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GENERAL 3 KNOWLEDGE Name: ___________________________________ Section: ________________ Roll No.: _________ School: __________________________________


Lesson 1 FAMOUS PEOPLE Famous Personalities Hello, I am Aariv. Would you like to play with me? I have a very interesting game in mind. This game is fun and also teaches us about famous people from our country. I will give you a set of clues. Using these clues, identify the person and also find a picture of him or her. Shall we begin? Clues for the first personality • He was born on October 15, 1931. • He was born to a boat owner. • His family was poor. So, at an early age he used to distribute newspaper to support his family. • H e was a very hard-working student. His favourite subjects were Mathematics and Physics. • He is known as the ‘Missile Man of India'. 1

• He became the 11th President of India. • He is known as the 'People's President'. • He died on July 27, 2015. Identify the person and stick his image in the box. Clues for the second personality • He was born on April 7, 1920. • His real name is Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury. • He learnt music and dance at a young age. • He gave up his dancing career to learn music. • He has composed music for a number of films like Gandhi, The Apu Trilogy, etc. • He is one of India’s sitar maestros. Identify the person and stick his image in the box. Clues for the third personality • He was born on October 11, 1942. • His father was a poet. • He was first named ‘Inquilab’. • He is an actor in the Bollywood film industry. • His first film was ‘Saat Hindustani’. • He is considered as India’s ‘Angry young man’. • T he Government of India has honoured him with the Padma Shri, the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan • He has also acted in a Hollywood movie named 'The Great Gatsby'. • He has hosted famous shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati for TV audiences. Identify the person and stick his image in the box. 2

Identify these famous personalities. 1) __________________________________________________ 2) __________________________________________________ 3) __________________________________________________ 3

Lesson 2 INDIAN CULTURE Indian Handicrafts Match the following handicrafts to the states they belong to. Handicrafts [   ] States 1) Tanjore Paintings a) Rajasthan 2) Meena Jewellery [   ] b) Karnataka 3) Bidri Metal work [   ] c) West Bengal 4) Kangra Pottery [   ] d) Maharashtra 5) Kolhapuri Chappals [   ] e) Himachal Pradesh 6) Dhakai Jamdani [   ] f) Tamil Nadu 7) Cane Furniture [   ] g) Assam 8) Pashmina Shawls [   ] h) Kashmir Do In 2012, Madhubani artists created colourful you masterpieces on tree trunks to prevent know? deforestation. 4

Delicacies of India To which state do these dishes belong? 1) ‘Makki Roti’ is a cornmeal Indian bread that tastes fabulous with ‘Sarson saag’, a dish made from mustard greens. ________________________________ 2) Aviyal (avial) is a delicious preparation made with mixed vegetables, curd and coconut, and seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. _______________________________ 3) Dhokla is a savoury cake which this state is famous for. ______________________________ 4) Rasgullas, the fresh cottage cheese-dough balls dipped in a sugary syrup, is a favourite throughout India, but was first made in this state. ________________________________ 5) A simple creation, involving a deep fried potato patty with some coriander and spices placed between a bun, called Vada Pav originated as cheap street food in this state. __________________________ 6) In this state, Pongal is a famous breakfast dish, made from rice, milk and jaggery. ____________________________ 5

Religious Books Complete the crossword by filling in the names of the Holy books of different religions. 1 2 3 4 5 Across: Down: 1) The Holy book of the Jews 1) The Holy book of the Buddhists 5) The Holy book of the Hindus 2) The Holy book of the Sikhs 3) The Holy book of the Muslims 4) The Holy book of the Christians 6

Cities and their Nicknames Guess the name of the city. 1) Golden City of India: ____________________________________ 2) IT Capital of India: ____________________________________ 3) City of Pearls: ____________________________________ 4) Pink City: ____________________________________ 5) God’s own country: ____________________________________ 6) City of Joy: ____________________________________ 7) City of Nawabs: ____________________________________ 8) Temple City: ____________________________________ 9) Financial Capital of India: ____________________________________ 10) Scotland of the East: ____________________________________ Fun There is a floating post office on the Dal Lake, Fact! Srinagar. It was inaugurated in August 2011. 7

Lesson 3 SCIENCE AROUND US Heavenly Bodies With the help of the phrase given below, try and name the planets. ‘My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos’ (Hint: Use the first letters of the words to name the planets.) Some other heavenly bodies are dwarf planets, asteroids and meteors. 8

Find pictures of these heavenly bodies and stick them in the space given below. Information on Satellites 1) There are two types of satellites. Name them. 2) Our Earth has a natural satellite orbiting around it. We see it almost every day. Can you name it? ____________________________________________________________________________ Here are some things to know about satellites. 1) Satellites travel at the speed of nearly 29,000 kilometres per hour. 2) There are about 2271 satellites that orbit the Earth every day. 3) Tick all the options that apply– Satellites are used for the following purposes: Defense Environmental purpose Economical purpose Entertainment purpose Communication purpose 9

Do Satellites in space that are close to the Earth’s atmosphere you may fall back to Earth, since they pass through tiny bits know? of air from the Earth’s atmosphere. This slows their speed down, so they may just come tumbling down to the Earth. Great Inventors and Inventions There are many things that we use every day. Some things were invented to make our life easier. But, do you know that our life has become easier as a result of the hard work of some great men? Let’s do an exercise to learn about some inventors and their inventions. Match the following inventors with their inventions. 1) [ ]  a) Thomas Alva Edison 2) [ ]  b) Galileo 3) [  ] c) Wright Brothers 4) [  ] d) Marconi 5) [ ]  e) Alexander Bell 6) [  ] f) Tim Berners Lee 10

Doctor’s Kit Hello, I am Dr Ray. I work at the Aster hospital. I work with different types of instruments in the hospital. These instruments are important for me as they help me treat patients. I will give you a few pictures and I want you to identify these instruments used by me. I will provide a hint for each instrument. Clue: I use this to listen to the heartbeat of my patient. Ans. _______________________________________________ Clue: I use this instrument to inject medicine into my patient’s body. I also use it to take a sample of my patient’s blood. Ans. _______________________________________________ Clue: I use this to check the temperature of my patient. Ans. _______________________________________________ Clue: I use this to cover my hands during minor or major operations. Ans. _______________________________________________ Clue: I use this to cover small wounds of my patients. Ans. _______________________________________________ Clue: I use these as a tray for my small instruments, tissues, and so on. Ans. _______________________________________________ Solids and Liquids Hi, I am Roshni, I study in Class 3. Yesterday, I learnt about different substances in solid and liquid states. My teacher has given me a worksheet as homework. Can you please help me complete it? 11

The question given below are from Roshni’s worksheet. Help her answer them. Look at the following pictures and write the names of the solid or liquid objects in their respective boxes. Solid Liquid 12

Lesson 4 GREEN EARTH About Plant Kingdom Look at the jumbled words below and try to place the letters in the correct order. ARETW    GTHSLIUN    TINNTURES    IAR _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ Also, identify how these above words are important in the life of a plant. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Look at the following pictures and answer the questions that follow: 13

1) Which part of the plant is shown in the above picture? Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 2) What are the names of the two root systems shown? Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 3) How are the root systems different from each other? Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ Find pictures of 2 plants or trees each with tap and fibrous root systems and stick them in the space provided below. Also, specify the tree or plant name and the type of root it has, below the picture. 14

Plants in Different Regions Match the following descriptions with the respective images. Column A Column B 1) Desert Plants [ ] a) 2) Mountainous Plants [ ] b) 3) Underwater Plants [ ] c) 4) Plants in Swamps [ ] d) 15

Lesson 5 ANIMAL PLANET Largest, Tallest and Fastest Animals Do Rabbits and parrots can see what is behind them you without turning their heads. know? Multiple Choice Questions 1) The largest living bird is the [    ] [    ] (A) Emu (B) Ostrich [    ] (C) Vulture (D) Eagle 2) The smallest bird alive is the  (A) Sparrow (B) Kingfisher (C) Hummingbird (D) Parrot 3) The only mammal that can fly is the  (A) Swan (B) Crow (C) Bat (D) Penguin 16

4) The tallest living animal is the  [    ] [    ] (A) Giraffe (B) Elephant [    ] [    ] (C) Ostrich (D) Brown Bear [    ] [    ] 5) The fastest land animal is the (A) Lion (B) Tiger (C) Cheetah (D) Panther 6) The largest land animal is the (A) Ostrich (B) Giraffe (C) Kangaroo (D) African Elephant 7) The smallest land mammal is the (A) Bumble Bat (B) Dwarf Monkey (C) Pygmy Rabbit (D) Etruscan Shrew 8) The largest mammal that lives in water is the (A) Shark (B) Blue Whale (C) Penguin (D) Crocodile 9) The slowest land animal is the (A) Giant Tortoise (B) Panda (C) Koala Bear (D) Sloth Fun 1. The Australian white-throated turtle can breathe Fact! through its butt. 2. Butterflies taste with their feet. 17

Mammals and Reptiles Reorder and place the right characteristics under the right heading. Word   1. They lay eggs.   6. T hey give birth to young Bank ones.   2. They are warm-blooded.   7. They are cold-blooded.   3. They have fur on their skin.   8. T hey have scales on their skin.   4. They do not care for their young ones.   9. Lizard   5. T hey look after their 10. Bear young ones. Mammals Reptiles 18

Carnivores and Herbivores Identify the following animals as Carnivorous or Herbivorous. 19

Habitats Circle the odd one out. 20

Birds and their Beaks [  ] a) Hooked Beaks [  ] b) Tweezer Beaks Match the beaks with their uses. [  ] c) Tearing Beaks [  ] d) Filtering Beaks 1) T hese beaks help the [  ] e) Cracker Beaks birds tear their food into small pieces that they can swallow. 2) Birds that eat fruit, berries and vegetables have this beak to help them dig into their food. 3) Many birds that eat seeds must be able to crack open the hull that surrounds the seed. This beak helps in that. 4) Birds that pull worms and insects from the ground need these beaks. 5) This bill of a duck is fringed to allow mud and water to escape while straining plants, seeds and small animals for it to eat. 21

Lesson 6 FUN WITH SPORTS It’s a Sporty Affair Look at the pictures and identify the various sports. 22

Match the sportspersons with their respective sports.   C olumn A Column B 1) [   ] a) 2) [   ] b) 3) [   ] c) 4) [   ] d) 5) [   ] e) 23

Identify the sports related to the logos given below. Fun Sports command the largest television audiences, led Fact! by the summer Olympics, the football World Cup and Formula One racing. 24

Identify the images of some well-known football players. Do The five Olympic rings represent the five major regions you of the world– Africa, America, Europe, Asia and know? Oceania. Every national flag in the world includes one of the five colours, which (from left to right) are blue, yellow, black, green and red. 25

Lesson 7 CARTOON CORNER Movie Characters Identify these movies from the pictures given below: 26

Comics Characters [   ] a) Match the Following 1) 2) [   ] b) 3) [   ] c) 4) [   ] d) 5) [   ] e) 27

Lesson 8 MIXED BAG Nicknames for Different Countries Identify the names of the countries and continents from their nicknames, using the jumbled letters. 1) The Dark Continent (faaric) 2) Land of Kangaroos (satruaali) 3) Land of Maples (nacdaa) 4) Gift of the Nile (getyp) 5) Emerald Island (lirnaed) 6) Land of the Eskimos (nregdeanl) 7) Land of the Rising Sun (pjana) 8) Land of the Midnight Sun (ronywa) 9) City of Popes (moer) 10) Land of White Elephants (dthaalni) 11) Uncle Sam (emacari) 28

Superheroes Identify the superheroes from the clues given below. 1) Kryptonite is my only weakness. Ans. ____________________________________________________________ 2) Robin is my sidekick. Ans. ____________________________________________________________ 3) This is my logo. Ans. ____________________________________________________________ 4) This is what I wear to protect myself from bad guys. Ans. ____________________________________________________________ 5) I got my powers when I was bitten by a radioactive spider. Ans. ____________________________________________________________ 6) When I get angry I become an angry green man. Ans. ____________________________________________________________ 7) Born in the Amazon, I am a female superhero with indestructible bracelets and an invisible plane. Ans. ____________________________________________________________ 29

Professions From the following tools, identify the occupation. 1) [  ]  a) Policeman 2) [  ]  b) Doctor 3) [  ]  c) Chef 4) [  ]  d) Teacher 5) [  ]  e) Fireman 30

Lesson 9 WORLD HISTORY Civilisations From the word bank below, choose the correct answer for the following questions based on the important civilisations of the world. Word The Indus Valley Civilisation The Egyptian Civilisation Bank The Roman Civilisation The Greek Civilisation The Chinese Civilisation The Mayan Civilisation The Persian Civilisation The Inca Civilisation The Mesopotamian Civilisation 1) The largest empire in North America in the Pre-Columbian era. This civilisation flourished in the areas of present-day Ecuador, Peru and Chile, and had its administrative, military and political centre located at Cusco, which lies in modern-day Peru. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 31

2) The early part of this civilisation was governed by kings, but after only seven of them had ruled, the people took control over their own city and ruled themselves. They had a council known as the ‘Senate’ which ruled over them. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 3) From the southern regions of Egypt to parts of Greece and then east to parts of India, this civilisation was known for its military strength and wise rulers. They created such a vast empire within a period of just 200 years, before 550 BC. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 4) This civilisation created the ancient Olympics, the concept of democracy and a senate. They created the base for modern geometry, biology and physics. Pythagoras, Archimedes, Socrates, Euclid, Plato, Aristotle and Alexander the great- history books are full of such names whose inventions, theories, beliefs and heroics have had a significant influence on subsequent civilisations that came. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 5) The Yellow river civilisation is said to be one of the cradles of civilisation, as this is where some of the earliest dynasties were based. It was around 2700 BC that the legendary Yellow emperor began his rule, a point in time that later led to the birth of many dynasties that went on to rule this mainland. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 32

6) This ancient civilisation flourished in Central America from about 2600 BC and has been much talked about in recent times because of the timeline in the calendar they had created. Once the civilisation was established, it went on to prosper and become one of the most sophisticated civilisations, with a booming population of about 19 million at its peak. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 7) This ancient civilisation is known for the long-standing pyramids and the Sphinx, the Pharaohs and the once majestic civilisation that resided on the banks of the river Nile. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 8) The civilisation flourished in areas extending from present-day northeast Afghanistan to Pakistan and northwest India. It was one of the three early civilisations of the Old World. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 9) The first of the civilisations to have emerged on the face of planet Earth since the evolution of humans. The timeline of this ancient civilisation is usually considered to be around 3300–750 BC. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ Do Ancient Egyptians mummified not only people but you animals too. Archaeologists have discovered a know? 15-foot long mummified crocodile. 33

Great Indian Kings R P S E BQP S ARM CA F G I O L X P A Y MT N F KHAV E PD P AQ J D R U Z V S Z Y R DO I N ZWR U L Z P M P V T K S MC J U AWGO R S E A N D O N T B F X H I WQ X LAY I EC I YNLA I R I K I GV X NG S SARAB KAPCJ H QHN R L V J FMYO WA B Z Y P I K D E K J MA E QA E R J H A 1) He was a Hindu Rajput ruler of Mewar, a region in north-western India in the present-day state of Rajasthan. __________________________________________ 2) He was the founder of the Sikh Empire that was based in Punjab and brought the whole of central Punjab from the Sutlej to the Jhelum under his rule. __________________________________________ 34

3) He was also known as Hemchandra Vikramaditya. Born into a humble family, he was a Hindu emperor in North India during the 16th century BC. __________________________________________ 4) He was the founder and the greatest king of the Maratha Empire. Hailing from the Bhosle Maratha clan, he created an independent Maratha kingdom with Raigad as its capital. __________________________________________ 5) He is attributed to the global spread of Buddhism and the emblem of modern India, the Lion Capital, is derived from his reign. __________________________________________ 6) The third ruler of the Mughal Dynasty, he succeeded Humayun at a very young age. He went on to become one of the greatest rulers in Indian history. __________________________________________ Do Maharana Pratap was 7.5 feet tall. He used to you wear 110 kg of armour and loudly took on his rivals know? with his 2 heavy swords, sometimes for as long as months. Mughal Kings [  ] a) Match the Following 1) I am the first Mughal king who succeeded in capturing parts of northern India by defeating the Rajputs. Babur 35

2) I am the king who imprisoned my own [  ] b) father and executed my brothers and nephew in order to become king. Humayun 3) I am the king who built the famous Taj [  ] c) Mahal, a tomb for my beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Jahangir 4) I am the son of Babur, who ascended the [  ] d) throne after his death. 5) I am famous for my ‘Chain of Justice’, [  ] Aurangzeb which was a golden chain attached to e) some bells outside my palace and which could be rung by anyone who wanted to seek justice. Shah Jahan Nobel Prize Winners Multiple Choice Questions 1) Who was the first Asian winner of Nobel Prize? (A) CV Raman (B) Rajiv Gandhi (C) Rabindranath Tagore (D) Mother Teresa 36

2) In which city is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded? (A) Oslo (B) Stockholm (C) Brussels (D) Geneva 3) Who is the only Indian to win the Nobel Prize in physics? (A) JC Bose (B) CV Raman (C) Vikram Sarabhai (D) HJ Bhabha 4) How many the Nobel Laureates have been women? (A) 63 (B) 100 (C) 68 (D) 48 5) Who was first winner of the Nobel Prize for peace from India? (A) CV Raman (B) Amartya Sen (C) Mother Teresa (D) Kailash Satyarthi 6) Albert Einstein won Nobel Prize in the year________________. (A) 1923 (B) 1924 (C) 1921 (D) 1922 7) When the Nobel Prize was established in 1901, there were only 5 awards. Which of these awards was added in 1968? (A) Physics (B) Peace (C) Economics (D) Literature 8) What do the winners of the Nobel Prizes receive? (A) A diploma and money (B) Money, a diploma and a gold medal (C) A gold medal and a diploma (D) A gold medal and money Do The Nobel Prizes were created by Alfred Nobel, who you happens to be the inventor of dynamite. know? 37

Lesson 10 POLITICS Political Parties and Symbols Multiple Choice Questions 1) stands for ________________.  [    ] (A) Indian National Congress (B) Bharatiya Janata Party (C) Communist Party of India (D) Aam Admi Party 2) stands for ________________. [    ] (A) Indian National Congress (B) Bharatiya Janata Party (C) Communist Party of India (D) Aam Admi Party 3) stands for ________________. [    ] (A) Indian National Congress (C) Communist Party of India (B) Bharatiya Janata Party (D) Aam Admi Party 38

4) stands for ________________. [    ] (A) Indian National Congress (B) Bharatiya Janata Party (C) Bahujan Samaj Party (D) Aam Aadmi Party 5) stands for ________________. [    ] (A) Indian National Congress (B) Bharatiya Janata Party (C) Communist Party of India (D) Aam Aadmi Party Do Congress is one of the oldest parties you in India. It has served both central know? government and state governments for several years. Chief Ministers Answer in a sentence. 1) Who is a Chief Minister? Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 2) Name the Chief Minister of your state. Also, find a picture of him/her and stick it in your notebook and write a short note on their contribution to society. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 3) Find pictures of four female Chief Ministers in India and stick them in the box below. 39

• The picture is of a very famous actress from the southern film industry. • She was born in 1948. • She started acting when she was 15 year old. • She entered politics in 1982. • She was the Chief Minister of a southern region. Can you name her? Write the name of the state. Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ Multiple Choice Questions 1) Who is the youngest Chief Minister of India till date? [    ] [    ] (A) Arvind Kejriwal (B) Omar Abdullah (B) Omar Adbullah (D) M.O.H Farook Maricar 2) Who was the first Chief Minister of Delhi, the capital of India? (A) Sahib Singh Verma (B) GN Singh (C) Chaudhary Braham Prakash (D) Madan Lal Khurana Presidents and Prime Ministers Look at the following pictures and find out who were or are the Presidents and Prime ministers of India. Name : ____________________________________ Post : ____________________________________ Years in office : ____________________________________ 40

Name : ____________________________________ Post : ____________________________________ Years in office : ____________________________________ Name : ____________________________________ Post : ____________________________________ Years in office : ____________________________________ Name : ____________________________________ Post : ____________________________________ Years in office : ____________________________________ 41

LESSON 11 GLOBE TRAVELLERS Let Us Travel to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China Match the following flags with their respective countries. 1) [  ]  a) Nepal 2) [  ]  b) Sri Lanka 3) [  ]  c) Bangladesh 4) [   ] d) China 5) [  ]  e) Pakistan 42

Fill in the missing information in the table. Country Capital Currency National Language Urdu Pakistan Islamabad China Standard Mandarin Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladeshi Taka Nepal Kathmandu Nepalese Rupee Sri Lanka Identify the country to which the traditional dresses and foods in the following pictures belong. 1) Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 2) Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 43

3) Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 4) Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 5) Ans. __________________________________________________________________________ 44

Match the famous person of the country to a famous place located in that country. Famous Person Famous Place 1) a) Sheikh Hasina [   ] Great Wall of China 2) b) Manisha Koirala [   ] 3)   Shalimar Garden, Lahore Malala Yousafzai c) 4) [   ] Lalbagh fort, Dhaka d) [   ] Jacqueline Fernandez Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu 5)    e) [   ] Jackie Chan Sri pada or Adam’s peak 45

Find out about festivals celebrated in the following countries and stick pictures of the festivals: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China and Nepal 46

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