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The Dish | April 2018

Published by tsalvato, 2018-04-17 13:35:37

Description: Featuring the latest NHLRA member news, events, compliance related articles, and innovative products and services available.


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Event details including pricing, location, and registration can be found on \"We’re all working together; that’s the secret.” - Sam Walton 3

Happy spring Members!This month’s Dish is filled with interesting articles,upcoming NHLRA events, and updates from your fellowmembers about their businesses. Thank you forsharing!Read Page 6 for the Save the Date invite to NHLRA’ssecond Workforce Series Event: 5 Critical Questions.The NHLRA receives phone calls and questions frommembers on a regular basis looking for assistance in arange of areas. This open discussion event will answeryour most asked questions with the help of Clark-Mortenson Insurance and Vrountas, Ayer, & Chandler.Register online for the May 15 event at Merlino’sFamily Steakhouse in North Conway today!The NHLRA is thrilled that Governor Sununu hasdeclared April 2018 as New Hampshire HospitalityMonth. We believe in the industry and the career pathto success it offers. Check out the proclamation onPage 14.The Dish has a new co-editor, Shari Durazzano. Sherecently joined the NHLRA team as the Events & Ad-ministration Manager. Email Shari with event questionsor for a quick hello at [email protected]. As al-ways, email me with your upcoming events and blogpost ideas to be featured on NH [email protected] 4





By: Diane Symonds, NHLRA Keep in mind that the GHS standards require thatSeasonal or regular hires… why do new employees all employees have sufficient knowledge of andget injured more often? training for handling any hazardous material theyIt is not unusual to mistakenly expect new employees could be exposed to in their work environment.have sufficient safety knowledge and common sense Make certain that any personal protectiveto work safely. Although new employees are likely equipment assigned to any employee is requiredskilled, they are unfamiliar with how to specifically while performing those tasks with potentialstay safe in a new work environment. They may also exposures. Employee performance standards for alllack understanding of the importance of reporting staff should include safety components. Ensureincidents and/or near misses. This is likely due to these standards are integrated with training andconcerns of being blamed for reporting or experience updated as needed.from a former property where it was discouraged. New employees need to understand that safety is aTraining along with orientation are crucial priority at your workplace. Reinforce the standardcomponents of ensuring new staff embrace your with actions… maintain good housekeeping rulessafety culture, including specific practices and and practices, test emergency procedures.potential hazards in their work environment. Reinforce these practices by answering theirEncourage new employees to ask questions and questions with patience, properly label anyreinforce that there are no \"stupid\" questions about hazardous material, and set the standard that all employees should “own” safety in their worksafety. Many businesses assign an experiencedemployee to act as a guide/mentor for each new hire. environment.This is a good practice to supplement training.It is equally important for new employees to become Contact Diane Symonds:quickly familiar with the facility and emergency (P) 603-228-9585procedures. OSHA also requires emergency (E): [email protected] be provided when any employee is hiredor assigned new responsibilities. Determine how youwant new staff members to respond to emergencies,and provide the necessary training for them to beeffective in those circumstances. Train new employeesnot only on their job responsibilities and tasks; includespecifics on potential hazards, how to avoid them, andbe clear about your specific safety policies. 9



By: Amie Pariseau, NHLRAOver the last several months, the NHLRA has made a Fundamentals of Hospitality Management seriesstrong commitment to its members in the areas of hosted by Granite State College. It was much moreeducation and workforce development. Tackling than I expected. I found it to be very well done andthese two hot topics is no easy feat for many the program provided such useful information whichindustries and we continue to look for best practices, was delivered in an excellent manner. I would highlyhow to engage New Hampshire’s youth, and create recommend this program to anyone that is interestedprofessional growth opportunities for current in improving their leadership and communicationemployees. skills. The series has given me tools to better myselfOur search brought us to a partnership with Granite as a leader and manager!”State College and the creation of the Fundamentals Save-the-Date! Fundamentals of Hospitalityof Hospitality Management Certificate. This is a three Management will run its next series at Granite Statepart series in leadership and management targeting College’s Manchester campus. To receive a Certificateentry level management, those showing promise in a of Participation and one Continuing Education Credit,future management role, and even veteran all three sessions must be attended. Registration willmanagers. As one participant noted, “No matter what be open soon.level you rise to, the learning never stops.” Foundations of Leadership and Management Tuesday, June 12Foundations of Leadership gave participants the timeto identify their leadership style and develop a Effective Communicationpersonal action plan to build and improve their Tuesday, July 10leadership skills. Effective Communication providedattendees the tools to interact and effectively Confidently Handle Conflict Tuesday, August 7communicate with fellow staff members and other The NHLRA and Granite State College are alsomanagement. Confidently Handle Conflict delivered working on future programming in areas such astools such as how to motivate staff and how to Operational Controls (Profit and Loss Statements,manage situations pro-actively as well as build Budgeting, and Inventory), Sexual Harassmentconfidence in handling difficult conversations in the Policies, Diversity in the Workplace, Digital Marketingworkplace. Strategies, Interviewing, and Human ResourcesAt the completion of the series, Natalie Milligan, (Documentation, Training, Employee Manuals). WhatAssistant Manager for Cardigan Lodge (one of the would you like to see offered? Contact Amie:many facilities for the Appalachian Mountain Club) [email protected], “I was very lucky to be able to attend the 603-228-9585 12




By Christopher Vrountas, Esq. and Allison Ayer, Esq., Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, P.C.Animals might not be people, but you may need to A service animal is defined as any dog and sometreat them like any customer in the event they miniature horses who have been individuallyappear in your establishment as a “service animal”. trained to provide assistance to an individual with aThis article covers some of the issues and the laws disability. They perform the functions and tasksconcerning that increasingly occurring situation. that the individual with a disability cannot perform him or herself because of a disability. The tasks thatThe Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) prohibits a service animal may perform vary widely and areprivate businesses who serve the public, for example unique to the person who has a disability. Somerestaurants and bars, from excluding people with examples include:disabilities from bringing in their service animals ontothe premises of a public accommodation. Briefly, the  Assisting with navigation or stability andADA outlaws discrimination against people with balance;disabilities. The ADA also requires publicaccommodations like restaurants and bars to allow  Alerting individuals with hearing or visualpeople with disabilities equivalent access to the impairments to sounds or visual stimuli;goods and services they offer to the general public.This means that restaurants must allow service  Alerting a person with diabetes that their insulinanimals onto their premises and that they also must level is elevated;allow people with disabilities to bring their serviceanimals into any areas of the restaurant that other  Pulling wheelchairs, carrying or retrieving itemscustomers are similarly allowed. This is true even if for individuals with mobility impairments;state or local health codes prohibit animals on thepremises.  Alerting a person with a seizure disorder to the onset of a seizure and warning the person to getThe challenge restaurants face is figuring out: What to safety before the seizure; oris a service animal? When must you permit one intoyour restaurant with its handler? Which animals are  Interrupting impulsive or destructive behavior.mere pets that the restaurant may lawfully exclude? A pet is not a service animal. An emotional supportWhat is a service animal verses a pet or emotional animal also is not a service animal. While ansupport animal? emotional support animal may provide generalized mental support, comfort, or companionship for aA “service animal” is more than just a guide dog for disabled customer, service animals are speciallythe visually impaired. There are several kinds of trained to perform specific tasks to assist anservice animals that must be permitted into individual with a disability. This training to performrestaurants or bars. specific tasks for the disabled forms the legal reason for the elevated status a service animal has over pets and emotional support animals under the ADA. So, for example, a dog that has been trained to sense an anxiety attack or lessen its impact for a customer with a mental disability would constitute 16

a service animal that must allowed into a restaurant. These horses generally are 24 to 34 inches inOn other hand, if a dog’s presence simply provides height and weigh 70 to 100 pounds. They are notcomfort to a customer it would not be considered a much different in size from a large dog, but theyservice animal under the ADA. are sturdier and much better suited for pulling a wheelchair than a dog of the same size or weight.But be careful! While emotional support animals are notservice animals that the ADA requires be permitted into What can a restaurant or bar do to figure out if aa restaurant or bar, other laws may require you to let customer has a service animal?them in for other reasons. Do not think you can alwaysexclude all animals that are not service animals. Some There are only two questions a restaurant can askstate or local laws allow emotional support animals in about the service animal: “Is this a service animalpublic places. The existence of these laws in your required because of a disability?” and “Whatparticular area should be evaluated before turning away tasks is the animal trained to perform?” Andan emotional support animal. these questions can only be posed if it is not readily apparent that the animal is a serviceFurthermore, restaurants have a general obligation animal for the customer.under the ADA to modify their policies and practiceswhen necessary to ensure equal access to a person with Importantly, if the customer responds that his ora disability. In some cases, this could mean an obligation her animal is a service animal and is able toto modify a policy to allow for an emotional support articulate what the animal is trained to do toanimal in your restaurant, even though the ADA does assist the customer, a restaurant should take thenot require all emotional support animals to have access customer at his or her word. A restaurant shouldto public accommodations. Thus, the specific NOT ask that the animal demonstrate its trainingcircumstances are always important, and a restaurant or require the customer to provide any additionalnevertheless may be able to place greater restrictions information. A restaurant also cannot ask abouton the emotional support animals given that such the nature or extent of the customer’s disability.animals do not qualify as service animals. A restaurant should also never say, “You don’t look like you have disability” or ask what theWhat are the rules for miniature horses? disability is. The customer does not have to state what the disability is. In fact, to even inquire mayOnly dogs and miniature horses may qualify as a be a violation of the animal. Don’t be surprised, therefore, when acustomer arrives with a miniature horse and asks to be Read the complete article here.seated. Restaurant operators must accommodate useof a miniature horse to the extent it is truly a serviceanimal. To assess whether it’s reasonable for you toaccommodate a miniature horse, you must consider: The type, size and weight of the miniature horse. In partnership with Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler, Whether the handler has control of the miniature members have access to 30 minutes of free legal advice per unique incident. Members who need to horse. retain services with VAC will receive a discounted Whether the miniature horse is housebroken. member rate. Whether the miniature horse’s presence would Chris Vrountas compromise legitimate safety concerns. If safety [email protected] concerns exit, you must consider measures to (P) 603-935-9789 mitigate or eliminate the risk before excluding the miniature horse for safety reasons. 17


By :Granite Financial PartnersMost of us are familiar with the idea of a basic estate plan. Before you pass away, you and your lawyer designa document which guides those you leave behind as to what you’d like to see happen with the assets you’veaccumulated over your lifetime. It is often more complicated than that, but that is the central concept. We allknow someone who inherited an attic full of miscellaneous items from their parents or grandparents, we’rehere to help you sort through the clutter.How much is my stuff worth?Before you decide what to do with your assets it is important to know both their current value and their costbasis. The current value can be difficult to determine for some assets, what you want is either an appraisal orproof of a sale of an identical or similar item. cost basis is what the item was worth when it came into yourpossession. The difference between the current value and the cost basis is the asset’s appreciation(or depreciation) from which its tax status will be calculated. For example, if you bought a car 50 years agofor $10,000 and sold it this year for $50,000 the cost basis would be $10,000 therefore the capital gainswould be $40,000 and your tax would be based upon that figure.Passing Your Assets OnWhat is the most efficient way to transfer assets tomy loved ones after I am gone? Here are some pointsto consider when deciding. If you give away the asset while you are still alive, 388 Nashua Street it’s value to the recipient is whatever you paid for Milford, NH 03055 it. So if the recipient of the gift were to then sell it, (P)603-554-8551 they would incur the tax liability on their profits from that sale. If you hold the asset until you die, it receives a “step up in basis”. This means that whoever inherits it does so at its current value on that day, meaning if they were to then sell it they would not be taxed on any value gained prior to the day it was inherited.Think about what your options are while you still can and plan accordingly. Things likesetting up the necessary trusts and documents, cataloging your assets’ values, andnotifying those whom you’d like to pass the assets on to are all preemptive steps you cantake to ensure your belongings are passed on efficiently. 19




By Ami D’Amelio, Just Flow NH900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria announced today the opening of its newest restaurant in Portsmouth,New Hampshire, marking the company’s third location in the state. Located at 2454 Lafayette Road, theseacoast location is currently expected to open in the first week of May.At 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, pizzas are made using an authentic dough recipe and local, farm-freshingredients in a wood-fired brick oven. The restaurant embodies the rich tradition of true Neapolitan pizzamaking. In addition to pizza, menu offerings include a wide variety of appetizers, soups, fresh salads,house-made pasta dishes, sandwiches, desserts and more.“I am excited and proud to open a third location in the incredible city of Portsmouth,” said Priscilla LaneRondeau, owner. “It has been my dream to bring 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria to the seacoast of whichI am so fond, and it is an honor to be a part of the city’s vibrant culinary culture. I look to forward to thisnext adventure and appreciate the overwhelming support from our existing customers.”The new Portsmouth location will offer a similar menu to its sister restaurants located in Manchester andEpping, New Hampshire. Guests can enjoy lunch, happy hour and dinner seven days a week and this loca-tion will also offer al fresco dining during warm weather months. The restaurant will also offer weekly andmonthly promotions, including happy hour specials, 2-for-1 Tuesday and Unwind Wednesday.As part of the opening preparations, 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria is currently accepting applicationsfor all positions to support the Portsmouth location. Interested individuals can apply through the 23

By: Ryan Malkin, SevenFifty Daily\"If you swipe your credit card for $2,000, I'll put you investigations are probably not yet complete, ason our menu right now,\" said the bar manager at a settlements and violations have yet to behigh-volume bar and restaurant. Sitting at the bar, announced. In March 2018 the TTB commenced alistening to sales pitches from suppliers and joint operation with agents from the Californiawholesalers, you occasionally overhear proposals Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control,like this one. investigating alleged prohibited consignment saleIn this case, if the supplier had exchanged money arrangements in Napa and Sonoma Counties.for that menu placement, the transaction would Possibly setting the tone for the $5 million tradehave been illegal. This practice is called pay to play. enforcement budget was the 2016 MassachusettsAlthough it may be permissible in some industries Craft Beer Guild settlement with the TTB forto pay a store to place your product at eye level, the $750,000. The settlement resulted from allegedsame is not true for us in the beverage alcohol violations that Craft Beer Guild paid \"slotting fees\" toindustry. Lately, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and retailers in exchange for favorable productTrade Bureau (TTB), which is responsible for the placement and shelf space. So what exactly is aadministration and enforcement of federal \"slotting fee\"?beverage alcohol regulations, has beenreinvigorated with fresh enforcement funds. Learn Which Practices Are ProhibitedThe federal government has allocated $5 million for The terms pay to play and slotting fees refer toTTB trade practice enforcement funds in 2018, schemes whereby a supplier, importer, manufactur-available during the agency's fiscal year, which ends er, or wholesaler (for simplicity, the \"brand\") gives aSeptember 30. \"Prior to receiving this funding, TTB retailer something in exchange for favorable productaveraged two trade practice investigations per year placement or shelf space at the retailer's store, bar,based on its limited enforcement resources and the restaurant, or other licensed venue. One of the moreresource-intensive nature of these investigations,\" common violations is the tied house. Sparing you thenoted TTB's fiscal 2017 report. Thanks to the new history lesson (for that, check out Last Call), thisinfusion, TTB said it will \"substantially increase\" the refers to the pre-Prohibition arrangement in which anumber of trade practice investigations. So far, it retailer would be tied to one house or producer.has kept that promise. Federal and state tied-house laws were created to keep the upper tiers-for our purposes, theAs of late 2017, the TTB reported 11 active trade brand-separate from the retailer tier.practice investigations, two of which were jointcrackdowns with state regulators in Miami and It is unlawful to attempt to induce a retailer directlyChicago, targeting alleged pay-to-play activities. The or indirectly-for example, through an affiliate or 24

agency-to purchase any products from the brand to theexclusion in whole or in part the products of otherbrands. (So no, just having your agency do it does notmake it legal.) The conduct must be \"made in thecourse of interstate or foreign commerce,\" but this isgenerally an easily provable element for TTB, since mostproducts are sold across state lines. There is a smallwrinkle for beer in that the state must also imposesimilar requirements, though most do.Prohibited brand conduct includes acquiring or holdingany interest in any on-premise or off-premise retailer;acquiring any interest in real or personal propertyowned, occupied, or used by a retailer; paying orcrediting a retailer for advertising or display services;guaranteeing a loan or repayment of a retailer'sfinancial obligations; extending credit to a retailerbeyond reasonable limits; requiring a retailer to buy orsell a certain amount of products; or furnishing, giving,renting, lending, or selling to a retailer any equipment,fixtures, signs, supplies, money, services, or other \"thingof value.\" This, naturally, is the most common, as allbrands want to give retailers signs and other point-of-sale materials.As noted, a tied-house violation occurs if a brandinduces a retailer to buy from the brand at the exclusionof other brands in interstate or foreign commerce.Exclusion occurs when the practice \"puts the retailer'sindependence at risk\" by means of a tie or link betweenthe brand and the retailer and results in the retailerpurchasing less than it would have of a competitor'sproduct.Read the complete article here. 25



By: Amie Pariseau, NHLRAIn collaboration with the New Hampshire Lodging & The second goal was to introduce students to theRestaurant Association, Kearsarge High School pathways that can transition a job to a lifelonghosted a Hospitality & Tourism Career Kick-off Event career. The panel focused on the needs of theiron Thursday, March 14th. In attendance were 22 businesses and how those needs change from shift tostudents from grades 9-12 to learn about career shift and season to season. There was a definitepaths and industry opportunities in the local area. theme of their message which was remembering theThe panel featured the following: industry is customer-centric and fast paced which translates into a smile goes a long way and be readyAnthony Dolan, Lui Lui’s to roll up your sleeves for anything. If you havePeter Fenton, Appleseed Restaurant & Catering, positive interactions with your customers andFenton’s Landing, MV Kearsarge co-workers, these interactions, which sometimesTanner Jacques, Twin Lake Villa may seem small, improve the overall experience. TheFrom bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels, food trucks skills you learn in working in a hotel or restaurantto fine dining, campgrounds to ski resorts, the translate into everyday life. Fine tuning skills in areashospitality industry has unique career opportunities such as good customer service, accountability andthat offer benefits and advancements for everyone. responsibility, flexibility and versatility will take youThe panel was created to inform high school students anywhere you want to go!that industry pathways extend beyond traditionalpositions such as kitchen staff, hostesses, and front The last goal was to engage the students and generate their interest in the industry.desk hotel clerks and the skills the properties looked The floor was opened for questions after thefor in a good employee. panelists had time to speak. Students asked, “What isThere were three goals of the Hospitality & Tourism the pay like? Can I have tattoos and piercings? HowCareer Kick-Off Event. First, each of the panelists old do I need to be to work at your property?” Thesewould share their “How I began working in the questions sparked additional dialogue about thehospitality industry” story. Students listened as both importance of being a well-spoken, hard-working andPeter Fenton and Tanner Jacques spoke about being businesses willing to take the time and have aborn and raised in the business and Anthony Dolan conversation with someone who shows interest inwho shared his experiences as an art major in college working there.and unable to find work after graduating. He Each panelist left the students with thoughts to leavereturned to waiting tables and soon found himself with.under the mentorship of a manager who encouraged “Be open to learning. Be passionate. Work experienceAnthony to commit to management training. He and education go hand and hand,” Anthony Dolannever looked back. 28

“Be honest. Have integrity. We can train and teach Several students took job applications with anything. Know you love this business beforepursuing higher education,” Peter Fenton To learn more or to participate in future events, please contact Rebecca Hemingway, transition“Your path depends on you. Develop your skills, coordinator, Kearsarge High School atteamwork, communication, networking,” Tanner [email protected] or Amie Pariseau,Jacques education and workforce development director, New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association atAfter the panel concluded, the group moved to the [email protected] and each industry member had a table to meetone-on-one with the students. They had theopportunity to sign up for additional industryinformation, express interest in a property tour, andexplore internship and extended learningopportunities.The desire is to evolve the panel and form aninvaluable relationship between the local hospitalityindustry and Kearsarge High School. Based on this firstexperience, there is strong interest from the group tovisit the Appleseed, Lui Lui’s, and Twin Lake Villa.29


customers will appreciate the switch. With today’s increasing number of smoke- free establishments, consumers are used to the idea, and many expect it.By: Clark-Mortenson Insurance Insurance Premiums Allowing smoking in your establishment increasesMore than half of U.S. states are covered by a law your risk of fire, workers’ compensation, medicalthat prohibits smoking in public places. For those that and liability claims. When you prohibit smoking, youare not covered by these laws, following suit is often are decreasing your risk. As a result, you’ll see thestill economically advantageous. Going smoke-free difference in your insurance premium.protects your employees’ health, improvesproductivity, reduces insurance premiums, lowers How Do I Do It?maintenance expenses, reduces absenteeism and can Prohibiting smoking at your establishment is simple:even make customers happier. It often makes goodbusiness sense to run a smoke-free establishment, no  Create a clear written policy prohibiting smokingmatter what local laws mandate. on the premises by both employees and patrons, distribute it and communicate it withWorker Health employees.Long-term exposure to secondhand smoke has beenshown to lead to sicknesses and disabilities such as  Display a notice to patrons prohibiting smoking.rhinitis, asthma, sinusitis, and other respiratory andheart problems that result in costly workers’  Include all areas of your facility, plus outdoorcompensation claims. Eliminating smoke in the patios or terraces.workplace minimizes your organization’s risk.  Enforce your policy. Present an alternativeExperience with the passage of smoke-free laws in location where patrons can smoke, if need be.several states demonstrates that hospitality workerAfter the smoke-free law in New York State went into The Bottom Lineeffect, the number of hospitality workers who The economic and reputational benefits of goingexperienced morning cough dropped by 46 percent. smoke-free are undeniable. You’ll cut costs whileHealthier workers mean higher productivity and reducing risk and boosting customer satisfaction.fewer sick days. Take this important step for your business today, and see the benefits tomorrow. For more information about managing your risk and controlling insurance premiums, contact the insurance professionals at Clark-Mortenson Insurance today.Effect on Business (P) 877-352-2121 www.clarkmortenson.comAccording to a summary of studies assessing theeconomic impact of smoke-free policies in thehospitality industry compiled by the VicHealth Centrefor Tobacco Control, 47 of 49 major studies showedno negative economic impact from the introductionof smoke-free policies. In fact, many of your 31

By: Sprague EnergyWhile 2018 started with record cold temperatures, oil-fired generation unit with a capacity of slightlywe are slowly seeing the signs of spring. Electricity below 600 megawatts. This is a combined electricgeneration resources were available to meet the generating capacity of 2,000 megawatts, whichsystem demands imposed by this extreme winter represents approximately 7 to 10 percent of Newweather; however, it did require the use of England’s peak electric demand depending on thegeneration resources that at many times of the year time of year.are idle. Under normal weather conditions, As a result of this announced retirement, ISO-Newnatural-gas fired electric generation units provide England has indicated that it will seek permissionroughly half of the electricity consumed. During from federal regulators (the Federal Energythis winter’s cold snap, when natural gas prices hit Regulatory Commission) to keep two of the electricall-time record prices, oil-fired electric generation generation units, particularly units 8 & 9, onlinewas producing over one third of the electricity asserting that the retirement of those could putconsumed – this is in stark contrast to a normal electric reliability at risk. Specifically, the closure ofweather day in which oil-fired electric generation units 8 & 9 with a combined electric-generationwould be producing a share of electricity consumed capacity of 1,600 megawatts would pose anin the single digits. unacceptable fuel security risk in the region duringIn the near term, ISO-New England – the entity that the winter months. Accordingly, ISO-New Englandoversees the New England electric grid – has will be discussing this matter at its reliabilityindicated that there are adequate resources on committee meeting in late April and expects to filehand to meet expected generation needs. with federal regulators a proposal to preventHowever, in its recent Fuel Security Analysis, ISO- reliability risks from retirements in the future. ThisNew England identified that New England’s limited will likely increase electricity prices in the region, asfuel infrastructure, primarily natural gas and oil, will funding for a mechanism to ensure reliability will beeventually cause severe electric reliability issues if borne by market participants.fuel security is not addressed. In addition and in In the short term, the energy situation in Newrecent news, Exelon Generation, the owner of the England is in relatively good shape; however, withMystic Generation Station in Everett, the pending Mystic Station changes and fuelMassachusetts, announced its intention to retire reliability issues, the longer term is a bit less clear.generation units 7, 8 & 9 and a jet-fuel fired unit by Many factors can affect energy markets includingJune 2022. Generation units 8 & 9 are natural-gas weather-related events and operational factorsfired units with a combined generation capacity of affecting energy generation and delivery. Theseover 1,400 megawatts and unit 7 is a natural-gas or events can arise quickly and result in significant 32

market changes that can impact your energy costs.Sprague can help you understand and manage yourbusiness in a changing energy marketplace.ISO New England Publishes Operational Fuel-Security Analysis - Goalis to understand future effects of trends already affecting powersystem operations: About Sprague Operating Resources LLC: Founded in 1870, Sprague is one of the largest independent suppliers of energy products and servicesSprague can help you understand and manage your in the Northeast with a network of 20 owned/business in a changing energy marketplace. controlled petroleum and materials handling terminals and an extensive network of third-partyFor more information on energy call 855.466.2842 or terminals. Sprague sells more than 56 billion cubic feetvisit of natural gas annually to over 20,000 accounts located behind 45 utilities in 12 states and Washington D.C. In addition, Sprague can lock-in electricity rates for commercial electricity customers. 33







March 2018 - April 2018Aldworth Manor Domino’s Pizza Holiday Inn Express: Ice House SeabrookJumpin’ Jay’s Fish Cafe Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery Magic Food Productions Martha’s Exchange Catering Restaurant & BreweryMartingale Wharf McGarvey’s Mount Washington Cruises Santa’s VillageSugar Hill Inn True Brew Barista U.S. FoodserviceWelcome Newest NHLRA Members! Chef Koz’s Crescent City Kitchen - Farmington, NH Kitchen Cravings - Gilford, NH Appleseed Restaurant - Bradford, NH Nomads Kitchen - Durham, NHHow to Pay your Dues - Pay online by logging into your account at - Call the NHLRA office at 603-228-9585 - Mail a check to 16 Centre Street, Concord, NH 03301 40



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