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Published by IMAX, 2022-05-05 13:06:17

Description: 86231_ OY - 33_ 222310215-OYSTER-STUDENT-BOOK-STORIES-NUR-FY


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Oyster Series NURSERY Name: Section: Roll No.: School:

1) Who Will Bell the Cat?............................................. 3 2) The Thirsty Crow...................................................... 8 3) The Hare and the Tortoise....................................... 12 4) The Little Red Hen................................................. 17 5) The Ant and the Grasshopper.................................. 21

1) Who Will Bell the Cat? 3

Once upon a time, there was a quiet and scary cat. He used to come without making any noise. 4

Then, suddenly he would jump on a mouse and eat it. 5

The mice were worried. One day, they had a meeting. This cat is troubling us. What can we do? Let us put a bell around his neck. Yes! That way, when he comes, we will know. 6

The mice went on and on. They thought it was a wonderful idea. Suddenly, an old mouse had a doubt. But, who will go near the cat? He will eat us if we go near him. Everyone became silent. Their wonderful idea was not so wonderful after all. 7

2) The Thirsty Crow 8

Once, a crow was very thirsty. He looked for water everywhere. But he could not find any. 9

At last, he found a pot but it had very little water. His beak was too short to reach it. He could not drink the water. He looked around for some stones. He picked them up with his beak and dropped them one by one into the water. 10

The water slowly rose higher. The crow drank the water and flew away happily. 11

3) The Hare and the Tortoise 12

In a forest, there lived a hare and a tortoise. One day, they were relaxing and talking. You are so slow. Ha ha ha! You must not make fun of others. The hare did not listen. He made fun of the tortoise again. 13

Okay! Let us have a race. Then, we will see who wins. The race started. The hare ran very fast. The tortoise moved very slowly. Soon, he was far behind. Hmm... The tortoise will take the whole day. Let me rest for some time. 14

The hare fell asleep under a tree. 15

The tortoise did not stop or rest. He walked slowly but steadily. He soon passed the sleeping hare. He won the race. 16

4) The Little Red Hen 17

The little red hen found some grains of wheat. The cat, the dog and the goose were all lazy and refused to help. Who will help Not I. me plant this? Not I. Not I. 18

So, the hen planted the wheat in the ground all by herself. After a while, the grains grew into wheat plants with more wheat. The wheat is ripe now. Who will help me cut it? Again, the lazy cat, goose and dog refused to help. So, the hen took the wheat to the mill all by herself where it was ground. She carried the flour home. Not I. Who will help me make some bread with this flour? Not I. Not I. 19

We will. The lazy cat, goose and dog refused to help again. So, she mixed the flour and baked the bread all by herself. We will. Now, who will help me eat this bread? We will. But, the hen called her chicks first and they ate up all the bread. There was none left at all for the lazy cat, goose and dog. 20

5) The Ant and the Grasshopper 21

Once upon a time, there were two friends – the ant and the grasshopper. The ant worked hard but the grasshopper was lazy. Winter was fast coming. The ant decided to save food. But the grasshopper wasted time. Ha ha ha! You are a fool. You are wasting this nice summer day. You will know when it is winter. 22

It was winter season. The ant had saved lots of food. The grasshopper had nothing to eat. The grasshopper knew that his friend, the ant had saved up food. He decided to go ask the ant for food. Ant, please give me some food! I was saving up food. You made fun of me. I am sorry. I am hungry and feeling cold. 23

The ant felt bad for the grasshopper. He gave him food and a warm place to stay. They stayed friends forever. Thank you, Ant! You are a good friend! 24

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