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Those-that-already-BPO-Taskeater-Branded (1)

Published by alex.coombes, 2019-10-03 10:55:09

Description: Those-that-already-BPO-Taskeater-Branded (1)


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Business Process Outsourcing Outsourced Business Processing and what it can mean for your business October, 2019 and its existing growth plans - Cost Cutting, increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction. BPO and what it should Top reasons why mean to your business Outsourcing has when done correctly... previously failed If a business was able to achieve its growth goals, capacity goals and Post Contract Processes and Decision rights all at a minimal cost internally, then outsourcing would not be misunderstood. required. However,this is not the case and despite some problematic issues with your previous or existing provider, you now find Poor communication between business and yourselves looking for a new partner. supplier   Business Process Outsourcing should be a more efficient, cost Outsourced team not retained or too small cutting and an enhanced extension of your business. Whether it be an extension due to capacity issues, cost, or even creating the ability Outsourced team lacks the required skills to focus on the core business, BPO should be a seamless on- boarding process as if they were your own team. Loss of key talent and/or poor knowledge   transfer Ultimately it is a balancing act and about finding the outsourcing company that best understands you, your processes and unique Inability to meet required targets business requirements. Culture clash between the outsourced partner and the business

WHY Taskeater for your Businesses  Process Outsourcing Over 400 Businesses have utilised our services to date. Here is why.. We understand what drives We understand a businesses to continue outsourcing Businesses Requirements 59% Cost Cutting Tool   AI Training 57% Algorithm Training 47% Enables focus on core business Annotation 31% Solves capacity issues Content Moderation 28% Enhances service quality Data Entry 28% Critical to business needs Data Labelling 17% Data Transcription 17% Access to intellectual capital Image Profile Moderation Manages Business Environment Image Tagging *Source: Deloite Outsourcing Survey Drives broader transformational Menu Creation & Updates change Product Categorisation Product Data Entry Product Tagging Product Uploading Receipt Transcription And more.........

Why Taskeater's Developing Offshore, Outsourced Businesses Team continued..... Together As a specialist in providing outsourced dedicated Our Methodoloy teams for a businesses existing inhouse teams. Taskeater is best positioned to assist companies in Our methodology comprises of 5 phases: their year on year growth through our ongoing Knowledge Transfer managed services. Our dedicated teams are Onboarding and training assigned to your business based upon your existing Communication setup, industry sector, end user and outsourced Ramp up requirement. This tailored setup enables Taskeater Ongoing maintenance to provide businesses with the seamless development required to help them grow cost As your outsourced partner, Taskeater takes full responsibility for effectively. managing the day to day activities, ongoing training and reporting   back of the ongoing campaigns progress. This continual management Our methodology in implementing your bespoke and transparent view of our services enables our customers to have team focuses on creating an ‘Enterprise Grade’ peace of mind, whilst proactively safeguarding our performance for environment, where ongoing productivity is at the you. predefined levels and managed as if they were At Taskeater our focus is on quality assurance and is the cornerstone inhouse. Unlike most inhouse teams where hiring, of our operations. Our quality assurance teams are tasked with training and development of staff can take months ensuring that the highest standards are met, with all pre-de ned to implement, Taskeater can typically deploy initial benchmarked targets being reached in the most productive way. This team members within a few weeks and begin the is done through ongoing reviews at the early stages of our campaigns, required knowledge transfer and onboarding when any potential  issues are most likely to occur.  Having supported before the campaign commences. more than 400 clients to date, we feel con dent in supporting both 60% Avg Cost Saving rst-time outsourcing companies, as well as those looking to switch providers. 400+ have utilised our services

WHY Bangladesh is best for outsourcing your processes We understand what drives businesses to continue outsourcing With Bangladesh increasingly becoming more of an outsourcing Bangladesh is rising in prominence on the outsourcing stage, destination, we look at how and why has this change come about, and why the country is so appealing as an outsourcing option. especially when it comes to data-focused outsourcing services. The   Over the past 25 years, India has become the country most following are some of the reasons fuelling Bangladeshi’s associated with IT outsourcing due to the aggregation of call centres servicing western customers and the abundance of so ware attractiveness as an offshoring destination:  development companies spamming professionals across the corporate spectrum in the west. India’s success has stemmed in big Attrition rates are rock-bottom (under 10%) at BPO companies part from the rise of leading business process outsourcing (BPO) willing to invest in the workplace environment. This is mostly companies, the likes of TCS, Infosys and Wipro setting an example because the industry thankfully has not yet followed the factory- for the rest of the industry, as well as a young population being like culture that characterizes outsourcing in other countries. educated in an ecosystem of robust technical universities. The government is supporting IT exporters through subsidised   resources and tax holidays, as well as helping to ensure ease of However, India today is facing challenges in the BPO space. Attrition business wherever possible. rates are easily north of 40% at some companies resulting in serious The IT infrastructure has improved significantly over the past five quality issues as workflow is continuously affected by employee years to the extent that companies can eradicated internet and change. Also, the cost structure is rising rapidly requiring Indian power outages through careful process planning. Seven years ago, firms to move towards higher ticket item services. Both of these business continuity was still hard to ensure due to infrastructural issues are also plaguing the Philippines, another popular call centre issues. destination.  There is a large young university-educated population speaking excellent English and able to communicate directly with clients. The population in urban areas has seen the rise of internet startups locally and are therefore excited to work in the IT space. Taskeater has made Bangladesh its home, and we continue to believe it is the most attractive destination for data processing- focused BPO companies today. We have invested heavily in building our operations in Dhaka, and on the outsourcing landscape we continue to expect the country to provide companies such as ours with a very favourable operating environment.

Our Staff are Your Staff Our dedicated offshore teams work on your systems and adopt you existing workflows, to ensure that we are extension of your business. Delivering Excellence Trusted by 400+ requires dedicated people Businesses  Low Attrition Only 6.4% unplanned employee turnover Happy Employees Employee Net Promoter Score of 86% Equal Opportunities Less than 3% gender pay-gap

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