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Oyster Series LKG Name: Section: Roll No.: School:

1) The Capseller and the Monkeys................................. 3 2) Three Little Pigs....................................................... 6 3) Goldilocks and the Three Bears............................... 10 4) The Clever Rabbit and the Foolish Lion.................... 15 5) The Farmer and the Eagle....................................... 19 6) The Fox and the Crow............................................. 22

1) The Capseller and the Monkeys 3

Once, there was a capseller. He had many caps in his bag to sell. One day, he was very tired. He lay down to sleep under a tree. While he slept, the monkeys on the tree took all his caps. When he woke up, the capseller was shocked to see his caps missing. Then, he had an idea. 4

He threw his cap down. The monkeys threw their caps down too. The clever capseller took all his caps and went away. 5

2) Three Little Pigs 6

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. Each of them built their own house. One built a house with straw. One built a house with sticks. The third pig built a house with bricks. There was a big bad wolf. He came huffing and puffing to eat the pigs. Save me! Save me! The The wolf blew wolf blew my straw my stick house down. house down. 7

The two little pigs ran to the third pig’s house. The wolf could not blow down the house of bricks. Hmm... This house of bricks is strong. Clever pig! But I am more clever. The wolf went down the chimney. The pigs kept a pot of boiling water under the chimney. The wolf fell into it. 8

Ouch! The wolf ran away in pain. Because of the clever pig, all three pigs built brick houses and lived safely. 9

3) Goldilocks and the Three Bears 10

Mama bear, Papa bear and Baby bear lived in a cottage in the woods. One day, they went out. A little girl named Goldilocks entered their cottage. She saw three bowls of food on the table. One bowl was too hot. The other one was too cold. That small bowl is just right! Let me eat it. 11

Goldilocks saw three chairs. The first two chairs were too big. This small one is just right! Let me sit on it. Then, she saw three beds. The first two beds were too big. She went to sleep in Baby bear’s bed. This small one is just right! Let me sleep on it. 12

The three bears came back home. They saw the empty bowl and the broken chair. Who did this? Somebody ate my food and broke my chair! Waaaaah! 13

Baby bear found Goldilocks asleep in his bed. Papa, Mama! This girl did it. She is sleeping on my bed. Goldilocks woke up. She saw the three bears looking at her and ran out of their house. 14

4) The Clever Rabbit and the Foolish Lion 15

Sheru, the lion was greedy. He killed many animals. The animals called for a meeting. If you kill us all together, you will not have food to eat tomorrow. Every day, one animal will come to you. Okay. But if you miss a day, I will eat you all. 16

It was the clever rabbit’s turn the next day. He went a little late. The lion was hungry and angry. The rabbit had an idea. Another lion Show me the stopped me on the way. other lion. I will smash him to He is hiding in a well. I escaped somehow. a pulp! 17

The rabbit took the lion to a well. The lion saw his own face in the water. He was foolish and believed the rabbit. He jumped into the well and drowned. The clever rabbit saved the animals. 18

5) The Farmer and the Eagle 19

Once, an eagle was trapped. A farmer set it free. The eagle was very happy and thankful. Please help me! One day, the farmer was asleep, leaning on a wall. The wall had loose stones. They were about to fall on him. Oh no! My friend will get hurt. 20

The eagle took the farmer’s hat and flew away. The farmer woke up and saw this. He was very angry. Hey! Is that how you repay me? Give my hat back. The farmer got up and chased the eagle. He heard a loud sound behind him. The wall had crashed. The farmer realised that the eagle had saved his life. You woke me up on time. Thank you! 21

6) The Fox and the Crow 22

A hungry fox was walking around in a jungle. He saw a crow sitting on a tree. It had a piece of cheese in its mouth. The fox wanted the cheese. He had an idea to get the cheese from the crow. He talked to the crow. You are beautiful! I am sure you have a sweet voice. Sing me a song, please. 23

The crow was happy. It Caw caw! opened its mouth to caw. And the cheese fell down. Thank you, Crow! The cunning fox was Your voice is not so happy. He picked up the good. Now, I will cheese and ran away. enjoy the cheese. 24

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