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84808_NEP - 04_222310385-NEP-STUDENT-BOOK-THE_WORLD_AND_I-G01-FY

Published by IMAX, 2022-04-06 10:09:52

Description: 84808_NEP - 04_222310385-NEP-STUDENT-BOOK-THE_WORLD_AND_I-G01-FY


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cooking playing reading planting trees All of us need water and air to live. There would also be no plants and animals without water and air. Now, tick the activities that make air and water dirty. burning firecrackers throwing garbage in the river 47

cycling planting trees It is very difficult to live without air and water. We must always try and make sure we do not make them dirty. Pledge Time Let us say it out loud. I will not burst crackers. I will turn off the water taps when I am not using them. I will plant trees. 48

20 Green Heroes! Do you know how we can help nature? Let us be the change-makers. Tick the boxes for the actions that are good for our surroundings. picking up trash throwing waste only in the dustbin plucking plants and throwing them 49

wasting water leaving the lights on at all times helping animals planting trees always eating chips and chocolates Now, make sure you do all the things that you have ticked. 50

Think, Feel and Share You can help birds and animals in different ways. You can make a bird feeder. Fill old boxes or bowls with grains and water. Tie them by the classroom window. Do you see the birds coming to the window for a happy meal? Draw what you see here. 51

Sr. Theme Sub Theme Learning Objectives (The learner will be able to...) No - identify what one likes Understanding - list ways to keep oneself clean 1 Self-awareness myself 2 Self-awareness Self-care/body 3 Self-awareness Interpersonal - define body safety relationships - distinguish between good touch and bad touch - list ways to deal with bad touch 4 Self-awareness Emotions - identify and list different feelings - define a mistake 5 Self-management Dealing with - identify the importance of saying 'sorry' mistakes - recognise the importance of not giving up 6 Self-management Self-motivation - identify the importance of planning one's day 7 Self-management Organisational - reflect on other's feelings skills - infer that different people together make the world 8 Social awareness Empathy - list and practise different ways of respecting others 9 Social awareness Accepting diversity 10 Social awareness Respect 11 Relationship skills Communication - list ways of communicating one's feelings to others 12 Relationship skills Teamwork - recognise the importance of teamwork - identify the importance of making friends 13 Relationship skills Friendship - list ways of being a good friend - identify right and wrong actions 14 Responsible Making choices decision-making - reflect on one's wishes 15 Responsible Dreams and - relate the idea of speaking the truth to being courageous decision-making wishes 16 Moral values Honesty 17 Moral values Sharing - reflect on the act of sharing 18 Our duties Keeping - list and demonstrate ways to keep the surroundings clean surroundings clean 19 Environmental - identify ways to preserve water and air awareness Using resources wisely - identify and practise ways to help save the 20 Environmental environment awareness Know people who have made a difference

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