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Published by IMAX, 2021-05-28 11:46:39

Description: 79785_ UB 39_ 212210100-UNICORN-STUDENT-BOOK-EVS-LKG-FY


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LKG EVS_Nameslip.pdf 1 03-Mar-21 4:52:36 PM Unicorn Series LKG Name: Section: Roll No.: School:

Contents 3 7 1) Myself  9 2) My Family  14 3) My Body  20 4) My School  23 5) Places Around Us 26 6) My Country  32 7) Cleanliness  36 8) Healthy Food  39 9) Day and Night  41 10) Good Manners  43 11) Water  48 12) Vehicles  55 13) Colours  61 14) Plants and T rees 67 15) Animals  69 16) Birds  71 17) Insects  75 18) People Who Help Us  79 19) Seasons  20) Save Our Planet

1) Myself All About Me Ram and Heena are telling us about themselves. Let us learn how to introduce ourselves. I am Heena. I am Ram. I am 4 years old. I am 4 years old. I am a girl. I am a boy. Can you say something about yourself? 3

Introduce Yourself Introduce yourself to your classmates. What is your name? How old are you? Are you a boy or a girl? What is your favourite fruit? 4

Things I Like Look at the pictures and name them. Point to the things you like. 5

Find the Things You Like Look at the pictures. Tick (P) the pictures you like. Cross (X) the pictures you do not like. Potato Mango Toy Toothbrush Chips Clothes Bat and Ball Books Cabbage Flowers Cycle Dog 6

2) My Family Raju’s Family This is Raju’s family. His grandmother and grandfather stay with him. Let us read out the names of the family members. Grandmother Grandfather Mother Father Raju Brother Sister Can you say something about your family members? 7

Match the Family Members Draw lines to match the names to the correct family member. Father Mother Brother Sister 8

3) My Body Parts of the Body Look at the different parts of the body. Read their names aloud. Can you identify the same parts on your body? Face Arm Fingers Leg Toes 9

Parts of the Face Look at the names of different parts of the face. Hair Ear Mouth Eye Nose 10

Match the Body Parts Match the parts of the body to the boy’s body by drawing lines. Hair Eyes Nose Legs Hand Arms Ears Mouth 11

Things I Can Do Look at the different parts of the body and see how they help us. With my mouth, I can eat. With my eyes, I can see. With my ears, I can hear. With my nose, I can smell. With my hands, I can touch and feel. With my legs, I can walk. 12

Match the Things I Can Do Match the body part to what it helps you do by drawing lines. Smelling a flower Seeing through Walking binoculars Petting a cat Listening Eating an apple 13

4) My School Places in My School This is my school. Let us walk around and see. The name of my school is ............................ This is my school building. This is my principal’s room. This is my classroom. This is the staff room. This is my playground. 14

Mark Your Favourite Place in School Tick (P) your favourite place in school. 15

People in My School These are some of the people we see in school. He is our principal. These are students. She is our teacher. She is our helper. 16

Match the People in Your School Match the same pictures by drawing lines. Student Helper Principal Teacher 17

My Classroom Let us identify the different things we see in a classroom. Blackboard Table Duster Chalk Bag Classroom Book Student’s Desk and Chair 18

Mark Classroom Things Tick (P) the things you see in a classroom. 19

5) Places Around Us Places Around My Home We often visit or see these places around us. Let us identify them. Market Hospital Police Station School 20

Match the Places Around My Home Match the pictures with the correct places by drawing lines. Market Hospital School Police Station 21

Match the Places to the People Match the places around you to the people you find in those places by drawing lines. Market Teacher Hospital Shopkeeper School Police Officer Police Station Doctor and Nurse 22

6) My Country Things that Represent My Country Here are a few things that represent our country, India. This is our country, India. Indian Flag Lotus This is our This is our National Flower. National Flag. Tiger Peacock This is our This is our National Animal. National Bird. 23

National Flag Let us learn about our National Flag. Our National Flag has three colours. They are saffron, white and green. The flag has a blue coloured wheel in the centre called the Ashoka Chakra. It has 24 spokes in it. Saffron White Green Wheel 24

Mark Our National Symbols Circle (O) the pictures that represent our country. 25

7) Cleanliness I Take Care of Myself Let us see how we can take care of ourselves. Brush your teeth Take a bath in the early in the morning morning and after coming and after eating food. back from the playground. Cut your nails regularly and keep them clean. Comb your hair Wash your hands regularly using a before and after eating clean comb. food and after playing. 26

Mark Actions to Keep Yourself Clean Look at the pictures. Tick (P) the actions you do to keep yourself clean. Brushing teeth Taking a bath Washing hands Watching television Combing hair Getting dirty Cutting nails Growing nails 27

Mark Correct Objects for the Actions Tick (P) the correct object used to keep the body clean. I brush my teeth with I have a bath with I comb my hair with I wash my hands with 28

Mark Correct Objects for the Body Parts Tick (P) the correct object used to clean the body part. 29

I Take Care of Places Around Me Let us see how to keep our things and surroundings clean. Throw the waste in the Keep your room clean dustbin. and tidy. Wipe off the dust Cover the food at all regularly. times. 30

Mark Good Habits Tick (P) the pictures that show good habits. 31

8) Healthy Food My Healthy Plate A healthy meal has all types of food like grains, vegetables, fruits, fats and oils, milk and dairy products, meat, beans, fish and nuts. Dal Milk Curd Rice Fruits Vegetables Nuts Roti Chicken Fish 32

Healthy Food Items Give you energy. Rice, Chapati, Dosa, Idli and Bread Help you grow and make your muscles stronger. Dal, Chana, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Milk and Yoghurt Make you sharper and stronger. Carrot, Cabbage, Tomato, Spinach, Brinjal, Apple, Mango, Banana 33

Make a Healthy Plate Look at the food items on the table. Circle (O) the items that will make your plate healthy. Then, draw lines to match them to the plate. Milk Rice Meat Burger Eggs Roti Chips Nuts Vegetables Fish Cola Dal Fruits 34

Mark Fruits and Vegetables Circle (O) the fruits and vegetables. 35

9) Day and Night Day Time and Night Time We wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. Day Night 36

My Day These are a few things I do during the day. This is my daily routine. Wake up in the Get ready Have breakfast morning Play Come back Go to school home Have dinner with Go to bed family 37

Order the Actions Write the numbers from 1 to 5 in the boxes to show the order of activities in your daily routine. Wearing clean Sleeping uniform Waking up Brushing teeth Bathing 38

10) Good Manners Golden Words Look at the situations. Thank you. Excuse me, Ma. We say excuse me when We say thank you when we want to talk to someone a person helps us. who is busy. Please, can I join you? Sorry. We say sorry We say please when we when we make ask for something. a mistake. 39

Match Golden Words Match the golden words to the situations where we use them by drawing lines. Receiving ? a gift ? Interrupting a phone call Please Excuse Sorry Thank Me You Accidentally hurting Asking to use someone ? ? the slide 40

11) Water Uses of Water Let us see how useful water is. Watering plants Bathing Drinking Washing clothes Cooking 41

Uses of Water Match the pictures with the correct use of water by drawing lines. 42

12) Vehicles Travel by Land Here are a few vehicles we use to travel by road. Cycle Scooter Bus Auto Car Jeep The train runs on the railway track. 43

Travel by Air Here are a few vehicles we use to travel by air. Aeroplane Hot Air Balloon Helicopter 44

Travel by Water Here are a few vehicles we use to travel by water. Motorboat Boat Ship 45

Match the Vehicles Match the vehicles to how they travel by drawing lines. By road By water By air By tracks 46

Find Water Vehicles Look at the pictures. Tick (P) the vehicles that travel by water. 47

13) Colours Black and White Look at the pictures. See the difference between BLACK and WHITE. Black Bird Black Boots Black Black Umbrella White White Board White Egg White Bird 48

Red and Blue Red Tomato Red Apple Red Chillies Red Red Ball Blue Blanket Blue Blue Pencil Blue Balloon Blue Bag 49

Yellow and Green Yellow Flower Yellow Lemon Yellow Yellow Mango Yellow Banana Green Leaf Green Green Grapes Green Ladies' Green Grass Finger 50

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