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April 2021 newsletter pdf

Published by twayers, 2021-04-08 17:43:29

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The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Creating Hopeful MU CHAPTER NEWS Flint, MI Alpha Iota State Theme International Theme for 2019-2021 Learning Environments Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide Volume 74 Issue 7 April 2021 President’s Corner Editor: Cathy Ayers In This Issue Dear Sisters, As I look out my window, I can see that the 100 daffodils I President’s Corner ……………………..1 Upcoming Events…….….…………………2 planVteodlulamstefall are popping up and I can’t wait to see if they all April FACC Meeting………………………..3 bloom. Mama swan has built her nest and is sitting patiently on her Member News………………………….……4 eggs while daddy meanders past our cottage eating the vegetation. Committee News……..………….…........5 Robins, redwing blackbirds, and bluebirds are back at the feeders. I Comfort Food and a Good Book…….6 do love the change of seasons. And with the change of seasons, National Poetry Month………………....7 more of us who want a vaccination can get them. This gives me HOPE State and International News…....….8 that by this summer we may be able to get together ! We will still March Treasurer’s Report…….………..9 have to distance and wear masks if we are able, but actually see each DRAFT of Mu Standing Rules………..10 other – in person ! Send a card ! Remember Until then, April is proving to be a month filled with opportunities. your sisters on their birthday! First is an Online Auction sponsored by Alpha Omega – our sister chapter in FACC (Flint Area Coordinating Council). It will run from Janet Cybulski – April 15 April 10 – 24. The proceeds will support the Scholarship Fund we Cheryl Cyran – April 20 have in FACC. More information will be sent through emails. The Leslie Acevedo – May 10 second event is the State Super Session: Craft Night, April 13 at 7 pm. Juliann Pumphrey – May 18 Go to the Michigan DKG Website under Events to sign up. Our FACC Sara Standen – May 20 Virtual Spring Meeting held on Saturday, April 17 at 9:30 am. The Kim Confer -May 23 program speaker is Connie Peters who will be sharing about the Julie Pearce – May 24 Eastern Michigan Food Bank. The last event is the DKG Michigan Beverly Inbody – May 29S State Virtual Conference beginning on Friday April 30. Friday night Shirley Israel – May 30 we will hear from our World Fellowship Scholarship Recipient from Bangladesh. Saturday three (3) workshops will be offered as well as a couple break-out sessions. A beautiful White Rose Ceremony will be held, honoring our members who have passed away this past year. Go to the Michigan DKG Website under Events to register. Cathy Ayers, President, Mu Chapter pg. 1

DKG Mu Chapter 2019-2020 Program & Meet Up Calendar 2020-2021 Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting Schedule DATE: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 DATE: Saturday, March 13, 2021 TIME: 5:30pm TIME: 9:30am PLACE: ZOOM PLACE: ZOOM PROGRAM: Teacher Panel PROGRAM: Book Share Business Meeting DATE: Saturday, April 17, 2021 DATE: Thursday, October 15, 2020 TIME: 9:30 am TIME: 5:30pm PLACE: ZOOM PLACE: ZOOM PROGRAM: FACC Spring Meeting: Eastern PROGRAM: DKG President Michigan Food Bank, Connie Peters DATE: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 TIME: 5:30pm DATE: Thursday, May 14, 2021 PLACE: ZOOM TIME: 5:30pm PROGRAM: Puerto Rico with Dorothy Colby PLACE: ZOOM PROGRAM: Michigan Great Lakes DATE: Thursday. December 17, 2020 Emily Finnell TIME: 5:30pm Business Meeting PLACE: ZOOM PROGRAM: Holiday, DKG Birthday, New DATE: Friday - Sunday April 30-May 2 Members? TIME: beginning at 6 pm Friday Business Meeting PLACE: ZOOM PROGRAM: Spring Conference DATE: Saturday, January 9, 2021 TIME: 9:00am DATE: Saturday, June 12, 2021 PLACE: ZOOM TIME: 9:00am PROGRAM: Executive Board Meeting PLACE: ZOOM PROGRAM: Executive Board Meeting DATE: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 TIME: 5:30pm or as organized by committee DATE: Saturday, August 7, 2021 chair TIME: 10:30 am PLACE: ZOOM or F2F PLACE: ZOOM PROGRAM: Committee Meetings PROGRAM: Book Share pg. 2

April FACC Meeting HAVE FUN AND SUPPORT OUR DKG FLINT AREA COORDINATING COUNCIL Our traditional Spring Brunch and, therefore, the accompanying Fundraiser is going Virtual. So……. Alpha Omega is pleased to announce the first ever FACC VIRTUAL AUCTION On Facebook. Bid on over 25 handcrafted or new items with all proceeds going to support FACC scholarships And projects. The Auction will be open April 10 through April 24. Look for details the week of April 4! pg. 3

Member News From Avideh Lotfi: I have been observing Covid-19 precautions in Florida. My husband and I were lucky enough to obtain our first vaccine 3 weeks ago in Miami and will be getting the second one next week. I spend quite a bit of time walking and listening to books or podcasts, we bike and kayak once in a while. I tend to my plants. It was nice to get together with Nancy and John Woodruff for a couple of days last week. Pat Hatch, Laura Perkins, and I will see each other next week. Hope you are enjoying the nice weather in Michigan. Baby Emil Joseph….born March 17, Emil was born at 9:11am on March 17, weighing in at 8 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches Marilyn’s update: Radiation begins April 5 and she must be able to hold her arms above her head and hold her breath during the “blast.” This is very difficult because both shoulders are inflamed. She is getting treatment for this now (prednisone, creams and warm/cold packs). The total time for each of the treatments is 30 minutes and they may need to adjust the markers on her chest, which will take time and will be done on the computer. There are 15 treatments, beginning on April 5, for three weeks. Our prayers are with you, Marilyn. From Rita Gorang: In my attempt to find a use for all of this \"stay at From Janet home\" time, I've been sorting boxes of old photos Cybulski: I’m stored in the basement. I'm sure my children will just reading ! appreciate any lowering of the amount of \"junk\" that gets passed on! The walks down memory lane Cathy Ayers had have been fun. One fun find was a stack of pictures arthroscopic knee surgery on taken in 1993 when I visited my daughter who was living in Mexico. March 31. She is Along with the photos was a journal of the eight days I spent with expecting 100% healing so she her; a journal I'd forgotten I'd written. I used the journal and the can downhill ski next winter. photos and created a scrapbook of that exciting long-ago adventure. Cristy was 23 and I was 49 (a year younger than she is right now). I can hardly wait to share it with her. pg. 4

While creating a beautiful memorial garden for her son, Brian, Gwen Graham dropped a huge rock and broke a toe. She is now sporting a fancy boot on her foot. Committee News DKG Event: Craft Night 4/13 at 7 PM Join Women in the Arts Co-Chair Claire Rettemund to create a great beverage coaster. You will need to be prepared with the following items if you wish to work along with Claire. We will record this for participants who wish to watch again. Here is a supply list: 3”-4” terra cotta flower pot saucers ( available from garden centers, hardware stores, some dollar stores, on Amazon) Acrylic paint in color of choice (small craft bottle) Sheet of scrapbook paper in coordinating colors and design of choice Mod Podge (gloss or new outdoor variety) Paint brush Scissors Pencil Compass or something to draw circles Work surface pg. 5

Comfort Food and a Good Book Best Foods to eat while reading: ( Bite-sized pasta – You eat this primly, with one hand and a fork, leaving the other hand free for the book. Soup – Most soups are one-hand affairs. Crackers, cookies, and carbs in general – But beware. Not only do they get crumbs in your pages you will also eat too much while reading. Hard pretzels – Bite-sized and non-messy. Cheese plate – Chris says this seems properly snobby for a nice read fest, good with port and a pair of slippers. Also, easy to eat. Port, Stilton, and pears, all cut beforehand into bite-size pieces, go well with a deep read in the evenings. What’s the perfect read for the month of April? Well, an April book should involve something totally new being born. Or perhaps something old struggling to be reborn. It should feel lighter in spirit than what we’ve read so far this year – but not yet all the way to the truly simple pleasures of a hammock or beach read. April feels like the right moment for a reminder of the fragility of our planet, and the wonders of the natural world. There should be a garden or flowers embroidered into the fabric of the tale. Somehow, the story should involve rain. pg. 6

National Poetry Month Emily Dickinson has had a deep and profound influence on American poetry. Also known as the “Belle of Amherst“, she is ranked among the greatest poets in English literature and she is perhaps the most famous female poet. 1830-1886 Maya Angelou was a civil rights activist, poet and award-winning author known for her acclaimed 1969 memoir, 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,' and her numerous poetry and essay collections. 1928-2014 In 1857 Elizabeth Barrett Browning published her verse novel Aurora Leigh, which portrays male domination of a woman. In her poetry she also addressed the oppression of the Italians by the Austrians, the child labor mines and mills of England, and slavery, among other social injustices. 1806 - 1861 Mary Oliver’s first collection of poems, No Voyage and Other Poems, was published in 1963, when she was 28. The poetry of Mary Oliver is inspired by nature and it describes the sense of wonder it instills in her. Her poems are filled with imagery from her daily walks near her home. 1935 - Amanda S. C. Gorman is an American poet and activist. Her work focuses on issues of oppression, feminism, race, and marginalization, as well as the African diaspora. Gorman was the first person to be named National Youth Poet Laureate. She published the poetry book The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough in 2015. A special edition of the poem “The Hill We Climb,” read at the inauguration of Joe Biden, is now available on Amazon for $10.70. 1998 - pg. 7

DKG Michigan State Organization News The registration is now OPEN for the Virtual Spring Conference (April 30-May 2). Follow the link below. Even though it has in parentheses (coming soon), the link is up and ready for registrations. World Fellowship recipient from Bangladesh will be speaker early on Friday night. 7:30-9:00 - Board Meeting 9-12 Saturday - 3 sessions, 2 breakouts Presidents March will be done by PowerPoint. Celebration of Remembrance will be done by PowerPoint. Awards and other things to be worked out. Book of Reports will probably be digital. One application for new Ex. Secretary; Jackie Smart will mentor. Summer meetings. San Antiono to go. Not sure yet about Portland. Women in Arts will be in person in the fall. Leadership Conference in fall will be in person. DKG International News When you go to the International Website: you will find a section on PUBLICATIONS: click on them to keep up with the latest information. Publications pg. 8

Treasurer’s Report pg. 9

Draft of Revision to Standing Rules pg. 10

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