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1310001-CSGK-G1-Integrated Book-Computers+GK-FY

Published by IMAX, 2020-07-20 04:05:06

Description: 1310001-CSGK-G1-Integrated Book-Computers+GK-FY


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CLASS 1 COMPUTERS & GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Student Name: __________________________ Class: __________________________ Section: __________________________ Roll No.: __________________________ GK-3.indb 3 06/02/17 5:04 pm

INDIVIDUALISED PROGRESSIVE LEARNING PROGRAM Because no two students are the same. IMAX is India’s only customised content and educational assessment company 350 Published Books Team of IITians & PhDs IMAX has authored about 350 publications Content development and automation are which are used by more than 3,00,000 led by a team of IITians, data scientists and students. education experts. Workshops 16 Lakh Assessments IMAX has conducted teacher training IMAX has conducted more than 16,00,000 workshops for more than 8,000 teachers. assessments across 11 states in the last 7 years. Copyright © 2017 BGM Policy Innovations Pvt Ltd Published by BGM Policy Innovations Pvt Ltd This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or circulated in any form, without the publisher’s prior, written consent. All rights reserved. No part of this publication, including but not limited to, the content, the presentation layout, session plans, themes, key type of sums, mind maps and illustrations, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means(electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise), without the prior, written permission of the copyright owner of this book. This book is meant for educational and learning purposes. The author(s) of the book has/ have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the contents of the book do not violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any person in any manner whatsoever. In the event the author(s) has/have been unable to track any source and if any copyright has been inadvertently infringed, please notify the publisher in writing for any corrective action. Some of the images used in the books have been taken from the following sources:,, Creative Commons Attribution This book is part of a package of books and is not meant to be sold separately. For MRP, please refer to the package price. GK-3.indb 3 06/02/17 5:04 pm

GK-3.indb 3 06/02/17 5:04 pm

GK-3.indb 3 06/02/17 5:04 pm

TABLE OF CONTENTS Lesson Page No. 1–9 INTRODUCTION 10 – 16 1. LET US START WITH MACHINES 17 – 27  All About Machines  Let Us Meet the Magic Machine 2. COMPUTER- A MAGIC MACHINE  My Friend Computer  Computers are All Over COMPUTER PARTS AND SAFETY 3. KNOW THE MAJOR PARTS  Introduction  Mr. Monitor  CPU Box  Meet the Mouse  Know the Keyboard  Additional Devices Computer Grade 1 book.indb 1 06/02/17 3:07 pm

Lesson Page No. 28 – 35 TYPING AND DRAWING 36 – 44 4. LET’S TYPE IN NOTEPAD  Start Notepad Window  Simple Writing with Notepad  Save and Exit Notepad 5. FIRST STEP IN MS PAINT  Starting MS Paint  Simple drawing with MS Paint  Save and Exit MS Paint Computer Grade 1 book.indb 2 06/02/17 3:07 pm

1 LET US START WITH MACHINES Hello Kids! My name is Clicko. I am your new friend. I am here to talk about machines. Let Us Start What do you see in all these pictures below? Fig. 1.1 Look at Fig. 1.1. All the people are working on their own. While in Fig. 1.2, people are working with machines. Fig. 1.2 1 Who will finish their work earlier? Who will do a better job? 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 1

Tick the right answers. People working with machines People working without machines In this lesson • We will learn about machines and their features. • We will also meet a special machine called Computer. All About Machines Man makes machines. We use them in our daily life in all fields of work. They save our time and energy. Let’s see some machines from our daily life We use fridge to We watch many We use washing We use mixer store food and programs, cartoons machine to wash to mix and and games on a TV. grind drinks. our clothes Do You Know? A nail-cutter, scissor, see-saw and zip are also machines. 2 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 2

Kids! Do you know? Some things are not made by man. These Natural Things are found in nature like sun, birds, trees etc. Let us see some pictures of natural things. Let Us Do 1: Natural or Man-made? Color what is natural. Computer Grade 1 book.indb 3 3 06/02/17 3:07 pm

Features of Machines • A machine is a man-made thing. It is used to do special work. • It works very fast. • It also makes our work easy. Kids! Do you know how many types of machines are there? Let us know about these. There are two types of machines – Manual and Automatic. • Manual Machines: are run by man. • A  utomatic Machines: can operate on their own with the help of an operator Here are the pictures of some more machines. Read aloud their names. Machines which are run by man: Sewing Machine Bicycle Rickshaw Hammer Machines which run on electricity: Microwave Oven AC Ceiling Fan Toaster 4 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 4

Machines which run on Diesel, Petrol or CNG: Car Bus Scooter Let Us Do 2: Circle the objects that are machines. Let Us Meet the Magic Machine We have learnt about various machines and their uses. Now, we are going to discuss a new machine. Do you know which machine is this? Let us learn about it. Is this a TV? No. This is a Computer, a special machine. It is very useful to us. We can also call this “A Magic Machine”. A Computer is a machine. It can do many works. Computer Grade 1 book.indb 5 5 06/02/17 3:07 pm

We can draw a picture, listen to music and play games. We will learn more about this Magic Machine. Fun Fact As computers run, they get hot. Computers have fans to keep them cool. New words 1. M anual – Work done by hand 2. Automatic - Work done by an operator 3. Electricity – Electrical power Teacher’s Notes • T ake the students to the garden to show natural things present in the garden. Are there man made things too? • S  how a simple task first done manually and then with the help of a machine. This will show how machines make a task easier and faster. Student’s Notes • P  oint out various man-made and natural things present in the classroom, garden etc. • T alk about different machines you use daily. How do they affect your work? EXERCISE 1) Multiple Choice Questions: a) Tick the man-made object. (A) (B) (C) (D) 6 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 6

b) Tick the machine which is used to keep things cool? (A) (B) (C) (D) c) Tick the machine that is used at home. (A) (B) (C) (D) 2) True or False a) Machines are natural things. __________ b) Computer is a machine. __________ c) All machines run on electricity. __________ 3) Fill in the blanks a) M achines are made by _____________________. b) A machine makes our work ___________________. c) A machine works very __________________. 4) Match the following a) i)  Manual b) ii)  Petrol c) iii)  Electricity d) iv)  Natural Computer Grade 1 book.indb 7 7 06/02/17 3:07 pm

5) Very Short Answer Questions a) Name the two types of machines. Ans. ___________________, ___________________ b) Name two machines that do NOT run on electricity. Ans. ___________________, ___________________ c) Name two machines present outside our house. Ans. ___________________, ___________________ 6) Picture Based Question Identify and color the picture: 8 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 8

ACTIVITY: Given are some machines used in homes. Match the machines with the work they do. a) i) b) ii) c) iii) d) iv) e) v) f) vi) Computer Grade 1 book.indb 9 9 06/02/17 3:07 pm

2 COMPUTER – A MAGIC MACHINE Hello, Kids! My name is Gini. I am here to talk about the magic machine…… “Computer”. Let Us Start Which machine do you see in all these pictures below? Do you know that these are all different types of computers? Circle the ones which you have at your home. In this lesson We have learnt about various machines and their uses. In this lesson, we will learn about a unique machine – “The Computer”. 10 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 10

My Friend Computer A computer is an electronic machine which stores a large amount of data. We use computers in our daily life to do a lot of things. Type Draw and colour pictures Do Calculations Send E-mail Search Information Chat with family and friends Play Games Listen to music Computer Grade 1 book.indb 11 11 06/02/17 3:07 pm

Kids! Do you know why computer is called magic machine? Let us see why… Like other machines, a computer helps us to do our work better. But, it is a smart magic machine. Some of the important features of computers are – • It is very fast. • It makes our work easy. • It never gets tired. • It can remember a lot of things. • It never makes mistakes. Computers are All Over Computers are used in many places. Let us look at the some of the most familiar places here. Library Schools and Colleges Railways and Airports Hospitals Banks Home 12 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 12

Offices Malls and Shops Kids! Do you know? Though a magic machine, a computer cannot work on its own. It needs a person to work on it called user. A computer typically has a TV-like screen called monitor. It also has a keyboard to type, a mouse to use the computer and a box called CPU. We can study about these in later chapters. New words 1. Electronic: Work done by power 2. Data: Information Inside the Lab Teacher’s Notes • Show different uses of computers – typing, drawing, doing sums, playing games, watching movies, listening to songs, etc. • Take students to various places in the school like library, laboratory, computer room, accounts section, AV room etc. to show the use of Computer Grade 1 book.indb 13 13 06/02/17 3:07 pm

computers. Student’s Notes • Try out different applications of the computer. • C ollect pictures of places where computers are being used and make a collage. EXERCISE 1) Multiple Choice Questions: a) Computer is a: (A) tree (B) animal (C) plant (D) machine b) Which of the following is a computer? (A) (B) (C) (D) c) A person that works on a computer is known as: (A) user (B) teacher (C) doctor (D) singer 2) True or False a) A computer works without electricity. __________ b) A computer can work on its own. __________ c) Computers never get tired. __________ 3) Fill in the blanks a) T he monitor is a ______________ screen. b) Computer can ___________________ a lot of things. c) We use computer to ____________ games. 14 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 14

4) Match the following i)  a) Banking b) Airport ii)  c) Library iii)  d) Hospital iv)  5) Very Short Answer Questions a) N ame the place where computer is being used in the picture. Ans. ������������������������������������������������������ b) C omputer is being used as which machine in this picture? Ans. ������������������������������������������������������ c) What is the girl doing on the computer? Ans. ������������������������������������������������������ Computer Grade 1 book.indb 15 15 06/02/17 3:07 pm

6) Picture Based Question W rite “Y” in the boxes below for the machines whose work can be done by the computer. Also, write “N” for the ones whose work computers cannot do. ACTIVITY In the grid below, find the places where computers are used. MA L L BC S H BANK, SHOP, MALL, HOME AU HO NV OM KQ P E 16 06/02/17 3:07 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 16

3 KNOW THE MAJOR PARTS Hey, Gini. Have Yes, Clicko. Just like we you noticed that have hands, legs, eyes a computer has and ears! What are the names for the parts of a many parts? computer? Let us learn about them. Let Us Start Let Us Do 1: Look at the given picture. Can you match the parts of our body with their names? We have done one for you. Hand Leg Eyes Foot Head Is each part of our body important? Yes  No In the previous lesson, we already learnt computer is a useful machine. In this lesson We will learn all essential parts of a computer. Each part does a different type of work. We will also learn about a few additional computer devices. Computer Grade 1 book.indb 17 17 06/02/17 3:08 pm

Introduction The computer is made up of four important parts [Fig 3.1]. These are - Monitor, CPU, Mouse, and Keyboard. Fig 3.1 Let Us Do 2: Join the dots from a to q and colour the figure. Let us learn the function of each part of a computer. 06/02/17 3:08 pm 18 Computer Grade 1 book.indb 18

Mr. Monitor Hey Gini, do you Yes Clicko, I know. know what a Monitors look like monitor is? Television. We can see pictures on them. Monitors come in different shapes and sizes [Fig 3.2]. New monitors are flat and thin. Old monitors are big and heavy. Fig 3.2 The monitor displays what we draw with a mouse or type with a keyboard. The front part of the monitor is called screen or display. CPU Box It is a CPU box Yes Clicko, I do Gini. Do you know remember. It is the what CPU stands Central Processing Unit. for? Computer Grade 1 book.indb 19 19 06/02/17 3:08 pm

The CPU [Fig 3.3] is called the brain of a computer. It is the most important part of a computer. It controls all the other parts. It also does all the calculations of the computer. Do You Know? Fig 3.3 The Monitor is also known as the VDU. Full form is Visual Display Unit. Meet the Mouse Is this a mouse, Oh! Yes Clicko, but do you Gini? also know that the house mouse and the computer mouse are different? The computer mouse has buttons on it. A computer mouse has two buttons, one on the left and one on the right. It also has a small wheel in the middle [Fig 3.4]. Fig 3.4 20 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 20

Mouse points on an object on a computer, it is also known as a pointing device. The arrow on the monitor is called the mouse pointer. Fun Fact The first computer mouse was wooden and much larger than today’s mouse. It was rectangular, and had a small button in the top right corner. Let Us Do 3: Circle the shadow which belongs to the computer mouse? Know The Keyboard Let us discuss The keys on a keyboard are the keyboard different from the keys that now. are used to open locks. Fig 3.5 Computer Grade 1 book.indb 21 21 06/02/17 3:08 pm

A keyboard is similar to a typewriter used in olden days. We use it for typing text, numbers or special characters on the computer. [Fig 3.5] It has many buttons on it. These buttons are called keys. ALPHABET KEYS Alphabet keys are used for typing words and sentences. NUMBER KEYS The keys with numbers 0 -9 marked on it are called Number keys. The number keys are called numeric keys. They are used for typing numbers. Do You Know? A standard keyboard has 104 keys. Let Us Do 4: Colour the letters of your best friend’s name on the keyboard. CAPS LOCK KEY Caps Lock key allows typing in capital letters. Press the key once again to type lower case letters. A small green light on the keyboard indicates the status. (light on – Capital letters, light off – lower case letters). SPACEBAR KEY Spacebar key is used to insert blank spaces between two words or letters [Fig 3.8]. 22 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 22

Do You Know? Spacebar key is the longest key. Thumb from either hand can use it. ENTER KEY Enter key is pressed to start a new line. BACKSPACE KEY Backspace key is used to delete the text a letter to the left of the cursor. ARROW KEYS Most computer keyboards contain four arrow keys for moving the cursor right, left, up, or down Additional Devices Printer Speaker Pen Drive Scanner Compact Disc (CD) WEB Camera UPS Computer Grade 1 book.indb 23 23 06/02/17 3:08 pm

New words 1. Monitor: It looks like a TV and can be used to see pictures. 2. Keyboard: It has many keys on it and is used for typing. 3. Mouse: It helps us draw pictures and point at things on the computer monitor. 4. CPU: It is known as the brain of the computer. Teacher’s Notes • A  sk students to identify the different parts of a computer. • Explain the functions of different parts of a computer. • Explain the use of mouse by drawing pictures with its help. • Explain the different keys of the keyboard and their functions. • D  emonstrate how external devices (like CD and pen drive) are connected with the CPU in different ways to access information. Student’s Notes • Identify the various parts of the computer and tell their functions. • Make a scrapbook and stick the pictures of different parts of a computer. EXERCISE 1) Multiple Choice Questions: a) A standard keyboard has _________ keys. (A) 10 (B) 100 (C) 104 (D) 1000 (D) Monitor b) Scroll wheel is present on the (A) Mouse (B) Keyboard (C) CPU 24 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 24

c) Which of the following does calculations for the computer? (A) Mouse (B) CPU (C) Keyboard (D) Monitor 2) True or False a) The mouse can print what you see on the monitor. _________ b) Monitor is the brain of the computer. _________ c) The number keys are also known as numeric keys. _________ 3) Fill in the blanks a) M onitor displays whatever we type using ______________. b) A _______________ is a pointing device. c) ______________is used to listen to music/sounds from the computer. 4) Match the following a) i)  b) ii) c) iii)  d) iv) Computer Grade 1 book.indb 25 25 06/02/17 3:08 pm

5) Very Short Answer Questions a) W rite the full forms: i) CPU ������������������������������������������������������������������� ii) VDU ������������������������������������������������������������������� b) L abel the mouse given below. c) Name the keys marked with red. Ans. ������������������������������������������������������������������������ 6) Picture Based Question N ame the parts of the computer seen in the figure. Can you name any two other parts which are not there? 26 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 26

Ans. ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ACTIVITY Do the following on the blank keyboard: a) Write numbers on the Number keys. 27 b) Write alphabets on the Alphabet keys. c) Circle the ‘ENTER KEY.’ 06/02/17 3:08 pm d) Mark the Backspace key. e) Color the longest key in blue. Computer Grade 1 book.indb 27

4 LET’S TYPE IN NOTEPAD Hey, Gini, have Yes Clicko, is it the one you seen a you can write on with notepad? pen and paper? Yes, that is a Notepad Gini, but here we’ll talk about a notepad on our computer! Let Us Start Let Us Do 1: In the Notepad given below, write few lines about your best friend. 28 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 28

In this lesson We will learn about Notepad. Computers do different types of work. One of the works is to write and edit text. Notepad is a writing tool which is used to create, open and edit the Plain text files. A text editor creates and reads a document that contains only text. Start Notepad Window To open the window: STEP 1: Click on Start button. [Fig 5.1] STEP 2: Choose All Programs and click on Accessories. STEP 3: Select Notepad option. The Notepad window appears, as shown below [Fig 5.2]. Fig 5.2 Fig 5.1 Work Area: In this space we can type the Computer Grade 1 book.indb 29 text. 29 06/02/17 3:08 pm

Simple Writing with Notepad How to create a new document: Click File New to create a new document. Friends! Do you see a small, blinking line on the above notepad screen? It is known as the cursor. The cursor shows the position of the next letter or number to be entered. You can start writing anything on the notepad by typing from the keyboard. Fun Fact You can change the size of letters you type in notepad by changing their font. Save and Exit Notepad Fig 5.3 To Save a Notepad file: STEP 1: Click on File button. STEP 2: Select Save option. STEP 3: Save as window appears. [Fig. 5.4] STEP 4: Give the file a name you like and click Save. 30 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 30

Fig 5.4 To Exit Notepad STEP 1: Click on File (Fig. 5.5) STEP 2: Select Exit option. Do You Know? We can insert the time and date in a document by first clicking the Edit menu, and then click Time/Date. Fig 5.5 New words 1. Cursor: A cursor is the position indicator on a computer display screen where a user can enter text. 2. Font: Font refers to the size and style of typed characters within a document. 3. Text: Text refers to the alphabets, numbers and special characters that you can type using the keyboard. Computer Grade 1 book.indb 31 31 06/02/17 3:08 pm

Teacher’s Notes • Show students how to open, close and exit notepad. • Show how to type text in different sizes and insert date in the document. Student’s Notes • Create a new text file, save and exit the notepad. • Type the text in different sizes. EXERCISE 1) Multiple Choice Questions: a) Which of the following is a symbol of notepad? (A) (B) (C) (D) b) A Notepad window looks like (A) (B) (C) (D) c) A small blinking line on the notepad window is known as (A) Cursor (B) Pointer (C) Line (D) Title 32 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 32

2) True or False a) We cannot draw pictures in notepad. ___________ b) We cannot insert dates in notepad. ___________ c) Text of different size can be written in Notepad ___________ 3) Fill in the blanks a) A _________________________ creates and reads document that contains only text. b) ___________________ is a simple text editor included in Windows. c) ____________ refers to the size and style of typed characters in a notepad. 4) Match the following a) Create a new file i)  b) Save a file ii)  c) Exit notepad d) Cursor iii)  Computer Grade 1 book.indb 33 iv)  33 06/02/17 3:08 pm

5) Very Short Answer Questions a) T o start Notepad, click on _______________ button. Choose All programs and click on Accessories. Select __________________option b) Click __________ _____________to create a new document. c) To exit notepad click on ______________ _______________ 6) Picture Based Question S ee the following picture and answer the questions below. a) The picture shows a ____________________ screen. b) The text entered on the screen is _____________________. c) Mark the area where next text can be entered. d) Circle the cursor. 34 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 34

ACTIVITY Try to type the following on notepad screen and insert the date along with it. Computer Grade 1 book.indb 35 35 06/02/17 3:08 pm

5 FIRST STEP IN MS PAINT Hey, Clicko! I learnt how to Hey, Gini! We can draw type on my computer using and paint using MS Paint. Notepad. Today, I want to Today we will open paint draw and paint. Please tell and learn its different me how I can do it? tools. Let Us Start Let Us Do 1: Draw a circle and a triangle in the boxes given below and color it using your favorite colors. We already know how to type letters and numbers on a computer. Do you know you can use your computer to draw and paint also? We can do this and a lot more in MS Paint. Paint has Pencil, Eraser, Paintbrushes and other tools which help us to draw and color. 36 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 36

In this lesson We will learn how to start, draw, color and then exit from MS Paint. Starting MS Paint Microsoft Paint is a drawing tool. It is used to draw, color, make changes to a picture, and print and save it. Click Start → All Programs → Accessories → Paint [Fig 6.1]. The Paint window opens [Fig 6.2]. Fig 6.2: MS Paint Window Fun Fact “Originally, paint had only two colors – Black and White.” Fig 6.1: Starting Paint Paint button: It is the first button on the left. It opens a menu which has options for opening, saving and creating a new file. Drawing area: This is the part of Paint where you draw pictures using different tools. [Fig 6.3] Computer Grade 1 book.indb 37 37 06/02/17 3:08 pm

Fig 6.3: Drawing Area of Paint Window Simple Drawing in Paint Paint includes a set of drawing tools and shapes. Let us learn their uses. The Tools Menu [Fig 6.4] Tools help us in creating a drawing in MS Paint. To select any tool, just click on the tool. Here, we will use Pencil, Fill with Color, and Eraser tool to draw pictures. Fig 6.4: Tools Menu Pencil: It is used for free- hand drawing. STEP 1: In the Home tab, select the Pencil tool. STEP 2: Click and drag the pencil in the drawing area, to draw a picture (Fig 6.5). 38 Fig 6.5: Using Pencil Tool Computer Grade 1 book.indb 38 06/02/17 3:08 pm

Fill with Color: It is used to fill an area with color. To fill with color Eraser: It is used to rub anything drawn using any other tool. The Color Box: It shows all the available colors for making a picture. You can choose a color by clicking on it. Let Us Practice: Tina wants to use the “Pencil” and “Fill Color” tool to draw the following image. Let’s help her to complete it. STEP 1: Use Pencil tool to draw the tree, sun and kite. STEP 2: Home tab, keep the mouse pointer on the Fill with Color tool. STEP 3: Click the left mouse button to select the tool. Choose Yellow color from the color box. STEP 4: When you move the pointer onto the drawing area you will see this . Click the left mouse button on the sun to fill with yellow color. STEP 5: Repeat the steps to choose the other colors. Shapes Shapes are ready-made, defined shapes such as rectangles, circles, squares, triangles, and arrows. To draw a shape, STEP 1: In Home tab → click any shape from the Shapes box. STEP 2: Here we have selected Rectangle shape (Fig 6.6). To draw the rectangle, drag the pointer. Computer Grade 1 book.indb 39 39 06/02/17 3:08 pm

STEP 3: Click on the drawing area. Drag and draw the shape. When it is of the size you want, release the mouse button. STEP 4: Repeat the above steps to draw different shapes. Fig 6.6: Tools Menu 06/02/17 3:08 pm Let Us Do 2: Use the ‘Shapes’ tool and ‘Fill Color’ tool to draw the following: Do You Know? “The pointer changes to rectangle when ‘Eraser’ is clicked.” 40 Computer Grade 1 book.indb 40

Save and Exit Paint Once your drawing is complete, save it. Follow the given steps: STEP 1: Click the ‘Paint’ button , and then click ‘Save As’. STEP 2: In the ‘Save As’ type box, select the file format you want. STEP 3: In the ‘File name box’, type any name for your drawing, and click ‘Save’ [Fig 6.7]. To EXIT from ‘Paint’, go to ‘Paint’ button , and click ‘EXIT’ [Fig 6.8]. Fig 6.7 Fig 6.8 New words 1. Tools: Help us to complete our work 2. Free-hand Drawing: Drawn by hand without the use of any ruler or instrument Computer Grade 1 book.indb 41 41 06/02/17 3:08 pm

Inside the Lab Teacher’s Notes • Revise the activities of previous lesson that we can do using a computer. • A  rouse students’ interest by asking if they want to learn how to draw using a computer. • E  xplain how to open the Paint program, draw any picture and show to students. • T ell them about the Drawing Area, the Color Palette and the Toolbar. Explain that the drawing area is just like a paper which we use to draw. • Explain the importance of saving our work before exiting the program. Student’s Notes • Follow the steps in the lesson and do the following: 1  . Draw a Face: Open a new file, and use ‘Shapes’ and the ‘Pencil’ tool to draw a face. Color the face, and save it. 2. Draw a House: Open a new file, and draw a simple house using ‘Shapes’ (rectangle, triangle, etc.). Color the roof dark red. Use any color of your choice to color the other parts of the house and save it. EXERCISE 1) Multiple Choice Questions: a) Paint is used to (A) read text (B) write text (C) listen to music (D) draw and color pictures b) Which shape is not present in the shapes toolbar? (A) Rectangle (B) Triangle (C) Crescent (D) Oval 42 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 42

c) Which of the following provides different types of colours? (A) (B) (C) (D) 2) True or False a) Paint has only two colors - black and white. _________ b) You cannot make changes to a picture in Paint. _________ c) Pencil tool is present in the Tools Menu. _________ 3) Fill in the blanks a) W hen eraser is clicked, the pointer changes to ______________________. b) You draw pictures in ___________________ area. c) The Fill with Color is part of the ___________ menu 4) Match the following a) i) shapes b) ii)  Fill with Color c) iii)  Color Box d) iv) Brush 5) Very Short Answer Questions a) To save a picture, click ____________ button , and then click ________________________. Computer Grade 1 book.indb 43 43 06/02/17 3:08 pm

b) To EXIT from Paint, go to ______________button ,and click _______________________. c) Complete the steps to start MS Paint. Click ____________________ ____________________ _________________________ ____________________ 6) Picture Based Question L abel the different icons in the above picture. ACTIVITY Match the related pictures: a) i) b) ii) c) iii) d) iv) 44 06/02/17 3:08 pm Computer Grade 1 book.indb 44

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