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HTML5 Magazine Page Flip Software for Versatile Online Magazines

PUB HTML5, as an ideal HTML5 page-turning magazine maker, converts PDF files into online magazines which own a variety of attributes and animated functions

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PUB HTML5 Offer All-scale Reading Experience

Today turns out to be a pluralistic society and people are chasing for diversified and distinctive lifestyle. For high rates of return, enterprises and marketers should bear in mind that their products can tailor-make the requirement of their customers. This principle does the same for HTML5 Magazine Page Flip Software PUB HTML5. There are a variety of people like small and medium business and teaching workers, asking PUB HTML5 for converting their PDF files into online magazines.

Based on CSS3 and jQuery technology, PUB HTML5 accommodates itself with diverse platforms. Created digital publishing magazine can work on different platforms without changing the screen scale. Users can publish it to local or offline, share it through social networks and even embedded into website or WordPress sites. As a result, people who download your online magazine can view it anywhere at any time and it will not bother them too much. Do you have an attachment to PUB HTML5? Now let us show you the main attributes of it.
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Powerful Attributes of PUB HTML5

1. Intensify Your Strong Content

PUB HTML5 offers you two main ways to intensify your online content. The first one is to create interactive and charming book-like interface. You can use numerous templates, themes and other objects to present your product. The second one is to your vast content easily searched by readers. The Table of Content helps you navigate your targeted page by one click. To draw more attention, you should take both attractive interface and convenient navigation into consideration.

2. Enrich Reading Experience

In the past, we can just read the text and pictures on the printed magazine. Now, the reading experience diversifies a lot. You can add YouTube & Vimeo videos, audios, and dynamic images into your online publication to illustrate your products. All these animated functions make reading more interesting and memorable. Moreover, the digital publishing magazine can automatically display itself and readers need no manual page turning.

3. Data Analytics Support

Accurate data analysis helps marketer deals well with his digital publication. PUB HTML5 is equipped with Google Analytics, which can collect and process the message your visitors leave on your publication. You can find the most loved and least interested one. The data are presented in an intuitive way so that users can easily find out the outcomes of the analysis. Relying on these data, users can quickly adjust their marketing strategies.

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