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2018-19 Annual Report

Published by JACF, 2019-10-02 17:01:05

Description: 2018-19 Annual Report of the John Austin Cheley Foundation


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2018-2019 A N N U A L R E P O R T John Austin Cheley Foundation ConquineriOnngtatrhieo English River Indian Peaks 2019 July ’19 learning to fly at camp!

The Vision Charles William Eliot, former president of Harvard Research supports the notion that our children University and a key figure in establishing Acadia need to be outside, developing interpersonal skills National Park, said, “I have a conviction that a few in an environment where there are no regular weeks spent in a well-organized summer camp may pressures of being a pre-teen or teenager— be of more value educationally than a whole year of a welcoming environment to discover who they formal school work.” Eliot understood the value of are and what they can achieve. Camp develops education, but he also saw the power of camp. confidence, independence, respect for the outdoors, patience, and determination; it fosters teamwork We were both fortunate to be able to send our and creates a sense of belonging that promotes children to camp this past summer. Though they citizenship—all critically important skills for kids spent their time at different camps in different to grow into successful adults who engage states, they nevertheless shared some common positively in society. experiences. They both parted from siblings and parents and the increasingly digital world in which What camp delivers is becoming increasingly they spend much of their time. They plunged recognized as a vital supplement to the more themselves into the wilderness and quiet peace of traditional elements of a young person’s education being independent and disconnected for one month and growth. We at the John Austin Cheley Foundation of the year. This disconnection from technology all have a passion for camp, and we know how it is only one reason why camp is arguably more can impact campers in the short and long term. relevant today than ever before. THE MISSION OF THE JOHN AUSTIN CHELEY FOUNDATION IS TO CHANGE KIDS’ LIVES THROUGH TRANSFORMATIVE SUMMER CAMP EXPERIENCES.

Thanks to your committed support, we are able The Support to work tirelessly to provide the opportunity for all kids to have these same transformative The Livingston Family experiences, irrespective of their backgrounds and Campership Fund economic circumstances. This year we awarded more camperships than ever before, ensuring that Former JACF Trustees and siblings, Andy families less fortunate than our own were able to and Martha Livingston, established the share in our common experiences. More importantly, Livingston Family Campership Fund in these families could feel the life-changing effect 2018 to support the mission of JACF. that a summer at camp can have on their children. They wholeheartedly believe in the We don’t know exactly what Charles William Eliot’s work JACF does in facilitating youth experiences were in the 1840s, but we think he was development and wanted to provide on to something. the life-changing gift of camp to a child every summer. They decided to take a Kirstin Sullivan Tim Lucas unique approach to their gift by working Chair of the Board of Trustees Executive Director with a local school in central Ohio to find a child to mentor and prepare them Andy and Martha Livingston for their upcoming summer at camp. Andy and Martha plan to continue their relationships with the children they mentor well beyond the camp years as a way to help them grow and develop into successful adults. JACF is grateful for Andy and Martha’s ongoing support of the Foundation and its campers and their desire to have a long-term impact on the lives of the children who benefit from their gift. “Spending multiple summers at camp in Colorado was one of the most impactful experiences of our youth. It is our hope to send a child from the Central Ohio area to camp every summer and to serve as another source of support for each child into adulthood.” - Andy and Martha If you’re interested in establishing a fund similar to the Livingston’s contact us today at 720.981.2532 or visit our website at

The Kids are at the Heart of Our Mission JACF is incredibly proud of all of our 2019 of our campers from the summer of 2018. The board campership awardees and the personal growth and and staff of JACF strongly believe in investing in development that each of them achieved. Thanks each child for their full ‘lifespan of camp’ (typically to our wonderful supporters and partners, we were 10-17 years of age). This commitment ensures able to change the lives of 105 kids by sending that our campers are able to continue their them to our nine associate camps across the development, maximizing their learning and country this past summer. growth, thereby allowing us to realize the highest return on the investment made in each child. In addition to issuing more camperships than ever before, the Foundation was able to re-engage 73% DYLAN “My camp friends are kind and “Camp had a big impact on me. ClearwaterSCaarmap for Girls generous souls, and they inspire My friendship skills are better, CHELEY COLORADO CAMPS me to be a better person. My I feel happier, and I can do more. counselors have taught me life I have grown. I am better at lessons and mentored me not working out problems, I am only on the trail, but in nearly more confident, and I am a every aspect of manhood.” better person.” Dylan attended Cheley Colorado Camps as a CILT. He has Sara attended Clearwater Camp for Girls for the first been a camper for seven summers, is 17 years old and lives time. She is 10 years old and lives in Naperville, IL. in Boulder, CO. ColvigCSaislvseidryCamps “Thank you for making this “Thank you for making it GRACIE possible. You allowed me to be my possible for me to go to camp best self, giving me forever friends this year! I have become so FRIENDLY PINES CAMP and unforgettable memories. much more independent. Now I feel that I can base my future that I’m home I’ve been doing on something that you opened more things on my own without up for me. You changed my life.” needing my mom as much.” Cassidy attended Colvig Silver Camps. Cassidy has been Gracie has been a Friendly Pines camper for the past three a camper for four summers, is 13 years old and lives in summers. She is 14 years old and lives in Phoenix, AZ. Durango, CO.

TOMAS “Camp has taught me many things about respect, communication, and nature that I genuinely think I could not have learned anywhere else. It means a lot to know there are people kind Camp Kawanhee for Boys enough to give a complete stranger this chance.” Tomas attended Camp Kawanhee. Tomas has been a camper for three summers, is 14 years old and lives in Miami, FL. LUKE “I have become more “What impacted me the OSgaicvhai nDanaaKhwe independent because at camp most this summer was all Camp Kooch-i-ching where you aren’t dependent of the kind and encouraging on people to do stuff for you, people. Camp also had a you are taught to do stuff for great effect on my confidence. I learned that it is important yourself and help others if to be confident and confidence possible.” inspires others.” Luke was a first-year camper at Camp Kooch-i-ching. Savannah was a first-year camper at Ogichi Daa Kwe. He is 11 years old and lives in Houston, TX. She is 13 years old and lives in Sahuarita, AZ. Marquan “I had the opportunity to “What impacted me most JACQUELINE mentor younger guys and were our overnight trips. Sanborn Western Camps learn skills that I can use at I learned how to pitch a tent, CAMP THUNDERBIRD home with my siblings and build a fire, and how to cook cousins and in the future on a small stove. I learned when I apply for jobs. Thank a lot about teamwork doing you for providing me with this those things.” campership.” Marquan attended Sanborn Western Camps. Marquan has Jacqueline attended Camp Thunderbird for the first time. been a camper for two summers, is 16 years old and lives in She is 13 years old and lives in Chicago, IL. Kansas City, MO.

Impact and Outcomes JACF partners with camps across the country to socially, develop important life skills and experience provide positive environments for the youth we serve. nature—all in a fun and hands-on setting. Here is Research in camp-based youth development suggests some information on the campers we serve and the camp provides an opportunity for youth to grow impact and outcomes from the summer of 2019: 29 1,313 73% TOTAL VALUE OF CAMPERSHIPS SINCE YEARS JACF HAS NUMBER OF CAMPERSHIPS CAMPERSHIP PROGRAM BEEN AWARDING AWARDED SINCE 1989 RE-ENGAGEMENT RATE 1989 EXCEEDS CAMPERSHIPS $7.1 MILLION NineWE PARTNER WITH HIGH-QUALITY RESIDENTIAL ADVENTURE CAMPS LOCATED ACROSS THE COUNTRY: ARIZONA, COLORADO, MAINE, MINNESOTA AND WISCONSIN 9 HIGH QUALITY OUR CAMPERS ASSOCIATE CAMP PARTNERSHIPS 50% WHITE 27% LATINO 0 10 20 30 40 13% AFRICAN DENSITY OF WHERE OUR 2019 CAMPERS CALL HOME AMERICAN 9% MULTI-RACIAL 50% 50% 57% 1% ASIAN OF OUR CAMPERS COME FROM SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES


The Opportunities The John Austin Cheley Foundation truly appreciates your investment in the future of our youth. Here are ways you can make a significant impact on our campers by supporting JACF: $150,000 Endowed Campership $2,500 Half Campership Deliver the summer camp experience for one Cover half the expenses for one camper camper per year in perpetuity $1,000 Cultivator $50,000 Power of Ten Provide an introductory camp experience for a Make it possible for ten campers to attend camp young camper for one summer $500 Transporter $25,000 Adopt a Camper Provide travel expenses for one camper Establish a one-on-one relationship between the sponsor and a camper for his/her entire camp $250 Outfitter career (usually five years) Provide equipment for one camper $10,000 Double Campership $100 Piggy Banker Fund two campers for a summer Fund a camper’s bank account during his/her stay $5,000 Full Campership Give the summer of a lifetime to a lucky camper Leave Your Legacy Join Our Trailblazer Program Many of our supporters are interested in investing Did you know that if you join the Trailblazers, in our campers long after they have passed away. our recurring giving program, you can make a It is easy to leave your legacy by including the John significant impact on a camper’s summer? Just Austin Cheley Foundation (FEIN #48-1077337) $25 a month will provide a camper with equipment in your wills or estate plans. and help fund their camp store account. What a wonderful gift! Make your monthly pledge today: If you would like more information on leaving an impactful gift in your will or naming the Foundation as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy or Join Today! retirement fund, please contact Alyssa Street at 720.981.2532 x 100 or at [email protected].

The Finances 1% 5% Unaudited Financial Information 7/1/2018 – 6/30/2019 9% 18% 57% TOTAL 34% TOTAL 75% ASSETS 1% CONTRIBUTIONS $2,357,435 $891,180 UNRESTRICTED UNRESTRICTED GIFTS* ENDOWMENTS RESTRICTED GIFTS T E MPORARI LY R E ST R ICT E D IN-KIND CAMP CONTRIBUTIONS PARTNER FEES FA MILY P RO G RA M CO NTRIB UTION S $7,100,000 TOTA L CAMPERSHIPS & ASSOCIATED DISTRIBUTIONS SINCE 1989** 6% INVESTMENT RETURNS 15% Calculated on a calendar year basis GRANTS & 79% EXPENSES 5 YEAR 3 YEAR 1 YEAR $926,877 3.36% 6.83% -6.17% PROGRAMS & GRANT MAKING *Unrestricted gifts increased 31% over the previous year FUNDRAISING **Calculated in current dollars ADMINISTRATION

2019 JACF Volunteer of the Year: Debbie Leibold Debbie has dedicated countless hours to JACF as a board Suppor2t0e21d00M1-39e-n2C0t2ao109mr15epBdeoBrao2sraCTdrhadMrmoCepuhmeagrbsiherrPartners member and volunteer since 2010. Despite finishing her third term as a trustee, she continues to volunteer in the office every week. We are grateful to have her on our team and wouldn’t be where we are today without her leadership and dedication to the Foundation. Debbie believes that “JACF changes kids’ lives by sending them to camp. The physical challenges campers face, the struggles they overcome, and the opportunity to ‘unplug’ help kids become stronger leaders and more confident young adults. It has been a privilege to volunteer with JACF for so many years.” In Memory of John Patrick Boylan On July 3, 2019, the Foundation lost a friend, a champion, wi“thoTehrcatearshneyfibyrosroftiunhunagngncydopoenhuoodptiwltoeiottanheriaaselrlswsy-oo-gritnkivesaippnroirgssiinottgiofv.”ejal-onyydJafosfoofhernccftaBisnpoaatybhlllleaye.ncfaWimnhpdeeninr’gsyolwuivoersk, a trustee and former board chair. During John’s time on the board he served in many capacities, always demonstrating great dignity and composure. He was an honorable, dedicated, passionate and loyal leader and friend. John once shared that his mother believed surrounding yourself with good people would make your life infinitely better. John was exactly that, a good person. We believe that our lives and the lives of the young people that John served through JACF have been made infinitely better for knowing him. Thank you for your service, John – you will be missed. On behalf of the JACF board and staff, we would like to thank everyone who made gifts to JACF in memory of John Patrick Boylan. We are thankful for your support and we look forward to personally recognizing your generosity in next year’s Annual Report.

Board Updates The Team JACF is proud to welcome four new trustees to Volunteers the JACF Board. Mike Brower (Allenspark, CO), Dave Brown (Ridgefield, CT), Kathy Scheu (North Thank you to our hundreds of volunteers. We couldn’t Hampton, NH), and Hillary Shaw (Atlanta, GA), do it without you! come to us with a wealth of finance, marketing and communications, fundraising, legal, and non- Board of Trustees profit experience and share a great passion for summer camp and youth development. Casey Pettit Babcock Todd Lebor Denver, CO Niwot, CO The following JACF trustees left the Board after many years of service: John Boylan, Sebastian de John P. Boylan* Debra Gardner Leibold* Atucha, Ali Frick, Debbie Leibold, and Phil Perry. Houston, TX Littleton, CO We offer our sincere thanks for their service, dedication and support of our mission. Sebastian de Atucha* Jeff Nichols Denver, CO Houston, TX We are Proud to Partner With: Gregory Euston Phillip S. Perry* Marietta, GA Denver, CO ASSOCIATE CAMPS Leigh Fatzinger Kirstin Eddings Sullivan Denver, CO Ames, IA Ali Frick* Jennifer L. Tipton New York, NY Denver, CO Mara Friedman Kate Verlaan Phoenix, AZ Denver, CO Sara Gilbertson Ellen Weingarten Wagnon Bethesda, MD Houston, TX Sally LaBahn Kubly Steve Yale Whitefish Bay, WI Truckee, CA Staff Members COMMUNITY RS Tim Lucas Karen Smith Alyssa Street PARTNE Executive Director of Development ALLIANCE Director Programs Director *Outgoing trustees (completed their service in June 2019)

The Champions JACF would like to express our sincere thanks to those individuals, businesses and organizations that have partnered with us to send so many underserved youth to camp. We couldn’t have done it without you and would like to recognize all donors who contributed to JACF from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. GIFTS MADE IN HONOR OF Bill Fuller, Bess Fuller & Richard Fuller THANK YOU Thelma Gabel Bob Ballsrud Laura Majestic Holder CURRENTADOPTA CAMPER FUNDS Amy Blevins Claire Holmes Peter Dodge Horne Sebastian & Kristina de Atucha John Boylan William “Bill” Kalbac Fletcher Family Bill & Tandy Brandt Anna Belle Kritser Former Trustees Cheley Camps Jack Lamkin, Homer Evans & Pat Tuohy Debbie Leibold Sis Cheley Blythe A. Leidig Mary Christine (née Boylan) Lytle Colvig SIlver Camps Robert I. Love Randy Shure Patricia Fansler Mary Christine (nee Boylan) Lytle Kirstin & Patrick Sullivan Parker Fox Elda Matous Mara Friedman John Love McKown LEADERSHIP Sam Frostman Dr. Mark A. Melton CIRCLE - $20,000 and Above Sue & Tom Frostman Diana Dowell Memos William Raley The Nancy Campbell Estate** Barbara Hall Laura & Sandy Sanborn Anna Belle Kritser II Foundation Ron Hiner Louis Sass Elizabeth A. Gard & Thomas J. Furlong The Hughes Family Louis Carl Sass, Jr. L & M Charitable Foundation, Inc. William “Bill” Kalbac Linda Pigg Schroeder Gregory & Barbara Rosston Debbie Leibold James B. Simmons Marcus & Joan Sessel Tim Lohr Esther Szabo Sullivan Lincoln Ludwig & Family Patricia Tuohy CAMPERSHIP LEVEL - $5,000 – $19,999 Dick & Joyce Miller Herbert J. Ullmann Erin & Mayla Montgomery Francille Walker Amy Blevins & Phil Bickler Owen & Lara Mulchay & Joel LaTondress Barbara Moore Weber Chris & Allison Bovard Kate & Ollie Penner The Boylan Family Trust ENDOWED CAMPERSHIPS John & Jacolyn Bucksbaum Ron & Carol Hershey Periard Butler Family Foundation Hazel & Maeve Rorem Reverdie & Jean Ater Memorial Catherine Manley Gaylord Foundation Louis Carl Sass, Jr. Campership Jonathon & Karen Citow John Scarborough Anna Belle Kritser Memorial Fund Bruce & Lynn Dayton Joshua Shakeshaft Brown Family Campership Fund Sebastian & Kristina de Atucha Kathryn Stiles Sis Cheley Memorial Fund John T. Donohue Kirstin Sullivan Craig I. Colvig Fund Sondra Eddings Kirstin Sullivan, Jenn Tipton, Mara Friedman, Carol Hershey Periard Family Fund Anna Engeln Geoff Euston, & Chris Bovard John T. Jackson Memorial Fund Geoffrey Euston Carol Watt - John T. Jackson Foundation Melinda Mayo Finley Dr. Vincent P. Zarcone, Jr. Kundtz-Tuohy Endowed Fliesbach Family Foundation Al & Sara Zimmerman Campership Jim & Susie Fuller John C. Lebor Memorial Haughey Family Foundation GIFTS MADE IN MEMORY OF Campership Fund Cynthia & Frank Herr - Lebor Family Foundation Sudnya Shroff & Nickhil Jakatdar Teddy Boyle The Livingston Family Fund Jockey Hollow Foundation & Jason L. Michel Roger Braugh & Susie Braugh Austin Laura Naugle Sanborn & Mary Mary Ann Kundtz Roger Braugh, Sr. Colvig Miller Campership Lebor Family Foundation Jim Caruthers Robert Perkins Campership Fund MKK Family Charitable Gift Fund Jack Chalender Mary E. Satter Endowment Fund Rob Chamberlin Williams Family Campership Fund Jack & Sis Cheley Ruby Jane Cox Jean (Dee) d’Avignon Charlie Ehlert Harleigh Fatzinger

Jeff Nichols Maridan Kassab Jay T. & Priscilla W. Engeln George & Judy Penner Charles W. King Helen Spidell Evans Brad & Kim Kittle Sam Price Family Foundation Mary Joy Allaert Feeney Kurt B. & Brooke Cheley Klebe Larry & Sarah Flynn David H. & Betty N. Street Michael W. & Sarah LaBahn Kubly Ford C. & Ann B. Frick Jonathan & Sonja Friedman Kirstin & Patrick Sullivan William R. LaBahn B. Kent & Susan Garlinghouse Lucy & Jason Langer Sara Gilbertson J. Andrew & Nancy Thompson Chris & Jennifer Laporte Family Fund at the Thomas R. Giltner Greater Houston Community Foundation Cynthia Beck Tomlinson Eric & Becky Lee Drew A. & Elizabeth S. Graham Trevor TCR Andrew & Amy Trueblood Debra E. Leibold Jim & Laura Hahn Jon Whelan Elaine Hazlewood Steve Yale Martha D. Livingston MacGill 1969 Trust John & Beverly Hepburn BENEFACTORS - $1,000 – $4,999 Karol Koon McArthur Sarah Hiner Judith H. Melly Don & Carolyn Holder The Allen Family Anonymous (1) Gary & Bev Nelson Thomas F. & Kathryn Hornbein Ren Nelson Jaime Kellogg Ralph L. & Julie L. Arnheim II Duncan & Katherine Kennedy Allan Neustadt Anne Lamkin Kinder Alan L. & Jill Ater Tessa & David Nicholson Family Fund of the Jeff & Allison Kingsley Lloyd & Ashley Bell Pittsburgh Foundation The OAK Foundation John Kundtz & Thomas Amon Mark & Beth Best Ronald W. & Carol Hershey Periard Tim & Kimberly Lucas Andy & Palmer Quaroni David & Gretchen Black & Robin Black Tim Rogers Dr. Bernard Mallinger Ed & Lori Brackett Jill Rorem Scott Brandt John K. Rutledge Jeanne M. McLaughlin Rich Braugh Jason & Rachel Schmidt Janet Bauer Miller Jim Schroeder Betsy Moog Brooks Richard D. & Carol G. Minker Danielle Brown Anne Holmes Schuerger Buettner Family Foundation Adam & Hilary Seligman Douglas S. Moore & Rebecca A. Beall-Moore Jan Burke The Shiflet Family Pete & Nancy Nelson D. W. Wells Obrecht Camp Thunderbird Virginia Stafford Ken & Jacqueline Oldham Robert & Kirsten Omer Donald S. & Carole Cheley Suzanne Ullmann Stein Marty & Ginger Burner Ovens Jeff & Erika Cheley Jeffrey D. & Rachel L. Street Jenna Paul Laura Colhouer & Riz Chand The Perkins Family Randy & Holly Street Denise & Mike Pope Community First Foundation Jeffrey R. & Amy C. Swartz JoAnn Raley Three Bears Fund Rose Community Foundation Edward M. & Barbara A. Corley Ed Diffendal Jennifer Tipton, Michael Cinkosky & Family Tom & Peggy Sass Ken & Sally Dulin Michael Schultz The Eliot Family Nancy D. Ullmann Jo D. Sevin Robert & Ellen Wagnon Hillary Shaw John & Kathy Enlund Jeff & Elizabeth Spaulding Gregory E. Euston, Jr. George H. Warrington Carol W. Watt Bob A. & Pamela Street Karla H. Evans Wiggle Bug Foundation Ann Pritzlaff Symington Mrs. Homer Evans The Adele Williams Family Leigh & Claudia Fatzinger The Thorpe Family Fund Robert P. & Lynn Fletcher Ali Frick & Drausin Wulsin Mark Vandervelde The Frick Family Fund Laura Kundtz Yaeger David & Kathryn VanDerWege Mara Friedman Devadas & Vaneeta Varma PATRONS - $500 – $999 Weiler Family Frosty & Sam Frostman Louisa G. Weix Anonymous Nancy Wingert Donald E. & Julie V. Gardner Susanne Small Bergeron & Jerry Bergeron Sarah Garland Cameron & Megan Bertron FRIENDS - $250 – $499 Meg Garlinghouse James C. & Anne D. Boyce Lee R. Adler Ann Garner Peter Brown & Lisa Holderness Brown Alaska Airlines Geminder Lewis Fund of the Sacramento Janis Carey Lauren Alff Region Community Foundation CBRE Foundation, Inc. Anonymous (3) Globe Foundation CoBank Susan H. Ayers William H. & Lois Deschner Jeff Blair Robert & Victoria Goldson The Dows Family Barbara Ann Blake Elizabeth A. Goodwin Mary C. Druml Courtney Boyle The H-N Raisler Fund Marc & Debbie Bruell Barbara Hall Loyal Durand Timothy S. Hershey Gus Lee & Diane Elliott-Lee Thomas Higley Barbara E. Emmons Ellen Hornady Gene & Colleen Jacobus The Jay Whipple Family Foundation Andrew J. Jorgensen

Jay, Lara & Matt Bushman Federico C. Alvarez Sophie Frankel Julia Lackner Edward R. & Miriam Sophie Lackner Lorry Cashatt AmazonSmile Foundation Tomasek Freiter Laurel Lagenaur Claire Peterson Caudill Anonymous (8) Richard Fritz Clayton William Lamkin Stewart & Elinor Humphrey Alexandra Arace Shirley Frostman Robert C. & Beverly A. Lang Comer Robin Arnheim-Sohn Terrence & Mary Ellen Garvey Joe Creviston Joseph Assell Rich & Kathryn Good Elizabeth Lazzeri Jean d’Avignon Katie Averdick Ben Gorman Joann Leetmae Joellen Branham d’Avignon Don & Beth Bales David Gregory John Legg Harriet Daigle William Bartholomay Diane Grove Mike Legg Nicholas & Ashley Davis Chris & Laura Beavers Ann Guhman Shaun Lieberman Amy Gunn Hana Lindsey Jody & Bob Dorweiler Joanne S. Becker Harsh Gupta Dr. Herbert B. & Carol Lindsley Jack & Krista Feldman Joseph U. Berg Frederic Kahn & Cathy Lipton Ben L. Flint Gimo & Candy Berry John W. & Delia L. Haefeli David F. Loftus Tom & Sue Fuller Dottie Bond Abby Lohr Catharine Gibson Linda C. Bonnem Toni Hamill W.B. Martin Gross Elisa J. Hamill Robert H. & Kathryn M. Lohr Russell & Deborah Hall Margaret D. Booth Victor C. & Linda G. Hanick Lisa Brock Lowe Warren Booth Catherine Hansen-Stamp Kimm B. Lucas Andrew & Christine M. Hancock Sarah McCready Boston Agnes M. Harrop Meghan Ludwig Peggy N. Haynes Sandra L. Boyer Rachel Harvey Pam Lundgren Harry C. Hershey Carolyn J. Hastings Renee Lynch Benjamin Horne Sarah Wallace Bracco Imogen Hayward Macy’s Inc. Michael Horner Alan & Marsha Bramowitz Carol Hearn Carol O. Madsen Adam & Alyssa Katz Ann Brandon Brittany Hecht Cara Magers Robert E. Knight Estate Harry Britton Kathy Kalbac Herman Shannon Maples Shawn Hils Emily & Will Masters Larry J. & Kathy Kripps Mary Claire Brothers Sharon L. Himes Abigail Mayo Timothy J. Latham Mike Brower Jacob Hines Mary & Eric McGlone Andy Mallinger Coulter Bump Elizabeth McKenna Mike & Carolyn Maples Mackenzie Burkhardt Leslie Hock Peter O. McKown Sandy & Alice Bushman Perry Hodgkins Jones Brit & Sharon McLin Microsoft Corporation Julia Bess Smith Butler Todd & Beth Hoffman Kirk & Sue McQuiston Andrew & Angela Milewski Tyler & Debby Campbell Ann E. Hogg Kara Meechan Bob & Nikki Mills Joy Campbell Chip Holder Charles A. Melton Fonda Mueller Coleen Carney Barbara R. Holle Joyce A. Mueller Ruthann I. Holle Rhonda L. Mickelson Neila A. Nivia Carrington Family Susan Holman Ethan & Sarah Miley Charlotte Caudill Anne Holmes Nancy Miller Carol Parker O’Reilly Emily Chaleff J. David & Pamela Holt Timothy C. Miller Maren Larsen Palmer Katherine Clurman Jeff Mironcow Louise M. Hopkins Henry Safford Peacock Foundation Catherine H. Coleman William C. Horne Nancy Moor & Tim Moor Richard Cooper Donald H. & Dorothy K. Hougland Ben Morgan Steven C. & Ruth Peeters Douglas M. Corcoran Meredith S. Hunt Jon Morgan Lewis & Margaret Corcoran Patrick Hussey Emily Moss Mark B. & Barbara Periard Candice Cordova Luigi H. Mumford Lauren Pitstick Doug Cranmer Amy Jahnel Joanne Myrup Robert D. Richards, MD Robert Jamieson Jim Mytton William A. Rudnick David D. Cone Foundation Corey & Nancy Joekel James G. & Cynthia Neighbor Carol E. Johnson Glen & Ruby Nelson Jane Sanborn Jim Deister Carolyn Cheley Johnson Darby O’Connor Carol Ann Sass Robert Dern Jeff Ogle Fred Schonwald Mary Jo Desmond Elizabeth Jones Rosita Olson Jane Miller Bell Scott Carl Dines Josh Morris Donald & Jane Oppermann Joanne Doherty Dennis Keithley Abigail Page Richard A. & Mary Lou Smith Anne & John Donovan Sara Keller Barb Parenteau Stephen & Julianne Spadafora Shannon Dooley Elizabeth C. King Julia L. Zarcone & David W. David W. Spell Ali Kittle Patmore Denis Duman & Alexandra Shafer Bob & Penny Klebe PayPal Giving Fund Marty Stokely Melissa A. Ebone Mary Kay Knorr Margaret Periard Tomkins Gates Foundation Christine Koets Anna G. Perks Robert Wham Carolyn Echols Barbara J. Kripps Jane Perry Rita Edelston Spencer Kuchan Casey Pettit Babcock Peter L. & Jane White Matt Edgar Beverly Kussy Brian K. Pierce Jim & Joyce Zarcone Edward & Wendy Hobart Mary Ann LaBahn Sasha & Mike Zolik Dan & Laura Eller Ferd & Ann LaBrunerie Deborah Ericsson PARTNERS - Gifts up to $250 Bob Essin & Dara Anderson Lora Farmer Rev. Abraham Kahu Akaka Sharon Fereira Ministries Foundation Brandon Flora Gail M. Albers Missy & Ed Allen

Barbara Porter Pray Paula Warzon Stepping into the unknown Jesus Quinonez Kay & Paul Wells onwitthhemsyamferiepnagdse Margo Ramsden Trinity Wells Megan Rash Melisa & Todd Wesswick Scaling New Heights Barb Wilkinson Patricia Pease Rice Renee Wright Lynn Richardson Eli Yale Allynn Riggs Olivia Yale Devin Riggs Kathleen Riley GIFTS IN KIND Steven L. Ringler The Robinson Family Camp Kawanhee for Boys Peter Rosston Camp Thunderbird for Boys Marissa Running Camp Thunderbird for Girls Nick Russ Camping Education Foundation Katherine C. Rutledge CampMinder Janet Samorodin - McIlwain Cheley Colorado Camps Sandy Sarmiento-Suarez Clearwater Camp for Girls John & Carol Sass Colvig Silver Camps Irene S. Saucier Friendly Pines Camp Charles E. Saul, Jr. Michael Geminder Ed & Penny Schneider Sara Gilbertson Melissa Schop Haynes & Boone, LLP Robert C. Schorr Judson Design Anna Schwartz Jeanne M. McLaughlin Mary Fatzinger Selden Merchant & Gould Ngesti Serrano Sanborn Western Camps Mr. & Mrs. Henry Shaw Sterling-Rice Group, Inc. Erin Simmons Montgomery Jennifer Tipton Christine Sloan Kate Verlaan Deborah Smith Wigwam Corporation Ellen M. Smith Kate Smith Names in bold are donors who Raymond Smith & Doris Curless have given to JACF for five David Sokol consecutive years. Nancy C. Steeper H.A. & Lavonne Stermer **Passed Away Mary Allen Stifler Trent & Carolyn Stiles Please accept our sincere apologies Alyssa Street for any unintentional mistakes Carla Pineyro Sublett or omissions. We have listed only donations that were received Zoe Ann Lundgren Summers during the fiscal year of 7/1/2018 Amanda Sursely to 6/30/2019. Please contact our Taylor Family Fund office at 720.981.2532 x 100 to Rosemary Taylor report any omissions or errors. Christopher S. & Heather Thompson Lynn Tipton Donald Trieschmann Emily Trousil Elizabeth Tuohy Rein & Jan Van West Carol Vance Kate Verlaan Anne Vickery Anne S. Voilleque Caroline Wade Al M. & Ruthie Waldrop Nancy Frank, Leslie Frank Shaffer, Karen Frank Walker, Debbie Frank Allen & Kathy Frank Boren Melissa Walker The Walt Disney Company Foundation

NON-PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PA I D DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 2882 1420 N. Ogden St., Suite 102 Denver, CO 80218 John Austin Cheley Foundation Annual Report Volume 2018/2019, Issue 1 of 1 Published Annually by John Austin Cheley Foundation Putting the wind in my sails Would you like more information on how you can positively impact a child’s life today? Visit our website at or call us at 720.981.2532.

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