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Hillcrest High Class of 1995

Published by lynette, 2019-05-08 15:46:58

Description: Hillcrest High Class of 1995

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c ... c-..., + -\" c c ..

Mike Bringhurst, senior and line- backer for the varsity football team. The varsity team did better this year than they . had done for a long time . It was fun to watch them play and the school was very supportive for a change .. .

HILLCREST HIGH SCHOOL 7350 South 900 East Midvale, UT 84047

Brusha bru ha bru ha! . enior. Tom Sconiers washes the Husl)1 gift from the das of IQbtl after stepping on it. Rope around the husky protect itfom passerbys. It'sabout time the tradition was fulfilled! Where is Mickey? Senior Lexia Dell' dressed up as ~Iinny ~Iouse for Dis- ney day during Homecoming week. Lexia was one of the manypeople who went out of their wav to show who their fal'oite Di neycharacter is. Make way for the queen! KC Jensen and Bart Chrytraus help carry Angie Garrett to the tageduring the opening assembly. Angie Garrett introduced herself as the Public Rela- tions Student BodyOfficer forthe 1994- 95 school year. All dressed up with no where to go! GRRRR... Duringa pepa ernbly This Halloween the greatest number the enior show their support for of teachers ever got all decked out to the football team , who made it all celebrate the holiday. Teachers. the way to inner-region playoffs. Halpin. Habel , and William did the The crowd wa part icularlyexcited announcements that morning in their because the team \\\\las the first to troll costumes to surprise us all! go that far in a LONG time!

There comes apoint in your life when you get stuck in arut and need achange. You need to be unleashed Sophomores,after enduring their first year have been unleashed to be juniors, the juniors have been unleashed to take their place at the top as mighty seniors and seniors are finally unleashed from senioritis.Theyare free,after the long hard struggle of high school to go on and do what they choose to do. But what does it really mean to be unleashed? To unleash yourself is to go beyond the bounds you are used to. Unleash· mg your potential and going out,getting the job and career you want. Unleash your abilities and put your all into everything you do. You need to unleash yourself from your comfort zone and realizeyou can do whatever you put your mind to. Set your mind to go beyond what is expected ofyou and do whatever makes you happy, because after all,sometimes you just need to be unleashed! -KimSimmons Peace Baby! Kim Clark. senior parades in her Woodstock T-shirt. Drama club does several play and skits throughout the year, mostly just for their group. \"Hunt the Eagles down\", at the pep assembly before the big Sky- line game. Winning would have placed Hillcrest in the quarter fi- down to Skylines 3 goals. 3

It was a very good year \"It'sbeen agreat year. R - or the Student BodyOfficers. member, we've got our scho I tion and especiallyto our advi- They brought something backpirit back. It's your jo 0 sors for all their support. Ilove keep it strong.\" -Chris En er youguys! Your Husky Pride is to the school weld been miss-''Youguys are amazing! You absolutely incredible-Keep the can do anything - you've al- spirit flyin'!\" ing for a long time... school ready proven that. Keep the - Angie Garrett spirit alive. Thanks guys!\" \"Huskies, this year was a spirit. Students were support- - Matt Enger blast and itwas great too. Now ing our teams again, .dressing ''You guys are super, the let's get out of here!!!\" greatest in the history of Hill- up for Halloween, gettingcrest. Ihope to see youin the - Kathy Williams \"We've truly TAKEN IT all future. Have a great life.\" involved in extra-curricular- Brady Larsen the way! I'mvery thankful for all the experiencesI've had,and \"I have one word for you: the friends I've made. I pray I'll activities. They were a goodTHE BEST. You have rede- never forget my time here. fined HUSKY PRIDE and Thank you all, it's been a fairy group, responsible, yet fun SPIRIT. Now all you have to tale dream year.\" and exciting to in action. do is TAKE IT and run. You - Kent Besaw can go anywhere! Thanks \"It's been the greatest, fel- It was a great year and youagain and againand again!\" low Huskies! I've loved every - Jeff Steadman minute of it! Thanks to my made the year for us very\"Wow! Definitely the advisors & cheer & song, my best year Hillcrest has everhad. love forever! Alright-hey! Sew Thank you studentbody for cre- or die! Hasta! \" W O R T H IT!atingsuch fantastic memories! - Erin Call Chris Enger - President Matt Enger - Vice President Brady Larsen - Secretary Jeff Steadman - Ac tivities Coordinator Angie Garrett - Public Relations Kathy Williams - Historian Kent Besaw - Historian Eri n Call - Cheer Representative

Look out!!! As # 12, Brian Borg jumps to complete the pass, a de- termined Bengal await Borg's re- turn fro m mid air. The game that ni~ht was a success for our team . Winning the game \\Vas the icing on thecake for HomecominglVeek. Justa linle off the top, please! 1.. 2..3 .. 4.. Brighton 's ca ndi - Nter promi ing to shave his dates arc a bore. Hilicrest's SBO's head if the stadium \\\\las full at dress up as Brighton's Homecom- the Homecoming game, Chris ingQueen candidates at the burn- Enger, SBO Pres.. gets a new ing of the \"H\". The SBO's danced hair tyle. eniorciasssecretary, around as the student bodycheered Ryan Burgidge, promised to Wildly at their fun ny antic and leave a little on top. their hot sports car.

The Homecoming game was a , thriller from the beginning, with a half time score of 21 to nothing against Brighton. It was a dream of every Hillcrest student. But the game eventu- ally went down to the wire, with Brighton on the 3 yard year's Homecoming tions for the Homecominggame stands. ThegamewasclC#anti line and 20 seconds on the one full ofschool spirit, against Brighton. The football clock... they fumbled the ball tudent body participa- team started the year off with a remained undecided and aredefining of Husky bang.Upto the time ofthe game, last thirty seconds of and we won, 35 to 28. The the Huskies were 3and 2. The The school hummed witn school'sexcitement grew as the quarter when Brighton and came alive with time drew nearer. By the night the ball on the 3yard line.Win- activities the SBO'S of the game, students were ning thisgame put u one game dance the following night only pumped up to themax readyto closer to the region playoffs. for the students. go out and give full support to After the game Friday night, recapped the entire week. It had great expecta- the football team. That night students could hardlywait for Chris Enger, SBO President, the Saturdaynight dance. This was well shaved his head as apromise to years theme was \"Have You the students if they filled the Ever Been in Love?\" by Peter Cetera. WORTH IT!K.Archuleta Flames, faces , and fro' and frolics... hanc lacobson and Brian Haynie show the school that they can really get into the Homecoming weeks' ac· tivities.Meanwhile,the \"W puts off its iridescent glow even though the weather was trying to prevent the stu· dents from enjoying it. Finally. loey Han en got all decked out for an excit- ing \"Battle of the Pig\"against Brighton

f... The tensionrises as the five queenfinalists The1994-1995 HomecomingQueen ... nervouslyawaitlheannounce menl oflh e1994· AngieGarrett i 1995 Homecomingqueenand herattendants. Mr. Black,Lisa Black,Mr.Garrett,AngieGarrell, Angiesaid,\"Ididn'texpect toevenhave a ~ ~1r. Perrin, Anne Perrin, ~lr. Ryser, Stacey chance atwinning.\" Sheput a10lofenergy into Ryser,Mr. Wilson, KristinWilson preparingforHomecomingweekand tryingto :x:; balance all oftheolheraspects ofherlife. The joy shefell whenlhey announcedheras lhe queencannotbe put intowords. However,her ~ learsexpressedhersurprise anddelighl toall. Her crowningwas a sighl lo behold for the entirestudent bod),. CongratulationsAngie!!! ~~~--

The Homecoming queen selec- tion process went from messy to gorgeous. .. All week long the lunchtime activities were geared toward the grotesque, messy and humiliating. Homecoming week occupation? Pretend work Twenty five candidates had to provide lot of excitement not clothes were the trend on this only for tl1e queen candidates, day. The obstacle course dur- learn a dance routine, be video but for all of the student body. ing lunch put the candidates in taped in the wee hours of the Here is a recap of the activi- very messyyuck-yuck. ties... Thursday - What's your morning, find a dress to wear, Monday - Where's your funkiest pair of shoes? Foot- Disney? Dressed up in any sort wear ranged from puppy-dog and present themselves in of Disney clothing we owned, slippers and sandals to cowboy students paraded down the boots and spurs. Duringlunch front of the school for all to halls. During lunch,the queen we vented ourangeratthedunk- candidates underwent a non- ing booth.For some, it only cre- see. These girls underwent a lot of work and embarrassing Iflattering make-over bythe stu- ated more frustration. dent government. Friday -Show your school Tuesday -Crazyday for hair spirit! Hi1lcrestwas flooded with Idos! We had colored hair,punk, a shower of green and white. moments preparing for this straight upon end hair,braided, Queen finalists chowed down crimpedand tosseledhair. Can- during the pie eating contest at didates bobbed for fruit during lunch on concoctions made by week and the end results were, the lunch hour. the student government that Wednesday -What's your would make anyone nauseated! Homecoming Queen Fi nali s ts 1st atte ndant - Anne Perrin represe nting the Drama club; 2nd attendant - Lisa Black- Senior Pride; 3rd attendant - Kristin Wi lso n- the Hu sky Club: 4th attendant - Stacey Ry er- FBLA

Photographers - R1: Shane lacobsen . Victor Garcia. Travis Reitz, Angela Hansen . Michelle Tripp , Susan Larsen, Cody Widerberg Editors - R1: Erin Ott and Tyler Smart (Computers) , An- ge la Hansen and Toni Takeno (Performi ng Arts): R2: Kim Simmons (Editor) , Ann Cook (Faculty) , Stephanie Larsen (Business), Am y Geisler (Clubs), Marcie Beckstead (Business); R3: KeiraArc huleta (Editor) , Jason Scherbel and Susan Larsen (Sports) ( J\\ R1: Tyler Smart , Susan Larsen, Carlso n R2: Marci Beck stead , l acobso n, Amberlie Richard s, Geisler. Victor Ga rcia. Stepha Kim Petty, Heidi Mathi s, Mitzi Wendy Hugga rd , Erin Ott. Cody Heidie VanRoosendaal R3: Keira Larson, Katherine Davis, Tal Colledge , Toni Takeno, Melis a Widerberg,Angel a Hansen ,Codee Archu leta, Ki m Simmons. lason Davidson, Hollie Mehler, lulie Creer, Travi Reit z, Shane Moore. Rac helle Openshaw,I cherbe!. Marie Halpin , Am)' Price, Ruthanne Ivie 12 -- ~ -- -

Hey Staffers! From stressful deadlines, to standing out in the cold to take pictures, to break- fast runs, we've definatley had amemo- rable experience working together. You survived our IIUnleashing\"of humor and crazy celebrations, I'll really miss work- , ing with you. Thanks for helping make this book the best one of its kind. Love ya tonz! Keira Archuleta - Editor Hey Everybody! I really hope that you can all look back at the time you've had in yearbook and have fond memories like me. Thanks for putting up with my bad hair days, IIBlue Flame\"adventure stories, and those great IIpass the time\"games. You guys worked hard and it paid off! Thanks to everybody who went through class pictures amillion times, and worked on one page of copy forever. This book is the best book yet! I'll miss you guys alot! Kim Simmons-Editor Keira Archu leta - Editor Marie Halpin - Advisor Kimberly Simmons - Editor

e II» + ell» ce + •

Melissa Biockburger, Senior, Katherine Mansell, Junior and Stacey Herzog, Sophomore •••

., ----------- - _e- ----------------- Senior Class Officers --------------_e --------------- Photos : S. Larse n Dusty Smith Justin Hansen Ryan Burbidge Vice President President Secretary

Mike Ail e\", S teve A il e\", L o\", >'o Astl

SENIOR MOST liKElY TO... become adoctor C\" Cl i9 Bis h ff All I~ Bi sh p

S t v '\" B it.-, .. D o\",,,,a Bitsch e:...ic B jo\"\",,,, A\"'gela Black Debo ..a h Bl ack Lisa Black Melissa Blockb\"\"'ge,' Coli'\" Booth M eeke m B ..ock H e id i B ..ow\", N a th '\" B ..ow\", T a ..a B .. w'\"

Mi hael Ca d\" D avid Castleb n'}.' .Aim hi ld h\"is C hid st \"

Do's Don'ts Take it slow- Juanita Martinez Try to be someone you're not -Meredith Hallet Treat her like aqueen -Nick Nordquist Talk about past girlfriends -Drew Petersen Give flowers -Bob Gammell Bring you date to an expensive restaurant. Win Be creative &have fun -Natalie Hale her with creativi~ not money -Fosha Bledsoe Talk about yourself -Matt Porter K~isteena Ci9a~ ..oa C la ..k D Cla ..k 3 ames Cla ..k Cla ..k M eli ssa C la ..k Ni 01 C layto 1'\\ 3ami C le99 Mitz i Coli dge

5~~ - -- Trisha Collins 3essica Col11be.·ledge D a V1i elle COV1o ve ,· Al'11be... Cook ~Trent Rezhor c!>The Beatles @)Reba McEntire $ Elvis c$>U2 $ Warren G. $ Elton John C!9>Bill Joel

Colby DyksW\\on Tiffoni 60tol'\\

ia ia

HOW YOU CAN TELL WHEN... YOUR TEACHER 6OUTTO GET YOU, \" When the 'F' on your paper is written in blood. \" Amy Petersen \" When he (Moizer) ssigns parts of speech \"Craig Middlemas (10) Rach I uil\"al\"do Angel ulad M att u lasse}! 3ason u odfl\"e}! , , When they know Ire not paying at- tion and call on you .\" Ryan Strauss (12) Cilade uoin9 S al\"a ul\"aff 3~\\lie Ul\"angel\" Angela ul\"a}! \" They laugh when they call your name on the first day of school., Ian Adams (11) \" When they are overly helpful to check you out of their class. \" Nick Nordquist (11) Joey Hadden (I I )

N a ta lie Hackett 3 0e -Haddock La\", ...a Had lock Stepha ,'\\ie t-I a le Natha,'\\ t-! VIS VI

Rachoel t-le\"'1'IoVlseVl Rico t-l e..VloVldez David Hiatt C..ystal HickeVlloop,' B ..ittany Higg ins SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO... be the next host for the TONIGHT SHOW ~ 3ason Hill Nathan Hit Matt +-Iof Idt +-1 ath ,' H ofW'la ,'1 ''1 Van H og lin 3ell' d t-lo l,,,,G \"g

Kermit . Elmo ~ Beaker ~Miss Piggy ~ Grover ~Animal . Fonzi ~Swedish Chef ~ Gonzo ~Cookie Monster

R h 1301'\\ 5 Scot! 301'\\ 5 T ad -1301'\\ 5

Steph ani L a l'sen B alA L e la il' R ach I L

K e ly L\",,,,d SIGNALS OR HINTS YOU GIVE TO GET OR NOT GET A~~~ \" I'll give a kiss on any date... (561-9780) \" Jared Glazier (11) \" Idon't know, I've never been on a date! \"Steve Coleman (10) \" Like Sebastia n says, \"You got to bat r eyes, like dis , you to pucker ,up you ips, like dis ... \" Me lody Maxwe ll (11) \" Keep a toothpick in your mouth and she won't try to kiss you! \" Nick Paulk (II) \" Do the 50 yard dash from the car. .. \" Robyn Hansen (12) / \" I just go for it and take the slap well! \" Kurt Oaks (I I) Cia,,\"y M a do \",ald T ~' i M ac K ''\\z i

--- Sp I~ ce l' Mol's Hall i M ehl ,. Ci IWI~ O M i \"

1 Class 2496 2Classes 3596 3 Classes 4 1 96 Science - 31 % English - 23% Math- 20% History- 17% Law Enforcement- 9% 90% Innie Ni kMow I\" Iv is M o)! \" Li sa MIA II I\"

WHAT'S YOUR BEST/WORST ~UOTE FROMAPARENT \"waWs hyeonurI age... \" Erin Vanotten (10) I'll take your \" truck! \" Dave Christensen (11) It's for your own good... \" \" Steve Hagen (I 1) \" We need to talk. \" Susan Larsen (12) Take your brother with you... \" \" Lisa Manwill (10) That's not an \" excuse... \" Steve Westenskow (II)

A I ia P ie \"so ''\\ A ll's i P + \" S '\" B \" ++ 1 e te \"so'\"

· Kings and Queens 5. The Big Buff Ones 9. The Good Looking Ones! · Rulers of the Earth 6. As Tough as They Get 10. Sophomore Squashers · Nothing but the Oldest 7. Masters 11. My Older Brothers & Sisters · Whoa- Watch Out! 8. Wicked 12. La

..... SENIOR MOST LIKELY TOil. ~o to the Olymric~ Tenille Richal\"ds 3esse Richal\"dson Tl\"avis Richins Micheal Richtel\" Te..esa Rindlisbache.. Sha nnon Rino PI\" ston R omney 3i11 R os n I\" D a R oss A CI ..O I,\\ R \\<\\15 II

. SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO... orget t e• National Anthem! Becky Shaw W a\"\" \",Shaw Ch t Sh ph \"d

Bl'a ndon Simmons C h\",c k Simmons Kimbel'l¥ Simmons 3 al'en Sjobl o m M agie Sl oa l,\\ D ean Spea l's 3 5, ill 1'5

WHAT\"S THE BEST PICK UP LINE YOUVE EVER HEARD( , Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk' by again? \" Travis Richins (12) , Your lips are wrinkled, can I press them? \" ' Michelle Grossjear (10) 3eff Steadma,'\\ Te....i Steed Tiffany Ste I \" I'll bet you a quarter I can kiss you without touching your lips... ... shoot, I loose! \"nn???????? LL-Ike Stephens Mindy Stepp D eb ..a Stew ad \" I seem to have lost my bhone number. Can I orrow yours? \" ngela Hans n (12) , Let me give you a \"Y\" hug- why hug when we can kiss? \" ' Brandon Green (11) , , Do you believe in the hereafter? Yes. Then you know what 1'm here after! \" Cody Widerberg (12)

t-I eid i To lmaVl TiffaVl}' T opham . SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO... lola more cars 1an James Bond B VI Va l\"

SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO... get their· license revoked! 3\",stil'\\ V a l'\\c T,..istel'\\ V a l'\\c Chelsea Vandenbe...g Tim V a l'\\sk}!ha w k 3 essica V asq\"'ez C}!l'\\thia V e,..l'\\ol'\\ Tho mas V ohl Bouala Vongp...achanh Nat a li W a ,..1'\\ ,.. K a ,..iW ,..,.. A llis 1'\\ W bb

Molt \\1\\) od

F aatalA F aat alA 3 eff M assw' 9 T by W ade

- - - - - - _.- - - - - - - - - \"unior Class Officers I Mindy Wilson Fred Gammell Dave Neisen Vice President President Secretary

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