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The Design Portfolio of Creative Works_Davis Andrew

Published by Andrew Davis, 2018-01-22 18:44:38

Description: The Design Portfolio of Creative Works_Davis Andrew


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BY ANDREW DAVISTABLE OF CONTENTSTHE DESIGN PORTFOLIO OF CREATIVE WORKSEl Preso Del Arbol 03 Striation, Envelope 07 Food Chain 08 Learning by Looking 11 Hudson Yards 12 Slipstream 16 King Street 2002 / 24 W ANDREW DAVIS ASD P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

01 / 04 EL PRESO DEL ARBOL School University of Florida Studio Study Abroad MexicoEL PRESO DEL ARBOL Critic Alfonso Perez Mendez Program Community Center“THE PRISONER TREE” COMMUNITY CENTER Location San Martin, Jalisco, Mexico View of Community Center and market across the water03 / 24 SYNOPSIS Lying near the Taquila Valley, San Martin is a small and rural town in Jalisco, Mexico. The W ANDREW DAVIS majority of the people there live in small, brick houses along a hill that slopes down to a large lake. Because ASD of its easily viewable location at the bottom of the hill, the lake was chosen as the project site. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

intervention produces a public plaza, extending the experience of the town further into its surroundings. The sectional qualities of the site permit a carving of the ground02 / 04 EL PRESO DEL ARBOLon which the Center rests. This carving allows for an occupant to experience the relationship between the building and its context: upon entering from the public plaza, one then descends toward one ofS I T E + P L A C E M E N Ttwo exhibition rooms that protrude over the water’s edge and provide views of the distant countryside.STUDYING THE LOCAL CONTEXT1 EL PRESO DEL ARBOL ”The Prisoner Tree” 2 EThLe PCuRltEurSalOCeDnteErLinASaRnBMOarLtin se”rTvheseaPsraisomnedeiratTorrebee”tween the 2 two landscapes of town and water. At the intersection of these, the iTnhterCveunlttuioranl pCreondtuecr eins aSapnubMliacrptilnazsae,revxetsenasdiangmtehdeiaetxoprebrieetnwceeonf the towwonlafnudrtshcearpienstooiftstosuwrnroaunnddiwngaste. r. At the intersection of these, the intervention produces a public plaza, extending the experience of the Ttohwensefucrttihoenrailnqtouaitlsitsieusrrouf ntdhiengssit.e permit a carving of the ground on which the Center rests. This carving allows for an occupant to Tehxpeesrieecntcioenathl equrealaittiieosnsohfipthbeestiwteeepnertmheit bauciladrivnignganodf tihtse cgornotuenxdt: ounpownheincthertihneg fCroemntethr erepsutsb.licTphliaszcaa, orvninegthaelnlodwesscfeonr dasntoowccaurdpaonte toof etwxpoeerixehnibceitiothneroroemlatsiothnasht ipprobtreutdweeeonverththeebwuailtdeirn’sgedangde aitnsdcpornotveidxet: vuipeownseonf ttehreindgisftraonmt cthoeunpturbyslicdep.laza, one then descends toward one of two exhibition rooms that protrude over the water’s edge and provide views of the distant countryside. 42 504 / 24 1 Photos 2 Idea generation 3 Birds’ eye view 4 Site plan sketches 5 Axonometric sketch 3 The start of the project consisted of researching and analyzing the physical context. Photography, sketches, W ANDREW DAVIS and diagramming all served as methods to understand the location better. As a result, the desired form ASD became a volume with two boxes, surrounded by artificial canopies used to house booths in a public market. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis 04

03 / 04 EL PRESO DEL ARBOLINTERIOR ENVIRONMENTUSING PRIMARY, SECONDARY, AND TERTIARY SYSTEMS Roof System Ventilated Roof Panels Exterior Facade U-Glass panels Tertiary Structure Hanging Diaphragms Secondary Structure Overhead Diaphragms Primary Structure Black Fabricated Steel Market Canopy Steel + Diaphragms 1 2 1 Interior view 2 Exploded axo05 / 24 A major goal in the project was creating a unique dialogue of structural systems. Strong, black, steel structures were the primary component, followed by secondary and tertiarty diagraphragms to hold a semi- W ANDREW DAVIS transparent panel system. The result was a layered, airy, and tree-like canopy environment. ASD P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

04 / 04 EL PRESO DEL ARBOLRELATING TO WATERWATER AS EDGE, WATER AS RESOURCE DC A B F 1 E 3 E 2 1 Exterior View Plan Legend06 / 24 2 Section through lake A Entry 3 Plan ( see legend ) B Welcome Desk C Bathroom D Service E Exhibition Room F Market The community center celebrates water in multiple forms. It houses two community rooms with vistas W ANDREW DAVIS across the lake. The building also connects to a system of water trenches within the town, which bring the ASD water in the building for cooling purposes. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

01 / 01 STRIATION, EVELOPE School Univeristy of Florida Studio Study Abroad MexicoSTRIATION, ENVELOPE Critic Alfonso Perez Mendez Program Multi-Use PavilionT H E C O N S T R U C T I O N O F A M U LT I - U S E PAV I L I O N Location N/A1 23 1 Exterior View 7 2 Exploded Parts 3 Assebmly Detail 4 Precedents 5 Panel Drawing 6 Panels Close-up 7 Plan 8 Section, Long 9 Section, Short 10 Display Wall 11 Entry View45 68 9 10 1107 / 24 SYNOPSIS The pavilion is a visual, material, and construction excercise in making. There is intentionally no 01 W01 ANDREW DAVIS proect location. Focus is placed on creating a generic object while orchestrating structural heirarchies of 01 S primary, secondary, and tertiary structural members. The sum is worth more than its parts. P 386.566.6654 A01 D E andrew.lloyd.davis

01 / 04 FOOD CHAIN School Washington University in St. Louis Studio Food H.A.U.S.FOOD CHAIN Critic Andy Metter Program Prototypical Food PantryINFRASTRUCTURAL FARMING + FOOD PANTRY Location Chicago, Illinois 1 Chicago Extents + Parks Clarendon Park 2 Conceptual Strategy Horner Park Welles Park 3 Parks of Chicaco Humboldt Park 1 chicago parks 2 Garfield Park08 / 24 Douglas Park McKinley Park Sherman Park Gage Park Washington Park Jackson Park Marquette Park 3 SYNOPSIS Chicago is a city where hunger is a detrimental reality. One in five residents do not know where W ANDREW DAVIS their next meal is coming from, and a strategy was formed to combat this. Chicago’s ring of existing urban ASD parks can be used to grow food, feed the hungry, and raise community awareness. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

02 / 04 FOOD CHAIN ClimCaltiemFaatectFoarcst&orVse&geVteagteiotnationFARMING PARK EDGES DRY BULBDRTEYMBPULB TEMP WET BULBWTEETMBPULB TEMP RELATIVERHEULMATIDIVITEYHUMIDITY WIND SPEWEDIND SPEED DIRECT NDOIRRMECATL NILOLURM.AL ILLUM. SKY COVERSKY COVERENGAGING COMMUNITY WITH LOCAL FARMS AND GARDENING = =1 Washington Park == == == == == 2 Growing List 3 Farming AcreageVery warmVesruymwmaremrssaunmdmanedrs and and Similar treSnidmsiltaor tDreryndBsultbo TDermy -Bulb TemE-xperiencEexspveerrieynhcigehs vheurmy ihdiigtyh humidWityindy thrWouignhdoyutht rtohuegyheoaur,tmthieldyear, mildNo surprisNeohseurerp. riLsoewheilrluem. iLnoaw- illumina-High cloudHicgohvcelrotuhdrocuogvherwtihnrtoeur gh winter very cold vweinrytecrosl.dAwpinltaecres.thAatplace thatperature, palethraotugreh, satlethaoduilgyhabstoeuatdily abothurtoughoutht rtohuegyheoaurtdtuhreinygear during winds in mwoinrndisnginamndorenvinegnianngds,evenings,tion in motrinoinnginsmanodrneinvgesnianngds,evenings, and springa,nudssuparlliyngc,leuasruear lslykcielesarer skies experiencexspoenrileyntcweossoenalysotwnso. seasons.-10º F coo-1le0rºthFacnoDolreyrBthualbn Dry Bulb morning amndorenvinegnianngdheovuersn,ing hours, and high waninddhsigdhurwinigndmsidudrainyg. mid day. and high iallunmd ihniagthioinllutmhoinuagthioonuthoughoutduring sumdumrienrgasnudmamuteurmand. autumn. Temp. Temp. peaking inpAeauktuinmgnin. AMuotudmerna.teModerate mid-day. mid-day. humidity dhuurminigdiatyftedrunroinognas.fternoons. Cool Season VegetablesCOOL SEACSOOONL VSEEGAESTOANBLVESGE- T(pAlBanLtEaSft-er(pglaronutdafbteergginrsoutod wbeagrmin)s to warm) Warm Season VegetablesWARM SEWASAORNM VSEEGAESTOANBLVESGE- T(pAlBanLtEaSft-er(pMlaanyt 1a5ft)er May 15) 2 . .food Hf.oAo.Ud.SH..A/ .UUr.bSa. n/ UFarbrman Fahrumnger aihdu-nugrebraanids-eruvricbeasn .sevrevritciceasl .stvuedritoicaSlPst1u0di.opSroPfe1s0so. rpAronfdersesworMAentdtererw Metter climcaltiemate green 87 acres grow acres5 19 acres 44 acres 55 acres 25 acres acres5 101 acres 19 acres 123 acres 197 acres Washington N + ++ + ++ ++ ++ + 682 Park acres 5= acres1 El Line 309 / 24 0’ 1000’ W ANDREW DAVIS ASD Each park is analyzed for its available square footage, and then seperated into green space and farming P 386.566.6654 space. Green space remains as open, broad areas. Farm space is filled with growing herbs, vegetables, and E andrew.lloyd.davis fruits. Farm space is along the park’s perimeter to maximize visability and maximize open park area.

03 / 04 FOOD CHAINFORMING A FARM HUBDESIGN THINKING A FOOD PANTRY’S VOLUME / 2 3 1 1 Park and Site Area 2 Public vs Private program 45 W ANDREW DAVIS 3 Creating a Visual Axis ASD 4 Framing Entries with LIfting A food pantry is designed adjacent to each park to serve as a hub for food and farming education, a P 386.566.6654 5 Pulling in Farm Garden from Park restaraunt, a social needs kitchen, and a homeless shelter. Private and public components are separated E andrew.lloyd.davis to form a central courtyard with a framed view to the adjacent park. @gmail.com10 / 24

04 / 04 FOOD CHAINF R A M I N G F O O D + C U LT U R ECREATING SPACES FOR SERVICE AND LEARNING 1 Exploded Axonometric Single Resident 2 Farmer’s Market Occupancy Units 3 Gardening Area Auditorium 1 Food PantryPerforated Metal Planting RowsSkin Kitchen Storage 2 Volunteering Offices Community Room Dining ( 2nd Floor ) Steel Frame 3 W ANDREW DAVIS Structure ASD The result is a food pantry that is more than just a pantry. Instead, it is a place where the community can P 386.566.6654 Service Cores interface with the hunger problem. Farmer’s markets and gardening workshops create a place for the public E andrew.lloyd.davis to purchase goods, while their money contributes to fighting the hunger problem. @gmail.com11 / 24

01 / 01 LEARNING BY LOOKING School Daytona State College Studio Drawing ILEARNING BY LOOKING Critic Susan Myers Location Daytona Beach, FloridaSTUDYING THE FORMS OF EVERYDAY THINGS 1 2 1 Cow Skull ( Pencil Medium ) 3 2 Tonal Study ( Pencil Medium )12 / 24 3 Faces ( Pen / Pencil Mediums ) SYNOPSIS Drawing is primarily an act of observing with the eye before it is moving a pencil with the hand. W ANDREW DAVIS To learn about something, I find it best to draw it, diagram it, or use a combination of the two.. These studies ASD are included to demonstrate the form, shape, tone, and texture of everyday things. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

01 / 03 HUDSON YARDS School University of Florida Studio New York StudioHUDSON YARDS Critic Donna Cohen Program Mixed-Use MasterplanA MASTERPLAN OF URBAN SEDIMENT Location New York City, New York 1 Sketch Studies 2 Idea Generation 3 Section, Museum 4 Section, Residential 3 1 2 W ANDREW DAVIS 4 ASD13 / 24 P 386.566.6654 SYNOPSIS The Hudson Yards is a superblock on the west side of New York City near Midtown. It has been E andrew.lloyd.davis commonly known for its congregation of subway trains, but the installment of the Highline has the area asking for a serious redevelopment. In partnership with Danielle Duryeah.

02 / 03 HUDSON YARDSBEWTEEN THE TOWERSGOING HIGH TO CREATE PUBLIC PLAZAS 1 2 34 1 West Plaza 2 Process Model The main gesture of the masterplan is a weaving public plaza through the middle of the two blocks. Vertical 3 View from West density is pushed to the sites perimeter to maximize public space on the ground’s surface. Mixed with low 4 View from SE crawling volumes and high towers, the two scales create a diverse experience for the public’s exploration.14 / 24 W ANDREW DAVIS ASD P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

15 / 24 The low level volumes range from about four to nine stories tall, and connect with the Highline on the W ANDREW DAVIS masterplan’s western and southern sides. These include a museum, shopping complex, and vertical college ASD campus. The towers are office, retail, hotel, and residential programs, face west in a cascading organization. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

01 / 04 SLIPSTREAM School Washington University in St. Louis Studio Degree ProjectSLIPSTREAM Critic Phil Holden Program Visitor Center / Bird RehabilitationVISITOR CENTER FOR AVIAN MIGRATION Location St. Louis, Missouri alaska site & context site mississippi mississippi st. louis river river mississippcainada 3 missouri 12 watershed northeast us mississippi flyway alton n. american bird migration route Riverlands St. Charles County1 Mississippi Flyway Extents 4 3700 acres total west alton2 Watershed + Migration3 Mississippi River + Missouri 1200 acres wetland4 Riverlands Extents5 Riverlands Close-up site & context 5 mississippi site river gulf of st. louis riverlands migratory alton bird sanctuary mexico missouri mexico major flyway south americaprincipal routes cuba merging routes Riverlands St. Charles County total west alton 3700 acres 1200 acres wetland16 / 24 SYNOPSIS The Mississippi Flyway is a migration corridor for birds extending from Alaska to South America W ANDREW DAVIS along the Mississippi River. Hundreds of thousands of birds travel along this route because of the life found ASD in the river. The site for this project is the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary north of St. Louis, Missouri. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

02 / 04 SLIPSTREAMlock and dam no. 26 clark Bridge 1938 1994 A HISTORY OF MOVEMENT 1938R E V E A L I N Ga long time ago UNDER AN EVERMOVING SKY a long time ago RECORDING THE FLOWS OF WATER lock and dam no. 26 Sky Flow Water Flow Slipstream: “An assisting force regarded as drawing something along behind something else.” untouched ex. Slipstream 1994 1938 1938 a long time agoa long time ago natural isulnadnidsturbed skya long time ago 1 2 clark Bridge A Flo’ Plan untouched Flyway Center B 1994 + Learning Museum 1938 Flood Scape a long time ago ( +18’ thru + 38’ ) a long time ago 1994 1938a long time ago Boathouse Gangway Overlook + Downramp 3 4 natuurnadlisitsulrabnedd sky Up Flight Cage clark Bridge Bird Hospital Entry ( Smaller Species ) Hospital Arrival Bridge Up ( Via auto.) Flight Cage + Aviary lock and dam no. 26 B Welcome 6 7 Center 1994 + Admin. A 1938 a long time ago Entry Prelude + Lookout 1938 5a long time ago Arrival Bridge ( Via foot) lock and dam no. 26 1 Flow History, Pre 1938 2 Flow HIstory, 1938a long time ago 1938 N 3 Flow History, 1994 a long time ago 4 Flow History, Sky 17 / 24 5 Walkway + Covering natural island 6 Plan ( Drawing ) 7 Plan ( Model ) GROUND PLAN ( 1/20” = 1’ ) 0’ 12.5 ’ 25’ 50’ 100’ As the bird’s watery habitat and the site of a demolished dam, the specific site area was selected for its W ANDREW DAVIS history of affecting water flows and the birds’ ecosystem. Water and air movement were studied at different ASD years, and led to reintroducing a waterway through the site - now accessible only by bridges. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

03 / 04 SLIPSTREAMWATER AND SKYA CROSS-SECTION OF THE AVIAN HABITAT 1 Section, Short 2 Section, Long 500 YR FLOOD STAGE ( + 50.0 ) 50’ 100’ 100 YR FLOOD STAGE ( + 40.0 ) MAJOR FLOOD STAGE ( + 35.0 ) MINOR FLOOD STAGE ( + 30.0 ) CURRENT RIVER STAGE ( + 20.0 )1 SECTION A-A ( 1/4” = 1’ ) 0’ 12.5 ’ 25’ Load Bearing Walls (Concrete, Flood-Resistant) Gangway Overlook (Wooden Space-Truss) Exterior Overhead (Diagrid Steel) Gangway Overlook (Wooden Space-Truss) Wind Panels (Photovoltaic Polycarb) Sky-Oriented Truss (Steel Truss) Engineered Knoll (Cut-and-Fill) 500 yr FLOOD STAGE ( + 50.0 ) 100 yr FLOOD STAGE ( + 40.0 ) MAJOR FLOOD STAGE ( + 35.0 ) MINOR FLOOD STAGE ( + 30.0 ) CURRENT RIVER STAGE ( + 20.0 )2 SECTION B-B ( 1/8”’ = 1’ ) 0’ 12.5 ’ 25’ 50’ 100’18 / 24 The Visitor Center is an experience of layered spaces stretched across a broad waterway. Intertwining W ANDREW DAVIS walkways guide visitors across the birds’ habitat: the water below, the earth at level, and the sky above. The ASD exterior spaces are sheltered by v-shaped roofs which serve as walkways themselves. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

04 / 04 SLIPSTREAM CORRIDORVISUALIZING A MIGRATIONWALKING ON A ROOF THAT NEVER STOPS MOVING1 Roof Walkway + Panels2 Roof Fluttering in Wind3 Roof + Wind Gust Study 1 3 2 Finally, the roofs are comprised of photovoltaic panels hinged to the roof structure, designed so that each W ANDREW DAVIS panel rotates on its hinge when touched by wind. The result is a didactic experience to visitors, who are able ASD19 / 24 their being in the migration corridor with every passing wave of wind. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

01 / 05 KING STREET Office Studio 27 Architecture Team John Burke, Katie Floersheimer, Niki KING STREET Livingston, Natalie Mutchler Program Community CenterTRANSFORMING A DILAPIDATED OFFICE SPACE Location Alexandria, VA Existing Conditions 6 3 BOMA Method B Preliminary Calculations Final Calculations Interior Gross Major Vertical Preliminary Occupant Service & Floor Area Penetrations Floor Area Area Amenity Areas Load Factor B Rentable Area R 0 00 0 0 0 3 2,040 141 1,899 1,825 74 2,080 2 2,117 141 1,976 1,905 71 2,172 1 2,150 135 2,015 1,780 235 2,029 B 125 391 391 Total 516 542 6,281 0 771 0 6,823 5,510 1.14 6,281 sf Note: Per Alexdria, VA Office of Real Estate Assessments, Net Leasable Area = 7,200 sf. 1 2 4Existing Conditions Drawings 5 907 King Street November 30, 2016 Alexandria, VA In all design, an appropriate context should be documented to understand the bounds of decision making. 1 King Street Entry W4 Stair A N D R E W D A V I S20 / 24 The design team measured the existing building, including exterior facades, interior walls, and floor-to-floor 2 Alley Entry 5 Tenant Entrance P 386.566.6654 heights. This documentation became foundational for all our decision making. 3 Entry Vestibule 6 Tenant Space A SD E andrew.lloyd.davis

Existing 02 / 0T5enantKEnItNryG STREET PROBLEM VS. PROTOTYPESExisting?Tenant ETnAtrRy G E T I N G P A I N P O I N T S , M A X I M I Z I N G D E S I G N G A I N S ?Existing TenanEt xEnistrtying Option 1 Option 2 Tenan?t En?try Linear Entry Central Entry?? Central lighting by skylights Daylight Roof Deck Daylight ? Daylight Clerestory roof access via central stair with skylights ROoopftDieockn 1 Linear Entry B B 66’ Clerestory roof R Roof Deck Daylight access via stair R ?X Central lighting by skylights R Distance from Roof Deck 3 Clerestory roof access via central stair with skylights B King St to Rear Glazing B R Rear Glazing Tenant Entry Clerestory roof 2 3 access via stair? No Daylight Disorientation ? 907 King Street 3 Double height space 2 ? Alexandria, VA ORpeeanr GFllaozoinrgplans on 1 adjacent to glazing 3 66’ ? floors 2 &3 increases Daylighting 2 Rear Glazing 1 X Open Floor plans on Open Floor plans on 2 Distance from floors 2 &3 1 flDooourbsle2he&ig3ht space adjacent to glazing 1 King St to increases Daylighting Tenant Entry Open Floor plans on floors 2 &3 907 King Street No Daylight Disorientation Linear Stair dispersement Central Stair dispersement Alexandria, VA within transparent and within transparent andons Tenant Entry 66’ fire-rated enclosure fire-rated enclosure No Daylight Linear Stair dispersement Central Stair dispersement within transparent and within transparent and fire-rated enclosure fire-rated enclosure X Direct Entry from King St Direct Entry from King St Direct Entry from King St Direct Entry from King St Distance fromDisorientation King St to Tenant Entry 907 King Street Alexandria, VA BBOOMMAA MMeethtohdodB B PrelimPinraerlyimCainlcaurlyatiConaslculations Final Calculations Final Calculations BBOOMMAA MMeethtohdodB B PrelimPinraerlyimCainlcaurlyatiConaslculations Final Calculations Final Calculations Disorientation FFlolooorr InterIAinortereGarArioorsersGa MrPoaesjnsoer tVrMaePtraietoicjnnoaserl tVraePFtrrlitoeoicolnimrasAinl raerayPFrloeolimr AinOraecAcrayruepaant AOmSecenArcvitirucyepeAaa&renats ALmoSaeednrFviaticycetAor&reB as RenLtaobaledAFreaactor B RentabFlFeoloooArrrea InterIAniortereGarrioosrsGMrPoaesjnsoer tVrMaetraitoicjnoasrl VePFrrltoeicolimraAinl raerayPreliminOacAcryruepaant AOmSecenrcvitiucypeAa&renats LoSaedrFvaiccetor&B Rentable Area Area Penetrations Floor Area Area Amenity Areas Load Factor B Rentable Area 66’ R 100 55 45 0 45 0 R 100 30 70 0 70 0 100 1,884 75 1,642 R3 1,765 100 55 1,665 451,535 130 0 45 2,001 R3 0 1,625 100 55 30 1,550 701,300 250 0 70 2,109 0 32 1,910 1,765 65 100 1,845 1,6651,630 12,15535 130 2,185 2321B 1,920 135 1,865 11,,85655011,,7687000 11521,,930635507000 250 2,248 1,642 2B1 2,150 135 1,8451,7800 152,0365030 215 1,884 2,150 1,625 65 75 2,015 2,0154,750 11,2,57080 195 2,109 1Total 565 1,910 65 2,500105 2,0154,945 11,1,27580 1.22335 0 2,001 1,920 360 55 1.22635 0 2,248 65 135 6,070 500 6,070 sf 565 500 500 0 500 6,000 sf 6,490 2,150 420 500 0 1,125 1Tot2a,l185 6,360 2,150 135 6,000 6,000 4,750 1,250 0 65 6,070 4,945 1.23 1.26 6,000 s B 565 420 B0 565 65 X Total 6,490 Tota6,l070 sf 6,360 360 Option 1 Linear Entry 907 King Street Option 2 Central Entry Distance from November 30, 2016 November 30, 2016 Alexandria, VA King St to November 30, 2016 Option 1 Linear Entry 90O7pKtinogn S2trCeent tral Entr Tenant Entry November 30, 2016 Alexandria, VA Areas that were cramped or dark were identified as “Unrentable” and targeted to improve upon. Design, W ANDREW DAVIS used surgically and sparingly, preserved the the parts of the building that provided richness and character.21 / 24 These diagrams highlight pain points in the existing building, and different options for a solution. P 386.566.6654 ASD E andrew.lloyd.davis

03 / 05 KING STREETAREA PROGRAM MAPPINGTRANSLATING REQUIREMENTS TO TASK FLOW Documenting Requirements Task Flow of Spaces 3D Task Mapping22 / 24 aa aa SS qq aa aa qq BBSS OOfficffeice OOfficffeice StSotroargaege RoRoofoDf eDcekck OOfficffeice OOfficffeice VVBB mm JJ SS JJ RR aaaa JJSS OOpepnen StSotroargaege OOpepnen mmyy OOfficffeiceArAeraea OOfficffeiceArAeraea ii yy mm BB BB mm yy yy ReRsets- t- KiKtcithcehnen PrPinrtint CConofnefrernecnece CConofnefrernecnece PrPinrtint KiKtcithcehnen ReRsets-t- JJ RoRoomom aaaa ArAeraea RoRoomom RoRoomom ArAeraea RoRoomom BBVV BB VV StSatirasirs VV BB BB 33 22 FrFornotnt EnEtnrytry EnEtnrytry FrFornotnt DeDseksk DeDseksk PP VV OOfficffeice ReRsetsatraruanutnt BuBiludilidngingEnEtnrytry BuBiludilidngingEnEtnrytry KiKngingStSretreetet ii PP BB VV UtUilitiylity 11 The client requested that specific ofice spaces be incorporated into the building, while maintaining separation W ANDREW DAVIS from the 1st floor restaraunt. These space requirements were documented, organized, and dispersed ASD throughout the existing building. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

04 / 05 KING STREET STORYBOARDSHIGH FIDELITYVISUAL TOOLS FOR VALIDATION ASCENSION23 / 24 O C C U PAT I O N W ANDREW DAVIS ASD Stroryboard renderings of a user’s walkthrough helped us design spaces. Spaces were tailored to signify P 386.566.6654 specific uses: Dark wood masses signify entries and utility areas, linear lights signify desk areas, and E andrew.lloyd.davis windows signify conference rooms. The storyboards valididate decision-making in all three dimensions.

05 / 05 KING STREET ITINERARYILLUMINATION ANDMOVING FROM CONCEPTS TO EXECUTION24 / 24 The final experience of ascending the stair is the arrival at the roof deck. The stair penthouse is completely W ANDREW DAVIS encased with glass to maximize views, light, and a sense of surfacing from the building below. From the top, ASD one can view the deck, the street, and the entry door below. P 386.566.6654 E andrew.lloyd.davis

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