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Bespoke modular solution_Web Version

Published by xavier, 2019-04-23 03:03:46

Description: Bespoke modular solution_Web Version


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bespoke mboedspuolakresmoluotdiounlasr solutions

our m team desi gned, dedvesl oi gpneedd, ,adnedvpelroopueddl y, and p r o u d l y made in Singmaapdoerein Singapore 02

bespoke sboelustpioknes sdoelvuetliopnesddteovebleopheigdhtloy be highly modular amndodfulelxairbalentdoflmexeiebtlethtoe mheeaelthtchaereh,ealthcare, laboratorylaabnodrattroarnysapnordtatrtaionnspnoeretdastion needs

modulex bedside crockery modular fit out M.A.G.S series series series series series



Precision & Quality


essential needs for our workflow ......


Modular ShelvinMgodular Shelving MODMUOLADRULAR SHELVSHINEGLVSINYSGTESMYSTEM I S O s t o r aI SgOe s t o r a g e Rigid AluminiuRmigisdtrAuclutmurienium structure Customise dimCeunstsoiomnise dimensions ISO standardIbSOin/sdtaranwdaerd bin/drawer Ergonomic coEnrgsiodneoramtiocncsonsiderations 1227 1827 18

BS-12 BS-12 BS-04 BS-04 BS-15 CT-10 CT-10 CT-10 CT-10 CT-01 CT-01 BS-10 BS-10 BS-02s BS-02s BS-01 SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES / MODELSFEATURES / MODELS BS-01 BS-02s BS-B0S4-01 BS-B1S0-02s BS-B1S2-04 BS-B1S4-10 BS-B1S5-12 BS-XBXS*-14 CT-B1S0-15 CTB-0S1-XX* CT-C04T-10 CT-01 Intergrated with OvInetrebregdraTteadblewith Overbedŏ Table ŏ ŏ ŏŏ ŏ√ √ ŏ ŏ 2 Tier Design 2 Tier Design ŏŏ ŏ ŏŏ ŏ √ŏ ŏ √ ŏ Terrace Worktop foTreWrraacteerWJuogrktop for Water Jug ŏ ŏ ŏ√ ŏ√ Food Menu CompaFortomdeMnte(nRueaCro) mpartmenŏt (Rear)ŏ ŏ ŏŏ ŏ ŏŏ ŏ √ŏ √ Pullout WorksurfacPeullout Worksurface ŏ ʊ ŏ ʊʊ ʊ ʊ ŏʊ √ ŏ√ Electronic Keyless LEoleccktwrointhicBKaecyklleitss Lock wʊith Backʊlit ŏʊ ŏʊ ŏŏ ŏ ŏŏ √ ŏ√ Combination KeyleCssoLmobciknation Keyless Locŏk ŏ √√ Keylock Keylock ŏŏ √√ Soft Closing DraweSroMfteCclhoasinsgiuDmrawer Mecŏhansiumŏ ŏ ŏ ŏ ŏ ŏ ŏ ŏ ŏ ŏ ŏ √ ŏ ŏ √ Swing door with DuSawl iOngpednoionrgwith Dual Opening ŏ ŏ ŏŏ ʊŏ ŏŏ √ʊ ŏ √ Removable FootweRaermToravyable Footwear Traŏy ŏ ŏŏ ʊŏ ʊŏ ŏʊ ŏʊ √ŏ ŏ √ Clothes Hanger Clothes Hanger ŏ √ŏ √ Motion Sensor LighMtinogtion Sensor Lighting ŏ ʊ ʊŏ ʊʊ √ʊ ʊ √ USB Charging OutleUtSB Charging Outlet ʊ ŏ ʊʊ ʊŏ ʊʊ √ʊ ʊ √ Aluminium StructureAluminium Structure √ ŏ ŏ√ ŏŏ Anti-microbial MoistuArnetRi-mesicistreonbtiaWl Moroktisotupre Resistent Worktop √ ŏ ŏ√ ŏŏ Storage Holder Storage Holder √ ʊ ŏ√ ʊʊ Vanity Set Vanity Set √ʊ √ ʊʊ ŏ6WDQGDUGIHDWXUHʊŏ$6WYDDQLOGDDEUOGHIDHVDRWXSUWHLRQʊ$* YBDSL-ODXEXOH: CDuVsRtoSmWLRisQedmod* eBlSs-uXbXje: cCtutsotoMmOisQed model subject to MOQ 13

BS-14 BS-14


Features at a glance USB charging outlet (optional) seamless workmanship moisture resistant material food menu compartment (optional) motion sensor lighting (optional) retractable hook (optional) electronic keyless lock with backlit (optional) pullout worksurface ultra low castors removable red locking lever footwear tray 16




Bedhead Panel Features Whiteboard with paper message holder Electrical channel with nurse call cutout Gas channel with sealant bezel Intergrated medical rail Patient Information Board (PIB) Tablet PC PIB Enclosed magnetic PIB with tags Slip-in printout PIB Site Installations 20

modular fit-out **Laminated Gas Valve. eg 02 Aluminium Aluminium Accent Strips & Vac (by others) Channel 1 Channel 2 *1200mm to 2000mm *400mm **Laminated Light Switch Data Point Medical 2 Gang Socket Accent Strips (by others) (by others) Rail Outlet (by others) Patient Information Board or **Laminated Gas Valve. eg 02 Aluminium Aluminium Magnetic Writing Board (optional) Accent Strips & Vac (by others) Channel 1 Channel 2 *1600mm to 2100mm *400mm **Laminated Panel (optional) Medical Rail Light Switch Nurse Call **Laminated Accent Strips Fan Regulator (by others) (by others) (by others) 2 Gang Socket Nurse Call Analogue Light Switch (by others) Outlet (by others) & Housekeeping (by others) Data Point (by others) Patient Information Board **Laminated Aluminium Aluminium Gas Valve. eg 02 & Bed Number (optional) Accent Strips Channel 1 Channel 2 & Vac (by others) *1600mm to 2400mm *400mm Magnetic Writing Board (optional) 2 Gang Socket Outlet (by others) **Laminated Panel (optional) Medical Rail 2 Gang Socket **Laminated Panel Fan Regulator (by others) Outlet (by others) (optional) Light Switch (by others) **Laminated Data Point (by others) Accent Strips Nurse Call Nurse Call Analogue (by others) & Housekeeping (by others) * Panels are all variable in length, customise to all specific requirements ** Laminate to match ID finish 21



Features at a glance USB charging outlet (optional) seamless workmanship moisture resistant material food menu compartment (opt motion sensor lighting (optional) retractable hook (optional) electronic keyless lock with backlit (optional) pullout worksurface ultra low castors removable red locking lever footwear tray 24


ar ShelvinMgodular Shelving CT-10 ODMUOLADRULAR SPECIF ELVSHINEGLVSINYSGTESMYSTEM FEATU Interg s t o r aI SgOe s t o r a g e 2 Tier Terra AluminiuRmigisdtruAclutumreinium structure Food mise dimCeunstsoiomnsise dimensions Pullo andard IbSOin/sdtaranwdearrd bin/drawer Elect omic coEnrgsiodneoramtiiocncs onsiderations Com Keylo 28 Soft C Swing Rem Cloth Motio USB C Alum Anti-m Stora Vani

modular shelving Mounting bracket to secure unit to rear wall BS-12 BS-12 BS-04 BS-04 BS-15 Hinges drop-down function for easy RFID access for easy identification, BS-15 storage & retrieval Moisture resistant panels 0 CT-10 CT-10 CT-01 CT-01 Optional swing door for security Click-on Clip-on Removable Dividers RFID Holder 90mm x 60mm x 20mm BS-10 BS-10 BS-02s BS-02s BS-01 BS-01 FICATIONS URES / MODELS BS-01 BS-02s BS-0B4S-01 BS-B1S0-02sBS-1B2S-04 BS-1B4S-10 BS-1B5S-12BS-XBXS*-14 CT-1B0S-15 CT-B0S1-XX*CT-0C4T-10 CT-01 CT-04 Dimensions: egdraTtaebdlewithDiOmveenrsbioe●ndsT: able ● ● ●Di●mensions: ● √ Dimensions: √ 200(h) x 400(w) x 600(d) Colour: Grey ABS r Design 100/(h) x 400(w) x 600(d) ● ●100(h) x 40●0(w)●x 6●00(d)● √ ●200(h) x●400(w) √x 600(d) Design: Tray atceer JWuogrktoDCpeofosloigruWnr::aCTrtaleeyraJruPgC Colour: Grey ABS √ CDeosloigunr::●GBareskyeAt B√S ● Design: Ba●sket ● ●● ●● denMte(RneuaCr)ompartme●nt (Rear●) ● ●● ● ●● ● √● √ ●○ out Worksurface ● ○ ● ○○ ○ ○ ●○ √ ●√ ○ twroitnhicBaKcekyliet ss Lock w○ith Back○lit ●○ ●○ ●● ● ●● √ ●√ mocbkination Keyless Loc●k ● √√ ock ● ● √√ B CchloasninsgiumDrawer Mec●hansium● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● √ ● ● √ gpednoinogr with Dual Opening ● ● ●● ○● ●● √○ ● √ mroavyable Footwear Tra●y ● ●● ○● ○● ●○ ●○ √● ● √ hes Hanger ● √● √ on Sensor Lighting ● ○ ○● ○○ √○ ○ √ Charging Outlet ○ ● ○○ ○● ○○ √○ ○ √ minium Structure √ ● ●√ ●● emsisctreonbtiaWl oMrkotiostpure Resistent Worktop √ ● ●√ ●● age Holder Standard √ ○ ●√ ○ ○ ity Set Config ○ 2-Gang √ ○ 3-G√ang ○ ● Standard feature Config Config ○●ASvtaaniladbalredafes aotputrieon ○*AvBaS-ilXaXb:leCausstoopmtiiosend mod*eBl sSu-XbXje:cCt utostMomOiQsed model subject to MOQ 13 13 29

RFID modular shelving for easy identification, Mounting bracket storage & to secure unit retrieval to rear wall Hinges drop-down function for easy access Moisture resistant panels Optional swing door for security Click-on Clip-on Removable Dividers RFID Holder 90mm x 60mm x 20mm Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: 100/(h) x 400(w) x 600(d) 100(h) x 400(w) x 600(d) 200(h) x 400(w) x 600(d) 200(h) x 400(w) x 600(d) Colour: Clear PC Colour: Grey ABS Colour: Grey ABS Colour: Grey ABS Design: Tray Design: Basket Design: Basket Design: Tray Standard 2-Gang 3-Gang Config Config Config 29



M.A.G.S Collection

PPE Dispenser m.a.g.s. Product Line WD-15 WD-16 WD-14 WD-04 WD-13 WD-22 WD-21 WD-06 WD-10 WD-19 WD-20 33

HEALTHCARE INNOVATION SYSTMZ HEALTHCARE Modulex Series SYSTMZ HEALTHCARE Modular Fit-out SYSTMZ HEALTHCARE Patient Experience HEALTHCARE PRODUCT REPRESENTATIONS FranceHopital Ward Trolleys FranceHopital Emergency Carts HEALTHCARE PRODUCT REPRESENTATIONS H+H Shelving System Silentia SYSTMZ MediPower H+H Dividing System HEALTHCARE PRODUCT REPRESENTATIONS Topro Walker Topro Taurus Capsa Healthcare TTOAPURROUS COMPUTING WORKSTATIONS Medication Carts Mobile Computing Wall Arms TTORPORJOA Walker TTORPORJOA Walker LABORATORY FURNITURE Modular lab series Modular Lab Series Healthcare|Laboratory|Transportation OUR PARTNERS 34

our headquarters Modularity Integration Customisation 35

CN10 - Casenote Workstation CN16 - Casenote Workstation Overall Dimension: Overall Dimensions: 480W x 580D x 700 ~1040H (mm) 630W x 600D x 1000H (mm) Custom Features: Custom Features: Storage for 6 Casenote Folders 2\" thick Storage for 16 Casenote Folders 2\" thick Integrated folder dividers Integrated folder dividers Integrated push handles Integrated push handles Dual swing out extended worktop Tambour door with lock Height adjustable Tambour door Power Supply & Cable Management: Eubiq Power Track Power Supply & Cable Management: Eubiq Power Track Material: Aluminium chassis Material: Phenolic worktop, cabinet, and pull-out extension Aluminium chassis Plastic worktop, cabinet, and swing-out extension Castors: 125mm hospital grade Castors: Non-marking 100mm hospital grade Front swivel & brake lock Non-marking Rear swivel lock Front swivel & brake lock Rear swivel lock Accessory: Laptop holder with swivel arm Warranty: Glove holders 1 Year, optional Systmz cart care X-ray holder Hand Sanitiser holder MRI holder Mask holder Warranty: 1 Year, optional Systmz cart care 36

PB02 -PPBh0le2b-oPtholmebyoWtoomrkystWatoiorknstation PB08 -PPBh0le8b-oPtholmebyoWtoomrkystWatoiorknstation Overall DiOmveenrsaioll nD:imension: Overall DiOmveenrsaioll nD:imension: 480W x 62408D0Wx 1x00602H0D(mx m10)00H (mm) 540W x 66504D0Wx 9x606H60(Dmxm9)60H (mm) Custom FeCautsutroems: Features: Custom FeCautsutroems: Features: 2 x Alumin2iuxmAdlurmawineiurms wditrhawsoeftrscwloitshinsgoft closing 8 x Remov8axbRleemFlipovDaobwlenFBlipinDown Bin IntegratedIntpeugsrhahteadndpluessh handles 82 W x 75D82xW10x8H75(Dmxm1)0E8aHc(hmm) Each Pull-out wPourkllt-oput worktop 2 x Remov2axbRleemMovualdbeled MDroauwldeer dTraDyrawwitehr dTriaviydewristh dividers 380 W x 3308D0 Wx 9x03H30(mDmx )9U0pHp(emrm) Upper Power SupPpolwye&r CSuapbplelyM&aCnabgleemMeannt:agement: 380 W x 3308D0 Wx 1x503H30(Dmxm1)5L0oHw(emr m) Lower AC PowerACCoPiloCwoerdr Cwoitihl CPoorwdewr istthripPofowre3r dsteripvicfoers3 devices Power SupPpolwye&r CSuapbplelyM&aCnabgleemMeannt:agement: Material: Material: AC PowerACCoPiloCwoerdr Cwoitihl CPoorwdewr istthripPofowre3r dsteripvicfoers3 devices AluminiumAcluhmaisnsiiusm chassis AntimicroAbinatlimpliacsroticbial plastic Material: Material: AluminiumAcluhmaisnsiiusm chassis Castors: Castors: AntimicroAbinatlimpliacsroticbial plastic 125mm ho1s2p5imtaml ghraodspeital grade Non-markNinogn-marking Castors: Castors: Front swivFerlo&ntbsrwakiveelo&cbk rake lock 125mm ho1s2p5imtaml ghraodspeital grade Rear swiveRleloacr skwivel lock Non-markNinogn-marking Front swivFerlo&ntbsrwakiveelo&cbk rake lock $FFHVVRU\\$FFHVVRU\\ Rear swiveRlear swivel Sharp boxShaorldpebrox holder Waste binWaste bin $FFHVVRU\\$FFHVVRU\\ Printer holPdreinrter holder Flip DownFBlipinDfoorwTensBt itnubfoersTest tubes Sanitiser hSoaldneitirser holder RemovabRleemDroavwaebrleTraDyrawwitehr dTriaviydewristh dividers Barcode sBcaarcnonedrehsocladnenr er holder 7.6L Sharp7.B6oLxShoalrdpeBrox holder Printer holPdreinrter holder Warranty:Warranty: Hand SanHitiasenrdhSoaldneitirser holder 1 Year, op1tiYoenarl,Soypsttmiozncaal Srtysctamrez cart care Barcode sBcaarcnonedrehsocladnenr er holder 2 x Glove2hox lGdelorve holder Laptop SwLaivpetloaprmSwivel arm Warranty:Warranty: 1 Year, op1tiYoenarl,Soypsttmiozncaal Srtysctamrez cart care 37 37

specifsipceactsiiopfincesactifioicnastions WD-07 (Gloves/Mask WD-04 (Combi Right) WD-05 (Apron) WD-03 (Combi Left) BS10 &BCS1T100&InCteT1r0graIntteedrg-raBeteddsi-dBeeUdnsiitde Unit &7&&7DUGLD&FD7UDGELDOHF7DEOH Overall DiOmveenrsaioll nD:imension: Overall DiOmveenrsaioll nD:imension: 680W x 51608D0Wx 9x405H10(Dmxm9)40H (mm) 820W x 40802D0Wx 7x0040~0D11x007H00(m~ m11)00H (mm) Cabinet DCimabeninseiot nD:imension: WD-06 (GT8al2ob0vWlees/(ToMorpa9T8sDa02ki0b)mWlee)n(Txoosir4po09nD0:iD0mW(em)nxmsi4o)0n0:D (mm) 520W x 48502D0Wx 9x404H80(Dmxm9)4W0DH-(1m0 m(G) loves: S/M/L) Height AdHjuesitgmhet nAtd: justment: Table TopTDaibmleenTosiponD:imension: 700 ~ 110070(m0 ~m1)100 (mm) 680W x 40608D0W(mxmM4)0.0AD.(Gmm.S) Dispenser 1WO3vD0e-W0ra7xll(9DG0ilmDoLGCCvexoeuaanw2/snss4Mtitoose0iplamHneffrssvoikn:Fer)gteGLCCrohatmuaayewtsunspeitgrtoseeceiphlmefhsdftr:voianaeFerngtesdriihgasjtmumyetnsupeitgrwmecehihsetdt:hanaentssdaiigsjufmensttwymWO43ioveDt0hevn-We1rtsa4arxrllif(de1DAe3tipym5frDooeenavnxsest/6uiroSr1rianed0snHe:itfiseeartWuriepes) H70e0ig~ht1A10dH07ju0e(sm0itgm~mhet1)WOnA1tv0Dd:e0-ju0r(as3mtllm&mDe0i)mn4te(:Cnsoiomnbsi: Right/Left) Custom FeaWMtuooriersktstu:orep rlaMWemsooisiirtsnkatatunotrcepeertlaeowmsmiositrnaakattnoctcephetwionwtitmeohrraika1CottxnrocudtIpshsitmoeowinlsamicitigtterhinooFreibnaoainrGatdtuliomerewsiscing:rnobial Custom FeCautsutroems3:8F4eWatxu9re5sD: x 521H 1x Mask 2FISRWnoooTtoofeiuetrdgnkCrrtdDMaoloeetpesedsinnidLF2ISgWRneugaooonTtwdmoofeCiDuetgirdgtinkorCrnheartdDmMaaolswS3C1AoOeettpaxxpespeeuedvsinannMGsridLregtoiteugartoMorlatnionwbsdmmmCDessemvegiktrieeorcnhdeaaFWsnmhaeswtOTt(acitaapSpee(vnh/tRbaeureMitseislrroMnermte/bamtLsemeer):)ecrdaionhtTtraca(dnhRbeiseilnesmaitgern)rior design Dual toweDl uraail towel rail 1x Glove (SM/Ma/tLe)rial: Material: 3x Gloves (S/M/L) MEPloeowctietorronSnSuicepEPMnpKloesoelwoyctyrieto&lrLeroniOW1sgCSn5sSvuhDai0ceLept-Wboin0rnpKalcs5egelxolkyl(yMr9DAw&lLe5iapmiiDsgtCrnhsoheaxLnBtnbogi2snaslc/e4iegcoS0kmankHMwlsneit:ainittinhts:aeBrgaWecmikpleeitns)t: AluminiumAcluhmaisnsiiusm chassis USB ChargUiSnBgCOChuautlrsegtotinmg FOeuattluertes: MAlaumteirniaiul:mAMclauhmteairsnASiasiaiupsl:nmroitinsceshraWssipises WD-10 (GloPvhees:nSo/lMic/wPL)hoerkntolpic worktop WD-15 (N95 Mask) Phenolic WPhoerkntoolpic&WCorakbtoinpe&t Cabinet Overall 9D5imDCNexoan2nss5ti-oo0mHrnsas::rkCNinoagnst-omrsa: rking Overall Dimensions: CFNraoosnnt-tomsrswa: irvkCNFeinraloog&snnt-tobmsOW1rrswa5a:vD0kirevk-Wee0rina6loxgl&l(c9DGbk5ilmDoravexkene2ss4/ilooM0Hncasks:k) 413W x 300W x 135D x 450H Rear swiveRleloacr skCwuivsteolmlocFekatures: POuplltoiount awl:oOPrukpslltuoiorufn11atxxacwlMGe:olaroksvskuerf(aS/cMe/L) Custom FeaSUtwlutrriaveeslo:l &w bbUSrwaaltrskiaveee,lolco&wocmbkbrpwaaasiktethei,brlcoeleocdmwkleipwtvhaietthmri1CbroxeulesNsdttw9o'lG5emitveh1er8Fmie'r7b0aoetsutdr'esGse: ri' beds RemovabRleemfoovtwabealer ftoraoytwear tray 3x Mask Warranty:Warranty: 3x Gloves (SO/pMt/ioL)nal: Optional: 2x N95 1860s 1 Year, op1tiYoenarl,Soypsttmiozncaal Srtysctamrez cart care Drawer wDithravwaenritwy istehtvanity set :O66v'0eWraxll 1D)7Rim0UDHBSFetPaRenxnVCts4hXidou4oOW0nfSDsfHsacWh:LnoRoHBSiQptltPdiaesUeeRnCthrdrRuohPfSlsofdac lhednooreiptldireseehrr ohlodledrer WD-16 (Mask/Aprons) Overall Dimensions: 300W x 135D x 450H 1CxuPstaopmerFeToa1WwtuYaererelraDas:rni,sptoyep:1WntisYaoeenrrraa(brln,Sytoyyp:sttmiozncaal Srtysctamrez cC1xaurSstutocrgmairceFaelaMtuaresks: others) 1x Mask 1x Mirror Apron Aprons 2x Gloves (S/M/L) Material: Aluminium Structure, High Impact ABS Plastic *Other dimensions available upon request. 38 38 39

Laboratory l Healthcare l Transportation Singapore (HQ) V5 Systmz Pte Ltd 03/19 16 Sungei Kadut Way Singapore 728793 Tel: +65 6465 0387 Fax: +65 6465 0656 Email: [email protected] Website: 0DOD\\VLD 2IÀFH Systmz Sdn Bhd No.11, Jalan PJU 3/46, Sunway Damansara Technology Park, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Tel: +603 7803 8088 Fax: +603 7803 8211 Email: [email protected] Website:

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