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by classklap Oyster Series UKG Name: Section: Roll No.: School:

1) The Greedy Dog....................................................... 3 2) The Lion and the Mouse........................................... 8 3) The Fox and the Grapes.......................................... 11 4) Unity is Strength................................................... 14 5) Ramu and the Wolf................................................ 18 6) The Honest Woodcutter.......................................... 22

1)The Greedy Dog 3

Once, there was a dog whose name was Robby. One day, he was very hungry. So, he went out to the market in search of food. After a while, he found a bone. Oh look – a bone! Today is my lucky day. Robby was excited to chew on his bone in a quiet spot. So, he decided to go to the forest across the river. He had the bone in his mouth. Once I cross this bridge, I will sit down and chew on my bone. 4

While crossing the bridge, he saw his own reflection in the water and stopped to look down. Who is this dog? And he even has a bone. Hmm... I want that bone too. 5

Since he was a greedy dog, he wanted both the bones. So, he opened his mouth. Grr... give me your bone! 6

His own bone fell into the water and Robby realised his mistake. He was very sad. Oh no! Now, I do not have any bone. I should not have been so greedy. 7

2) The Lion and the Mouse 8

There were a lion and a mouse in the jungle. One afternoon while the lion was asleep, the mouse started to play with him. The lion woke up and got angry. The lion wanted to eat the mouse. How dare you disturb me? Ha! Ha! How I will eat you now. will such a tiny thing help me? But okay, I am sorry, Mr. Lion. I will never disturb you again. I will let you live. Please spare me. I promise to help you if you ever need it. 9

A few days later, the lion was trapped in a hunter’s net and roared. The mouse heard the lion and ran to help him. The mouse bit the net and set the lion free. Then, they became best friends. 10

3) The Fox and the Grapes 11

Once, a fox was very hungry. He searched for food everywhere. At last, he saw a bunch of grapes hanging from a grapevine.  Wow! Those grapes look delicious. And I am so hungry! So, he jumped and jumped. But, he could not reach the grapes. They were too high. 12

So, the fox got angry and went away. Those grapes were probably very sour. Good, I could not reach them. 13

4) Unity is Strength 14

Once upon a time, there was a group of doves. One day, they were flying in search of food. The King Dove told them they should fly towards the forest. I think we should fly towards the forest. There will be a lot of food for all of us. The smallest dove found some rice near a tree. They began to eat. Oh look! Here is some rice. Yummy! 15

While the doves were busy eating, a hunter was watching them. The hunter had a gun and was thinking how he could catch all the doves at once. He threw a net on them and all of them were caught. Today is my lucky day! I have caught so many doves. But the King Dove was smart. He softly told the other birds to lift the net and start flying all together on the count of three. One, two, three! Go! Hey! Wait, I will get all of you! 16

The doves lifted the net and flew together quickly. They found a place under a big banyan tree, where the King Dove called his friend, the mouse to help them. Please help us! The hunter will come any moment. Do not worry, King Dove! I will quickly cut the net open. The mouse was very fast in cutting the net open. The doves thanked the mouse and quickly flew away. Thank you, We love you, Mouse! Mouse! You are a true friend, Mouse. Thank you, Mouse! You are the best, Mouse! 17

5) Ramu and the Wolf 18

Ramu lived in a village and looked after the sheep. Each day, he took the sheep to the mountains. One day, he decided to play a trick on the farmers working nearby. Help! Help! A wolf is attacking the sheep! Where, where? 19 Where is the wolf?

When the farmers went to help Ramu, he laughed at them. There is no wolf. I fooled you. That was very rude, boy! A few days later, Ramu cried for help again. Help! Help! A wolf is attacking the sheep! The farmers came running to help him. But 20 they realised Ramu had tricked them again.

And then one day, a wolf really attacked the herd of sheep. Ramu shouted for help again. Help! Help! A wolf is attacking the sheep! But nobody came. Do not lie again, boy! No, no! I am telling the truth this time! The wolf killed all the sheep. Ramu 21 realised he should not play such tricks again. Ramu never lied after that.

6) The Honest Woodcutter 22

One day, a poor woodcutter was working in the forest. He accidentally dropped his axe into the river. Oh God! That was my only axe. I have no money for another one! He was very upset. Just then the River Goddess appeared there. She had three axes in her hand. She held a golden axe out to him. I found these in the river. Is this golden one yours? No. That is not mine. 23

The Goddess then pointed at the silver axe. The woodcutter said that was not his either. Finally, the River Goddess held out the wooden axe. Is this wooden axe yours? Yes! Yes! That is mine. Thank you very much! The River Goddess was happy that the woodcutter was telling the truth. She gave the poor man all three axes and disappeared. 24

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