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86229_ OY - 31_ 222310209-OYSTER-STUDENT-BOOK-EVS-NUR-FY

Published by IMAX, 2022-05-05 13:05:44

Description: 86229_ OY - 31_ 222310209-OYSTER-STUDENT-BOOK-EVS-NUR-FY


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Oyster Series NURSERY Name: Section: Roll No.: School:

Contents 3 5 1) Myself  8 2) My Family  13 3) My Body  21 4) My School  25 5) Places Around Us 27 6) Cleanliness  33 7) Healthy Food  35 8) Water  37 9) Vehicles  43 10) Colours  45 11) Plants and rT ees  47 12) Animals  51 13) People Who Help Us  14) Seasons

1) Myself All About Me Meet Sumit and Anam. They have something to tell us. Hi! I am Sumit. I am Anam. I am 3 years old. I am 3 years old. I am a boy. I am a girl. 1) Can you tell us something about yourself? 2) What is your name? 3) How old are you? 3

Paste Your Photograph Paste your photograph in the space given below. Write your name with the help of your teacher. My name is _______________________________. 4

2) My Family My Family and I Look at the picture of Umar’s family. Point to each person and say their names. UMAR SISTER BROTHER FATHER MOTHER 5

Family Tree Make your family tree by sticking the photographs in the correct frame. FATHER MOTHER SISTER BROTHER ME 6

Match the Family Members Draw lines to match the family members to their names. FATHER MOTHER BROTHER SISTER 7

3) My Body Parts of the Body Look at the picture. Point to the parts of the body. Say them aloud. HEAD STOMACH ARM LEG 8

My Body Parts Look at the pictures below. Point to the parts of the body. Say them aloud. EARS EYES NOSE HANDS FACE MOUTH LEGS 9

Match the Body Parts Match the parts of the body to their names by drawing lines. NOSE HEAD HANDS LEGS 10 EARS

Things I Can Do Here are a few things you can do using different parts of your body. READ HOLD JUMP EAT 11

Match the Body Parts to their Uses Match the actions to the parts of the body needed for doing them by drawing lines. HOLDING EATING JUMPING READING 12

4) My School All About My School Here are some pictures of a school. What do you see in these pictures? 1) What is the name of your school? 2) What is the name of your teacher? 13

Find the Picture of a School Tick (P) the picture that shows a school. 14

My Classroom Here are some pictures of a classroom. What do you see in these pictures? 1) Which class are you in? 2) What do you do in the classroom? 3) Who are your friends in class? 15

Match Classroom Objects Look at the pictures of objects found in your classroom. Match the same objects by drawing lines. BLACKBOARD BOOKS PENCIL CHALK 16

Our Playground This is a playground. Look at the different things we see in a playground and read them aloud. SLIDE SWING SEE-SAW What do you like to do in a playground? 17

Things I Find at a Playground Circle (0) the items that you find at a playground in the picture. 18


Things You Do in School Tick (P) the things you do in school. READING BATHING PLAYING WATCHING TV BRUSHING WRITING 20

5) Places Around Us My Neighbour People who live near our house are our neighbours. Joy lives near my house. He is my neighbour. Pema lives near my house. She is my neighbour. C an you tell us something about your neighbour? 21

Places Around My Home This is a market. We buy fruits, vegetables and other things from the market. 22

Places Around My Home This is a hospital. We need to go to a hospital when we are sick or hurt. The doctor and the nurses help sick or hurt people get better. 23

Match the Places Match the places by drawing lines. School 24

6) Cleanliness I Take Care of Myself We need to keep ourselves clean to be healthy. Brush your teeth. Take a bath daily. Wear clean clothes. Comb your hair. 25

Mark the Objects Look at the action on the left. Circle (0) the objects we need for doing the action. BATHING TOOTHPASTE SOAP BRUSHING COMB TOOTHBRUSH WASHING HANDS SHAMPOO SOAP COMBING TOOTHBRUSH COMB 26

7) Healthy Food Fruits We Need to Eat We need to eat fresh fruits to be healthy. APPLE ORANGE PINEAPPLE BANANAS MANGO WATERMELON STRAWBERRY GRAPES POMEGRANATE 27

Circle Your Favourite Fruits Look at the fruits given below. Circle the ones you like. ORANGE PINEAPPLE GRAPES MANGO BANANAS 28

Match Fruits to Baskets Match the fruit to the correct basket by drawing lines. BANANA MANGO PEAR APPLE GRAPES 29

Vegetables We Need to Eat We need to eat fresh vegetables to be healthy. CARROT CABBAGE POTATO BEETROOT PEAS ONION CAPSICUM SPINACH BRINJAL 30

Match Vegetables to their Slices Match the vegetables to their slices by drawing lines. ONION BRINJAL SLICES POTATO CARROT SLICES BRINJAL ONION RINGS CARROT POTATO SLICES 31


8) Water I Use Water Water is very important in our daily lives. These pictures show the different uses of water in our lives. DRINKING WASHING BATHING WATERING 33

Mark the Uses of Water Tick (P) the pictures that show the uses of water. DRINKING CUTTING PAPER CUTTING VEGETABLES BATHING WATERING PLANTS 34

9) Vehicles Vehicles These are some 2 wheeler vehicles we see on roads. SCOOTER CYCLE These are some 3 wheeler vehicles we see on roads. AUTO RICKSHAW These are some 4 wheeler vehicles we see on roads. CAR JEEP These are some big vehicles we see on roads. TRUCK BUS 35

Match the Vehicles Draw lines to match the same type of vehicles. Circle (0) your favourite vehicle. 36

10) Colours Red The objects below are all red in colour. 37

Find the Red Coloured Objects Tick (P) the RED coloured objects in the pictures given below. 38

Blue The objects below are all blue in colour. 39

Find the Blue Coloured Objects Tick (P) the BLUE coloured objects in the pictures given below. 40

Yellow The objects below are all yellow in colour. 41

Find the Yellow Coloured Objects Tick (P) the YELLOW coloured objects in the pictures given below. 42

11) Plants and Trees Small Plants These are a few small plants we see around us. ROSE TULSI Trees These are a few trees we see around us. MANGO COCONUT 43

Find the Trees Look at the pictures given below. Tick (P) the trees and cross (X) the plants. PEEPAL TULSI MANGO ROSE COCONUT MARIGOLD 44

12) Animals Animals Around Me Here are a few animals that we see in our home or on a farm. COW DOG CAT HORSE SHEEP PIG DONKEY HEN 45

Spot the Animals Around Us Tick (P) the animals that we see around us. 46

13) People Who Help Us Here are a few people who help us in our lives. PRINCIPAL TEACHER help us to learn in school. POLICE OFFICER TAILOR works at a police station and works at a tailor shop and helps to keep our city safe. makes our clothes. 47

Match People to Work Place Here are a few people who help us in our lives. Match them to their place of work by drawing lines. 48

People Who Help Us Doctors and Nurses treat people who are ill. DOCTOR NURSE 49

Choose the Right Tool In each row, tick (P) the correct object used by the people who help us. 50

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