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Vocab_grade 3.indb 1 3 my VOCABULARY book Name: ___________________________________ Section: ________________ Roll No.: _________ School: __________________________________ 05/11/2018 13:49:02

Content 1. Features____________________________________ 01 2. Grade 1 Wordlist____________________________ 02 3. Grade 2 Wordlist____________________________ 03 4. Revision Activities___________________________ 04 5. Set – A Wordlist______________________________ 07 6. Set – B Wordlist______________________________ 14 7. Set – C Wordlist______________________________ 21 8. Set – D Wordlist______________________________ 28 9. Set – E Wordlist______________________________ 35 10. Set – F Wordlist______________________________ 42 11. Set – G Wordlist_____________________________ 49 12. Set – H Wordlist______________________________ 56 Vocab_grade 3.indb 2 05/11/2018 13:49:02

Features This shows whether this word is a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, pronoun or How to use this vocabulary book preposition. This is the base word. This tells you the meaning of the word. If a In the brackets you can see other forms word has more than one meaning, they are of the word like plural forms of nouns or given using a semicolon (;). The first meaning different tenses of verbs. is the most common one. The word has been broken into syllables (smaller sounds) using this line. Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture Spelling balloon (balloons) noun – a bag filled with There were many air or another gas at the party. Write the spelling of the Write the meaning Fill in the blanks. Draw a picture of the word. Read out the word of the word. example sentence or of every time you write Write your own your own sentence. it, keeping the syllable sentence using the breakdown in mind. word. Vocab_grade 3.indb 1 1 05/11/2018 13:49:03

Grade 1 Wordlist about does hint pencil than action draw item people their activity drink language person there application each lesson plant these below every like present they best example living recall thing bird exercise magic relate think birthday family make remember tick book figure many room time call find match school tree capital flower maths season under chocolate food measure section understanding choose form money sentence vegetable coin formal month shape vocabulary colour friend mother shown water column from mouse skill wheel come fruit name sound when complete girl note star where concept grade number stop will cook grammar object sweet year creative group opposite table your cross hand order talk dictation help other teacher 05/11/2018 13:49:03 different higher part tell 2 Vocab_grade 3.indb 2

Grade 2 Wordlist always cream junk parent start apple cycle king past story around difference last pattern student balloon dirty length pizza study banana dress light possessive subject base event line potato subtract beach false lion proper tiger bicycle father list protect till blue feature made punctuation together brother feminine mark quantity tomato brush fill meal rectangle total butterfly first meaning replace transportation cake fish measurement represent travel capacity football member shadow true chapter game miss shelter type children gift move side unit class good movement simple walk clock grandfather mummy sister watch clothes grandparent need sleep week compare happen next solve weight continuous hour noise some yesterday contraction hundred only spelling count insect orange stand cousin join paragraph standard Vocab_grade 3.indb 3 3 05/11/2018 13:49:03

Revision Activities Shadow quantity A) Find the given words in the grid below. member feature D I R T Y B J L B SAKVV I dirty F K A E AWM R K H A G E S N shape Q P J B Y I K NCAGVWH J season U Z U DGP T L R P J T B AC group A F P GU P OC E E HCCD B creative N P H F B HGOA R Y H U OH T U H G F H R H T P P T X WW I S I P E ENZ I GL ZUVK T U M I AQ D T V S GW P Z U YOH Z T F D B E S X I C T L NG L AU F F K P K P V BG Z BMJGROU P I T P L Z Z I M E MB E R K Z CQD J U BM S L V S E A S ON R L I Z G J QK B R XR HUHKCJ J H B 4 05/11/2018 13:49:04 Vocab_grade 3.indb 4

B) Fill in the blanks and complete the crossword. 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 Across Down 2 My mother goes to office to earn __________. 1 Red is my favourite __________. 4 Disha is my best __________. 3 Umbrellas _________ you from the rain. 6 Maths is my favourite ___________. 5 The teacher taught this ___________ well. 8 Delhi is the __________ of India. 7 It took me time to ____________ this puzzle. Vocab_grade 3.indb 5 Revision Activities 5 05/11/2018 13:49:04

C) Fill in the blanks. Choose the correct answer from the options given in the brackets. 1. My favourite flavour of cake is _______________. (choclate / chocolate) 2. The table had many rows, but only one _____________. (column / colum) 3. The teacher explained the ____________ really well. (consept / concept) 4. We should ________________ daily to stay healthy and happy. (exercise / exersize) 5. Do you know _____________ the Great Wall of China is? (where / wear) 6. Raj enjoys the different festivals we celebrate every ___________. (ear / year) 7. We should sleep for at least eight __________ every night. (ours / hours) 8. Nita likes every __________ of flower. (tipe / type) 9. There is a lot of _____________ during the day because of the Sun. (light / lite) 10. Neha eats __________ fruits every day. (sum / some) 11. The box had too much _____________ for Varun to carry. (weight / wait) 12. Amit had to ___________ fast to catch the bus. (moov / move) 13. Rose is my favourite _____________. (flower / flour) 14. Naina is a good ___________. She studies every day. (gurl / girl) 15. I had studied the _____________ well, so I could answer all the questions. (lesson / lessen) 6 05/11/2018 13:49:04 Vocab_grade 3.indb 6

Set Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture A animal (animals) noun – living things that An elephant is a large are not people or plants _____________. bake (bakes, baking, verb – to cook in an Mom __________ a cake for oven my birthday. baked) diary (diaries) noun – a book for My father writes in his writing your thoughts ___________ every day. and daily events Vocab_grade 3.indb 7 77 05/11/2018 13:49:04

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture grandma noun – the mother of My _____________ tells us your father or mother; stories every night. (grandmas) grandmother guitar (guitars) noun – a musical My uncle gave me a instrument __________ for my birthday. holiday (holidays) noun – a day when We have a ______________ on you are free from work Christmas. or school 88 05/11/2018 13:49:04 Vocab_grade 3.indb 8

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture photo (photos) noun – a picture I love to take ___________ of made using a camera; my family. photograph place (places) noun – a certain area Tanvi’s favourite __________ is or space the library. should verb – a word used to We _____________ brush our show that something teeth every day. must be done Vocab_grade 3.indb 9 Set – A Wordlist 9 9 05/11/2018 13:49:04

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture tomorrow adverb, noun – the day If today is Sunday, then that comes after today ________________ is Monday. vacation (vacations) noun – a period of rest They went to America for from school, work or their ______________. other activities very adverb – a lot It is ________ cold tonight. 1010 05/11/2018 13:49:04 Vocab_grade 3.indb 10

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture go (goes, going, went, verb – to go from one We ____________ on a school place to another; to trip to the museum. gone) move or travel answer (answers, verb, noun - something Vijay _______________________ you say or write when correctly. answering, answered) someone asks you a question bracket (brackets) noun – one of a pair (This sentence is in of marks ( ) that are __________________________.) used around a word, sentence or number Vocab_grade 3.indb 11 Set – A Wordlist 1111 05/11/2018 13:49:04

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture choice (choices) noun – choose Pizza is an unhealthy between many things ____________________ of food. blank (blanks) adjective, noun – an My drawing book has empty space; without __________________ pages. any marks or writing explain (explains, verb – to help someone Our teacher understand something _________________ the poem. explaining, explained) 1212 05/11/2018 13:49:05 Vocab_grade 3.indb 12

A) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. holidays guitar tomorrow very grandma bakes vacation My summer h­ olidays start from _______________. Every summer my parents and I go on a ____________________. We visit different places. This time I am going to visit my _______________________. I love the cakes that she ______________. My grandma is a ____________ good storyteller. She can play the ____________________. She is going to teach me how to play it. I love visiting my grandma. She is the best. B) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. place animals went explained diary should photos Last Sunday, our school took us on a picnic. We went to my favourite ____________. It has a lot of _______________. Can you guess where we went? Yes, it is the zoo. I have been to the zoo many times. But I still love to go there. My favourite animal is the tiger. Our teacher ________________ what each animal was. I noted everything down in my ____________. Some children were teasing the animals. Our teacher told us that we _______________ not tease them. We took many ________________. There were plenty of games and food at the picnic. We had a lot of fun. Vocab_grade 3.indb 13 Set – A Wordlist 13 05/11/2018 13:49:05

Set Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture B adverb – too; as well Santa Claus is _______ known as Father Christmas. also arrange (arranges, verb – to put things in Beena ____________ the order so that they look flowers every day. arranging, arranged) neat or correct because conjunction – for the There is no school today reason that __________ it is raining heavily. 14 05/11/2018 13:49:05 Vocab_grade 3.indb 14

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture candy (candies) noun – food usually Mohit ate a whole box of made of sugar ___________ . celebrate verb – to do something I love to ________________ enjoyable for a special Diwali. (celebrates, celebrating, reason celebrated) community noun – a group of The people in our people who live in the ________________ celebrate (communities) same place Christmas together. Vocab_grade 3.indb 15 Set – B Wordlist 15 05/11/2018 13:49:05

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture festival (festivals) noun – a special event Holi is a colourful __________ . that repeats, often once a year flavour (flavours) noun – the taste of Ice cream comes in many food or drink ____________. floor (floors) noun – the surface on Our dog likes to sleep on the which one stands _______. 16 05/11/2018 13:49:05 Vocab_grade 3.indb 16

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture house (houses) noun – a building Our grandma’s __________ is where someone lives very big. market (markets) noun – a place where Fruits and vegetables are people buy and sell sold at the farmers’ ________. things planet (planets) noun – a large body in Earth is the __________ that outer space that circles we live on. around a star Vocab_grade 3.indb 17 Set – B Wordlist 17 05/11/2018 13:49:05

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture play (plays, playing, verb – to take part in a I love to __________ tennis. game played) purchase (purchases, verb – to buy something Dad _______________________ a new car. purchasing, purchased) circle (circles) noun – a round shape, The children sat in a like a ring or a wheel _______________ at story time. 18 05/11/2018 13:49:05 Vocab_grade 3.indb 18

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture correct (corrects, verb, adjective – ______________ answers will correcting, corrected) to fix the mistakes; get you full marks. not wrong; with no mistakes describe (describes, verb – to say or write Piyush ______________________ what something or how he celebrated his describing, described) someone is like birthday. done verb – finished or Neha has __________________ completed her homework. Vocab_grade 3.indb 19 Set – B Wordlist 19 05/11/2018 13:49:05

A) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. because candies purchased play community celebrate flavour Tomorrow is a very special day because it is my birthday. I will __________________ it with my family and friends. In the morning, I will wear a new dress to school and distribute ______________. I have invited my friends to my party in the evening. These friends live in my ________________. I will wear a beautiful blue dress for the party. I will cut a cake. My mom is going to bake a chocolate cake. Chocolate is my favourite _________________. There will be many tasty things to eat and lots of games to ___________. My grandparents have ______________ a s­­­ pecial gift for me. I do not know what it is. It is a surprise. Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever. B) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. festival planet also floor house arranges market The festival I love to celebrate is Diwali. On that day, we take a bath early in the morning and wear new clothes. My mother decorates our ____________ with flowers. She _________ draws a beautiful rangoli. She makes it o­­­ n the __________. I help her. My dad and I go to the ___________to buy crackers. At night, my mother lights lamps and __________________ them in front of the house. This year I will not burst crackers. My teacher told us that bursting crackers will harm our _____________. 20 05/11/2018 13:49:05 Vocab_grade 3.indb 20

Set Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture C bench (benches) noun – a long, wooden There are many ___________ seat in our school. chart (charts) noun – a map or I made a _________________ diagram that provides of healthy foods to eat. information collect (collects, verb – to bring Kabir likes to _______________ together; to gather story books. collecting, collected) together Vocab_grade 3.indb 21 21 05/11/2018 13:49:05

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture collection noun – a gathering of Rohan has a nice a group of things of the ____________________ of toys. same type comparison noun – to speak of In ________________________ something or someone to my brother, I am quite tall. as the same as another data noun – facts and figures Computers can store a large about something amount of _________. 22 05/11/2018 13:49:05 Vocab_grade 3.indb 22

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture down adverb, preposition – to The dry leaves fell __________. a lower place give (gives, giving, verb – to let somebody Cows _____________________ have something; to milk. gave, given) produce guide (guides, guiding, verb – to show the way; Some dogs are trained to to offer advice ______________ blind people. guided) Vocab_grade 3.indb 23 Set – C Wordlist 23 05/11/2018 13:49:06

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture home (homes) noun – a place where The forest is __________ to a person or an animal many animals. lives possession noun – having or The little boy’s bicycle was owning something his favourite _______________. (possessions) take (takes, taking, verb – to carry or to Aditi forgot to ________ her bring umbrella. took, taken) 24 05/11/2018 13:49:06 Vocab_grade 3.indb 24

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture unhappy (unhappier, adverb – not happy or Ashok was ____________ when he lost his book. unhappiest) cheerful; sad want (wants, wanting, verb – to wish or need Nisha __________ a puppy for something her birthday. wanted) following noun, adjective – The ___________________ something that comes year, I will be in Class Four. next or below Vocab_grade 3.indb 25 Set – C Wordlist 25 05/11/2018 13:49:06

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture given adjective – use from; We are making sentences based on; provided using the ____________ words. how adverb – in what ___________ are you feeling? way; for what reason; used to ask about the condition or quality of something identify (identifies, verb – to recognise I ______________________ all something or someone the fruits in the book. identifying, identified) by name 26 05/11/2018 13:49:06 Vocab_grade 3.indb 26

A) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. collecting guides comparison collection possession chart data Hi! My name is Kunal. My hobby is collecting coins. I have a big ________________ of old and new coins. My best friend Praveen also collects coins. He has more coins in _____________ to me. I have prepared a ___________ about my collection. I have all the _____________ on it. I am always trying to come into _____________________ of new coins. My grandfather ______________ me and sometimes gives me rare coins. B) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. bench unhappy take down wants gave home One day I was sitting on a bench in the park. I heard a puppy cry. I looked _____________. I saw a cute puppy. I think he was lost. I took him ______________. My mother ____________ him some milk to drink. I named him Timmy. I _____________ Timmy for a walk every day. He follows me wherever I go. He always ______________ to play with me. So, he is ________________ when I go to school. Timmy is my best friend. Vocab_grade 3.indb 27 Set – C Wordlist 27 05/11/2018 13:49:06

Set Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture D adjective – simplest or Food is a ___________ most important things necessity. basic crop (crops) noun – a vegetable or Rice and wheat are our plant that is grown on main ______________________. a farm for food degree (degrees) noun – a unit used to Water boils at 100 _________ measure temperature Celsius. and angles 28 05/11/2018 13:49:06 Vocab_grade 3.indb 28

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture discover (discovers, verb – to find or see Columbus _____________ before anyone else America in 1492. discovering, discovered) divide (divides, dividing, verb – to separate into Six ____________ by two is divided) two or more parts three. estimate (estimates, verb – to guess about They ___________________ the value, size or cost the distance as about three estimating, estimated) of something kilometres. Vocab_grade 3.indb 29 Set – D Wordlist 29 05/11/2018 13:49:06

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture kilometre noun – a unit for We travelled 700 ___________ (kilometres) measuring distance; in four days. equal to 1000 metres live (lives, living, lived) verb – to have life Plants need water to _______ and grow. long (longer, longest) adjective – great length The giraffe has a in distance or time ______________________ neck. 30 05/11/2018 13:49:06 Vocab_grade 3.indb 30

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture mountain noun – a very high hill Mount Everest is the highest ________________ in the world. (mountains) neighbour noun – someone who Bangladesh is a ____________ lives near you of India. (neighbours) occupation noun – the work a Teaching is his ______________. person does to earn (occupations) money; a job Vocab_grade 3.indb 31 Set – D Wordlist 31 05/11/2018 13:49:06

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture rice noun – the grains of a My mother makes tasty kheer grass-like plant that is with _________. eaten as food sheep noun – a farm animal Lambs are baby ___________. raised for its wool and meat symbol (symbols) noun – an object or The dove is a ____________ of picture that means peace. something else 32 05/11/2018 13:49:06 Vocab_grade 3.indb 32

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture look (looks, looking, verb – to use your eyes I feel happy when I ________ to see something at my puppy. looked) multiple adjective – having or The old house had _________ made of more than rooms. one part; many question (questions) noun – a sentence that Faizal raised his hand to asks for information or answer the ______________. an answer Vocab_grade 3.indb 33 Set – D Wordlist 33 05/11/2018 13:49:06

A) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. mountains sheep basic degrees discover long kilometres I love to climb mountains. Once, my friends and I went to Sikkim to climb a mountain there. It was about fifty ______________ away from our hotel. We took with us only the ___________ things we needed – food, water and warm clothes. It was very cold on the mountain. The temperature was six ____________________ Celsius. It was a ____________ way to the top. We were lucky to ______________ a deep cave near the top. We rested there for some time. We were surprised to see some _________________ at the top of the mountain. It was very exciting. B) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. live symbol estimates crops occupation divided rice neighbours I am Jia. I live in a beautiful country, India. It is _______________ into 29 states and 7 union territories. According to _______________, 1.21 billion people live in India. Farming is our main __________________. Many ________________ are grown in India. But, ______________ is the most important crop. Countries such as Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Afghanistan are our _________________. Our national flag is a ________________of peace and unity. India is my mother country and I love it very much. 34 05/11/2018 13:49:07 Vocab_grade 3.indb 34

Set Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture E adjective – a person My teddy bear is very you love _________ to me. dear (dearer, dearest) stamp (stamps) noun – a sticker put on Pinky likes to collect mail to show that you ____________. have paid for posting it packet (packets) noun – a box or Vivek ate a whole __________ envelope in which of biscuits. things are packed Vocab_grade 3.indb 35 35 05/11/2018 13:49:07

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture whom pronoun – what person The girl to ___________ you or persons spoke is my cousin. letter (letters) noun – a message that My friend and I write you write to somebody _________ to each other. read (reads, reading, verb – to look at and Neena is __________ a book understand words that about birds. read) are written down 36 05/11/2018 13:49:07 Vocab_grade 3.indb 36

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture communication noun – sharing or The telephone is a common exchange of messages means of __________________. or ideas social adjective – relating to Ants and bees are _________ society and the way animals. people live refer (refers, referring, verb – to look for Always __________ to a good information from dictionary for difficult words. referred) Vocab_grade 3.indb 37 Set – E Wordlist 37 05/11/2018 13:49:07

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture source (sources) noun – the place Oranges are a good where something _______________ of vitamin C. comes from or is found passage (passages) noun – a short section He wrote a ________________ of a book, poem, from the book. speech, etc. image (images) noun – a picture of The dog barked at his something or someone _______________ in the mirror. 38 05/11/2018 13:49:07 Vocab_grade 3.indb 38

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture homework noun – a work that I watch TV after finishing my your teacher asks you _________________________. to do at home plain (plains) noun – a large, flat Many rivers flow through the area of land without _________________ of India. trees date (dates) noun – a particular day What is today’s of a month or year _____________________? Vocab_grade 3.indb 39 Set – E Wordlist 39 05/11/2018 13:49:07

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture rewrite (rewriting, verb – to write again Teacher told us to __________ rewrote, rewritten) the answers. short (shorter, shortest) adjective – not long; A new baby’s hair is very _______________________. not tall show (shows, showing, verb – to let someone Simi ________ her report card see something; to to her parents. showed, shown) teach or explain by example 40 05/11/2018 13:49:07 Vocab_grade 3.indb 40

A) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. dear letter packet communication read stamp whom Once, I saw my dear grandpa put some papers in a ____________. Then, he put a sticker on it. He said that it was a ___________ to my uncle in America. He told me that the packet is called an envelope and the sticker is a ___________. Grandpa explained that a letter is a written message that people send to each other. He said that it was a common means of ______________ before the invention of the internet. The address of the person to __________ you send the letter, is written on the envelope. After that, the envelope is put in a letterbox. The postman collects the letters and delivers them. Now, my grandpa and I write letters to each other. I love to ___________ his letters. B) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. social images passage referred plains homework source Our Social Studies teacher gave us some _________________. She told us to write a __________ on any topic. I wrote about the Northern __________ of India. I also wrote about the __________ of the rivers that flow there. I ___________ to the Internet with my mother’s help. I took some good __________ of the Northern Plains from there and pasted them in my book. Vocab_grade 3.indb 41 Set – E Wordlist 41 05/11/2018 13:49:07

Set Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture F noun – a picture that I won second prize for my someone has painted _____________. painting (paintings) much (more, most) adjective – a large I like my new pen very amount ___________. entry (entries) noun – a way into a The ____________ to my place school is lined with trees. 42 05/11/2018 13:49:07 Vocab_grade 3.indb 42

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture movie (movies) noun – a film; a moving The hero rides a horse in the picture ______________. picture noun – a painting, My dad keeps a ___________ drawing or photograph of me and my sister in his wallet. ticket (tickets) noun – a piece of We bought ____________ to paper needed to enter go the water park. a place or transport Vocab_grade 3.indb 43 Set – F Wordlist 43 05/11/2018 13:49:08

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture description noun – using words to The poet gave a beautiful tell what something is _____________ of the garden. or was like relative (relatives) noun – a member of All my ____________ came to your family my brother’s wedding. minute noun – a measure Javed scored a goal in the of time equal to 60 last ___________ of the game. seconds 44 05/11/2018 13:49:08 Vocab_grade 3.indb 44

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture herself pronoun – her own self Nimmi walks to school by ______________. habit (habits) noun – a behaviour Brushing your teeth before that a person repeats bed is a good _____________. often equally adverb – in an equal We shared the food manner; to the same ___________. degree or extent Vocab_grade 3.indb 45 Set – F Wordlist 45 05/11/2018 13:49:08

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture mean (meaner, adjective – not nice; The fairy turned the ________ unkind; unpleasant man into a frog. meanest) share (shares, sharing, verb – to divide Vishal and Amit ____________ something between the bread. shared) two or more people informal adjective – relaxed I wore jeans because it was and friendly; casual; an __________________ party. not official 46 05/11/2018 13:49:08 Vocab_grade 3.indb 46

Spelling Meaning Sentence Picture solution (solutions) noun – the answer to a Good food is the problem or question ___________________ to good health. trace (traces, tracing, verb – to copy a picture Sejal ___________ the picture traced) by covering it with a of a tiger from a book. thin sheet of paper underline (underlines, verb – to draw a line Nisha ___________ the spelling underlining, underlined) under a word or words in her workbook. sentence Vocab_grade 3.indb 47 Set – F Wordlist 47 05/11/2018 13:49:08

A) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. paintings description entry pictures much movie tickets There is an art museum in our town. There are many wonderful paintings there. Under each painting is a ________________ of the artist. A short ____________ about art is also shown at the museum. _______________ into the museum is free. But you have to buy ______________ to watch the movie. Visitors can take ____________ of the paintings. There is ____________ to learn there. B) Fill in the blanks using the given words. The first one is done for you. relative minute herself habit equally mean share Mini is my cousin. She is my closest relative. She visits us often along with her parents. She brings chocolates. We share them ______________. Mother says that sharing is a good _______________. We ____________ our toys and dresses as well. We spend every _____________ together. We play many games. We don’t fight. We are never _____________ to each other. On Friendship Day, she made a friendship band for me by ______________. 48 05/11/2018 13:49:08 Vocab_grade 3.indb 48

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