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Canada in the world 5th week

Published by Bob Hillier, 2021-03-01 21:03:06

Description: Canada in the world 5th week


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Canada & the WorldCREC 6436 Rev 2021A brief overview of the functions and operations of Canada’sDepartment of Global AffairsBob HillierPART VTHE Wrap up“Oddsandsods”

Why did the Texas power grid fail?The core problem: Power providers can reap rewards by supplying electricity to Texas customers, but they aren’t required to do it and face no penalties for failing to deliver during a lengthy emergency.What “off the grid” means

BCStep 1. 9.35 KwhStrp 2. 14.05 KwhShades of ENRON

Texas pricing modelConsumer has the option of buying power from a supplier which will probably be less than the local authority, based on the wholesale cost, when supply is constricted the wholesale cost goes up (in Texas it is limited by legislation to $9,000.00 per Mwh = 9.00 per Kwh) the average home uses about 1 Mwh per month. Discuss home uses. (in Canadian Dollars $9,000.00 US = CD$11,500, or $11.50 per Kwh.) BC averages 11.42cents.Ontario has a similar system but theretailer’s prices are more or less fixed. They also have tiered pricing based on time of day usage. NZ example of “ripple control” Explain Peak.

Power bill for 5 days -Houston

BC Hydro has some cost issues1. Previous government's BC Hydro contracts to cost ratepayers billions:It details how the previous government manufactured an urgent need for power while disallowing BC Hydro to produce it, therefore requiring the public utility to buy power from private producers at inflated prices. According to the report, this will ultimately cost the average residential BC Hydro customer about $4,000 over the next 20 years, or about $200 per year.2. Site “C” damFor:•It would always be nice to have more electricity•It is already ready to go•It could be a huge boon to Northern BC industryAgainst:•It was largely understood to be for LNG purposes, which now seems like an unwise economic investment•It is pricey•It disrupts people and wildlifePowerEx–had to pay California 750 million in 2013 due to partnership with Enron (took advantage of California’s deregulated market)The surplus of energy in our system on anannualbasis makes Powerexanet exporter ofelectricity, ... Powerexwill oftenpurchasepowerduring these times ata muchlower cost, and sometimes they're evenpaidto take the excesselectricity.

In reference to the Paris climate accord, Site C is predicted to prevent approximately 30 to 70 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being generated in the atmosphere.When BC Hydro buys power fromindependent power producersthey set a price as low as $76.20 per megawatt hour for intermittent power from wind farms, and as high as $133.80 for firm hydro power. The average price paid, as of 2010, was $100 per megawatt hour. Site C is expected to cost $83 per megawatt hour for firm hydro power.Explain water storage versus wind and solar. Explain Kitimat and Trail.

Canada could be producing the NovaVax vaccine by this fall

•Canadian Coast Guard’s latest icebreakers•The Canadian Coast Guard is expanding its fleet to ensure we have the ships we need to carry out our important work. In 2018, the Government of Canada purchased 3 medium interim icebreakers to support icebreaking services in Canadian waters.•These icebreakers are:•CCGSCaptain Molly Kool•delivered: December 2018•home port: St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador•CCGSJean Goodwill•delivered: November 2020•home port: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia•CCGSVincent Massey•to be delivered: 2021•home port: Québec City, Quebec

•Interesting development in Churchill,Atlantic%20through%20the%20Hudson%20Strait.Note grain shipments have resumed after the railway –was re-opened. Note discussion on Canadian Wheat Board. Note Development of an Arctic Bridge connecting –Churchill to Murmansk in Russia. Goods from Europe to Central North AmericaThe CWB was sold off to Saudi Company, G3 Global Grain Group in 2015 and the Churchill Port suffered as grain shipments were slowly ceased.[8]Omnitrax then closed the rail-line and port, citing a lack of profitability of the operations. They then entered into initial talks to sell the port and rail-line to a local indigenous consortium of Manitoba First Nations, Missnippi Rail Consortium

The 2 Michaels - update

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