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UKG Activity Book Part 1_Nameslip.pdf 1 03-Mar-21 5:32:12 PM Unicorn Series UKG Name: Section: Roll No.: School:

Contents 3 5 ENGLISH 7 9 1) Letters of the Alphabet 13 2) Vowels and Consonants  15 3) Rhyming Words  4) Words with Consonant Blends 17 5) Word Building 19 6) Naming Words  23 25 MATHS 29 31 1) Comparing Qualities 33 2) Numbers 3) Comparing Quantities 35 4) Number Names 39 5) Shapes 41 6) Sorting and Grouping  43 7) Pairing of Objects 47 49 EVS 51 53 1) Myself 55 2) My Family 57 3) My Body 59 4) My School 61 5) Places Around Us 63 6) My Country 7) Festivals 8) Cleanliness 9) Healthy Food 10) Well Being 11) Day and Night 12) Calendar 13) Water

1) Letters of the Alphabet English Draw and Colour Draw and colour an object that begins with the letters ‘J’ and ‘U’. J U 3


2) Vowels and Consonants Find the Vowels and Consonants Write your name and list the vowels and consonants in it. Write your name here. Write the vowels in your Write the consonants in your name here. name here. 5


3) Rhyming Words Make Three Letter Words Look at the pictures. Form the words by drawing lines as shown. Write the words in the lines. p ed wat j ud gin hip s ed t eb j ug vi t f an 7


4) Words with Consonant Blends Colour the Pictures Colour the pictures of words beginning with consonant blends as per the colour code. fr = brown, br = yellow, pl = green, fl = red 9


Colour the Pictures Colour the pictures of words beginning with consonant blends as per the colour code. st = yellow, gr = green, cr = black 11


5) Word Building Make New Words Read the words. Remove the beginning letter from each word. Write the new words in the boxes. Colour the pictures. BOX PANT STOP 13


6) Naming Words Colour the Objects Look at the pictures. Colour the ones that show naming words. Water Bottle Sleep Bat Hat Towel Play 15


1) Comparing Qualities Maths Draw and Mark Tallest and Shortest Draw a picture of yourself and two elders who are at your home. Using crayons, give the SHORTEST person red clothes and the TALLEST person green clothes. Colour Heavy and Light Objects Follow the instructions. Colour the HEAVY Colour the LIGHT object. object. 17


2) Numbers Join the Numbers and Colour Join the dots from 101 to 150 to complete the picture. Colour the butterfly as shown. 19


Colour by Numbers Colour the picture according to the code. 156 = yellow, 180 = dark green, 115 = red, 165 = light green, 130 = brown, 189 = blue 115 156 115 180 189 130 180 165 130 21


3) Comparing Quantities More, Less and Equal Colour the sack that has MORE number of gold coins. Count the dots on the ladybug and draw an EQUAL number of dots on the other ladybug to make it look the same. 23


4) Number Names Number Name Train Colour the boxes based on the colour code. Red = 22, Green = 27, Orange = 30, Blue = 24 Twenty One Twenty Two Twenty Three Twenty Four Twenty Five Twenty Six Twenty Seven Twenty Eight Twenty Nine Thirty 25


Colour the Flower by Number Names Read the number names and colour them as per the colour code. 85 = pink, 77 = yellow, 64 = red, 98 = yellow 100 = red, 59 = yellow, 90 = red, 82 = yellow Eighty Five Sixty Four Seventy Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Ninety Eight Eighty Two Ninety 27


5) Shapes Find and Colour the Balls Find the ball shaped objects in the pictures and colour them. 29


6) Sorting and Grouping Sorting by Colour Sort the objects based on the colour of the baskets. Paste the objects in the circles in each row. Use the sticker page at the end of the book for this activity. 31


7) Pairing of Objects Colour the Object Pairs Identify the objects that go together. Use the same colour to colour them. 33


1) Myself EVS This is Me Draw a picture of yourself in the box and write your name and age in the lines. 35


Colour My Bedroom Do you like your bedroom? Here is a picture that may look like your bedroom. Colour it to make it attractive. 37


2) My Family Complete the Crossword Write the missing letters in the names of the family members in the crossword. sister, father, uncle, brother, grandfather, mother, aunt, grandmother g me a ue f hr bo h r sr 39


3) My Body Draw a Face Draw a face in the box and write the names of any three parts of the face in the lines. 41


4) My School Colour the Objects Colour any four pictures of objects found in your school. Crayons Paper Scissors Glue Shell Tissues Stick Pictures of People in School Stick pictures of the people you see in these places in your school. Use the sticker page at the end of the book for this activity. 43


Colour Annual Day Picture It is the annual day at Rinku’s school. Colour the picture to make it attractive. 45


5) Places Around Us My Neighbourhood Walk Take a walk around your neighbourhood. Tick (P) the places and things that you see. Market Hospital School Flowers Bank Park Cycle Police Station 47


6) My Country Handprint Peacock Dip your hands in paint and handprint to make the feathers of the peacock. Draw the body and head with a sketch pen and colour it. Draw the legs, eyes and beak. Decorate the feathers. 49


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