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Zach Perry online magazine project 1

Published by Zachperry118, 2017-10-19 06:08:54

Description: A photography magazine

Keywords: Zach,Photography


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Contents Page Page 3: Introduction. Page 4: Technology Page 5: Technology Page 6: A review of Bethan. Page 7: Get involved! Page 8: Back cover. Picture taken in caerphilly. ‘Sunset’.

Introduction Photographer Bethan Jenkins.Bethan does photography in her spare time, she is an ama-tuer photographer with a lot of potential. We are using herpictures today and all descriptions will be based off an in-terview with her. if you arent famillar with her work, thenthis magazine is for you!In this magazine we are proud to present an amatuerphotographer and promote them for their work. Herphotos are completely unique and completely inspiring.We shall also be reviewing some technology! A day at the docks- Tenby, Wales.

The EOD 200 “24.2 megapixel at 5fps”The EOD 200. It is a DSLR camera, DSLR means; The photographs that this camera can take candigital single-lens reflex. then be printed onto multiple platforms. It canThe camera my photographer uses is the EOD 200. be downloaded onto an eBook and even onto bigShe states that this a perfect camera for a beginner print paper making it very versatile. The cameraand we will take a look into why? includes a DIGIC 7 processor. This means that the camera can take photos in low light and high light situations without effecting the shot, making it aThe standard camera without a lens will shoot at perfect DSLR. The camera also includes APS-C24.2 megapixels which is more than enough for a sensor which means that it is perfect for portraitclear photo. Shooting at 5fps which means you will photos, the sensor affects shallow of depth fieldnever miss your shot, this basically means the cam- which means it won’t leave any shadows on theera will shoot 5 frames the second you press the persons face and also keep them in focus.button which can take multiple photos which willmean you have 5 chances to get that correct photo.One key and important feature for this lens is the It currently is the lightest DSLR ever made, theyfact that there are over 80+ lens just for this camera strongly advertise this because you can simply takegiving it a perfect dynamic range and opportunity it with you anywhere. This is simply the best modelto expand. for a beginner photographer.

The canon EOS mark 4.The newest camera out is the Canon EOS mark Legendary cameras are built to last, and the4, it is specifically made for professional pho- EOS 5D series brought superior build quality,tographers and can take the best photos on the This new camera is built with enhanced abilitiesmarket. With built in 4K capabilities and Wi-Fi to endure even the harshest of weather, they arethis camera is perfect for a photographer. It uses so confident on this matter that they even givea new lens which is able to capture every single you a warranty.pixel of each image to perfection, even with This new camera also has the ability to shootshaky hands. A 30.4 Megapixel CMOS sen- in 4K resolution, the newest feature coming tosor means that It can capture what every other DSLR cameras and enhancing their ability tocamera cant, extreme detail to an extreme leve shoot at a higher quality all of the time.The precision of the camera is nothing to go I would highly reccomend this specefic cameraun-noticed it will be the most accurate camera to anyone who wants to be a professional pho-to date with new lock on and focus perfor- tography and who has the spare money. Themances. With a highly-sensitive AF sensor that camera feels completely unique and can takeincreases photo quality even in the darkest of some of the best photos that i have ever seen.places whilst still capturing accurate and de- The quality of the photos is so high comparedtailed photo, this specific camera can shoot to any other camera on the market theres reallyeven in the lowest of light. The EOS 5D Mark no need to make a camparison.IV uses a dedicated 150,000-pixel RGB+IR me-tering sensor to carry out highly accurate expo-sure metering, this means you can track yourtarget for longer and quicker to get the shot thatyou want, the camera will automatically lockonto your target and keep it in focus with thisamazing new sensor.“The most accuratecamera ever made.”

explore a little bit more with her photos that she could become professional. She needs to be more diverse in each shot and try using different loca- tions to really put her skills to the test. Looking at her speceifc photos we feel that she could experiment more with different lenses and different exposure time on the camera. using these two different techniques allows for her to grow as a photographer and take her all the way to that professional statement. In conculsion we love the her photos and the style in which she chooses to take them, we wrere abso- lutely delighted when she wanted to be involved in the magazine.Featured article; a review of Bethan Jenkins photography. If you want to take photos like Bethan then follow her simple steps.Review of photography. 1. Choose a specefic setting( Dock, Beach, Sunset)Bethan’s photos are completely unique and never to be 2. Dont be afraid to experiment.seen before. Even though she is an amateur photogra-pher there is something professional about her work. 3. take your time with your photo, once you’ve gotShe uses plenty of skills and techniques and we will dive it, take further to what makes her photos so elegant.First of all we shall talk about the first photo (top left).For those who don’t know this is actually a fish eye lensphotograph. What this does in create a sort focusedlook at one object and make it look more circular thanit actually is, this is a perfect example of when youwould use such a technique and she does it perfectly.Next I would like to talk about her style of photogra-phy, she is very much like other photographers when itcomes to her photographs; they normally have the sub-ject of one thing in focus with the camera at all timesand would then take that photo. This is a good style butit’s not what makes Bethan’s photos stand out and makeher unique among such a vast amount of photographerswith this same style. Her unique style comes with theway she takes her photos and I don’t mean what’s inthem.For example the photo of the ship mast (bottom right).I hardly ever see photos like this and although the styleis the same of one subject in the photo, it is completelyunique and truly inspiring of her to find the creativityto take such a photo.The negative side of her photography is her photos areall in a similar location, I believe that if she was to

Get involved!It’s competition time!In our competition this week we are giving away the next 5 copies for ourmagazine for absolutely free.Just answer our three questions.What is the name of the photographer?Where was her dock photo taken?Which cameras did we review?Please send all answers into [email protected] and you’ll be in with your chanceof winning!We want to get in touch with our readers and help you feel this magazine isinteractive! we would like to hear your thoughts on our magazine and whatwe could do to improve and make this magazine perfect for you.Please send all feedback to [email protected]

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