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by classklap ENGLISH 2 WORKBOOK - TERM Enhanced Edition Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 1 2 13-09-2019 17:42:55

TABLE OF CONTENTS Unit Name Page No. 1) Fun with Music Section 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 1 Section 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 6 2) Wonders of the Jungle Section 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 11 Section 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 18 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 2 13-09-2019 17:42:55

Unit 1: Fun with Music (Section 1 – pages 46–57) Warm Up Music is the pattern of sound produced by people singing or playing instruments. We can express our ideas and feelings through music. Look at the children and fill in the missing words. The girl is playing The boy is playing a d ___ u ___ s. p ___ a ___ ___. The boy is playing a The girl is singing a t ___u ___ p ___ t. s ___ n ___. A PAictuivrietyGlossary Word Meaning Word Meaning Word Meaning surprise concert beat Fun with Music 1 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 1 13-09-2019 17:42:57

LAisctetivnity 1) Your teacher will read out the names of some musical instruments. Listen carefully and colour the boxes with the words that your teacher says. veena guitar flute xylophone clarinet santoor harp banjo RAecatidvity 2) Read the sentences. Then, draw the pictures of the underlined words. a) T here is a box on the table. b) My friend gave me a pencil. c) This is a cup. I drink milk from it. d) We go to school every day. 2 13-09-2019 17:42:58 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 2

3) Read the sentences and match them to the pictures. That is a clock. My father is cooking. That is a tall tree. The children are playing in the park. AWcritievity 4) Read the story. Then choose the words given below and fill in the blanks. (1M per question) clapped drums two concert keyboards a) The teacher told the children that they were going to play in the ______________. b) Mani really loved to play the___________. c) Mom gave Mani ______ nice sticks. d) Malar played the ___________. e) The children __________ to the beats. Fun with Music 3 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 3 13-09-2019 17:42:58

5) Rewrite the sentences by changing the underlined word or words to ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘they’ or ‘it’. (1M per question) The pencil is very nice. The pencil was gifted to me by my sister. a) _____________________________________________________________ Zaara is my sister. Zaara studies in class 2. b) _____________________________________________________________ Sana and Tina are playing together. c) _____________________________________________________________ Rahul is playing the guitar. Rahul is also a singer. d) _____________________________________________________________ 6) Look at the picture given below. Write four sentences based on the picture. (4M) 4 9/16/19 6:03 PM Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 4

____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ VAacltuiveit-ybased Questions 7) Circle the words which are connected to music. (6M) song chairs plate rhythm dance rhyme beat play pitch 8) Mani loved to play drums. Mention two things that you like to do in your free time. Also, write why you enjoy doing these activities. (5M) ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Fun with Music 5 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 5 13-09-2019 17:42:59

Unit 1: Fun with Music (Section 2 – pages 58–66) Warm Up Count the number of things shown in each picture and write their number names. a) pencils b) balls c) chairs d) toys 6 13-09-2019 17:43:00 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 6

PAictuivrietyGlossary Word Meaning Word Meaning pine lime LAisctetivnity 1) Listen to your teacher and number the rhyming words in the order in which she speaks. Then, read them out sequentially. a) mice–ice b) mine–fine c) kite–site d) hide–ride e) die–lie f) cry–fry ASpcetiavikty 2) Your teacher will divide the class into two groups. Each group will be given a card with a word. A member from group A will read the card aloud. A member from group B will then add an ‘e’ to the word and pronounce the word. The member will also spell out the word. For example, Group A – sit; Group B – site Fun with Music 7 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 7 9/16/19 6:03 PM

RAecatidvity 3) Read out the first stanza as it is given. For the second stanza, add your friend’s name’s first letter and then her or his name as you read aloud the poem. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it, and pat it, and mark it with an “A” Put it in the oven for Amrita and me! Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it, and pat it, and mark it with a “add first letter of your friend’s name” Put it in the oven for “name of your friend” and me! WAcritievity 4) Fill in the blanks by using the action words given below. (2M per question) swing slither swim flutter run gallop a) Some snakes ___________ in the grass as the butterflies ________ on the flowers. b) The monkeys __________ from the trees as the dogs ________ free. c) The turtles ________ in the pond as the horses __________ in the nearby field. 5) Fill in the blanks by using ‘There are’. One is done for you. (1M per question) a) There are three cherries on the plate. 9/16/19 6:03 PM 8 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 8

b) bananas. c) apples. d) books. e) fish. VAacltuiveit-ybased Questions 6) Read the words and take out the word which does not go with the other two words. Then, use the two remaining words to make a sentence. (2M per question) a) bake, cake, ball __________________________________________________________________________ b) garden, building, flowers __________________________________________________________________________ Fun with Music 9 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 9 13-09-2019 17:43:02

c) bed, sing, song __________________________________________________________________________ d) sleep, bed, plate __________________________________________________________________________ e) bat, ball, chair __________________________________________________________________________ Activity 7) Create your own shakers. You need: • two empty plastic bottles • filling for the bottles like sand, beads, rice, beans, etc. • two sticks • coloured paper for decoration • tape • glue Method: Fill the bottles with the fillings. Put a stick inside each bottle and seal it properly using tape. Cover the bottles with coloured papers. Your shakers are ready! 10 13-09-2019 17:43:03 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 10

Unit 2: Wonders of the Jungle (Section 1 – pages 67–77) Warm Up Wild animals live on their own. They find food, shelter, water and all their other needs in their specific natural home. They make their home in both cities and jungles. Name the animals and tell whether they are wild or not by ticking the right option. Name: sq ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Name: mo ___ ___ ___ ___ Wild Not Wild Wild Not Wild Name: sh ___ ___ ___ Name: li ___ ___ Wild Not Wild Wild Not Wild Wonders of the Jungle 11 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 11 9/16/19 6:03 PM

Name: go ___ ___ Name: gi ___ ___ ___ ___ ____ Wild Not Wild Wild Not Wild A PAictuivrietyGlossary Word Meaning Word Meaning fluffy curvy Word Meaning Word Meaning chase striped 12 13-09-2019 17:43:06 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 12

LAisctetivnity 1) Your teacher will read out some actions which animals do. Listen carefully and match the animals with their actions. Animal Names Actions crab swim duck hop frog leap penguin crawl tiger waddle ARecatidvity 2) Read the sentences and then circle the naming words. a) The dog wags his tail. b) The peacock fans out its feathers. c) The giraffe eats grass. d) The kangaroo hops here and there. e) The monkeys climb the tree. Wonders of the Jungle 13 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 13 13-09-2019 17:43:06

3) Read the poem and then act it out with actions. 13-09-2019 17:43:06 Whisky Frisky, Hipperty Hop, Up he goes To the tree top! Whirly, twirly, Round and round, Down he scampers To the ground. Furly, curly, What a tail, Tall as a feather, Broad as a sail. Where’s his supper? In the shell, Snappy, cracky, Out it fell. 14 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 14

AWcritievity 4) Read the story, “Chutti’s Tale”. Then, fill in the blanks using the describing words given below. (1M per question) fluffy striped light tiny happy long a) Chutti was a ________________, __________________ squirrel. b) Chutti’s tail was ___________ and _____________. c) The monkey’s tail was ______________. d) The cat had a ____________ tail. 5) Look at the pictures and name the animals, things, people and places you see. Also, tell if the naming word is a person, place, thing or animal. (2M per question) d ___ ___ a) This is a(n) _______________. c___ ___ ___ ___ b) This is a(n) ____________________. t___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ c) This is a(n) ______________. Wonders of the Jungle 15 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 15 13-09-2019 17:43:07

p___ ___ ___ d) This is a(n) ___________. 6) Read the story, look at the pictures and fill in the missing naming words. (6M) Once, there was a smart little _______________ who met his friend, a __________________ . They both walked to the _______________ hand in hand. When they reached, the ________________ was closed as they were both late. The ______________ gave a loud cry. The ________________ got scared and opened the ________________ when they promised that they would never be late again. 16 9/16/19 6:03 PM Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 16

AVacltuiveit-ybased Questions 7) Write the naming words for twelve things that you see around you in the correct column. (6M) Person Place Thing Animal 8) Do you think Chutti should have been happy with her tail? Give one reason. (4M) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Wonders of the Jungle 17 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 17 9/16/19 6:03 PM

Unit 2: Wonders of the Jungle (Section 2 – pages 78–86) Warm Up Look at the picture and write what each person has. a) The girl has a b __ __. b) The boy has a c __ __. c) The boy and the girl have many b__ __ __ __ __ __ __. d) She has a b__ __ __. PAictuivrietyGlossary Word Meaning Word Meaning toad foal 18 13-09-2019 17:43:10 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 18

LAisctetivnity 1) Listen to your teacher and number the words in the order in which she speaks. Then, read them out sequentially. soak robe hose load hop hope moan bone rose SApcetiavikty 2) Your teacher will divide the class into pairs. One partner in each pair will ask questions about the things that the other partner has. The other partner will answer. For example, Person A: What do you have in your bag? Person B: I have a pencil box. Person A: What do have in the pencil box? Person B: I have pencils and an eraser in my pencil box. ARecatidvity 3) Read out the following sentences slowly and then fast. 19 a) I have a goat in my boat. Wonders of the Jungle Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 19 13-09-2019 17:43:10

b) Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. c) The lone cone stood alone. AWcritievity 4) Fill in the blanks by using ‘has’ or ‘have’ correctly. (1M per question) a) She __________ a dog. b) They __________ a picnic today. c) We ____________ a small house. d) I ____________ a pond near my house. e) He _________ a sweet puppy. 5) Fill in the blanks by using ‘in’, ‘on’ and ‘under’ correctly. (1M per question) a) The eggs are the nest. b) The jug is the table. c) The man is sitting the tree. d) The bear is the jungle. 20 13-09-2019 17:43:11 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 20

e) The keys are the lock. VAacltuiveit-ybased Questions 6) Read, draw and colour based on the sentences given below. (5M) a) Draw a green book on the table. Wonders of the Jungle 21 b) There is a red ball under the table. c) There is a box on the table. 9/16/19 6:03 PM Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 21

d) There is a big pencil in the box. e) There is also a small cat sitting under the table. Activity 7) Given below is a recipe to make sandwiches. But it is all jumbled up. Sequence it correctly and write the recipe down with pictures. • Spread some jam on one slice using a knife. • Cut the sandwich into two triangles. • The sandwiches are ready to eat. • Take two slices of bread. • Put both the slices together. • Spread some butter on the other slice using a knife. 22 13-09-2019 17:43:12 Pinnacle G2_Term 2_English.indb 22

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