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Published by Sarah Williams, 2021-01-12 21:09:55

Description: Classification


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On Target Biology

On Target Biology Classification If you are living, you can be classified into one of five kingdoms. Animals Plants Fungi Prokaryotes Protoctists

On Target Biology Animals If you are an animal, you can be classified into one of these groups. Vertebrate Invertebrate Animals with Animals a backbone without a backbone Check the next post for more details!

On Target Biology Plants If you are a plant you might be a monocotyledon or dicotyledon.

On Target Biology Fungus Made up of threads of hyphae Nuclei spread all the way through Cell walls made of chitin Don't use photosynthesis. Examples are mushrooms, toadstools, mould on food and yeast used for bread making.

On Target Biology Prokaryotes No organelles (AKA Bacteria) Much smaller single cells Chromosomes not in nucleus (free in cytoplasm). Contains plasmid DNA Cell wall made of peptidoglycan Food granules in cytoplasm Some have slime capsules or flagella

On Target Biology Protoctists (AKA The odd ones out) Single celled organisms that won't be put in any category! Euglena... contains chloroplasts but no cell wall!? Paramecium is like a unicellular animal with its very own oral groove (mouth) and anal pore (butt!)

On Target Biology Virus (Non living so cant be classified!) Learn the structure They don't excrete, grow, feed or respire. They reproduce only inside host cells.

On Target Biology

On Target Biology Draw a giant hierarchy diagram with all the kingdoms' information.

On Target Biology

On Target Biology 1.

On Target Biology 2.

On Target Biology 3. a) Bacteria

On Target Biology 3.

On Target Biology How did you do? Answers 1. 2. (i) 2. (ii) Movement

On Target Biology How did you do? Answers 3.

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