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Hillcrest High Class of 1987

Published by lynette, 2019-05-10 10:28:03

Description: Hillcrest High Class of 1987

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- --- - - - - - ' No brag just fact I

....-·. ... \"';- ., ... ~ We have ... ~ · :· .- Huskies \"# ·' . - . '. Fun 1 Personalities Intelligence 4 Athletes 24 170 Organizations

• •• .,

At Hillcrest We have fun! We change willingly! We are close! We are motivated! We are dedicated! We dare to be different! We are a family! We are united! We are organized! .. No Brag · Just Facti Mechele Hebbard. Jeam Wilson. Man!! Green. and Dorothy 'ichm1dt dressed very el gantly on tho!lr favonte hohday of the !><\"ar. Halloween Very ddssv Ia d•es• Photo. A Arko Kenny Shulsen. semor clas~ secretary• Jeff Cox studtmt body v1ce pres• dent, entertdm the crowd at the pep a• sembly h ·ld th day b fore the burnmg of the 'H Photo by C Kelly Student Bodo,. Pr s1dent. Tom Beesley. mtroduces our new Sophomore dass president dunng the openmg assembly He wds later replaced by Ashley Allred Photo·R Pearson 2

Senior Class Officers, Cord Luby (president), Bryan Booth (vice president), and Kenny Shulsen (secretary} are 1n11lated They did the hockey pockey and turned around. Photo-R.Pearson Junior, Alisa Chnstensen. watches one of our Vars1ty games. Jeff Ackley threw the ball to Drew Johnson to mcrease our score by seven points Photo·R. Pearson The huggable loveable, Mr. Shick was massively at· tacked by h1s student fan club, who just can t get enough of the guy But the sm1le on his face says he loved every mmute of 11. Photo, R Pearson 3

At Hillcrest We are exciting! We never give up! We are champions! We are talented! We learn! We achieve! We sociahze! We participate! We are the Huskies! We are individuals! No Brag · Just Fact! Jason K1mura, Brei Sm1th and Don Mcle1sh forceful- ly gang up on spectator Conm Me1dhnger and throw her mto the dunkmg machme m front of the school. Photo W Lems Its been years since we've had male cheerleaders at th s school They add a mce touch, some needed new p t and lots of exc1tem nt to the cheer lead ng squad Photo, C Kelly

Senior Pr1de pres.dent Davtd Bollwmkle, shows us he's I'O fool dur•ng the opemng assembly when Senior Pnde was lmttated Stlly Rabb.t, tricks are for ktds. Photo-R Pearson Hillcrests football team shows thetr xcltement after they score agam tn the game aga.:1st Bnghton. Though the Huskies worked hard we lost 17 to 39 Pl->oto·R Pearson Robyn Fogg, closely watches an mtense ft. ball game Pep clubs colorful outf1ts and loud votces can always be spotted m the crowd, lendmg thetr sup· port to HHS Huskies. RPearson Amy Lloyd, a JUnior, mtently watches the Husktes offense make the1r moves towards the end zone. They are soon to make a touchdown that w1ll put us U1 the lead. Photo-R Pearson

Pat Barney and Michelle Ostler, JUniors, are happy to have come to this game against Alta. The reason prob- ably being because Hillcrest has pulled ahead . Photo-R Pearson Homecoming week was changed a lot Flashing a smile to the crowd, Wayne Sharp, Better from last year. For one thing we had the known as Tweedle-dee, sweeps up the stage and alumni assembly. The homecoming queen makes the studentbody laugh at the Homecoming candidates didn't answer any questions, and Alumni assembly in Sept. Photo-W. Lems they didn't do a talent. But they were escort- ed to the stage by members of the Senior \"Jack the Rapper \" (alias Brian Booth, semor class Pride. We were told of their most embarras- president) raps on his most recent creation at the ing moment at that time. The one most homecoming queen assembly . Keep on jammin laughed at was Robyn Pearsons experience dude!!! Photo-W. Lems of being stuck in her toilet at night and hav- ing to call her mom to come get her out. Lori Petty, Robyn Pearson, Cheryl Olsen standing on the stage after being introduced as the 1986-87 At the lighting of the \"H\", the homecom- Homecoming queen candidates. Photo-W. Lems ing queen candidates were driven around the track in some good-looking vehicles. Then the Varsity Songleaders, Varsity and JV cheerleaders, Drill team, Dance com- pany and the Pep Club performed an awe- some dance. Finally the big event, the light- ing of the \"H\" and those spectacular fire- works. We showed our excitement with a lot of \" oohs\" and \"aahs\". We sang the school song and left wondering who would be crowned queen. 6

The alumni cheerleading squad JOin w1th the 86-87 cheerleaders to boost our team sp1rit in the home commg game . Even though we had extra spin! we were defeated . Photo-C.Kelly Mr. Jensen watches proudly as h1s daughter, Marc1, rece1ves a congratulations hug, for being crowned homecoming queen 86-87, from K1m Crowdy the former queen. Photo-M.Marshall Marci Jensen, crowned Homecommg Queen, at half·lime durmg the game agamst Orem, looks on m astonishment among the studentbody and is amazed with the experience Photo-W Lems 7

For halftime at the homecoming game against Orem, the five finalists (Tara Shortino, Robyn Pearson, Marci Jensen, Rachelle Snarr, and Susan Johns) came onto the field. After a lot of suspense Kim Kraudy, the 85-86 homecoming queen, crowned Marci Jensen to be the 86-87 homecoming queen. Though we didn't win the game (17 to 20) the rest of the night was great as the many couples that went to the dance know. Yes, homecoming week was changed a lot from last year but for the better. Nothing can hold back number 44, senior Pete Hoyne as he makes his way down the field. He stands tall even when three Orem defenders try to pull h1m down . Photo C. Kelly Susan Johns, escorted by her lather, during the half· lime acllv1lles at the Homecommg game against Orem She was one of the 5 Homecommg queen finalists Photo Olsen Homecommg queen cand1dates, usan Johns and Ro byn Pearson represent clubs and organizations at Hill- crest They are being driven around the track at the \"Burnmg of the H\" Photo M Marshall 8

Rebbie Bradshaw and Angie Wilcox are dunked into a tub of freezmg water at the annual pre -homecommg games. All cand1dates parllc1pated m many fun achVI· hes. Photo W Lems Clay Keller looks onto the field . wondenng 1f his team will be able to pull off another wm . It was a slow startmg year w1th the team pulling upset victories later m the season photo W Lems • During the game against Brighton Colin Kelly, Ken- Pete Hoyne and Brandon Rice courageously struggle for a ny Shulsen, Don Mcleish and Brandon Hatfield touchdown as they go head -to-head w1th the Orem Tigers m showed their Hillcrest sp1rit by wearing green a losing battle at the Homecommg game. Photo W Lems shades. Photo R. Pearson In the Homecommg assembly , Semor Class President Cord Semor, Cynth1a Dayton, JUmps m exc1tement as Luby and Secretary Kenny Shulsen bring in a stmky, smelly Hlilcrests football team scores for the first time m porker for 2 lucky Homecommg Queen candidates to kiss . the homecoming game agamst Orem We lost , 17 to Photo W Lems 20. Photo C. Kelly In the opening assembly , semor. Susan Johns. per· forms a dance with the other songleaders to start the school year off w1th some spmt . Many others performed. Photo R. Pearson 9

.-... [' 00 c 0 co·I ~, u '·1:~) C) 0 ~ 0 c·~ C) (f) 10

Everyone learns in biology that a class is a group of There are athletes, intell objects or beings with a variety of common character- cians, and cheerleaders. istics. While the term class may refer to a specific set that makes them a unique of plants, animals, or substances, it can also designate Schick remarked that, \"T a special group of people . duals, but are unified in ments.\" The year 1987 will be remembered by many for the special events that occured during it, such as the When this group first b state elections. But for a group of students at Hill- mores, they shared the un crest, the year will be remembered mostly because a new experience. As s they were the \"Class of '87.\" chance to get involved in year, many responsibilitie The group of people who make up this class pos- sess a variety of talents and individual characteristics. ............

lects, leaders, actors, musi- character developement possible. Throughout the It is the collection of these years, many new friendships were created between e class. Principal Mr. Delmar classmates so that by the last year, a senior knew They are a group of indivi- practically every person in his or her class. their efforts and achieve- Over the course of three years, a transaction took place that formed over 700 young people into a began high school as sopho- special class of individuals. As over 50 percent of ncertainty and excitement of these seniors embark on college life, and each person sophomores, they had the shapes his future, a common bond will remain within him that will be a reminder that he was an important Hillcrest life. In their junior part of the class of 1987. es and new situations made

r···we- kno-w ~w.w -w- ~e- Things we do to have fun ... go to the bulk food section at Smiths and eat till we're full. Dress up the statue at the First Federal Bank on Highland Drive. Approximately 5 classes each morning go on donut runs. Glue a quarter to the floor at the mall and watch people try to pick it up. Get people to help you look for your contact lens, then remember you don't wear any. Ski at Solitude. Dance at Xenon. Trivia: there are 512 holes in one square of the ceiling. Not one hall in the school has the same color tile on it. An average of 47 kids kiss in the hall per break. The favorite fast food place is McDonalds. The favorite mall is Crossroads. Five percent of the people who take chemistry each year, fail it. Thirty-five to fifty students go through the vice principal's office each day. There are over 2448 people to make friends with. Approximately 45 seniors fit on senior bench. The average lunch is a candy bar, a bag of potato chips and a can of pop. Dunng the opening assembly, Sen1or Pnde began clearing the senior sect1on , something that continues in every assembly throughout 12 the year Notice, JUnior Jeff Freeman, 1n the center does he have connections?

Students true personalities come out for those that are brave enough to dress up for Halloween Debbie Hernandez. the playboy bunny and Kristan Wolter, Ms. Dracula, show the1r gouhsh spirit. Photo R Pearson 13

Let Our Style Do The Talking This year Hillcrest had a large the girls including Staci Kramer, number of models. They included Molly Day, and Rachelle Wright, Rachelle Wright, Andrea Meiling, have appeared either in or on the Susan Johns, Hiedi Jenson, Molly cover of some of the more popular Day, Mindy Cottrell, Tonya Mos· magazines such as Seventeen and teller, DeeAnn Butterfield, Cheri Teen. Bulow, Susette Vanderbeck and Staci Kramer (not pictured). Most of the girls when ques- tioned, do not plan to model as a The girls got their start at one of career, but enjoy it as a hobby at several different modeling agencies the time. including Barbizon, McArty, Uno, Paper Faces, Boudreaux. Molly These girls helped to add to the Day, Cheri Bulow, Staci Kramer, variety of Hillcrest. Not only can and Mindy Cottrell, were all mem- they be proud of their achieve· bers of this years ZCMI fashion ments but so can we. board, while Susette Vanderbeck modeled for Nordstrom. Several of Rachelle Wright and Susette VanderBeck smile innocently at the photog· rapher .· Brent Peterson. Cheri Bulow and Andrea Meiling show off their professional smiles. ·Brent Peterson DeeAnn !::Sutterfield and Hiedi Jenson have both been modeling smce the nmth grade. 14

Bruce R1tch1e, Brady Bateman, and Colin Kelly get the1r therapy Photo-M Marshall Tom Beesley and Jon W1lhams enJOY s1 tting m the gutter. Whatever' Photo-M . Marshall \"The Gang\" has a little fun . And 1sn't that what friends are for? Photo·M Marshall M1ke Marshall , Cheri Bulow, and Brent Pe· terson enJOY their company . Photo·R . Pear· son Friends What is a friend? A friend is A friend is someone you do ev- someone who stands by you even erything with. You go to the mov- when you embarrass them to death. ies, with them, you go dancing with For example: When you just feel them, you go on trips with them, to like being totally obnoxious and games, to parties, on double dates, burp as loud as possible during the skiing, bowling, everywhere! You silent part of a movie. Then blame never have to tell them, \"Guess it on your friend while the audience you had to be there.\" because they turns around to see who did it. probably were. A friend is someone who will tell Whatever or whoever your you when you have a problem. friend might be (a dog, a pet rock, Such as when you have food parti- your mom, your television set, cles in your teeth, or your zipper is some food, an imaginary space of undone, or maybe even when you air, your mirror, your music, your need this advice, \"Go take a bath!\" car, your skis, your clothes, the postman, the telephone. or even Tiffany Blair, Stephanie Martin , and Brenda someone who goes to this school) Shoenfield play the statue game. Fun ! Fun! they are always ready and willing Fun' Photo·M Marshall for lots of fun! 15


Alive With Pleasure Assemblies Jeff Cox is looking forward to someone b atmg this Bengal wrest! r Photo C. Kelly Sophomore, Trent Olsen, tries for $50 from half court. Photo: C Kelly \"It's the top school,\" yes, that is the one most look forward to. Every- what was said in the opening assembly one is always excited to see who wins by our student body president, Tom all the gifts and prizes from the sub-for- .• Beesley. This was the first assembly to Santa ticket drawing. Pep assemblies start off the 1986-87 school year. The are another activity that the students Dance Company, Drill Team, and look forward to. The Student Body and Class Officers as well as the Song, Varsity and JV Cheerleaders Cheerleaders put together these pep were introduced. Assemblies are rallies on behalf of our main events in something that is a part of every high athletics. Class competitions are al- school students life. ways stressed and highly competitive. The annual Christmas assembly is Steve Finch, Sean Elder, and Mike Farnsworth are too cool Photo C. Kelly 18

Sophomore, Cra1g R1tch1e, attempts h1s Elv1s 1mpress1on Photo C. Kelly The second annual Girl's As- The award wmnmg drill team hmshes another sembly ts something for all gtrls great rouhne . Photo: C. Kelly to be excited for. The purpose of this is to introduce the Girl's The excellent semor class JUst wms another class Preference Dance . Senior Girls competition Photo · C . Kelly Pride clear the senior section on this occasion and our girl student The student body officers lead the rowdy hus- body officers explain the semi- kies m a cheer. Photo: C . Kelly formal dance to the sopho- mores. The reason we have as- semblies is to promote school spirit and pride. 19

Mr . Hi11crest Drew John on. Bryan Booth and Mall Watrous are the lmalists PhotoW L ms Jell Cox has some what of a smtrk whtl showing off hts troptcal swimwear and ht o called troptcal tan' Thanks tannmg bedl Photo W Lems Colin Kelly caught hts prize \"merman ... Jeff Weichers . while out ftshmg one day Have vou ever seen such a line spectmen on the shores of Hillcrest Htgh? 20

Here they are' The contestants of the 1987 Lets Hear It For The Boys! Mr Htllcrest Photo W. Lems Ready, set, go, aahh no way can I do this! Watch out! these were some of the things said as the Mr. Hillcrest candidates skated down the aisles of the auditonum . Mr Hillcrest was held on March 27, 19 7. There were 42 contestants to begin with and it had to be cut to 21 Those 21 young men were judged in evening wear; with a few creative outfits by Rod Clark m his coltish kilt, Jeff Weichers was mighty \" hoppy\" in hts bunny slippers and buck teeth and Kerry Nielsen in his unitard and cute suspenders wtmwear competition included an extra-large pair of boxers worn by Greg Boswell . The life goals were very interesting. When Vaughn Lloyd grows up he wants to go to a mce school , marry a nice girl. have a mce job and have an overall ntce life Good Luck Vaughn' Much Creativity and thought was put mto each of the candtdates skits and outfits showing a little bit of thetr own personalities. Third prize- Bryan Booth , Second prize- Matt Watrous, First prize- Drew Johnson The honorary Mr. Hillcrest was awarded to the one and only Mr Schick, our retiring principal. His prize was not a color TV but a pa1r of Big Ben Overalls to wear while domg odd JObs around the house . Matt Watrous prepares to shave as he per Jeffrey Ackley and Thomas Beesley over- forms hts fme talents by singmg and danc- look the studentbody m their evening wear >ng with Rod Clark and Bryan Booth in the as they await the results of the Mr Hill - bathroom Photo R Pearson cre st contest Photo- R Pearson 21

The school musical presented this year was Bye, Bye, Birdie. Bryan Booth, who played a major role in the musical says, \"The musical started being a real pain because of all the practices before and after school, but everything came together in the last week. Each performance we did got better and when we sold out on Saturday, the energy was really there .\" All the participants knew their acting abilities were improving with each practice and performance. Ro- byn Mousley, the choreographer for the play said, \"This year's musical was a combined effort of all production staff members. It was the bringing together of 150 students who had energy and desire to make the production a true success.'' The entire cast is performing in the scene of the \"Telephone Hour.\" Every· one is gossiping about the news, that Hugo and Kim got pmned. Photo B. Peterson Albert , played by Bryan Booth and Bren· da Cadena, playing the role of Albert 's secretary, Rosie , are discussing their last kiss before she quits Photo B. Peterson Colin Kelly and Kenny Shulsen look at each other violently because they are upset at Conrad Birdie for taking away their girlfriends. Photo: B. Peterson 22

Matt Watrous, playing the character, Grant Humphreys, Ryan Taylor, and Conrad Birdie, bursts into song at the Eric Howes are telling the audience the Ra1lroad Station during the scene, \"Sin- gossip during the famous and most fa - cere \" Photo: M. Marshall vorite scene, \" Telephone Hour.\" Photo: B. Peterson Conrad Birdie sings to Albert's parents, Talking on the phone, Leslie Riding, Alyson Driskill and Justin Schneider, playing the part of Kim MacAffee, tells about how he is gomg to enlist in the her friend she's been pinned and no army. Photo: B. Peterson more Conrad fan club for her Photo: B. Peterson School Play 23

Battle Of The Jug The Battle of the Jug is just one of many Senior, Drew Johnson, attempts a lay up in rivalries between Hillcrest and Brighton that the Brighton game at the Battle of the Jug. takes place every year. Photo by· N. Olsen Although Hillcrest lost once again this year, the score was very close many times. During the fourth quarter, we were only 3 points be- hind the Bengals with just 3 minutes left to play. After Ricky Berrett and Tony Dailey were re- moved from the game for personal fouls, the Huskies could sense another defeat from the Bengals but the fans stayed until the last second ran down on the clock. The players that participated in this years' Battle were Ricky Berrett, Drew Johnson, Don McLeish, Bret Smith, Sean Peterson, Tony Dai- ley, Jeff Cottle and Greg Weiches. The 86-87 Battle of the Jug may have ended on January 31, but as far as Huskies are con- cerned, the battle will never end. R1cky Berrett, Junior, shoots for three at the Battle of the Jug which took place on Janu· ary 31. Photo by- N. Olsen 24

Battle Of The Axe Doug lawaski is finding out the hard way, that sports can be painful photo Robyn Pearson Battling the ancient enemy the pursuit goes Mangle a bengal and Brighton your day . photo Ro- on and on . This year pressure was intense as byn Pearson the Hillcrest Huskies battled the Brighton Ben- gals for the treasured axe. Our brave wres- Duane Bascom showing his opponent who IS boss. tlers were Jim Barnes, Kurt Rolfe, Paul Baliff, photo Robyn Pearson Duane Bascom, Doug Iawaski , Sean Gathrum, Steve Green, Cord Luby, Tom Beesly, and Roger lvey. Even though Brighton emerged as victors, our wrestlers made them pay a very high price . Two of the more outstanding wins came from Kurt Rolfe and Duane Bascom. Kurt won with a senes of good take downs. He said the hardest thing in getting ready for the meet was \" cutting weight and going to practice every day. It takes a lot of endurance and makes one mentally tough .\" And tough is what our team is made of. Senior Duane Bas- com also won with some dynamic take downs, \" I don ' t plan my moves before hand, I wait about ten seconds and judge the way my op- ponent will wrestle, then I plan my moves.\" Duane along with the rest of the team found out that winning costs. No pain no gain . They all did a super job and most went to state . All are planning to wrestle next year. So watch out Brighton, here comes Hillcrest. 25

Meet The Team HHS Olympics Grose , and they expect me to get h1t on the head with th1s? Jeanie Wilson and Mark Cottle look disgustingly at the fish . Photo M Green Kelly P1dcock steadily tries to balance herself on Don Mcle1sh's shoulders, gettmg prepared for the battle ahead Photo R. Pearson Susan Hawkins and Mark Cottle have to make a httle strategy plan before the teachers go against Hillcrest awesome student body Photo M Green Brooke Thomas, Troy Knight , Ralph Rico, Cheri Bulow, DeeAnn Butterfield and Kristen Keller try their hardest to pull the other team past the hne . Photo· W Lems 26

\"Okay, on the count of three, start smashing each other on the head with the dead fish.\" Each year at Hillcrest we have our traditional Olympics They are usually held during the sunshiny weeks at the end of the year. We are highlighting the 85-86 Olympics because they occur too late in the year to be put in the yearbook. Last year we had relay races with shopping carts, wagons, and pogo sticks, obstacle courses, fish fights, jello fights, and the tug of war. Tons of people from each class get to have food smashed in their hair, bruise their legs, and rope burns on their hands. But most of all have lots of fun! photo R. Pearson Tom Rhineheart prepares for the tug of war, determined his team will win! with th1s strength how can they ever loose. Photo R Pearson Brad Ganz a semor last year tnes to hop h1s way past the finish line to score pomts for the senior team. Photo M Green Dana Wood a sophomore last year looks up to show us all how much he enJoyed that wonderful pie all over h1s face . Photo R Pearson Jennifer Crokette a sophomore last year, weanng her new apparel runs through the scattered tires with much ease and speed photo R Pearson 27

Stomps!! Mehnda Reber and Kurt A hworth chuckle as they reahze •t's a fast song they should be dane· ing to. photo-N Olsen Jenmfer Jenkins smiles for the camera while dancing w1th Harold Martinez. photo·R. Pearson Boring Friday nights. We've all exper· ienced them. But there is one solution; Hillcrest stomps! You might go to a stomp to socialize with friends, hear your favorite music, or the funnest part of all· dancing! The stomps are always held in the gym, except for the opening stomp which is held outside. No matter where you look, there's only one place you'll find number one students-having fun· Hill· crest stomps! 28

Morp Looking for an exciting time? Somewhere that you can dress as casually or as b1zarre as yot.. like? Something you can attend by boys OR girls choice? Well, look no more because we've found the answer, MORP! What is Morp? Morp is a dance which is totally opposite of Prom. Instead of it being a formal evening, it 1s very casual, and rather than dining by candlelight at La Caille or at the Della Fontana, an exquisite dinner is purchased at places such as Circle K, the famous Hot Dog on a Stick, and at the delicious Skaggs Alpha-Beta delica- tessen . 1987 marked the third year of a MORP tradition at HHS. The dance was well attended and enjoyed by all who went. Juniors, Greg Weichers and DeeAnn Butterfield dance Close· ly at MORP photo· N Olsen Couples enJOY the evening to· gether at MORP photo-N Olsen Jenmler 8Jornn and Todd Asay show-off their dancing talent· pholo· Olson 29

Take It Or Leave It On October 24, 1986 over 500 student s attend d the yearly g1rls choice dance. Photo-Mr Kelly So, Harvey, how many times have you been asked The FHA Club arranges refreshments for to Huskie Howl? Well Bevette, last night I got asked everyone who attended. Photo-Mr Kelly three times and two more times this morning. And just think, the dance isn 't till next month . I have a Mr. Soderquist marries a couple at Huskie chance to break my last years record of eleven Howl for a night of pretend wedship Photo- dates. Mr. Kelly Yes, Huskie Howl was once again the most attend- ed dance of the year. It came with all of the usual stuff, like eating at a warehouse, in a store window, or the ultimate, in a moving van . There was also great music, the justice of the peace, and Scott Adams photography. This years theme was Rawhide and R1bbons. The decorations were done by F.H .A. and they were fitting to the theme. We sure do have to hand it to you girls who attended and scoped out what you wanted and went for it. Even if it meant asking time and time again . Way to keep the Huskie spirit alive! 30

Will You Be Mine! Andrea Mlling has a b1g smile wh1le enjoymg the company of he r date , Steven Keetch . Photo-Jeff Cox Dana Wood and Michelle Driskill dance to their favorite song at g1rls pre!. Photo-Jeff Cox Couples Kent Jenkins, Heather Goo, Dana Wood , Mi- chelle Driskill, Delynn Munford and Camille Nicol enjoy the dance . Photo-Jell Cox Max Lang still keeps smiling even after he realizes he has lost his date Photo-Jeff Cox Dad, come on you've just got to drive us! l People were asked in creative ways. One want to go so bad. Besides l already asked him method was to seranade the lucky boy right and if you don't chauffer us we'll have to take after he returned from a late night on the the UTA.\", bluntly exclaimed sophomore town . Dave Thomas was asked with a home- Caroline Nicol. made video of Wheel of Fortune with the question being the answer to the puzzle. Oth- Girls Pref a dance of romance! This year it ers did the usual things such as with balloons was held at the Capitol Rotunda and was high- and singing telegrams. But no matter how ly attended, but of course! All of the girls they were asked, all that attended had a great choice dances are highly attended . time! 31

Steve Miya and Cmdy Garrell are laughmg and havmg a great lime . Photo. J . Ktmura ean Clark, otherwise known as \"Goph,\" ts glad he's dancmg wtth Patge Holmes rather than taking pictures. Photo: Olsen Havmg a good lime guys? Sean Clark and Marc Siu are tmpressed wtth each others tuxedos Photo: Olsen 32

Slow dancing and the promenade were fond Hillcrest Junior Prom memones of Jr. Prom . Photo : N Olsen The candidates for Junior Prom queen and king were nominated throughout the entire junior class. The dance was held at the State Capitol on May 8. Couples danced the night away on this fine Spring night. The capitol created an elegant atmosphere for those who attended the dance. The Junior Class Officers, Jeff Freeman, Susie Wright, and Jyll Peterson, hosted the dance and did a lot of prepar· ing for this occasion. Being Hillcrest's only formal dance of the year, their efforts in making this night enjoyable for all was pleasing to those in attendance. Couples in tuxedos wandered around the capi· tol building and strolled the walks downtown . The night was one not to be forgotten. Junior Prom was one of Hillcrest's most attended dances of the year. Wrist corsages, boutineers, and the feeling of elegance is something we all look forward too. Junior Prom, being an extremely great expense, most everyone feels is well worth it! No matter who you go with or who goes to Junior Prom, it is always memorable for all. Many couples attended the prom. Mark The girls take a break from their dates to Siu and Sammy Davidson look longmgly d1scuss the fun and romantic evenmg into each others eyes and are wondering they' ve had so far. Fancy dinners and what the plans are after the dance Photo. watching the guys be polite for once is N Olsen great! Photoc Olsen 33

We have personalities. There are a wide variety of groups here at Hillcrest. The way they dress and who they run around with says a lot about their person- ality. For instance, the \"Rockers\" main objective in life is to party to the limit with Motley CrUe while wearing concert T's, leather pants and earrings. But their hair really tells it all. Next we have \"Cowboys\", wearing boots (\"shitkickers\"), baseball hats and big belt buckles. They listen to KSOP. We also have people called \"Want-to-bes\". They want to be someone they aren't and can never be. Last but not least we have the \"Norms\". These are people who aren't specifically anything. They believe in wearing clothes that are sold in stores instead of creating their own styles. They are just your average students. And when all of these different groups come together we have the best, we have the huskies. • Dunng an exciting Pep assembly all eyes were on the hoop as people tried to shoot 34 for some money. Photo by R. Pearson

The three green glasses guys: Don Mcleish, Ken- ny Shulsen, and Brandon Hatfield, show their support at the football games . Photo by W Lems 35

Would You Really Consider Anyone Else? 'This year's Student Body Officers are a unique This years Students Body Officers Santa and Husky Olympics. group. Each. in their own were President Tom Beesley, Vice All of the Student Body way. made a significant President Jeff Cox, Secretary Angie Officers commented that being contribution to the success Wilcox, Activities Coordinator Rebbie an officer is a lot more work than of the 1986·87 school Bradshaw, and Public Relations Angie any of them had figured on. year. Tombo, Jeffrey, Haws. Not only did they provide the There is much more work than Angie. Reb. and Angie school with many exciting assemblies just planning assemblies and worked well to-gether and but they approached many subjects doing announcements. provided some very creative from different angles. Following the basic routine additions to our school with a twist of their own ideas, traditions. Who knows, by Using the movie Top Gun as a the officers successfully fulfilled the end of the year. maybe theme, the officers started out the their roles and provided the Tom will learn how to school year with their leather jackets, student body with an eventful, address the student body code names, and a motorcycle. For exciting, and a somewhat unique through the intercom or on Halloween they planned a special year. a micro-phone.+\" Tom movie for our students. They also did Hicks traditional activities such as Sub for Vice President, Jeff Cox, disguises himself behind sunglasses as he poses behind a Porsche that obviously does not belong to him. Picture by Jason Kimura Secretary Angie Wilcox gives the 'Thumbs-Up\" sign as she sits on a Harley in the Hillcrest parking lot. Picture by Jason Kimura \"Don't tell Mr. Hicks!\" says the Student Body Officers as President Tom Beesley fakes an arrest with a Sandy policeman. Picture by Jason Kimura. 36

Angie Haws. Jeff Cox, Angie Wilcox. Tom The Student Body Officers Beesley, and Rebbie Bradshaw take one giant truggle to lift their president. Tom jump for the student body of Hillcre t. Picture Beesley Picture by Wendy Lems by Wendy Lems 'Put me down'!!\". yeU Angie Haws. Public Relations. as he i wung frantically across the room . Picture by Wendy Lems. Tom shows off a new style of belts to be worn nuggly at the wai t line. Picture by Wendy Lem . 37

Bryan Booth Vice President Cord Luby President Kenny Shulsen Secretary Jeff Ackley Dan Adams Jared Adams Paula Adams Russ Akers Hayde Alba Tom Allred Gary Anderson JaNean Anderson K1mberly Anderson Dawn Arambula Patncia Archer Gall Armstrong Ted Armstrong Todd Asay 38

Butch Ashley Alan Ashton Monica Ashworth Stacie Astin Stacy Astin Christian Atal Brent Atkinson teveAustin Sonia AveUar AngiBagley Robert Bagley Brad Baker Heidi Baker Patrick Ball Travis Ball Bridget Ballard Scott Ballard Paul Ballif James Bard ley Jeff Barnes Duane Bascom Brady Bateman Chad Bateman Ja eeBeck La ae Beckstrom Roy Beecher Tom Beesley Julie Bell Michelle Bell on TamiBench 39

Mike Bennett Brian Benson Brad Benton atalie Berg Becky Berrett KellieBerrett Lara Berry LauraBeus Scott Beverley Walt Bills Vicki Bird Jennifer Bjomn Billy Bohmholdt Rhonda Bolingbroke Dave Bollwinkel Cindy Bonner Cindy Bonsall Bryan Booth Jodi Booth Greg Boswell Carlton Bowen David Boyer Kent Boynton Renee Bradford Rebecca Bradshaw Usa Brady Greg Brandt Becky Bringard Jim Bringhurst Jon Brinkerhoff 40

Can You Clint Broadhead Imagine ... Bret Brockmeier Jason Broschin ky Senior bench being Denny Browne sophomore bench, the Michael Brown lunchroom being crowded, Mr. Hicks without his walkie talkie, Angie Brusik being ignored by the hall Sean Buckley monitors, one hour lunch Karlene Bullock periods, everyone bald , getting trapped in a Budwiser beer olene Bullock truck, the heaters off in the Pete Buniva summer time. Jom Burdick Patty Burr Brenda Burt Ken Burton Trent Butcher Brenda Butler Jeanine Butterfield Steve Buttgereit Brenda Cadena Kim Cambron 41

Dianne Carlson Kristina Carl on Julie Casey Terry Casper Amy Champneys SoeunChang Mike Chaves Celeste Childs DavidChoi Curti Christensen Don Christensen Michellle Christensen Paul Chri tensen Van Christensen Brian Christiansen Jodi Christiansen Mike Christopherson PamelaCiak Lee Ann Clark Rod Clark Todd Clark Todd Clark Chantal Clayton Stephanie Clayton Loretta Clerico Melanie Clouse Robert Coleman P.J.Collins James Conder Greg Condick 42

Being A Senior Is .. . Realizing you're going to be a freshman again next year. Knowing at least 2 varsity football players. Managing to work for 4 hours, do 3-hour homework assignments on your 10 minute break and go out with your sweetheart and be home by 12. Mark Conti Car! Cook Cry >tie Cook Mindy Cottrell Greg Cox Jeff Cox Dave Creer VickiCreno Kimberly Crockett Ru.s.'€11 Crockett John Crowley Jolayne Curtis Joyce Daniels Cindy Davey Kri ·tin Davidson Ubby Davidson Blaine DaVI Brandon DaVIS Jennifer Davi~ Mike DaVI 43

Mike Davis Sean Davis MikeDawe~ PaulaDawe~ Cynthia Dayton Bill Deakin Matt Dean Stephanie Dean HolliDeans Teri D>aringer Doug DeGraw ikki De.Juli- Luis Delacruz Sandra Delacruz Ron Deveraux Chris Diamond AngelaDore Usa Drury Aaron Duncan Michelle Duvall Rise And Shine Reasons people get up early or late. -To get a parking place -To do homework that you didn't do the night before -Drill Team gets up around 4 :00 to be here at 6 :00a.m . -People who get up at 7:10 must sleep with their clothes on! 44

Dixon Dykman Greg Earl Allan Echols Tia Eckert Brad Edgington Cody Edwards Jason Egan Troy Egbert Stefanie Eisert Michael Erstrom Joy Ellis Michelle Ellis Michelle Ellis Ron England Becky Engman KellieEvans Travis Eyre Mike Farnsworth Chri Farrimond Doug Felt Chri tina Fernandez Unda Finlayson JanaFinn Jennifer Asher Scott Ascher DeAnna Fjeldsted FoyRinders Ale. Rores Randy Fogg Casey Forman 45

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