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by classklap ENGLISH WORKBOOK Enhanced Edition NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 1 3 3/12/2018 3:54:22 PM

TABLE OF CONTENTS Lesson Page No. Unit 1 1 8 1) A Pretty Game 16 2) ‘Go!’ and ‘Come!’ 27 3) Tenali Raman Draws a Picture 36 5) The Story of Sindbad the Sailor 45 6) In a Biscuit Factory 53 7) Khashaba Jadhav 60 8) A Honey Bee Speaks 68 9) Dress Quickly! 10) Pretty as a Picture Unit 2 79 85 11) The Sugar-Plum Tree 91 12) Doctor Dolittle Learns Animal Language 97 13) Let’s Wait…! 102 14) I’d Like to Be a Lighthouse 113 15) Young Bravehearts 118 17) Curiosity 18) Look Before you Leap! NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 4 3/12/2018 3:54:22 PM

Lesson 1: A Pretty Game I have read a poem called ‘A Pretty Game’ which describes how a rainbow appears in the sky. The sun and rain are playing hide and seek. They are chasing each other from their hiding places behind the beautiful clouds in the sky. When the game comes to an end, the sun and rain say their goodbyes. At that moment, a rainbow spreads across the sky! Quick Check 1) Where were the sun and rain chasing each other? 2) What did the sun and rain say to each other when they met? 3) What spanned the sky when the sun and rain met? 4) Why did the sun and rain meet in the end? NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 7 1 A Pretty Game 3/12/2018 3:54:23 PM

1’ New Words Word Meaning Example fickle something that changes The weather is fickle. quickly and suddenly chase to run after somebody to The cat chased the mouse. catch him or her spanned spread from one end to A smile spanned across her the other face. hide to keep out of sight or Tom tried to hide from Jill. notice rainbow an arc of seven colours The rainbow has seven colours. that appears in the sky when sunlight passes through raindrops weather condition of a place in The weather is pleasant today. relation with the sunshine, dryness, wetness, cloudiness and so on hide and seek a game where one or The children played hide and more players have to seek all afternoon. hide, till a selected player can look for them or find them lo a word used to draw Lo! The lion jumped so high. attention to an interesting 2 or amazing thing NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 8 3/12/2018 3:54:23 PM

Lesson 2: ‘Go!’ and ‘Come!’ I have read a lesson called ‘Go!’ and ‘Come!’ which is the story of a boy. We have seen how he is asked to go and weed the garden near his house. When the boy’s uncle orders him to go and weed the garden, the boy refuses to do so. However, when his mother encourages him to come along with her and do the same job in a positive way, he happily agrees. Quick Check 1) Where did the little boy live? 2) What did the uncle believe in? 3) Who loved to weed? 4) Was the boy naughty? (Textbook, Pg. 3) 8 3/12/2018 3:54:23 PM NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 14

New Words Word Meaning Example cottage manure a small simple house; we usually see Kailash lived in a beautiful pruned cottages in a rural area cottage near the river. weeding material mixed with soil to help The farmer gave manure to sadly welled up plants grow the crops so that they strict would grow well. discipline removed dead and unwanted parts The old lady pruned her wobble carry on of the plants to help them grow rose plants. removing troublesome, unwanted I enjoy weeding my plants from a field or garden garden. badly; very much; used with words The kitchen sadly needed like ‘needed’ or ‘wanted’ some cleaning. filled with water (tears) The baby’s eyes welled up with tears. the quality of wanting all rules to be Our Maths teacher is very followed properly strict. training that makes people want to The Principal wanted there obey a set of rules to be discipline in the school. to move from side to side in a shaky The jelly wobbled on the way plate. to continue with a given task My uncle asked me to carry on with my homework. 9 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 15 ‘Go!’ and ‘Come!’ 3/12/2018 3:54:23 PM

Lesson 3: Tenali Raman Draws a Picture I have read a story called ‘Tenali Raman Draws a Picture’. Here, the witty Tenali Raman gives a funny explanation for having a blank canvas even after spending a lot of time on it! We read how Tenali Raman makes the King laugh by thinking on his feet. He uses a combination of his wit and humour. Quick Check 1) Who are the characters in this story? 2) Whom did the King want to meet? 3) What was the cow doing in the picture according to Tenali Raman? 4) Can a cow walk away from a picture? (Textbook, Pg. 4) 5) At the end of the story, was the King angry or happy with Tenali Raman? 16 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 22 3/12/2018 3:54:23 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example messenger a person who carries The messenger went to meet news or messages the Minister. shh! disturb a sound made to call for “Shh!” said the class monitor. silence busy majesty to trouble or not allow My mother asked me not to explain somebody to do their disturb her when she was loads skit work cooking. having a lot of work to do I was busy doing my homework. a word used to address a “I will always serve you, Your king or queen Majesty,” said the man. to tell the meaning of My teacher explained the sum something; to make to me. someone understand something He has loads of work to do. The entire class put up a skit for lots of/a lot of the teacher. a small drama 17 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 23 Tenali Raman Draws a Picture 3/12/2018 3:54:23 PM

Lesson 5: The Story of Sindbad the Sailor I have read a story called ‘The Story of Sindbad the Sailor’. In this lesson, Sindbad goes on a voyage that becomes an adventure. In this story, Sindbad’s ship lands upon the back of a huge sea monster. Sindbad is thrown into the sea but he doesn’t drown and reaches an island where he meets a King and works for him. He meets the Captain of his ship who returns Sindbad’s goods to him. He sets onto his next voyage after presenting the most valuable items to the King. Quick Check 1)Who are the characters in this story? 2)What is the story mainly about? 3)Who took Sindbad to the King? 4)How did the Captain react on seeing Sindbad? 5)How did Sindbad thank the King? 27 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 33 The Story of Sindbad the Sailor 3/12/2018 3:54:24 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example merchandise goods or things for sale The shoppers complained about trade strolled poor quality merchandise and sprang up blaze high prices. voyage inland give in return for 70 percent of the country's trade something; sell is with Europe. walked here and there, We strolled along the beach after without hurrying dinner. developed or began to She sprang up and caught me as blow suddenly I was about to fall. burn strongly The sun was blazing down that afternoon. a long journey, He was a young sailor on his first especially by ship sea voyage. towards an area of land Seabirds often come inland to away from the seashore find food. quay a platform in a port or There is a large quay in this town cargo harbour where boats where ships can drop their goods. come to load or unload their luggage load of goods or things The ship was carrying a cargo of carried in a ship (or an wood. aeroplane) 28 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 34 3/12/2018 3:54:24 PM

Lesson 6: In a Biscuit Factory I have read a lesson called ‘In a Biscuit Factory’ about how biscuits are made and packed in a factory. We also get an idea how to create flowcharts to plan something or show how something is done. Quick Check 3/12/2018 3:54:24 PM 1)Where are biscuits made in large numbers? 2) Where do we get different types of biscuits? 3)What has to be done after baking the dough? 4)Where are the biscuit shapes baked? 36 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 42

New Words Word Meaning Example bake cook food (such as cakes, bread My mother loves to bake or biscuits) in an oven, using dry cakes. heat weigh find out how heavy something or Rita weighs 40 kilos. someone is recipe a set of instructions for making Could you please give me something to eat your grandmother’s recipe for making laddoos? ingredients things needed to make something Before you start cooking, check if you have all the ingredients in hand. crisp crunchy The chips in this packet are very crisp, unlike the soggy ones kept outside. factory a place where things are made in We are visiting the glass big numbers, usually with the help factory to see how bottles of machines are made. dough a mixture of flour and liquid The dough for chapattis is kept in the fridge. knead to press and make into a paste or You should knead it more, dough it does not seem soft yet. manufacturing making something in large Uncle Jai has a cloth numbers using machines manufacturing unit in Delhi. 37 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 43 In a Biscuit Factory 3/12/2018 3:54:24 PM

Lesson 7: Khashaba Jadhav I have read a lesson called ‘Khashaba Jadhav’ which is the story of independent India’s very first Olympic medal winner. This lesson tells us about a great wrestler named Khashaba Jadhav. We read how he won the bronze medal in the Olympic Games of 1952. His story inspires us to work hard and continue our efforts even in the face of difficulties. Quick Check 1) Where was Khashaba Jadhav born? (Textbook, Pg. 16) 2) Khashaba Jadhav was the first to win which medal for independent India? 3) Which college did Khashaba Jadhav attend? 4) Which year did Jadhav win the Olympic bronze medal? 5) How many bouts did Khashaba Jadhav win at Helsinki? (Textbook, Pg. 16) 6) Did the Principal get his house back again? (Textbook, Pg. 16) 45 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 51 Khashaba Jadhav 3/12/2018 3:54:24 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example Olympics the Olympics is a sporting event India won a few medals in held every four years, where the previous Olympics. different countries of the world send their best sportspersons to participate wrestling the sport or activity, where I have seen many wrestling opponents try to throw or hold each competitions. other down on the ground according to the rules that have been set honour great respect or fame The soldiers of India bring great honour to our country. bouts another name for a boxing or He fought 30 bouts and lost wrestling match just nine. akhada an Indian word for a place to The wrestlers gathered in practice for sports like wrestling the akhada. agile able to move quickly and easily Rohan was as agile as a monkey. merit to be deserving of praise or reward She got admission in the college on her own merit. exhausted very tired I was exhausted after a 46 long day of trekking. NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 52 3/12/2018 3:54:24 PM

procession a number of people or vehicles The Mayor walked at the moving forward in an orderly way front of the procession. dhols a large and long wooden drum, There were many dhols mostly two-headed, which is used playing during the as a musical instrument wedding. NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 53 47 Khashaba Jadhav 3/12/2018 3:54:25 PM

Lesson 8: A Honey Bee Speaks I have read a monologue called ‘A Honey Bee Speaks’. Here, a honey bee explains all the work that bees do. Some people think that bees are lazy. That is why, this honey bee stops and tells us how bees are not lazy but actually very busy! We learn that bees work very hard. They make their own house and take care of the larvae. They also keep the honeycomb cool and collect nectar to make honey. Quick Check 1) Who is talking in this story? 2) What is the house of a bee called? 3) Whom do the bees take care of? 4) Where is pollen found? 5) What weapon does the bee have? (Textbook, Pg. 18) 53 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 59 A Honey Bee Speaks 3/12/2018 3:54:25 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example monologue a long speech given by a This author has written many single person monologues. simply only; just She simply gave excuses for not completing her work. flitting move quickly and lightly The birds were flitting from one tree to another. produce make or create The company produces many items. larvae the form in which an insect Seema saw the larvae of stays before becoming an butterflies. adult; babies weapon something that is used to cause Nowadays, many countries are pain or save oneself making nuclear weapons. sting a sharp and pointed organ The bee used its sting to attack that is part of a bee’s body; it the boy. can be used as a weapon soldier a person who serves in an army The soldier fought bravely at the or works to protect people or border. things beware be careful The people were warned to beware of dogs. several more than one or two; a few; a There were several shoes near 54 small group of the door. NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 60 3/12/2018 3:54:25 PM

Lesson 9: Dress Quickly! I have read a poem called ‘Dress Quickly!’ In this poem, we learn about the importance of keeping our clothes in order. The poet explains why we need to always be neat and tidy. We must arrange our things in a proper way so that we find everything fresh the next day. Keeping our clothes in order will help us find them when we are in a great hurry. This will also prevent us from becoming like Goops who are rude people with no manners. Quick Check 1) When is it fine to not dress properly? 2) Where should we fold and keep our clothes? 3) Who should we not be like? 4) Who is the poet of this poem? 60 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 66 3/12/2018 3:54:25 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example single unless one Ruhi did not answer a single proper neatly question in the examination. worry hurry used to say what can happen if You will fail unless you study slovenly something else does not happen hard. Goops strew correct This is the proper method of clothing solving the sum. in a tidy way Please arrange the books neatly. to feel upset or unsettled about The doctor told my mother something not to worry. move or act with great rush She was in a hurry as she had to reach school in ten minutes. untidy; careless in dress and My mother is tired of my manners slovenly ways. a rude, careless person with no Our teacher told us not to manners behave like Goops. scatter; spread here and there Reema told her brother not to strew the candy wrappers on the floor. clothes Food, clothing and shelter are the three basic needs. 61 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 67 Dress Quickly! 3/12/2018 3:54:25 PM

Lesson 10: Pretty as a Picture I have read a lesson called ‘Pretty as a Picture’. This lesson shows us the power of stories. The classroom is very dirty and messy. So, the teacher decides not to tell a story unless the students make themselves and the classroom tidy. We see how all the students come up with a quick five minute exercise to clean their classroom. They show team spirit and co- operation – all for the common aim of listening to a story! Quick Check 1) What day and time was story time? 2) What was not fair according to the children? 3) What drill did the children practise for having more time? 4) What did Miss Nina say to the class at the end of the story? 68 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 74 3/12/2018 3:54:26 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example fair something that is right or just Our teacher is always fair. scurry to move quickly with short steps The students scurried back satisfy to their classroom on crooked askew seeing the Principal. spick and to please someone The teacher was satisfied span stub with our performance in drill the test. giggle not straight; bent or curved The queue at the ticket counter was crooked. not straight; out of line The picture hung askew on the wall. very neat and clean Arshiya always keeps her bedroom spick and span. a short part left after the larger part Ashok’s room was full of is used up or broken off pencil stubs. a sort of training exercise or Every Friday, the children rehearsal practised the fire safety drill. to laugh in a light and silly way The whole class was giggling during the performance of the play. 69 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 75 Pretty as a Picture 3/12/2018 3:54:26 PM

Lesson 11: The Sugar-Plum Tree I have read the poem, ‘The Sugar-Plum Tree’. It is about an imaginary tree which has amazing qualities. The tree appears in the dreams of young children. It grows near the Lollipop Sea and its fruit is very sweet. Children love to eat the fruit of the Sugar- Plum Tree because it makes them happy the next day. Quick Check 1) Where does the Sugar-Plum Tree bloom? (Textbook, Pg. 25) 2) In which garden is the Sugar-Plum Tree found? 3) How is the fruit of the Sugar-Plum Tree? 4) Who enjoys its fruit the most? 79 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 85 The Sugar-Plum Tree 3/12/2018 3:54:26 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example ‘tis it is ‘Tis a story of great bravery. marvel a wonderful or amazing The Taj Mahal is a marvel of renown thing or person India. blooms wondrously famous, well-known; if Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer something is ‘of great of great renown. renown’, it is known to many people as a good thing when a bud opens up to The jasmine flower blooms at become a flower night. wonderfully; amazingly The house was wondrously decorated by the children for Diwali. a b c d 80 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 86 3/12/2018 3:54:26 PM

Lesson 12: Doctor Dolittle Learns Animal Language I have read a story called ‘Doctor Dolittle Learns Animal Language’. Here, Doctor Dolittle learns what animal language is. We also read how the doctor gives up being a people’s doctor and becomes an animal doctor. Quick Check 1)Who was Polynesia? (Textbook, Pg. 28) 2)What do dogs use to ask questions according to Polynesia? 3)Why was the doctor excited? (Textbook, Pg. 28) 4)What did the doctor do when Polynesia sat on the kitchen table and gave him bird words? 5)When did the doctor give up being a people's doctor altogether? (Textbook, Pg. 28) 85 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 91 Doctor Dolittle Learns Animal Language 3/12/2018 3:54:26 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example good gracious an exclamation of Good gracious! The cat spilt all surprise or shock the milk. porridge a dish made of cereals I have porridge and fruit for boiled in milk or water breakfast. birds’ ABC the alphabet of birds’ Once he learnt the birds’ ABC, crumbs language; simple, basic understanding them became information about birds’ easier. language small pieces of cake or The ants walked away with all biscuit the crumbs the baby dropped. dusting off removing dirt or dust I was dusting off the dirt from from something my clothes. dresser a cupboard with shelves, The bottle of perfume is kept twitching drawers and so on on the dresser. giving a sudden jerk The dog’s tail kept twitching as he walked. 86 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 92 3/12/2018 3:54:26 PM

Lesson 13: Let’s Wait…! I have read a monologue named ‘Let’s Wait…!’ by a small girl who feels sad and lonely. She thinks no one cares about her at home. We read her plans to leave her house. But just a smile from her little sister makes her feel responsible, and she changes her decision. Quick Check 1) Who is speaking in this monologue? 2) Where does the girl plan to go? (Textbook, Pg. 30) 3) Who finds her behind the sofa? 4) Can a girl go to such faraway places on her own? (Textbook, Pg. 30) 5) Is the girl still sad at the end? (Textbook, Pg. 30) 91 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 97 Let’s Wait…! 3/12/2018 3:54:27 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example realize to understand Sunny realized his mistake and said sorry. properly correctly; well The art teacher asked me to reason a cause of something draw the line properly. Seema will never know the reason why her dog barked. hermit a lone person; a sage Sanju was ready to live like a wander hermit on the mountains as noticed the city was polluted. manage to move/roam around The shepherd was shocked to without any definite see that his sheep had direction wandered off. Saw; observed He noticed that the car behind him did not have a head light. to be able to take care Did you manage to complete of something the homework on time? 92 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 98 3/12/2018 3:54:27 PM

Lesson 14: I’d Like to Be a Lighthouse I have read a poem called ‘I’d Like to Be a Lighthouse’ where the poet expresses why he wishes to be a lighthouse that is lit up all night for ships that pass by. We have also read a small passage on what lighthouses are and why they were important during olden days. Quick Check 1) What does a lighthouse do? (Textbook, Pg. 31) 2) What does a lighthouse look like? (Textbook, Pg. 31) 3) During which times were the lighthouses important? 4) What does a lighthouse watch? (Textbook, Pg. 31) 5) What are the facilities for communication available for ships these days? 97 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 103 I’d Like to Be a Lighthouse 3/12/2018 3:54:27 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example scrubbed well cleaned He was scrubbed clean by his lighthouse mother after he got dirty playing in port the mud. beam patch a tall building on the I saw the lighthouse and dangerous communication seashore that flashes understood that the sea shore is available light nearby. a harbour for ships The sailors stopped at the port to buy and store food for the rest of their journey. a ray of light I saw a beam of sunlight shining out amidst the dark clouds. an area or part The watchman looked after the vegetable patch very well. unsafe or risky Bungee jumping is a dangerous sport. sending or receiving There are so many new ways of messages communication such as mobile phones and the internet. something that is able Different kinds of video games are to be used; something available in the market these days. that you can get 98 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 104 3/12/2018 3:54:27 PM

facilities services for use These new buildings have many facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and children’s parks. NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 105 99 I’d Like to Be a Lighthouse 3/12/2018 3:54:27 PM

Lesson 15: Young Bravehearts I have read a lesson called ‘Young Bravehearts’ which talks about children who have done great acts of bravery. These children have faced difficult situations and helped people showing a lot of courage. They were awarded the National Bravery Award for the year 2013. The lesson also lists wonderful thoughts on bravery. Quick Check 1) Who are the two children that this lesson talks about in detail? 2) How did Shubham open the van door? 3) What was the crowd doing when the van burst into flames? 4) Why did Shubham break the van’s window to open the door? 5) Where can you read about the brave children’s acts of courage? 102 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 108 3/12/2018 3:54:27 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example bravery the quality or state of Mahika received a medal for conferred being brave that allows her bravery. relatives someone to do things waded dragged that are dangerous or rescued determination frightening exemplary to give something (such The Principal conferred degrees as an award, title, on the students. degree, right and so on) to someone or something members of your family; My father’s brother and his people who are related family are my relatives. to you to walk in water when the I waded into the swimming water level is high pool. to be pulled along a I dragged my bag at the airport surface because it was too heavy for me to carry. to save someone from a We rescued an injured dog dangerous or difficult situation yesterday. the quality of being firm My determination to pass the exam helped me do so. very good; excellent Our drama in class was exemplary. 103 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 109 Young Bravehearts 3/12/2018 3:54:27 PM

Lesson 17: Curiosity I have read a poem called ‘Curiosity’. Here, a curious child wants to know about everything. The child wants to know about seasons, why people wink and where birds sleep. The child is also curious about leaves, why gold fish always chew, about rabbits, as well as the wind. The child also wonders whether grown-ups have answers to these questions. Quick Check 1) What does the child want to know about the bees? 2) What particular information does the child want to know about leaves? 3) What are the two questions about the two animals that the child asks? 4) What is the child asking about ‘grown-ups’ in the poem? NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 119 113 Curiosity 3/12/2018 3:54:28 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example children Young ones of butterflies Children butterflies can also be butterflies known as baby butterflies. warble twitch or wiggle very fast The mouse warbled its nose to winking smell for food. closing and opening of The girl was winking at her sting an eye as a signal friend when she told her a joke. pierce with a sharp I was hurt by a bee sting while I chewing pointed organ of the was gardening. body of insects habit process by which food is The child was chewing his food grown-ups ground and crushed with for a long time. teeth shapes routine behaviour It is my habit to go for a walk every morning. adults The grown-ups did not want to stay back for the party. the form of an object The students cut the paper in various shapes. 114 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 120 3/12/2018 3:54:28 PM

Lesson 18: Look Before you Leap! I have read a story called ‘Look Before you Leap’. This is a story about two little frog friends. They realize that the summer season is soon approaching and decide to look for a better place to live with plenty of food and water. We learn that the two frogs do not make hasty decisions and think clearly before taking a leap! Quick Check 1) How many frogs were there in the story? 2) How did the frogs live in the pond? 3) Can frogs jump out of a well? How? 4) What do frogs eat? 5) At the end of the story, do you think it was a wise decision for the frogs to walk away from the well? 118 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 124 3/12/2018 3:54:28 PM

Word New Words Example darted Dave was darting around the Meaning shop to find a perfect moved quickly and suddenly Christmas gift. cozy comfortable and warm Mummy tucked Radha into her cozy little bed. blazing strong and powerful heat The fire-fighter rescued the peeped to look slyly dog from a blazing fire. fortunate having good luck Sneha peeped from the window. hesitate to stop doing something foresee because of not being sure He was fortunate to catch the bus on time. to see or realize beforehand Razia hesitated to answer the teacher's question. I foresee a very cold winter. lily pad one of the floating leaves of a Look at the beautiful flower headlong water lily on the lily pad. head first; ‘diving headlong’ The swimmer dived headlong means diving into water with the into the water during the head going into water first and competition. then the rest of the body 119 NR_BGM_9789387848757-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part1_Text.pdf 125 Look Before you Leap! 3/12/2018 3:54:28 PM

Lesson TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No. 21) There is the Key of the Kingdom 1 22) A Team of Workers 9 23) The Two Merchants of Seri 17 24) At the Market 24 25) After School 31 26) A School Teacher’s Thoughts 37 27) The Bremen Town Musicians 44 28) Baby’s Dress 51 29) A Book Speaks 67 30) ‘Robotics’ 73 31) The Noble Stag 82 32) Washday 89 33) At the Bottom of the Ocean 95 34) Pinocchio 103 35) Gadge Maharaj 112 36) Bedtime 119 37) The Magic Kettle 125 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 4 3/12/2018 2:40:27 PM

Lesson 21: There is the Key of the Kingdom I have read a poem called ‘There is the Key of the Kingdom’. The poet takes us on a journey in this fun poem. The poet talks about a kingdom in which there is a city, town, street, lane, yard and many other things. We go from the biggest thing to the smallest thing. We are then taken on a reverse journey. However, the poet starts the poem with the key to the kingdom and ends with the key to the kingdom as well! Quick Check 1 1) In the first stanza, are the things going from big to small or small to big? 2) Where is the bed? 3) Where is the house? 4) What is the title of the poem? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 7 There is the Key of the Kingdom 3/12/2018 2:40:27 PM

New Words 4 A Word Meaning Example kingdom 1 lane a large area ruled by a The queen ruled a big a yard A king or queen kingdom. basket b a narrow road Rita stays in the lane beside A the school. c a small open area The students are playing in A joined to a house or the yard. other building d A a container used to We are carrying many hold or carry things snacks in the picnic basket. 2 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 8 3/12/2018 2:40:27 PM

Lesson 22: A Team of Workers I have read a play called ‘A Team of Workers’. In this play, we read about a clever discussion between the major parts of the body. Each body part talks about its importance. The mouth, feet, hands, eyes, ears and nose unite against the belly. With the help of the brain however, the belly states its importance and everyone agrees! We learnt that every single part of our body is as important as the other and we cannot work properly without each of them! Quick Check 9 1) How many parts of the body were named in this poem? 2) Name two things that hands do for the body. 3) Which part of the body breathes for us? 4) What did the other body parts decide to do? 5) Who solved the problems of all the body parts? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 15 A Team of Workers 3/12/2018 2:40:27 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example 1 A clever mentally bright; He passed the exam intelligent without studying because 2 he is very clever. A blink to open and close the We were blinking a lot 3 eyes because there was a lot of A dust around us. 4 slurp to make loud sucking He slurps a lot while drinking A noises while eating or tea. drinking grab to snatch The thief grabbed the woman's bag and ran away. suffer to feel pain or loss Raj could not attend school today as he is suffering from cold. deceive to cheat Radha was deceived by the shopkeeper. energy the capacity to do He gets a lot of energy work once he has his glass of milk in the morning. digest to convert food in the The food is not cooked 10 stomach to energy properly. I hope my stomach is able to digest it! NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 16 3/12/2018 2:40:27 PM

Lesson 23: The Two Merchants of Seri I have read a lesson called ‘The Two Merchants of Seri’. This is the story of a greedy and an honest merchant. Both merchants try to buy a golden dish from an innocent grandmother and granddaughter. We learn that cheating people is wrong. It was incorrect of the greedy merchant to try to betray the grandmother by telling her that the gold plate was worthless. However, the truthful merchant informs the grandmother that her golden plate is very expensive. He also carries out a correct bargain with her. Quick Check 17 1) How many merchants were mentioned in the story? 2) Where were the merchants from? 3) What did the granddaughter want to sell? 4) Which merchant did the grandmother sell the item to? 5) What did the honest merchant keep with the grandmother in exchange for the gold plate? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 23 The Two Merchants of Seri 3/12/2018 2:40:27 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example 1 brass A bright, yellow metal made The lamp is made of brass. tinware by combining copper 2 riches and zinc A crafty begged things made of tin Move all the tinware to the 3 wares other room. A merchant 4 greedy wealth, valuable things Mahatma Gandhi was not A trade looking for riches. impressed cunning; clever but Shakuni, in the Mahabharata, 18 dishonest was a crafty man. requested Riyaz begged Susan to return his watch. articles or things for sale The Friday market down the street sells cheap wares. a person who buys and The merchant sold pretty sells items for money skirts. a person who is selfish for That man is very greedy. money or power an action of buying or I want to trade my blue pen selling goods; sometimes it for your black pen. also means exchanging goods of the same value feeling admiration for Rahul was impressed by his somebody teacher’s intelligence. NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 24 3/12/2018 2:40:28 PM

Lesson 24: At the Market I have read a lesson named ‘At the Market’. This lesson has many pictures of people shopping, eating, drinking and walking around in a market. There are also many conversations that people usually have in a market place. We learn that the market is a place where people go to buy groceries and vegetables. Some people come here to have a good time and have their favourite drinks and eatables as well. There are many shops, stalls and eateries all in one place. This lesson makes one feel like visiting the market soon! Quick Check 1) What did the tomato seller not have? 2) What was the girl not very fond of? 3) What did the boy want in his juice? 4) Why did the man ask the lady for a plastic bag? 24 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 30 3/12/2018 2:40:28 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example conversations talk or chat between two My mother is having a or more people, where conversation with her friends. appropriate ideas and thoughts are varieties exchanged This is not the appropriate bubble-maker suitable or proper place to host a party. grocery They had a variety of things delicious a number of; or collection to choose from. roasted of different things The boy owned a bubble- a machine that makes maker. deliver bubbles They bought enough grocery costly food bought at a store or for the month. to be fond of sold by a grocer The ice cream was delicious. something with a very good taste; very tasty The roasted chicken was to cook food with dry yummy. heat in an oven or over a fire The man’s job was to deliver to take something to a flowers. person or a place The jacket was very costly. having a high price; costing a lot of money She was fond of dancing. to like something or someone, usually more 25 than others NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 31 At the Market 3/12/2018 2:40:28 PM

Lesson 25: After School I have read a poem called ‘After School’. In this poem, the students describe their activities when school gets over. The students say that they like coming to school. However, after studying hard the entire day, students are happy to pack away their books and slates. They leave school to play and roam around. They say good-bye to their kind teacher and leave her alone. The students feel that the teacher does not mind being alone. This may be because she can rest and be peaceful in the absence of the students at the end of a busy day. Quick Check 31 1) Do the students like going to school? 2) When do the students put away their slates? 3) Who is left behind in school? (Textbook, Pg. 56) 4) Does the teacher mind being by herself? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 37 After School 3/12/2018 2:40:28 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example 1 although even though; in spite of A Although we went to the 2 rather park, we did not play any A games. 3 glad A put away by choice; it is used to talk I would rather buy the red about a thing that you like shirt than the blue one. 1 slates better than something A else romp to mind very pleased or happy I am glad that we are going 32 on a vacation. to put something in its We put away all our toys after usual place once you playing with them. have finished using it a blackish rock which is The children wrote numbers broken into flat pieces; it is on their slates. used to write on, with a piece of chalk play noisily and roughly Let us go for a romp in the park. to be worried by or I don’t mind doing house unhappy about work. NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 38 3/12/2018 2:40:28 PM

Lesson 26: A School Teacher’s Thoughts I have read a monologue named ‘A School Teacher’s Thoughts’. Here, a teacher shares her thoughts about her school and students. She is stuck in a traffic jam on the way and does not want to be late for school. Though the students give her a lot of trouble and she has to prepare a lot for her classes, the teacher still loves going to school. She behaves like a mother to the students and the students love her too. Quick Check 1) Say where the teacher is when she has these thoughts: a) at home b) on her way to school c) in school (Textbook, Pg. 57) 2) How is the behaviour of the children in the class? 3) What does the teacher think about their problems? 4) How often does the teacher think of her students? 37 5) How does the teacher feel about her job? NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 43 A School Teacher’s Thoughts 3/12/2018 2:40:28 PM

New Words Word Meaning Example 1 monologue A a long one sided Reena Aunty’s monologue quarrels talk/speech by a person about the rain made us hate 2 to express their thoughts the rains! A restless complaint fight or argument Quarrels between Smriti and 3 Rani were famous in the A eager entire school. praise 4 depend not calm; moving around The pups were restless if their A a lot mother was not around. to make it known that one The most common complaint is unhappy about of parents is that their something children don’t study. very excited The children were eager to go for a picnic. to say good things about The teacher praised Amrit for someone or something his neat handwriting. to take the help or Children depend on their support of someone parents and teachers. 38 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 44 3/12/2018 2:40:28 PM

Lesson 27: The Bremen Town Musicians I have read a story called ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’. This story has four main characters. These characters are a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cock. It’s a very interesting story about these animals that have different life stories. We see how they meet along the way and end up staying friends forever. Quick Check 1) What kind of music did the donkey say the cat knew? 2) Did the musicians belong to Bremen town? (Textbook, Pg. 61) 3) What effect did the musicians’ singing have? (Textbook, Pg. 61) 4) What did the robbers hear and see outside the window? 44 NR_BGM_9789387848764-Summit-G3-Workbook-English-Part2_Text.pdf 50 3/12/2018 2:40:29 PM

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