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The World and I 1 Learning to Live Well Name: ____________________________ Section: ________________ Roll No.: ______ School: ____________________________

For teachers and parents . . . A holistic formal education must encompass not just literacy and numeracy skills, but also life skills based on social and emotional learning (SEL). Managing and maintaining relationships, dealing with problems of different kinds and managing oneself are some key social-emotional skills required in life in the 21st century. The CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, USA) framework for systemic social and emotional learning defines SEL as: ‘… the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions’. The authors have referred to various researches conducted on SEL while designing the framework and content for the books. The World and I series by ClassKlap aims at engaging students in a way that ensures:  opportunities to generate greater awareness of the self  recognition of the need, and exposure to the methods of managing oneself and one’s emotions  greater understanding, empathy, care and concern for others with a focus on inclusiveness  inculcation of social and environmental awareness along with a sense of responsibility towards and ownership of the society and the planet All of this is done through the use of age-appropriate and engaging content which includes the use of stories, comic strips, activities, songs, poems, characters and colourful illustrations suited to the Indian cultural context. The goal of the series is to enhance young learners’ awareness of their own selves and sensitise them to the world around them so that growing up is a more joyful experience. A vital aim is to nurture them as more sensitive human beings to create a generation that is wiser and more humane. We hope teachers and parents will take an active interest in co-creating a learning environment where learners can meaningfully engage with the content of these books. We hope that the young learners will have as much fun going through these books as we had designing them. – The Authors

Hello everyone! We all know it is not easy being a child. So, here is a book especially for you to think about your feelings. We hope that this book will help you know yourself and the world around you better. Wishing you happy learning and discovering! Put paint on your hand and leave a print here!

Contents 1Class Self-awareness Relationship skills 1 Me! .............................................. 1 11 Talk About It! ............................. 28 2 Keeping Myself Clean .............. 4 12 Working Together ..................... 30 3 Body Safety................................. 7 13 The Friendship Chain ............... 32 Self-control Responsible decision-making 4 What I Feel ................................ 11 14 This or That? .............................. 34 15 Dreams and Wishes ................. 37 Self-management Moral values 5 When We Go Wrong ............... 13 6 I Can Do It ................................ 15 16 Brave and Honest .................... 39 7 Step by Step ............................ 18 17 Sharing Is Caring ...................... 41 Social awareness Our duties 8 Taking Care of Others.............. 21 18 Keeping the Places Around Us 9 It Is OK to Be Different .............. 23 Clean......................................... 43 10 Respecting Everybody ............ 25 Environmental awareness 19 Let Us Be Careful ...................... 46 20 Green Heroes! ......................... 49

1 Me! Hello! I am Heartsy. I am a heart and I love to talk. I have some fun activities, songs and games for you. Today, let us talk about ourselves. Tick the things that you like to do. reading playing talking studying 1

climbing trees sleeping painting swimming watching TV writing 2

Think, Feel and Share Is there something else that you like to do? Draw it here. 3

2 Keeping Myself Clean If we keep ourselves clean, we will not fall sick easily. Do you know the things we should do to stay clean and healthy? When should we do the following? Colour the clouds with the correct answers. 1) wash our hands after before eating eating after after using writing the toilet 4

2) brush our teeth before going after to sleep waking up after before studying playing 3) have a bath after playing every outside morning before after sleeping eating 5

Match the situations given below to the right actions. Can you act out the situations and show your friends the right actions? 1) when you cough a) pick it up and put it in a dustbin 2) when your food falls b) wash them on the ground with soap 3) when your hands c) use your get dirty handkerchief Pledge Time Let us make a few promises to ourselves. I will brush and bathe every day. I will always wash my hands before eating. I will keep myself clean. 6

3 Body Safety Our body is special. It is important to keep our body healthy and safe. Friendly Owl will teach us how to be safe. Hi, I am Friendly Owl. Let us learn how to be safe. If something is safe, it means it will not harm us. Tick the pictures that show actions that can harm us. playing on the road playing in the park bursting crackers crossing the road with a grown-up 7

We should not do things that can harm us. We should always try to be careful. Now let us see how we can keep our bodies safe. There is one rule to keep our bodies safe— NO ONE TOUCHES OUR BODY IF WE DO NOT LIKE IT. We feel good when people we love hug or kiss us. Make a star beside the touches that make you feel good. Mummy hugs you. A friend shakes hands with you. Grandma holds your hand to cross the road. The doctor touches you to check your fever. 8

You hug your pet. There are some touches that make us feel bad. When someone touches us in a way that we do not like, we should say ‘no’. A ‘NO’ means ‘NO’. If a touch gives us bad feelings, we should NEVER HIDE it. How to deal with bad touch Here are some things you can do when someone touches you in a way you do not like. Say ‘No, stop that!’ Tell your parents, grandparents, teacher or any grown-up you trust. Call 1098. It is a child helpline number. 9

Ice cream for thought Do you think— we should ALWAYS say ‘NO’ when someone touches us in a way we do not like? YES / NO / MAYBE we should tell a grown-up when we do not like a touch. YES / NO / MAYBE We should never hide it if a touch gives us bad feelings. SAFE AND SMART CERTIFICATE My name is .................................................., and I am safe and smart. My safe person is ...................................... whom I can always talk to about everything. I trust them because I know they will keep me safe. 10

4 What I Feel Let us think about all the different feelings we have. Look at these faces. Can you make these faces and say how you are feeling? angry happy sad What is happening in the pictures below? Join the pictures to the correct feelings. You can ask your teacher for help. sad happy angry 11

sad happy angry sad happy angry Ice cream for thought Do you think— sometimes you feel happy? YES / NO / MAYBE sometimes you feel angry? YES / NO / MAYBE It is OK to have different feelings. We can try and talk to others about it. 12

5 When We Go Wrong Sometimes we do something that make others or us sad later. It is important to know what we have done wrong so that we do not do it again. Mistakes are actions that harm us or others. Look at the pictures below. Tick the actions that can harm others. 1) 2) friends fighting cleaning 3) 4) planting trees breaking a vase 13

5) 6) feeding pets helping elders 7) 8) sharing food throwing garbage on the road Sometimes we do things that harm others or make them sad. We can make things better by saying ‘SORRY’. Ice cream for thought Have you ever made a mistake? YES / NO/ MAYBE Have you ever said ‘sorry’ for it? YES / NO/ MAYBE If we have done something wrong, we can make it better by saying ‘sorry’. 14

6 I Can Do It We are all good at different things. We can do whatever we want if we try. Jinny and Ajay are trying to draw a picture. First, they draw this. But they want to make it better. So, they try again. 15

After drawing this, they feel that they can draw it even better. So, they try again. Now Jinny and Ajay are happy with their drawing. What did we learn from Jinny and Ajay? 16

Colour the poster given below with your favourite colours. Pledge Time Let us read aloud the pledge together and follow it every day. I will keep trying. I know I can do it. I will keep working till I am happy with my work. 17

7 Step by Step Do you think you can walk and write at the same time? No, it is very difficult! It is easy if we do one thing at a time. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Draw it here. 18

Here are the things that we do in the morning. Join the numbers in the right order. wake up leave for school 1 6 3 2 have a bath brush your teeth 5 4 wear uniform have breakfast 19

Think, Feel and Share What is the last thing you do before sleeping every night? Draw it here. 20

8 Taki ng Ca re of Others We feel happy, sad and angry at different times. Have you ever asked your friend how they are feeling? 1) Stand in a circle. 2) Ask the person on your right, ‘How are you feeling today?’ 3) Ask them, ‘Why?’ 4) If they say they are sad, then ask them, ‘How can I help you?’ 21

Ice cream for thought If your friend is sad, would it make you sad too? YES / NO / MAYBE If your friend is happy, would it make you happy too? YES / NO / MAYBE We can always try and find out if someone is sad or happy. We should try to help when someone needs help. 22

9 It Is OK to Be Different Each one of us is different. All of us look different, eat different kinds of food and talk in different ways. Different kinds of people together make this world. Are all our fingers the same? Let us find out. Put your palm in the space given below. Trace the outline of your hand carefully. Colour it using your favourite colours. 23

Are all fingers the same size? YES NO NO Do the different colours together look nice? YES Let us do an activity together. 1) Your teacher will take an old chart paper. 2) They will draw the shape of the Earth on it. 3) Dip your finger in your favourite colour. Put your finger print on the Earth. 4) Everyone takes a turn until the entire Earth is coloured. You can hang this on the classroom wall. The picture looks beautiful with so many different colours. All of us make the Earth beautiful together. Pledge Time Let us say this out loud together. We are all different in many ways. We all have many things in common. We will live together with love and care. 24

10 Respecting Everybody We talk to many people every day—our friends, classmates, brothers and sisters, parents, teachers, grandparents and neighbours. How do we behave with them? If you treat people well and care about their feelings, it means you RESPECT them. We can show respect through our actions and by using the magic words. Here are a few magic words that will always help us. please sorry thank you Please may Sorry, I Thank you I borrow your forgot to bring for helping pencil? my book! me. 25

Let us stand on our feet and act a little. 1) Choose a partner. 2) One of you will choose to act as one of the following— aunt, shopkeeper, parent, grandparent, friend 3) You can ask your partner some of the following questions. Aunt: Can you Shopkeeper: Do please talk softly? you want this toy? Friend: Can I Parent: Will you please borrow your please listen to storybook? what I am saying? Grandparent: Can you please give me your chair? One student will ask these questions using the magic words. The other student has to answer these questions using the magic words. Did you have fun? 26

Think, Feel and Share What are the ways in which you show respect to people around you? Colour the clouds. Say ‘sorry’ when Make noise in you do something class. wrong. Listen when Say ‘thank others talk. you’. 27

11 Talk About It! We feel differently at different times. Sharing how we feel with our friends and family makes us feel good. What do you do when you feel happy, sad or angry? Here are a few things you can do. When you are. . . Happy Smile. Clap. Give a hug to someone you love. What do you do when you feel happy? Sad Talk to your Mummy or Papa. Play with your favourite toy. Draw and colour something. What do you do when you feel sad? 28

Angry Count from 1 to 20. Dance, dance, dance! Sing a song. What do you do when you feel angry? How are you feeling today? Colour the cloud that shows how you are feeling. happy sad angry Now act out your feeling without using words. Let your friend guess how you are feeling today. Ice cream for thought Was it easy for you to show your feelings? YES / NO / MAYBE Did you feel good after sharing how you felt? YES / NO / MAYBE It is always better if we share what we feel with our friends and family. 29

12 Wo rki ng Together Doing everything all by ourselves is not always easy. Working together can be fun. Which one will be easy to break? a) one stick b) a bundle of sticks Why? Discuss in class. Look at the given pictures. Choose the ones that you think are fun and easy. Tick the boxes. 1) OR 30

2) OR 3) OR Doing things together is easier and more fun, right? Think, Feel and Share Try to clean your classroom on your own. Then do it with your friend. When was it faster and more fun? a) alone b) with a friend 31

13 The Friendship Chain It can be a little boring if we are always alone. It is more fun to make friends and play with them. Do this activity along with your teacher and classmates. 1) Stand up. 2) Pick a chit from the teacher’s desk. 3) Call out the name of the friend whose name is there on the chit. That friend will come and hold your hand. 4) Then the friend calls out another friend’s name from another chit. They come and hold your friend’s hand. 5) This continues till everyone has joined in the chain. Now you have a big, strong friendship chain! 32

How to be a good friend Help your friends. Listen to your friends when they speak. Do not fight with your friends. Ice cream for thought Is it fun to make friends? YES / NO / MAYBE Should we always love our friends? YES / NO / MAYBE Friends are a beautiful part of our lives. Let us love them, share food with them and play together. 33

14 This or That? There are so many things around us. We must choose what is best for us. But how do we do that? Choose what you think is right from the following. 1) angry happy 2) dirty beach clean beach 34

3) friends fighting friends shaking hands 4) lighting diyas burning crackers 5) unhealthy food healthy food 35

How to choose When you do not know what to choose, this is what you can do. Think if you really need it. Think if it is good for you. Think if it will harm others. Ask your parents or teachers for help. Ice cream for thought Should we choose things that may hurt others? YES / NO / MAYBE Should we choose something that we do not need? YES / NO / MAYBE Before choosing something, we should always think. 36

15 Dreams and Wishes All of us have many dreams and wishes. My wish is to have a pet! What is yours? Circle the things that you wish for from the pictures below. 37

Draw a picture of who you wish to be when you grow older. Ice cream for thought Do all of us have the same wishes? YES / NO / MAYBE Do our wishes change from time to time? YES / NO / MAYBE Our wishes may keep changing. If we want our wishes to come true, we need to keep trying. 38

16 Brave and Honest Sometimes, we try to hide things. This is because we are scared to tell the truth. Speaking the truth makes us brave. What will you do if the following happens? Read the given scenarios. Tick the right answer. 1) You were playing one day and broke a toy. Your mother asked you, ‘Who broke the toy?’ You tell her that you broke it. You tell her that your friend broke it. You tell her that you do not know. 2) You see your friend taking crayons from your classmate’s box without asking them. You tell your friend that it is wrong to take things without asking. You keep quiet. You tell your teacher. 39

When you see something wrong happening, you must not be scared to speak the truth. Pledge Time Let us say this out loud together. I will not be scared of speaking the truth. I will not do anything that can hurt others. I will be brave and honest. 40

17 Sharing Is Caring Do you share your lunch with your friends? It feels good to share our things with our friends and family! You have to colour the given picture. Pick a crayon from the teacher’s table. But you will need more than one colour to complete it. Let us all share our crayons. Then, we can colour the picture with different colours! 41

Were you able to get all the colours you wanted? YES / NO Did you share your crayon with others? YES / NO Did others share their crayons with you? YES / NO Did it feel good to share your crayon? YES / NO Sharing helps us to make friends. We become good and helpful people. Sharing shows that we care about others. Pledge Time Let us say the following out loud together. I will always try to share my food, books and toys with others. I will share my things with others when they need it. I will always remember that sharing makes us better people. 42

18 Keeping the Places Around Us Clean We need to keep ourselves clean. In the same way, we should keep everything around us clean too. Clean surroundings help us stay healthy. There is some garbage lying around. Can you find your way to the dustbin and throw it? 43

Tick the actions that keep our surroundings clean and tidy. keeping toys in the box putting books on the shelf tidying the room cleaning the park throwing garbage 44

How to keep our surroundings clean To make sure that places around you are clean, you can do the following. Throw garbage in the garbage bin at school, in classrooms, at parks, streets and home. Cover the garbage bin. Keep books and toys in order. Ask everyone to throw garbage in the garbage bin. Ice cream for thought Should you throw a banana peel on the floor? YES / NO / MAYBE Should you keep your books neatly? YES / NO / MAYBE Can you help clean dishes after eating? YES / NO / MAYBE We can keep the places around us clean by putting things in their right places. 45

19 Let Us Be Careful What would we do without air and water? Is it possible for us to live without them? Let us find out. Tick the actions that need water. bathing drinking sleeping washing clothes 46

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