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Published by a.rodriguezmg20, 2017-08-09 19:15:01

Description: 2nd edition - August 2017


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Hello team In this edition... and welcome back to ONE. Team overviewsYou are again invited to step in and read all the articles and On going projectsupdates that were carefully written by all the POCs assigned by News and updateseach team within the organization. As we approach Q4 2017, an Fun Factsexciting time is ahead of us and some of the details within this What’s coming?newsletter will get us prepared for the busiest time of the year.Come in!Cesar Delgado.Operations Manager - SJO Costa Rica THIS EDITION’S COLLABORATORS Stanley Pradel Michelle Ketcham Melissa LaCaille Prabhu Kamalakannan Soumyajit Dey

THE ORDER MANAGEMENT Author: TEAM Stanley PradelTeam overview Program ManagerThe team aims to make the order management tool intuitive What’s next?: Kick Off and technical joint application designand easy to use in order to empower users in the order sessions are scheduled for the end of July between process; thereby enhancing the overall end One (Sintec Media), Rodeo Services Dev team, Productuser experience. partners, and CST stakeholders to further define technical requirements, UI design, and development schedules. AnWe strive to standardize and simplify the order management Integration PRFAQ will also be developed and socialized.workflows, simplify and streamline our product catalog,and increase overall efficiency and accuracy of campaign Operative.One Approval Workflow Automationmanagement by driving the integration with our coreadvertising products. Background: Current legal and yield approval workflows are manual and time consuming. They also add dwell time,On going projects creating lack of visibility of order approval state, impacts to SLAs, and delays in campaign launches. Product Catalog Simplification What we did in July: The Canada pilot launched on 6/19 to Background: With the increase in advertiser opportunities bypass the Legal approval process for orders under $500K on and customer needs, our product catalog has increased AMG paper. This process has reduced the number of business making the ability for Account teams to manage products more days from 6 business days to 4. This pilot is in the final two challenging. To enable a more streamlined product selection weeks of testing with an estimated 30% adoption rate which process, there is a plan to simplify the catalog by deprecating the team is currently evaluating for improvement. Additionally, the list by 25% which amounts to 300 products by Q3 2017. the team implemented a new NA IO template (for campaigns on AMG paper) with additional optimization terms and What we did in July: Identified in scope for deprecation conditions, allowing the ability to shift budget and impressions for this quarter are 236 product IDs with contributions from across placements without retriggering legal approvals or JP, AAP, Custom, and Device Team. 188 JP and 5 Device requiring a revised IO. From an automated yield workflow, products were marked as inactive and no longer available in the team identified a solution for campaign landing pages the Operative sales product catalog as of July 31st. inaccurately triggering yield approvals which would eliminate 14% of total campaigns moving passed the yield workflow. What’s next?: In August, the remaining 46 identified This solution is currently being tested by the yield team for products will be deprecated in Operative. A final review with approval. International product team owner has been scheduled to identify additional product deprecation opportunities. The What’s next?: As the team continues to audit the CA pilot team will also explore other approaches to further consolidate success rate, increased adoption will be obtained via training products; for example, removing contextual targeting and and education refreshers with a goal of 50% adoption for placement sizes from the product and enabling them at the line the month of August. An additional rollout plan will also be item level. evaluated for launch of similar functionality throughout North America, potentially staring with ISO advertisers. Operative.One v1 Rodeo Integration Once yield approves the campaign landing page solution, it will be socialized to CST and pushed to production. Background: Today, users are required to use several systems during order creation, forecasting, booking, and NEWS & UPDATES optimization processes of the life of a campaign. Not only does this increase time spent due to duplicative entries but it • Elaine Perales joined the team as a Senior Project also leads to numerous revenue impacting issues, including: Manager. She will manage the v1 integration between reserved inventory which is not delivered upon, served but not Operative.One and Rodeo. contracted (billable) inventory, and delivery which does not match the contract. With this integration targeted for a Q1 •An Operative.One scheduled release will be implemented 2018 launch, users will have the ability to successfully forecast, on 7/31/2016 with an outage scheduled the weekend book, and optimize directly in Operative and have this data of 7/28 – 7/30. This release will enhance the existing integrate with Rodeo in real time. Rate Card logic, preventing the reset of rate card region when making changes to your order; thus eliminating What we did in July: A joint Kick Off and technical summit downstream billing impacts identified when defaulted was conducted at the end of July between Operative.One upon changes. For detailed information regarding (Sintec Media), Rodeo Services Dev team, Product partners, release scope, please visit the Amazon Advertising Order and CST stakeholders to review technical requirements, UI Management wiki. design opportunities, and initial development schedules. •We have two positions open on the team and are actively interviewing to ensure support and continuity.

THE RELEASE MANAGEMENT Author: TEAM Michelle KetchamTeam overview Program ManagerThe role of the team is to limit the risk of product orprocess releases negatively impacting our advertisers, in NEWS & UPDATES2015 the Release Management team was developed andlaunched a release management process that includes User • On July 1, Corina Carbajal took ownership of the GlobalAcceptance Testing (UAT) and a product release process Release Management Team in addition to her existingused to shepherd key releases from product teams to the responsibilities for our order management system and processes.Customer Success Team (CST). • After almost three years leading the Global ReleaseAs the program evolved, Release Management aligns with Management team, Lauren Pergola is taking on a new programthe product and sales teams to prioritize releases, plan for management role supporting the Global Scale Design Teamchanges, test new products and eliminate unnecessary within GSS.bottlenecks. Additionally, the team leverages their visibilityacross all product teams by sharing best practices and • We have two Program Management positions open on the teamdriving execution gold standards. and are actively interviewing to ensure support and continuity.On going projects What’s coming: Q3 Product Release Management: As of August 10th, • Q4 product release review: On behalf of CST, the Release 2017, the Release Management team estimates a total of 90 Management team will manage and monitor the Q4 product release releases scheduled for Q3, (compared to 41 in Q3 2016). freeze due to the significant increase in campaign volume around the holidays. In order to do so, the Release Management team will In an effort to reduce the overall impact to CST, while ensuring conduct a Q4 Product Release Review meeting in August with CST we continue to invent on behalf of our customers, the Release Leadership and Product Managers. Management team is partnering with Product and the Customer Success Training & Development teams to bundle This meeting will allow for a transparent review, prioritization, and like releases and develop targeted training plans to ensure all approval of all submitted Q4 products and determine and the overall trainings held are relevant to the impacted users. release strategy. DPReview Migration: Three placement types (rotational A SIM will be leveraged for this Q4 product intake, allowing the IAB Standard, Site Wrap, and Interstitials) will be tested and teams to conduct a thorough analysis of all submitted products for migrated in August with a cutover date of September 1, 2017. prioritization based on revenue and business impacts. The migration impact to CST is limited as there are a few US • Standardize Trafficking Workflow: In partnership with the campaigns overlapping the migration cutover date and there product teams, a heat map was developed that highlighted the are currently no live campaigns in the EU. main variance by product with brainstorming sessions on how to improve current workflows. IMDb Migration: As part of migrating IMDb from DFP to Rodeo, the IMDb team had to re-engineer 18 unique The team identified dependent projects that will allow for further Operative.One products and 12 master and companion standardization and automation of trafficking. creative templates. These initiatives will allow for template parity across products with In partnership with the IMDb product team, AOS team and Creative Formats, standardization of forecasting and booking US Entertainment SMEs, the Release Management team across products with v1 Operative to Rodeo integration, automation developed testing and rollout plans to minimize the impact of the device QA process, and reduction of manual tasks via to the organization, while ensuring all teams are prepared for Automated Scanner. flawless executions going into Fall TV. The new DE/UK/US products went through UAT on July 19th and the August 1st cutover date occurred, as planned. Pacing of migrated campaigns is currently being monitored by IMDb product and account teams in order to mitigate underdelivery and identify any abnormalities or issues.

The team has also identified additional areas of opportunity to • Beta Support Framework: CST Beta program is enablingfurther streamline trafficking across products and automate product teams to predictably develop and drive innovativemanual tasks. solutions for our advertisers while ensuring CST can flawlessly execute these programs on Day 1.Based on this analysis, the team feels that they canstandardize trafficking to 2 workflows – devices and all The idea of new beta product launch workflow that mergesother products with the variation lying in how devices are with the current beta program by Product Marketing wasQA’d. Additionally, further automation opportunities of these reviewed by the Release Management Team.proposed standardized workflows are being developed forinclusion in Single Display Product (formerly known as Unified CST support framework, release readiness criteria, UATDisplay) for ultimate end state solution. process, and launch success metrics were also developed forIn August, the Standardized Trafficking Workflows 6-pager will CST completed which will include user stories and requirementsfor the system projects mentioned above based on the The core idea will be reviewed with product partner teams inidentified phases of: process changes, dependent project early August, and the project will be signed off at Q3 end.implementation, platform feature requests, and end state SDPsolution. The beta program production launch is targeted for JanuaryWe will look to drive adoption of those stories and become a 2018, followed by the pilot launch in Q4 2017.stakeholder in their development and implementation. THE AD OPERATIONS SPECIALISTS Author: TEAM Melissa LaCailleTeam overview Ad Ops Specialists ManagerAd Operations Specialists (AOS) are the drivers ofoperational efficiency and accuracy for Amazon display NEWS & UPDATESadvertising ensuring a world-class customer experience andthe success of partnering teams. • Elaine Dyjak, external candidate, is joining AOS on August 14, 2017 in time to support Q4.We are the technical experts across Amazon’s product suite • AOS is actively hiring for one additional open head count.and responsible for the enablement of offshore ease ofdoing business. fuFnunfafacctsts! !The AOS team just completed coordinating Prime Day The team enjoys fun hobbies outside of work.efforts which, in partnership with offshore Ops teams,executed flawless delivery of 48 takeovers and 73 creative • Ryan is an avid hiker and travels all over the PNW every weekend.swaps. • Stacey and her family are champion dog show participants with award winning Akitas.On going projects • Jason is handy with a hammer and recently built his back deck at his new house. Q4 Preparation: Currently the team is working on Q4 • Tiffany is an avid traveler with 22 countries under her belt, Turkey preparation including training new hires, re-activating the hot being her favorite. desk, and focusing on hitting key goals surrounding SLA and • Melissa enjoys food competitions and has even won a few. accuracy. In addition, AOS coordinated the roll out of Optimizations to Ops teams and is investigating Reporting solutions. We are currently testing multiple creative, single line item solutions for devices and commencing ownership of the OFI partnership with CM teams. Finally, AOS is currently supporting the Andon cord project creating a 24 hour on call calendar and Ops lead support structure.

THE AD OPS BLR Author: TEAM Prabhu KamalakannanTeam overview Manager GSS (NA BRL Operation)GSS Ad Ops team consist of 67 resources includingmanagers who operate from BLR location.We partner with Account Management team, SJO – Costa On going projectsRica and various product teams to manage our day to dayexecution to achieve a unified goal of 1 day SLA. Project Symphony: Completed the pilot phase of unifying the workflow IMDB and Kindle process between US andWe also look out for an opportunity to simplify and automate INTL locale. Results in annual savings of ~3.5 FTEs worth ofthe workflow in order to eliminate the process inefficiencies. capacity due to process unification. NEWS & UPDATES Cross Product training: US Cross product training phase 2 have been completed and Phase 3 is in progress. However,• Girish and Roshnara travelled to SJO- Costa Rica for 2 weeks to we have suspended all the trainings for 10 days to manage thetrain newly joined team members on AAP and Booking products prime day volume effectively.respectively. SFDC user creation: Ad Ops started supporting SFDC user• Completed the tool migration kick off call for IMDB campaigns, creation from Mar’17 working on providing access to AMGmigrating the campaigns from DFP to Rodeo. UAT will be scheduled users. Team also provide customized access to objects, fields,by end of July 17. page layouts and Record types which can be assigned to a set of people within the same profile.• Mobile and Onsite team started new workflow to providescreenshots in the trafficking assignment, instead of creating Advertiser Creation: It’s a process of approving credit checkScreenshots assignments. submissions, and creating new advertisers in Operative.One and Rodeo tool from BLR team.• AAP Trafficking team have successfully completed the AAP Pre-Optimization training and now owns the responsibility of setting What’s coming:campaigns live. This overall process reduced one day SLA. • UAT for migrating IMDB campaigns from DFP to Rodeo.• Team successfully moved to key assignments released on SF v2launch (6/30). a) Operative Checklist and Growth queue moved to • Optimization project: Booking team will start processing Assignment (from To-do). optimization tasks starting from mid of July. b) Optimization and reporting moved to Assignments (from • Reporting project: Migrate scalable elements of campaign tasks). reporting to offshore AdOps to standardize/centralize and free up AM time for media planning and client engagement. Pilot for this• Ambili moved to US BLR team (From FRITES team) with new project starts at end of Jul’17.roles & responsibilities as Associate Manager reporting to Michael tomanage AAP team. • As a preparation of Q4 readiness, Steve Kelly is vising to BLR office in 3rd week of Jul’17. Rewards and Recognition: fuFnunfafacctsts! ! Bronze Awards: • AAP and OM team had an all hands meeting in mid Jun’17 followed by dinner party at Brew and Barbeque. Hemanth Kumar, Girish Marashetty, Amit Choubey, Vijay Puram, Roshnara SK. • Onsite, Kindle, IMDB, Mobile & Growth teams had been on a day long team outing to a resort near Bangalore. Silver Award: Hemanth Kumar

THE AD OPS BLR Author: TEAM Soumyajit DeyTeam overview Manager GSS (International BLR OPS)The team is a 64 member team responsible for working oncampaign set up requests (booking, trafficking) and help it What’s coming:go live. • Automation ambassador program – Led by Ramkumar SThe team is also responsible for reporting (DAR & ECR), (Manager Ad Operations), this initiative will help to standardize,proofing (Screenshot) and additional technical support simplify & automate tools & processes that are evolving. Thisbased on business requirements. program encourages individuals from local teams to share ideas by constantly reviewing the workflows, streamline the processesProject updates and eliminate process inefficiencies through automation wherever possible. International team rolled out FIFO pilot process on July 17. • Set Live Campaign – the Ad Ops team in Bangalore is going to fully own the campaign set live from the tool. Currently, UK Team successfully managed the Prime day campaigns has successfully tested the pilot and DE is testing. Before Q4, spike executed with accuracy. all the International locales are to transition this to the Bangalore team. Successfully migrated the IMDb mobile booking/ trafficking from cornerstone to RDO. Rewards and Recognition: Completed the IMDb Takeover verification training for A big thank you to DE team. The Onsite Team: ASIN RT Pre-optimization has been rolled-out from 19th June for DE team. Received an Appreciation from onsite team (Jean & Nicola) for providing unconditional support on Prime day campaign AAP Video - Scanning for Viewability Pixels process has launch. Huge applause to Harsha and entire FRITES Team! been rolled out on 29th June. NEWS & UPDATES • Three new members’ On-boarded for the International team. Rimu & Prathap will be supporting for FRITES BLR team and Neeraja for UK BLR team as an Associate manager.

Thank youfor reading throug, more to come in the next edition, stay tuned...

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