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2018 FEATURES+ CONTENT O8 FASHION WEEK Advertise With Us 10 UPFRONT & PERSONAL embracing the power of hardwork within in the entertainment industry. We catch up with her on her blooming music life Gemma Griffiths Chatting to one of the royal rouge empe- riors 14 BEAUTY BLOG Make-up Tips with Sendy 16 TIPS FOR HER How to Dress for Business as a women Remember to always Subcribe and 18 TIPS FOR HIM share your comments on facebook: Royal Rouge Magazine 5 Things Women Want In a men Best For Him, Men Must Read 4 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

page 13 26 LIFESTYLE/MOTION With Nomthandazo Chiloane Who Become Miss Ekuruleni 28 BUSINESS GENIUS Tips on how to manange your money page 18 page 22 page 20 page 42 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 5




UPFRONT & • PERSONAL Gemma Griffiths Young Talented Gifted Women, embracing the power of hardwork within in the entertainment industry. We catch up with her on her blooming music life By Sipho Ngondo 1 2 3 4 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 9



UPFRONT & • PERSONAL 1 - Tell us more involved whilst studying too – beautiful is a wonder to watch about yourself? performing at festivals such as and experience. I have had the privilege of performing with him HIFA and Miombo Magic, but the last 3 years I have been twice – and he is so at ease on working on my music, recording stage, behind his guitar – a true am a Zimbabwean and performing full time – I have musician. Amy Winehouse was acoustic soul singer – I loved every second of it. also a big influence musically for grew up in Harare, Zim- me – her voice and musical style I babwe, and music was were revolutionary and I con- always a big part of our family. 4 - What are the nected with her music instantly All of us played something, and challenges you face – its timeless. often made music together. My mum taught me guitar and trum- daily as a distin- pet, and we had a piano in the guished female 6 - One Artist you house that I learnt on. I studied would love to do music at University in the USA musician? ad then moved to Cape Town, collaboration with, South Africa to start recording I think an underestimation of who can it be? and performing, whilst flying to female musicians still exists – Zimbabwe and London often for however – I don’t underestimate shows and festivals. myself, which means I can uku – for all the hopefully just prove them wrong. reasons I stated 2 - What drives you We are our biggest challenge above, and Am- – what we believe we can do, mara Brown – she and keep you moti- and how we go about achieving Tis a strong, fierce vated to write your this… I think if you have a strong female artist taking the industry music? sense of direction and are willing by storm, and I have so much to work hard, outside challenges respect for her. are a lot easier to face. Music itself drives me I think – I have a deep seeded love for it, 7 – What do you do and it comes naturally to me – it 5 - Who has always on your spare time feels like home to be o stage, been your inspira- and it feels like breathing to beside music? write. tion in this music industry and why? I dance – I love dancing, and 3 - How long have have done it since I was young. I also paint, my mum is an artist you been in the I’ve had a few – Baba Tuku was and she taught me so much. I a big influence for me. He is in- music industry? credibly humble, works hard and also loooove travelling. is a prolific writer. To be able to Full time I have been in the write as much music as he has, industry for about 3 years. I was and all of it unique to him and 12 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE




BEAUTY • BLOG The Basics of Makeup ow that we’ve covered primer, concealer, and powder). and create a clear canvas for when you should The purpose of base is to makeup. I’ve found that on older hire a makeup artist smooth out the complexion, subjects, powder foundation can N(i.e., always except reduce redness and shine, and settle into pores and accentuate when taking still shots of men, conceal under-eye darkness, fine lines. I prefer to mix liquid and even then consider it), wrinkles, and scars. A good foundation with water (to make let’s move on to the basics of base is especially important in it more sheer), and then apply makeup. The goal here is not to video, where blemished skin is a concealer where needed to teach makeup application – for nightmare to correct retroactive- cover spots and blemishes. that, you would need books or ly. Tools like Digital Anarchy’s Many makeup artists will use a personal lesson in makeup. Beauty Box can help, but it’s not a separate concealer for the Instead, it’s to give you a grasp a replacement for makeup done under-eye area and a drier, of the terminology and tools right in the first place. more concentrated one to cover of makeup so that you can spots and blemishes. effectively collaborate with your When applying base, a makeup One of my favorite tricks is to makeup artist on set. artist will often start by putting use a highlighting pen on top of on primer, a clear gel that fills concealer to add radiance to the Base in pores and enables makeup skin. This can do wonders for brightening aging skin: application to go on more A makeup artist will start by smoothly. Then, foundation applying base (foundation, is used to even out skin tone 16 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

BEAUTY • BLOG When a makeup artist is done here. With stills, it’s not too change on set, so if you want to with the base, he will set the difficult to do it in Photoshop on take several shots with different concealer with powder. This a single image, but getting it to wardrobe, lighting, or set, having prevents the powder blushes look consistent your makeup artist change the and shadows from grabbing onto between different shots may be lip color can be a quick way to creamy spots on the skin. tricky. And, again, don’t under- complement the new setting. estimate the confidence that can You may be surprised at how come from feeling beautiful with changing from a neutral to a bold makeup on. lip color can instantly alter the Eye makeup is often especially mood of the makeup. striking on women with light eyes and features. Here, purple shad- “The glam- ows and liner are used to define the model’s green eyes: our look Cheeks I like to apply a neutral bronzer I often think of applying eye- when you along the temples on both wom- shadow as a way of faceting go out on a en and men to define the bone a gem (the eye) for maximum structure and to give the illusion brilliance. Here, too, shadow is date” of more defined cheekbones. A used to contour the subject’s remeber you don’t wanna look highlighting powder can also be eyes and reveal depth: too much, you wanna keep it swept right on top of the cheek- simply, the products that i use for bones to create more dimension. As a part of the overall eye look, this look are: On women, blush is blended a makeup artist will often define over the bronzer to create a soft, the brows. I like to use a pencil Kryoln foundation it has conceal- natural flush. to lightly color in strokes, and then use a powder to soften the er it help to cover the spots in look. your face. A Blackopel brown eyelin to darken my eyebrows Eyes A mac concealer to shape my eyebrows, then i use my founda- Using shadow, eyeliner, and tion to cover the concealer mascara, a skilled makeup artist Lips can really bring out the color and A powder to set the foundation accentuate the shape of your Lips can be defined using on my eyelid subject’s eyes. Unlike evening lipstick, lip pencil, gloss, or out skin tone, applying eyeshad- all three. Depending on the By Sendy Ngwenya ow in when post-processing look that you are going for, the video is extremely difficult if not lip color can be the center of impossible, so hiring a makeup attention or tie in a monochro- artist can make a big difference matic look. Lip color is also the easiest aspect of makeup to ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 17

TIPS • FOR HER HOW TO DRESS FOR SUCCESS The Specifics blend. Long sleeve shirts are your thighs when sitting. Make sure the skirt is appropriate for more professional than short For Women sleeve. walking, climbing stairs and sitting. Lengths can be long. •Suits •Blouses Slits are appropriate if not too –Pants or skirt with a matching –Tops can be button ups, turtle long. Skirts for professional wear jacket necks, shells, or fashion blouses. should be fitting but not clingy –Best material is pure wool or a –Keep colors neutral, don’t wear and not flowing. Flowing skirts wool blend. Color: navy, charcoal loud colors or patterns. are more “Casual Casual” to gray and black are all accept- –Whatever you wear make sure “Business Casual”. able. Patterns, if any, should be it keeps you covered muted. Choose a conservative •Jewelry style that is versatile. •Skirts •post earrings, a modest neck- –Should be a modest length, no lace, and few rings are accept- •Shirts shorter than 2 inches above the able. No dangling earrings, loud –Best material is cotton or cotton knee. The skirt should still cover and noisy necklaces, or rings 18 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

TIPS • FOR HER on every finger. Keep the ring –Keep hair out of your face might see. count down to one per hand. and brushed. Nails should be Broaches are acceptable to painted a natural color, don’t The types of Dress… add a little color to a jacket or match your nails to your outfit. •“Business Professional” sweater. Makeup should look natural, and •“Business Ready” clean. Too much color can be •“Business Casual” •Shoes distracting. – must be clean and polished. –keep nails, and teeth well •“Casual Casual” Wear comfortable ones. Heels maintained. should be no higher than two WOMEN What to inches. Closed toe pumps are •Accessories Wear: “Business preferred, however open toed –should be kept to a minimum. shoes are acceptable for a more –handbags should match your Casual” casual look. outfit, as well as scarves and/ •Wear some neutral colors, or belts. but add one pop of color for a •Socks/ Hosiery more casual look. –the only requirement of socks •Body Modifications •Staying covered is always is that they match the color of – Tattoos should be covered, your shoes and slacks, and that whether with clothing, shoes or always always a safe bet they cover your ankles and/or make up. Piercings- the only –Do not wear a low neckline reach mid calf. Hosiery must be piercings allowed are one hole or a mini skirt worn with skirts. Hosiery must be on each ear. Any other type of •Keep your attire classy and plain, neutral colored. Exposing piercing should be covered or re- timeless skin due to short socks or no moved. Think wisely before you •Don’t experiment with new hosiery is not professional. get something done- even if you clothes or radical colors get your nose pierced you will •Grooming still have a scar your employer ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 19

TIPS • FOR HIM Types Of Men Every 5 Woman Wants” There are some men who seem to be natural magnets for the opposite sex, attracting women like light does moths. Then there are those other men who have a knack for making females flee, repelling them like maggots do, well, women. And while some suggest that the difference between these two camps comes down to minor personality nuances, those who do so usually fall into the latter category - and they’re wrong. What women want? Are you confused about what women are looking for? Well, unravels some of that mystery for you by revealing the types of men women are looking to date. Read through the five categories of men and see if you are one of the eligible bachelors she’s looking for. Dating around So, you want a boyfriend. You’re sick of the singles scene and ready to move right past “Go” and settle down with someone who will carry you straight into your happily ever after. Well, hold it right there, Miss Antsy-Pants! Before you go tango into the sunset with Mr. Right, you have to take a few spins around the dating dance floor with a few Mr. Right Knows. Dating different personality types is the most effective way to find out your likes, dislikes and deal breakers. In fact, spending time with the wrong guys — namely these five — can actually make you a better package when Mr. Fabulous comes along. 20 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

TIPS • FOR HIM 1. Mr. Nice Roman- experience. Just keep a level his suit and into a comfy relation- tic Guy head while he floats around you. ship are low, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the He’ll show up with flowers, leave smooth ride around the town cards around your apartment 2. Mr. Big Shot while it lasts. and quote Keats on a whim. He dresses sharp, talks slick and Think old-fashioned courtship has the perfectly coiffed looks of where you’re being wooed a man straight out of a lad mag. 3. Mr. Sexy Older instead of sitting by the phone One look at him in his tailored Guy wondering if he’ll call. suit and you’re toast — which is He’s old enough to have settled Celebrity counterparts: Cary exactly why he wears it. into his skin and has been Grant, Johnny Depp as Don Celebrity counterparts: Chris involved with enough women Juan DeMarco Noth as Mr. Big, any Bond to know that you require much What he’ll teach you: This affec- What he’ll teach you: From more than dinner and a few tionate man will show you a soft- sending your nether regions to martinis to get into the mood. er side of our male counterparts Brazil (Mr. Big Shot doesn’t do Best of all, he never makes you (what a relief to have someone granny panties) to the proper late for dinner because he’s fawn over you for a change!), all way to age a Cabernet, you’re playing Xbox. the while raising your expecta- in for a crash course in the finer Celebrity counterparts: Sean tions of how you wish to be treat- way of life. Dinners will be four- Connery, Antonio Banderas ed. After realizing that there are star and the conversation will be guys out there who understand witty. You’ll walk away from this What he’ll teach you: He the importance of a random note relationship more sophisticated has a lifetime of experience to or kiss in the moonlight, you’ll be and well aware of your own inner share (in and out of the bed- less likely to stay with someone vixen. room), which will likely keep you who degrades or ignores you in on your toes (and curling them, the future. Channel your inner Antonio too!). Plus, he’ll show you how Banderas or Frank Sinatra… The catch: Most of the time, to see life in a different way. No these guys are in love with the The catch: matter how long it lasts or how it idea of love. This means they As the 007 of romance, he’s ends, you’ll walk away worldlier will come on strong but lose mo- going in for the kill. He knows — and will never settle for a mentum in the long haul as the exactly what he’s doing and the measly five minutes of foreplay reality of a relationship sets in effect it’s having on you — and again. (i.e. disagreements, uneventful every other girl around him. The days), but that doesn’t mean you odds of this guy slipping out of shouldn’t date him and enjoy the ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 21

The catch: Despite what him will do one of two things: spontaneous, which means you Demi and Ashton might say, age make you squeal with delight or should be ready for anything is more than a number. If you appreciate your ability and right from a quickie to a quick dash are just starting to get comfort- to wear the pants sometimes. to Vegas. able in your skin and he’s shed Regardless, be sure to play his several times, there is a Scarlett at least once — trust us. The catch: Most people are good chance you’ll have issues social because they like the with long-term compatibility. The catch: You’re dying to company of others, but Fun Sure, he’s hot now, but how will be wined and dined, but he’s Social Guys are social because you feel in 10 years? Give one already made plans to meet you they love to be the center of another a thrill, then move onto down at the pub. This is the guy attention — and they love someone you both can relate to. who gets inspired by Braveheart the excitement of something and cries only “out of frustration.” new. This poses an issue for 4. Mr. Man’s Man He’s also prone to affairs… with long-term loves because: A) He carries your bags, will defend his favorite sports teams. Oh, Who wants to be an audience your honor and would rather and forget about asking him to member 24/7, and B) Let’s face swallow glass than shave his hold your purse while you do it: Relationships can get dull at chest or take hot wax to his anything — he wouldn’t dare. times — what will he do then? eyebrows. Enjoy the roller-coaster ride, but 5. Mr. Fun Social Guy don’t be afraid to walk away to Celebrity counterparts: Whether he’s out with friends or more stable ground. Frank Sinatra, Russell Crowe meeting the family for brunch, one thing’s for certain: He’s You’ve taken the personality What he’ll teach you: going to be the life of the party. test and read up on the type This rough rogue will have you of guy you want to be; now find relishing in your femininity like Celebrity counterparts: out about the 8 Types Of Guys no other. Why? There is some- Will Farrell, Vince Vaughn Women Avoid. thing about raw masculinity that More from brings out the damsel in all of What he’ll teach you: Why Guys Lose Interest us. Dating this bruiser will show There is something very attrac- Love Compatibility Quiz you how fun it can be when he tive about a man who’s always Quiz: What Kind of Guy Is He shows you who the man is (think ready to have a good time. You’ll Really? Rhett Butler when he scooped laugh a lot and learn how to go Scarlett up those stairs). Dating with the flow and let things slide. These types are often quite 22 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

This Page Was Left Like This Intesionally Download QR Code to Scan this Code For Advertisng Enquires ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 23

Q&A LIFESTYLE • IN MOTION With Nomthandazo Chiloane Who Become Miss Ekuruleni Well I’m an adventures person that doesn’t back down from a challenge. I live alongside my Granny, older brother, cousins, Aunts and uncles. I lost my both my parents at an early stage. I lost my mother at the age of 11 and my father at the age of 4. So I’m basically a granny’s child . Q: How long have you been in the modeling industry? A: I’ve been in the model- ing for 3 years Q: What inspires you daily? A: My Granny Is my source of inspiration she believes in what I do so much I just want to make her proud in every way possible Interviewed By Sipho Ngondo 24 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE





LIFESTYLE • IN MOTION Q: What are the A: I’m a big fan of makeup so lowing your steps? challenges you’ve every spare time I have I work on improving my makeup skill, I came across in this also do presenting. A: Never give up on your dreams industry? Challenges will come and go Q: Name a few but never let that fire in your A: I’ve come across a lot of heart die just because someone challenges one of them is I’ve models you’d love doesn’t want to see u happy. always been taken lightly as if to work with on set? Never forget you’re a DIAMOND I don’t belong in the modeling KING or Queen SO SHINE LIKE industry. A: Miss Universe working with THE DIAMOND u are. I’ve worked with people that just her would exactly give me a hate me and would do anything much bigger drive to see me fall. I’ve been stripped Q: Where can peo- of a title I worked very hard for Q: How do you ple get hold of you just because the lady didn’t like if they want to book me love to spend your holiday? you? Q: Are you a cor- A: I’m currently working on a A: I go by Queen Nomthandazo Chiloane on Facebook porate or working pageant so my holidays are On Instagram I’m Chiloane_ usually spent giving modeling alone? classes and trying my level best Nomthandazo to make my pageant a success A: I work alone. Working in groups can be a bit of a Q: Your crash? challenge A: Raphael Griffith’s Q: What type of modelling you into? Q: Any Favorite Movie/Film? A: Pageantry modeling A: High school musical 3 Q: What else you do besides Model- Q: Your Message ing on your spare to young people out time? there who are fol- ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 29


LIFESTYLE • IN MOTION Standing at the right BSide OF LIFE Cebisa Gule, (22years) born in Started modelling back in KwaZulu-Natal, but due to the high school 2012, there unfortunate death of his parents was a pagent competition he had to live in Gauteng with that was launched. From the his Guardian in the Skosana whole school I was the first Family. He Said Cebisa is boy agreeing on entering the the clan name of my father’s competition,and by winning Mr surname, so when people Sum- Tsakane Secondary that actually moned my name it is not only made me the first Mr Tsakane me they calling but my ancestors Secondary from the whole as well are also included, so I school. That’s when I started to always regard my self as being a fell in love with this modelling powerful visionary who is always thing. In 2013 I entered Mr on a mission to unleash my Tsakane Mall fortunately enough Dreams. I won, and that actually boosted my confidence. That confidence I’ve gained from high school is the one that actually made me to be the current Mr Ekurhuleni North 2018. ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 31

LIFESTYLE • IN MOTION What inspires you What else you do besides Mod- fear of failure or you will never daily? eling on your spare time? push yourself. You keep pushing People over the streets who are I am working under department because you believe in yourself actually not giving up on earning! of health as an admin clerk, after and in your vision and you know People who don’t beg but are work I go to gym(body building) that it is the right thing to do and selling handy items like, Paper success will come,so don’t be bags, Pencils etc. people like Name a few models afraid to fail. street vendors they wake up ev- you’d love to work erymorning during that coldness, with on set? Where can people get so they can put food on the table Lunga Shabalala and Nay hold of you if they want for their families. They get up Maponyane. to book you? with a hope to earn more every WhatsApp-0625008998 morning. So hope is the word! How do you love to Facebook-Cebisa Jaden Gule spend your holiday? Istagram- JCebisa What are the chal- To be in a rejuvenating place Email- Cebisa.Gule@ lenges you’ve came near the beach consuming across in this indus- nature’s sences, because try? that’s where I can able to be in the Industry is very unpredict- a healthy state not physically able, not many people get to but emosionally stable-healthy enjoy long careers and thats why peaceful mind, a relaxed soul is vital. Getting into the industry and spiritually to conquerquer is Difficult but staying in ans the world. maintaining certain levels of success, is even more difficult. Name two countries/ place you’d love to Are you a corporate or spend your holiday? working alone? America and Australia I am working alone at the moment. Your Favorite Movie/ Film? What type of modelling Abduction. you into? I was introduced to pagent mod- Your Message to young elling but me genuinelyly I’d love people out there who are to do underwear modelling. following your steps? Have a vision-you can’t be par- alyzed by 32 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE




BUSINESS • GENIUS Managing your money Take charge of your trouble with money. it’s about getting to know your- money self better. Want to know the secret to But often it is the everyday little being good with money? things that end up costing more By looking closely at your In just a few simple steps, you over time. daily money habits, you will can take control of your money, be able to make realistic instead of feeling like it controls Where does your cash go each choices about where you want you. day? It’s easy to lose track of $5 your money to go. Track your here, $10 there. spending Whether you have a little money or a lot, this Do a spending diary Understand your daily booklet will help you: The way to find out where spending habits. your money is going is to do a 5 minutes a day get off the treadmill of living spending diary. Choose how long to pay-to-pay track Make a note of everything you Decide how long to track your ease money stress and stay on spend for one pay period or at spending: top of your bills and commit- least a week. This will only ments take a few minutes a one week (minimum) day. direct your money to where it You can do this just for two weeks (if you get paid matters most yourself, or together with fortnightly) a friend or partner. set goals so you can enjoy more four weeks (if you get paid of the good things in life. Where Get to know your habits monthly). is my money going day-to-day? Tracking your spending is a The important thing is to do it You may think spending up on reality check. every day. big things is what gets you into It’s not about judging yourself, 36 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

BUSINESS • GENIUS Managing your money Get a notepad or app Where is my money of your household finances is to Get a small notepad to use as going month-to- do a budget. your spending diary. month? Take it with you wherever you Now you know where your cash This is a simple tool that go. is going day-to-day, the next helps you understand the step is to look at where your money going in and out of your Or, if you have a smartphone, money is going month-to-month. household. download our free Track- MySPEND app. How much money is It shows you if you are spending coming in? How much is more or less than you can Record what you going out? afford. spend Think about where your money You can then take action to Record everything you spend. goes each month: find the right balance between Do this straight away. spending and saving. Keep receipts if you buy a few weekly basics like food, grocer- things at once. ies, transport Do your budget Understand the money going in Don’t try to alter your spending regular bills like rent or and out of your household each habits. Just notice mortgage, electricity, phone, month. where your money goes. insurance 30 minutes Add it up less frequent spending like You will need: At the end of the tracking period, clothing, holidays, car registra- the budget planner from mon- add up everything you have tion,, OR spent. medical expenses. the tear-out planner at the back Now you have a good snapshot Do a budget of this booklet. of your current The best way to take control day-to-day spending. ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 37

KITCHEN CORNER • EAT SMART B OOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Now comes the fun part. You get to shop for and create your own juice combinations. Do you want to begin juicing for detox? Juicing for mental clarity? Or do you simply want to add more juices to your diet to achieve balance? The produce you choose to juice will really depend on your personal needs as well as what’s in season and available where you are. Here are some popular and ultra effective juicing ingredients: Green Leaf Lettuces Leafy green lettuces are an excellent addition to your juices. They are abundant in vitamins, minerals, and protein -- and are not offensive to the taste buds. The darker the green, the higher the mineral content, and the more intense the flavor of its juice. If you want to reap the benefits of lettuce in your juice, but are skeptical of the taste, try juicing a combo of darker and lighter greens to balance out the Ginger flavor. Ginger is a spicy root vegetable You can also use lettuce, like that can help add zest to your green juices. Sometimes adding romaine to help balance out ginger can flavor a juice well sharper tasting juices like ginger, enough to eliminate to tempta- fennel, garlic, and cilantro. tions to add sweeter fruits. Of course, anything that you can do to reduce your sugar intake will help promote optimum health. 38 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

KITCHEN CORNER • EAT SMART Juice it All! Whenever possible, juice your entire fruit or vegetable including seeds, skins, stems and rinds. The seeds and skins of produce often hold most of their nutri- tional power. This also makes it more beneficial to buy organic produce. Ginger relaxes the intestinal tract Fennel so it is very good for reducing Fennel, like ginger, adds a nausea, gas and bloating. certain spicy quality to your juice Studies have even shown that and can be a good addition if ginger’s anti-inflammatory and you wish to keep your juices antioxidant properties have more vegetable-based. Fennel helped reduce symptoms in pa- tastes like black licorice and tients with rheumatoid arthritis. has been known to have many (Murray, 155-156) medicinal properties. Besides being a digestive aid and useful in the reduction of gas, just like Mint ginger – fennel also contains Mint is very cooling and refresh- phytoestrogens which is espe- ing. You can add it to your juice cially useful to women during to enhance the flavor and make menopause. your greens more palatable. When juicing fennel, use both Juicing mint is much like cilantro the stem and the bulb. It does and grasses. You want to use a have a very intense flavor. very high quality juicer like the If you’ve never had fennel or fen- Twin Gear to get the most out Garlic nel juice before, do a taste test of your juice. But, you can also to determine how much of it you Garlic is one of those tastes want to drink or if you need to just blend it and add it directly to your juices, or blend and strain it that you may have to work up add it to other juices. (Murray, before adding it to other juices. to when it comes to adding it 150) to your juice. But again, since juice is so readily available to Lemon and Limes your cells, you never really need Lemons and Limes are a to drink too much of it at once. great way to sweeten your Garlic has been known to have juice without raising blood antibacterial and anti-microbial sugar or feeding infections affects, enhance your immune (yes, infections will feed system, eliminate heavy metals, on all of the sugars in your and help balance cholesterol foods, even natural sugars). levels, high blood pressure, Lemons and limes are very high heart disease, diabetes and candida. Buy fresh plump garlic in vitamin C and are great for for juicing. To juice it, simply assisting circulation and enhanc- peel the white papery skin and ing the skin. (Crocker, 100) run a clove or two through your You can juice the entire favorite juicer. (Murray 152) ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 39


THE • ACTS I Lead ontle Le- a journalist(featured ex- really need them,as it hlaleroa tra), i shot Generations is hard to be a girl and (19) the legacy(as an extra) struggle to get pads years for several times. I every month. I am part Bold girl organised my first event of the ERC (East Rand from Tsakane. Currently called “Mr n Miss face classics) managed by studying marketing at of Tsakane 2018” that my manager and mentor springs college. was happening on the called “Thabang sibe- 17th of March 2018.the ko”.I currently made it I am a model, event purpose was to build the to be Miss eagle South organiser and an youth and bring the love Africa 2018 semifinalist actress. I am a very and alegance of model- and would really appre- passionate ,Goal driven, ing in our kasi. Now I am ciate my community to dedicated, focused ,and busy hosting my second support me on this jour- a big dreamer kind of a event called “Mr n Miss ney by voting for me. girl. I started modeling Heritage 2018” that will Sms “Debo- at the age of 14 years be happening Septem- old as miss Tholulwazi ber. rah” to 35334. secondary school 2013. Like my Facebook She said: I contin- She started a campaign page:Bontle lehlaleroa ued and entered Miss to help young girls out miss eagle south Tsakane mall 2015,I did there .its called “its a africa 2018 semi-finalist fashion shows and won girl thing”Donate a (Gauteng). a certificate of participa- pads save a life. tion in a fashion show We donate pads to And follow me on at Katlehong. I shot a young girls at schools Instagram:Deborahle- series from kanyea as and everywhere who hlaleroa_mesa2018. ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 41





WHAT’S • TRENDING AUDITION TIPS Hi guys, here are 15 about himself/herself. What Williames. audition tips that will other characters say about him/ 10. Variety: feel the help you get any act- her. What the playwright or levels and dynamic in the scene. ing gig screenwriter says about him/her. Don’t play one emotion. If the 1. Confidence: 5. Objective: go character is angry or tough, it sounds simple but it takes underneath the dialogue. what when might he/she show some practice. Walk in the door with does he/she want from the vulnerability? your held head high. Be wary of other character’s purpose in the 11. Interesting, memora- shuffling feet. You don’t get sym- scene/story? ble auditions will start to happen pathy points if you’re nervous, 6. Obstacle: what’s in for you when you dig into scripts not feeling well, or having a ad the way of the character getting with these thoughts in the mind day, leave it outside the door. what he/she wants? Acting is before and during your auditions. 2. Personality: let what happens to you as you try Master your craft! Empower it shine through. Don’t give one to get your objective met, in spite yourself! Enjoy the journey.. word answers when having a of the obstacle. 12. Remember that conversation with the casting 7. Opposites: yelling auditioning/casting/hiring is not a director. Ask questions! The isn’t the only way to show hatred science it is an art. industry is looking for smart or anger. Sometimes being 13. Not every actor can curious actors. quiet as you make your point is do ever role- know what you can 3. Connection: make a powerful display off emotion. and can’t do and what you want one with the reader. Memorize Playing opposites is a much to do! the material or be familiar more interesting choice than the 14. Jobs are won or lost enough with it to maintain eye obvious. in the audition! Audition classes contact. Knowing the dialogue 8. Love: find the must be taught by working pro- is important, but making a con- love in the scene. Even nasty fessionals as the rules change nection with the reader is what characters should be likeable on every year! will make the scene natural and some level find a moment in the 15. Audition fears must believable. scene where the love can show be conquered and considered 4. Character: know through. a “positive way to spend time”. the character. Read the entire 9. Act: acting means to Auditions should be the best part script beforehand to pick-up as do, not to talk. Find your actions of your day someone sits and many clues as possible. We and play them! A wonderful watches you act! know about a character by the resource is the book ‘actions: @auditionsalert following, what he/she says the actor’s thesaurus’ by Marina Caldarone and Maggie Lloyd – 46 ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE



WOMEN • IN MOTION Lifestyle Women’s Ambition tumeleng Boitumelo fil the dream hence i’m driven Dolamo (23) im 1.60.. by success & I am Living The eye color color lifestyle. ‘So presa, Pusha, black...was born in rural Phanda”. area back in limpopo. After my matric i came to gauteng and i was Iintroduced to modelling by then an i first got my princess belt in 2016 for miss spring in gamothapo next to turf. In 2017 Merged into Media in- dustry were i was first screened on channel o music vid of kix ft pdot n various artist, got fea- tured on music video on soweto Tv. I did background artist ko muvhango and being featured in skeemsaam as well.were i got skills & experiance for acting on local dramas with different productions. yeah...well modelling it is a passion and I dreamt to be an actress as i’m willing to ful- ™ROYAL • ROUGE | LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 49


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