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1310001-CSGK-G1-Integrated Book-Computers+GK-FY

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Description: 1310001-CSGK-G1-Integrated Book-Computers+GK-FY


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Notes: Chapter 05-U3_First Step in Paint.indd 45 45 06/02/17 6:00 pm

Notes: 46 06/02/17 6:00 pm Chapter 05-U3_First Step in Paint.indd 46

GK-3.indb 3 06/02/17 5:04 pm

GK-3.indb 3 06/02/17 5:04 pm

TABLE OF CONTENTS Lesson Page No. 1–5 1. MY BODY 6 – 13  Parts of Our Body 14 – 19  Uses of Different Body Parts 20 – 24  Sense Organs and Their Functions 2. MY HOME AND SCHOOL  Family Relations  Living Spaces at Home  Spaces at School  Identify Your Classroom Things 3. SHAPES AND COLOURS  Identifying Shapes  Identifying Shapes in Our Surroundings  Know Your Colours 4. GREEN EARTH  Identifying Trees  Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers Grade_1_13012017.indb 1 06/02/17 4:31 pm

Lesson Page No. 5. ANIMAL PLANET 25 – 31  Wild Animals 32 – 35  Creepy Crawlies 36 – 39  Water Lovers 40 – 44  Bird Sanctuary  What Do They Eat? 6. FUN WITH GAMES  Indoor and Outdoor Games  Basics in a Game 7. STORY TIME  Your Favourite Toon Stars  Classic Tales 8. MIXED BAG  Time for Rhymes  Opposites  Touch and Tell Grade_1_13012017.indb 2 06/02/17 4:31 pm

1 MY BODY Parts of Our Body Look at the pictures below. Fill in the missing letters to spell the name of each body part correctly. 1) ___ in___e___ ___ 2) H___nd 3) ___eet 4) N___se 5) ___ar 6) M ___ ___ ___ ___ 7) ___ec___ 8) ___rai___ Fun Fact Our nose and ear continue growing throughout our life. Grade_1_13012017.indb 1 1 06/02/17 4:31 pm

Uses of Different Body Parts Match the following body parts with their uses. Also write the names of the body part in the blank space by taking help from the word bank. WordBank Eyelids Feet Wrist Mouth Hand ge 1) I walk with my _________________. a) 2) We touch with our _________________. b) 3) We speak with our _________________. c) 4) W e wear a watch on our _________________. d) 5) They cover and protect the eyes _________________. e) 2 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 2

Sense Organs and Their Functions Write the five sense organs by using the first letter of the things given below. The first one is done for you. 1) EYE Elephant Yatch Eggplant 2) Nine Orange Strawberry Engine 3) Strawberry Kite Ice-cream Nine 4) Top Orange Net Grapes Umbrella Eagle 5) Earth Apple Rabbit Do You Know? Apart from having unique fingerprints, humans also have unique tongue prints. Grade_1_13012017.indb 3 3 06/02/17 4:32 pm

Read each sentence and identify if it is a ‘Good Habit’ or a ‘Bad Habit’. Tick the correct answer from bracket. 1) Washing my hands with soap and water after using the toilet. (Good habit/Bad habit) 2) Applying cream onto your skin after a bath. (Good habit/Bad habit) 3) Brushing your teeth and tongue in the night. (Good habit/Bad habit) 4) Going out for a morning walk to hear the birds chirp. (Good habit/Bad habit) 4 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 4

5) Looking at the computer or watching TV for a long time. (Good habit/Bad habit) 6) Helping your parents by watering the plants at home. (Good habit/Bad habit) Activity: Join the dots to see what these young children are trying to do? Grade_1_13012017.indb 5 5 06/02/17 4:32 pm

2 MY HOME AND SCHOOL Family Relations Answer the following questions 1) How many members are there in your family? Ans. _________________________________________________________________________ 2) What is your mother’s name? Ans. _________________________________________________________________________ 3) What is your father’s name? Ans. _________________________________________________________________________ 6 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 6

4) Do you have any siblings? Ans. _________________________________________________________________________ 5) Write the name of your sibling/s. Ans. _________________________________________________________________________ 6) How old are you? Ans. _________________________________________________________________________ Identify these relations 1) Father’s mother is called ____________________. 2) Father and Mother are together called __________________. 3) Mother’s father is called ______________________. 4) Mother’s sister is called ______________________. 5) Your father’s brother is called ______________________. Do You Know? 1. Your uncle’s and aunt’s children are called cousins. 2. Y our brother’s and sister’s children are called nephews (boy) and nieces (girl). Grade_1_13012017.indb 7 7 06/02/17 4:32 pm

Living Spaces at Home From the below pictures, identify these spaces in your house. 1) 2) ____________________________ ____________________________ 3) 4) ____________________________ ____________________________ 5) 6) ____________________________ ____________________________ 8 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 8

Activity: Colour and decorate your home, just the way you like it. Grade_1_13012017.indb 9 9 06/02/17 4:32 pm

There are many things that we use at our homes. Below are images of household things at our home. Match them with the names of different spaces of the house in which they are found. Spaces at House Images of Household things 1) Kitchen a) 2) Bedroom b) 3) Bathroom c) 4) Store Room d) 5) Dining Room e) 6) Drawing Room f) 1100 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 10

Guess who I am. The pictures are given below to help you choose from the options. 1) I help your mother in preserving food for long: ____________ 2) I am used when it is too hot outside: ____________ 3) I help you speak with people who live far away: ____________ 4) I help you carry your school books: ____________ 5) I help you press your clothes: ____________ 6) I help in cooking food: ____________ 7) I am used to dust your house: ____________ 8) You watch me when you have free time: ____________ 9) I am used for keeping tea: ____________ Grade_1_13012017.indb 11 11 06/02/17 4:32 pm

Spaces at School Identify the names of different school spaces from the hints given below. 1) We keep silence here and read books: _______________ 2) We play games here: _______________ 3) Teachers sit here: _______________ 4) We learn computers here: _______________ 5) We learn music here: _______________ 6) We sit here every day with our friends: _______________ 7) We learn painting here: _______________ 8) This space is used for performing different cultural activities: _______________ 9) Here we perform all kinds of tests related to science: _______________ 12 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 12

Identify Your Classroom Things Match the pictures of classroom things with their respective uses Uses Images of Classroom things 1) Students sit on this a) 2) Students write in this b) 3) Is used to rub the chalk c) marks on boards 4) This is used to write on d) boards 5) This is where the teacher e) writes Grade_1_13012017.indb 13 13 06/02/17 4:32 pm

3 SHAPES AND COLOURS Identifying Shapes [   ] Multiple Choice Questions (B) 1) Which of these is a star? (A) (C) (D) 2) What shape is this? [  ] (A) Hexagon (B) Star (C) Square (D) Rectangle 3) What shape is this? [  ] (A) Triangle (B) Oval (C) Rectangle (D) Circle 4) What is the shape and colour of this box ? [  ] (A) Green Rectangle (B) Orange Rectangle (C) Yellow Rectangle (D) Blue Hexagon 14 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 14

5) Which is the circle that is below the brown circle ? [  ] (A) Blue Circle (B) Red Circle (C) Square (D) Diamond 6) What shape is this? [   ] [   ] (A) Hexagon (B) Oval (C) Rectangle (D) Circle 7) What shape is this? (A) Pentagon (B) Hexagon (C) Diamond (D) Semicircle 8) What is the shape and colour of this ? [  ] (A) Green diamond (B) Red diamond (C) Yellow square (D) Green rectangle Grade_1_13012017.indb 15 15 06/02/17 4:32 pm

Identifying Shapes in Our Surroundings 06/02/17 4:32 pm Identify the shapes of these objects. 1) A kite has a shape of ______________________. 2) A ball has a shape of ______________________. 3) An ice cube has a shape of _____________________. 4) An egg has a shape of ______________________. 5) An ice-cream cone has a shape of ___________________. 6) A carrom board is in a shape of ___________________. 7) This window has a shape of __________________. 16 Grade_1_13012017.indb 16

8) This door has shape of ____________________. 9) The sails of the boat have a shape of _____________. Look at the objects on the left. Draw a line to match the correct shape on the right. There is one example for you. 1) a) Circle 2) b) Triangle 3) c) Rectangle 4) d) Ellipse 5) e) Square Grade_1_13012017.indb 17 17 06/02/17 4:32 pm

Know Your Colours Colours we see in our surroundings A picture of the rainbow is given below. Do you know how many colours a rainbow has? It has 7 colours, VIBGYOR, i.e., Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. 1) What is the colour of this square? ______________ 2) What is the colour of this triangle? ______________ 3) What is the colour of this circle? ______________ 4) What is the colour of this rectangle? ______________ 5) What is the colour of the cube? ______________ 18 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 18

6) What is the colour of this cone? ______________ 7) What is the colour of this star? ______________ Activity: Colour the CIRCLES Red, the SQUARES Green and the TRIANGLES Blue. Fun Fact Blue is the most and white is the least favourite colour amongst humans. Grade_1_13012017.indb 19 19 06/02/17 4:32 pm

4 GREEN PLANET Identifying Trees Guess who I am and write my name in the blank provided. 1) I  am a holy tree planted near temples. Lord Buddha rested under me to meditate. I am called _____________________ tree. [   ] (A) (C) (B) (D) 2) I  generally grow near seas. My fruits are hard from outside and soft from inside. I am very tall and my stems are very long. I am called ____________ tree. [   ] (A) (C) (B) (D) 20 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 20

3) I  grow very fast, I grow very tall. I belong to the grass family and I can bend down to your toe. I am called _____________________ tree. [   ] (A) (C) (B) (D) 4) I  grow in deserts. I have thorns around me. I store water in my stem. I am called. [  ] (A) (C) (B) (D) Fun Fact 21 Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 21

Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers Guess who I am and write my name in the blank provided. 1) I  am the most popular vegetable. I grow underground. I cannot be eaten raw. You can cook me in many ways. Children adore me. I am a _________. [   ] (A) (B) (C) (D) 2) I am a plant with needle-like leaves and I grow in dry areas. Who am I?[ ] (A) Neem Tree (B) Mango Tree (C) Cactus (D) Coconut Tree 3) I am considered the king of fruits in India. I am a fleshy fruit with a large seed in the middle. I am __________. [   ] (A) Grapes (B) Mango (C) Banana (D) Strawberry 4) I  am green and round. I can be cooked. I can be eaten in salads. I’m not as big as a football. I am __________. [   ] (A) (B) (C) (D) 22 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 22

Match the following images with their correct names. 23 1) a) Sunflower 2) b) Lily 06/02/17 4:32 pm 3) c) Chilli 4) d) Pineapple 5) e) Lotus 6) f) Ladyfinger 7) g) Orange 8) h) Carrot 9) i) Marigold Grade_1_13012017.indb 23

Look at the given pictures and identify the vegetables and fruits. Draw a square around all the fruits. Draw a circle around all the vegetables. Do You Know? An average-sized strawberry has 200 seeds, which are the small dots you see on its skin on the outside. Select True or False for each statement. (True/False) 1) A watermelon is tiny. (True/False) 2) The lotus flower grows in a pond. 3) Neem twigs can be used to brush your teeth. (True/False) 4) Cactus grows in deserts. (True/False) 5) Pizza is a fruit. (True/False) 6) Carrot is green and round. (True/False) 24 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 24

5 ANIMAL PLANET Wild Animals Look at the riddles below. Can you find out which animal am I? (Choose the names from the box given below). Write my name and match with my image. WordBank Camel Zebra Monkey Dinosaur Elephant 1) I live in a desert. [ ] a) I have two humps. [ ]   b) I am tall. I eat plants. I am a ____________. 2) I have a long tail. I can swing from trees. I have long arms. I am very clever. I am a ______________. Grade_1_13012017.indb 25 25 06/02/17 4:32 pm

3) I eat lots of grass. [ ]   c) I look like a horse. But I am not one. [ ]   d) I have black and white stripes. [ ]   e) I have four legs. I am a _______________. 4) I have four legs. I have big ears. I have a trunk. I am the biggest land animal. I am an _______________. 5) I am a very big animal. I am very tall and have a long tail. I lived on earth a long time ago. I am a _______________. Fun Fact Honey bees have hair on their eyes. Creepy Crawlies Fill in the missing letters to spell the name of each insect correctly. 1) B ____ e 2) ____ pide ____ 3) A ____ ____ 4) ____ ragonfl ____ 5) Lad ____ Bu____ 6) Grassho ____ ____ er 26 06/02/17 4:32 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 26

Activity: Colour this bumble bee. Am I a Pet or Zoo animal? Write ‘P’ for Pet and ‘Z’ for Zoo inside the box. Domestic Domestic animals are called so because they are domesticated (kept as pets or for certain functions) while wild animals usually live in the forest but Zoo may be found in zoo. ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ Grade_1_13012017.indb 27 27 06/02/17 4:33 pm

________ ________ ________ Water Lovers Identify the names of these water animals. Choose the correct name from the box given below and write it in the correct place. WordBank Dolphin Octopus Whale Seahorse Crab Jelly Fish Turtle Starfish ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ 06/02/17 4:33 pm 28 Grade_1_13012017.indb 28

Bird Sanctuary Multiple Choice Questions 1) My beak is pink, feathers grey. I ‘Gutter Ghoo’ all day. I mostly make my home in buildings. Guess who I am? (A) Swan (B) Pigeon (C) Parrot (D) Crow [   ] 2) My feathers are green, [   ] [   ] My beak is red, [   ] Guava and green chili I eat, I love to copy people’s voice, And keep making a lot of noise. My name is _________________. (A) Sparrow (B) Owl (C) Eagle (D) Parrot 3) I remain awake the whole night, And go to sleep in broad daylight. I am called _________________. (A) Woodpecker (B) Turkey (C) Owl (D) Goose 4) Long and grooved is my tail, High up in the sky I sail, I pick and eat all the mice, The ___________ is what you call me. (A) Eagle (B) Duck (C) Parrot (D) Sparrow Grade_1_13012017.indb 29 29 06/02/17 4:33 pm

5) On my head I have a crest, All say I dance the best, Of my feathers I am proud, Before the rain I cry loud. (A) Crow (B) Penguin (C) Peacock (D) Pigeon [   ] Activity: Colour these birds with your favourite shades. What Do They Eat? 06/02/17 4:33 pm What Do They Eat? Circle the food each animal eats What does a cow eat? 30 Grade_1_13012017.indb 30

What does a dog eat? What does a tiger eat? What does a giraffe eat? What does a bird eat? Activity: Draw a picture of the food that monkeys eat. Grade_1_13012017.indb 31 31 06/02/17 4:33 pm

6 FUN WITH GAMES Indoor and Outdoor Games Observe the pictures. Choose the names of the games/sports from the box given below and write in the space provided. WordBank Chess Snakes and Ladder Carrom Billiards Ludo Badminton Chinese Checker Cricket Kabaddi Hockey Football Tennis Tug of War Basketball Indoor Games: ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ 32 06/02/17 4:33 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 32

______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Outdoor Games: ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Grade_1_13012017.indb 33 33 06/02/17 4:33 pm

Fun Fact Fishing is the most frequently played sport in the world. Basics in a Game Arrange the sports in alphabetical order. Cricket 1. Boxing 2. Karate 3. Hockey 4. Rowing 5. Golf 6. Fill in the Blanks 1) Ludo can be played by a maximum number of _______________ players. 2) There are _______________ players in a team of football. 3) Badminton is played in a _______________. 4) Tennis is played by a maximum number of _____________ players. 5) Golf is played in a __________________. 6) Chess is played on a black and _______________ board. Multiple Choice Questions 1) This is required to play the game of [   ] ] (A) Tennis (B) Cricket (C) Basketball (D) Badminton 2) This is required to play the game of [   (A) Cricket (B) Hockey (C) Polo (D) Table Tennis 34 06/02/17 4:33 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 34

3) This is needed in the game of [   ] [   ] (A) Cricket (B) Badminton [   ] (C) Volleyball (D) Polo 4) This is required to play the game of (A) Basketball (B) Hockey (C) Billiards (D) Polo 5) This is required to play the game of (A)  Snakes and ladders (B)  Ludo (C)  Chess (D)  Both A and B Do You Know? The Olympic gold medal is actually made of silver. Grade_1_13012017.indb 35 35 06/02/17 4:33 pm

7 STORY TIME Your Favourite Toon Stars Guess Who I am WordBank Pluto Scooby Doo Captain America Tweety 1) I am a yellow canary. Everyone says I am naughty and I can do anything to save myself. Who am I? ___________________________ 2) I am a superhero appearing in Marvel comics. I am responsible for protecting the Earth and I carry a shield to fight the enemies. Who am I? ___________________________ 3) I am a part of Super 5. I am involved in solving spooky cases but I am scared of ghosts. I can hide myself anywhere. Who am I? ___________________________ 36 06/02/17 4:33 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 36

4) I accompany Tintin in solving all his adventurous cases. Who am I? ___________________________ There are some cartoon characters given in column A. Match them with their partners in column B. Column A Column B 1) a) 2) b) 3) c) 4) d) 5) e) Grade_1_13012017.indb 37 37 06/02/17 4:33 pm

Identify these famous cartoon characters. WordBank Nobita Winnie the Pooh Angry Birds Doraemon ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Fun Fact The original names of Tom and Jerry were Jasper and Jinx. 38 06/02/17 4:33 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 38

Classic Tales Identify the names of these famous stories from the pictures given below. Choose their names from those given inside the box. WordBank Cinderella Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Alice in Wonderland Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty Jungle Book Grade_1_13012017.indb 39 39 06/02/17 4:33 pm

8 MIXED BAG Time for Rhymes Some of the lines of famous rhymes are given below. Tick the next line that comes after the given rhyme line. 1) Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water (A) Jack fell down (B) And broke his crown (C) Jill came (D) Both came tumbling after 2) Ding dong bell, pussy’s in the well (A) Who put her in (B) Little Johnny thin (C) Who pulled her out (D) Little Tommy stout 3) Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall (A) And he enjoyed on the wall (B) He stood on the wall (C) Humpty Dumpty had a great fall (D) Humpty Dumpty saw a mouse 40 06/02/17 4:33 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 40

4) Ba Ba Black sheep, have you any wool? (A) One for the little boy (B) Yes sir yes sir, 3 bags full (C) One for my master (D) One for the lame 5) Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock (A) The mouse ran down (B) Hickory Dickory Dock (C) The clock struck two (D) The clock struck one 6) Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow (A) And everywhere that Marry went, the lamb was sure to go (B) It made the children laugh and play to see a lamb at school (C) He followed her to school one day that was against the rules (D) And so the teacher turned him out but still he lingered near 7) Row row row your boat (A) Merrily merrily merrily (B) Life is but a dream (C) Gently down the stream (D) Gently down the river Grade_1_13012017.indb 41 41 06/02/17 4:33 pm

Do You Know? The poem ‘Mary had a little lamb’ is based on a true story. There was a little girl who used to bring her pet lamb to school. Opposites Some pictures are given below with their pairs of opposites. Write the correct opposites in the boxes provided by observing the pictures. 1) 2) Happy Small 3) 4) Short Fat 5) 6) Slow Cold 42 06/02/17 4:33 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 42

7) 8) Young Open 9) 10) Sit Night Activity: Use cotton and complete the picture of your sheep. Grade_1_13012017.indb 43 43 06/02/17 4:33 pm

Touch and Tell Below is a list of images of different objects. Identify the images as hard or soft and write ‘H’/ ‘S’ in the space provided. 1) 2) ___________________ ___________________ 3) 4) ___________________ ___________________ 5) 6) ___________________ ___________________ 7) 8) ___________________ ___________________ 44 06/02/17 4:33 pm Grade_1_13012017.indb 44

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