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Thursday, October 24, 2013 Special Supplement produced by the WAT E R T O W N DAILY TIMES

H2 Thursday, October 24, 2013 HEALTHY LIVINGTips for Navigating This Year’s Health Easy Ways to Be More ActiveInsurance Open Enrollment Season (WMS)- Embracing an active landscaper a check and let him or coworkers to join you. Sign- lifestyle that leaves behind the look after your property, but ing up for a 10K might be just (NAPSI)— Open enrollment million Medicare beneficia- • Tip: Think about what’s comforts of the couch can be that big green yard outside your the motivation you need to getis the time of year, usually be- ries -- will continue to select changed regarding your health a difficult adjustment. But the front door presents a great op- out and start training. And oncetween September and Decem- a health insurance plan in the and your options. A lot can payoffs of adopting a more ac- portunity for you to be more the training begins, chances areber, when millions of Ameri- same way they have done in change in a year. Consider if tive lifestyle are numerous. In physically active. Mow your you won’t want to stop even af-cans have the opportunity to the past. your current plan is still meeting addition to feeling better physi- own lawn, choosing a push ter the charity event has comeselect or switch their health your health and budget needs. cally, men and women who mower instead of a ride-on and plan for the following Regardless of how you ac- Medicare plans can change embrace more physical activity mower, and tend to your trees,year. cess health insurance, it’s each year, too, so spend time typically notice improvements shrubs and flowers yourself. Join a Sports League important to pay attention to reviewing the options available. in their mood as well. This is a great way to be more Many men and women Unfortunately, just 14 per- the following open enrollment Some Medicare Advantage physically active, and the physi- played in recreational sportscent of Americans understand dates and tips: plans offer additional benefits The positive mental effects cal and mental rewards might leagues as a youth or youngbasic health insurance con- that can help enhance your related to physical activity just be outdone by the pride adult. Unfortunately, it’s easycepts such as deductible, co- • Employer-Provided Cover- health and well-being and save are no accident, as numerous you feel when seeing a beautiful to abandon those recreationalpay, co-insurance and out-of- age — Fall; specific dates de- you money, such as vision cov- studies have shown exercise landscape you tended to your- activities when the respon-pocket maximum, according pend on the employer erage and hearing aids. You can stimulate chemicals in your self. sibilities of work and familyto a recent study published in can compare your options us- brain that improve your mood take over. But joining a sportsthe Journal of Health Econom- Most Americans receive ing the plan finder tool at www. while also lowering stress and Embrace a Cause league is a great way to reachics. employer-provided health ben- helping you relax. According to If the known physical and your weekly exercise goals, efits, so their open enrollment the Centers for Disease Con- mental benefits of an active meet new friends and recon- “Choosing health care cov- process will most likely stay the • Health Insurance Exchang- trol and Prevention, aerobic lifestyle are not proving to be nect with a game you mighterage for yourself and your same. Large employers and es — Oct. 1 through March 31 exercise or a mix of aerobic ample motivation in your quest have loved as a child. Manyfamily is one of the most im- some small employers typically exercise and strength-training to be more physically active, people find it’s easier to em-portant decisions you will make schedule a two- to three-week A public health insurance ex- activities three to five times a then perhaps the opportunity to brace a more active lifestylethis year,” said Tom Paul, chief period during the fall when their change may be a good option week for 30 to 60 minutes has help others might do the trick. when they enjoy their physicalconsumer officer for United- employees can select health for people who are eligible to been shown to improve cogni- Numerous charities sponsor activities, so find a sport youHealthcare. “Fortunately, there benefits for the following year. receive a government subsidy tive ability and judgement, re- charity walks or runs that pro- enjoy playing and then startare a number of useful re- that lowers monthly premiums. duce a person’s risk of devel- vide participants with an op- playing it more.sources people can use as they • Tip: Ask about wellness oping depression and improve portunity to raise money for a Getting off the couch andreview and understand their programs. Some health insur- • Tip: Find out if you qualify sleep. good cause. Even better, such embracing an active lifestyleoptions for selecting the plan ers, including UnitedHealth- for a subsidy. In general, subsi- events tend to take all comers, has both physical and mentalthat best meets their personal care, offer incentive-based dies are available to individuals The numerous positive ef- so you might be able to enlist benefits that can improve all as-health and budget needs.” wellness programs that pro- who meet household income fects of physical activity illus- your friends, family members pects of daily life. vide financial rewards for com- requirements and who are not trate just how beneficial such Beginning this fall, the Con- pleting health assessments, eligible for certain government a lifestyle can be. Even better,gressional Budget Office esti- lowering your cholesterol, los- insurance programs (such as embracing an active lifestylemates that an additional 7 mil- ing weight or even signing up Medicaid) or do not have ac- does not mean you have tolion people may participate in for a health coaching program. cess to affordable coverage start planning that expeditionopen enrollment as a result of through their employer. to climb Mount Everest or startthe government’s newly cre- • Medicare Open Enrollment training for the triathlon. In fact,ated state health insurance Period — Oct. 15 through Dec. For helpful information and a few minor adjustments to yourexchanges, otherwise known 7 resources, visit and current routine might be all itas “marketplaces.” The ex- To takes to reap the rewards of liv-changes are a component For most Medicare ben- learn more about health insur- ing a more active lifestyle.of the Patient Protection and eficiaries, the Open Enrollment ance exchanges, visit www.Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Period is their only opportunity Walk This Wayand are designed to give peo- all year to make changes to Walking more can helpple, especially lower-income their Medicare coverage. many people quickly and eas-individuals and families that ily improve their physical andmay qualify for federal sub- mental condition. Instead ofsidy assistance, another re- retiring to the couch after din-source to purchase health ner, take a walk around theinsurance. neighborhood with your fam- ily or significant other. Or go it In general, most people who alone and use your nightly walkget health insurance at work as a peaceful opportunity towill see little or no change in the collect your thoughts. Walkingopen-enrollment process, and after dinner is a great way topeople on Medicare, Medicaid get in some daily cardiovascu-and other government insur- lar exercise, and a post-dinnerance programs are also not walk might encourage you tolikely affected. The vast major- eat less.ity of Americans -- about 157 Walking can be incorporatedmillion with employer-provided into your daily routine in othercoverage, and more than 51 ways as well. On shopping trips, park further away from the store so you can walk more. And walk kids to school or the bus stop instead of dropping them off in your car. Do Your Own Chores It might be easier to cut your Kripalu Yoga & Wellness Center Programs and Services Of- active elements. to experience a mini session fered: Labyrinth: with a practitioner for a small A labyrinth is an ancient $10 donation to the Center. Yoga Classes: Yoga classes offer postures symbol that relates to whole- Drumming Circle: designed to develop strength, ness. It combines the imagery Meets the second Friday of balance and flexibility with relax- of the circle and the spiral into each month at 7:00 p.m. All are ation and meditation techiques a meandering but purposeful welcome. If you do not have a to reduce stress. All levels of path. The labyrinth represents a drum or rattle, the Center has experience welcome. Posture journey to our own center and instruments to borrow. Drum- modifications offered as needed. back again out into the world. ming can be a useful tool to initi- Peace and Wellness Walking Labyrinths have long been used ate meditation and relaxation. A Trail: as meditation and prayer tools. $5.00 donation is appreciated. Fully groomed 1/2 mile trail Open to the public during day- Members attend Free. for the entire family to enjoy. light hours. For more information or a Open to the public during day- schedule of upcoming events: light hours. Wellness Connection: www.kripaluyogaandwellness- Walking Meditation: The Wellness Connection The Walking Meditation is a meets the third Sunday of every The Center can be rented for path that takes you on an indi- month from 2-5 p.m. Practitio- workshops that promote health vidual journey of self-discovery ners volunteer their time to edu- and well-being. Contact the through its sculptures and inter- cate others on various types of Center at 315-583-5500. energy and body work. Stop in Reclaim your inherent health and well-being by exploring the Center’s many programs that reduce stress and encourage a healthier lifestyle. Mission Statement - The Kipalu yoga and Wellness Center is founded on the belief that all humanity is one family and that the Divine dwells within each of us. Our center is a non- profit organization dedicated to promoting the integration of body, mind and spirit. We support this philosophy through the teaching and practice of yoga and health related programs and services to nurture personal growth and community.

HEALTHY LIVING Thursday, October 24, 2013 H3Signs You May Have First-Class Care!Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Cheryl Howard, PT, Owner swer all questions. able. Some techniques our Our staff continues the Therapists specialize in are (BPT)- During the past year, of women will develop PTSD. director of Screening for Men- Throughout the year, our The McKenzie Method, Duffymany communities across the While traumatic events such as tal Health, Inc. “While combat staff at Innovative Physi- tradition of giving back to Rath, Kinesiotaping, ManualU.S. have experienced devas- natural disasters, fires or acts veterans do have a high rate cal Therapy Solutions (IPTS) the community by sponsor- therapy and new to our facilitytating tragedies. Hurricane San- of violence can affect an entire of PTSD, we also see PTSD in has expanded and improved ing several events this year. Aquatic Physical Therapy! Ev-dy, the shootings in Newtown, community, other instances like members of the public, espe- the care for our patients and From our donation to the An- ery time a new patient comesthe Boston Marathon bomb- a terrifying car accident can af- cially among first responders, community. With strong pres- nual Celebrity Chef event that into our office our staff cus-ings, cases of severe weather in fect a single individual. victims of violence or those af- ences in the community and sponsors the North Country tomizes a treatment plan tothe Plains states have left many fected by natural disasters.” continuing education for our Children’s Clinic to the 16th get that person back to theirindividuals, families and com- Most people will have stress- clinicians, IPTS is happy to Annual Samaritan Foundation optimum health.munities reeling. While most related reactions following a It is recommended that any- continue to provide conve- Golf Classic that helps ensurepeople are amazingly resilient traumatic event, yet only some one who has been exposed to nient and affordable First quality convenient healthcare Innovative Physical Ther-following trauma, for some, will develop PTSD. If these a traumatic event over a month Class Care! services. The “Brace Your- apy Solutions are alwaysthe emotional toll these events reactions do not begin to go ago and is experiencing symp- self for PT” Wellness team welcoming new patients forcause can last much longer. away over time or get worse, toms of PTSD take an anony- IPTS takes the time and ef- also donated and participated both land- and water-based or impact day-to-day life, it mous PTSD assessment at fort to educate students inter- in the annual Save The River programs. We offer conve- Post-traumatic Stress Dis- may be PTSD. Symptoms of- By ested in becoming physical Run, Alzheimer’s Walk and nient appointment times fromorder (PTSD) is a mental health ten include: Reliving the event simply answering a series of therapist. From High School Making Strides Breast Cancer morning to late evening to ca-condition that affects millions through nightmares and flash- basic questions, people can students who come in a few walk. ter most working schedules.of individuals worldwide. While backs; Avoiding situations that determine if they are show- days to see how physical ther- For more information or to be-it is often closely associated remind you of the event, such ing symptoms of PTSD, and if apy really can help change To provide First Class Care, come a patient call 315-786-with combat veterans and other as large crowds or driving a so, where to find the help they someone’s life to our clini- our physical therapists take 0655 or visit innovativeptsolu-members of the military, the fact car; Negative changes in beliefs need. While these screenings cal students who are getting courses throughout the year PTSD can affect anyone who and feelings. This can include are not diagnostic, the results the hands on experience, our to be up-to-date on the lat-experiences a traumatic event. feelings of guilt, fear or shame; will indicate whether further therapists take the time to an- est treatment options avail- Feeling keyed up or jittery. assessment by a clinician is About 60% of men and 50% advisable. The screening web-of women will experience at “PTSD is a condition that site, provided by the nonprofitleast one traumatic event in many people believe only af- Screening for Mental Health, istheir lifetime, according to the fects members of the military accessible year-round to theNational Center for PTSD, U.S. and veterans, but that simply is public.Dept. of Veteran Affairs. Over- not the case,” says Dr. Douglasall, about 8% of men and 20% G. Jacobs, founder and medicalTechnological Health Advanced Business Systems a vital role in healthcare these security hardware.Inc. was founded in 1991 and has days and this goes beyond ac- Advanced Business Systemsbeen proudly serving Northern tual patient care. Through in-New York ever since. As a provider tegration we are able to keep salutes all of our healthcare pro-of business technology solutions doctors informed, keep care fessionals. Doctors, Nurses,we pride ourselves on assisting providers focused and keep pa- Practitioners, clerical workers,our clients in being the best at tients healthy. Our state of the maintenance staff, dieticians, ad-what they do. In the area of health- art solutions provide document ministrative personnel. It is some-care this means instituting and management, data security times easy to forget all of thosemaintaining hardware and soft- and back up, as well as keep- that are involved in caring for usware solutions as well as process- ing information at care providers and the people we care about,es that allow our clients to focus on finger tips. As a total solutions especially today as healthcarethe important “stuff”, patient care. provider we are able to provide has become so advanced. The all aspects of technical support wonderful fancy equipment is Office technology has come in any office environment. From great but it is the people behind ita long way, we are not just of- complete software roll outs to that make the real difference. Wefering copiers and fax machines network up grades, from tablet at ABS are proud and honoredand typewriters anymore. As ev- PC’s to new servers and data to serve and support our areaeryone knows, technology plays healthcare professionals. This annual supplement is produced by the Watertown Daily Times Advertising Department. It is acompilation of information provided by Metro Creative Graphics, North American Precis Syndicate,News USA, BrandPoint, StatePoint and articles written by sponsors of this section. Direct inquiries to:Sue Gardner, Watertown Daily Times; or directly to the author of the material. North country health care professionals should be consulted for more information, diagnosis and treatment. Phone: (315) 788-8280 We Now Carry A Full Line Of Barrier Free Shower Oxygen • Nebulizers • CPAP • BIPAP • Wheelchairs • Power Wheelchairs • Scooters • Hospital Beds • Walkers • Bath Products • Enteral Nutrition • Support Surfaces • Oximetry WATERTOWN POTSDAM PLATTSBURGH 21087 State Hwy 12F 201 Market Street 206 Tom Miller Rd. Watertown, NY 13601 Potsdam, NY 13676 Plattsburgh, NY 12901 (315) 788-8280 • Fax: (315) 785-9715 (315) 265-1161 • Fax: (315) 265-0861 (518) 566-6445 • Fax: (518) 566-9875MOEPATIDCEAL 1000 Washington St., Watertown, NY (315) 786-3937 7785 North State St., Lowville, NY (315) 376-8159Dr. Ronald J. Knox Proudly Dr. Ryan C. Knox Eyewear • Contact Lenses • Hearing Aids Serving Northern • Quality eye care and custom contact lens fitting New York • State of the art optical and diagnostic technology Families • Best selection of frames and exclusive fashion eyewear since 1914 • Digitally designed lenses for superior quality of vision • Saturday and evening hours • Most insurances accepted Care Credit

H4 Thursday, October 24, 2013 HEALTHY LIVINGStay in Shape Without aGym Membership (StatePoint)- If joining a gym Pilates moves can be done on a crunches, squats and floor Inexpensive and space-saving equipment such as free weights, exercise stretch bandsis not in your budget or doesn’t yoga mat as well. lunges are all classic fitness and stability balls enable you to work out in your own for your schedule, it’s time moves that will help you toneto drop the excuses and work • Easy Equipment: Get and tighten in your very own Checkups Aren’t Just For Babiesout at home. toned with free weights, exer- home. cise bands, ankle weights and (BPT)- Parents of infants same is true for teens. recommend annual wellness vis- Many lifestyle experts say stability balls. You can do your • Pull Ups: A pull-up bar is and young children regularly Teens have a unique set its for teens, about 60% of teensyou have more than enough reps right in front of the televi- simple to install in any doorway, visit the pediatrician’s office for surveyed identified at least onespace for a makeshift gym in- sion. And the beauty of this in- so even those in temporary their child’s checkups. These of healthcare needs. Annual reason for not getting an annualside your home or apartment, expensive equipment is that home rentals can target their bi- visits offer an opportunity to checkups can be an important checkup. Of those, about one-no matter how small it is. it doesn’t take up much space ceps and back muscles with a learn about keeping your child opportunity for healthcare pro- third believe that they only need inside your home or apartment few sets each day.  healthy and to ensure he/she is viders to identify key health is- to see a doctor when sick. Phy- “Not everyone can designate when you aren’t using it. up-to-date on vaccines. How- sues. “Annual visits offer teens sicians polled report that teensan entire room of their apart- • Every day activity: Make ever, when a child reaches the an opportunity to develop a and their parents are more likelyment, condo or home to exer- • Flat Abs: For minimal move- simple lifestyle changes to burn teen years, these annual check- one-on-one relationship with to ask about a number of healthcise; but as long as you have ment with maximum impact, try extra calories throughout the ups may fall off the radar. A re- their physician and to begin to topics including weight, sexualsome floor space, you can get bicycle crunches. You’ll target day. If you live in a multi-story cent survey, fielded by Harris take responsibility for their own health, vaccines, and stress-a great full-body workout,” says your core -- specifically your building, become a more active Interactive, and commissioned health,” said Susan J. Rehm, related conditions, during an an-Wendy Froehlich of Homes. obliques -- without disturbing apartment dweller and take the by the National Foundation for MD, NFID medical director. “It nual checkup than at a sick, one of the nation’s top the neighbors.   stairs.  Did you know that you Infectious Diseases (NFID), in is particularly concerning foronline real estate listing and life- can burn about 300 calories collaboration with Pfizer Inc, teens to be missing out on an- For more information, visitstyle resources. • Push it with a plank: Sim- per hour of housework? Get a found that while 85% of parents nual checkups because adoles- Parents ply push off your mat as though great workout while vigorously polled say an annual checkup is cence is a crucial period in life can also find more information Whether you live in a man- you’re doing a push up and rest cleaning your apartment once a very important for those zero to and it’s important for teens to at, a newsion or efficiency, you can stay on your elbows and toes. Keep week. five years, only 61% believe the establish healthy habits.” website for parents navigatingfit with these great moves: your back flat and maintain the the teen health landscape. pose for two sets of two min- More lifestyle tips for maxi- Even though health experts • Get Zen with yoga: All you utes. It’s a challenging but re- mizing life in small apartmentsneed is a yoga mat and a little warding fitness move that pro- and homes can be found atfloor space to practice yoga; a vides a full body workout and and relaxing way to wind especially targets your core.down, stay flexible and gain No more excuses! By work-strength. Try the poses on your • Classic moves: Some of the ing out at home, you can saveback deck, balcony porch or best moves require no equip- time and money while lookingeven your living room. Likewise, ment whatsoever. Pushups, and feeling your best. Does Your Elderly Parent Need In-Home Care? Mary was a diabetic in her home, and even be able to keep your elderly parent may need Porter Chiropractic Health Care70s, normally a cheerful person her dog, Coco. assistance, it’s normal to havein spite of her health challenges. a variety of emotions, questions It was Henry David Thoreau Clearing Techinque. There is a a system of sequential ‘checks’She certainly needed help, but Mary’s family learned that and even hesitation. Recogniz- who said, “A man may esteem revolution in health care which that evaluate all the possibilitieswas clear that she did not want Seniors Helping Seniors® pro- ing that there are many issues himself happy when that which is based on the scientific under- (going on in your body) that mayto leave her home. Mary felt de- vides caring companionship, to be addressed, including the is his food is also his medi- standing that the types of foods have translated themselves inspondent at the thought of liv- meal planning and preparation, emotional and physical aspects cine.” With over 30,000 named we eat may be intimately linked to symptoms of ill health. out her life in an elder care incidental transportation, shop- of care, is the first step to ad- diseases and the three leading to our state of health. Nutrition Allan K. Phillips, D.O. based infacility, but she also knew she ping and errands, light house- dressing the situation with sen- causes of death all malnutrition Response Testing evaluates an Auckland, New Zealand, is thecouldn’t prevail upon her son keeping, reminders, personal sitivity and concern. related (Heart Disease, Cancer, individual’s nutritional deficien- founder of Neurolink. Dr. Phil-and his wife, who had health grooming assistance and help and Diabetes) it has become cies and then replaces those lips served as an Osteopathicissues of their own, to provide with pet care. If you and your parent(s) want obvious that the true answer to essential nutrients through diet Physician and health consultanther with daily support and care. to evaluate the pros and cons of health lies within correcting the modification and nutrition using to the Pacific Region for World With a little help from Seniors non-medical services and want body’s foundational functions whole food and full spectrum Health. His development of the At Mary’s insistence, her son Helping Seniors® service pro- to support your parents’ inde- and restoring abnormal body herbal supplements. Neurological Integration Systemarranged for an assessment viders, Mary received compas- pendence at home, call Seniors processes that result in disease. (NIS) developed by Neurolinkvisit from Seniors Helping Se- sionate one-on-one support, al- Helping Seniors®. Truly, it will If that isn’t convincing enough, A major function of the body is is a ground-breaking approachniors® (SHS). After a thorough lowing her to live happily in her be “like getting a little help from the 4th leading cause of death is to continuously heal itself. Many to healthcare management andassessment of Mary’s situation, own home with all that was near a friend.®” In the North Coun- fatal reactions from prescription health problems clear up on their used by practitioners around thethe eldercare specialist felt con- and dear to her, for what turned try call 315-405-4950 or visit medicine – which ironically while own unless something is inter- globe including Dr. Porter.fident that SHS could help Mary out to be the last year of her life. www.seniorshelpingseniors. given as treatment for diseases, fering with its ability to heal orand that she would thrive at com/northernny. continue to actually cause more the body is suffering from nutri- As a group, mankind is being From the beginning, when it than 100,000 deaths each year. ent deficiency. There are three stressed, contaminated, pollut- starts to become apparent that factors that influence the health ed, and pushed to the outer lim- “Wellness” has become a of your body. These factors are its of our digestion, our nervousHATE THE DENTIST? familiar tune among the pub- known as the Triad of Health. system, our immune system, andTreat Yourself & Your Family To Comfortable, lic, health care practitioners They are Emotional, Physical, our emotions with our presentSafe & Anxiety Free Dental Care In Our Office and legislators alike. But what and Chemical. Dr. Porter uses lifestyles. To learn more about exactly does it mean, and how a multi-faceted approach of chi- Dr. Porter’s approach to healthCEREC One-Visit Crowns We Treat You And Your Teeth! can people benefit from it? The ropractic and advanced tech- and wellness he hosts a “PatientWhitening American Chiropractic Asso- niques incorporating muscle Education Night” each month ininvisilign Orthodontics ciation (ACA) defines wellness testing. What people have been his office with a hands-on dem-General Dentistry as “an active process that pro- led to believe is that “Health” is onstration of Nutrition ResponseDentures motes health and enhances merely “freedom from symp- Testing. Check the websiteMini Dental Implants quality of life.” At Porter Chiro- toms”. Therefore, treatment forFillings & Root Canals practic Health Care, Dr. Dale S. was always simple making the dates and times as well as VideoExtractions Porter, believes every person is symptoms go away. Dr. Porter Testimonials from patients.Preventive Dentistry unique and has particular sen- believes that it is not enough toLaser Treatment sitivities to emotional, environ- merely relieve your symptoms Porter Chiropractic Health mental, and physical stimuli. and that true health is when your Care is a family oriented prac- Dr. Scott LaClair, D.D.S. And, because no two people body is operating at a state of tice. Dr. Porter and his staff are alike, each person has his or optimum physical well-being. work as a caring and helpfulStephan J. Vigliotti, D.D.S. her own specific sensitivities. team striving for excellence Dr. Porter has studied ex- through extraordinary service, CLAYTON DENTAL OFFICE Dr. Porter is a licensed chi- tensively and continues to do unmatched care, and high pa- ropractor, Master Neurolink so. He plans to attend another tient satisfaction. They are a 315-686-5142 practitioner, and graduate of Neurolink “Masters” Semi- dedicated team committed to Advanced Clinical Training in nar next month. Neurolink ap- healing and health education. 775 Graves Street, Clayton the Nutrition Response Testing proaches healthcare within a Their goal is to enable people to Program and Advanced Allergy neurophysiological context. It is experience quality living for life.Participating With United Concordia, Delta Dental, Metlife, Teamsters, CareCreditHome Care for Seniors by Seniors Get Well, Stay Well! PORTER CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH CARE Dedicated To Whole Body Wellness 782-4700 Just minutes off I-81 at Exit 46 across from Jefferson Community College

HEALTHY LIVING Thursday, October 24, 2013 H5Stock Your Pantry with Healthy Staples (WMS)- When hunger pangs * Unsalted nuts: An excellent or beverages like grape juice with salt and butter, lemon juice Nutrition in a Nutshellarrive and you head to the kitch- protein-rich snack, nuts can be and wine, can reduce cancer is a tasty flavoring that lends it-en to prepare a meal or a snack, the go-to food when you need risk, they believe that the anti- self well to many types of foods. (NAPSA)- Ninety percent of Chop dried fruit into bite-it helps to have healthy foods on a nutritional pick-me-up. Al- oxidant and anti-inflammatory Lemons and limes contain limo- American adults snack daily sized pieces and place in med.hand so that you can fill up with- though they tend to be high in properties of grapes make them nene, furocoumarins and vita- and could be gaining valuable bowl; add chopped walnuts.out filling out your clothes. fat, much of the fat content is a healthy option. min C, all of which help reduce nutrition. The key is making Sprinkle in rice flour and salt, unsaturated fat that is rich in your risk of cancer. snacking choices that are not toss until combined. Sugary or fattening foods omega acids necessary for car- * Vegetables: Whether fresh “empty calories” but healthfulmay be popular snacks, but diovascular and neurological or frozen, vegetables are a * Cranberry juice: In addition options, providing important vi- Spray a 1/4 cup measureconsuming too many of these health. Nuts can be sprinkled on must-have staple. Vegetables to being an antioxidant, 100% tamins and minerals. with nonstick spray before add-items can cause health im- salads or served with cheeses are ripe with vitamins and miner- cranberry juice helps fight blad- ing agave nectar so it slides outplications, including weight to make meals more satisfying. als, and pack a lot of punch with der infections by preventing Walnuts are a natural defender easily, pour into mixture.gain, that could last for years. very low calories and fat. People harmful bacteria from growing. of the human body, and researchAlthough health experts tout * Beans and legumes: These need not worry about filling up The juice can be consumed funded by the California Walnut Add mashed tofu and mix allcertain “super foods” that are foods are high in protein as on vegetables, and they’re one on its own or diluted to add a Commission suggests that they until thoroughly combined.essential for the body, there well as fiber, generally in a low- of the snacks that can be eaten splash of flavor to water. may promote heart health andare run-of-the-mill foods that calorie package. Beans and le- in abundance without worry of help protect against cognitive Spread mixture into preparedare far less glamorous but pack gumes can replace meats as a racking up a lot of calories. Aim * Figs: Many people under- decline and some types of can- pan; bake in center of oven for 30their own healthy punch and are protein source in many meals to have half of your plate filled estimate the nutritional value cer. Walnuts are an excellent - 40 mins or until brown aroundmuch more readily available. when the goal is to reduce ca- with vegetables at every meal, of figs. Figs can be eaten fresh way to keep your body fueled. edges; top will be dry to touch. loric and fat intake. Beans can which will keep you full. off of the tree. Think about add- Though cancer may strike be used to thicken sauces or ing mashed figs to batters for Here’s a recipe which in- Cool pan for about 20 minseven the healthiest of persons, make foods more hearty, help- * Tomatoes: Tomatoes are healthier breads or even des- cludes dried fruits and walnuts, before cutting into a dozen smallthere are ways men, women ing to stretch them further. widely beloved, and perhaps serts. A good source of potas- making a good-for-you snack. bars. Transfer bars to coolingand even children can reduce that love affair stems from the sium and fiber, figs also contain rack for about an hour. (They willtheir risk. One such way is to Beans boast numerous tomato’s role in fighting can- vitamin B6, which produces Chewy Blueberry become chewy while “airing out”).consume certain foods that healthy attributes, and their po- cer. Though the reasons are mood-boosting serotonin, low- Walnut Snack Barsresearchers feel can reduce tential to reduce cancer risk is unknown, tomatoes have been ering cholesterol and prevent- 1 cup dried blueberries Store bars in cookie tin atcancer risk. Though precisely one. Beans contain many phyto- linked to lowering men’s risk ing water retention. 3 cups additional mixed dried fruit room temp. Can be stored inhow these foods fight cancer chemicals that researchers feel for prostate cancer. One such 1 1/2 cups chopped walnuts refrigerator or freezer -- enjoyremains a mystery, cancer re- protect the cells from the type of study, from researchers at the * Foods with folate: Folate is 1/4 cup rice flour them at any temperature!searchers feel they can effec- damage that can ultimately make Harvard Medical School, found a B vitamin that can reduce a 1/4 tsp salttively lower an individual’s can- a person susceptible to cancer. that men who ate 10 or more person’s risk of developing sev- 1/4 cup agave nectar (or to taste) Nutrition info per serving: Cal-cer risk when combined to form Beans also have been shown servings of tomatoes per week eral cancers, including those of 3/4 cup mashed silken tofu, ories 280; Total Fat 10g; Saturat-a healthy diet. When making to decelerate tumor growth and reduced their risk of develop- the colon, rectum and breast. soft or firm. ed Fat 1 g; Mono Fat 1 g; Poly Fatyour next shopping list, be sure prevent tumors from releasing ing aggressive prostate tumors Those who are fond of a healthy Preheat oven to 350 deg. F 7 g; Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodiumto add these items. potentially harmful substances by nearly 50%. Later research breakfast to begin their day may (or 325 deg. F for a glass pan). 110 mg; Carbohydrates 43 g; Fi- that can damage nearby cells. found that processed tomatoes, already be getting healthy dos- Lightly spray 8 inch square pan ber 6 g; Protein 4g. * Rice: Starchy rice is a ver- such as those found in tomato es of folate, which can be found with nonstick spray and linesatile food that can accompany * Canned or dried fruits: Fruits paste and tomato sauce, were in eggs, fortified breakfast cere- with parchment paper. Recipe courtesy of Molliemany meals. Whether served as that are packed in natural fruit even more effective at reducing als, orange juice, and strawber- Katzen, California Walnut Com-a side dish or on its own or with juices are just as healthy as fresh cancer risk than fresh tomatoes. ries, among other foods. If toast mission. For more great recipessome broth in a soup, rice can produce. However, they can be Tomatoes have also been linked is your breakfast of choice, opt and health tips, visit www.wal-help satisfy hunger and keep the stored for longer periods of time to lowering a person’s risk for for whole wheat toast, as whole feeling full. Brown rice without spoiling. Many people lung and stomach cancers. wheat products are a goodis a healthier option than pro- do not consume the recom- source of folate.cessed white rice. Rice is also mended servings of fruit, and Colorful fruits and vegetable-gentle on the stomach for people having canned or individually scontain more cancer-fighting * Water: Water may notwho need to consume bland di- packaged fruit cups available nutrients than those that aren’t qualify as a food, but it mayets due to any gastrointestinal makes it easy to include fruit as flashy.Consuming such fruits protect people from bladderailments. Another advantage is in your diet. Fruits are full of re- and vegetables also helps men cancer. Potential cancer-caus-that it stores well and will not go quired vitamins and are a natural and women maintain a healthy ing agents in the bladder arebad, so you can stock up. fiber source to keep digestion in body weight, an important ben- diluted when drinking water. In check. Dried fruits can be added efit when considering overweight addition, the more water you * Low-fat yogurt: Yogurt can to nuts to make a healthy trail and obesity increases a person’s drink the more frequently you’rebe enjoyed as a snack any time mix. Raisins, for example, are a risk for multiple cancers. likely to urinate, which meansof the day. Rich in calcium and great source of iron, which helps cancer-causing agents havehealthy probiotics, yogurt can the blood transport oxygen. * Lean protein sources: Fish, less time to come into contacteven replace certain ingredients poultry and lean cuts of meat with the lining of your recipes, including creams * Grapes: Studies have are often the basis for meals.and sour cream. As a dessert, shown that resveratrol, a key in- They can be kept and enjoyed Many foods can help individu-yogurt is a better option than gredient in grapes, may prevent in moderation. Rich cuts of pork als in the fight against cancer.more fattening puddings or the type of damage that triggers and beef may be flavorful but Though one food alone may not beice cream. Thicker varieties of the production of cancerous are high in saturated fats. potent enough to do the job, whenyogurt can help you feel fuller, cells. Though scientists are not several cancer-fighting foods arelonger. yet comfortable saying grapes, * Lemons or lemon juice: included in a person’s diet, the ef- Rather than seasoning foods fects may be significant. Shorter ER Wait Time ~ High Quality Care DURING A STROKE, E S CThe Time To Learn About Our VERY ECOND OUNTS NOW, HELP IS CLOSER THAN EVER Learn more about Telemedicne at

H6 Thursday, October 24, 2013 HEALTHY LIVINGHearing Tips to Get You Through the Holidays Fall Into Healthy Habits This AutumnBy Dr. Sarah Klimasewski, step towards looking at one’s things to buy, you may want the speakers. If the music still (NewsUSA)- Just as spring is explore your own backyard.Audiologist, Hart Hearing Centers hearing abilities, discussing to also include some tips on seems too loud, ask the in- a time for rebirth, autumn is also So, grab a friend and find a lo- hearing loss prevention, treat- how to use the system safely. structor to scale it back a bit. considered a transitional sea- cal park to walk, run or bike on. Although fall is in full swing, ments and communication Some devices have the abil- If this doesn’t work, a set of son. The weather turns brisk, If you’re lucky enough to livemany stores have put away the strategies. A full evaluation with ity to cause permanent dam- earplugs will help. Interest- the leaves on trees change to close to hills or mountains, au-pumpkin decorations and re- an audiologist only takes about age to our ears in less than 10 ingly, the cochlea, the organ a firestorm of color, and dark- tumn is a perfect time to go forplaced them with snowflakes an hour and can answer many minutes! Most teens will want of hearing, is more vulnerable ness settles in earlier. For many, a hike.and elves. Before we know questions! to listen loudly, just try to limit to damage from noise during it is a favorite time of year, butit, the snow will be flying and how loud and how often stereo cardiovascular exercise. Keep for others it can be a trigger to * Turn chores into a work-people will be out shopping and While out shopping, be systems are used to reduce this in mind when using an iPod falling off the health and fitness out. Raking leaves or gardeninghopefully taking the time to en- aware that even though a toy the incidence of noise induced during workouts as well! wagon. After all, how can you burns about 150 calories everyjoy the sights and sounds the is on a shelf, it may still not be hearing loss. A good set of ear- be expected to ignore pumpkin 30 minutes, so if you find thatseason has to offer. safe, at least according to the phones that block out sounds With all the fun and festivi- spice lattes? you don’t have time for exer- Sight and Sound Association. around the listener also helps ties, comes responsibility. Tak- cise, grab a rake or a hoe, and Along with the fun, however Despite what we know about keep the loudness level of the ing care of ourselves, including “Fall is a great time to start a turn seasonal tasks into a fat-is the not so appreciated phe- the dangers of sounds above iPod down. our ears and sense of hearing, fitness program because you’re burning workout.nomenon of background noise. 85 dB, many toy manufactur- ultimately is up to each of as going to create good habits forParties, family gatherings, ers continue to produce toys After all the fun and parties, individuals. For more tips on the holiday season and the up- * Drink plenty of water. With-shopping in crowded malls: all that emit dangerously LOUD many of us may be thinking of hearing conservation and com- coming winter months,” says out water, no living thing can sur-these situations may prove to sounds. The Sight and Hearing our New Year’s Resolutions munication, try our website at Justin Price, owner of Biome- vive, which means it is crucial tobe more difficult to hear in than Association publishes a list of and starting a new exercise re- Happy chanics, a personal training and maintaining optimal health. Whilesimply chatting with a friend in a the top rule breakers posted on gime in the upcoming months. Holidays! wellness coaching facility in water has a myriad of health ben-quiet house. People with even their website at www.sightand- Many group classes use ex- San Diego, Calif. efits, research has shown that ina small amount of hearing loss Check it out be- tremely loud music to help Dr. Sarah Klimasewski is a order for your body to functionmay notice the challenge of fore you make any purchases! motivate us. Ironically it may Doctor of Audiology at Hart These tips will give you ideas properly, it must continuouslylistening with competing back- It’s never too early to start pro- be damaging our ears while Hearing Centers and the Com- on how to stay healthy (and work to maintain a proper pH, orground noise. If you notice this tecting our hearing. our heart gets a workout! If munity Outreach Coordinator. maybe even avoid the pumpkin chemical balance.has become more bothersome, you are working out in a group Dr. Klimasewski educates the cheesecake) through what is ar-a hearing evaluation should be And speaking of gift buy- class, try to stay towards the community on hearing related guably one of the most pleasant * Try something new. Fall ison your “To Do” list. A baseline ing….if an iPod or other type middle of the room, away from topics. Send her your questions times of the year: the perfect time to gain newhearing evaluation is the first of mp3 player is on your list of at: [email protected] physical skills, says Price. It’s a * Head for the hills. Fall is a great time to explore an activity great time to get outside and you’ve always wanted to try. SOUTH JEFFERSON Heather A. Miller D.P.T. • Friendly Caring Atmosphere Joel H. Grimshaw D.P.T. • One On One Care • Specializing In All Sports/Orthopedic Injuries • Accept Most Insurance Including Tricare, Workers Comp. And Medicare HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:00AM TO 5:00PM SOUTH JEFF PLAZA, ADAMS, NY 13605 PHONE: 315.232.2225 ~ FAX: 315.232.2800

HEALTHY LIVING Thursday, October 24, 2013 H7Everything Starts From the Ground Up! Howard Orthotics & Pros- Some foot orthotics are made Many people with sore kneesthetics, (HOP) LLC, 316 Sher- out of firm materials that con- find that the use of a kneeman St., Watertown, is here to trol the foot, others have lay- brace allows them to continueassist you in living a pain free ers of soft foams that provide at their desired activity levellife. cushioning and shock absorp- with reduced pain. tion. The cool thing about cus- Think of your body as a tom foot orthotics is that they Bracing is also an excellenttower of wooden blocks, if one are made especially for you. solution for sore backs, shoul-block is removed the strength This means the orthotics are ders, elbows and hands. Brac-of the whole structure is com- designed to suit your particular es are non-invasive and non-promised. In the same way, an needs and molded to fit your permanent which makes themarea of weakness in your feet unique foot shape perfectly. a safe, conservative treat-or legs may result in aches and ment option for a wide varietypains throughout your body. It Recently injured or chroni- of aches and pains. Properlyall starts from the ground up. cally sore joints often need to selected and correctly fitted be supported in order to func- braces can help you to over- People with high arch feet tion. come injuries while maintain-or low arch feet are especial- ing your active susceptible to developing A very common example ofnagging injuries such as shin this is a weak ankle that contin- Mr. Howard is the only ABCsplints, knee pain, hip sore- ues to be reinjured and never dual Certified Prosthesist andness and back aches. These has a chance to fully heal. The Orthotist (CPO) available fiveinjuries develop because poor use of an ankle brace can pro- days a week in Watertown.alignment increases joint vide enough stability to allow HOP always welcomes newstress. Often this can be cor- the ankle to recover from the patients.rected with the use of custom damage and reduce risk of afoot orthotics. Custom foot repeat injury. For more information HOPorthotics change the way your can be reached by calling 315-feet interact with the ground. The knee is another joint that 786-8973 or by visiting how- often benefits from bracing.

H8 Thursday, October 24, 2013 HEALTHY LIVINGTaking a Stand Against Obesity Tips for Staying Healthy this Flu Season (NAPSI)— Across the na- risk of obesity and type 2 dia- your family eats out each week (NAPSI)— For many Ameri- people over the age of 65, as they Sanitizer with Aloe can be effec-tion, parents are taking a betes. to save on calories and money. cans, last year’s flu outbreak are at greater risk of developing tive when you are on the go.stand against obesity and the When you do eat out, pick low- serves as a reminder that it’s a severe illness from the flu.unhealthy eating habits that The sooner you start making er-calorie meals. Grilled items, good idea to get a flu shot — the • Practice Good Health Hab-have become common in our healthy changes, the better! Try salads and fruit cups are all sooner, the better. • Keep It Convenient: To make its: Getting plenty of sleep, be-homes. More and more par- some of these tips from the Net- great choices. getting a flu shot more conve- ing physically active, managingents are seeing that what they work for a Healthy California, In fact, a recent survey found nient, over 7,500 CVS/pharmacy stress, drinking adequate fluidseat has an effect on their kids’ which works to empower ev- • Make sure your family that 47 percent of Americans locations and 650 Minute-Clinic and eating nutritious foods arehealth. eryone to lead healthier, more moves every day for a healthier surveyed report that they are sites offer the shot during day- all healthy habits that can help active lives. Use these tips to life. Try a few fun activities the more likely to get a flu shot this time, evening and weekend to keep your immune system in This movement for healthy help get your family on the way family can enjoy together, such year, given last year’s outbreak. hours. No appointment is neces- top condition during flu season.change is helping to make sure to better health. as taking a walk each night af- The survey was sponsored by sary and many health plans are If you do get sick, a pharmacistour kids have a healthy future. ter dinner or dancing around the CVS/pharmacy. accepted, including Medicare can be an excellent resource onResearch shows that kids Tips to Help Take a Stand house. Part B, which typically covers the over-the-counter remedies.whose parents are overweight Against Obesity To help, here are some tips cost of a flu shot.or obese are at a higher risk for • Take a stand against obe- on how to stay healthy and • Make Sure Children Arebecoming obese themselves. • Set a healthy example. sity. Healthy eating and activity avoid the flu. • Wash Hands Frequently: Safe: Children under 5 (especial-In fact, a study in The Journal Your kids pay attention to what help reduce the risk of obesity Touching everyday items, such ly under the age of 2) are at highof Pediatrics found that four in you do more than what you say. and obesity-related diseases. • Get The Flu Shot Every Year, as door handles and other sur- risk for flu-related complications.five obese youths with an obese Show your kids that you eat and Studies published in the Annals As Early As You Can: It’s impor- faces, can be difficult to avoid. Remind school-age children ofparent will become obese enjoy vegetables at every meal of Internal Medicine show that tant to get the flu shot every year To help combat germs, wash the importance of hand washing,adults. and they are likely to follow your having a normal weight reduces because it is the most effective hands frequently (especially af- coughing into their elbows rather lead. the risk of developing type 2 di- way to prevent the spread of influ- ter coughing or sneezing) with than hands and using tissues Eating right is a great way to abetes by 60 to 70 percent. enza to others and your immunity soap and warm water for at least when they sneeze. Please note:get your family on the road to • Cut down on the amount of to the virus declines over time. The 20 seconds and avoid touching The influenza vaccine is not ap-a healthy life. And making half sugar and salt you eat. Look at You can find more tips, re- Centers for Disease Control and your mouth, eyes and nose. proved for children younger thanyour plate fruits and vegetables nutrition labels to make health- sources and healthy recipes Prevention (CDC) recommends 6 months of age.and being physically active ev- ier choices. Flavor your meals at www.CaChampionsFor- getting a flu shot as soon as vac- Alcohol-based soaps andery day can help you get there. with herbs, lemon juice or natu- and www.Face- cine is available. A high-dose hand sanitizers such as CVS/ To learn more, visit www.And it may also help lower the ral spices and seasonings in- vaccination is recommended for pharmacy Brand Instant Hand stead of salt. HealthyCalifornia. • Limit the number of timesWISE WOMAN Women’s Health Care est. 1914 Hearing AidsNanci Hawkins, M.D., FPMRS EYEWEAR Starting at $99500 Kristin Lewis, W.H.N.P CONTACT LENSES • Experienced Professionals 172 Clinton St., Watertown, NY 13601 HEARING AIDS • Free Consultation • Care Credit Financing** 315-782-6262 MEADE OPTICAL HEARING AID CENTER Individualized Gynecologic & 1000 Washington Street • Watertown, NY Well Women Care, Complete Surgical (315) 786-3937 Care Care, Incontinence Treatment Credit **Qualified Applicants COUPON Have a toothache? Exam Extractions Pano Dentures $4500 $4700 $8700 $60000 Wisdom Teeth Starting At $200.00 No insurance patients only. Expires Dec. 31, 2013 Other services: • Braces • Fillings • Crowns & Bridges • Comprehensive Care & more 315.493.6003 35761 Sayre Rd. Carthage, NY

HEALTHY LIVING Thursday, October 24, 2013 H9Exercise Caution with Herbal Remedies (WMS)- Millions of people Being a Proactive Patient Goes a Longrely on herbal remedies to treat Way in the Fight Against Breast Cancera variety of ailments or condi-tions. Although the efficacy of Herbal remedies can be safe, but only when used in an in- (BPT)- The grim reality is that reditary factors cannot be con- in the New England Journal ofherbal remedies is not often formative way and with the support of a doctor. one in eight women will be di- trolled. A woman who has a sis- Medicine compared traditionalbacked by federal monitoring agnosed with breast cancer ter, mother or daughter who had mammograms to digital mam-organizations, many users of may produce a different tasting tional medicines, a medical doc- during her lifetime. But women breast cancer - especially if can- mograms. The digital mammo-herbal products find them high- wine year after year, herbs may tor should be consulted before don’t need to sit back and wait cer was in both breasts, was pre- gram is stored in a computer,ly effective. Though these rem- not always produce the same taking medications in tandem. for breast cancer to happen. menopausal or occurred in more can be manipulated better foredies come from nature, not all potency. Complications can arise from than one first-degree relative - is visibility and clarity, has a lowerherbal medicines are harmless. the interaction between con- “Women can become proac- two or three times more likely to average radiation dosage, butThey may have side effects or * There are side effects. Natu- ventional medicines and herbal tive in their own health care to develop breast cancer. If a wom- is more costly. The findingsinteract with mainstream medi- ral doesn’t always mean safe. medications. Herbs may reduce reduce their risks where possi- an has this history, she should showed that digital mammo-cations. It is important for con- Keep in mind that illegal drugs or increase the effects of certain ble and to increase their chanc- consider genetic counseling. grams were superior to tradi-sumers to weigh the risks. like marijuana and opium come medications that can result in or- es of early detection if breast tional mammograms for three from natural sources, and those gan damage or even fatality. St. cancer strikes,” says Jacque- Women can also be proac- groups of women: those young- The World Health Organization drugs are far from completely John’s Wort, for example, which line Ross, PhD., a registered tive by taking steps to help er than 50, those with denseestimates that between 65 and safe. Even the tobacco in ciga- is used to improve mood, may nurse and senior clinical analyst prevent adverse events in the breasts (a risk factor in breast80 percent of the world’s popula- rettes is from a naturally growing reduce the effectiveness of oral in the Department of Patient diagnosis and treatment of cancer), and those who weretion rely on alternative medicine plant, and smoking is respon- contraceptives and also changes Safety, The Doctors Company. breast cancer. Some 92 per- premenopausal or who were inas their primary form of health- sible for the majority of lung can- the plasma concentrations of cent of breast cancer malprac- their first year of, while only 10 to 30 per- cer cases every year. Ginseng, omeprazole, a GERD medication. Breast cancer is second only tice cases involved a delayedcent of people use conventional ginkgo biloba and even garlic to lung cancer in causing can- or missed diagnosis, according * Work closely with your phy-medicine like the products that supplements can thin the blood * Herbal remedies may delay cer deaths among women, with to six years of data on breast sician on developing a compre-are sold over-the-counter and and make one bleed more free- doctor visits, putting men and 220,000 newly diagnosed cases cancer claims from The Doctors hensive health history. -Manyat pharmacies. The American ly. Certain vitamins in high levels women at risk. Thanks to the and 40,000 deaths each year in the Company, the nation’s leading risk factors for breast cancer areMedical Association has urged can be toxic. Kava kava, taken relative ease with which herbal United States. Fortunately, death physician-owned medical mal- known. Share any family historyits members to better educate for anxiety, can sometimes remedies can be purchased, rates from breast cancer have practice insurer. Both patients of cancer with your provider.themselves on alternative medi- cause liver damage. people may put off seeing a been declining since the 1990s and physicians have a respon-cines. In fact, almost one-third doctor when they aren’t feeling due to early detection, screening sibility to take action to prevent * Discuss with your physicianof American medical schools, in- * Herbs are not always regu- well, preferring to try an herbal and increased awareness. adverse events. Patients can be how to do a self-breast exam. Of-cluding Harvard University, Yale lated. In the United States, medication first. This could pro- proactive by communicating ten sudden changes can be dis-University, Georgetown Univer- herbs are not regulated by the long effective treatment of dis- Women can be proactive by with their physicians and then covered in-between annual exams.sity, and John’s Hopkins Uni- Food and Drug Administration. ease or put off a diagnosis of a increasing their knowledge of the adhering to their instructions. Let your physician know immedi-versity, now offer coursework in They don’t oversee the pro- more serious ailment. risks of breast cancer. The ma- The following are other steps ately if you notice any changes.alternative medicines. duction, sale and use of herbal jority of women with breast can- patients can take to help pre- products. That means that the Before taking any herbal cer have no direct family history vent adverse events: * If diagnosed with breast Perhaps because of their pop- safety and usefulness of these remedy, discuss your treatment of breast cancer. The chance of cancer, follow all your physi-ularity and relative ease of pur- remedies may not be adequate- options with your physician. Be getting breast cancer increases * Discuss with your physi- cian’s instructions for follow-upchase, herbal remedies are sur- ly documented. honest about your concerns with age. Two-thirds of women cian when and how often to get appointments and medications.rounded in misinformation. Many regarding conventional medi- diagnosed with breast cancer are screened. Screening recom-people believe that, because *Herbs and conventional medi- cines and try to find a solution ages 50 and older. Some other mendations vary. The American “While women can do noth-herbs are not chemical drugs, cines are not always compatible. that leads to a successful out- risk factors related to breast can- Cancer Society and the Susan ing about the strongest risk fac-this makes them completely While herbal treatment can be come. cer include radiation exposure, G. Komen Foundation recom- tor for breast cancer - age - theresafe. Yet, some herbal remedies used in combination with tradi- never having been pregnant, mend that women over 40 get is still a lot they can do to lessendo have adverse effects, as do having the first child after the age annual mammograms, whereas other risks and increase theirvitamin and mineral supple- of 35, beginning menopause af- the U.S. Preventative Task Force chances of successful treatmentments. In order to be treated by ter 55, never having breast fed, recommends screening mam- if diagnosed,” says Ross. “Theyboth alternative and convention- obesity, drinking more than one mograms should begin at 50 and can know the risk factors, getal medicines, individuals need to alcoholic beverage a day and younger patients should discuss screened, be in touch with theireducate themselves about the having dense breast tissue, with their physicians when to ini- bodies, make healthy lifestyletruths and myths surrounding which can mask the presence of tiate screening mammography. choices, communicate clearlyherbal products. a cancerous tumor. with their physicians, and follow * Discuss with your physician their doctor’s instructions.” * Herbal compounds vary in As with any risk factor, some whether to get a digital or tra-strength. While many conven- of these can be controlled, but ditional mammogram. A study For more patient safety ar-tional medicines are carefully many cannot. For example, he- ticles and practice tips, visitproduced and tested to ensure potency, someherbal remedies are not. Thestrength of one herbal productmay not be consistent from pillto pill or between brands. It canbe difficult to maintain consis-tency with products that comefrom nature. Just as grapes

H10 Thursday, October 24, 2013 HEALTHY LIVING NORTHERN WHEN INDEPENDENCE ORTHOPEDIC IS YOUR GOAL! LABORATORY, INC. If sitting and standing is a challenge,Donald W. Holmes, CPO a little lift goes a long way. William F. Collins, CO FEATURING:Prosthetics and Orthotics Serving Ft. Drum 10th Mountain Division • Full power lift and recline. and North Country Community • Available in mini-petite, petite, regular, wide and tall. Facility Accredited by Different sizes to fit almost everyone. THE AMERICAN BOARD FOR CERTIFICATION IN ORTHOTICS, PROSTHETICS AND PEDORTHICS, INC. • Simple hand-held control for push-button operation.Upper & Lower Extremity, Microprocessor Knees, LifHt eMaevcyhDauntiysm 499$ 00Microprocessor Proprio Foot/Ankle, MyoelecticUpper Extremity, iWalk Foot/Ankle Starting at PRESENT THIS AD FOOT ARSENAL STREET BRIDGE • WATERTOWN • 788-6790Including Spinal, Upper & Lower Extremity, Foot Orthotics WATERTOWN Assisted Living Facility 1012 Washington Street, Watertown, NY 21957 Cole Road, Carthage NY 13619 (315)782-9079 315-519-1246 For Information and Tours POTSDAMClarkson Hall, 59 Main Street, Suite 300, Potsdam, NY Enhancing the quality of life in later years is what assisted living is all about, and we at Meadowbrook Terrace strive to set the highest standards. Our goal is (315)265-1673 to provide our residents with the necessary support services to enable them to maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle. OGDENSBURG 500 State Street, Ogdensburg, NY If you, or someone in your family, is interested in assisted living, please call us for a tour. Families worry about aging parents who live alone. There are many (315)393-4502 seniors that don’t need the expense and limitations of full-time nursing home care. Meadowbrook Terrace offers the perfect alternative. Our staff will help identify available options and discuss financial considerations. For information, or to arrange a tour, please call (315) 519-1246.

HEALTHY LIVING Thursday, October 24, 2013 H11How to Lose a Sweet Tooth (BPT)- Most of us have been actual feelings of thirst set in, tion choice either moves you volved in found added sugars stantial portion of your diet,” even find ourselves fully satis-there at some point. You some- they’re often mistaken for hun- toward health or away from in everything from gravy mix to Bielawski notes. “While it may fied with the silky sweetness ofhow find yourself barefoot in ger. “Naturally, as we reach for it. In my experience as a dieti- canned mushroom soup, and I sound extreme, going cold- roasted beets or the vivid tasteyour kitchen at midnight, eating the nearest cupcake in an in- tian, most foods plastered with am confident that those specific turkey on sugar can go a long of fresh summer raspberries,ice cream out of the container. advertent attempt to resolve flashy labeling and elephant- foods don’t taste overtly sweet way in turning down those taste no longer needing the taste of aAlternatively, the mid-afternoon physiological thirst, our ‘crav- sized font proclaiming their to the average American,” says buds to their natural subtlety.” diet soda, which is a very goodenergy slump has landed you ings’ will not be satiated,” says healthy qualities are anything Bielawski. Bielawski adds that we might problem to front of the vending machine Samantha Bielawski, registered but.” She says processed foodspining for a package of candy. dietician and personal trainer at that are unrecognizable in na- Experts agree that our sweetMaybe the kids didn’t exactly Life Time Fitness. ture are typically high in carbo- sensors require much morehave to twist your arm to make hydrate and grossly lacking in sugar now than they ever havebrownies last weekend. And, by Optimizing protein intake can hunger-busting protein and fat. before to actually promote thethe way, is that whole sleeve of also help stabilize blood sugar Processed carbohydrates like sensation of “sweet.” The an-cookies really gone? spikes and crashes, which these give a temporary high, swer, however, isn’t simply cause an energy level roller possibly fueling sugar addic- transitioning to chemically for- How is it that, despite our coaster and an endless cycle tion, but what goes up must tified sugar free alternatives tomost valiant efforts, a sugar of cravings for sugar and car- come down. Healthier options enjoy at liberty.craving can effortlessly throw bohydrates throughout the day. include a handful of cashews,a healthy way of life off track? “A lot of my clients are shocked hard-boiled eggs or Greek yo- “While an artifically-sweet-And how do we combat these to learn their true protein needs gurt topped with grain-free ened dessert is OK as an oc-cravings in an effort to eat bet- and are pleasantly surprised granola. “The bottom line is casional treat, any dessertter? when they are liberated from man-made food rarely provides food - whatever the sweet- the urge to eat every two to nourishment. We should all try ener - shouldn’t take up a sub- Get a handle on the basics. three hours,” says Bielawski. to stick with unprocessed, nat- Hydration, protein intake and ural foods whenever possible,” Some Fats Can Be Beneficial to Your Healthmovement all play an important Bielawski says movement says Bielawski.role in sugar cravings. In fact, and exercise can also impact (WMS)- Unsaturated fats, According to the Harvard’s estimated that 75 percent your sweet tooth. “Not only Arm yourself with adequate which include polyunsaturated School of Public Health, both Though saturated fats canof Americans are chronically will a walk distract you from sleep. and monounsaturated fats, can polyunsaturated and mono-dehydrated. “Lack of hydra- the nearby vending machine improve your cholesterol levels unsaturated fats help reduce be part of a healthy diet, it’stion is a real problem, because fare, but you’ll also enjoy the Research shows when and promote a healthier heart. “bad” cholesterol, also known best to make sure consump-our bodies are primarily water,” non-sugar-induced-serotonin healthy adults are sleep-de- as low-density lipoprotein, or tion of saturated fats is mini-says Cindi Lockhart, senior pro- boost. Add some sun exposure prived they tend to crave car- Polyunsaturated fats can LDL, while increasing high- mal.gram manager for Health and - especially during the midday bohydrates and can develop be found in various foods, in- density lipoprotein, or HDL, aNutrition at Life Time Fitness. slump, and you’ll feel naturally disruption to normal blood cluding fish and walnuts. protective cholesterol often re- Sources of saturated fat in- Adequate hydration is essen- invigorated.” sugar regulation. “This means ferred to as “good” cholesterol. clude meat, poultry with skintial for energy, nutrient absorp- your body is even more apt to Monounsaturated fats can still attached and whole-milktion and improved digestion, Ditch healthy labels. add that sugary intake direct- also be used to make recipes LDL can build up in the dairy products.maintaining body temperature, Recently, there’s been an in- ly to your midsection,” says healthier. For example, when a bloodstream and form plaquedetoxification, easing joint pain, crease in the amount of healthy Bielawski. recipe calls for butter, consider that lines the walls of the arter- When eating meat, look foroptimal mental function, young- labels gracing products in gro- substituting that butter with a ies, which can decrease blood lean cuts with no visible appearance and weight con- cery store aisles. Even still, Retrain your taste buds. monounsaturated fat such as flow to the heart and increase When preparing poultry, peeltrol. Furthermore, by the time Bielawski says it’s important “One of the Life Time Weight olive oil or a polyunsaturated a person’s risk of heart dis- the skin off. And when enjoy- to choose wisely. “Every nutri- Loss Support Groups I am in- fat such as sunflower oil. ing dairy products, choose low-fat or nonfat products.Beat the Odds Before They Beat You. Lifestyle SolutionsAre You at Risk for Type II Diabetes? For most Americans, the deficit) intervene. including the Fort Drum 10th Many individuals pay close at- Health (NIH) conducted the Dia- 5’6 167 ability to move from place to * Prosthetics is the discipline Mountain Division. Our facility istention to what is going on in the betes Prevention Program trial. 5’7 172 place and to will our bodies to fully accredited and our practi-media. On a recent late night tele- The clinical study showed that 5’8 177 respond as nature intended is focused on the design and fab- tioners are program, Tom Hanks talk- a lifestyle change intervention 5’9 182 a given. Our personal mobil- rication of replacement limbs ored about being-diagnosed with yielding modest weight loss (5 5’10 188 ity and physical interaction with limb segments. In short ... We Restore Lives!Type II Diabetes. Some speculate to 7%) and increased physical 5’11 193 our environment are essential Donald W. Holmes, CPOthat his disease state was caused activity (up to 150 minutes per 6’0 199 to our lifestyle. * Orthotics is the specialty William F. Collins, COby fluctuations in his weight for week) can reduce the number 6’1 204 concerned with supporting, Northern Orthopedic Labo-different roles throughout his life. of cases of type 2 diabetes in 6’2 210 But not always, and not for aligning, protecting, and reliev- ratories, Inc.I am sure that before Tom Hanks adults by 58% and 71% in adults 6’3 216 everyone. Prosthetics and Or- ing pain in weakened or abnor- 1012 Washington St., Water-was diagnosed he was warned over the age of 60. The YMCA’s 6’4 221 thotics is the allied health pro- mal limbs and joints. town, his physician for his risk to de- Diabetes Prevention Program is Yes =5 No= 0 fession dedicated to restoring Clarkson Hall, 59 Main St.,veloping Type II Diabetes. It can- an affordable, high quality life- 5. Are you younger than 65 mobility and other essential For more than 33 years, Ste. 300, Potsdam, 315-265-not hurt you to review your blood style-change program directly years of age and get little or biomechanical functions when Northern Orthopedic Labora- with your local physician translated from the NIH clinical no physical activity in a typical certain unpleasantries of life tory (NOL) has been restoring 500 State St., Ogdensburg,and see if you are at risk. There trial and study. It is part of the day? Yes = 5 No= 0 (disease, trauma, neurological mobility and function for peo- a structured evidence based Centers for Disease Control and 6. Are you between 45 and 64 ple with physical challengesprogram at the Watertown Fam- Prevention’s (CDC) National Dia- years of age? Yes = 5 No = 0 throughout the North Country,ily YMCA that is available for indi- betes Prevention Program. The 7. Are you 65 years of age orviduals that are at risk for Type II Diabetes Prevention Program is older? Yes = 5 No =0Diabetes or who have been diag- nationally supported by, the Dia- If you scored a 9 or higher,nosed with Pre-Diabetes. betes Prevention and Control Al- then you may be at risk for dia- liance (DPCA) and the CDC. betes or pre-diabetes, and may The YMCA’s Diabetes Preven- qualify for the program. You cantion Program helps overweight Take the Test - Know Your also contact your physician to runadults at risk for type 2 diabetes Score! Find out if you are at risk blood work to assess your risk.reduce their risk for developing the for developing Type II Diabetes. Pre-Diabetes Blood valuesdisease by taking steps that will may look like this:improve their overall health and 1. Are you a woman who had A1c 5.7% - 6.4%well-being. The evidence-based a baby weighing more than 9 Fasting Glucoseprogram provides a supportive en- pounds at birth? Yes = 1 No = 0 100 -125 mg/dlvironment where participants work The Watertown Family YMCAtogether in a small group, facili- 2. Do you have a parent with has been teaching the YMCA Di-tated by a trained YMCA Lifestyle diabetes? Yes = 1 No = 0 abetes Prevention for almost fourCoach, to achieve the program years and has had great successgoals of reducing individual weight 3. Do you have a brother or sis- helping individuals decreaseby 7% and building up to 150 min- ter with diabetes? Yes = 1 No = 0 their risk for developing Type IIutes of moderate (the equivalent of Diabetes. If you need further in-brisk walking) physical activity per 4. Find your height on the formation regarding the YMCAweek. The program is delivered chart. Do you weigh as much as Diabetes Prevention Programover a 12-month period, with 16 or more than the weight listed please contact Michelle Grahamweekly sessions followed by 8 for your height? or Steve Rowell at the Downtownmonthly sessions. It is classroom YMCA 315-782-3100.based and offered at the YMCA to At Risk Weight Chart Article written By: Michelle L.participants, who meet qualifica- Height Weight Graham, MS, Senior Director oftion criteria putting them at risk for 4’10 129 Health and Wellness, Watertowndeveloping Type II Diabetes. 4’11 133 Family YMCA. 5’0 138 The National Institutes of 5’1 143 5’2 147 5’3 152 5’4 157 5’5 162 • Professional eye exams • Expert advice • Valuable savings on top-brand frames, lenses, contact lenses & eye care essentials Dr. C.F. Metzler Jr., O.D. Dr. Justin Pecori, O.D. Independent Doctors of Optometry 25737 US Rte 11, Evans Mills • 629-4312 (Access from Fort Drum on Rt. 11) 20823 State Rt. 3., Watertown • 788-1570

H12 Thursday, October 24, 2013 HEALTHY LIVING The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is helping reduce the burden of chronic disease in communities across the nation. The program helps those at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles by eating healthier, increasing physical activity and losing a modest amount of weight in order to reduce their chances of developing the disease. The program provides a supportive environment where participants work together in a small group led by a trained Lifestyle Coach in a classroom setting. It is delivered over a 12-month period, beginning with 16 weekly sessions followed by monthly maintenance. Research by the National Institutes of Health has proven that programs like the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program can reduce the number of cases of type 2 diabetes by 58%. The reduction was even greater, 71%, among adults aged 60 or older. The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-led National Diabetes Prevention Program and is nationally supported by the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance.

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