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Grade 9 to 12 Newsletter Feb Issue 1

Published by anjana.s, 2020-02-06 08:31:11

Description: Grade 9 to 12 Newsletter Feb Issue 1


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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 8 Issue 1 ACADEMIC SESSION 2018-2019 02-06th February 2020 Sneak Peek GLIMPSES OF THE MAJOR EVENTS Reminders Departure is brigs with bitter feelings but when a student graduates, there is a hope of stepping in to the world of opportunities. Dunes International Schools’ first Convoca-  Grade 12 students tion Ceremony was held on the 6th Feb, 2020 where in our grade 12 students were will be having Is- honored with scrolls and graduation certificates. It was indeed a moment to cherish lamic Education for the students. their parents and the teachers alike. Ministry exam on Sunday, 9th Febru- ary.  Circular and time- table for grade 10 and 12 classes for the academic ses- sion 2020-2021 has been uploaded in the portal.  Gentle reminder for parents to sign up for LOKATE app . Refer circular for LOKATE app— Steps to register in the portal.

GLIMPSES OF THE MAJOR EVENTS Awareness session on Corona virus by Dr.Sajeev Nair, LLH An awareness session on the deadly fast spreading epidemic of ‘Corona Virus’ was conduct- ed on the 4th of Feb, 2020 by by Dr.Sajeev Nair, a prominent physician at LLH Hospital. The session threw light on different aspects; from the initial symptoms, origin, curing steps, to the essential precautionary measurements to be taken leading to prevention from this viru- lent disease. The doctor highlighted about the 14 days of incubation period during which the disease can spread to others and the 14 days time in figuring out the infection in case of getting affected. Students were made aware of the precautionary measures to prevent from being affected and how to keep themselves clean especially when they come in contact with others. The session was informative in which the students had the opportunity to clarify their doubts.

GLIMPSES OF THE MAJOR EVENTS PRAYER SERVICE Human beings success is limited without Devine intervention, There is always a dire need of blessings and duas when it comes to achieving perfection. Dunes International School believes in seeking gratitude of God because with out it facing a challenge yield in fruitless results. As our Grade 10 and 12 students are writing The CBSE Board Examination , we do feel the need of re- verting back to the almighty powers and seek a blessing to smoother the path ahead. A special prayer service was organized for the students of grade 10 and 12 to get the blessing of God be- fore appearing in the board exams.

GLIMPSES OF THE MAJOR EVENTS Roots and Shoots International Annual Award 2020 It’s a pleasure to announce that Dunes International School is one of the recipient of Roots and Shoots In- ternational Annual Award 2020, among the 12 selected schools across UAE. Our students were honored by the renowned Environmental Conservationist Dr Jane Goodall (Jane Goodalls Institute, UK) on 06th February 2020 in an award ceremony held at Park Hyat Hotel AbuDhabi

SUBJECT CORNER-Grade 9 & 10 ISLAMIC EDUCATION “A good friend is one who understands your strength and weakness” . Students in groups did a poster along with description and showed their love for the holy prophet SAW. The activity helped the students internalize the values we learn from our holy prophet. BIOLOGY Students learn the best when they are exposed to real life experiences. And lab can provide them with that opportunity to get a taste of experiential learning. Grade 10 students did leaf analyses in the lab where they did hands on activity on how to understand the intricacies of the plant body.

HUMAN FRATERNITY DOCUMENT The Abu Dhabi Education council has recently introduced a document on human fraternity wherein it talks about brotherhood, acceptance and tolerance. The documents comprises of 6 themes from var- ied degrees and touching on different aspects of fraternity and acceptance. Our principal Sir conduct- ed special sessions with the students and teachers to introduce the document and elaborately threw light on its first theme “Tolerance in UAE and UAE promoting tolerance globally.”

Counselor’s Desk 2020: Towards The Next 50 Good study habits are important for success in school, to foster feelings of competence, to develop  Involve all segments of the UAE soci- positive attitudes. Good study habits lay the ground- ety in shaping life in the UAE for the work for successful work habits as an adult. next 50 years and preparing for the country’s Golden Jubilee celebra- For children to learn good study skills, it is most im- tions of 2021. portant to help children build good habits. Make homework completion a high priority. The primary  Implement numerous plans purpose of homework is to improve learning and across diverse sectors that include foster work habits. Parental support and encourage- economy, education, infrastructure, ment make it a positive experience. health and media. Regards Counsellor  To achieve the goal in making UAE among the best countries in the world by the UAE centennial in 2071.  The government emphasizes on working together as citizens and residents across all sectors towards the next 50 and make significant changes and raise aspirations.  UAE will coordinate efforts, deploy possible resources and strengths and deepen our community partner- ships to lay the foundations of a sig- nificant phase in the journey of the nation’s development. A new chap- ter in the economic, social and rapid development race will be drafted. What Next  15.02.2020— School Picnic for Grade 6-12  20.02.2020 to 24.3.2020—CBSE Board for Grade 10 and 12

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