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Cooper Medical Supplies

Published by coopermedical, 2015-02-11 05:45:49

Description: Cooper Medical Supplies is privately-owned and operated by Respiratory Therapists, Kevin and Terri Cooper.

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Cooper Medical Supplies

Cooper MedicalCooper Medical Supplies is privately-owned and operated by Respiratory Therapists,Kevin and Terri Cooper.Kevin and Terri have decades of professional experience in the respiratory and homemedical field. They work with hospitals, nursing homes and other skilled patient carefacilities, providing clients with pulse oximeters along with other essential healthmonitoring supplies and a full line of home medical equipment.Our medical devices are screened for quality prior todistribution and reaching our consumers. The accurate resultsthat our medical equipment provides is essential in thetreatment and medical care that patients receive. We areproud to offer pulse oximeter technology and its multiplepossibilities in the hospital, physician office, health care clinic,nursing and personal care home and the patient’s own home.We are happy to serve your medical equipment needs!As a company, we believe that our purpose goes far beyond just the distribution ofmedical equipment and health care supplies. Our core purpose is to provide affordableand efficient means to care for yourself or loved ones and make daily life easier for ourcustomers.

Pulse OximeterPulse oximetry is a way to obtain a person's oxygen content that is carried by hemoglobin.Oxygen saturation in the blood is obtained by measuring light absorption through atranslucent site with good blood flow. Normal sites are the fingers, toes, earlobe for adultsand foot, palm, big toe, or thumb for infants. Wrist pulse oximeters emit red and infraredlight and that light travels through oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin differently.The difference in how the light travels through the bloodstream is due to the difference incolor between oxygenated (bright red) and deoxygenated blood (dark red or blue).On the opposite side of the light, there is a photodetector that measures the light thatpasses through the bloodstream. When hemoglobin is oxygenated, it absorbs moreinfrared light and allows more red light to pass through. When blood has a lower oxygencontent it absorbs more red light and allows more infrared light to pass through.Most pulse oximeters send the light by the transmissionmethod. This simply means that the light passes through thebloodstream to the other side. In most cases the light sourceis passes from one side of a finger to the other. A smallernumber of oximeters use reflectance technology. In this typeof oximeter the light source and detector are on the sameside and the light source bounces from the emitter to thedetector across the site.

Blood Pressure MonitorsContec-08C Blood Pressure Monitor with Pulse Oximeter:Contec 08C Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor with PulseOximeter Probe. Monitor and track your blood pressure andoxygen level with one machine. Monitor will store up to 99measurement results for up to 3 users. Also includes softwarefor uploading your results and viewing on your computer withgraphing report capability.Kindcare Palm Style Blood Pressure Monitor Gift Set: KindcareUpper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Kit with Palm Style HandHeld Gauge and 3 Cuffs and Zippered Case. Includes Pediatric,Adult, and Adult Large Cuffs. The hand held gauge is an easy touse manual blood pressure monitor. No more fumbling with aseperate gauge on your monitor.Kindcare Manual Blood Pressure Monitor - Upper ArmKindcare Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor(Sphygmomanometer) with Standard Adult Cuff with ZipperedCase.

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