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The BMW  Series Saloon Technology EquipmentPASSION INNOVATION AS INDIVIDUAL ASFOR PRECISION. IN MOTION. YOUR IMAGINATION. Exterior  BMW ConnectedDrive  BMW  Series Saloon Aesthetic perfection. So connected, you’re free.  Luxury Line  Edition Sport BMW ConnectedDrive  BMW EfficientDynamics  M Sport package Using the drive. The technology package for reduced  BMW Individual fuel consumption and emissions.  Colours, upholstery and interior trims Interior  Standard / Optional equipment Comfort at the highest level.  Engines  Original BMW Accessories The high-performance petrol and BMW EfficientDynamics diesel powerplants. Multifaceted and individual. Takes little, gives a lot.  BMW Md xDrive Focused M power and high efficiency.  BMW ActiveHybrid  Intelligent energy management at a new peak.  Chassis and safety Innovation designed for driving pleasure.04 05 Contents

Overview EditorialTHE ENTIRE RANGE EVERY MOMENTAT A GLANCE. IS PERFECTION. Technical data and information on Achieving the best possible results, in every way, has always been fuel consumption and CO emissions the objective of the BMW  Series Saloon. This is what makes it so much more than a straightforward executive vehicle. Whatever the BMW Service discipline, this car exudes composure and strength of character. Be it BMW Service, BMW Financial Services design, handling, interior comfort or functionality, the BMW  Series and BMW Experience is perfect for anyone who expects more than a stylish appearance from their saloon. The attributes: sportiness, elegance, commanding poise – and, of course, a pioneering outlook. This is convincingly demonstrated by a host of technological innovations including BMW ConnectedDrive Services, a host of apps and the optional Driving Assistant Plus. With the BMW  Series Saloon, you are driving the best BMW  Series ever – a vehicle in which perfection is a given. And you don’t just feel this on the drive to the office. You feel it on every conceivable journey – and in every kilometre. Equipment of the vehicle shown: BMW i Saloon Luxury Line. Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder petrol Output: kW (hp) Wheels: \" light alloy Multi-spoke Style  Exterior colour: Glacier Silver metallic Upholstery: Exclusive Mocha Nappa leather with line-specific exclusive stitching Interior trim: Fineline Anthracite For information on fuel consumption and CO emissions, see pages /.

STRIKING FORM.PURPOSEFUL LOOK.The high standards of the BMW  Series Saloon are self-evident, front to rear. It begins with the charismatic face ofthe car, with its optional Adaptive LED headlights, levelledslightly at the top, and the dynamically angled double kidneygrille. To the rear, the taillights, which reveal the highestprecision in every detail, express complete self-assurance.With their visual depth and L-shape form, they integrateperfectly with the rear design while ideally complementingthe overall aesthetic profile.




ONE MORETOUCH POINT.The comfort offered by the BMW  Series Saloon is as impressive as the extensive rangeof Office functions from BMW ConnectedDrive. Thanks to practical USB and Bluetoothconnectivity, for instance, you can connect your smartphone to the vehicle and have yourcontact data or schedule on view at any time in the Control Display. Still more typical driverorientation from BMW can be felt, in the true sense of the word, with the iDrive TouchController. This allows you to enter letters and numbers with your own handwriting. Theambience in which this takes place is entirely up to you. This is because, along with theM Sport package, the BMW Luxury Line offers another world of design to choose from.And that means even more distinctive character for the interior and exterior.


DISCOVER NEW EFFICIENCY.With the BMW i, the BMW  Series is an object lesson in efficiency and dynamics. Considering the engine outputof kW ( hp), the figures speak for themselves: only .–. litres of fuel per  kilometres and CO emissions ofbetween  and g/km, in combination with the optional eight-speed Steptronic transmission. If you wish, you canexplore the city still more efficiently on the BMW Maxi Scooter. Its nimble handling and low fuel consumption are exactlywhat’s needed for life in town. Fuel consumption and CO emissions are dependent on wheel and tyre size. For more information, please see pages /.

BMW ConnectedDrive So connected, you’re free. Every day our lives are becoming more and more connected. BMW drivers, however, enjoy better connections than most. They can access information, communicate by telephone and email, keep a close eye on the traffic and generally stay up to date while on the move. The services that so effectively network BMW vehicles with the outside world are grouped under one term – BMW ConnectedDrive. BMW ConnectedDrive, with its intelligent services and assistance systems, is ready with all the right equipment. BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps offer more freedom by providing versatile connections between the driver, vehicle and outside world. BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems make driving a BMW safer and more comfortable. And intelligent systems make life easy for the driver and minimise the dangers of traffic. For more information, go to:  21 BMW ConnectedDrive

CONNECTED DRIVE SERVICES.The BMW ConnectedDrive Services*,  option provides the driver with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features on the road.It also includes BMW Online, which enables you to access current, localised information such as weather, news and an online search powered byGoogle™, as well as various office functions. You can also combine individual services and features such as webcams, fuel price info, parking information,travel and hotel guides in the “Applications” menu.The secure and comfortable use of selected smartphone applications is also included for an unlimited period of time. The ConnectedDrive Servicesoption also includes access to the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, in which services and apps can be booked, extended and selected according toindividual needs, at any time and from any place. The ConnectedDrive Services option also offers much more to make each journey in a BMW intoa real experience.* May not be available in all countries. Please consult your BMW partner. For further information on BMW ConnectedDrive, please visit

BMW CONNECTED DRIVE SERVICES & APPS ÐINTELLIGENT CONNECTIVITY.The BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps* – configuring them according to your individual needs is now quicker and easier than ever before.Listening to your favourite kind of music on every journey? No problem with AUPEO! personal internet radio. AUPEO! PERSONAL INTERNET RADIO Ð CREATE YOUR OWN RADIO PROGRAMME. With a smartphone and the free AUPEO! personal internet radio app you can make sure that you will only ever hear music that you like. Customisable internet radio adapts itself to your musical taste. Choose from over  music genres, to access a music library that currently comprises over one million songs. Use the “Love” and “Ban” buttons in the Control Display to define your musical preferences. The smartphone is connected to the car via the snap-in adapter or a cable recommended by BMW. This function requires the Navigation System Professional. INTERNET Ð INFORMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Whether you need to check the balance in your bank account, place a bid on eBay or look something up in Wikipedia, the BMW ConnectedDrive Internet option ensures that you can do whatever you need to do online. To enable you to surf to your heart’s content, the iDrive Controller in the centre console doubles as a computer mouse. BLUETOOTH OFFICE Ð ALWAYS IN TOUCH. Bluetooth Office enables BMW office functions such as email, appointments, tasks, contacts and text messages to be shown on the Control Display or read out over the audio speakers using the read-aloud function. All compatible mobile end devices are listed at 23 BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW CONNECTED DRIVE DRIVER ASSISTANCE –A CO-DRIVER WHO THINKS AHEAD.BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance includes innovative functions that enhance safety and convenience, maximising your drivingpleasure. Knowing in advance what sort of bend is coming up next? The full-colour BMW Head-up Display tells you. Improved safety in the dark?BMW Night Vision takes care of it. BMW HEAD-UP DISPLAY – KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON THE ROAD. The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects relevant driving information into the driver’s line of sight to enhance concentration and focus on the road ahead. Data including the current speed, navigation directions, Speed Limit Info including no-overtaking indicator and telephone and entertainment lists are displayed. DRIVING ASSISTANT PLUS – RELAX AND LEAVE THE ROAD TO YOUR BMW. Driving Assistant Plus not only includes Approach Control Warning and Lane Departure Warning but also Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function and Traffic Jam Assist. This all increases comfort and safety during motorway driving. The Steptronic transmission and the Navigation System Business or Professional are required for Driving Assistant Plus and Traffic Jam Assist. BMW NIGHT VISION WITH PEDESTRIAN RECOGNITION AND ACUTE WARNING – THE BENEFIT OF FORESIGHT. An optional infrared camera in the double kidney grille detects people and animals up to a distance of  metres, displaying images on the Control Display. Pedestrian recognition also gives a visual warning to indicate if people are moving close to the road, up to a distance of  metres ahead. This means that the driver can recognise potential danger significantly earlier and react more quickly. The new Acute Warning system helps in imminently critical situations, thereby offering even greater safety.The images shown here are representative of equipment offered as individual features are specific to every BMW. Depending on the model, the Control Display and presentation of content may differ.* May not be available in all countries. Please consult your BMW partner. Visibility of the display is limited with polarised sunglasses. BMW Head-up Display functionality shown is dependent on equipment. Not available for xDrive models.


BMW EFFICIENT DYNAMICS –MAKING A LITTLE GO A LONG WAY.BMW EfficientDynamics is the strategy developed by BMW to minimise fuel consumption and emissions while simultaneously increasing dynamicsand driving pleasure. It is a comprehensive technology package that includes the drivetrain, energy management and the vehicle concept – and isstandard in every BMW.The new generation of BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol and diesel engines plays the central role when it comes to the improved performance and lowerfuel consumption in BMW vehicles. Increased efficiency also comes from optimised aerodynamics and BMW EfficientLightweight construction,which reduces weight by using the right materials in the right places while, at the same time, increasing vehicle rigidity. Here, as the only majormanufacturer with such clear focus on the ultra-light yet high-strength material carbon (CFRP), BMW is demonstrating clear innovation leadership.The BMW EfficientDynamics package additionally includes intelligent energy management and ECO PRO mode, which is selected by the driver andpromotes a fuel-efficient driving style. Another key area for BMW is the development of pioneering drive methods such as BMW eDrive technology,with its purely electric operation, and plug-in hybrids.BMW EFFICIENT DYNAMICS INNOVATIONS IN THEBMW  SERIES SALOON AT A GLANCE.The Automatic Start/Stop function temporarily switches off the efficiency. A host of features contribute. They include flat underbodyengine during short vehicle stops such as traffic lights or in traffic jams panelling, the optimised design of the front apron and air intakes andto reduce fuel consumption. When the clutch (manual transmission) or airflow management in the wheel-arches.the brake (Steptronic transmission) is applied, the engine starts up againautomatically and within a fraction of a second. The Optimum Shift Indicator recommends the most suitable gear for fuel-efficient driving. The system also recommends when to shiftBMW TwinPower Turbo technology combines the petrol engines up or down and adapts to individual driving behaviour.with a TwinScroll turbocharger with Valvetronic, Double-VANOS andHigh Precision Injection. With the diesel engines, CommonRail direct The eight-speed Steptronic transmission provides significantlyinjection combines a turbocharger (d and d with two-stage higher gearshifting and driving comfort thanks to closely defined gearturbocharging) with variable turbine geometry. These measures ratios and minimised changes in engine speed at each transition. Thissignificantly reduce fuel consumption in all powerplants, while, at the also leads to an impressive increase in dynamism and reduced fuelsame time, considerably increasing power across a wide speed range. consumption.With Brake Energy Regeneration, the alternator generates electricity Fuel-consumption-friendly ECO PRO mode adapts accelerator pedalmainly when the driver lifts off the accelerator pedal or applies the brakes. and gearbox responses while also moderating the heating/air conditioningThe kinetic energy this develops is converted into electric power and fed systems. ECO PRO tips further improve fuel efficiency with suggestionsinto the battery. that optimise driving behaviour with the bonus range function indicating how many extra kilometres have been gained in the process. The results,Unlike conventional hydraulic systems, Electric Power Steering uses depending on driving style, can lead to reductions in fuel consumption byenergy only when the steering wheel is turned. On straight roads, the up to  per cent. An additional five per cent saving is possible throughelectric motor remains inactive. the Coasting function, Route-Ahead Assistant and, in conjunction with the Steptronic transmission and the Navigation System Professional,Aerodynamics. Carefully optimised aerodynamics measures ensure ECO PRO Route. The savings potential quoted relates to the findings ofan excellent drag coefficient and, therefore, a positive effect on overall internal BMW studies.

EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND JOY.SEVERAL THOUSAND TIMES PER MINUTE.The petrol engines. Power, refinement and superb revving ability are the hallmarks of every BMW engine. It follows, naturally, that the enginesavailable for the BMW  Series are all in line with the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy. The guiding objective is to deliver power to the roadwhile reducing fuel consumption and CO emissions to a minimum. So whatever engine you choose, you can be certain of complete driving pleasure –for all the right reasons. 800 360 720 320 Torque (Nm) 640 280 560 240 480 200 400 160 120 Output (kW) 320 240 80 Torque (Nm) Output (kW) 160 40 80 0 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 Engine speed (rpm) Powerful and efficient – the BMW  i with TwinPower Turbo technology.BMW i. BMW i.The top of the range BMW TwinPower Turbo V engine combines two The BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol engine offers its peakturbochargers with Valvetronic, Double-VANOS and High Precision torque of  Nm at an extremely low , rpm. And, thanks to BMWInjection. This delivers a full  Nm of maximum torque between TwinPower Turbo technology, which combines a TwinScroll turbocharger, and , rpm. The engine, with its  kW ( hp), accelerates with Valvetronic, Double-VANOS and High Precision Injection, the  kWthe vehicle from to  km/h in an impressive . seconds. And thanks (hp) powerplant accelerates the vehicle from – km/h in . High Precision Injection, fuel is used with the utmost efficiency. Maximum speed is  km/h (restricted); average fuel consumption is .–. l per  km; CO emissions are –g/km.BMW i.The . -litre BMW TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder petrol engine BMW i.combines Valvetronic, Double-VANOS and High Precision Injection with The BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol engine, with its . -litrea TwinScroll turbocharger. The intelligent innovations package delivers capacity, deploys a TwinScroll turbocharger with Valvetronic, Double-average fuel consumption of just . –.l per  km, CO emissions VANOS and High Precision Injection. This results in powerful character and, at the same time, high efficiency. Output of kW (hp) and  maximum torque of  Nm enables acceleration from to  km/h in .s and a top speed of km/h. Combined fuel consumption is .– .lof –g/km and impressive performance values: kW ( hp), per  km and CO emissions are  –g/km.max. torque of  Nm and acceleration from to  km/h in only .s.Top speed is  km/h (restricted).  Fuel consumption and CO emissions are dependent on wheel and tyre size. For more information, please see pages /.26 27 BMW TwinPower Turbo engines

The diesel engines. All BMW  Series diesel engines are equipped with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and impress with their refinedpower and the highest efficiency. The latest CommonRail technology ensures running smoothness and fuel economy combined with immediateresponsiveness and enormous revving ability. All variants feature lightweight aluminium design and, of course, are fitted with a maintenance-freeparticle filter as standard. BMW BluePerformance technology, which significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions, is also standard. Additionally,with this feature, the vehicles comply with the EU emissions directive. 700 Output (kW) 250 650 Torque (Nm) 225 600 200 550 175 500 150 450 125 400 100 350 75 Torque (Nm) Output (kW) 300 50 0 0 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 Engine speed (rpm) High power, low emissions – the efficient TwinPower Turbo engine in the BMW d.BMW d. BMW d.With its BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, the range-topping diesel The new BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine generatescombines CommonRail direct injection and two-stage turbocharging with an impressive  kW ( hp) output from its . -litre displacement.variable turbine geometry. The inline six-cylinder engine, which delivers It combines CommonRail direct injection and a turbocharger withits maximum torque of  Nm at , –, rpm and generates  kW variable turbine geometry and, with its  Nm of peak torque(hp), appeals with its smooth running and extremely spontaneous accessible between , and , rpm, reaches the  km/h markresponses. The other key facts on this engine, also available as a BMW from a standstill in .s ( d xDrive: .s). Top speed is km/h. Fueld xDrive version: – km/h in .s (d xDrive: .s), average fuel efficiency: . – .l ( d xDrive: . – .l) per  km; CO emissions:consumption of . – .l (d xDrive: . – . l) per  kilometres. In  –g/km ( d xDrive:  –g/km) in the combined cycle.addition, the all-wheel drive system improves traction and tracking stability. Additionally, the all-wheel system BMW xDrive increases traction and directional stability.BMW d.The BMW TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder diesel engine, with BMW d.a . -litre capacity, combines CommonRail direct injection and The new-generation BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder . -litre diesela turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. At just , rpm, the engine promises driving pleasure combined with efficiency and lowengine develops  kW (hp) and impressive torque of  Nm. The emissions. It delivers output of  kW ( hp) and max torque of  Nm.sprint from to  km/h takes .s ( d xDrive: .s). Average fuel Such effective performance development is down to CommonRail directconsumption is only .–. litres per  km ( d xDrive: .–.l) and injection and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. The BMWCO emissions average at a low –g/km ( d xDrive: –g/km). accelerates from to  km/h in .s and goes on to a top speed of km/h. Combined fuel consumption, depending on model, is betweenBMW d. . and .l/ km. CO emissions are between  and g/km,The new-generation BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine according to model.with its . -litre capacity and  kW (hp) output combinesCommonRail direct injection and -stage turbocharging with variableturbine geometry. Maximum torque of  Nm is reached at , rpm.The BMW d reaches  km/h from a standing start in . s and topspeed is km/h. Combined consumption: . –.l of diesel per kilometres. Combined CO emissions:  –g/km.

THE BMW Md xDRIVE. M GENES INCLUDED.760 300720 Torque (Nm) 272680 243640 214600 185560 156520 127480 98 Power pack: The M Performance Output (kW) TwinPower Turbo inline six- cylinder diesel engine develops440 massive torque of  NmTorque (Nm) 69 between , and , rpm. Output (kW)400 40 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 Engine speed (rpm)BMW Md xDrive. The M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder diesel engine combines CommonRail direct injection and uniquethree-stage turbocharging with variable turbine geometry. Maximum torque of a thrilling  Nm is available at low revs and across a broad powerband while output reaches a peak of  kW (hp). These characteristics all ensure exceptionally spontaneous dynamism and accelerationfrom – km/h in just . seconds. Such high performance alongside average fuel consumption of . litres per  km and CO emissions ofg/km reveals an excellent performance/efficiency ratio. It all emphasises, once again, the innovative power of BMW. Fuel consumption and CO emissions are dependent on wheel and tyre size. For more information, please see pages /.

Steptronic sport transmission with gearshift Tailpipes. The tailpipes on the left and right Md badging makes a powerful impression for the top model in the BMW  Series range.lever featuring the M logo. each come with a dark chrome trapezoid surround.

BMW ACTIVE HYBRID .THE MOST DYNAMIC WAY TO DRIVE A HYBRID.Can a car become more efficient while, at the same time, deliver even greater dynamics? Yes it can. As demonstrated by the BMW ActiveHybrid .With its intelligent drive concept, the first full hybrid BMW saloon represents the next generation of BMW ActiveHybrids. The BMW ActiveHybrid offers superior agility and unique design along with the perfect combination of dynamics and elegance. Thanks to intelligent energy management, itenables functions such as purely electric driving over distances of up to three to four kilometres at up to km/h as well as coasting at up to km/hwith the engine off. More intense acceleration, available via the Boost function, complements the sustainability concept. With overall system output ofkW (hp), the vehicles consumes, on average, just .–. litres of fuel per km and emits  –g of CO per kilometre.Stationary climate control. Lithium-ion high-performanceThis can be used to make the air battery. This supplies, withconditioning cool the BMW maximum efficiency, the energyActiveHybrid  a few minutes before needed for pure electric driving inyou get inside. It is done by the the BMW ActiveHybrid . Theelectric air conditioning compressor innovative battery is also chargedso not a drop of fuel is burnt. The on every journey by Brake Energysystem can easily be activated from Regeneration as soon as you lift offa distance with the key fob remote. the accelerator or apply the brakes. The lithium-ion high-performance battery has a long service life and comes with a certificate guaranteeing its performance for the first ,km for a maximum of five years.Performance Hybrid. The BMW TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder Eight-speed Steptronic transmission. Very closely defined gearinline petrol engine in combination with the electric motor in the BMW ratios allow better utilisation of the optimum rev range and ease of use.ActiveHybrid  ensures significantly reduced fuel consumption and In combination with the electric drive functions, it offers significantlymaximum dynamism. more driving comfort with considerably reduced fuel consumption and emissions. 18\" light alloy wheels  Active Hybrid  designation  The aluminium doorsill  ActiveHybrid  badging to theStreamline 364,  J x  with on the C-pillar directly behind the finishers mark the threshold to a rear of the Hofmeister kink./ R  tyres. Innovative and Hofmeister kink, on the front doorsills particularly elegant and exquisitelyaerodynamically optimised. (\" and, inside, on the aluminium trim finished interior.light alloy wheels V-spoke \" of the centre console cupholderas standard). cover. Fuel consumption and CO emissions are dependent on wheel and tyre size.  Standard equipment  Optional equipment For more information, please see pages \"/\".30 31 ActiveHybrid 5

 Electric driving. When ECO PRO mode is activated via the Driving  The Boost function enables particularly dynamic acceleration –Experience control switch, the kW electric motor enables driving during overtaking moves, for instance – by engaging the power of thesolely on electric power over distances of up to three to four kilometres. Also electric motor to support the engine. A graphic in the Control Displayin this mode, when the driver lifts off the accelerator, the transmission shows that the electric motor boost function is active. The systeminterrupts the flow of power to the engine and switches it off. The BMW draws on stored energy created by Brake Energy Regeneration.then glides along in near-silence at up to km/h. In COMFORT mode,the vehicle coasts at up to km/h.

32 33 Chassis and safety

THE BEST PLATFORM FOR DRIVING DYNAMICS.AN OUTSTANDING CHASSIS.A wide range of innovative technology in the BMW  Series Saloon ensures that you thoroughly enjoy every journey. Many features are alsointelligently networked, allowing you to experience maximum driving pleasure in the utmost safety.Integral Active Steering, for rear-wheel drive roads. In SPORT/SPORT+, the shock absorbers traction by intervening in the engine and brakevehicles, combines steering rear wheels with a are set to a firmer position, for a sporty ride. management systems. This makes it easiervariable steering-transmission ratio on the front to handle the vehicle, even in difficult roadaxle. At up to  km/h, the rear wheels steer in The standard Driving Experience Control conditions, and actively enhances driving safetythe opposite direction to the front wheels. This switch incl. ECO PRO in the centre console and therefore driving pleasure.makes the wheelbase feel like it is shorter and allows you to select your desired mode at thethus improves manoeuvrability and agility. From touch of a button. In COMFORT mode, the Passive safety. Thanks to targeted selectionabout  km/h, the rear wheels steer in the same engine and transmission remain in their standard of materials, a high-strength structure and andirection as the front wheels. The resulting settings. ECO PRO mode is orientated towards intelligent lightweight construction concept,impression of a longer wheelbase enhances efficiency. And SPORT mode puts the focus on the body of every BMW meets the highestdriving stability and comfort, which is particularly even more dynamic driving. requirements of passive safety and, in conjunctionwelcome when fast and abrupt lane changes with highly efficient restraint systems, ensuresare needed. The intelligent BMW all-wheel system maximum possible occupant protection. They xDrive adapts to even the most difficult road are also designed in accordance with theAdaptive Drive combines the active chassis situations by always offering maximum possible leading crash tests carried out by independentcontrol systems, Dynamic Drive and Dynamic traction. With xDrive and Dynamic Stability institutions.Damper Control. Sensors constantly monitor Control (DSC), your vehicle remains stable andspeed and steering wheel angle as well as on track. xDrive distributes power between thelateral and longitudinal acceleration of the axles in fractions of a second for optimumvehicle. Based on this data, the stabiliser and roadholding.shock absorber settings are regulated. Thisresults in precise steering responses, shorter The eight-speed Steptronic Sportbraking distances and, at the same time, transmission adapts to your individual drivingincreased ride comfort. and offers a spectrum ranging from comfortable gliding through to the most dynamic drivingOptional Dynamic Damper Control allows style. Along with automatic gear selection, it isthe driver to ideally match the shock absorber also possible to make make manual shifts via acharacteristics to the driving situation. In addition shortened selector lever or paddles on theto the standard COMFORT setting, there are Sport leather steering wheel.two other programmes with this option. WithCOMFORT+ (not for M d xDrive), the shock With Dynamic Stability Control (DSC),absorbers give a soft ride, reducing motion of sensors constantly monitor driving status and,the car to a minimum, especially on bumpy as necessary, modify directional stability and

MORE SAFETY. MORE DRIVING PLEASURE.The BMW  Series Saloon is full of cutting-edge technology that can always be relied on. Superb handling characteristics and innovative equipmentcome as standard, giving the driver exactly the right support for any situation. It all means that you can feel safe in all road conditions. Adaptive Headlights with variable light distribution for city and  Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) features sensors that constantlymotorway, BMW Selective Beam (anti-dazzle High-Beam Assistant), monitor driving status and, as required, optimises directional stability andautomatic full and dipped beam as well as Bi-Xenon technology provide traction by intervening in the engine and brake management systems.optimum illumination of the road ahead. The cornering lights are This makes it easier to handle the vehicle, even in difficult road conditions,activated automatically by the steering angle or when the indicators and actively enhances driving safety and therefore driving pleasure.are switched on, even when the car is stationary. Airbags for the driver and front passenger are central, precisely  Active Protection is the preventative occupant protection systemcoordinated safety features in your BMW. Driver and front passenger from BMW ConnectedDrive. In critical situations, for example, the safetyairbags, the Curtain System with head airbags as well as front seatback- belts are pre-tensioned, the seats are moved to an upright position andintegrated side airbags provide effective protection for you and your the windows are closed. Following an accident, the vehicle can also bepassengers in the event of a collision. automatically braked to a standstill. Additionally, Attention Assistant monitors driving behaviour for signs of fatigue. The system also analyses steering input, picks up on irregularities and responds with a recommendation to take a break shown in the Control Display.34 35 Chassis and safety  Standard equipment  Optional equipment

 BMW restraint system for driver and front passenger comprises  The intelligent BMW all-wheel system xDrive adapts perfectly tothree-point seat belts, belt tensioners and belt-force limiters to ensure the even difficult road conditions by always providing the required extramost effective restraining effect in a collision. To avoid incorrect use, the traction. With xDrive and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), your vehiclerear seat belt buckles are coded. remains stable and on track. xDrive distributes drive power flexibly between the vehicle’s axles in fractions of a second for optimum road- holding. This allows xDrive to combine the advantages of all-wheel drive – traction, directional stability and driving safety – with typical BMW agility. Runflat tyres. In the event of a puncture, reinforced sidewalls mean  Passenger cell. Thanks to the directions of the beams and nodethe tyres stay on the rim so you can get to the nearest workshop. joints and selective use of high-strength materials, this functionally Tyre Pressure Display. This keeps the driver informed of pressure designed structure provides maximum passive safety in the event ofloss by means of a sensor. The air temperature is also monitored. front, side or rear impact.

Combination examples Colours EquipmentTHE BMW  SERIES SALOON.The cockpit with its centre console inclined towards the driver demonstrates leather steering wheel, with its excellent grip, is optional. Automatic, two-zone climatetypical BMW driver orientation. The Radio Professional and .\" flat-screen control as well as superb craftsmanship further enhance the sense of well being.colour display are already included as standard and the multifunction Sport36 37 BMW 5 Series Saloon

Technical data BMW ServiceThe BMW  Series Saloon comes, as standard, with diagonal upholstery cloth The BMW  Series Saloon comes with \" light alloy wheels V-spoke \"in Anthracite (pictured: Veneto Beige Dakota leather) as well as the high-gloss as standard. BMW  i and BMW  i xDrive models feature \" light alloyBlack interior trim. The BMW also offers plenty of storage space, including two wheels V-spoke \" as standard.cupholders in the centre console and compartments in the doors.The BMW \" i Saloon in the optional exterior colour Imperial Blue metallic.

Combination examples Colours EquipmentTHE LUXURY LINE BMW  SERIES SALOON.Luxury Line interior equipment: Luxury Line exterior equipment: Illuminated doorsill finishers in aluminium with BMW logo  BMW kidney grille with exclusively designed slats in chrome (not for ActiveHybrid )  Front bumper with specific design elements in chrome  \" light alloy wheels Multi-spoke  Seats in Black, Veneto Beige or Oyster Dakota leather, each with  \" light alloy wheels Multi-spoke  with mixed tyres; exclusive stitching other wheels available Seats in Mocha or Ivory White exclusive Nappa leather,  ‘Luxury’ designation on the sides each with exclusive stitching; other upholstery available  Side window frames and window recess covers in chrome, Sport multifunction leather steering wheel B-pillars, wing mirror frames and bases in high-gloss Black M leather steering wheel  Tailgate trim in chrome Key fob with gloss chrome inserts  Exhaust tailpipe trim in chrome Interior trim in fine-wood Fineline Anthracite  Illuminated door handles with chrome inserts Interior trim in fine-wood Ash Grain Brown with inlay and accent  LED foglights trim in gloss chrome; other trims available Seat heating for driver and front passenger BMW Individual extended fine-grain Merino leather BMW Individual: The features available from BMW Individual perfectly complement the Luxury Line (see pages /).38 39 Luxury Line  Standard Luxury Line equipment  Optional Luxury Line equipment

Technical data BMW Service  ‘Luxury’ designation on the sides.  Multifunction Sport leather steering wheel, three-spoke, with chrome trim and optional gearshift paddles.The combination of optional Sport seats with Veneto Beige Dakota leather with  \" light alloy wheels Multi-spoke .  \" light alloy wheels Multi-spoke exclusive stitching and the optional Ash Grain Brown fine-wood trim with inlays  J x  with \"/ R  runflat tyres. with mixed, runflat the interior a particularly refined ambience.The Luxury Line BMW \" d Saloon with the optional Sophisto Grey, brilliant effect, exterior colour.

Combination examples Colours EquipmentTHE BMW  SERIES SALOON EDITION SPORT.*Edition Sport interior equipment: Edition Sport exterior equipment: Seats in Diagonal cloth Anthracite or Veneto Beige  \" light alloy wheels Double-spoke   with mixed tyres Seats in Black, Veneto Beige, Cinnamon Brown or Oyster Dakota leather  \" light alloy wheels Double-spoke  in Bicolour with mixed tyres; with exclusive stitching other wheels available Sport/Comfort seats in Dakota leather  BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line High-gloss Black interior trim  BMW Individual Exterior Line in satinated aluminium Fine-brushed aluminium interior trim, fine-wood trim Ash Grain Brown  LED foglights or Fineline Anthracite Sport leather multifunction steering wheel M leather steering wheel40 41 Edition Sport  Standard equipment for Edition Sport  Optional equipment for Edition Sport

Technical data BMW Service  Sport leather steering wheel, three-  Multifunctional Instrument Display. spoke, with multifunction buttons and chrome trim.The combination of optional Black Dakota leather and the optional Fine-brushed  \" light alloy wheels Double-spoke  \" light alloy wheels Double-spokealuminium interior trim accentuates the sporty appearance of the interior.   with mixed, runflat tyres. Front:  , Bicolour with mixed, runflat tyres. The interior can also optionally be equipped with Sport or Comfort seats in  J x  with \"/ R  tyres. Rear: Front: . J x  with \"/ R  tyres.Dakota leather.  J x  with \"/ R  tyres. Rear:  J x  with \"/ R  tyres.The BMW  d Saloon Edition Sport in the optional Mineral Grey metallic exterior colour.* In some countries, the Edition Sport Pro is offered. Please consult your BMW partner for more information about this edition.

Combination examples Colours EquipmentTHE BMW  SERIES SALOON M SPORT PACKAGE.M Sport package interior equipment: M Sport package exterior equipment: M doorsill finishers and M driver footrest  M Aerodynamics package with front apron, side sills and rear apron Sport seats for driver and front passenger in cloth/Alcantara combination with diffuser insert in Dark Shadow metallic Grey Shadow Anthracite with exclusive M look; other upholstery available  LED foglights (not in conjunction with auxiliary heater) Comfort seats for driver and front passenger in exclusive Nappa leather  \" M light alloy wheels Double-spoke  M with mixed tyres  \" M light alloy wheels Double-spoke  M with mixed tyres with exclusive stitching  M Sport suspension (not with xDrive and ActiveHybrid ) M leather multifunction steering wheel  BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line BMW Individual headliner in Anthracite  BMW Individual Exterior Line in satinated aluminium BMW Individual headliner in Alcantara  ‘M’ designation on the sides Aluminium Hexagon interior trim; other trims available  Wing mirror caps in body colour BMW Individual extended fine-grain Merino leather  Exhaust tailpipes in dark chrome  Exclusive paint finish in Carbon Black metallic; other paint finishes available BMW Individual: The features available from BMW Individual perfectly complement the M Sport package (see pages /).42 43 M Sport package  Standard M Sport package equipment  Optional M Sport package equipment

Technical data BMW Service  A sporty sight: doorsill finishers in aluminium with M designation front and rear.Athletic interior design with a sporty M leather steering wheel, Sport seats in the  \" M light alloy wheels Double-  \" M light alloy wheels Double-cloth-Alcantara combination Grey Shadow Anthracite with M piping and the spoke  M with mixed, runflat tyres. spoke  M with mixed, runflat tyres.Aluminium Hexagon trim. Front:  J x  with \"/ R  tyres. Rear:  J x  with \"/ R  tyres.The M Sport package BMW i Saloon in the exclusive Carbon Black metallic exterior colour.

BMW IndividualThe expression of personality.44 45 BMW Individual The BMW  Series Saloon. Inspired by BMW Individual.  Driving a BMW is, in itself, a mark of character. There are those who still, however, want their vehicles to be even more individual reflections of their personality. The BMW Individual Collection and the BMW Individual Manufaktur meet these needs by opening up seemingly limitless opportunities for differentiation. Precisely in tune with each model, the BMW Individual Collection offers a highly exclusive selection of equipment options. Fascinating paint finishes either refracting the light or with a matt effect. Leather, unique in colour and scope of application, perfected with clever contrasts and decorative stitching. Interior trims in the most exclusive fine woods, the immaculate Piano finish and the finest leather. And yet even this can be surpassed – thanks to the BMW Individual Manufaktur. Here, there is only one goal: realising almost any customer request, even the most personal, with stylish, hand-crafted perfection.  Optional equipment

BMW Individual paint finish Frozen Bronze metallic.BMW Individual fine-wood trim Sen Light Brown and leather-covered instrument panel. BMW Individual extended fine-grain Merino leather Cashmere Beige, fine-wood trim Piano finish Black, wood inlay for the leather steering wheel and leather-covered instrument panel. EXPERIENCE BMW INDIVIDUAL INTERACTIVE. WITH THE BMW INDIVIDUAL iPAD APP.

Combination examples Colours EquipmentBase.Exterior colours. Non-metallic  Alpine White  Non-metallic  Black  Metallic A Mineral White Metallic A Glacier Silver  Metallic A Cashmere Silver  Metallic A Space Grey Metallic C Mediterranean Blue  Metallic B Mineral Grey  Metallic B Jatoba Metallic A Sophisto Grey, brilliant effect  Metallic A Imperial Blue, brilliant effect  Metallic  Black SapphireUpholstery colours. Diagonal cloth AWDF Veneto Beige  Diagonal cloth AWAT Anthracite  Dakota leather LCDF Veneto Beige with Veneto Beige interior Dakota leather LCV Veneto Beige  Dakota leather LCEZ Cinnamon Brown,  Dakota leather LCSW Black with Black interior with lower part of instrument panel in Cinnamon Brown Dakota leather LCOX Oyster with exclusive  Standard equipment  Optional equipment stitching1 Standard for M Sport package.2 Not available for M Sport package.3 Also available for M Sport package.4 Also available for Luxury Line and M Sport package.46 47 Colours, upholstery and interior trims

Technical data BMW ServiceInterior trims. AT/EH Black, high-gloss  B Fine-brushed aluminium  BN Fine-wood trim Ash Grain Brown (standard for  i,  i xDrive and ActiveHybrid ) CE Fine-wood trim Fineline AnthraciteInterior colours.Veneto Beige BlackThese pages show the colours and materials available for the BMW  Series Saloon. Use them to identify your favourite colours or compare various combinations.These colour samples are meant to give a first impression of paints and materials. Experience has shown, however, that printed versions of paint, upholsterycolours and interior trims cannot in all cases faithfully reproduce the appearance of the originals. We therefore recommend that you consult your BMW partneron your preferred colour choices. They will be happy to show you samples and assist with special requests.Please note that, over time, even correct use can lead to unrecoverable upholstery damage. This can be caused, in particular, by non-colourfast clothing.

Combination examples Colours EquipmentBMW Individual.Exterior colours.BMW Individual  BMW Individual X Moonstone metallic  BMW Individual X Champagne Quartz metallic BMW Individual X Frozen Bronze metallic  BMW Individual X Tanzanite Blue metallic  BMW Individual X Citrine Black metallic BMW Individual S Azurite Black metallic  BMW Individual  Brilliant White metallic  BMW Individual  Frozen Brilliant White metallic BMW Individual  Pure metal Silver  BMW Individual  Frozen Silver metallic  BMW Individual  Frozen Grey metallic BMW Individual  Frozen Cashmere Silver  BMW Individual  Pyrite Brown metallic metallicUpholstery colours.BMW Individual  BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather  BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather ZAC Platinum,  with exclusive piping ZAKS Cashmere Beige, ,  with exclusive piping BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather  BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather  BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather ZAP Champagne,  with exclusive piping ZAP Silk Grey,  with exclusive piping ZAP Amaro Brown,  with exclusive piping BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather  Standard equipment  Optional equipment ZAML Nutmeg,  with exclusive piping48 49 Upholstery and interior trims

Technical data BMW ServiceInterior trims. BMW Individual  BMW Individual interior trim XEW  BMW Individual interior trim XE Fine-wood trim Sen Light Brown Fine-wood trim Plane Auburn Dark BMW Individual interior trim XE Piano finish BlackHeadliner. BMW Individual  BMW Individual headliner  BMW Individual headliner XD Alcantara Platinum XD Alcantara Champagne BMW Individual headliner XD Alcantara Silk Grey  BMW Individual headliner  BMW Individual headliner XD Alcantara Amaro Brown  Alcantara Anthracite BMW Individual headliner  Anthracite1 BMW Individual extended fine-grain Merino leather equipment includes front and rear seats including headrests, rear of seat backrests, inserts in door panels, centre console including armrest and the lower part of the instrument panel.2 Also available for Luxury Line and M Sport package.3 Only available in conjunction with Black interior colour (ZAKS).4 Also available for M Sport package.

Combination examples Colours EquipmentLuxury Line.Upholstery colours. Dakota leather LCLY Veneto Beige  Dakota leather LCV Veneto Beige  Dakota leather LCOX Oyster with exclusive stitchingwith exclusive stitching and Veneto Beige interior with exclusive stitching and Black interior Dakota leather LCLZ Black with exclusive  Exclusive Nappa leather LZET Ivory White  Exclusive Nappa leather LZMW Mocha stitching with exclusive stitching, with exclusive stitching, additional interior features in Oyster lower part of instrument panel in Mocha Exclusive Nappa leather LZLZ Black with exclusive stitchingInterior trims. CE Fine-wood trim Fineline Anthracite  CT Fine-wood trim Ash Grain Brown with inlay and accent trim in gloss chrome50 51 Colours, upholstery and interior trims

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