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by classklap ENGLISH 2 WORKBOOK - TERM Enhanced Edition Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 1 3 13-09-2019 15:19:07

TABLE OF CONTENTS Unit Name Page No. 1) Season’s Story Section 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 1 Section 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 5 2) Trip to the Store Section 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 9 Section 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 14 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 2 13-09-2019 15:19:07

Unit 1: Season’s Story (Section 1 – pages 63–72) Warm Up If we notice, the temperature and atmosphere changes every few months. Sometimes it is hot, sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is nice and pleasant and at other times it is raining. The months can be divided into what we call seasons. The season changes every few months. Look at the pictures and guess the season. s___ ___ ___ ___ ___ season w___ ___ ___ ___ ___ season r___ ___ ___ ___ season s___ ___ ___ ___ ___ season WAcotridvitMyeanings Word Meaning Example chilly very cold It gets chilly when it snows. Season’s Story 1 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 1 13-09-2019 15:19:09

hatch to cause an egg to break, The sparrow sits on the eggs raincoat in order to allow a young till they are hatched. one to come out bright He did not have a raincoat, a coat that protects the so he got wet in the rain. wearer against rain It was a bright day when we full of light, shining decided to go for a picnic. CAocmtivpitryehension 1) What did Nalan get from his parents? (TB, Q3-a, Pg. 69) (2M) Ans.  2) How was the Sun on Monday? (TB, Q3-b, Pg. 69) (2M) Ans.  3) Where did Nalan go on Thursday? (TB, Q3-c, Pg. 69) (2M) Ans.  4) How did Saturday begin? (TB, Q3-d, Pg. 69) (2M) Ans.  5) Why did Nalan’s mother think that it might rain on Friday? (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6) What did Nalan hear on Saturday? (2M) Ans.  7) What happened when it finally started to rain? (2M) Ans.  2 13-09-2019 15:19:09 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 2

VAacltuiveit-ybased Questions 8) Why do you think Nalan forgot to take his raincoat? (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9) Do you enjoy the rain? Why? (TB, Q3-e, Pg. 69) (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� 10) What other season do you like the most? Why? (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������� AVocctivaibtyulary and Grammar 11) Read the sentences. Choose the correct word given in the brackets to fill in the blanks. (1M per question) a) It is very __________ in summer. (hot/chilly) b) In summer, people like to eat and drink _________ things. (cold/hot) c) In winter, people wear woollen clothes to keep themselves _________. (warm/cool) d) In the rainy season, the skies are _____________. (cloudy/clear) e) We can see _____________________ flowers and butterflies during spring time. (colourful/white) Season’s Story 3 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 3 9/16/19 6:01 PM

12) Look at the pictures and unscramble the words. Then, use the words in a sentence. (1M per question) hseor a) rneos b) tsmor c) aynw d) andw e) SApcetiavkity 13) Choose one season of your choice. Collect the following information and speak about it in the class. • how the weather is during that particular season • the food we eat in that season • the clothes we wear • the activities we do 4 13-09-2019 15:19:10 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 4

Unit 1: Season’s Story (Section 2 – pages 73–82) Warm Up Look at the pictures of winter clothing given below. Unscramble and write the correct word. fuflrem ___________________________ lgovse ___________________________ wsreate ___________________________ soskc ___________________________ WAcotridvitMyeanings Word Meaning Example numb when one is not able to feel It is so cold that my fingers shiver anything physically are numb. shaking due to cold Shreya was not wearing any woollens, so she had to shiver in the cold. Season’s Story 5 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 5 13-09-2019 15:19:11

CAocmtivpitryehension 1) What did the girls want to do? Why did the girls want to wear their warm hats? (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2) What two things were the girls not able to find? What happened to their feet? (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3) Where did the girls find their socks and hat? Who had taken them away? (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� AVacltuiveit-ybased Questions 4) What did the rats take away when the girls went out to play? Why do you think the rats took away their warm clothes? (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5) What would you like to do on a cold wintry morning? (2M) Ans.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������� VAocctivaibtyulary and Grammar 6) Read the sentences. Choose and write the correct describing word which matches the description given in the brackets. (1M per question) thin shy neat pleasant weak 6 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 6 13-09-2019 15:19:12

a) Sana does not eat healthy food. She looks so ____________________ (not strong). b) Raja has grown so tall and _______________ (not fat or thick). c) Tina always keeps cleaning her room. Her room is always ______________ (clean and tidy). d) The sky was clear and a soft breeze was blowing. The day was very ______________ (good). e) Radha does not talk to people. Everybody thinks that she is a ____________ (nervous and uncomfortable) girl. 7) Look at the picture and fill in the blanks. (1M per question) a) The apple is ______________ (colour) and ______________ (taste). b) The man is _____________ (weight) and _____________ (height). c) That is a _______________(shape), __________________ (material) table. d) That is a _________(size), ____________(colour) dog. Season’s Story 7 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 7 13-09-2019 15:19:12

e) That is a __________(colour), _________________(material) cap. Activity 8) Think of a festival that comes in winter. Draw or collect pictures of that festival. Also share what you do during that festival. (The students can choose a festival of their choice, like Lohri, Christmas, etc.) 8 13-09-2019 15:19:12 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 8

Unit 2: Trip to the Store (Section 1 – pages 83–92) Warm Up We need food to live. In the present time, we have to buy food items from somewhere. A store is a large shop where we can buy different kinds of food items. Read the descriptions and guess the name of the food item. It is dark yellow. It comes from a flower. We add it to foods like kheer and kulfi. s ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ It is brown, it is oval. It grows on tall palm trees. We add it to cookies or sweets. d ___ ___ ___ It is oval and in a hard shell. It grows on trees. A nut, it is healthy, if eaten by us. a___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Trip to the Store 9 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 9 13-09-2019 15:19:13

It is a brown spice. A bark of a tree, it is peeled and crushed to flavour our foods. c ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ WAcotridvitMyeanings Word Meaning Example groceries Tara bought a lot of the food and other items groceries for her house. stalls that you buy in a food store cereals or supermarket The children put up a stall to sell cakes and cookies. batter small shops with an open front from which goods are Raja eats a bowl of cereal sold in a public place every day. grain used for food; for My mother prepared a example, wheat, maize, batter for making pakodas. etc. a mixture of flour and other ingredients, which is liquid and is used to prepare things like dosa, pancakes, etc. CAocmtivpitryehension 1) Where did they plan to go? (TB, Q3-1, Pg. 89) (2M) Ans.  2) What did they buy at the vegetable shop? (TB, Q3-4, Pg. 89) (2M) Ans.  10 13-09-2019 15:19:14 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 10

3) What did they cut? (TB, Q3-3, Pg. 89) (2M) Ans.   4) Why did they go to picnic? (TB, Q3-4, Pg. 89) (2M) Ans.   5) What did Varun and his mother do before going to the market? How did they go to the market? (2M) Ans.   6) What were the two similar looking vegetables that Varun saw? What was the difference between the two vegetables? (2M) Ans.   7) What two fruits did Varun want? Which three describing words are used to describe the two fruits? (2M) Ans.   VAacltuiveit-ybased Questions 8) How will you get ready for a picnic? (TB, Q3-5, Pg. 89) (2M) Ans.     Trip to the Store 11 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 11 13-09-2019 15:19:14

9) Do you help your parent(s) in the kitchen? How? (2M) Ans.      10) If you were to prepare a salad, what would you put in it? (2M) Ans.    VAocctivaibtyulary and Grammar 11) Look at the chart given below and read out the kitchen verbs. Then, fill in the blanks by using the correct verb. (1M per question) 12 13-09-2019 15:19:14 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 12

a) My mother will ____________ a chocolate cake for my birthday. b) My father plans to make some cutlets for us. He will _____________ the cutlets and serve with tomato sauce. c) Please put strawberries, bananas and milk into the blender and then ____________ in everything together. d) I asked my brother to ______________ the bread slice into two. e) My sister told me to ______________ the jam on the slice. 12) Read the sentences and correct the spellings wherever required. (1M per question) a) The authar of this book is very populor. Ans. b) The tailar is stitching the collor for the shirt. Ans. c) The tractar is parked near the sugorcane farm. Ans. d) The sailar has an appointment with the doctar. Ans. e) The actar has a majar role in the play. Ans. SApcetiavkity 13) S  hare your experience of shopping with your parent(s). What did you do? What did you buy? Did you enjoy yourself? How? Trip to the Store 13 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 13 9/16/19 6:01 PM

Unit 2: Trip to the Store (Section 2 – pages 93–101) Warm Up Food can be divided into four groups. Read the names of the food groups and match them with their pictures. vegetables and beans milk, cheese, paneer, yogurt cereals and grains fish, eggs, meat WAcotridvitMyeanings Word Meaning Example contest a competition or game in Jaya is participating in a which people try to win spelling contest. 14 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 14 13-09-2019 15:19:15

panic feeling worried or scared, When Riya saw the smoke which makes one act coming from the building, without thinking she panicked and ran out. CAocmtivpitryehension 1) What kind of a girl was Gayathri? What did she like to do? (2M) Ans.  2) What kind of cooking contest was being held? Who was participating? (2M) Ans.   3) On the day of the contest, what were all the students doing? Was Gayathri scared at that time? How was her behaviour? (2M) Ans.   VAacltuiveit-ybased Questions 4) How did Gayathri make the aval laddus? (2M) Ans.    5) Have you ever participated in a contest? Which one? How did you prepare? Were you nervous on that day? Why or why not? (2M) Ans.    Trip to the Store 15 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 15 13-09-2019 15:19:15

VAocctivaibtyulary and Grammar 6) Read the statements and then, answer the questions. (1M per question) a) Statement: Rajat ran very fast. Question: How did Rajat run? Ans. _____________________________ b) Statement: It is a holiday tomorrow. Question: When is the holiday? Ans. _____________________________ c) Statement: Sheena always does her homework neatly. Question: How does Sheena always do her homework? Ans. _____________________________ d) Statement: Gina speaks politely. Question: How does Gina speak? Ans. _____________________________ e) Statement: Arya helped her father in the kitchen yesterday. Question: When did Arya help her father? Ans. _______________________ 7) Fill in the blanks with the correct word given in the brackets. (1M per question) a) The soup tasted _____________________ (delicious/fast). b) We went to school ________________________ (yesterday/tomorrow). c) She _________________ (fast/politely) asked for the cake. 16 13-09-2019 15:19:15 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 16

d) Anjali loves to cook food. She cooks ________________ (sadly/happily). e) We should talk ___________________ (quickly/quietly) in the library. Activity 8) Let us make lemonade, which we all like to drink in the summer season. Use the words given below and complete the recipe. Method Action words You need put 1 lemon stir 2 tablespoons add squeeze of sugar pour 1 glass of water salt to taste Take a pan and ________________ a glass of water. Take a lemon squeezer and _______________ the lemon. __________ two tablespoons of sugar. __________ the sugar till it gets dissolved. __________ in a pinch of salt and ice cubes. __________ the lemonade into a glass. It is ready to drink! Trip to the Store 17 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 17 9/16/19 6:01 PM

PArcotjievcittyWork Go to your kitchen and write down the names of the food items. Paste or draw pictures of some food items. You can also add a recipe of your favourite dish. Be creative! Hint: List the names of herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, pulses, grains, etc. Discover your kitchen food Items RECIPE Paste or draw pictures here. 18 13-09-2019 15:19:17 Pinnacle G3_Term 2_English.indb 18

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