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New Words Word Meaning Example starve companions to suffer extreme hunger Without food, the animals farmyard enquiries would starve. feast frightened one that stays with Tommy was the best perched puzzled another; friends companion for Rohan. stumbled land around, or enclosed Jack loved to sit in his trembling by farm buildings farmyard. to find/get information We enquired about the tickets. a grand and special meal Kim enjoyed the feast prepared by her mother. scared The shadow of the cat frightened Joe. sit or rest on something The crows perched on the rooftop. confused We were puzzled during the magic show. to hit your foot on I stumbled across the room in something when you are the darkness. walking or running so that you fall or almost fall shaking slightly when The child trembled in fear afraid, nervous, excited when he saw the robbers. 45 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 51 The Bremen Town Musicians 3/12/2018 2:40:29 PM

Lesson 28: Baby’s Dress I have read a poem called ‘Baby’s Dress’. Here, a mother thinks about different elements of nature that can help dress her baby. She tells us about flowers like bluebells and lilies that will lend colour to her baby’s dress. She also talks about the leaves from trees and the stars in the night sky. All of these will lend their vibrant colours to clothe her baby. Quick Check 1) Who is Mummy going to dress? 2) Which colour will the cherry tree find for the baby? 3) How has the lily flower been described in the poem? 4) What will the bud of the honeysuckle be used as? 5) Where will the silver and gold for the baby’s dress come from? 51 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 57 Baby’s Dress 3/12/2018 2:40:29 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example 1 merry A honeysuckle happy, cheerful and lively Sona is a merry girl. 2 A buds a climbing shrub with nice There are many honeysuckle buckle 3 smelling flowers of two plants in my garden. girdle heavens colours woods small baby flowers The rose bud looked very 52 pretty. a small clip or pin, used My belt buckle has broken. for joining the ends of a belt or a strap a belt or cord worn The queen wore a beautiful around the waist golden girdle around her waist. a place high up in the sky The scientist used his telescope where the Sun, stars, to view the heavens. Moon and other heavenly bodies lie a small forest The little girl got lost in the woods. NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 58 3/12/2018 2:40:29 PM

Lesson 30: A Book Speaks I have read a poem called ‘A Book Speaks’. Here, a book speaks on how it wants to be treated, so that it could be friends with us forever. We learn the various ways in which we can protect and keep our books in a good condition. Quick Check 1) What does the book do when you tear out pages from it? 2) What happens to the book when it is thrown? 3) What does the book feel when a mark or stain falls on its cover? 4) What does the book say it would stop doing, if we bend it? 5) Why should we keep the book clean? 67 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 73 A Book Speaks 3/12/2018 2:40:30 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example 2 sore if a body part is 'sore', it hurts My finger that got caught in the A when you touch it or move it machine is still sore. 3 groan make a sound that shows pain, The man groaned in pain. A unhappiness 1 dizzy feeling weak and shaky Can we stop running for a while as I am feeling dizzy? a b stain a mark made by dirt or colour Anu cried when she saw a stain on c that is not easily removable her favourite T-shirt. weather condition of the environment My dog Bruce is ready to play around that changes multiple outside in all kinds of weather. times in a day. protect safeguard If we do not protect trees, we will suffer. 68 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 74 3/12/2018 2:40:30 PM

Lesson 31: ‘Robotics’ I have read a lesson called ‘Robotics’. This is a lesson which tells us what robots are, how they work and how they are helpful to humans. We have also been taught how to design our own robot! Quick Check 1) What kind of a machine is a robot? 2) What program is like the Robot's 'brain'? 3) What can a Robot do without getting bored? 4) What qualities are required to design and build robots? 5) What do the mechanical parts of a robot consist of? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 79 73 ‘Robotics’ 3/12/2018 2:40:30 PM

New Words 1 Word Meaning Example complex complicated or difficult The Maths question paper had complex questions. automatically when a machine operates This washing machine without direct control of a automatically switches off. human command to give an order The constables followed the inspector's command. program a set of instructions that tell a The computer program plays computer what to do songs all day. sensors a device that detects or The sensors on my phone senses heat, light, sound, automatically detect a Wi-Fi motion and so on and then connection at home. reacts to it in a particular way surroundings the places, conditions, or There are no trees in our objects that are around you surroundings. experts people with special skills or Archana is an expert in knowledge on a subject English. built-in fit into something The kitchen had a built-in 74 oven. NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 80 3/12/2018 2:40:30 PM

Lesson 32: The Noble Stag I have read a story named ‘The Noble Stag’. It is about a proud King who wants to hunt a stag. The stag however, is noble and saves the King's life even though the King wanted to kill the animal in the first place. The moral of the story is to be kind to animals and not to hurt them. Quick Check 1) Who went hunting? 2) Why did the King walk towards the stag? 3) What could the King not bear? 4) Where did the stag disappear? 82 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 88 3/12/2018 2:40:31 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example outskirts courtiers the outer parts of a The zoo is located on the thicket city or town outskirts of the city. instincts persons at the court of The king and the courtiers dodging a king laughed at the joker. marksman thick growth of shrubs, To her right, was a taunts plants blackberry thicket with berries. inborn ways of Her instincts told her not to behaviour or thinking play with fire. moving aside quickly The thief escaped, dodging to avoid an arrow, the police. blow and so on a person skilled in Abhinav Bindra is an shooting, hitting a excellent marksman. target teasing or insulting Rahul was taunted by his remarks friends he could not play well. 83 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 89 The Noble Stag 3/12/2018 2:40:31 PM

Lesson 33: Washday I have read a poem called ‘Washday’. Here, the ocean is compared to a lady called Mrs. Ocean, who washes clothes every day. The poet says that the bluing used by Mrs. Ocean is what gives the water its blue colour. She also suggests that the waves breaking on the shore are actually soap suds that Mrs. Ocean pours out, after washing her clothes. However, the poet is confused about where Mrs. Ocean hangs the clothes to dry, since she has never ever seen them! Quick Check 89 1) What is the ocean called in this poem? (Textbook, Pg. 73) 2) What do the waves breaking on the shore look like? (Textbook, Pg. 73) 3) Which word from the poem means ‘found out’? 4) What is the name of the poet? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 95 Washday 3/12/2018 2:40:31 PM

New Words 2 A Word Meaning Example bluing 3 blue substance that is used in My mother uses bluing to A washing to make yellowing fabrics make my shirt look white. 1 look whiter stains colours; leaves a mark that is hard The beetroot stained my hand to remove red. soap suds foam or lather formed in soapy The maid poured out the soap water suds after she finished washing the clothes. waves when water is pushed outwards The waves crashed against towards the shore due to winds the rocks. and other forces, it is known as waves rough uneven, not gentle The rough waves sank the ship. discovered find, come across or locate I discovered that she had lied to me. 1) What does Mrs. Ocean do every day? (Textbook, Pg. 73) Ans. ______________________________________________________________________ 90 ______________________________________________________________________ NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 96 3/12/2018 2:40:31 PM

Lesson 34: At the Bottom of the Ocean I have read a lesson named ‘At the Bottom of the Ocean’. Here, we learn a lot about seas and oceans. The author talks about various animals and plants that one might see. We also read about the different formations on the ocean floor. Quick Check 1) Which animal is the largest of all? 2) What is a very big sea called? 3) Name two formations that are present on the ocean floor. 4) What is the mountain top that rises out of the ocean water called? 95 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 101 At the Bottom of the Ocean 3/12/2018 2:40:31 PM

New Words 2 Word Meaning Example 3 strange A trenches something odd or different, which She was lost in a strange 4 mountains A has not been seen before country. 5 plains A valleys long and narrow pits I dug a trench around my island garden. 1 a natural land formations that is The temple is high up on b taller or much higher than the that mountain. surrounding areas large area of flat lands The Northern Plains are very fertile. low areas of land between hills or The train travelled through mountains the green valleys. a piece of land surrounded by My parents went for a water vacation to an island in the Indian Ocean. 1) What is the title of the lesson? 96 Ans. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 102 3/12/2018 2:40:31 PM

Lesson 35: Pinocchio I have read a story called ‘Pinocchio’. It is about a wooden puppet named Pinocchio.This puppet is able to walk and talk, like a normal boy. Gepetto is its maker. He loves the puppet like his own son even though he makes all sorts of trouble for his father. He runs away from home, visits a puppet show with the money meant for his school, tells many lies and finally is swallowed up by a big shark. After many adventures and silly acts, Pinocchio realizes his mistake and works hard to be a good boy. In the end, because of his good actions he becomes a real boy like he wishes! Quick Check 103 1) Why did Gepetto carve a puppet out of the piece of wood? 2) How was Pinocchio as a puppet? 3) How did the other puppets behave when they saw Pinocchio on the stage? 4) Why did Pinocchio’s nose become long? (Textbook, Pg. 80) 5) Why was Pinocchio surprised when he was swallowed up by a shark? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 109 Pinocchio 3/12/2018 2:40:32 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example 1 A scrape to rub a surface against a Someone had scraped the car rough object against a wall. 2 A tickle to try to make someone laugh Meena tickled her brother and he by gently touching a sensitive fell on the floor laughing. 3 body part A antic a wild or playful action that Supriya was laughing over the draws attention antics of the puppy. leap to jump or move quickly Vishal was horrified to see snakes leaping out of the water. annoyed to make someone feel angry; The teacher was annoyed with to irritate someone the entire class for their misbehaviour. wicked evil; bad The children were scared of the wicked witch. mischief causing trouble Seema disliked the neighbourhood kids as they were always involved in some mischief. frightened scared The lightning and thunder frightened the little boys. gallantly bravely; boldly The soldiers won the battle by their steady and gallant efforts. swallowed to eat; stuff down food; gulp She swallowed the soup in a 104 down second. NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 110 3/12/2018 2:40:32 PM

Lesson 36: Gadge Maharaj I have read a lesson named ‘Gadge Maharaj’. This is a story of the modern saint Gadge Baba. From this lesson, we learn how Gadge Maharaj travelled from place to place to spread his message of cleanliness, humanity and the importance of education. We must learn from him how to do good work without expecting anything in return. Quick Check 1) Is Gadge Maharaj still alive? 2) What would Gadge Baba wrap around his waist? 3) What did Gadge Baba use as a pillow? 4) Which gods have been mentioned in the lesson? 5) What did Gadge Maharaj build for children? 112 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 118 3/12/2018 2:40:32 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example adorned decorated with The house was adorned with beautiful flowers. bare without any covering The thieves had left the house bare. humanity kindness or consideration for The saint praised people for their others humanity and care. flocked gathered; came together A lot of tourists flocked to Goa last year. audience people who gather to listen A large audience had gathered to to something watch the match. sped went away speedily Rohan sped away on his bicycle. away sturdy strong This wooden sofa is very sturdy. bystander person standing near but not The gang attacked a few innocent taking part in what is bystanders. happening stout broad, strong and thick I am a little teapot short and stout. lecture a long serious speech The teacher lectured a few students about coming late. 113 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 119 Gadge Maharaj 3/12/2018 2:40:32 PM

Lesson 37: Bedtime I have read a poem called ‘Bedtime.’ In this poem, the poet talks about the end of day and the beginning of night. The poet says that all the creatures of the day like birds, butterflies and bees have finished their work and returned to their homes. We are told by the poet to fall asleep and have sweet dreams till the sun rises again and another new day begins! Quick Check 119 1) What sound does the rook make? 2) Who should be going to bed? Bedtime 3) Whose nestlings are fed? 4) Is the name of the poet given? 3/12/2018 2:40:33 PM NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 125

New Words Word Meaning Example 1 rook a kind of bird There were many rooks flying around. A drowsy sleepy Meena was feeling very drowsy after a busy day. 2 labour hard work The labour for the day made the A worker very tired. nestlings young birds which haven’t The nestlings were chirping loudly. 3 yet left their nest A If the ship is damaged, it will sink. sinks to go down, drop or fall The bird laid eggs in her nest. 4 A nest a home made by a bird, The crows were cawing loudly. out of sticks and leaves The aeroplane was flying overhead. caw the harsh cry of birds like crows and rooks He found a tear on his eyelids. overhead above the level of the This is the dawning of the modern head; in the sky age. eyelids the upper and lower folds of skin which cover the eyes dawning the beginning or start of something 120 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 126 3/12/2018 2:40:33 PM

Lesson 38: The Magic Kettle I have read the lesson ‘The Magic Kettle’. It is the story of a ‘tanuki’ which has magical powers. This creature can turn into anything. In the story, the tanuki turns into a kettle from time to time. First, he meets an old man who passes him away to a pedlar named Jimmu. Jimmu finds out that the kettle is actually a tanuki. He befriends the tanuki and together they put up shows. These enjoyable shows make them very rich and happy. They also share the riches with the old man and everybody lives happily ever after! Quick Check 125 1) What is a tanuki? 2) What did the old man find in his house one day? (Textbook, Pg. 88) 3) What did the old man do with the new kettle he found? 4) Why did Jimmu decide to stop the shows? (Textbook, Pg. 88) 5) What did Jimmu do with the old man who had given him the magic kettle? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 131 The Magic Kettle 3/12/2018 2:40:33 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example 1 A rusty old, covered with rust; the My gardening tools have all reddish layer that forms on old become rusty. 2 iron articles A bounded jumped high here and there Mummy was upset because my 3 about brother and I bounded about the A house and made a lot of noise. pedlar a person who sells things from The old pedlar could not sell a door to door single thing today. booth small tent or building in a My aunty put up a booth in the market fair to sell her paintings. merrily in a happy cheerful way We rowed our boat merrily and gently down the stream. rumbling a continuous deep sound The clouds rumbled in the sky. made due to movement of something wooden a large box made of wood; it My grandmother keeps my old chest is used for storage and clothes and toys in a wooden transport chest. somersault a move in which a person We had a joker come for my turns head over heels in the birthday party who made balloon air or on the ground and animals and also did a lands or finishes on their feet somersault. neighbour a person living next door to or Mamta is our neighbour and she 126 very near to your house lives in the house next to mine. NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 132 3/12/2018 2:40:33 PM

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