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2015 - Fall Newsletter - Advancing the Mission

Published by blake, 2015-10-30 08:27:57

Description: 2015 - Fall Newsletter - Advancing the Mission

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JOURNALSamaritan’sWHAT’S INSIDEA LOOK AHEADA sneak peek at our plans to furtherenhance The Full Circle of Health in Atlantaby adding new services and expanding ourfootprint.SETTING THEVISIONDr. Bill Warren shares his reflections on2015 and Good Sam’s vision for the future.ECHOES THROUGHETERNITYHow one patient’s life is living on through hiscompassion, love, and faith in Atlanta. FALL ADVANCING 2015 THE MISSION

PA2GESETTING THE VISIONFOR GOOD SAMA LETTER FROM OUR FOUNDERDear Friends, would serve the physical fitness and rehabilitation needs of our patients and neighbors. Until now this componentWhen the Good Samaritan Health Center was envisioned remained dormant. However, the incredibly excitingmore than twenty years ago, the central theme of news is that, as part of a larger capital and programdeveloping a Christian-based holistic healthcare center expansion campaign, Good Sam will partnerdedicated to serving the entire family was proposed. The with Urban Perform to launch a wellness centercore objectives of medical, dental, mental health, health in 2016. Not only will we offer individual andeducation, case management, and pharmaceutical group aerobics, weight training, and exerciseservices were created to satisfy this central theme. classes, but physical rehabilitation servicesOpening on January 4, 1999 Good Sam began to as well. By moving in this direction, we wantemploy these core objectives, thus tangibly deliver the to deliver a new message of wellness andcritical vision and mission. It did not take even one month disease prevention, steering our patientsto appreciate that there were other health concerns away from a life of disease management.affecting Atlanta’s indigent population. As these concernswere identified, the vision expanded to address these No truly great endeavor comesimportant needs. to fruition without prayer, God’s direction, and vision for how thingsAn example of great significance was learning that Good can be and what is possible. TheSam resided within a “food desert,” a term recently central theme never changes.coined to indicate the paucity of fresh and healthy foods Yet, when need and opportunitywithin a community. Armed with this understanding, our are added to the catalyststaff and board wrestled with solving this issue through of motivation, the vision ismultiple avenues. The approach we took was two-fold. expanded, enhanced, andFirst, in 2012, we added a teaching kitchen which would improved.serve to educate our patients on the healthiest ways toprepare foods. Then, in December of the same year, we Sincerely, 19,859purchased an adjacent one acre lot, preparing for anurban farm. With the planting, germinating, sprouting, Patient encounters through Sept.and harvesting of the first crop in 2013, Good Sam wasunique in becoming the only community health center in Dr. William WarrenGeorgia with an urban farm, a truly cutting-edge vision. FounderA significant component of our original holistic healthcaremodel was the inclusion of a wellness center. This centerPROVERBS 16:9The mind of a man plans his way, but TheLord directs his steps.”

PA3GE HOMELESS CAREOn Friday, August 28th, the Good Samaritan HealthCenter launched our monthly Homeless Clinic. Here weprovide medical and counseling care to some of the over10,000 individuals who find themselves homeless inAtlanta on any given night.“I was nervous to come because when I’ve visitedelsewhere I’ve felt like an outsider,” said one of the womenwho had recently fled an abusive relationship, “But atGood Sam I felt welcome and like someone who hadworth and hope.”Among other necessities, quality healthcare is one of the most important factors when rebuilding someone’s life. Throughcontributions providing for this care you extend a helping hand to those who needs it most. By giving them such resourcesthey can take a step forward on the path out of homelessness. While we celebrate the success of our inaugural HomelessClinic, the need in Atlanta is great for the services we provide. The Good Sam team is leading the way through givingto make this clinic possible, contributing over $11,000 from their paychecks. However, to keep the Homeless Clinicoperating on a monthly basis, we rely on your generous financial support.WOMEN’S LOUNGE NATIONAL CEO VISITSIn August, the Women’s Auxiliary furnished a On July 23rd, Good Sam was honored to hostbeautiful Women’s Lounge to celebrate the Good Wendy Spencer, the CEO of the Corporation forSam staff and provide them a place to rest, relax, National and Community Service. We were oneand recharge. of the two sites she visited in Georgia that host AmeriCorps Members. Mrs. Spencer and her teamThank you to the following for their generous support: toured our Urban Farm, as well as our medical and dental facilities. She also sat down to a round-tableMrs. Peggy Taylor Tater Tots Consignment Shop discussion with current and former AmeriCorpsCentury Furniture Myers Carpet Members of Good Sam.Grizzel and Mann Axis Fine Art Installation, Inc.Travis & CompanyErnest Gaspard & Associates

PA4GEA LOOK AHEADUnderstanding the greatest and developing a planneeds of those we seek to to meet those needs byserve in Metro Atlanta, enhancing and expanding our services.It’s a brisk October morning in Atlanta as Rachel Over the last 16 years The Good Samaritanawakens to a pain in her chest. After tending Health Center has faithfully stepped into thisto her three children’s needs then sending them situation. We have served our community byoff to school, her pain worsens. By lunch, it’s providing affordable prices for medical services,obvious that the pain isn’t just a result of the dental services, mental health services andway she slept last night. Concerned it may be nutritional services. Yet three years ago oursomething more, she calls the nearest doctor’s leadership team realized that health needs in theoffice. Asking how much the visit will cost her, community extended far beyond the care ourshe is shocked. Politely, Rachel hangs up the physicians could provide. We began to look forphone. the root cause of the disparity.By late afternoon, the pain cannot be ignored Through research and patient surveys, the needany longer. Rachel scours her checking account, for The Full Circle of Health became search of money for a doctor’s visit. She To make a lasting impact on Metro Atlanta, weweighs the option of making an appointment recognized the opportunity at hand, to create aagainst grocery shopping for the week or total health plan that cares for patients at manypaying her electric bill. In the end, the doctor’s levels. Thus was born a vision to offer moreappointment is too great a price to pay. She holistic services. By going beyond the normalwaits until she can’t wait anymore. scope of a health center, such as offering healthy food access, enhanced mental health counselingUnfortunately, this story is not uncommon in and a physical fitness center, we can bringAtlanta. One in three families who live in the patients care through The Full Circle of Health.areas Good Sam serves falls below the povertyline. Their average life expectancy is 13 years For the past three years, Good Sam has “testedless than that of those in more affluent areas the waters” with an Urban Farm, FoodRXin Atlanta. Living in a food desert, the nearest Program, and a Farmers’ Market. We have seenhealthy food option is over one mile away, positive results for our patients’ overall health.which, with limited transportation, becomes yet Therefore, we are launching the next phasemore challenging. Exercise options are limited as of complete patient care, adding additionalwell, keeping health in check before you need a capacity to our medical services, building andoctor is difficult, if not impossible. on-site gym and hiring core team members will prepare us for future care and growth.

PA5GEA VISION FOR GROWTHAs we look ahead our team has established a clear vision to increase, enhance, andextend our offerings in our four core areas. This prepares us for major future growth. Expanding and Upgrading our Medical Services -Adding two medical examination rooms. -Hiring a full-time Medical Operations Manager. Increasing Mental Health and Counseling Services -Hiring an additional full time counselor. -Hiring a part-time psychiatrist. Adding a Complete On-Site Physical Fitness Center -Building a full-service physical fitness center, partnering with Urban Perform for operations and classes. Expanding Urban Farm and FoodRX Programs -Adding an outdoor barn building and workspace. -Creating a new Produce Distribution and Market Space. -Hiring farm and health programs team members. Preparing for Future Growth and Expansion -Purchasing adjacent property. -Hiring an accounting clerk. -Remodeling key interior spaces.

PA6GEVOLUNTEERS ADVANCE THE MISSION Joan Quillen has been a difference here at Good Sam. Volunteers serve at volunteering weekly the Urban Farm as well as in administrative offices. with Good Sam in Each month approximately 40 medical specialists the prayer room for donate their time and knowledge, moving each patient several years now. closer to The Full Circle of Health. Good Samaritan After hearing Dr. volunteer providers come from various venues including Warren speak at her their own private practices and many major Atlanta church about Good Institutions like theSamaritan, she saw an opportunity to serve people Center for Diseasespiritually. Asked what compelled her to come back Control and Prevention,again and again to Good Sam, she said, “It is because Piedmont Healthcare,[this community] has so many needs. Your heart just Emory School ofbreaks for them. Some prayer requests are about Medicine, Georgiahealth, but a lot are about personal issues such as Institute of Technologyfinancial needs and worries about children.” and WebMD®. Those who volunteer andThe key to her volunteer work is her desire to serve practice in our clinicpeople in need as a way to serve the Lord. Joan says fill our halls with athat if she could have any superpower she could chose, cumulative 720 years ofit would be “the power to be a miracle-working servant professional experienceof the Lord and to help those in need through prayer.” and include specialistJoan intercedes over requests on prayer cards, but she from these professional fields: Cardiology, Dentistry,doesn’t just stop there. She goes into the reception area Developmental Medicine, Emergency Medicine,and invites patients to the Prayer Room. Occasionally, Endocrinology, Family Practice, Gastroenterology,sitting down next to a patient, she asks, “Is there Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Neurology,anything I can pray about for you when I return to the Opthalmology, Orthopedics, Orthotics, Pediatrics,Prayer Room?” Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Preventative Medicine,Joan enjoys the Prosthetics, Psychiatry, Pulmonology and Speech-simple act of Language Pathology.prayer. It fulfillsher as she knows The Good Samaritan is poised to broaden its footprinther prayers make in the community. Equipped with marvelous volunteers,a difference in we can face the challenge of closing the gap tosomeone’s life. access of quality healthcare for our working-class community. Our volunteers are vital to the success of10,000 our organization, acting as a lifeline for Good SamHOURS patient families. On behalf of our patients, thank you for your service and dedication. We simply couldn’t doAnnually more than 10,000 volunteer hours are it without you.given to care for our patients. These compassionatehealthcare providers and community members make

PA7GEGive Health with every on-line Christmas purchase you make this Holiday Season! With every purchase you make on Amazon Smile, Good Sam receives .5% to give health to Atlanta. Simply visit and search “Good Samaritan Atlanta” to start shopping and giving. Holiday Trout Sales The Women’s Auxiliary is partnering with Sunburst Trout Farms to provide delicious products for your family and gift-giving this Holiday Season! Choose from Trout Fillets, Rainbow Trout Caviar, Smoked Rainbow Trout, Smoked Trout Dip, Gift Baskets and more! Each sale will raise funds for the work of Good Sam! To order call 800-673-3051 and mention the Good Samaritan Health Center!

ECHOESTHROUGH ETERNITYCompassionate, generous, patient, gentle, thoughtful: partners who performedthese are just some of the words that describe the surgeries that increased hislife of Brett Hamilton. He loved whipping up a mean quality of life in his final years.Mac n’ Cheese with his daughter Ansley and buildingelaborate Lego constructions with his son Rafe. He On July 19, 2015, Brett passedhelped in the construction of a clinic in Ghana, away from complicationsstudied Spanish in Guatemala, volunteered assisting related to his condition.Alzheimer’s patients, and tutored at risk-children as However, much like when hewell as University of Kentucky athletes. was first diagnosed with the tumor, his strength, kindnessIn 2000 Brett was diagnosed with a rare, benign brain and faith continue to echotumor which significantly changed the trajectory of his through eternity. Since his passing numerous gifts havelife. However that never stopped him. His quiet inner been given to The Good Samaritan Health Center instrength, loving-kindness, and optimism helped him his memory. These will allow hundreds of others inrally time and time again against fierce odds. Because Atlanta to receive the same life-changing healthcare.of his circumstances, Brett found himself in need of care Brett’s life was not measured in the number of years hethat far exceeded his financial abilities. Referred to had, but rather by the number of people he touched,Good Sam for help with the next steps in his journey, and will continue to touch, because of his life.we were able to connect him with our healthcareMEMORIALS & CELEBRATIONS JANUARY 1ST - SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2015IN HONOR OF MS. MARY L. FINK Ms. Carolee Allen Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Owens, Jr. Mr. Richard ParkerMR. AND MRS. MAC BICKERSTAFF Ms. Lola CarlisleMr. and Mrs. Robert Hallenberg MS. NANCY GRUMANN Ms. Kathryn Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Keith Broome, D.D.S.MR. JOHN MICHAEL BOSWELL MRS. ELEANOR MARTINDr. Elizabeth Boswell, M.D., MR. BRETT HAMILTON Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth TaratusMr. Robert Morris and Ms. Elisabeth Ms. Barbara J. ParkGroth Mr. James O’Hara MR. JOSEPH F. MURPHMr. and Mrs. Robin S. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Klenbort Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Owens, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James F. MartinMR. AND MRS. CHARLES BOWEN Mr. Joseph T. Davis MR. JAMES E. SPROULLMr. and Mrs. Frank C. Owens, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James J. Tinguely, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Sproull, Jr. Mr. John HamiltonMR. AND MRS. DAVID J. HARPER, JR. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brownlee MS. MARION VUCHETICMr. and Mrs. Mal McSwain Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wells Dr. and Mrs. Keith Broome, D.D.S. Ms. Judith L. Burge Mr. and Mrs. G.W. DardenDR. WILLIAM C. WARREN, IV S. KerrDr. and Mrs. Srephen Houseworth Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weddell MRS. MARY R. WARREN Ms. Nancy P. Bredbeck The Shearon & Taylor Glover FoundationIN MEMORY OF Ms. Nina Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Naylor IN CELEBRATION OFMRS. MARY L. ALLEN B. KaniaMr. and Mrs. Frank Lazenby Ms. Betsy Beach MR. AND MRS. MEADE STONE, III Mr. Carl Mullis Mr. and Mrs. Meade Stone, Jr.MS. AND MR. DEEDY COUSARMr. and Ms. Burt Cousar

Give the Gift of Health this Christmas This Christmas you can give the gift of health to someone in need in Atlanta as you give a gift to friends and family. For each $100 gift given to Good Sam, we will send our 2015 Good Sam Collector’s Ornament tohonored friends and family members. They will also receive your personalized Christmas card which lets themknow that the gift itself was a way of being a Good Samaritan to someone in need. You can give as many gifts as you wish knowing that each one provides vital healthcare services to your neighbors in Atlanta. Visit *Ornaments pictured here areor mail the enclosed form with your payment(s) to: for display purposes only. Good Samaritan Health Center 1015 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. Atlanta, GA 30318Your Year End Giving Makes A Difference Help us finish the year strong as we head into an exciting 2016! Your year end giving allows Good Sam to continue to offer quality full circle healthcare to those who need it most.Send your gift via check or on-line by December 31st.

NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO. 6411015 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy.Atlanta, GA 30318FALL THE SAMARITAN’S JOURNAL2015 OUR NEW WEBSITE Over the summer the Good Sam website received a complete overhaul with the goal of making it more user friendly for both patients and supporters. Keep up to date with all the latest news, blog posts, upcoming events and more by bookmarking the site. CONNECT WITH US ONLINE GIVING VOLUNTEERING Veronica Squires @AtlantaGoodSam 678.553.4903 @GoodSamAtl Latrice Dudley [email protected] 678.553.4906 [email protected] Samaritan Health Center p: 404.523.6571 Hours of Operation1015 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. f: 404.523.6574 Monday-Thursday ... 7:45am to 4:30pmAtlanta, GA 30318 Friday-Saturday ........ 7:45am to 12:00pm

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