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8.KG 2-Newsletter - week 8

Published by sheeja.j, 2019-09-19 13:05:54

Description: 8.KG 2-Newsletter - week 8


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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 4, Issue 3 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 15 – 19 September 2019 SNEAK PEEK Reminder: Glimpse of this week  Refer circular for class Literary Fest photograph—All stu- dents must come in Literature is an important part of any culture. It is a challenge in today’s Regular school uni- busy world and all the distractions to help students to take a liking to it. form for the same. The literary fest that was conducted from the past week and this week helped students in a great way to enhance their literary taste. Students  Encourage your ward from KG 1 to grade 12 participated in ‘the final round of Literary fest’ that to participate in was conducted during this week. MaRRS international spell bee competition  Result of Literary fest is uploaded on portal. Special Assembly September 16th was celebrated as World Ozone day for the preserva- tion of the ozone layer. Special assembly was conducted by KG 2 C to make the students aware of the significance of Ozone layer. A small skit followed by a stunning dance performance made the whole assembly very vibrant. Stu- dents were given a chance to speak of what they learned from the assembly. 1

LEADERHIP PROGRAMME A leadership programme conducted on 16th September 2019 to empower our drivers, conductors and nannies (bus associates). Which focused on taking lead in protecting and safeguarding our students under our care. WINNERS OF GRAND PARENTS VIDEO “Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder, and a little warmer.” Memories of grand parents with their grand children is stunning. At Dunes we gave an opportunity to all the students to share the video of the valuable time spend with their grandparents during the summer vacation. The students whose video re- ceived the maximum likes and shares were felicitated 2

Community singing Snap Shot Music and movement Indoor Play Out door play Parachute Activity Music and movement 3

Snap Shot—Mud Kitchen Community Singing 4

Mud Kitchen It is an auspicious day as we inaugurated the Kindergarten mud kitchen. The Guest for the day was accompanied by our school principal Mr. Paramjit Ahluwalia. As soon as he arrived, the children welcomed him with joy and enthusiasm. Our distin- guished guest, staff and students took part in the programme in various forms. Mud kitchens are amazing spaces for sparking children’s imagination. It takes a good deal of creative thinking to transform muddy creations into culinary delights. To allow the children the freedom to play, explore and learn to their full extent. Teachers have been a part of the designing and planning process and chil- dren have seen how the kitchen has been built from scratch by their own teachers using recyclable items. This is a wonderful example of the teachers using their knowledge of what children need exposure to for fabulous and joyful learning, their observa- tions of the children at play and scaffolding discussions so that the children have been able to have a voice in this amazing out- door opportunity. 5

Star of the week Reach for the stars. Star of the week is given to the student every week on the achievement or progress in class activities. Students received Star of the week for their active participation and excel- lent progress in all areas of learning. 6

Star of the week KG 2 E KG 2 F Reeva Ezhilazagan for 8-11 Sep 7

Class Mascot Every week one student from each section will receive a class mascot based on the good moral values 8

Class Mascot Dedicated Melina KG 2-G Akshita Nair 9

World Ozone Day-‘Be Keen, Go Green’ Students celebrated Ozone day to have a general idea of the ozone layer and how it is protecting life on earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. They have planted saplings on this special day. They also watched the educational videos about ozone layer. They were also made aware of recycling. Planting and reduce the use of plastics which will affect our ozone layer. 10

International Day of Peace We celebrate Peace day on September 21st every year to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict .Celebrating International Peace Day at our school has allowed our students to understand the importance of creating and maintaining peace amongst themselves, families and their surroundings. Kindergarteners of Dunes International School celebrated Peace Day by Doodling the peace emblem . They also made a large image of dove which is represented as the symbol of peace by sticking cotton on it. 11

English Consonant blends Students of KG2 were introduced initial consonant blends that has ‘r’ combination this week. They were able to read and write words and also frame sentences orally. Activity Students were given word cards and picture cards to read and match. They were also shown different ini- tial blend words and read only words that begin with ‘r’ combination. Story was given and students had to read and identify the r blend words in it. 12

Mathematics Number Names 16– 20. Students need to be able to write the words after being given a number written in digits and they need to be able to translate the written version into digits. Here math and literacy go hand in hand. Activity Students were asked to read and match the number names to the given number. They also learned number names by arranging the words tiles given to make number names. 13

Mathematics 14

Science Seasons Learning about weather and seasons helped our students understand the changes that occur in the atmos- phere throughout the day, passage of time and the important difference related to each season like the changes in clothing, food etc. Activity Activities and role play related to weather was conducted in class . They were able to understand the changes in weather and how it affects their daily life. 15

Arabic Learning a foreign language is always an advantage .Learning Arabic will be helpful for them to read what they see around as they travel across the Arabian countries. This week KG2 students revised the letters taught till now and letter ‘Za’ was introduced. 16

Library Students of KG2 were introduced to ‘long vowels’ for the first. They were given Jolly Phon- ics books that had long vowel words to read and it was according to their level. They were also assessed as they were reading each book. 17

Physical Education ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. Keeping this in mind our kindergarteners are given ample opportunity to move around ,exercise and keep fit throughout the week. Recreational games were played and breathing exercises were practiced for better concentration during work calm throughout the day. 18

Swimming All students of kindergarten very eagerly look forward for their swimming classes. They are exited to splash in the water. Now they are taught breathing exercises that helps them stay under water along with the leg tap- ping. 19

Year of Tolerance Counsellor’s Desk Year of Tolerance will focus to deep- en the values of tolerance and co- existence among cultures by teach- ing the students the values of toler- ance .By teaching tolerance, our stu- dents will begin to understand and accept one another for who they are. What Next…..  Academic enhancement-G.K –22nd September 2019  World Tourism Day on 26th September 2019 20

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