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60467_ BGM048_ 182010018-Panda-UKG-Integrated-Learnmax-Term3

Published by IMAX, 2020-04-09 09:21:01

Description: 60467_ BGM048_ 182010018-Panda-UKG-Integrated-Learnmax-Term3


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5. Reptiles and Insects Mark Insects and Reptiles Circle(O) the insects and tick(P) the reptiles. Snake Grasshopper Butterfly Cockroach Spider Chameleon Turtle Ladybug Mosquito Ant Lizard Honey Bee 51

6. Professions Match Description to Pictures Read the sentences and match to the correct helper. I guard buildings. Plumber I mend your shoes. Carpenter I fix leaking taps. Cobbler I keep surroundings clean. Watchman I make tables and chairs. Sweeper 52

Identify the Helper Read the sentences and help the children go to the right person. 1. Neha is sick. She needs to go to a 2. Mohan’s shoe is broken. He needs to go to a 3. Mrs. Das’s purse got stolen. She needs to go to a 4. Minnie’s kitchen pipe is leaking. She needs to call a Plumber Doctor Cobbler Policeman 53

7. Good Manners Choose the Correct Answer Tick(P) the statements which are correct and cross(X) the incorrect ones. 1. We should use a napkin while eating. ( ) 2. We should not share food with our friends. ( ) 3. We should not spill food while eating. ( ) 4. We should chew food with our mouth closed. ( ) 54

Mark the Children with Good Values Tick(P) the picture in each row that shows a good value. Johnny, Johnny, did you finish did you finish the the chocolate? chocolate? No! Yes Papa. I am sorry, I did not share. 55

8. Save Our Earth Mark Saving Earth Choices Tick(P) the choices that will help in protecting our earth. 56

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