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2018 Annual Report

Published by Addison Township Fire, 2019-04-09 14:47:02

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2018 ANNUAL REPORT Addison Township Fire Department 4026 Forest, Leonard, MI 48367 248-628-5600 Chief Jerry Morawski

2018 Annual Report Page 1 Letter from the Chief 2018 was a very productive year. The members responded to 638 calls, which is down about 90 calls from last year. Although a lower call amount does not mean there is less to do. We received our new fire engine in July; this apparatus will serve our community for about 20 years. You also voted (with 78.4% approval), to combine our millage from three separate millages at .75 to one millage at 2.25. Our Asst. Chief John Beach retired in August and Lt. Dan Cline was promoted to the position, Dan is doing a great job in his new role. Our personnel roster has the most members than it has had in many years. This is very exciting and also a lot of work, training our six new members to the level that our community has come to expect. Addison Township Fire Department also received an audit from the Insurance Services Office on our fire rating and scored a 3 for the Village of Leonard and Addison Township. This is a large feat, as this low of a rating is shared by only 3,409 out of 40,000 fire departments nationally. We are very proud of ourselves for achieving this rating for our residents who continually support us in so many ways. I am also very happy to report that we have received three grants totaling $18,500 for training and equipment from the DNR, 4 County, and State of Michigan respectively. I am very honored and humbled to have the opportunity to experience the on-going support from our community, Township Board, Fire Board, and the Village of Leonard to accomplish everything that we have in 2018. I am very proud to share all of this in our Annual Report.

Page 2 Assistant Chief Year in Review: 2018 First, it was an honor to be promoted to Assistant Chief in September 2018 and I look forward to continued development of the Addison Township Fire Department in our community. As Assistant Chief, I will no longer be in charge of maintenance, but full -time FF/EMT-P Furgerson has taken over the role. I will continue to assist with maintenance around the station but my primary focus will be on new recruits, fire prevention, and fire inspection. At the end of last year we had a significant number of new members join the fire department and each are progressing though EMT and fire school. This was the most new recruits hired in a single year since 2006. We are working to get new firefighters involved with department training as early as possible to improve recruit buy in and morale. Along with our new recruits we hired, we had the addition of Ben Rice, as the new EMS Coordinator. Ben brings an extensive amount of experience to the department both in EMS and firefighting. Finally, in 2018 we had the retirement of Assistant Chief John Beach. John Beach was a 19 year veteran on the department and his absence has been felt. Addison Township Fire Department strives to be the best and to do that we are constantly training. Last year we’re privileged with the opportunity of a training house and for several weeks we worked on several different firefighting disciplines, such as fire suppression and search and rescue. Moving forward in 2019, we will be working hard to advance the department with new training opportunities. This year we will be reaching out to our neighboring departments to train together. We feel that we have an opportunity to improve our relationships with our mutual aid departments by offering these trainings. I look forward to another exciting year working with our great team to move our department forward.

Page 3 Facility Locations Addison Township Fire Department covers 36 square miles, in the most North- eastern corner of Oakland County. Fire Station #1: 4026 Forest St. Phone: 248-628-5600 Fire Station #2: 1442 Rochester Rd. Fax: 248-628-5770 Email: [email protected] Website: FireDepartment

Page 4 Addison Township’s Significant Events for 2018 On October 27, 2017, the Fire Department was au- dited by ISO for our public protection classification. We recently received our report back with predomi- nantly positive results. The good news is that my com- mand staff and I developed a program through in depth training and research, to retain a 3 for the Vil- lage of Leonard and also increase our score for the Township to a 3 as well. Addison Township Fire Department was granted the opportunity to do hands on fire suppression, search and rescue, and fire behavior training on a house donated by a resident. This type of training is rare but unequivocally beneficial for the safety and knowledge of our firefighters. Addison Township Fire Department implemented a Fire Corps program to help support our fire depart- ment and fund raising association, whether it be on a fire scene or at our local Strawberry Festival, they are there to lend a helping hand. We purchased a brand new Pierce pumper w/ Saber chassis to replace our 1991 Spartan Darley Engine. We did the in service for our new Engine in 2018.

Years of Continued Service with Addison Township Fire Department Page 5 20+ years of service “To Be the Best” Chief Jerry Morawski 1994 »Citation for Bravery/Citation for Honor Captain Michelle Mead 1994 »Citation for Bravery/ Citation for Meritorious Service Janine Hermann 1996 »Citation for Meritorious Service 15+ years of service Marilyn Szost 1999 »Citation for Meritorious Service W Rippetoe 2003 »Citation for Bravery 10+ years of service Dan Cline 2007 »Citation for Bravery Joe Fisher 2004 »Citation for Honor Angela Haines 2006 Charles Johnson 2004 »Citation for Honor Fred Vandervennet 2006 5+ years of service Rob Fitzpatrick 2013 »Citation for Honor Dan Marsh 2013 Tyler Hunsucker 2013 Less than 5 years of service Adam Furgerson 2017 Chad Strobel 2016 Mackenzie Prey 2018 Auxiliary Gunnar Johnson 2005 Elmo Madden »Citation for Meritorious Service Probationary Heathen Peshe 2018 Fire Corps Craig Koval 2018 Anthony Orlando 2018 Tim Gasparski 2018 Jenna Carson 2018 Mark Lockwood 2018 Mitchel Morawski 2018 Kyle McMullen 2018

Page 6

Training Page 7 Addison Township Fire Department continu- ously strives “To be the Best” for our community. To do this we train every single week to make sure our skills are up to par. In the winter we train twice a month for medicals, which include hands on practi- cal’s and lectures. The rest of the month’s training is fire based and includes truck operations, search and rescue, pre-planning, and extrication to name a few. We also participate in trainings with neighboring de- partments to maintain workability, interoperability, and camaraderie necessary to assist each other in Mu- tual Aid operations. The Fire Department also advo- cates attending outside conferences and seminars that revolve around Medical, Fire Inspection, Active shoot- ers, and many more. Our diligence in training helps us prepare for Emer- gency Incidents that we need to provide the best possi- ble care for our citizens in life and safety emergencies.

Page 8 Project “ER” Project ER is a practice that Addison Township Fire Department developed and adopted in 2014 to help achieve the utmost efficiency in patient care without compromising quality. In a effort to maximize patient care and minimize on scene times we have charted 4 specific areas to give us the best information possible to accom- plish this: Total Call Time (the total amount of time from when we are dispatched until we are back in service), Patient on Board Time (the time from when we arrive until we have the patient in the back of our ambulance), Scene Time (the total amount of time on the scene until we leave for the hospital), and Turnaround Time (the amount of time spent at the hospital before we are en-route back to our Township. We have used these areas to Dispatched improve on our services… Arrival on scene Patient On-board On Scene time: 2017 average - 18mins 00 seconds Transporting 2018 average – 18mins 39 seconds Arrival at Hospital Patient Encounters- 284 Turn Around time: Clear Hospital 2017 average - 19mins 05 seconds Clear the Air 2018 average – 20mins 05 seconds Back in Service Total call time: 2017 average - 66mins 00 seconds 2018 average - 65mins 56 seconds

Page 9 Addison Township Fire Department had 638 calls in 2018 a decline from 2017.

Page 10 Incident Statistics A breakdown of Incident times and days of the week, help us plan and staff appropriately to mitigate incidents as efficiently as possible.

Page 11 Fire Loss for 2018 Addison Township Fire Department strives to provide the best possible service for our com- munity. We work very hard to maintain a level of professionalism, integrity, and skill set that our public has come to expect from us. We train weekly on medical and fire operations to hone our skills, we also train with other fire departments throughout the year to learn new tips and tricks and consistent fire suppression tactics, while offering them new ideas as well. Addison Township Fire Department also offers public education and fire safety programs to all of our schools, and is also utilized to teach basic life support/ first aid and fire extinguisher training to some of our local businesses. We continuously inspect our commercial building and maintain about 40% yearly, making sure that our businesses are safe for the public and fire suppressed. Below you find our Fire Loss for 2018, we feel that continually training and offering education to our community, will help minimize the associated amount of fire loss for our residents. Barn Fire: small electrical Garage Fire Property: $2,000 Property: $5,000 Contents: $100,000 RV Fire Property: $112,000 House Fire Contents: $10,000 Property: $300,000 Contents: $150,000 Construction Equipment Property: $60,000 Basement Fire: small electrical Contents: #1,000 Car Fires Property: $16,000 Total Fire Loss: $756,000

Page 12 Mutual Aid Addison Township Fire Department in conjunction with our neighboring communities work hard to pro- vide quality fire suppression and medical care for our citizens. To assure they receive the best service possi- ble we work together to supply sufficient tools and personnel to our surrounding Departments. We gath- ered together to create a cohesive program to help us rely on each other for multiple or larger incidents. The Oakland County (Fire) Mutual Aid Association (OCMAA), of which Addison Township Fire is a member, has adopted MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) for inter-department mutual aid. Each participating agency has developed MABAS response cards and obtained approval from assisting agencies for their response in the event mutual aid is needed. Each department has agreed to their participation as listed on another agency’s MABAS card. The breakdown below represents the Mutual Aid and the Automatic Mutual Aid (which is assigned via the MABAS box cards) requests given and received for 2018. 2018 Mutual Aid Mutual Aid/Automatic Aid Given Percent Received Percent 0 0% Auburn Hills Fire 3 4.05% 0 0% 0 0% Bruce Township 1 1.35% 1 1 5.55% Brandon Fire 1 1.35% 2 5.55% 1 11.11% Dryden Fire 2 2.70% 13 5.55% 0 72.22% Metamora Fire 0 0% 0 18 0% Oakland Township 35 47.29% 0% Orion Township 1 1.35% Oxford Township 29 39.18% Rochester City 1 1.35% Washington Township 1 1.35% 74

Page 13 2019/2020 Budget Our Capital Budget is comprised of the taxable revenue from our .075 millage, bank reserve and savings, and any carryover from our short term. This budget covers our larger purchases, including but not limited to, trucks, major sta- tion repair or renovations and upkeep. Our Operating Budget consists of a separate 2.25 millage, cost recovery, carry-over, and any bank interest ac- crued. Our Operating budget covers all of our day to day expenses, medical billing, payroll, insurance, etc.

Page 14 2019/2020 Operating Budget

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