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Published by kane.travis, 2021-08-03 02:44:49

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FUNDAMENTALS OF FLUVIAL 16-17 September GEOMORPHOLOGY AND WATERWAY MANAGEMENT Cost: $1600 pp ‘Fundamentals of fluvial geomorphology and waterway Registration: management’ is a two-day course that provides a basic [email protected] grounding in the hydraulic and sediment transport processes that shape rivers and streams, and provides a sound basis for Please note: planning, designing and implementing the interventions available to the waterway manager. Due to COVID uncertainty we intend to run the theory The course provides participants with the skills and knowledge online, but will retain the field to diagnose geomorphic processes and to identify options (and a day component. preferred arrangement) for dealing with common waterway management issues. The field day is intended to be in Melbourne, but regional The course structure encourages interactivity and knowledge locations can be added transfer. The first day provides a solid grounding in applied pending demand. geomorphic theory in the classroom, while the second takes participants into the field to investigate processes and real- world management actions. The course is designed to support practitioners with a background in waterway management (planning or operations) so they are empowered to make informed decisions.

TESTIMONIALS COURSE DESCRIPTION ‘What struck me most was how The course is delivered by Prof Ian Rutherfurd and Dr. Alex Sims, well tailored the course was to our two highly experienced fluvial geomorphologists and waterway needs, with concise theory and practitioners. Ian and Alex maximise the integration of theoretical practical advice on both the geomorphology and practical waterway management. processes at play in a waterway, and management options. It really The course has been developed to support anyone working in helped staff not only to understand river health, erosion management, asset management (pipe or and diagnose geomorphic bridge crossings), catchment planning, floodplain management processes at a site, and within their and statutory planning. catchment, but gave them skills and confidence to plan when to act The training will build local capacity to understand river processes or just watch, and a technical when facing an issue that may require intervention − and to introduction to the tools available choose management options which are fit-for-purpose and cost effective. “This technical 101, run by Alluvium equips participants to understand The first day comprises classroom-based sessions and covers: and diagnose the geomorphic processes at play in a waterway; • stream form and process (including their diagnosis) including stages of incision, • spatial scale and stream classification meander migration, sediment • options for managing erosion transport and options for • waterway management planning (including selecting the best management. It’s humbling to see these processes at play and to option for erosion control). realise how they can undermine our best efforts in rehabilitation if On day two, participants apply their classroom learning in a practical setting (up to three field sites) to: we miss them.” • discuss the history of the site • collectively diagnose the processes at work • discuss options for management.

Dr Alex Sims Trainers Prof Ian Rutherfurd Alex is a senior geomorphologist with an in-depth understanding of waterway form and function. He has published numerous peer-reviewed publications on the dynamics and management of sediment pulses in rivers. Alex has a detailed understanding of how changes in sediment supply impact channel morphology, and of the relationship between vegetation and channel stability in a range of river types. Alex is experienced in a range of techniques to study the movement and impacts of sediment on rivers, including: 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling, sediment transport modelling, LiDAR analysis, discharge analysis at the event, seasonal and decadal timescale and extensive experience with field inspections of waterways.. Prior to joining Alluvium Ian is Alluvium’s Research Director and brings over 30 years experience in the water sector as an academic, consultant and in policy. Ian’s research interests relate to processes of erosion and sedimentation in river channels. Specific areas of research are human impacts on river channels, interactions between vegetation and rivers, and the dynamics of fine and coarse sediment pulses in rivers. His work has turned increasingly to the physical and social dimensions of restoration of disturbed fluvial systems. He has published over 80 journal articles, 50 consulting reports, and has been involved in over $6 million in research grants. He has been assisted in his research by over 60 co-authors and 30 PhD students Ian is the Immediate Past President of the Institute of Australian Geographers, past president of the Australia New Zealand Geomorphology Group, and past co-president of the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria. Rohan Lucas Misko Ivezich Ross Hardie

For the past 15 years we have been building on our collective understanding of river systems and river restoration. This understanding has delivered cost-effective innovations in river restoration and management that benefit communities, industries and natural ecosystems. To date a fundamental of our work has been the establishment of functioning geophysical processes as the basis of broader ecological restoration programs. The physical processes become the foundation upon which ecological recovery or rehabilitation can be achieved. Restoring Australian rivers by understanding and mimicking nature Cherwell Creek. Fitzroy river bank stabilisation.

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