!speak with his son quickly. I think my neighbour may be stalking me. I saw him googling all of my details THE SECRET OF WOMEN’SHe says, \"Son, don’t be nervous operating on his computer. SHOESon me. Just do the best you can andremember if it's not going well and I know this for sure as I saw it clearly Why do women love shoes?something happens to me don't worry. through the window with my binoculars.Its all sorted. Your mother will be coming Because no matter how much ofto live with you and your family!\" whatever they eat, the shoes always fit. THE SMALL JOYS OF LIFE One of the most wonderful things in life is to wake up and enjoy a cuddle with somebody; unless you are in prison.

Winter WarmersChicken and Veggie Pot PieIngredients Method450g Boneless, Skinless ChickenBreasts 1. Heat oven to 200°C. Cook the chicken in a1 tbsp Olive Oil pot of simmering water until cooked through,2 Onions, Chopped 10 to 12 minutes; let cool, then shred.4 Carrots, Diced3 tbsp All-purpose Flour 2. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a saucepan over1/2 cup Dry White Wine medium heat. Add the onions and carrots2 cups Milk and cook, stirring, until they begin to soften,300g Frozen Peas 6 to 8 minutes (do not let them darken).1 tbsp Fresh Thyme Sprinkle the flour over the vegetables andSalt and Pepper to taste cook, stirring, for 1 minute.Store-bought Puff Pastry, thawed 3. Add the wine and cook until evaporated, 4. Lay the crust on top, pressing to seal. about 5 minutes. Add the milk and simmer Cut several vents in the crust. Place the until the sauce thickens, 2 to 3 minutes. Stir pie on a baking sheet and bake until in the chicken, peas, thyme, ¾ teaspoon bubbling and the crust is golden, 30 to salt, and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Transfer to a 35 minutes. shallow baking dish.Hearty Chicken SoupIngredients Method2 Whole Chickens4 Carrots, Halved Crosswise 1. Place the chickens, carrots, onion, and salt1 Large Onion, Halved in a pot. Add enough cold water to cover.1 1/2 cups Long-grain White Rice Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer2 Avocados gently, uncovered, for 1 hour. Skim off any1/2 cup Fresh Coriander Leaves foam that appears.3 Limes, HalvedSalt and Pepper to Taste 2. Transfer the chickens to plates and let cool. Remove the carrots and onion with a slotted spoon and discard. Add the rice to the broth and simmer for 20 minutes. 3. Meanwhile, shred the chicken meat, 4. Destone the avocados and scoop the discarding the skin and bones. Add the meat filling from the peels, dividing it between and ¼ teaspoon pepper to the broth and the bowls. Ladle the soup over the top. heat for 3 minutes. Sprinkle with the coriander and add a squeeze of lime juice.50 seasons

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