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by classklap ENGLISH WORKBOOK - TERM 3 Enhanced Edition 4 Name: ___________________________________ Section: ________________ Roll No.: _________ School: __________________________________ Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 1 12/17/2019 9:06:38 PM

Table of Contents Unit Name Page No. 1) The Best Policy Section 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 1 Section 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 6 2) Creativity Around Me Section 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 10 Section 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 15 3) Secret of Success Section 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 20 Section 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 25 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 2 12/17/2019 9:06:39 PM

Unit 1: The Best Policy (Section 1 – pages 63–75) Warm Up Every person has some good qualities and some bad qualities. We should hold on to our good qualities and try and get rid of the bad ones. Read the situations given below. Fill in the blanks to match the person in each situation to the correct quality. Situation Quality Anya finds a wallet on the ground. She gives it to a police kind officer. Anya is ___________________. Raghu does not know how to play basketball. He lies about knowing selfish how to play basketball to his friends. He is ___________________. Tina does not share her things with anyone. She is dishonest ___________________. Anjali always feeds stray animals and birds. She is very honest ___________________. Word Meanings Word Meaning Example heir capable a person who will, by law, get The oldest princess was the heir seedling money, property or a title from to the throne. another person A leader should be capable of having the quality or ability to do solving problems. something Ruma was excited when the seed she planted grew into a a very young plant that has grown seedling. from a seed The Best Policy 1 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 1 12/17/2019 9:06:39 PM

Word Meaning Example beaming smiling widely Rita was beaming with joy as she accepted her medal. jeered laughed or shouted insults at character someone The crowd jeered the team when they lost the match. the inner qualities that make one different from others The book had many stories about Gandhiji’s character. Comprehension 1) Why was the king worried? (2M) Ans.   2) What were the qualities which the five boys and five girls shared? (2M) Ans.   3) Why did the king want a leader who knew how to grow a plant? (TB, QC-2, Pg. 68) (1M) Ans.   4) What was the test for? Who passed it? (2M) Ans.   5) Did the seeds given to Ani sprout? Why? (TB, QC-3, Pg. 68) (2M) Ans.   2 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 2 12/17/2019 9:06:39 PM

Value-based Questions 6) Do you think Ani will be a good leader? Why? (TB, QC-5, Pg. 68) (1M) Ans.     7) In a kingdom, do you think only the ruler needs to be honest or should all people be honest too? Give two reasons for your answer. (2M) Ans.     8) According to you, which two qualities are the most important for a person to have? Give one reason for each. (2M) Ans.     Poetry Appreciation 9) What does Amma often say? (TB, QC-2, Pg. 72) (1M) Ans.   The Best Policy 3 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 3 12/17/2019 9:06:40 PM

10) What does the poet want to be? (1M) Ans.   11) How old does the poet think he will be, before he can say the truth when he is wrong? (1M) Ans.   12) Do you tell the truth always? Why? (TB, QC-5, Pg. 72) (2M) Ans.   Vocabulary and Grammar 13) Fill in the blanks with the sound that each animal makes. Choose your answers from the words given in brackets. (1M per question) a) We could hear the ducks _____________________ (squeaking/quacking) in the pond. b) The frogs _____________________ (croak/grunt) all night when it rains. c) The cat _____________________ (mooed/mewed) when it saw the dog. d) The bees _____________________ (hummed/crowed) around the flowers. 4 12/17/2019 9:06:41 PM Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 4

e) These dogs _____________________ (bark/squeak) loudly at strangers. 14) Fill in the blanks correctly with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’. (1M per question) a) _________ Qutub Minar is a popular place to visit. b) They went for _________ long walk. c) She eats _________ egg every day. d) Richa studies at _________ big university in the city. e) It will take _________ hour to cross this bridge. Speak 15) Can you think of a time when you had to tell a lie? Speak about the incident before the class. You can use the given hints for your speech. Hints: ● What was the lie about? ● How did it make you feel? ● Do you think it was the right thing to do? Why or why not? The Best Policy 5 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 5 12/17/2019 9:06:41 PM

Unit 1: The Best Policy (Section 2 – pages 76–84) Warm Up When we go to the market, we see people who sell different things. Some of them have shops, while others walk around with their wares. Read the sentences given below and fill in the blanks. Choose your answers from the given options. Use the pictures as hints. florist grocer butcher fishmonger A person who sells fish is called a ____________________. A person who sells flowers is called a ____________________. A person who sells meat is called a ____________________. A person who sells grains and household things is called a ____________________. 6 12/17/2019 9:06:47 PM Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 6

Word Meanings Word Meaning Example greedy brass to want more than one needs The greedy minister stole the utensils poor people’s money. poverty a yellow material made from wares copper and zinc My grandmother has a brass worthless plate for serving fruits. pots, pans and other things used The kitchen had shiny, new to make food utensils. the state of being extremely poor The king was shocked to see the poverty in his kingdom. things that someone is selling The merchant sold his wares on a cart. something that has no value or The rains made the crops importance worthless. Comprehension 1) What did the merchants sell? Where did they travel? (2M) Ans.    2) How was the family different from before? Why had the grandmother kept only one plate? (2M) Ans.    The Best Policy 7 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 7 12/17/2019 9:06:47 PM

3) Why did the greedy merchant get angry? (TB, QC-2, Pg. 80) (2M) Ans.     4) How much money did the good merchant keep with himself? Why? (2M) Ans.   Value-based Questions 5) What would you do if you had a gold plate? (TB, QC-4, Pg. 80) (2M) Ans.     6) How do you think the greedy merchant felt when he found out that the old woman had given the plate away? Why? (2M) Ans.     7) Do you think the second merchant did the right thing? Why? (2M) Ans.     8 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 8 12/17/2019 9:06:47 PM

Vocabulary and Grammar 8) Write a rhyming word for each of the given words. (1M per question) a) time – _____________________________________ b) pay – _____________________________________ c) gold – _____________________________________ d) plate – _____________________________________ e) sell – _____________________________________ 9) Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’, or ‘the’. (1M per question) a) b) c) _______ orange _______ Moon _______ mountain d) e) _______ owl _______ house Activity 10) Make groups of four with your classmates. Write the story, ‘The Mistaken Plate’ in the form of a dialogue on an A4-sized paper. You can add more details to your dialogue to make it interesting. Enact your dialogues before the class. The Best Policy 9 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 9 12/17/2019 9:06:48 PM

Unit 2: Creativity Around Me (Section 1 – pages 85–97) Warm Up ‘Creativity’ means to be able to use our imagination to think of new and unique ideas. In the story ‘Bala Spins Magic’, Bala’s family came from a long line of handloom weavers. Other such family professions are pottery, embroidery and so on. Choose the names of the professions from the given options and write them next to the correct pictures. weaving embroidery pottery blacksmithing A Word Meanings Word Meaning Example weaver a person who makes cloth by His father spins cloth from yarn weaving fibre together as he is a weaver. 10 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 10 12/17/2019 9:06:49 PM

Word Meaning Example drawing dyeing the process of passing fibres The weaver completed the spinning wheel struggled through rollers to straighten them process of drawing the yarn. the process of changing the Dyeing of cloth is done before colour of something by soaking it drying. in paint a simple machine used to turn I can make thread using cotton or wool into threads cotton and a spinning wheel. did something with difficulty Rita struggled to climb the tall hill. Comprehension 1) What made Bala feel sleepy? (2M) Ans.    2) What did Bala want to learn? (TB, QB-1, Pg. 90) (1M) Ans.   3) How did Bala help Amma and his sisters? (TB, QB-2, Pg. 90) (1M) Ans.   4) Why did Bala go to Chennai with his father? (TB, QB-3, Pg. 90) (1M) Ans.   Creativity Around Me 11 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 11 12/17/2019 9:06:49 PM

5) How did Appa make each saree sound to the aunty in the big house? Why did he drape the sarees over himself? (2M) Ans.     6) What did Bala teach Nithin? (TB, QB-4, Pg. 90) (1M) Ans.   7) What did Bala call the spinning wheel in Nithin’s room? How did he get some cotton? (2M) Ans.   Value-based Questions 8) What would you like to learn in school? Why? (TB, QB-5, Pg. 90) (2M) Ans.     9) Name any two commonly followed family professions in your town or village. Write a few lines about one of them. (2M) Ans.     12 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 12 12/17/2019 9:06:50 PM

10) Nithin and his mother called Bala and his father ‘magicians’. Do you agree? Give a reason for your answer. (1M) Ans.     Poetry Appreciation 11) Where does the painter sit? (1M) Ans.   12) How does the painter move her legs? (1M) Ans.   Vocabulary and Grammar 13) Write the words that have the same meanings as the words in bold in each sentence. Choose from the words given below. (1M per question) sink trash can mail flashlight trousers a) Bala bought a new pair of pants yesterday. Ans.  b) Turn on the torch. It is very dark here. Ans.  c) Please throw litter only in the dustbin. Ans.  Creativity Around Me 13 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 13 12/17/2019 9:06:50 PM

d) Mummy sent me a letter by post. Ans.  e) She washed her face in the washbasin. Ans.  14) Identify the adjectives in the given sentences and write them in the given space. (1M per question) a) Cathy cleaned her dusty room. – _________________________ b) Ramu is wearing a red shirt. – _________________________ c) Mira’s mother bakes sweet cakes. – _________________________ d) The painting hung in a golden frame. – _________________________ e) The hungry lion roared. – _________________________ Speak 15) Sit in a circle. Your teacher will ask you to pick up a slip from a box which will have an adjective written on it. Add a naming word or noun to the adjective. Then, pass the box to the person sitting next to you. Continue the game till everyone has had a chance to play. For example, if the adjective on the slip is ‘long’, you can say ‘long stick’, ‘long rope’ and so on. 14 12/17/2019 9:06:50 PM Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 14

Unit 2: Creativity Around Me (Section 2 – pages 98–106) Warm Up A ‘craft’ is a pastime or a profession that needs particular skills and knowledge. A person who makes art and crafts is called a ‘craftsperson’. Such people usually work with their hands. In the story, Mugund made toys out of wood. Match the given things to the materials that they are made of. Things Material pot wood nails clay chair cotton T-shirt iron Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 15 Creativity Around Me 15 12/17/2019 9:06:52 PM

Word Meanings Word Meaning Example eradicating putting an end to They need more help in eradicating rearing the disease from that village. massive restlessness bringing up farm animals and He understood that rearing cattle was birds until they grow older not an easy job. very large in size, amount or The massive wave swept the bridge number away. unease or the inability to I had a feeling of restlessness before relax my results. Comprehension 1) What did the wild dogs hunt? (1M) Ans.   2) What did Mugund make dolls with? What were the dolls known as? (2M) Ans.   3) How did Mugund’s mother die? (TB, QC-1, Pg. 101) (1M) Ans.   4) What did his mother say in his dream? (TB, QC-2, Pg. 101) (2M) Ans.    16 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 16 12/17/2019 9:06:52 PM

5) What did Mugund’s father own? (1M) Ans.   6) What incident made Mugund make a wooden drum? (TB, QC-3, Pg. 101) (3M) Ans.      7) Why was his father unable to sleep? (TB, QC-4, Pg. 101) (1M) Ans.   Value-based Questions 8) Which problem do you think you can solve with art? How? (TB, QC-5, Pg. 101) (2M) Ans.     9) Do you think it is important to save trees? Give two reasons for your answer. (2M) Ans.     Creativity Around Me 17 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 17 12/17/2019 9:06:52 PM

10) Do you think art and crafts are important? Give two reasons why. (2M) Ans.     Vocabulary and Grammar 11) Write two words related to each word group given below. (2M per question) a) parts of trees – ________________________, ________________________ b) wild animals – ________________________, ________________________ c) art and craft – ________________________, ________________________ d) family – ________________________, ________________________ e) library – ________________________, ________________________ 12) Look at the given pictures. Choose two suitable adjectives from the ones given in the box for each picture. Write the words in the given space. (2M per question) colourful   dangerous   round   cold   wild loyal   fast   tasty   red   friendly 18 12/17/2019 9:06:52 PM Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 18

a) b) Ans. ____________________________ Ans. ____________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ c) d) Ans. ____________________________ Ans. ____________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ e) Ans. ____________________________ _________________________________ Activity 13) India has many kinds of traditional paintings. Some of them are Madhubani, Warli, Kalamkari, Tanjore, Kalighat and Gond paintings. Choose any one kind and find out more information about it. Hints: • Find out about their origins and the regions that they come from. • Describe how they are made. • Collect some pictures of these paintings. In your scrapbook, make a note of the information and paste the pictures that you have collected. Share your scrapbook entries with the class. Creativity Around Me 19 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 19 12/17/2019 9:06:54 PM

Unit 3: Secret of Success (Section 1 – pages 107–120) Warm Up There are some qualities and actions that help us to achieve our goals successfully. Look at the words and phrases given below. Circle the words that help one achieve success. dreams    laziness    giving up    wasting time passion    support     hard work    patience Word Meanings Word Meaning Example challenged refused to accept something The children challenged the government when it was cutting trees. passion a keen interest in something Meera has a passion for music. enrolled made someone a member or Raman’s parents enrolled him in a unfairly belief participant cooking class. without fairness or equality It is not right to treat someone unfairly because they are different from you. trust, faith or confidence She has a belief that everything will be fine in the end. 20 12/17/2019 9:06:55 PM Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 20

Comprehension 1) What is the ‘young leaders award’? Who is it given to? (2M) Ans.   2) Who is Kartik? What did he not let stop him from learning? (2M) Ans.   3) What did Kartik challenge the government for? After how many months did he succeed? (2M) Ans.   4) Which subject did Kartik like the most? How many marks did he score in his 12th board exam? (TB, QB-1 & 2, Pg. 112) (2M) Ans.   5) What was Kartik’s dream? (TB, QB-3, Pg. 112) (1M) Ans.   6) What was Farhan’s father’s advice to his son? (TB, QB-5, Pg. 112) (2M) Ans.   Secret of Success 21 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 21 12/17/2019 9:06:55 PM

Value-based Questions 7) Do you think Kartik was right in challenging the government? Give one reason for your answer. (1M) Ans.     8) Which two qualities of Kartik’s would you like to have? (2M) Ans.     9) What is something that you will struggle for? Why? (TB, QB-4, Pg. 112) (2M) Ans.     Poetry Appreciation 10) What does the line ‘Don’t feel down when you are slow’ mean? How can we make our lives better? (2M) Ans.    22 12/17/2019 9:06:55 PM Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 22

11) What are two things that we learn from the poem? (2M) Ans.    Vocabulary and Grammar 12) Draw lines to match the feminine gender nouns with the correct masculine gender nouns. (5M) Feminine Gender Nouns Masculine Gender Nouns heroine • • king cow • • tiger queen • • bull tigress • • stallion mare • • hero 13) Fill in the blanks with the present continuous forms of the verbs given in brackets. (1M per question) a) Shreya __________________________________ (read) a book. b) Suchi __________________________________ (cook) dinner. c) The children __________________________________ (play) in the park. Secret of Success 23 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 23 12/17/2019 9:06:59 PM

d) Ronit __________________________________ (climb) the ladder. e) The boy __________________________________ (sleep) peacefully. Speak 14) Stand in a circle. Think of someone whom you admire, and why you admire them. It can be a famous personality or someone in your family. Take turns to talk about this person with your classmates. 24 12/17/2019 9:06:59 PM Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 24

Unit 3: Secret of Success (Section 2 – pages 121–129) Warm Up Everyone has hobbies. Some people like to sing while others like to dance. There are also people who love to draw and paint. Do you like to draw or paint? Draw lines to match the items used for art and drawing with the correct pictures. Items Pictures pencil • • brush • • eraser • • colours • • palette • • Word Meanings Word Meaning Example give up to stop trying to make an effort Ravi’s mother taught him to never give up on his dreams. Secret of Success 25 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 25 12/17/2019 9:07:03 PM

Word Meaning Example resist to stop yourself from having or He could not resist going for doing something the trip. shocked became very surprised at Heena was shocked when she something found out that her bag was missing. make excuses to come up with reasons for Karuna makes excuses not to do not doing something her homework every evening. hearty energetic and loud Gaurav gave a hearty thanks to all his friends for his birthday cake. practise to do something over and over Gauri would practise on her roller again until one has improved skates every day until she got better at it. Comprehension 1) What did Chris not enjoy doing? (2M) Ans.   2) Why did Chris rub the circle again and again? (TB, QB-3, Pg. 124) (1M) Ans.    3) Why was Chris worried? (TB, QB-4, Pg. 124) (2M) Ans.    26 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 26 12/17/2019 9:07:04 PM

4) What did Chris try to draw the next morning? How did the drawing look? (2M) Ans.    5) What are the two things that Chris learnt in the story? (2M) Ans.   Value-based Questions 6) What is the one thing you will try and improve after reading the story? How? (TB, QB-5, Pg. 124) (2M) Ans.     7) Which art form are you good at? Why? (2M) Ans.     8) Imagine that you have Chris’s magic pencil for a day. What two things would you learn to draw? (2M) Ans.    Secret of Success 27 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 27 12/17/2019 9:07:04 PM

Vocabulary and Grammar 9) Write the rhyming words of the words given in bold in the sentences. Choose from the words given below. (1M per question) ditch day slow end earn a) The yellow lights glow in the street. Ans.  b) The children play in the park. Ans.  c) Latha wants to learn how to dance. Ans.  d) The witch flew away on her broomstick. Ans.  e) The cat was left to fend for itself. Ans.  10) Rewrite the sentences by changing the verbs to their present continuous tense forms. Make required changes to the sentences so that they are grammatically correct. (1M per question) a) Sana enjoys her lunch. Ans.  b) The sunset looks beautiful. Ans.  c) Chris draws a picture. Ans.  28 12/17/2019 9:07:04 PM Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 28

d) Jaya talks to her friends. Ans.  e) Matthew practises the violin. Ans.  Activity 11) Write down the things that you would like to do or would like to improve upon. Give reasons for your answers. Then, complete the following chart. Name:  Date:    Currently I can... I need to improve... My goal is to... Ways to reach my goal: Secret of Success 29 a)  b)  12/17/2019 9:07:07 PM c)  d)  e)  I will achieve my goal on this date: Signature: _______________________ Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 29

Project Work There are many people in India who have achieved a lot in spite of their disabilities. Choose one famous person, collect their pictures and make a scrapbook or a chart about their life. You can also choose from the famous personalities given below. Mention what inspires you the most about them. ● S udha Chandran is a film and television actor and a famous Bharatanatyam dancer. ● Arunima Sinha is a mountain climber and sportsperson. ● Girish Sharma is a television presenter, comedian and entertainer. ● Ravindra Jain was a music composer, lyricist and playback singer. Project Work 12/17/2019 9:07:07 PM 30 Pinnacle_G4_WB_T3.indb 30

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