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Published by kenta_kawashima, 2018-09-30 04:02:04

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Week 1 Title: Until I Say Good-Bye:My year of Living with joy. Author: Susan spencer-wendel Source: Until I Say Good-Bye:My year of Living with joy book’s. Summary It’s the book that told us a story of ALS patient. The disease thatcan’t be cured only death awaits. This book will tell you how she facedthe truth and the way she handle it. It was to lived with joy andhappiness. My reaction/reflection: First of all, I love how she decide to spend all of her life withher family after she knew that she had been sick and I’m impress thatshe wrote this book with her thumb. The book that told us a story ofher life. She shows us that we don’t have to live with sadness and fearfrom losing our beloved. If I was her I might not be able to go on tripwith my family.

New words learned: (At least five new words that you have learned) New Words Definitions1. Dilapidated -decayed, deteriorated, or fallen into partial ruin especially through neglect or misuse (Adjective) A fire was made up in the dilapidated brick stove.2. Abuse -improper or excessive use or treatment (Noun, Verb) - language that condemns or vilifies usually unjustly, intemperately, and angrily Merry senseless words of abuse flowed freely.3. Hackneyed -lacking in freshness (Adjective) It's hackneyed, but true the more you save4. Rattle the more you earn. (Verb, Noun) -to move with a clatter or rattle - a rapid succession of sharp clattering sounds You mean they have rattle snakes out here?5. Flit - to pass quickly or abruptly from one place (Verb) or condition to another The fairy could flit around the periphery of the design, or take center stage on the moon itself. Page 2 of 4

Articles Rubric for Independent Reading Journal (10%) 5 12341. Summary (4 %)2. Reflection (3%)3. Vocabulary Learned (3%) Scores Total scores _______ ÷ 5 = _____ marksCriteria for the above categories1. Rubric for Article SummaryCategory 5-4 3 2 1-0Summarizing Provides a very Provides a clear Provides a clear but Provides a somewhatthe content thorough and clear and concise shallow summary of muddled, unclear and and concise summary of the the article; may be rambling summary of summary of the article context excessively brief or the article. article context and and content. may include some content. extraneous information.Identifying Student recalls Student recalls Student is not able to Student cannot locateDetails several details for details for most locate most of the details with accuracy. each main point. main point. details of the main point. Is characterized by theParaphrasing Is characterized by Is characterized Is characterized by substantial copying of paraphrasing of the by paraphrasing the substantial indiscriminately main idea and of the main idea copying of key selected phrases or significant details and significant phrases and minimal sentences. details paraphrasingSpelling & There are few or no There are some There are serious Serious errors inGrammar errors in usage, errors in usage, errors in usage, mechanics, usage, grammar, grammar, grammar, grammar, or spelling punctuation, punctuation, punctuation, sentence that make the summary sentence fragments, sentence fragments, or difficult to understand. or spelling. fragments, or spelling. spelling.Total ________/20 ÷ 5 = 4 % Page 3 of 4

2. Reflection on the Articles (3%)Students who have completely and clearly responded to the guided questions stated in the reading journalform will get 3 marks.3. Vocabulary Learned (3%) ≥ 70% correct = 2 marks 1 ≤ 70% = 1 mark All correct = 3 marks Reading Summary Rubric Page 4 of 4

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