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Private Member BIlls 2nd edit

Published by nayadiri2204, 2022-07-31 22:26:03

Description: Private Member BIlls 2nd edit


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LAW MAKING PROCESS INFORGRAPHIC - PRIVATE MEMBER BILL 1.PRIVATE MEMBER BILL A PRIVATE MEMBER BILL (PMB) IS A DRAFT LAW INTRODUCE BY A PRIVATE MEMBER. PMBS ARE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR PRIVATE MEMBERS TO EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT UNDER SECTION 111 OF THE CONSTITUTION TO INTRODUCE A BILLS SUBJECT TO RESTRICTIONS IN THE CONSTITUTION, ACTS OF PARLIAMENT AND THE STANDING ORDER OF THE NATIONAL PARLIAMENT. 2) RESTRICTIONS MONEY BILLS ARE NOT ALLOWED AS PMBS BECAUSE IT WILL REQUIRE A MESSAGE FROM THE GOVERNOR- GENERAL THAT ONLY THE EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT CAN OBTAIN UNDER SECTION 210 OF THE CONSTITUTION. 3)PRIVATE BUSINESS DAY PRIVATE MEMBERS MAY SEEK DRAFTING ASSISTANCE FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PARLIAMENTARY COUNSEL. THE PARLIAMENTARY COUNSEL ADVICES THE CLERK AND WHEN REQUESTED, THE PRIVATE BUSINESS COMMITTEE ON PMBS. 4) PRIVATE BUSINESS COMMITTEE THE PRIVATE BUSINESS COMMITTEE DETERMINES WHETHER A PMB MAY BE PLACED ON THE NOTICE PAPER. THE PRIVATE BUSINESS COMMITTEE MEETS ON A WEDNESDAY DURING SITTING TO DETERMINE THE ORDER OF PRIVATE BUSINESS ON THE NOTICE PAPER FOR THURSDAY . 5) PARLIAMENTARY PROCESS After this stage, the PMB follows the same procedure as Government Bills 6) ROLE PMBs can be initiated by a Private Member but the MINISTERS administration and application of the PMB, if it is enacted, will be assumed by the Government and will fall under the responsibility of a certain Ministry. A ministerial brief should be provided to the Minister to advice the Prime Minister and fellow ministers on whether they should support a PMB. 7) 10TH NATIONAL PARLIAMENT The number of private member bills that are passed by parliament have always been very small compared to government bills. The 10th Parliament has seen ten Private Member bills introduced and nine passed and certified: · United Church of Papua New Guinea Act 2018 · Organic Law of Provincial and Local Level Government (Amendment) Law. 2021 · Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act 2021 · Criminal Code (Amendment) Act 2022 · Parliamentary Members’ Retirement Benefits (amendment) Act 2022 · Salaries and Remuneration Commission (amendment) Act 2022 · National Capital District Commission(Amendment) Act 2022 · Innovative University of Enga Act 2022 · Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (Amendment) Act 2022 · Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea Act 2022

Private Member Bill “... any member of the Parliament is entitled to introduce into the Parliament, in accordance with, and subject to any reasonable restrictions contained in, the Standing Orders of the Parliament, a petition, question, bill, resolution or motion .” Section 111(1) of the Constitution    “The Parliament shall not provide for the imposition of taxation, the raising of loans or the expenditure of public moneys of Papua New Guinea except on the recommendation of the Head of State, acting with, and in accordance with, the advice of the National Executive Council .“ Section 210(1) of the Constitution

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