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East Texas Quarterly Magazine Fall 2014

Published by callamilk, 2015-07-27 22:13:43

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Do you have a picture from a local INSIDEfestival or event you would like to seepublished in the East Texas Quarterly? Slow down for fresh food...................................3 Gotta have a fiddle in the band...........................7 Submit your photo to: On the road to Nashville........................................9 Blarney Stone Communications If these walls could talk...................................12 Lookwhat’scooking..............................................16 252 North Main Street Jasper, Texas 75951 Fall in East Texas... Fall is right around the corner, and fall in East Please include the name and date of Texas means is time for outdoor festivals andthe event along with at least a 5x7 size events. Kicking off this year’s calendar of festivals is 30th image. If we use your image we will Annual Texas State Forest Festival at the Georgepay you $20. All pictures become the H. Henderson Expo Center in Lufkin and the annual Poultry Festival (Sept. 24-27) on the property of historic square in downtown Center. Blarney Stone Communications October opens with the annual Fall Festival (Oct. 4th) on the courthouse square in Jasper; and can not be returned. followed by the Harvest Festival (Oct. 17-19) Deadline for the Spring issue is in Woodville and the 24th Annual Sassafras Festival in historic San Augustine on Oct. 25th. January 13, 2015 Festivals are a big part in life in East Texas and we encourage our readers to get out and enjoy East Texas Quarterly Magazine one or more of these published by Blarney Stone Communications, 1Jasper, TX. Featuring people and events inAngelina, Houston, Jasper, Nacogdoches,Newton, Polk, Rusk, Sabine, San Augustine ,Shelby and Tyler counties.Publisher/Editor - Gary HanlonCopy Editor - Judith PopejoyContributing Writers - Sharon & Charles Keer& Contributing PhotographersGraphic Design - Keith Hale Sandy Creek Printing & Graphics Blarney Stone Communications 252 North Main Street Jasper, Texas 75951 409-383-3646

By Sharon & Charles KerrRoadside fruit stands are few and farbetween these days, the casualty of our busylifestyles and fast food culture. But home grownproduce and local crafts are making acomeback at regional farmers markets allacross East Texas.The idea is to eat local, meaning seasonalproduce grown on a farm near you, oftenharvested the same morning as you buy itand take it home. That’s when it is at its peakof ripeness and has maximum flavor andnutritional value.Supermarket fruits and vegetables are often gently plucked by a farmer’s hand, probably the guypicked days or weeks before it reaches the or gal standing in front of you, so understand: theygrocery bins. Along the way, it’s exposed to look tired because they are tired. But they would nota number of treatments to keep the food want to do it any other way.looking presentable. Big box stores want a nice red tomato for slicing, butNutritionists and plant researchers recommend, tomatoes are usually picked green, treated with a“The nutrients in most fruits and vegetables start to retardant to keep them firm while shipping and thendiminish as soon as they’re picked, so for optimal ethylene gassed to make them turn red for sale. Onlynutrition, eat all produce within a week.” a few varieties take well to that kind of handling.But for many shoppers, it’s the social aspect that Heirloom varieties are picked ripe but must bedraws them to farmers market, the chance to visit with sold quickly. They bruise easily and only keep a fewlike-minded foodies and talk to the farmers who days, but ooooh, the flavor! Try Brandywine or Blackgrow it. You can pick up tips on how to start your own Krim for slicing, or the many colors of sweet cherrygarden, or how to cook this new vegetable you’ve tomatoes from ghostly white to yellow, orange, red tonever seen before. almost black. Each variety has a flavor of its own.Variety is one of the more interesting aspects at Pair tomatoes with fresh herbs that are available atmarket. Grocery stores might have two or three kinds most markets. For basil, oregano or rosemary, graspof squash or tomatoes, but when you visit a farmers the tip with one hand and gently slip the fingers ofmarket you find colors and shapes you never the other hand downward to separate the tenderknew existed.These varieties don’t lend themselves to conventionalfarming methods. They won’t stand up to machinepicking and conveyor belt sorting. Each one was 3

leaves from the stem. Put a pile of leaves the size ofsmall lemon in the middle of a cutting board and cutacross with a big butcher knife, raking it back to thecenter and chopping again a few times. Rake herbsinto a bowl and drizzle with olive oil and balsamicvinegar; toss with tomatoes. No salt orpepper necessary.Some people are surprised they don’t find moreproduce labelled organic at farmers market. Toactually claim the “organic” label by USDA standards,the farmer would have to jump through a lot ofhoops, pay to have the farm certified and inspected,soil and well water tested, and more. It’s an expensea small producer can’t justify. Talk to the farmer andyou’ll probably find out the produce was grown“using organic methods” or they’ll tell you honestlywhat they used on the crop. They are careful becausethey are feeding their own families from those samefields.Where are these markets? Farmers markets can popup almost anywhere, and some only last a few weeksor months, especially if they are crop specific likeberries or melons. Yes, you can find blueberries ingrocery stores year ‘round, but East Texas blueberriesripen in June, period. Those “fresh” blueberries you4 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

find in January are from south of the border…way open every Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon, year round.way south. They’re expensive because they flew here, During peak season, they also open Wednesdayand flavorless for the same reason. afternoons, 2 to 6 pm: www.nacogdochesfarmerThree farmers markets with a long history are in or, Lufkin and Nacogdoches. Most established have a Facebook page or website where This city market is 8 years old and averages 30you can find out the hours they are open and what vendors. Besides the usual fresh produce, local honeyis in season. You can also find farmers markets and eggs, they have lots of crafts, baked goods, jamsanywhereinthecountrybyzipcodeorcityintheUSDA’s and jellies, organic beef and chicken, homemadedatabase: soaps and locally made fruit wines.The Nacogdoches market is located at the old Half the fun is visiting with people like the cheese“hitch lot” downtown at 107 W. Pearl Street. They are man, who buys Texas artisan cheeses from all over the state and can tell you which ones have won national and international awards. He’ll let you taste before you buy. Expect the unexpected, like the sharp bite of caraway cheddar, or the smooth silky texture of a Monterrey Jack goat cheese with green peppers. The Lufkin market is located behind the Angelina County extension office on the loop at Highway 69, 2107 S. Medford Drive; http://www.vis It is unusual in that it is a hybrid market, a combination of locally grown produce and items bought wholesale from farther away. Because it draws produce from a much larger area, it’s open year round, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm. On a fall day, you might find locally grown pumpkins and winter squash along with bags of citrus from down in the Valley and apples from northern states where they grow better than in Texas. You may find Tyler roses, fresh cut flowers, sweet potatoes or Mexican vanilla. Some vendors sell salsa’s, sauces, pickled preserves and relishes that have been prepared by a private canning company to their recipe and private labelled for that market. For the most part, home canners are restricted to cucumber pickles or fruity preserves that can be prepared in a water bath canner. Vegetables that require pressure canning or salsa’s in particular require special kitchen facilities and additional training and certification before a vendor can sell to the public. The Jasper County farmers market is 5 years old and does not have a covered permanent marketplace. They are open May through mid-November (except closed in August). Location is the parking lot in front of Tractor Supply at the 5

intersection of Highways 190 and 96, and hours are8 to 11 am Saturday mornings, usually show up by 7:30 to set up. Some justback into their spots and tailgate. Others have tablesand tents for shade. Popular produce items can sellout quickly, so some vendors are gone by 9:30, butkey vendors always hold down the fort till it closes.One such vendor is Sybil Avery, known for herjams and jellies and award winning fruit cakes. Herhusband is a woodworker who makes furniture,cutting boards, coasters and bird feeders.Marvin Guidry, Jasper’s own Birdman, makes purplemartin houses. Purple martins eat their weight inmosquitos and like to live in colonies, so Marvin’shouses resemble bird condominiums. Kenyon RanchSoap comes from Woodville to sell beauty productsbased on coconut oil and olive oil. Two local growersfrom Peachtree community, Dan Williamson’s 3rd DayFarm and Will Lewis’s Pecan Hill Farm are regulars atmarket. Both of them also have local fruit stands butcome to farmers market as well because “that’s wherethe people are.”One of the big draws is that Jasper Master Gardeners “Where we’ve been having 15 vendors on an averageare on hand to help with garden advice. They often Saturday, we’ll have three or four times that manyhave milkweed plants for sale and information about show up for Holiday Market,” Singletary says. “We alsothe monarch butterfly migration that gives Jasper see a lot of handcrafted stuff from people who onlyits nickname, Butterfly Capital of Texas. In fact, the come for Holiday Market. They’ve spent the wholeJasper market closes the first Saturday in October for year knitting or carving or whatever, and they comeButterfly Festival and everyone moves downtown. to our market to offer some really unique gifts.”Food and craft vendors take booths at the Chamber The bottom line, according to the Texas Certifiedof Commerce’s Fall Fest on the courthouse square. Farmers Market Association, is that buying local hasMaster Gardeners hold tours of the butterfly house been proven to support the local economy and isand have butterfly releases and free kids activities at better for nutritional health and well-being. In athe Outdoor Learning Center, 225 Water Street. A free harder-to-measure statistic, it also promotes a sensecity trolley takes passengers on the 3 block ride from of community when customers and farmers minglethe festivals to the Library Book Sale and back. and talk about what to cook for dinner tonight.In November, back at their usual location, JasperCounty Farmers market wraps up the season with abig bang at the Holiday Market. This year it will beSaturday, November 8, with extended hours from 8am to 2 pm.Organizer Sue Singletary is planning a costumecontest, and master naturalists and master gardenersalways have free learning activities for the kids. Manycharities will use this opportunity to hold fund-raisers,bake sales, cookbook sales and holiday decorations.6 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

The words to a popular country songsay “If you want to play in Texas, yougot to have a fiddle in the band” andfor more than six decades one Jasperresident has been living up to thatrequirement.Kenneth “Little Red” Hayes washonored at the Texas Country MusicHall of Fame in San Marcos for, as theCharlie Daniels’ song would say, “sawin’on a fiddle and playing it hot.”Hayes has played his violin for anumber of country music acts that in-clude Hank Thompson, Jim Reeves, RayPrice, George Jones, and Mel Tillis.“Starting in 1950 I was 15-years old and 13 years old.went to work with HankThompson, who “My older brother, who is known as Joe “Big Red”at the time had the biggest band in the Hayes, came home from one trip and he told me notnation,” Hayes said. “During 1952 I to mess with his fiddle,” explains Hayes. “I was 13 andworked with Jim Reeves and from 1954 as soon as left the house, I opened up the fiddle caseuntil 1965 I worked with Ray Price.” and took out his fiddle. Within a couple hours, I taughtIn 1975 Hayes bought land and built a house in Jasper myself to play three tunes.”, Texas , where he stills lives with his wife of 59 years, “When my brother came home, I showed him what INina. had learned. He was so impressed he left again and“During that time (when he built a home in Jasper), came back a couple hours later and presented meI spent my time with George Jones and Mel Tillis with my first fiddle,” he adds. “I’ve been fiddling everaway from here,” Hayes said. “It was a very busy time. since.”I stopped playing with Mel Tillis in 1995 after I had a “I have played fiddle with some of the greatest namesheart attack. It is pretty stressful out there, you know.” in the country music industry,” points out Hayes. “But,“You may travel 20 hours at times to play for four my fondest memories are playing with Ray Price andhours,” he pointed out . “ I have played in every statein the union, Canada several times, and one time inNew Foundland with George Jones.”Hayes says he started playing the fiddle when he was 7

the Cherokee Cowboys. I joined Ray and his band in Cowboys. Among its members during the late 1950s1954. I was one pf the first members of the Cherokee and early 1960s were: Roger Miller, Willie Nelson,Cowboys. Ray was my hero. I have a copy of the last Darrell McCall, Van Howard, Johnny Paycheck ,Johnnyalbum he recorded before he died.” Bush, Buddy Emmons, Pete Wade, Jan Kurtis, ShortyPrice worked on his latest album, Last of the Breed, with Lavender, Buddy Spicher and Lil’ Red Hayes playingfellow country music singers Willie Nelson and Merle the violin. Miller wrote one of Price’s classics in 1958,Haggard. This album was released on Mar. 20, 2007 by “Invitation to the Blues”, and sang harmony on thethe company Lost Highway Records. The two-disc set recording. Additionally, Nelson composed the Pricefeatures 20 country classics , as well as a pair of new song “Night Life”. “I will always cherish my years with Ray and the Cherokee Cowboys,” says Hayes. At 79, Hayes hasn’t let two heart attacks hamper his fiddling. “I was in the hospital with my latest heart attack and I told the nurse I had to get out of there because I had to get to Athens for the Old Time Fiddlers Contest and Reunion,” Hayes points out. Hayes has been the head judge for the contest for the past several years and the event holds special memories for the aging fiddler. “When I was 13, me and my brother Joe went to the fiddling contest in Athens,” he explains. “There was a little long-haired girl, she was 12 at the time, competing in the contest. I told my brother I was going to marry that little girl when I get older.”True to his word, Hayes married Nina in 1955.Above: 011 Grand Champion fiddler, Wes Westmoreland, Hayes, who said for decades he didn’t like play- with Little Red Hayes at the Athens Fiddlers Reunion. ing in his hometown, made his first appearance in Right: Little Red Hayes performs with Clayton Hart Jasper in 2012 at the Jasper Lions Club Rodeo when at the 2011 Jasper Lions Rodeo. he teamed with a group of local musicians to play with 16-year-old Clayton Hart who was the opening act atcompositions. The trio toured the U.S. from March 9 the rodeo.until March 25, starting in Arizona and finishing inIllinois. This was Price’s third album with Nelson andfirst album with Haggard.In 1953, Price formed his band, the Cherokee8 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

On the Road toIt’s a long way from the stage at the Jasper Lions Club full time student at Belmont University,rodeo to the bright lights of the Grand Old Opry in a private, coeducational, liberal arts universityNashville, but 19-year-old Clayton Hart has his sights located in Nashville,Hart still finds time toon making the trip. concentrate on his dreams of a music career. Hart is no stranger to big performances.A headliner at the rodeo, alongside Easton Corbin and “The rodeo was my first appearance with a full band,”Thompson Square, when he was only 16, the Jasper he explains. “I wasn’t nervous because I really didn’tnative has come a long way in just three years. know what to expect. It was a big deal then and it helped make what I am doing now a lot easier.”Hart has developed his own style of music, which is .evident in the songs he has written and recorded At 19, Hart has already played countless shows acrosswhile in Nashville. “It’s a lot of country and a little bit Texas and Nashville. Among the venues he has playedof rock and roll,” says Hart. are Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Rippy’s Bar & Grill, the Mercy Lounge, Silver Dollar Saloon, Tootsie’sIt isn’t an everyday sound, one you come Orchid Lounge, and he has had two appearances onacross everyday the Billy Block Show.on the radio Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge (also known as Tootsie’sit’s simple and World Famous Orchid Lounge) is a Honky Tonkhonest, leaningheavily on outlawand cowboyinfluences ofsome of hisbiggest heroes- Willie Nelson,Johnny Cash,Gene Autry,Guy Clark, andGeorge Strait.“Ireally loveWillie Nelson,”says Hart. “I fash-ion some of mystyle after hisand play a nylonguitar in someof my songs.” Left: Little Red Hayes played with Clayton the Jasper Lions Rodeo. Right: Clayton rocked the house like a seasoned professional during his performance at the JasperA Lions Club Rodeo 9

to create something that hasn’t been there before.” Hart says do not be“concerned”about the song “Cocaine” ; it is not about the drug culture. On a recent trip home, Hart had the opportunity to visit Kicks 105.1, the country music radio station in Lufkin. “The station played a studio recording of my song ‘Cocaine’ followed by an on-air interview, ending with a live version of my new song ‘Roses Are Red’.” “This was a good chance to get some expo- sure locally,” he pointed out. “We also visited the radio station in Leesville, LA (Big Dog 105) the same day.”bar located in Nashville, Tennessee behind the Hart says he gets a lot of support from his family.Ryman Auditorium. Tootsie’s has two stages His father is Jasper attorney T. Alan Hart and histhat host live local talent each night, covering mother Caroline Hart is an R.N. and the daughter of amodern day country music artists such as Jason Jasper physician. “They have been really great aboutAldean, Taylor Swift, and other popular country supporting my career choice, considering I am notmusic artists as well as his own original work. Some goal oriented,” he explains. Hart has two siblingsof its early famous first customers were Willie Nelson, Taylor and Alison – who graduated from collegePatsy Cline, Mel Tillis, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon and are working in the petroleum and publishingJennings, Roger Miller, and numerous others country industries, respectively.musicians. According to, Willie Another influence on Hart’s career has been hisNelson received his first songwriting gig after singing grandfather, Roy James.“He helped me learn to play theat Tootsie’s. guitar and has been“Moving to Nashville from Jasper was a big transition,” one of my biggestexplains the Jasper native. “It’s like being a fish in a fans,” says Hart.small pond to being in a humongous ocean. Nashville As for the future,is very competitive. Some of the people I know have Hart has returned toalready thrown in the towel.” Nashville where he“I am learning where the non-tourist places are,” he will concentrate onadds. his song writing andHart has signed with Kristina Lyden from Lyden performances atEntertainment as his manager. “Kristina and I are local venues.“I hopesearching for the right people who will help us get to be back in thewhere we want to be, the people who believe in what recording studio inI’m trying to do, and the artist I want to be. Once we October,” explainsfind the right people, we are going to do something the young en-very special.” t e r t a i n e r.For now, Hart says he is concentrating on his song “I have also signedwriting. “I have recorded three songs –“Roses are Red” with a college,” I Call Her Texas”, and “ Cocaine”; and all three songs booking agentwere written by me. I take a lot of pride in being able and will be doing college shows this fall.”10 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

There are throughout East Texas a number of historic Framed sketches from the Ruby trial are originals fromhomes and buildings. One such is the former home of the legal proceedings in Dallas. Elsewhere are dozens ofJasper attorney Joe Tonahill. other sketches by courtroom artists, since photographers were not permitted in the courtroom. Some of the originalTonahill, the colorful defense attorney who helped sketches, however, were destroyed when the CBS officesrepresent Lee Harvey in New York became debris asOswald’s killer Jack Ruby in the twin towers went downDallas in the 1960s, died in on 9/11/2001.2001 at the age of 88. The trial made TonahillWhen Lee Harvey Oswald famous, but he was alreadyassassinated President John highly respected throughoutF. Kennedy in 1963, the East Texas legal circles.Texas lawyer soon found him-self thrust into history. “Joe Tonahill is an important part of American history,” saysTonahill, who by then was David Shultz, who boughtalready a noted attorney, be- the Tonahill home in 2013came the lawyer for Ruby, and converted it into thewho shot Oswald as he was headquarters of Shultzbeing transferred while in po- Funeral Home and Crema-lice custody 50 years ago this tory. “There is a lot of historyyear.. Joe Tonahill, left, of Jasper, Texas, , Jack Ruby, Center, and Melvin associated with Joe TonahillNews photographers caught Belli of San Francisco before court was in session for a bond and with this home.” hearing in Dallas. (Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times Archives)Oswald’s shooting at the Originally built in the 1940’sinstant it happened. Today, Tonahill’s life and his law by Earl and Grace Spell and refurbished in 1953 bypractice have been preserved with a display of his old Tonahill, the house located at 1900 South Wheeler wasoffice at the Jasper County Museum in Jasper. given another face lift in 2013 by Shultz. The history of the seven-acre tract where the house is located dates as farFormer museum director Nina Smith, had placed with back as Tonahill’s eyeglasses, his papers, a magnifying glass,and other everyday objects Tonahill used in his practice. A 100 year history of the property is documented in anBut Tonahill’s daughters, Anne Tonahill Smith and Susie abstract prepared by Garland Smith, abstracter in 1949.Tonahill Hile, piled the papers and scattered other objects. The 141 page document tells the story of the tract of land“Too neat,”they said, making the office look more like the one from the time the seven acres were sold to a number ofthey remembered as children. East Texans until the Spells bought the land in 1944.Tonahill’s old office had a photo mural of Jack Ruby’s The history of the property, however, dates back prior toslaying of Oswald, but the mural had to be put on the the Texas war for independence in 1836. According towrong wall in the museum replica because it was too large Garland Smith’s report, the land was part of a much largerfor the replica wall. parcel of land granted to Robert Conn in 1834.12 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

Above; The beautiful Tonahill house as it sets today. Below Left: The living room has been restored to its original condition. Bottom Center: The bathroom off what is now the chapel looks as it did many years ago. Bottom Right: The staircase leading to the second floor and the offices for Shultz Funeral home.“The above mentioned instrument appears to be a the property were sold by a variety of owners The Spellscertified copy of the original Spanish grant and is written bought the property in 1944 and lived there until 1953entirely in the Spanish language,” wrote Smith. Jasper when Joe and Violett Tonahill purchased the home.County was granted to Robert Conn.”The history of the property from 1834 to November 1849was lost according to a statement issued by the JasperCounty Clerk in 1849. “This book opened as a record on the23rd day of November, 1849. The courthouse containing theoffices of the District and County clerks caught on fire, andall their contents were consumed by the fire. The countyjail was also consumed on the same night. Both were inbright flames when first discovered on the night of 29thday of October, 1849.”During the span of the next 100 years, various portions of 13

Above Left: The newly built gazebo in the back yard. The Jasper Historical Museum is currently the home for the office of Joe Tonahill. It hasbeen recreated exactly as it was it has many of the items that are associated with Jack Ruby’s trial including a book of courtroom drawings.In December 1953, remodeling of the existing structure a fence row.took place. According to invoices from the Temple Lum-ber Company, dated Dec. 18, 1953, the project included While the former home has been converted into a placemore than 256 sheets of white oak paneling, 364 sheets of of business, Shultz enjoys the opportunity to show visitorsmagnolia paneling, 196 sheets of red gum paneling, and around the home. “This house is truly a piece of Jasper’sthousands of linear feet of molding and trim. history,” he points out .“When we bought the house in 2013, our goal was to If only these walls could talk...restore as much of the original integrity of the house aswe could,” says Shultz. In June, Shultz added a gazebo to A portion of this article was taken from “Joe Tonahill of Jasper and thethe grounds and planted hundreds of rose bushes along Jasper County Museum.” by Bob Bowman14 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

15 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

August is Peach Month, and is the perfect time to Central Texas. For more than 20 years, major foodcelebrate and enjoy the benefits and taste of these chains and local East Texans have gobbled up McPeakfull-of-goodness fruits while they are at the peak Orchards’ highly-prized Pittsburg peaches. Anotherof perfection. East Texas peach orchard is Efurd Orchards, Inc., alsoPeaches are native to China where they have been in Pittsburg.cultivated for centuries. Not only have they been Another noted peach producer is Cooper Farms,mentioned in Chinese writings dating back to the 10th. located in Fairfield, in nearby Freestone County.Century, BC, but they have also been the subject of many Started in 1978 by Tim Cooper, Cooper Farms isChinese folk tales, including having been consumed by familiar to East Texans who have seen the orchard’sthe Immortals for their mystic powers of giving long life. trucks parked along Highway 59 in Livingston.The Persians are believed to have introduced the peach Whether you call them Fredericksburg Peaches,to Europe from China and Spanish explorers took them Stonewall Peaches, or Texas Hill Country Peaches, theyto the Americas in the 16th century. are all delicious! Hill Country Fruit Council membersFor decades, East Texans have enjoyed peaches grown are conveniently located in the heart of Central orchards from Nacogdoches to the hill country of16 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

August is Peach Month, and is the perfect time to Below are just a few of the peach recipes using this de-celebrate and enjoy the benefits and taste of these lectable fruit.full-of-goodness fruits while they are at the peakof perfection.Peaches are native to China where they have beencultivated for centuries. Not only have they beenmentioned in Chinese writings dating back to the 10th.Century, BC, but they have also been the subject of manyChinese folk tales, including having been consumed bythe Immortals for their mystic powers of giving long life.The Persians are believed to have introduced the peachto Europe from China and Spanish explorers took themto the Americas in the 16th century.For decades, East Texans have enjoyed peaches grown PEACH BREAKFAST CAKEin orchards from Nacogdoches to the hill country of Ingredients:Central Texas. For more than 20 years, major food 1/2 c. (1/4 lb.) butterchains and local East Texans have gobbled up McPeak 1/2 c. sugarOrchards’ highly-prized Pittsburg peaches. Another 1 grated orange peel or 1/4 teaspoon orange extractEast Texas peach orchard is Efurd Orchards, Inc., also 1/4 teaspoon almond extractin Pittsburg. 1/4 cup amaretto liqueurAnother noted peach producer is Cooper Farms, located 2 large eggsin Fairfield, in nearby Freestone County. Started in 1 cup all- purpose flour1978 by Tim Cooper, Cooper Farms is familiar to East 3 large (3 inch diameter or 1 3/4 lb.) peaches, peeled,Texans who have seen the orchard’s trucks parked along halved, and pittedHighway 59 in Livingston. 1 teaspoon baking powder (stir into flour)Whether you call them Fredericksburg Peaches, Cinnamon sugarStonewall Peaches, or Texas Hill Country Peaches, they Topping (recipe follows)are all delicious! Hill Country Fruit Council members Directions:are conveniently located in the heart of Central Texas. With a mixer or food processor, beat or whirl butter,Whether you are looking for a pick your own orchard sugar, peel, and almond extract until blended. Add eggs,or pre-picked and ready at the stand, one of council’s 1 at a time, mixing well. Add amaretto liqueur, thengrower/members can accommodate you! add flour and beat until smoothly mixed. Batter willNutritionally, not only does a medium- sized peach be thick. Spread batter in a buttered and flour-dusted 8provide one of your recommended 5-a-day, but inch square pan.medical studies have shown that their content of the Arrange peach halves, cut side down, on batter. Bakeantioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin helps guard against in a 350 degree oven until cake is lightly browned andblindness caused by Age-related Macular Degeneration just begins to pull from pan sides. Remove from oven(AMD) which is now the biggest cause of irreversible and, quickly and neatly, spoon cream topping aroundblindness or partial loss of sight in the western world, fruit. Bake 10 minutes longer. Cool on a rack at least 30affecting millions of people over the age of 50. minutes; serve warm or cool. If made ahead, cool,There are many ways to incorporate peaches into the cover and let stand up to 3 hours at room in both savory and sweet dishes. Sprinkle top lightly with cinnamon sugar. 17

TEXAS PEACH COBBLER Ingredients: 1 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup all- purpose flour 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 tablespoon baking powder ¾ cup milk (low-fat or non-fat are fine) 3 cups sliced fresh peaches, skins left on ½ cup firmly packed brown sugar Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt the butter in a medium sauté pan over medium- high heat until it bubbles and turns golden-brown. Pour the butter into an 8-inch square baking dish.Makes 8 or 9 servings. In a medium bowl, stir together the sugar, flour, bakingTopping: powder, cinnamon, and milk. Pour the batter on top ofBeat to blend 1 cup sour cream or plain yogurt or the melted butter. Do not stir. .cottage cheese, 1 large egg white, and 1/4 teaspoon al- Without mixing, arrange the peaches evenly on top ofmond extract.PEACH JAMIngredients:4 pint canning jars, washed with new lids and bands3 pounds of the best peaches in season available1/4 cup fresh lemon juice7 1/2 cups sugar1 pouch pectin (1/2 bottle)Directions:Wash jars, lids, and bands by hand. Place on canningrack in large pot. Place lids in small saucepan. Coverwith water. Boil both 10 minutes. Prepare fruit; peel(dip in boiling water for 30 seconds, then immerse in icewater) and pit peaches. Chop coarsely in foodprocessor. Put into 8 quart pot with lemon juice. Addsugar; stir thoroughly. Add 1/2 teaspoon butter. Bringmixture to full rolling boil over high heat, stirringconstantly. Open pectin pouch and quickly stir in.When boil resumes, continue boiling 1 minute, stirringconstantly. Remove from heat; skim foam with largemetal spoon. Fill jars; cover and screw bands tightly.Invert jars for 5 minutes, then turn upright.18

the batter. Evenly sprinkle the brown sugar over the deep pan. Peel and slice the peaches. Combine sugar,cobbler. spices, and flour (or starch or tapioca). CombineBake the cobbler for 40 to 45 minutes, until the top turns peachesandhalfofthesugarmixture.Pourintopastryshell.golden brown. The batter will migrate from the bottom Sprinkle with spices and dot with butter.of the pan to cover the peach slices partially. Sprinkle the rest of the sugar/flour mixture on top.DEEP DISH PEACH PIE Bake 35 to 40 minutes at 350 degrees or until golden brown.Ingredients:3 pounds peaches1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar8 tablespoons flour (you may substitute2 tablespoons cornstarch or tapioca, ifdesired)2 tablespoons butter1/2 teaspoon nutmeg1/2 teaspoon cinnamonDirections:Preheat oven to 350 degrees.Make your favorite pie crust. Roll outboth crusts. Fit bottom crust loosely in 19

20 East Texas Quarterly Magazine

November 29th - Christmas in the Park @ Sandy CreekDecember 4th - Christmas Parade in Downtown JasperDecember 4th - Woman’s Civic Club Annual Bake SaleDecember 6th - Breakfast with Santa 9:30 A.M.December 7th - Snow Day at the Methodist ChurchDecember 11th - Woman’s Civic Club Tour of HomesDecember 18th - Open House at City of Jasper 1-4 PMContinue a Christmas TraditionACCOMMODATIONS JASPER INN TRAVELER’S INN (409) 384-9021 (409) 384-3428 ECONO-LODGE SUNRISE INN (409) 384-2511 (409) 384-6816 BEST WESTERN (409) 384-7767 BELLE-JIM B&B (409) 384-6923 SUPER 8 SWANN B&B (409) 384-8600 (409) 489-9010HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS DELUXE INN (409) 384-8400 (409) 381-880 BUDGET INN TRI-A-NITE (409) 384-3424 (409) 489-1858 LAPAZ BED & BREAKFAST (409) 383-1301 Sponsored By: Scan to visit us on the web City of or go toJames Marketing Concepts © 2014

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