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Department of Surgery 2019 Annual Report

Published by dasteger, 2019-12-23 09:42:06

Description: Brigham Department of Surgery 2019 Annual Report

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Department of Surgery 2019 ANNUAL REPORT

DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY by the numbers 37 161 5 Fellows Faculty ACGME-Accredited Surgical Fellowships 5 31,720 Operations Performed ACGME-Accredited Surgical Residency Programs 214 12 150 Active Grants Interns And Residents Clinical Divisions 40 171,027 Office Visits Active Clinical Trials $39,447,056 Research Spending

A Letter from the Chair For over a century, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and its predecessors have made incredible contributions to advance the field of surgery, in large part due to the people who have been drawn to come to our campus to work. Everyday our surgeons and teams deliver world-class collaborative patient care while advancing scientific research and training the surgical innovators of tomorrow. Over the past year, the Department of Surgery has continued to build on our proud history of clinical and academic achievement. We saw our faculty continue to grow as we welcomed the following new members to our group: Gustavo J. Bauzá, MD, Trauma, Burn, Surgical and Critical Care; Regan W. Bergmark, MD, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery; Antonio Coppolino, III, MD, MSc, Thoracic Surgery; Mark Fairweather, MD, Surgical Oncology; Matthew D. Ingham, MD, Urology; Matthew Mossanen, MD, MPH, Urology; Anju K. Patel, MD, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery; Steven Piantadosi, MD, PhD, Surgical Oncology; and Matthew M. Rochefort, MD, Thoracic Surgery. We also named new department leaders this academic year. Zara Cooper, MD, MSc, was appointed Kessler Director of the Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH); Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, MD, PhD, was named associate chair for Research; Louis L. Nguyen, MD, MPH, MBA, was named associate chair for Digital Health Systems; and Ali Salim, MD, was named associate chair of Surgical Critical Care. Our department continues to be on the cutting edge of surgical research with new grant funding to study combination therapy in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients; to examine non-small cell lung cancer tumors to help cancer immunotherapy efforts; and to measure Multiple Object Awareness (MOA) capacity (a form of spatial long-term memory) to track information in a dynamic world as it relates to our visual intelligence. This year we opened our new state-of-the-art Lung Center. As a Center of Excellence at the Brigham, the Lung Center provides clinical care for all lung-based diagnoses by bringing together more than 30 clinical and research programs and is an excellent model of multidisciplinary clinical care. Our annual report highlights just some of the many examples of our ongoing commitment to excellence in clinical care, research and surgical education. Thank you for taking the time to read our report, we look forward to connecting with you again soon. GERARD M. DOHERTY, MD Moseley Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School Surgeon-in-Chief, Brigham Health & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Crowley Family Distinguished Chair, Department of Surgery, Brigham and Women’s Hospital BWH DOS 3

Faculty DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Brigham and Women’s Hospital attracts internationally renowned surgeons who create pioneering breakthroughs that make a difference for patients today as well as for generations to come. We are committed to delivering world-class, collaborative patient care with a profoundly human touch, while advancing scientific research and training the surgical innovators of tomorrow. BREAST SURGERY CARDIAC SURGERY TARI A. KING, MD PREM S. SHEKAR, MD Chief • Division of Breast Surgery Chief • Division of Anne E. Dyson Associate Professor of Surgery in Cardiac Surgery the Field of Women’s Cancers Associate Professor of Surgery Thanh U. Barbie, MD Elizabeth Mittendorf, MD, PhD Instructor in Surgery Robert and Karen Hale Distinguished Chair Sary F. Aranki, MD in Surgical Oncology Associate Professor of Surgery Katherina Zabicki Calvillo, MD Associate Professor of Surgery Instructor in Surgery Tsuyoshi Kaneko, MD Faina Nakhlis, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Laura S. Dominici, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery Dan Loberman, MD Suniti Nimbkar, MD Instructor in Surgery Margaret M. Duggan, MD Instructor in Surgery Chief Medical Officer, Paul Pirundini, MD Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital Esther Rhei, MD Instructor in Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery James D. Rawn, MD Mehra Golshan, MD, MBA Anna Weiss, MD Instructor in Surgery Dr. Abdul Mohsen and Assistant Professor of Surgery Sultana Al-Tuwaijri Distinguished Chair in Surgical Oncology Associate Professor of Surgery 4 BWH DOS

GENERAL AND GASTROINTESTINAL SURGERY ALI TAVAKKOLI, MD Interim Chief • Division of General and Gastrointestinal Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery Colon and Metabolic and Minimally Invasive Rectal Surgery Bariatric Surgery Surgery (MIS) RONALD BLEDAY, MD SCOTT A. SHIKORA, MD Stanley W. Ashley, MD Section Chief • Colon Section Chief • Metabolic Frank Sawyer Professor of Surgery and Rectal Surgery and Bariatric Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery Professor of Surgery David C. Brooks, MD Associate Professor of Surgery Christian H. Corwin, MD Neil D. Ghushe, MD Instructor in Surgery Instructor in Surgery Douglas S. Smink, MD, MPH Associate Professor of Surgery Joel E. Goldberg, MD Malcolm K. Robinson, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery Edward E. Whang, MD Associate Professor of Surgery Jennifer L. Irani, MD Eric G. Sheu, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery General Surgeons Nelya Melnitchouk, MD, MSc David Spector, MD John J. Froio, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Instructor in Surgery Instructor in Surgery Melissa M. Murphy, MD, MPH Ashley H. Vernon, MD Pardon R. Kenney, MD, MMSc Instructor in Surgery Instructor in Surgery Senior Lecturer on Surgery Paul B. Davidson, PhD Erika L. Rangel, MD, MS Instructor in Psychiatry Assistant Professor of Surgery Mark Gorman, PhD Brent T. Shoji, MD Instructor in Psychiatry Assistant Professor of Surgery BWH DOS 5

ORAL MEDICINE OTOLARYNGOLOGY– PLASTIC AND HEAD AND NECK SURGERY RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY NATHANIEL S. TREISTER, DMD, DMSc RAVINDRA UPPALURI, MD, PhD ANDREA L. PUSIC, MD, MHS Chief • Division of Oral Medicine Chief • Division of Chief • Division of Plastic Associate Professor of Oral Otolaryngology–Head and Neck and Reconstructive Surgery Medicine, Infection, and Immunity Surgery Joseph E. Murray Professor BWH Distinguished Chair in of Surgery Vidya Sankar, DMD, MHS Otolaryngology Assistant Professor of Oral Associate Professor of Otolaryngology Matthew J. Carty, MD Medicine, Infection, and Immunity Associate Professor of Surgery Donald J. Annino, DMD, MD Stephen T. Sonis, DMD, DMSc Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Benjamin P. Christian, MD Professor of Oral Medicine, Instructor in Surgery Infection, and Immunity Regan Bergmark, MD Instructor in Otolaryngology Yoon S. Chun, MD Herve Y. Sroussi, DMD, PhD Associate Professor of Surgery Associate Professor of Oral Thomas L. Carroll, MD Medicine, Infection, and Immunity Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology Jessica Erdmann-Sager, MD Instructor in Surgery Alessandro Villa, DMD, MPH, PhD Carleton Eduardo Corrales, MD Assistant Professor of Oral Instructor in Otolaryngology Lydia A. Helliwell, MD Medicine, Infection, and Immunity Instructor in Surgery Laura A. Goguen, MD Sook-Bin Woo, DMD, MMSc Associate Professor of Otolaryngology Charles A. Hergrueter, MD Associate Professor of Oral Medicine, Assistant Professor of Surgery Infection, and Immunity Alice Z. Maxfield, MD Instructor in Otolaryngology Dennis P. Orgill, MD, PhD Professor of Surgery Anju K. Patel, MD Instructor in Otolaryngology Bohdan Pomahac, MD Roberta and Stephen R. Weiner Anthony A. Prince, MD Distinguished Chair in Surgery Instructor in Otolaryngology Professor of Surgery Rachel E. Roditi, MD Christian E. Sampson, MD Instructor in Otolaryngology Assistant Professor of Surgery Jennifer J. Shin, MD Indranil Sinha, MD Associate Professor of Otolaryngology Assistant Professor of Surgery Simon G. Talbot, MD Associate Professor of Surgery

SURGICAL ONCOLOGY THORACIC SURGERY CHANDRAJIT P. RAUT, MD, MSc RAPHAEL BUENO, MD Interim Chief • Division of Chief • Division of Thoracic Surgical Oncology Surgery Professor of Surgery Fredric G. Levin Distinguished Chair in Thoracic Surgery and Lung Cancer Monica M. Bertagnolli, MD Research Richard E. Wilson Professor of Surgery Professor of Surgery in the Field of Surgical Oncology Antonio Coppolino, III, MD, MSc Thomas E. Clancy, MD Instructor in Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery Christopher T. Ducko, MD Mark Fairweather, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery Michael T. Jaklitsch, MD Jiping Wang, MD, PhD Professor of Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery Abraham Lebenthal, MD, MHA Charles H. Yoon, MD, PhD Instructor in Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery Hari R. Mallidi, MD Endocrine Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery FRANCIS D. MOORE, JR., MD Ciaran McNamee, MD, MSc Section Chief • Endocrine Assistant Professor of Surgery Surgery Francis D. Moore Professor of Steven J. Mentzer, MD Surgery Professor of Surgery Nancy L. Cho, MD Namrata Patil, MD, MPH Assistant Professor of Surgery Instructor in Surgery Gerard M. Doherty, MD Matthew M. Rochefort, MD Moseley Professor of Surgery Instructor in Surgery Atul A. Gawande, MD, MPH Scott J. Swanson, MD Cynthia and John F. Fish Professor of Surgery Distinguished Chair in Surgery Samuel O. Thier Professor of Hisashi Tsukada, MD, PhD Surgery Instructor in Surgery Matthew A. Nehs, MD Jon O. Wee, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery Brian Whang, MD Instructor in Surgery Abby A. White, DO Assistant Professor of Surgery Daniel C. Wiener, MD Instructor in Surgery BWH DOS 7

TRANSPLANT SURGERY TRAUMA, BURN, SURGICAL UROLOGY AND CRITICAL CARE STEFAN G. TULLIUS, MD, PhD ALI SALIM, MD ADAM S. KIBEL, MD Chief • Division of Transplant Chief • Division of Trauma, Burn, Chief • Division of Urology Surgery Surgical and Critical Care Elliott Carr Cutler Professor Professor of Surgery Professor of Surgery of Surgery Sanjay Kumar, MD Reza Askari, MD Steven L. Chang, MD, MS Associate Professor of Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery Assistant Professor of Surgery Sayeed K. Malek, MD Gustavo J. Bauzá, MD Elodi J. Dielubanza, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Instructor in Surgery Christopher J. Burns, MD Instructor in Surgery George Haleblian, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Cristina Carpio, MD Instructor in Surgery Matthew D. Ingham, MD Member of the Faculty of Surgery Zara R. Cooper, MD, MSc Associate Professor of Surgery Martin Kathrins, MD Instructor in Surgery David W. Fink, MD Instructor in Surgery Michael J. Malone, MD Instructor in Surgery Joaquim M. Havens, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Michael W. McDonald, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Stephanie L. Nitzschke, MD, MS Instructor in Surgery Matthew Mossanen, MD, MPH Assistant Professor of Surgery Robert Riviello, MD, MPH Assistant Professor of Surgery Michael P. O’Leary, MD, MPH Professor of Surgery Naomi Shimizu, MD Instructor in Surgery Mark A. Preston, MD, MPH Assistant Professor of Surgery Graeme S. Steele, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Quoc-Dien Trinh, MD Associate Professor of Surgery

VASCULAR AND Research Steven Piantadosi, MD, PhD ENDOVASCULAR SURGERY Senior Investigator Assunta De Rienzo, PhD Member of the Faculty of Surgery MICHAEL BELKIN, MD Lead Investigator Chief • Division of Vascular and Assistant Professor of Surgery William G. Richards, PhD Endovascular Surgery Lead Investigator Professor of Surgery Ann Marie Egloff, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor of Surgery Lead Investigator Garima Dosi, MD Member of the Faculty of Surgery Joel S. Weissman, PhD Edwin C. Gravereaux, MD Senior Investigator Instructor in Surgery Li Jia, PhD Professor of Surgery Lead Investigator Lindsey Korepta, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Jeremy M. Wolfe, PhD Edward M. Kwasnik, MD Senior Investigator Assistant Professor of Surgery Raouf A. Khalil, MD, PhD Professor of Ophthalmology Lead Investigator Edward J. Marcaccio, Jr., MD Associate Professor of Surgery Feng Yao, PhD Assistant Professor of Surgery Lead Investigator James A. Lederer, PhD Associate Professor of Surgery Matthew T. Menard, MD Lead Investigator Associate Professor of Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery Louis L. Nguyen, MD, MPH, MBA EMERITUS Cardiac Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery Anthony D. Whittemore, MD Miguel Haime, MD C. Keith Ozaki, MD Professor of Surgery, Emeritus Jacquelyn A. Quin, MD Professor of Surgery Marco Zenati, MD Michael J. Zinner, MD Marcus E. Semel, MD, MPH Moseley Professor of Surgery, Emeritus Plastic Surgery Instructor in Surgery AFFILIATED FACULTY Shahe Fereshetian, MD South Shore Hospital Urology Frederick Millham, MD B. Price Kerfoot, MD Chair of Surgery, South Shore Hospital Vascular Surgery Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Boston Healthcare System Michelle C. Martin, MD Joseph Raffetto, MD General Surgery Research Kamal Itani, MD Chief of Surgery, VA Boston Health Vivian Cristofaro, PhD Care System Aldebaran Hofer, MD, PhD Jason S. Gold, MD Maryrose P. Sullivan, PhD Gentian Kristo, MD Ann Smith MD, MPH BWH DOS 9

NEW DIVISION CHIEF Dr. King currently serves on the LOUIS L. NGUYEN, MD, MPH, MBA Steering Committee for the Translational Associate Chair for Digital Health TARI A. KING, MD Breast Cancer Research Consortium Systems Chief • Division of Breast Surgery (TBCRC), the National Institute of Cancer Anne E. Dyson Associate Professor of (NCI) Breast Oncology Local Disease Dr. Nguyen has been Surgery in the Field of Women’s Cancers (BOLD) Task Force and the 2019 American appointed associate chair Association for Cancer Research (AACR) for Digital Health Systems Dr. King has been Cancer Progress Report. She is also a in the Department of named the inaugural member of the Executive Council and the Surgery (DoS). In this chief of the newly chair of the Quality Committee for the newly created role, Dr. formed Division of Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO). ª Nguyen will be accountable for the design Breast Surgery at and implementation of the electronic Brigham and Women’s NEW ASSOCIATE CHAIRS health record and other information Hospital. Dr. King is the Anne E. Dyson systems across the DoS. Associate Professor of Surgery in the Field ELIZABETH A. MITTENDORF, MD, PhD Dr. Nguyen will both lead and enable of Women’s Cancers at Harvard Medical Associate Chair for Research digital practice innovation with the goals School. She serves as the associate of increasing practice efficiency and chair of Multidisciplinary Oncology Dr. Mittendorf has been safety, enabling practice growth through in the Department of Surgery as well appointed associate novel patient management interactions as the director of the Breast Cancer chair for Research in the and optimizing the DoS provider-facing Personalized Risk Assessment, Education Department of Surgery presence in eCare. In addition, he will and Prevention (B-PREP) Program at the (DoS). In this role, Dr. advise the various Brigham Health (BH) Brigham. Mittendorf will chair the IT committees and work with DoS faculty Dr. King received her medical degree DoS Research Committee. members and leadership to continually from University of Colorado Health The Research Committee has oversight evolve our information systems in a Sciences Center and completed a general and advisory responsibility for the Surgical progressive manner. ª surgery residency at Ochsner Clinic Research Office and research activities Foundation Hospital (now Ochsner of the DoS, including the review and ALI SALIM, MD Medical Center). Dr. King completed both recommendation of funding support Associate Chair of Surgical a surgical research fellowship and a breast for DoS research activities, specifically Critical Care surgery clinical fellowship at Memorial including bridge funding and utilization of Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Her clinical start-up funding. The Research Committee Dr. Salim has been and research efforts focus on improving also oversees the general surgery resident appointed associate clinical management strategies for research placement and funding process. chair of Surgical Critical women at high risk of developing breast Dr. Mittendorf is an established Care in the Department cancer with a special emphasis on lobular researcher and well-positioned to mentor of Surgery at Brigham carcinoma in situ and atypical hyperplasia. DoS researchers, particularly regarding and Women’s Hospital. She also has an interest in the role of research funding strategies, as well as In this new role, Dr. Salim is accountable surgery in stage IV breast cancer and guiding enterprise-wide innovations in for the 24-hour operational management, through the Translational Breast Cancer surgery research. ª implementation and evaluation of staff Research Consortium (TBCRC) she and patients on the Surgical Intensive Care successfully initiated and completed Units (SICU), including general surgery, accrual to a multi-center trial addressing trauma/burn, thoracic and cardiac surgery. this issue. Additionally, he will collaborate with She has received several awards to the medical directors and chiefs of the support her work on high-risk breast Divisions of Trauma, Burn, Surgical and lesions, including the Society of Surgical Critical Care, General and Gastrointestinal Oncology (SSO) Clinical Investigator Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Award in Breast Cancer Research (2008), Surgery and the chair for the Department a Career Catalyst Research Award (2009), of Surgery in the development of SICU an Investigator-Initiated Research Award service programs and processes to serve (2012) and a leadership grant from the the inpatient, outpatient and community Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation needs, with implementation of effective (2016). Most recently, she was awarded cost containment measures. ª a development grant from the Brigham Precision Medicine Program (2018-19). 10 BWH DOS

NEW FACULTY and skull base, chronic rhinosinusitis, MARK FAIRWEATHER, MD tumors of the sinuses, aspirin exacerbated Surgical Oncology GUSTAVO J. BAUZÁ, MD respiratory disease, as well as general Trauma, Burn, Surgical and otolaryngology. In addition to research Dr. Fairweather is a Critical Care on chronic sinusitis and other sinonasal graduate of Hanover disorders, she studies disparities in health College and received his Dr. Bauzá is a graduate care outcomes and utilization of patient- medical degree from the of Villanova University reported outcomes measures across University of Louisville and received his diverse patient populations. ª School of Medicine. He medical degree from completed a residency in general surgery the Universidad Central ANTONIO COPPOLINO, III, MD, MSc at Brigham and Women’s Hospital followed del Caribe School of Thoracic Surgery by a fellowship in complex general surgical Medicine in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. He oncology at Massachusetts General completed a residency in general surgery Dr. Coppolino Hospital and Brigham and Women’s at Boston University School of Medicine is a graduate of Hospital. followed by a fellowship in surgical critical the University of He is board certified by the American care at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Pennsylvania and Board of Surgery (ABS) in general surgery. Medical School. received his medical Dr. Fairweather’s clinical interests He is board certified by the American degree from George include: Cancers of the gastrointestinal Board of Surgery (ABS) in general surgery Washington University School of Medicine tract and soft-tissue sarcomas. In addition and surgical critical care. His research and and Health Sciences. He also holds an MSc to research on treatment outcomes clinical interests include: Management and in clinical and translational science from for sarcoma, including retroperitoneal outcomes in both trauma and sepsis. ª Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical sarcomas and gastrointestinal stromal Sciences. tumors, he also serves as an executive REGAN W. BERGMARK, MD He completed a residency in general officer for the Alliance Foundation Trials, Otolaryngology – Head and surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/ LLC (AFT), where his work focuses on Neck Surgery Weill Cornell Medical Center followed by a developing and validating methods of residency in thoracic surgery at Brigham capturing high-quality real-world data Dr. Bergmark is a and Women’s Hospital. Most recently, alongside ongoing clinical trials. ª graduate of Stanford Dr. Coppolino completed his fellowship University and was a in heart and lung transplantation and MATTHEW D. INGHAM, MD John Gardner Public mechanical circulatory support at the Urology Service fellow prior to Brigham. receiving her medical He is board certified by the American Dr. Ingham is a graduate degree from Harvard Medical School. Board of Surgery (ABS) and the American of the University of She completed her residency training in Board of Thoracic Surgery (ABTS). Toronto and received the Harvard Otolaryngology Residency His research and clinical interests his medical degree from Program followed by a fellowship in include: Thoracic surgical oncology, end- Eastern Virginia Medical rhinology and anterior skull base surgery stage heart and lung disease, mechanical School, where he also at Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard circulatory support, lung and heart trans- completed his residency in reconstructive Medical School. At Massachusetts Eye and plantation and ex vivo lung perfusion surgery and pelvic health. He completed Ear, Dr. Bergmark was then the Gliklich (EVLP). ª the combined Harvard urologic oncology Healthcare Innovation Scholar where she fellowship at Massachusetts General collaborated with Massachusetts Eye and Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Ear, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Hospital. Business School and the International His research and clinical interests Consortium for Health Outcomes include: Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Measurement (ICHOM) on standardized bladder cancer, hydronephrosis, kidney health outcomes measures. cancer, kidney masses/cysts, laparoscopic Dr. Bergmark is board certified by the surgery, penile cancer, prostate cancer, American Board of Otolaryngology – Head robotic surgery and testicular cancer. ª and Neck Surgery (ABOHNS). Her clinical interests include: Diseases of the sinuses BWH DOS 11

IN MEMORIAM MATTHEW MOSSANEN, MD, MPH STEVEN PIANTADOSI, MD, PhD Urology Surgical Oncology John A. Mannick, MD 1928 - 2019 Dr. Mossanen is Dr. Piantadosi joined a graduate of the Brigham and Women’s Dr. Mannick served as Moseley University of California, Hospital as the new Professor of Surgery at Harvard Los Angeles, where he associate senior Medical School between 1976 received his medical biostatistician, Division and 1994. He was a national and degree from the David of Surgical Oncology. international leader in vascular Geffen School of Medicine. He also holds a He received his medical degree from the surgery and surgical research Master of Public Health from the Harvard University of North Carolina at Chapel and a dedicated educator who T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Dr. Hill School of Medicine followed by a PhD provided seminal contributions in Mossanen completed a residency in in biomathematics at the University of transplantation immunology and urology from the University of Washington Alabama at Birmingham. After six years in understanding the role of the School of Medicine followed by the as staff fellow at the National Cancer intrinsic immune system in burns combined Harvard urologic oncology Institute (NCI), he joined the Department and other forms of acute injury. fellowship at Massachusetts General of Oncology at the Johns Hopkins Medical Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Institutions as director of Biostatistics. Dr. Mannick contributed many Hospital. He rose through the ranks as professor successful techniques to the His research and clinical interests of oncology for the Departments of practice of vascular surgery, include: Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Johns including the use of vein grafts to bladder cancer, kidney cancer, kidney Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public reconstruct the tibial and peroneal masses/cysts, laparoscopic surgery, penile Health. In 2007, he moved to Cedars- arteries and the reduction of cancer, prostate cancer, robotic surgery Sinai Medical Center, where he served as mortality from abdominal aortic and testicular cancer. ª the first director of the Samuel Oschin aneurysm repair from more than Comprehensive Cancer Institute for 10 five percent to less than two percent years. ª through the use of volume loading and minimal dissection of the ANJU K. PATEL, MD MATTHEW M. ROCHEFORT, MD aorta and iliac arteries. In addition, Otolaryngology – Head and Thoracic Surgery he also contributed to the use of Neck Surgery axillo-femoral and femoro-femoral Dr. Rochefort is grafts to correct aortoiliac occlusive Dr. Patel is a graduate a graduate of the disease in certain high-risk patients, of George Washington University of Miami, as well as the demonstration that University School of where he also received autogenous tissue reconstruction Medicine and Health his medical degree techniques can be applied with very Sciences. She completed from the Leonard M. high rates of long-term success in residency training in Miller School of Medicine. He completed over 90% of patients with limb- otolaryngology – head and neck surgery a residency in general surgery at the threatening femoropopliteal and at Tufts Medical Center followed by a University of California, Los Angeles infrapopliteal occlusive disease. fellowship in laryngology and care of the followed by a residency in thoracic surgery professional voice at Emory University. at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Also a skilled administrator, Dr. Most recently, Dr. Patel was in private Dr. Rochefort is board certified in Mannick made a major contribution practice at ENT and Allergy Associates. general surgery by the American Board of to the growth of the Department Dr. Patel is board certified by the Surgery (ABS). of Surgery at the Brigham and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head His research and clinical interests services it could offer during the and Neck Surgery (ABOHNS). Her clinical include: Benign esophageal pathology, planning and formation of the new interests include: Management of voice and including gastroesophageal reflux Brigham and Women’s Hospital, swallowing disorders, minimally invasive disease (GERD) and achalasia, esophageal which opened in 1980. ª surgical techniques and in-office laryngeal cancer, lung cancer, minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, her research surgery, thymoma and thymic carcinoma, interests include vocal fold paralysis, the robotic surgery, and medical and surgical aging larynx and chronic dysphagia. ª education. ª


The Brigham lung center opens its doors As a Center of Excellence at Brigham multidisciplinary care for our and Women’s Hospital, the Lung patients.” Center provides clinical care for all lung-based diagnoses—from asthma, The Making of the to cystic fibrosis, to rare lung cancers Lung Center like mesothelioma—all in one place. “Initially, it was virtual to a “We are trying to break down silos great extent,” Dr. Bueno says. “The in the care of lung diseases with an pulmonary medicine and thoracic innovative approach to creating a surgery clinics were across the hall diagnosis-based outpatient clinic as from one another, and we did have opposed to a specialty-based clinic,” some joint programs, such as the lung Raphael Bueno, MD, chief of the transplant program.” Division of Thoracic Surgery and co- director of the Brigham Lung Center, The transformation process began says. “Just as a cancer center deals with a retreat and the creation of a with anything to do with cancer, the steering committee that met every Lung Center deals with anything to week for five and a half years to make do with lung diseases.” the Lung Center a reality. When space became available nearby the “This type of effort is trans- pulmonary and thoracic surgery formative,” Bruce Levy, MD, chief clinics, Drs. Bueno and Levy lobbied of the Division of Pulmonary and for that space to build the center. The Critical Care Medicine and co- Brigham facilities team renovated the director of the Brigham Lung Center, space into a beautiful, comforting and says. “By bringing together our efficient ambulatory clinical space lung providers here at the Brigham, we can provide individualized, 14 BWH DOS


Thoracic surgeon Matthew Rochefort and thoracic surgery fellow Hassan Khalil collaborate in the Lung Center. for patients. When the Lung Center A Clinical Center lung condition, from common to opened its doors, it became fully complex to critical. Reaching across integrated with the main ambulatory of Excellence a dozen disciplines—including clinics for Pulmonary Critical Care pathology, radiology, anesthesiology, Medicine and Thoracic Surgery Individually, the Division of radiation and medical oncology, (now Lung Centers A and B), chest Thoracic Surgery and the Division otolaryngology, precision medicine imaging and thoracic radiology, and of Pulmonary and Critical Care and nursing—the center provides soon, pulmonary function testing. Medicine are ranked among the top an integrated, seamless experience such programs in the nation. The new for patients with lung conditions. It is difficult to imagine a more Lung Center provides comprehensive, For example, the Airway and fitting place for this first-of-its- customized care for all lung Breathing Disorders Programs kind center in the nation. The patients by bringing together a unites the clinical and research Brigham, along with its predecessor multidisciplinary team of medical and expertise of pulmonologists, thoracic institutions, has a long tradition of surgical experts from the pulmonary surgeons, allergists/immunologists, important medical milestones in and thoracic divisions and the Lowe otolaryngologists, oncologists and lung care—the introduction of the Center for Thoracic Oncology within occupational medicine specialists. Drinker respirator (or iron lung) that Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s saved a young polio patient’s life Cancer Center. Similarly, the Infectious Lung at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital Conditions and Immunologic in 1929; and the participation of The Lung Center is an international Disorders Programs integrate Brigham surgeons in the first wave referral center, caring for the most the skills and experience of of successful lung transplants in complex patients from the United a multidisciplinary team of 1990. States and abroad. It houses 36 infectious disease physicians, specialized programs for every 16 BWH DOS

pulmonologists (with particular diagnosis, not based on specialty,” Dr. lung care, we hope that the new interest in challenging infections), Bueno explains. “If you have a cough, rheumatologists, radiologists, there are many potential causes. The Lung Center space will be a beacon pathologists, thoracic surgeons and Lung Center helps patients get to the the diagnostic microbiology and right doctors based on their issues, not of innovation in translational lung rheumatology laboratories. With based on searching for the right type integration of care from renowned of doctor.” research and education,” Dr. Levy physicians, surgeons, scientists, nurses and support staff, the Lung Empowering says. Center is poised to make great advances in the care of patients with Collaborative Care “Our goal is to provide lung diseases. Patients are not the only ones extraordinary care for any lung The Patient Experience who benefit from all their doctors being in one place. Bringing together condition by bringing together Patients who come to the Lung specialists in a collaborative clinical Center will find all their providers space improves cross-departmental more than 30 clinical and research and services located in one place— communication, teamwork, Lung Center A (Pulmonary Medicine) innovation, training, knowledge programs,” Dr. Bueno says. and Lung Center B (Thoracic Surgery), sharing and research collaboration. co-located down the hall; and Lung In partnership with the Channing “Combined with our academic Center C (International Mesothelioma Division of Network Medicine, the Program), the brand-new clinic Divisions of Pulmonary and Critical setting, it iistsoknienodf.”thªe most ambitious facility dedicated to multidisciplinary Care Medicine and Thoracic Surgery centers of lung care. Next door and across the have joined forces to create a Lung hall are the Division of Thoracic Research Center at the Brigham 36 Imaging, ambulatory radiology, Research Institute. the X-ray and CT Scan clinic, and specialized programs pulmonary function testing. Solving the mysteries of complex for every lung condition, and rare lung disorders requires from common to complex “The center is all about patient the expertise of dozens of niche to critical experience and patient care,” Dr. specialists, a full array of diagnostic Bueno says. “We believe our patients tools and a well-refined system for 30 ought to have same-day care. They sharing information. In the Lung should not have to wait another Center, the sharing of a single clinical and research month between visits.” Eliminating patient intake form across clinical, programs multiple visits and appointments is surgical and research structures is not only more convenient for patients, revolutionizing how patients with Gerard Doherty, surgeon-in-chief and Crowley but it also helps speed their recovery. lung conditions receive care. With the Family Distinguished Chair, speaks at the Lung common patient intake form, Lung Center opening. “We make every effort to help Center physicians and surgeons can patients see multiple specialists on review and share information about the same day,” Dr. Bueno says. That risk factors, heredity and clinical includes employing patient navigators impact with a precision that would to help patients take advantage of be very challenging without a unified every support service and help orient medical record. This collaborative them and their families through the workflow also sets the stage for hospital by accompanying them to physician-scientists to make life- appointments and testing. altering discoveries in lung medicine. “In the Lung Center, we’re blessed “The common patient intake form to practice with professional, simplifies information gathering from dedicated and compassionate our patients and communication flow staff who treat each patient with between our clinical lung practices,” the kindness and detailed care Dr. Levy says. “And it also helps to coordination that you would want for enable annotation for our translational your friends and family members,” biomedical research.” Dr. Levy says. “In addition to transformative “We are a one-stop shop based on BWH DOS 17

Education CURRENT RESIDENTS PGY 2 The Department of Surgery General Surgery James Etheridge, MD combines top-notch clinical Eastern Virginia Medical School care with world-class research Program Director: and cutting-edge education Douglas S. Smink, MD, MPH Jessica Feliz, MD to provide comprehensive University of Virginia School of Medicine surgical training programs. Associate Program Directors: Teaching tomorrow’s leaders Jennifer Irani, MD; Matthew Nehs, Katherine He, MD today… MD; Stephanie Nitzschke, MD, MS; University of Michigan Medical School Naomi Shimizu, MD 150 Patrick Heindel, MD Interns and Residents PGY 1 Keck School of Medicine of USC 37 CATEGORICAL Paige Newell, MD Fellows Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple Alexis Antunez, MD University 5 University of Michigan Medical School Mehida Rojas-Alexandre, MD ACGME-Accredited James Fitzgibbon, MD Yale School of Medicine Surgical Residency Programs Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Eva Rouanet Hendrix, MD 5 University of Massachusetts Medical School Kerri McKie, MD ACGME-Accredited University of Massachusetts Medical School Matthew Vivero, MD Surgical Fellowships Columbia University Vagelos College of Brittany Powell, MD Physicians and Surgeons 12 Stanford University School of Medicine Vanessa Welten, MD Non-ACGME-Accredited Cullen Roberts, MD Northwestern University Feinberg School of Surgical Fellowships Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown Medicine University 18 BWH DOS Christine Wu, MD Matthew Schoen, MD University of Michigan Medical School Stanford University School of Medicine PGY 3 Sarabeth Spitzer, MD Stanford University School of Medicine Sophie Hofferberth, MD University of Melbourne Medical School, Megan Sulciner, MD Australia University of Minnesota Medical School Frances Hu, MD Biqi Zhang, MD Emory University School of Medicine Harvard Medical School Lenka Ilcisin, MD PRELIMINARY Harvard Medical School Leah Ahn, MD David Mahvi, MD Tufts University School of Medicine University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Sophie Chung, MD Yale School of Medicine Pooja Neiman, MD David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Ronak Jani, MD University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Rowza Rumma, MD Stanford University School of Medicine Jared Nowell, MD Columbia University Vagelos College of Paul Salem, MD Physicians and Surgeons Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine Olumide Olulade, MD Elizabeth Yates, MD Howard University College of Medicine University of Michigan Medical School Sara Park, MD PGY 4 Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Bryan Dieffenbach, MD UC San Diego School of Medicine Ke Zhang, MD Yale School of Medicine Anthony Haddad, MD American University of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon

Jonathan Hills-Dunlap, MD From L-R, Marko Boskovski, Peter Najjar, Melissa Mallory, Lindsey Wolf, Gerard Doherty, Stanford University School of Medicine Anupamaa Seshadri, Bethany Strong, Joseph Mets and Julius Ejiofor. George Li, MD Jamie Knell, MD Anupamaa Seshadri, MD Duke University School of Medicine UC San Diego School of Medicine Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Heather Lyu, MD Abby Larson, MD Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Bethany Strong, MD Acute Care Surgery Fellowship, University of Alessandra Moore, MD Pamela Lu, MD Maryland/R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma University of Massachusetts Medical School University of Massachusetts Medical School Center Linda Pak, MD James Luo, MD Lindsey Wolf, MD, MPH University of Michigan Medical School University of Chicago Pritzker School of Pediatric General Surgery Fellowship, Medicine Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Nidhi Udyavar, MD George Washington University School of Arin Madenci, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery Medicine University of Michigan Medical School Integrated (I-6) Program PGY 5 Danny Mou, MD Program Director: Emory University School of Medicine Michael T. Jaklitsch, MD Alexandra Columbus, MD Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Laura Piechura, MD INTEGRATED (I-6) PROGRAM Jefferson University Stanford University School of Medicine Patrick Gedeon, MD, PGY 1 Gillian Fell, MD, PhD Jason Pradarelli, MD Duke University School of Medicine Harvard Medical School University of Michigan Medical School Rohan Shah, MD, PGY 1 David Harris, MD Lily Saadat, MD Baylor College of Medicine University of Virginia School of Medicine Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Sue Wang, MD, PGY 2 Elizabeth Lilley, MD UCSF School of Medicine Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical Bixiao Zhao, MD School Yale School of Medicine Hoda Javadikasgari, MD, PGY 2 Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran Rebecca Scully, MD 2019 GRADUATES Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Kathleen Weiss, MD, PGY 3 Marko Boskovski, MD, MPH University of Miami Miller School of Medicine James Senturk, MD, PhD Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Brigham Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Women’s Hospital RESEARCH Kristin Sonderman, MD, MPH Julius Ejiofor, MD Ariana Jones, MD University of Wisconsin School of Medicine Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Brigham UCSF School of Medicine and Public Health and Women’s Hospital Morgan Harloff, MD Russell Witt, MD Melissa Mallory, MD Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan UC Davis School of Medicine Breast Surgery Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY Farhang Yazdchi, MD RESEARCH Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Joseph Mets, MD Sciences, Iran Rachel Atkinson, MD Private Practice, Intercoastal Medical Group, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Sarasota, FL Yifan Zheng, MD Boston University School of Medicine Sourav Bose, MD Peter Najjar, MD, MBA Perelman School of Medicine at the Colorectal Surgery Fellowship, Brigham University of Pennsylvania and Women’s Hospital Karan Chhabra, MD University of Michigan Medical School Samuel Enumah, MD Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Adam Fields, MD Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Sameer Hirji, MD Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Joshua Jolissaint, MD University of Virginia School of Medicine BWH DOS 19

Otolaryngology PGY 4 Oral Medicine Program Director, Harvard Nicholas Abt, MD Program Director: Otolaryngology Residency Program: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Alessandro Villa, DDS, PhD, MPH Stacey T. Gray, MD Jenny Chen, MD PGY 1 Assistant Program Director: Harvard Medical School Kevin S. Emerick, MD Prazwala Chirravur, BDS Shekhar Gadkaree, MD India (certificate program) BWH Site Director: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Malak Al-Hadlaq, BDS Alice Z. Maxfield, MD Saudi Arabia (certificate and DMSc program) Vivek Kanumuri, MD PGY 1 Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical PGY 2 School Ryan Bartholomew, MD Amal Bajonaid, BDS Harvard Medical School Ashley Miller, MD Saudi Arabia (certificate and MMSc University of Michigan Medical School program) Elliana DeVore (Kirsh), MD Yuanming Xu, DDS Harvard Medical School CHIEF RESIDENTS China (certificate and MMSc program) Rossella Intini, DDS Krish Suresh, MD Alessandra Colaianni, MD Italy (certificate program) Northwestern University Feinberg School of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Shaiba Sandhu, DDS Medicine UCSF School of Dentistry (certificate program) Allen Feng, MD Michael Wu, MD Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine PGY 3 Harvard Medical School Natalie Justicz, MD Nancy Wilson, DMD Roy Xiao, MD Emory University School of Medicine Augusta University School of Dentistry Case Western Reserve University School of (certificate program) Medicine Anuraag Parikh, MD Columbia University Vagelos College of 2019 GRADUATES PGY 2 Physicians and Surgeons Roxanne Bavarian, DMD Ciersten Burks, MD Alisa Yamasaki, MD University of Illinois at Chicago College of Indiana University School of Medicine Harvard Medical School Dentistry (certificate and DMSc program) Lauren Miller, MD RESEARCH Muhammad Ali Shazib, DMD Perelman School of Medicine at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School University of Pennsylvania Phoebe Kuo Yu, MD of Dental Medicine (certificate program) Yale School of Medicine Christopher McHugh, MD, PhD Plastic Surgery Wayne State University School of Medicine Vinay Rathi, MD Yale School of Medicine Program Director, Harvard Plastic Tara Mokhtari, MD Surgery Residency Program: Stanford University School of Medicine 2019 GRADUATES Michael Yaremchuk, MD Associate Program Director: Alan Workman, MD Ashton Lehmann, MD Kyle Eberlin, MD Perelman School of Medicine at the Rhinology Fellowship, Massachusetts Eye University of Pennsylvania and Ear Infirmary INTEGRATED PROGRAM PGY 1 PGY 3 Brian Lin, MD Neurotology Fellowship, Johns Hopkins Brittany Caruso, MD Eric Barbarite, MD University School of Medicine Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University of Miami Miller School of Medicine University Katie Phillips, MD Seth Fruge, MD Adeeb Derakhshan, MD Rhinology/Neurotology and Skull Base Louisiana State University School of Medicine Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Fellowship, Stanford University School of Case Western Reserve University Medicine Suresh Mohan, MD Yin Ren MD, PhD Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery University Fellowship, UC San Diego School of Medicine Krupa Patel, MD Rosh Sethi, MD, MPH Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery Sciences Fellowship, University of Michigan Medical School Tiffany Wang, MD Keck School of Medicine of USC 20 BWH DOS

Kimberly Khouri, MD Silviu Diaconu, MD, PGY 6 Marie Valovska, MD New York University School of Medicine Northwestern University Feinberg School of Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Medicine PGY 2 PGY 2 SENIOR RESIDENTS Olivia Abbate, MD Tracy Han, MD Georgetown University School of Medicine Mario Aycart, MD, PGY 7 Duke University School of Medicine Tufts University School of Medicine Sarah Karinja, MD Kevin Melnick, MD Columbia University Vagelos College of Ravi Sood, MD, PGY 7 Emory University School of Medicine Physicians and Surgeons University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Venkat Ramakrishnan, MD Eric Wenzinger, MD University of Louisville School of Medicine Medical University of South Carolina CHIEF RESIDENTS PGY 3 PGY 3 KC Collins, MD, MBA, PGY 8 Tufts University School of Medicine Erica Ditkoff, MD Jason Clain, MD Columbia University Vagelos College of Tufts University School of Medicine Ashleigh Francis, MD, PGY 8 Physicians and Surgeons McGovern Medical School at University of Brittany Vieira, MD Texas Health Science Center-Houston Gricelda Gomez, MD Northwestern University Feinberg School of Harvard Medical School Medicine Mark Greyson, MD, PGY 8 University of Virginia School of Medicine Stephen Reese, MD Frankie Wong, MD Boston University School of Medicine David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 2019 GRADUATES PGY 4 PGY 4 Avery Capone, MD Private Practice, Pittsburgh, PA Alexandra J. Berger, MD Timothy Irwin, MD Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown Penn State College of Medicine Ryan Cauley, MD University Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellowship, Beth Dylan Perry, MD Israel Deaconess Medical Center Manuel Ozambela, MD University of Massachusetts Medical School Harvard Medical School Shawn Diamond, MD Arman Serebrakian, MD, MS Microsurgery Fellowship, UCI School of Julie Szymaniak, MD Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple Medicine Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical University School Brian Freniere, MD SENIOR RESIDENTS Hand Surgery Fellowship, Massachusetts PGY 5 General Hospital Lisa Gfrerer, MD, PhD, PGY 5 Hyo Sang Chiang, MD Medical University of Vienna, Austria Johanna Riesel, MD Harvard Medical School Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Toronto Brent Pickrell, MD, PGY 5 Hospital for Sick Children, University of Jeffrey Howard, MD Baylor College of Medicine Toronto Baylor College of Medicine Jacob Rinkinen, MD, PGY 5 Danny Roh, MD, PhD Valary Raup, MD University of Michigan Medical School Plastic Surgery Faculty, Boston Medical Washington University School of Medicine in Center St. Louis CHIEF RESIDENTS Urology 2019 GRADUATES Joani Christensen, MD, PGY 6 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Program Director: Tyler McClintock, MD George Haleblian, MD MBA Program, Harvard Business School David Mattos, MD, MBA, PGY 6 Harvard Medical School PGY 1 Jacqueline Speed, MD Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Stanford Erin Taylor, MD, PGY 6 Brittany Berk, MD University School of Medicine Columbia University Vagelos College of University of Massachusetts Medical School Physicians and Surgeons Catherine Gu, MD INDEPENDENT PROGRAM Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania JUNIOR RESIDENTS Jason Gardenier, MD, PGY 6 University of Virginia School of Medicine BWH DOS 21

CURRENT FELLOWS Stephanie Wong, MD Cardiothoracic McGill University Medical School, Canada Surgery Transplant Acute Care Fellowship Surgery Fellowship Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship Program Director: Program Director: Antonio Coppolino, III, MD, MSc Reza Askari, MD Program Director: Mohamed Keshk, MD Mehreen Kisat, MD Michael T. Jaklitsch, MD Cairo University, Kasr El-Aini School Aga Khan University Medical College, of Medicine, Egypt Pakistan PGY 6 2019 GRADUATE 2019 GRADUATE Marko Boskovski, MD Yale School of Medicine Anthony Coppolino, MD Sean Hickey, MD Attending Surgeon, Brigham and Women’s Surgery Faculty, North Shore Medical Center, Anthony Cipriano, MD Hospital, Boston, MA Massachusetts General Hospital Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Colorectal Surgery Adult Cardiac Fellowship Surgery Fellowship Mia DeBarros, MD Boston University School of Medicine Program Director: Program Director: Nelya Melnitchouk, MD, MSc Tsuyoshi Kaneko, MD Julius Ejiofor, MD Peter Najjar, MD Yuji Kawano, MD UT Southwestern Medical School University of Chicago Pritzker School of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Medicine, Japan Desiree Steimer, MD University of Kentucky College of Medicine 2019 GRADUATE Advanced Laparoscopic Fellowship PGY 7/8 Anne Fabrizio, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery, Beth Israel Program Director: Kareem Bedeir, MD Deaconess Medical Center Ali Tavakkoli, MD Alexandria University School of Medicine, Colston Edgerton, MD Egypt Endocrine Surgery Wake Forest University School of Medicine Fellowship Hassan Khalil, MD 2019 GRADUATE McGovern Medical School at University of Program Director: Texas Health Science Center-Houston Matthew A. Nehs, MD Peter Szasz, MD Sean Wrenn, MD University of Toronto Medical School, Andrew Papoy, MD Rush Medical College Canada University of Kentucky College of Medicine 2019 GRADUATE Breast Surgery Fellowship Sunu Philip, MD University of Cape Town Medical School, T.K. Pandian, MD Program Director: South Africa Assistant Professor of Surgery, Washington Mehra Golshan, MD University School of Medicine in St. Louis Olga Cantor, MD 2019 GRADUATES University of Illinois College of Medicine Allison Laws, MD Isidore Dinga Madou, MD McMaster University School of Medicine, Cardiac Surgery Fellowship, Duke University Ontario, Canada School of Medicine 2019 GRADUATES Alexi Matousek, MD Caroline Jones McGuin, MD Attending Surgeon, Sacred Heart Medical University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Spokane, WA School Taufiek Konrad Rajab, MBBS 22 BWH DOS Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Fellowship, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Children's Hospital Colorado Paul Toste, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Endovascular Cardiac 2019 GRADUATES Winta Mehtsun, MD Surgery Fellowship University of Virginia School of Medicine Zeynep Bilgi, MD Program Director: Tsuyoshi Kaneko, Assistant Professor, Thoracic Surgery, George Molina, MD MD Medeniyet University Medical School, Turkey Harvard Medical School Humbo Shim, MD Apostolos Kandalis, MD 2019 GRADUATE Hanyang University College of Medicine, Private General Surgery Practice, Athens Korea Euroclinic, Greece Akhil Chawla, MD Surgical Oncology Faculty, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine General Thoracic Oral Oncology and Oral Urological Oncology Surgery Fellowship Medicine Fellowship Fellowship Program Director: Program Director: Alessandro Villa, Program Director: Michael T. Jaklitsch, MD DDS, PhD, MPH Steven L. Chang, MD, MS Moaiad Salous, DMD Jessica Della Valle Howard University College of Medicine Eugene Cone, MD University of Florida College of Medicine Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown 2019 GRADUATE University Rory Beattie King’s College London GKT School of Medical Paolo Fantozzi, DDS Melissa Huynh, MD Education Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Surgical Critical Western University, Ontario, Canada Mayrim Rios Perez Care Fellowship University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine Alice Yu, MD Program Director: McGill University Medical School, Montreal, Matthew Pommerening Reza Askari, MD Canada McGovern Medical School at University of Allison Brown, MD Texas Health Science Center-Houston University of Wisconsin School of Medicine 2019 GRADUATES and Public Health 2019 GRADUATES Choyin Chung, MD Daniel Pucheril, MD University of Texas Medical Branch Attending Surgeon, Kettering Health Network, Rafael Castillion, MD Alfredo Cordova, MD Dayton, OH Staff, Hospital Angeles Chihuahua, Mexico Universidad de San Martin de Porres, Peru Laura Hansen, MD Dimitar Zlatev, MD Carolyn Moore, MD University of Connecticut School of Medicine Urology Faculty, Massachusetts General Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, University Hospital of Kansas School of Medicine 2019 GRADUATES Vascular Surgery Fellowship Desiree Steimer, MD Ashley Aaron, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Brigham Abdominal Transplant Fellow, Massachusetts Program Director: and Women’s Hospital General Hospital Matthew Menard, MD Mehreen Kisat, MD Danielle Thesier, MD Acute Care Surgery Fellow, Brigham and Andrew Soo Hoo, MD Vascular Surgery Fellowship, University Women’s Hospital Wayne State University School of Medicine of Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Kathryn Van Orden, MD Biomedical Sciences Assistant Professor, Trauma and Acute Care Gaurav Sharma, MD Surgery, Boston Medical Center Keck School of Medicine of USC Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery Fellowship Surgical Oncology Fellowship Jillian Walsh, MD Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Program Director: Program Director: Western University, Ontario, Canada Jon O. Wee, MD Chandrajit P. Raut, MD, MSc 2019 GRADUATE John S. Young, MD Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical Christine Lotto, MD School Attending Surgeon, Capital Health, associated with the University of Medicine Ealaf Shemmeri, MD and Dentistry of New Jersey Ross University School of Medicine BWH DOS 23

ANNOUNCEMENTS Douglas S. Smink, MD, MPH, Receives Parker J. Palmer Courage to Teach Award from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Dr. Smink was awarded a 2019 Parker J. Palmer Courage to Teach Award from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The Parker J. Palmer Courage to Teach Award honors program directors who find innovative ways to teach residents and who provide quality health care while remaining connected to the initial impulse to care for others in this environment. Parker J. Palmer’s book The Courage to Teach promotes the concept of “living divided no more,” which has proven relevant to teaching in academic health centers. Dr. Smink is a minimally invasive general surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. His clinical interests include foregut surgery, biliary tract disease and abdominal wall hernias. He received his medical degree from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He completed a general surgery residency at the Brigham and a minimally invasive surgery fellowship at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. He is the associate chair of education in the Department of Surgery and program director of the general surgery residency. Dr. Smink is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Surgical Education and serves as a member of the editorial board of the Surgical Council on Resident Education (SCORE). His research focuses on resident and faculty education through simulation. He is co- leader of the Surgical Culture program at the Brigham Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH), where he studies how to teach communication, leadership and decision- making to surgeons and surgical teams. ª Douglas Smink and Danny Mou discussing a case in the operating room. 24 BWH DOS

NELYA MELNITCHOUK, MD, MSc, VISITING PROFESSORS Appointed Colorectal Surgery Fellowship Program Director David J. Sugarbaker Lectureship in Dr. Melnitchouk is an associate surgeon in the Division of General Thoracic Surgery and Gastrointestinal Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Walter Klepetko, MD an assistant professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. Medical University of Vienna, Austria She received her medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Gerald and Elaine Schuster Medicine and completed her general surgery residency at Brigham Distinguished Lecturer in Thoracic and Women’s Hospital followed by a colorectal surgery fellowship at Surgery the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Ara Vaporciyan, MD, FACS, MHPE Medical Center. She is board certified in general surgery and colon and rectal surgery. MD Anderson Cancer Center Dr. Melnitchouk is active in health services research with a focus on appendiceal and colorectal cancers and access to care and disparities. She co-leads the cancer Joseph E. Murray Visiting Professor in and comparative effectiveness research core at the Brigham Center for Surgery and Transplant Surgery Public Health (CSPH). Dr. Melnitchouk is an active member of the American Society of Nancy L. Ascher, MD, PhD Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) and the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO). She UCSF School of Medicine also has multiple published manuscripts and book chapters. ª Gordon C. Vineyard Lecturer in STEPHANIE L. NITZSCHKE, MD, MS, AND NAOMI SHIMIZU, MD, Surgery Appointed Associate Directors of the General Surgery Residency Program Sandra L. Wong, MD, MS Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Dr. Nitzschke is an acute care surgeon, trauma surgeon and surgical intensivist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she Hechtman Trauma Lecturer in serves as medical director of the Burn Center and is an instructor Surgery in surgery at Harvard Medical School. Hasan B. Alam, MD She is a graduate of Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine University of Michigan Medical School and completed a general surgery residency at Inova Fairfax Hospital. Dr. Nitzschke completed a burn surgery fellowship at the U.S. Army Institute John A. Mannick Visiting Professor in of Surgical Research (USAISR) and a trauma and critical care fellowship at the Vascular Surgery University of Pennsylvania. ª Ronald M. Fairman, MD Perelman School of Medicine at the Dr. Shimizu is an acute care surgeon, trauma surgeon and surgical University of Pennsylvania intensivist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is an instructor in surgery at Harvard Medical School. Lawrence and Judith Schlager Family Lecturer in Surgical Oncology She is a graduate of the John A. Burns School of Medicine and Jeffrey A. Drebin, MD, PhD completed her general surgery residency at the University of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center California, San Francisco (East Bay); a research fellowship at University of California, San Francisco; and an acute care and surgical critical care fellowship at Lawrence H. Cohn Visiting Professor Brigham and Women’s Hospital. ª in Cardiac Surgery A. Marc Gillinov, MD Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University Nina S. Braunwald Visiting Lecturer in Surgery Caprice C. Greenberg, MD, MPH University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Zinner-Gelman Visiting Professor in Surgery, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine Tomislav Mihaljevic, MD Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University Pro Tempore Visiting Professor Francis D. Moore Lecturer in Surgery Timothy M. Pawlik, MD, MPH, MTS, PhD, FACS Ohio State University College of Medicine BWH DOS 25

jamie robertson Director of Innovation in Surgical Education Jamie Robertson, PhD, MPH, has Robertson plainly states. And yet, she health at the Western Pennsylvania taken on the newly created role of couldn’t seem to stay away from the School for Blind Children, and she director of Innovation in Surgical classroom. While studying creative was a member of a Fogarty training Education in the Department of writing and political science as an grant that provided basic clinical Surgery at Brigham and Women’s undergraduate at Seattle University, research training for physicians in Hospital. Dr. Robertson has long been she taught reading to students in India. involved in undergraduate, graduate kindergarten through third grade at a and continuing medical education, local elementary school. In fact, it was “This is an exciting opportunity to where she has amassed extensive a semester abroad teaching English expand beyond simulation and take experience creating curricula and in South Africa that would set her on advantage of innovative teaching assessments for learners in a variety the path to the intersection of public methods and new educational of medical and surgical specialties. health, health care and education. She technologies,” Dr. Robertson says Most recently, she served as director attributes a 50% HIV rate in a South of her new role. “The Department of Education at Brigham’s STRATUS African township to her volunteering of Surgery is a particularly good Center for Medical Simulation, where at an HIV peer education program place for these types of innovations, she oversaw the development and upon her return to Seattle and because it has long focused on implementation of simulation-based beginning work toward her MPH education and already has a great education and assessment programs and eventual PhD at the University of community of surgical educators.” for 14 of Brigham’s 16 departments. Pittsburgh. Dr. Robertson’s focus is on creating Focusing on Innovative faculty development programs Prior to coming to the Brigham, that promote the use of innovative Dr. Robertson served as the clinical Education teaching methodologies to improve outcomes and quality improvement both learning and feedback for director in the Department of “Surgery delivery is evolving, students and residents. Anesthesiology and Perioperative and surgical training is evolving,” Medicine at Oregon Health Douglas Smink, MD, MPH, associate Becoming an Educator Sciences University, where she chair of Education in the Department led the development of a quality of Surgery, explains. “We needed Long before Dr. Robertson improvement and clinical outcomes a faculty member who could work earned an MPH in behavioral and database and taught epidemiology one-on-one with program directors, community health sciences and a PhD and essentials of clinical practice to fellowship directors, clerkship in epidemiology, she was destined medical students. It was there that she directors and learners to take our for a career in education—even if became involved in simulation as a surgery education group to the next she didn’t know it. Growing up in member of an interdisciplinary mock level.” Cheyenne, Wyoming, her mother code team, bringing together the was a special education teacher and metrics used in mock codes with the Each year, the department educates her grandmother taught typing and metrics in real codes. approximately 400 learners, including shorthand. “I had absolutely no students, residents and fellows. interest in becoming a teacher,” Dr. Dr. Robertson was also the recipient “Our clerkship directors, residency of an Albert Schweitzer Fellowship directors and fellowship directors 26 BWH DOS (ASF) to teach human sexuality and can devote only a portion of their days to education work,” Dr. Smink

says. “Dr. Robertson will partner technology to mannequins and live- with these directors to help identify areas for innovation and enact those actor patients. improvements.” She will also focus on helping trainees enhance the way “The focus may be on improving that they learn and make the learning process more personalized. surgical technique, teamwork, “Dr. Robertson brings great communication skills, empathy expertise in simulation. In her time at STRATUS, she showed that she is or techniques such as history and someone who brings people together to get things done,” Dr. Smink says. physical exam,” Dr. Robertson Perhaps her best-known project there is the NASA simulation, where explains. “These are very important she oversaw the development of clinical scenarios and training on in many aspects of surgical training,” nontechnical skills, teamwork and decision-making during medical Dr. Smink adds. For example, one events in the limited-resource setting of space travel. These simulations current OR team training simulation focused on leadership roles and prioritizing medical events within the focused on the communication context of mission-critical operations. and teamwork skills essential for Enhancing the Surgical functionality and ensuring patient Education Experience safety in the OR setting involves a “Dr. Robertson will help us think “Dr. Robertsonteam of surgeons, anesthesiologists, a of new ways to deliver surgical education more efficiently and in nurse and a scrub tech during a five- a positive environment that helps residents, students and fellows retain will help us thinkhour training session. more knowledge,” Dr. Smink says. Gamification is another educational One opportunity for faculty of new ways totechnique that Dr. Robertson intends development is simulation. While to explore. Think of the popular simulation has been widely adopted fitness apps and self-development deliver surgical as a method of medical education, Dr. Robertson explains that few faculty challenges that many people use and development programs have courses designed to develop simulation education moreparticipate in on their smartphones educators. and tablets. “I’d like to explore how this model might work in surgical efficiently...” “At STRATUS, we created a education and find opportunities to workshop to train faculty on the knowledge and skills required utilize it,” she explains. “We need to DOUGLAS S. SMINK, MD, MPH to design clinical scenarios,” Dr. look at how we engage with learners Robertson says. The live, in-person workshop provides learners with the using the technology that they are assessments, as well as feedback, tools, skills and hands-on practice necessary to create a complete clinical already carrying around.” The goal are administered and tracked. scenario for use in any simulation center. It will be important to train here is short and engaging modules. For example, a new app allows more faculty in developing scenario- based simulations to meet the needs As part of an increased focus on trainees to have all their feedback of learners by utilizing everything from computers and virtual reality competency-based assessments in and assessments ready to view and medical education, the department complete in one place and provides a is currently involved in a pilot study complete view of their performance led by the American Board of Surgery against core EPAs. to define and validate entrustable “We’ll also be looking at enhancing professional activities (EPAs) for the way that faculty and residents surgical residents. “EPAs are defined engage in feedback,” Dr. Robertson tasks or responsibilities that we, as says. “Feedback is a two-way street,” educators, ask trainees to do and Dr. Smink adds. “Faculty need show that they can do these on a guidance on how to give impactful regular basis, before we trust them feedback in an honest, positive way to do it independently,” Dr. Smink that will truly help residents improve, explains. “For example, taking a and residents need guidance on how patient’s history or performing part to receive and process that feedback of a surgical procedure.” The pilot most effectively.” study aims to define EPAs for general “Having someone who can spend surgery and determine when a 100% of their time thinking about trainee has attained sufficient specific how we educate trainees and how we competence to be entrusted with a can do it better is really exciting,” Dr. given task. Smink says. “We’re looking forward Emerging digital assessment ttohiDs rp.rRoocebsesr.t”soªn leading and guiding technologies can enhance how such BWH DOS 27

Research Brigham Health is an international powerhouse in biomedical research dedicated to pioneering discoveries that will translate into new prediction methods, treatments, and cures for the world’s most devastating and complex diseases. 395 214 389 Total Research Funds Active Protocols Active Grants & Contracts 54 40 Research Fellows Active Clinical Trials $39,447,056 Total Research Spending

SELECTED GRANTS SELECTED CLINICAL TRIALS Long-term Oral Health Outcomes in CTA: The Use of Coronal Views in CTA: Transcatheter Replacement the Chronic GVHD Consortium (MPI) Breast Cancer Screening With ABUS of Stenotic Aortic Valve Through PI • Nathaniel S. Treister, DMD, DMSc PI • Jeremy M. Wolfe, PhD Implantation of ACURATE in Subjects Sponsor • National Institutes of Health (NIH) Sponsor • GE Precision Healthcare LLC InDicatEd for TAVR Grant Amount • $3,703,276 PI • Tsuyoshi Kaneko, MD CTA: A Phase 2 Study for the Sponsor • Boston Scientific Corporation Combination Ipatasertib and Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of Atezolizumab to Prevent Recurrence Humacyte’s Human Acellular Vessel DFPCC: BWH Fund A Phase 3, Multi- in TNBC for Use as a Vascular Prosthesis for Center, Open-Label Study to Assess PI • Elizabeth Mittendorf, MD, PhD Femoro-Popliteal Bypass in Patients the Diagnostic Performance and Sponsor • Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) With Peripheral Arterial Disease Clinical Impact of 18F-DCFPyL PET/ Grant Amount • $2,999,925 PI • Michael Belkin, MD CT Imaging Results in Men With Sponsor • Atlantic Research Group, Inc. Suspected Recurrence of Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy Research Cancer (CONDOR) With imCORE Program CRSA: Steering Committee and PI • Mark A. Preston, MD, MPH PI • Raphael Bueno, MD Consulting - Phase 3 A Randomized, Sponsor • Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sponsor • Genentech, Inc. through Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Phase 3, Study of Apalutamide in Grant Amount • $2,207,441 Subjects with High-Risk, Localized or Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer Multiple Object Awareness Who are Candidates for Radical PI • Jeremy M. Wolfe, PhD Prostatectomy Sponsor • National Science Foundation PI • Adam S. Kibel, MD (NSF) Sponsor • Janssen Research & Grant Amount • $450,000 Development, LLC BWH DOS 29

FACULT Y SPOTLIGHT zara cooper Kessler Director, Center for Surgery and Public Health In March, Zara Cooper, MD, MSc, in communications. After a short intention of going into surgery; it took over as the new Kessler Director career in advertising, she returned wasn’t until my third year, when I of the Center for Surgery and Public to her native city to attend the loved the OR experience and realized Health (CSPH), a joint initiative Icahn School of Medicine at Mount that there was plenty of public health founded in 2005 by Brigham and Sinai, where she earned an MD and work to be done in surgery.” Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical MSc in community medicine. The School and the T.H. Chan School of combination of training in surgery “After completing surgical training, Public Health. The center is dedicated and communications enables her I became committed to developing to advancing the science of surgical to pursue her passion—helping a research program in palliative care delivery with the goal of surgeons improve the difficult care and geriatrics,” Dr. Cooper, increasing access to safe, high-quality conversations they have with who is also certified in hospice and and equitable patient-centered care. their patients. Along with Atul palliative medicine, says. A trauma surgeon and surgical Gawande and other internationally intensivist, Dr. Cooper is no stranger recognized experts, she co-authored “The Center for Surgery and to the Department of Surgery, where recommendations for how surgeons Public Health has been my research she has established herself as a should communicate with seriously home for 12 years now,” Dr. Cooper national leader in surgical palliative ill, older patients and their families says. “It is incredibly humbling and and geriatric trauma care. when faced with acute surgical personally meaningful for me to be emergencies. sitting in this role in this place where After growing up in New York City, I have benefited so much,” she adds. Dr. Cooper headed west to attend “I have always been committed to Northwestern University, where a public health focus in my work,” Advancing Palliative she received a bachelor’s degree Dr. Cooper says. “Initially, I had no and Geriatric Care for Surgical Patients Frailty is a well-established marker of poor outcomes in geriatric trauma patients. “We developed a frailty care pathway that utilizes all the resourc- es of the trauma center, including geriatrics, nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing and house staff,” Dr. Cooper explains. The interdisciplinary protocol included early ambulation, bowel/ pain regimens, nonpharmacologic delirium prevention, nutrition/ physical therapy consults, geriatrics assessments and a family meeting for patients hospitalized longer than five days. The study, published in June 2019 in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, showed that patients on the pathway had a 56% lower rate of delirium and a 75% lower rate of readmission 30 days after surgery, compared with patients 30 BWH DOS

treated the year before the pathway you get older, your goals change,” be used to develop targeted was implemented. “The nursing staff and house staff have taken she explains. “Surgeons should be interventions aimed at eradicating this initiative on as their own,” Dr. Cooper says. “Our goal is to expand asking patients about their goals disparities and improving outcomes. this initiative beyond trauma services to all surgical services.” of care.” She is collaborating with Frail, older patients also tend investigators at Dana-Farber Cancer Cultivating Cultural to suffer greater morbidity after Institute on using natural language Dexterity surgery, compared with their processing to assess end-of-life younger counterparts, as well as quality indicators in cancer patients The Provider Awareness and distressing physical, psychosocial receiving palliative surgery. “Natural Cultural Dexterity Toolkit for and functional impairments language processing uses the Surgeons (PACTS) trial at eight that reduce their quality of life. electronic health record to abstract academic medical centers is Importantly, their overall health information on whether or not evaluating a cultural dexterity goals often differ from younger patient goals are being assessed,” Dr. curriculum, which was developed by surgical patients. Palliative care, Cooper explains. former CSPH director Adil Haider, an interdisciplinary care approach MD, MPH, and is now led by Douglas focused on improving quality of life for patients and families, is integral Taking the Helm at CSPH Smink, MD, MPH, associate chair to providing quality care for these of Education in the Department patients. of Surgery. The cultural dexterity “Palliative care is a very important part of surgical care, but quality “I’m taking over the center during approach aims to give providers indicators for palliative care a good, stable growth phase, and the skills to adequately respond to traditionally are not included in I’m not keen to change too many cross-cultural differences without quality assessments of surgical care,” Dr. Cooper explains. In an April 2019 things,” Dr. Cooper explains. “My paper in Annals of Surgery, Dr. Cooper predecessor set up a great platform and colleagues identified palliative care quality measures from other “… there wasfor success and for our impact to specialties that could be adapted continue to grow. My goal is for the and employed to measure palliative care delivery within the American plenty of publicCSPH to be the very best place to do College of Surgeons’ (ACS) five surgical health services research.” phases of surgical care. health work Increasing Access to to be done in “We are obligated to understand Surgical Care the impact of what we do on end-of- life care,” Dr. Cooper says. “What surgery.”The CSPH has long been at the we do should improve quality of life for patients, not just increase forefront of research on disparities in survival and longevity. We don’t surgical and trauma care, uncovering want to provide nonbeneficial care that is not aligned with our patients’ and mitigating unequal surgical ZARA COOPER, MD, MSc preferences and their overall health health outcomes based on race, sex, goals.” sexual orientation, ethnicity, age and unintentionally enforcing existing Dr. Cooper and colleagues socioeconomic status. The current cultural stereotypes. Training of recently explored how clinical partnership with the ACS on an RO1 residents in the PACT trial is now teams communicate goals of care for grant from the National Institutes of underway, and residents will be their critically ill surgical patients, Health (NIH) aims to develop quality assessed not just on their knowledge including barriers and factors that metrics around access to surgical and and attitudes pre versus post training facilitate clinician-to-clinician trauma care. but also on patient satisfaction scores communication and delivery of and clinical outcomes. goal-concordant patient care. “As “Traditionally, hospitals have not been measured on accessibility of care,” Dr. Cooper explains. “But if Improving the Patient’s you provide high-quality care to a Surgical Experience very narrow sliver of the population, you’re not providing high-quality Dr. Cooper sees opportunity to care at all.” In collaboration with leverage the CSPH’s previous work the ACS, CSPH researchers are on serious illness care in surgery developing disparities-sensitive and continue to grow in those areas, metrics for surgical care access, including pursuing grants to study quality and outcomes that can surgical outcomes in patients with BWH DOS 31

dementia, using advanced care Using the TRICARE database of Expanding Cancer/ planning with surgical patients U.S. military members and their Oncology Initiatives and identifying and mitigating families and metrics endorsed caregiver burden through preemptive by the National Quality Forum, Dr. Cooper sees a chance to counseling and education. Muhammad Ali Chaudhary, MD, diversify the CSPH work from and Eric Goralnick, MD, examined predominantly trauma care research “It is incredibly important to think racial differences in specific aspects into other key areas in surgery, such about the impact of illness on our of surgical care quality following as building upon the work of CSPH patients’ lives,” she explains. “We a coronary artery bypass graft faculty Quoc Dien-Trinh, MD, and tend to treat the disease and not (CABG). Their study, published in Nelya Melnitchouk, MD, in cancer the illness as experienced by the Health Affairs in August 2019, found surgery. patients.” For example, a broken bone no risk-adjusted differences in the causes pain and loss of function and outcomes between African American “This is an area of increasing can have social, psychological and and white patients, suggesting that importance and opportunity,” spiritual impacts, especially on older universal insurance and an equal- Dr. Cooper says. “Most thoracic, adults. “There remains a lot of work access system of TRICARE have the colorectal, breast and endocrine to be done in surgery to address the potential to meaningfully reduce surgery is performed to treat cancer. way we can improve the patient’s racial disparities in surgical quality We have an opportunity to engage illness experience,” Dr. Cooper says. after a CABG. more faculty who are surgical oncologists doing great work on Collaborating with the U.S. Research led by Joel Weissman, disparities in cancer care and Military Health System PhD, deputy director and chief comparative research.” scientific officer at CSPH, used “We have a robust partnership the TRICARE database to identify Far-Reaching Impact with the U.S. Military Health significant differences in overuse System, and we are committed of low-value care between care “Our mission is to make surgery to continuing and strengthening delivered in civilian health care that relationship,” Dr. Cooper facilities (purchased care) and care better all around the world,” Dr. says. Through this multiyear, delivered in Department of Defense- multimillion- dollar grant, controlled health care facilities (direct Cooper says. “We leverage and researchers from the CSPH and care). Such research using large the Uniformed Services University administrative databases to identify capitalize on the rich resources that of the Health Sciences are able to potentially low-value care could help study health care policy issues of health systems provide better care at we have at the Brigham, in terms of importance to the U.S. military. a lower cost. brain power and the rich intellectual environment, and bring what we have to the world ªto make surgery safer and better.” Zara Cooper and Elzerie De Jager lead a discussion with the CSPH team.

CENTER FOR SURGERY AND PUBLIC HEALTH (CSPH) Making surgery safer, more patient-centered, and more accessible in the U.S. and around the world. Founded in 2005 as a joint initiative of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH) has been at the forefront of public health research of surgical care delivery within and without our nation’s healthcare system. Utilizing innovative research methodologies grounded in clinical reality, the center has developed surgical safety checklists, created a national agenda for surgical disparities research, and launched the pioneering work of rising stars in surgical health services research. They are advancing the science of surgical care delivery by studying effectiveness, quality, equity and value at the population level and training the most gifted of a new generation of physician-scientists. Their efforts are making surgery safer, more patient-centered and more accessible in the U.S. and around the world. 7 148 12 Peer-Reviewed Active Fellows Fellows Graduated Publications Published $5,224,783 In New Grant Awards National Palliative Care NIH R01 Supplement: National Trauma Institute: Research Center Grant: Barriers and Facilitators of ACP Developing a National Trauma The Trauma Dyad: Tending to Services by Patients with ADRD Research Action Plan (NTRAP) for Caregivers of Injured Frail Elders (Alzheimer’s Disease and Related the United States $486,723 $154,000 Dementias) Before and After Surgery $475,409 BWH DOS 33

Alliance U.S. member sites include 46 Academic Medical Centers and 72 Community Health Systems. Alliance Foundation Trials are also underway in seven other countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. A total of 52 Alliance-led therapeutic clinical trials are currently enrolling patients with a range of cancers: GI tract, breast, lung, GU tract, brain, leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, endocrine and skin. Alliance research also continues to be active in areas of biomarker development, cancer prevention, cancer care delivery research, outcomes research, health disparities and symptom intervention. New Alliance initiatives in the past year include working groups focusing on rural sites and value of care. In 2020 Alliance will launch the ICAREdata initiative, a project to facilitate clinical research using the electronic health record. ª Monica Bertagnolli, MD, has been re-elected to serve as the group chair of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology for a five-year term. 34 BWH DOS

PATIENT REPORTED OUTCOMES, VALUE AND EXPERIENCE (PROVE) CENTER To leverage leading-edge techniques to transform the collection, analysis and feedback of patient-reported outcomes and experiences at Brigham Health, Partners HealthCare and around the world. YEAR AT A GLANCE The center expanded its support to INSPiRES Innovative System for seven members of the Brigham Surgery Patient-Reported Experience in The imPROVE Breast Cancer Care faculty, two residents and four students Surgery - In response to expensive, biased project initiated in collaboration with the from Harvard Medical School and Harvard and difficult to understand reports from Division of Breast Surgery, Dana-Farber Business School (HMS/HBS). The center quantitative surveys of patient experience Cancer Institute Oncology and the Harvard also supported applications from two PhD of care, the center successfully developed a Business School. candidates at the University of Oxford and new machine learning-enhanced platform, a Fulbright Scholar from Imperial College funded by the Brigham Care Redesign Innovative Systems for Patient- London. ª Incubator Startup Program (BCRISP), which Reported Experience in Surgery can collect and report patient experiences (INSPiRES) were supported by the Brigham KEY INITIATIVES to facilitate evidence-based improvement Care Redesign Incubator Startup Program initiatives within the Department of (BCRISP) and deployed across all divisions imPROVE Breast Cancer Care - Using Surgery (DoS). to assess patient experience using an in- a multi-stakeholder approach, Andrea L. house application. Pusic, MD, MHS, FACS, FRCSC, Tari King, Measuring Patient-Reported Outcomes MD, and team are leading an initiative to in Bariatric Surgery (The BODY-Q) - In The PROVE center partnered with the develop and implement a new electronic close collaboration with the Brigham Brigham Center for Metabolic and Bariatric portal called imPROVE Breast Cancer Care Center for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Surgery (CMBS) to develop a new bariatric to revolutionize the way patient-reported (CMBS), Danny Mou, MD, and Claire de surgery patient-reported outcome measure outcomes (PROs) are measured and learn Vries have established a program to recruit (PROM) instrument, the BODY-Q. how this information is used by clinicians bariatric surgery patients at the Brigham and patients in breast cancer care. The and at Brigham and Women's Faulkner The center collaborated with Partners imPROVE project is being conducted in Hospital (BWFH) to validate a rigorous HealthCare PROMs team to survey and collaboration with breast cancer care bariatric PROM instrument known as the interview physicians of various specialties providers at Brigham and Women’s BODY-Q: Eating Modules. This new tool across the Partners Healthcare system Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute uses the Rasch Measurement Theory and understand how PROMs are used in a (DFCI), patients and patient advocates, (RMT) principle, which unlike all existing clinical setting. members of Harvard Business School and bariatric PROMs, provides interval level the International Consortium for Health measurement scales and allows for Thirty-nine papers were published in Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). The optimization of validity and reliability in journals including Annals of Surgery, JAMA new portal will include patient-facing individual patients. To date, over 300 Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and clinician-facing interfaces that will be patient PROMs have been collected from Quality of Life Research and the Journal of developed with iterative cycles of feedback clinic. This is part of an international effort Medical Research. from patients and experts. This will ensure along with the Netherlands and Denmark to that each portal is both user-friendly and validate this novel PROMs tool. Extramural funding was accepted from contains content that is appealing to each the National Cancer Institute (NCI); Patient- group. To date, the team has developed Additionally, PROMs data collected Centered Outcomes Research Institute a comprehensive plan for the new portal, from this initiative is being compiled in a (PCORI); Agency for Healthcare Research and over the upcoming year, they will database that will be used to investigate and Quality (AHRQ); Canadian Institutes work closely with their IT vendor and key a number of bariatric surgery-related of Health Research (CIHR); and The Plastic stakeholders to refine the content of the questions, such as patient-reported Surgery Foundation (The PSF). portal and test its usability. differences between sleeve gastrectomies (SG) and roux-en-y gastric bypasses (RYGB); Invitations were received to present the effect of race, insurance status and PROVE research at 25 local, national and international meetings. BWH DOS 35

education on PROMs; and characteristics NEW PROJECTS that predict a successful bariatric surgical LAUNCHED outcome. Scaling and Spreading Electronic Collaboration with Partners HealthCare Capture of Patient-Reported Outcomes PROMs Team to Understand the Using a National Surgical Quality Physician’s Perspective of PROMs - In Improvement Program (NSQIP) - collaboration with the Partners HealthCare Incorporating the patient’s perspective PROMs team and the Massachusetts to evaluate surgical quality has yet to be General Physicians Organization (MGPO), achieved in the U.S. and represents a Dr. Mou has led an extensive survey and tremendous unrealized opportunity for interview campaign with physicians across continuous quality improvement. This the Partners HealthCare system to better project aims to scale and spread the understand how PROMs are precisely used routine, health IT-enabled collection of in the clinical setting. To date, over 100 PROs from ambulatory surgical patients physicians have been surveyed and over 50 using a well-established national surgical physicians interviewed. Physicians include quality improvement registry program. primary care physicians, rheumatologists, Results of this research will accelerate orthopedic surgeons, otolaryngologists and the uptake of using PROs for quality bariatric surgeons. Breast surgeons and improvement across the U.S., identify plastics surgeons will be interviewed in the best practices for implementation of such near future. a program and explore whether PROs can reliably identify quality improvement The findings have been presented to opportunities. This is a $1.5 million AHRQ multiple Partners key stakeholders from the R18 grant for which Dr. Pusic will serve Partners PROMs team, Partners Population as co-PI with Clifford Y. Ko, MD (American Health team, MGPO executive leadership, College of Surgeons), and Larissa Temple, and the Massachusetts General Hospital MD (University of Rochester Medical (MGH) Division of General Internal Medicine. Center), for this study. ª The data has been used by the Partners PROMs leadership team to meaningfully ADDITIONAL PROJECTS change critical components of the Partners PROMs program, including modifying the Understanding Patient-Reported data display in the electronic health record Outcomes in Older Adults Undergoing system to better highlight concerning PROM Elective Surgery. findings. ª Development and Implementation of ADDITIONAL PROJECTS a Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Gender-Affirming Treatments Measuring Outcomes and Experiences (GENDER-Q). of Chronic Wound Patients (The WOUND-Q). Evaluating Cold Sensitivity Following Autologous vs. Implant-Based Breast Measuring Breast Sensation after Reconstruction Using Patient-Reported Mastectomy and Reconstruction: Outcomes and Infrared Thermal Development of New BREAST-Q Scales. Imaging. Improving Efficiency of Patient-Reported Understanding Success of Vascularized Outcome Measurement with Computer- Composite Allograft Transplant of the Adaptive Testing (CAT). Face from the Patient Perspective: Development of a Condition-Specific Improving Access to PROM Data Patient-Reported Outcome Measure. and Linkage to Clinical Variables: Collaboration with the Division of Urology. NCI Cancer Moonshot Initiative to Assess the Implementation of Epic-Integrated Symptom Assessment Tools to Monitor Surgical Oncology Patients. 36 BWH DOS


News & Notes New Endowed Chair Stanley W. Ashley, MD served as chair Laura Dominici, MD was named Ravindra Uppaluri, of the board of trustees for the Society a member of the Organisation MD, PhD for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract for Economic Co-operation and (SSAT); was appointed to the Executive Development (OECD) as part of a group BWH Distinguished Chair in Committee of the Massachusetts focusing on breast cancer care under Otolaryngology, Brigham and Chapter of the American College of the coordination of the Working Party Women’s Hospital Surgeons (MCACS); and was appointed on Health Care Quality and Outcomes to the editorial board of PLOS One. (HCQO); and served as chair for the Faculty Promotions revision of the Commission on Cancer Monica Bertagnolli, MD has been (CoC) Quality Standards of the American Professor re-elected to serve as the group College of Surgeons (ACS). Andrea L. Pusic, MD, MHS chair of the Alliance for Clinical Chandrajit P. Raut, MD, MSc Trials in Oncology for a five-year Mehra Golshan, MD, MBA received term. She has served as Alliance an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Associate Professor group chair since 2011. Management; served as a member Matthew T. Menard, MD of the board of directors for the Malcolm K. Robinson, MD Katherina Zabicki Calvillo, MD has National Accreditation Program for Prem S. Shekar, MD been selected to serve as program Breast Centers (NAPBC); served as the Quoc-Dien Trinh, MD chair for the American Society of Breast Corporate Relations Committee chair for Jiping Wang, MD, PhD Surgeons (ASBrS) Annual Meeting in the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO); 2020. and was honored by the Healthnetwork Assistant Professor Foundation with a Service Excellence Reza Askari, MD Nancy L. Cho, MD was nominated Award. George Haleblian, MD associate chair of the Communications Ciaran McNamee, MD, MSc Committee for the Society of Asian Kamal Itani, MD was a visiting Nelya Melnitchouk, MD, MSc Academic Surgeons (SAAS); and was professor in the Department of Surgery Matthew Mossanen, MD, MPH elected to the Education Committee for at Yale School of Medicine; received the Erika L. Rangel, MD, MS the American Association of Endocrine Distinguished Service Award from the Assunta De Rienzo, PhD Surgeons (AAES). Association of VA Surgeons (AVAS); and Anna Weiss, MD was granted an honorary fellowship Abby White, DO Zara Cooper, MD, MSc was named from the Brazilian College of Surgeons the next Kessler Director of the (Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões). Brigham Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH); was appointed Molly Jarman, PhD, MPH was to the Brigham Health Board of appointed lead research faculty Trustees; and was inducted into the for Health Informatics and Data Society of University Surgeons (SUS). Infrastructure in the Brigham Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH); Eduardo Corrales, MD was recognized and was selected to participate in the with the Harvard Medical School National Institute on Aging (NIA) Butler- (HMS) William Montgomery Teaching Williams Scholars Program. Award. This award is given yearly by the graduating chief residents Tsuyoshi Kaneko, MD was awarded in otolaryngology to recognize the J. Maxwell Chamberlain Memorial an outstanding teacher from all Paper Award from the Society of rotation sites including the Brigham, Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE), C. Walton Lillehei Award from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center American Association for Thoracic (BIDMC) and Boston Children's Hospital Surgery (AATS). (BCH). Adam S. Kibel, MD served as the Gerard M. Doherty, MD began terms John R. Caulk Visiting Professor at serving as treasurer of the International Washington University School of Society of Surgery (ISS) and as the Medicine in St. Louis. historian for the Society of Clinical Surgery. 38 BWH DOS

Tari A. King, MD was named chief of the C. Keith Ozaki, MD participated in Ali Tavakkoli, MD co-edited the SAGES new Brigham Division of Breast Surgery; a surgical training mission to Jamaica Manual of Foregut Surgery; was installed served as member of the Steering (University Hospital of the West Indies as a fellow of the American Surgical Committee for the American Association and Mandeville Regional Hospital) Association (ASA); and was named chair for Cancer Research (AACR) Cancer sponsored by the nonprofit Bridge of Life of the Scholarships Committee of the Progress Report; was elected chair of the (BOL). American College of Surgeons (ACS). American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Taxonomy Committee. Mark A. Preston, MD, MPH received Nathaniel Treister, DMD, DMSc was the Prostate Cancer Research Program appointed as adjunct faculty at the Sayeed K. Malek, MD was appointed (PCRP) Health Disparity Research University of Zagreb School of Dental program director for both the Harvard Award from the Department of Defense Medicine in Zagreb, Croatia; and was Medical School (HMS) Surgical Congressionally Directed Medical reappointed as distinguished adjunct Leadership Program and Southeast Asia Research Programs (CDMRP). faculty in the Department of Oral Leadership Program (SEAL). Medicine and Radiology at Saveetha Andrea Pusic, MD was installed as Dental College in Chennai, India. Nelya Melnitchouk, MD, MSc has the president of The Plastic Surgery been named the program director of the Foundation (The PSF), which supports Stefan Tullius, MD, PhD was appointed Brigham colorectal surgery fellowship the research and international activities vice president of the International program. of the American Society of Plastic Society of Uterus Transplantation (ISUTx); Surgeons (ASPS). and was named an official representative Matthew T. Menard, MD served of The Transplantation Society (TTS) to as councilor-at-large and Program Erika L. Rangel, MD, MS received the the World Health Organization (WHO). Committee chair on the Executive Partners Medical Education Research Council of the New England Society of Award in recognition of her study, Alessandro Villa, DDS, PhD, MPH has Vascular Surgery (NESVS); served on the “Pregnancy and Motherhood During been named a spokesperson on HPV and Program Committee, Clinical Research Surgical Training,” published in JAMA oropharyngeal cancer for the American Committee and Appropriateness Surgery. Dental Association (ADA). Committee for the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS); and was a visiting Chandrajit Raut, MD was the recipient Anna C. Weiss, MD was awarded the professor at San Giovanni di Dio Hospital of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Brigham Department of Surgery Junior in Florence, Italy. (DFCI) Bridging Boundaries Award. Fellowship in honor of Robert T. Osteen; and won the best manuscript award from Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, MD, PhD Robert Riviello, MD, MPH was the Association of Women Surgeons was elected to a four-year term as the inducted as a fellow in the College of (AWS)/The American Journal of Surgery Surgical Oncology representative on the Surgeons of East, Central and Southern (AJS). American Society of Clinical Oncology Africa (COSECSA). (ASCO) board of directors; was installed Joel Weissman, PhD has been invited as a fellow of the American Surgical Ali Salim, MD was appointed associate to serve as associated faculty for the Association (ASA); and was appointed chair of Surgical Critical Care in the new Center for Integrated Healthcare associate chair for Research in the Department of Surgery; and was Data Research, an initiative funded by Department of Surgery. appointed to the Partners HealthCare Partners HealthCare (PHC) to build a Board of Directors. data infrastructure that hosts and links Melissa Murphy, MD, MPH was the electronic health records from PHC named director of Surgical Quality and Prem S. Shekar, MD was named by to a variety of long-term outcome data Operations at Kent Hospital. Governor Charles Baker to serve as a sources, including multiple claims data board member on the Massachusetts and national mortality data. Matthew A. Nehs, MD was awarded Board of Registration of Perfusionists. the 2019 ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Jeremy M. Wolfe, PhD was elected as Survivor’s Association Award for Thyroid Brent Shoji, MD received the Harvard member of the American Academy of Cancer Research. Medical School (HMS) Leonard Tow Arts and Sciences. Humanism in Medicine Award. Louis L. Nguyen, MD, MPH, MBA was Steven Yule, PhD was installed as a appointed associate chair for Digital Douglas S. Smink, MD, MPH received fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Health Systems in the Department of a 2019 Parker J. Palmer Courage to Edinburgh. Surgery. Teach Award from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Gezzer Ortega, MD, MPH was Education (ACGME). appointed lead faculty for Research and Innovation for Equitable Surgical Care in the Brigham Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH); and co-founded the Latino Surgical Society (LSS). BWH DOS 39

top docs Boston Magazine’s 2019 “Top Doctors” issue recognized 46 Department of Surgery faculty members for being “tops” in their respective fields: Donald J. Annino Jr., MD • Otolaryngology Hari R. Mallidi, MD • Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery Stanley W. Ashley, MD • Surgery Michael J. Malone, MD • Urology Michael Belkin, MD • Vascular Surgery Matthew T. Menard, MD • Vascular Surgery Monica M. Bertagnolli, MD • Surgery Steven J. Mentzer, MD • Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery Ronald Bleday, MD • Colon & Rectal Surgery Francis D. Moore Jr., MD • Surgery Raphael Bueno, MD • Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery Faina Nakhlis, MD • Surgery Katherina Zabicki Calvillo, MD • Surgery Michael P. O’Leary, MD • Urology Matthew J. Carty, MD • Plastic Surgery Dennis P. Orgill, MD • Plastic Surgery Steven Lee Chang, MD • Urology Charles K. Ozaki, MD • Vascular Surgery Yoon Sun Chun, MD • Plastic Surgery Bohdan Pomahac, MD • Plastic Surgery Thomas Clancy, MD • Surgery Andrea Pusic, MD • Plastic Surgery Christian H. Corwin, MD • Colon & Rectal Surgery Chandrajit P. Raut, MD • Surgery Gerard M. Doherty, MD • Surgery Esther Rhei, MD • Surgery Christopher Ducko, MD • Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery Christian E. Sampson, MD • Hand Surgery Margaret M. Duggan, MD • Surgery Scott A. Shikora, MD • Surgery Atul A. Gawande, MD • Surgery Douglas Smink, MD • Surgery Joel E. Goldberg, MD • Colon & Rectal Surgery Graeme S. Steele, MD • Urology Mehra Golshan, MD, MBA • Surgery Scott J. Swanson, MD • Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery Charles A. Hergrueter, MD • Plastic Surgery Simon G. Talbot, MD • Plastic Surgery Pardon R. Kenney, MD • Surgery Ali Tavakkoli, MD • Surgery Adam S. Kibel, MD • Urology Ashley H. Vernon, MD • Surgery Tari A. King, MD • Surgery Jon O. Wee, MD • Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery Sayeed K. Malek, MD • Surgery Daniel C. Wiener, MD • Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery The following board-certified Brigham Oral Medicine specialists were included in Boston Magazine’s “Top Dentists 2019” list: Nathaniel Treister, DMD, DMSc • Stephen Sonis, DMD, DMSc • Sook-Bin Woo, DMD, MMSc 40 BWH DOS


Development Mitchell’s $1 Million effective care and the promise of a brighter memories of watching her employees’ Gift Sustains future for patients with lung cancer. careers bloom under her guidance. Thoracic Cancer Fellowship “Through mentorship there is “Nothing could be more meaningful partnership and through partnership than sponsoring someone who can make a “My dream is to live in a world where lung there is innovation,” Dr. Jaklitsch says. “It difference in people’s lives,” she says. “It’s cancers no longer kill and are merely an is through Jack’s incredible support that wonderful to think of these fellows going awful chapter in our history,” Michael more of the brightest young physicians are out into the world and bringing their skills T. Jaklitsch, MD, a thoracic surgeon at choosing this area of care and cultivating to serve hospitals and patients in need, or Brigham and Women’s Hospital, says. “Until innovation through the research efforts to labs working to find a cure. It feels good that day arrives, I want the best doctors to they pursue, all for the patients we are to be part of change and progress.” ª enter the field of thoracic surgery, come to privileged to treat.” ª the Brigham, and make a commitment and Lorussos Fight for promise to our patients that this future is Gelsomini Invests in Future Free from in sight.” Young Surgeons Breast Cancer More than 11 years ago, Jaklitsch’s Though she retired this year after spending For Barbara Lorusso, breast cancer has vision caught the attention of his patient 20 years building her global footwear been a tenacious foe. She has dealt with John D. Mitchell. He was moved when company, Ortholite, Pamela Gelsomini seven recurrences in the past 25 years, Jaklitsch shared that the most valuable is hardly resting. She is busy with family, each time relying on the guidance of part of his training was his fellowship, travel, cooking and writing award-winning caregivers at the Comprehensive Breast which immersed him in rigorous classwork recipes on her culinary blog, Dish Off the Health Center. and meaningful clinical and research Block. experience. “They’ve always been there for me,” As a nine-year breast cancer survivor, Barbara says. “I can’t say enough about Mitchell imagined how his philanthropy Gelsomini takes none of her days for my doctors’ devotion to responding to could bring this educational opportunity to granted. She is full of gratitude to her my concerns. They’ve been clear and young lung cancer physician-scientists and breast cancer surgeon at Brigham and informative, even when it’s not news I’ve decided then and there to establish the Women’s Hospital, Mehra Golshan, MD, wanted to hear.” John D. Mitchell Thoracic Oncology Surgical MBA, whom she credits for giving her life Fellowship at the Brigham. Since making back. Inspired by him, Gelsomini became Touched by the support Barbara has that initial gift, Mitchell continued building a benefactor of Golshan’s lifesaving work received, she and her husband, Tony, on his support over time and recently and joined the Brigham’s Cancer Research have made steady contributions over the pledged $1 million to the fellowship. and Care Advisory Board. years to advance the center’s caring and research missions. Recently, they made “It’s gratifying to watch fellows come up Recently, she and her husband, Nick, their largest commitment to date, giving through the program who share qualities made their largest gift to date, pledging $100,000 to research led by Peggy Duggan, I admire,” Mitchell says. “They’re intensely $450,000 to establish the Pamela and MD, Barbara’s surgeon and the chief curious and highly skilled, compelled to Nick Gelsomini Breast Surgical Oncology medical officer at Brigham and Women’s pursue answers to the toughest questions Fellowship at the Brigham. Directed by Faulkner Hospital. and devote their careers to developing Golshan, the program will enable talented solutions to improve patients’ treatment trainees to learn from his knowledge, skill By establishing the Barbara Lorusso options and survival. It’s no coincidence and compassion. Breast Cancer Research Fund, the Dr. Jaklitsch embodies these same Lorussos are giving Duggan vital resources characteristics. It is a wonderful thing to “Dr. Golshan is an icon, and I have to study and improve methods of detecting see him develop them in a new generation so much respect and admiration for breast cancer, including genetic screening of lung cancer experts.” everything he does, from surgery, to and non-invasive options. research, to nurturing up-and-coming Jaklitsch is grateful that Mitchell’s surgeons,” Gelsomini says. “It is so exciting “We’re doing this for everyone we know foresight and generosity will allow him to know someone of his caliber is guiding who has lived with cancer,” Tony says. “Even to expand the fellowship—empowering and training these fellows, who come to with what Barbara has been through, life creative approaches to yield new the Brigham to learn from the best.” has been good to us. We feel an obligation treatments and technologies, more to give back in any way we can, especially if Gelsomini says she can relate to the there’s a chance to spare more women and power of opportunity and mentorship to families from this disease.” ª shape a better future. She has many proud 42 BWH DOS

Support the Work Leadership of the Department of Surgery Gerard M. Doherty, MD Moseley Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School Each year, thousands of people entrust the Surgeon-in-Chief, Brigham Health & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Department of Surgery at Brigham Health Crowley Family Distinguished Chair, Department of Surgery, to provide them with excellent medical Brigham and Women’s Hospital care. Many turn to us because of our long history of medical firsts and reputation Francis D. Moore, Jr., MD for attracting the finest surgical trainees Vice Chair, Department of Surgery, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and surgeons in the country. One of the Francis D. Moore Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School reasons we have been able to build such a strong program—and to establish new Ronald Bleday, MD standards of surgical care—is because of Associate Chair for Quality and Patient Safety philanthropic contributions from people like you. Zara Cooper, MD, MSc Associate Chair for Faculty Development Gifts from our alumni, patients and friends help us to train our staff in the Tari A. King, MD latest surgical techniques, to make Associate Chair for Multidisciplinary Oncology advances in surgery through research and to achieve the best possible outcomes Elizabeth Mittendorf, MD, PhD for patients. When you make a gift to Associate Chair of Research the Department of Surgery, you enable our medical team to provide the most Louis L. Nguyen, MD, MPH, MBA advanced care and make a difference for Associate Chair for Digital Health Systems every patient and family member we see. Malcolm K. Robinson, MD For more information if you are Associate Chair of Clinical Operations interested in making a gift to the Department of Surgery at Brigham Ali Salim, MD and Women’s Hospital, or to a specific Associate Chair of Surgical Critical Care physician or scientist within the department, please contact Susan Douglas S. Smink, MD, MPH Andrews, assistant vice president, Associate Chair of Education Development Office, at 617.424.4349 or [email protected]. ª Contact Us Brigham Surgery Department of Surgery Alumni 75 Francis Street Tower 1 – Room 110 The BWH Surgery Alumni Group consists Boston, MA 02115 of graduates of Brigham and Women’s [email protected] Hospital surgery residency and fellowship 617.732.8181 programs and former Department of Surgery faculty members. Follow Us If you would like to join the BWH Surgery Alumni Group and receive news and updates from the Department of Surgery, please visit: or email us at: [email protected]. ª stay in touch!

Brigham Surgery is committed to delivering world-class, collaborative patient care with a profoundly human touch, while advancing scientific research and training the surgical innovators of tomorrow.

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