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Tree Pruning Safety Tips

Published by Maureen Nunez, 2022-09-01 05:52:55

Description: Atlanta Tree Company was created in order to bring quality tree services to the Atlanta area at a price that is affordable to the average residential homeowner. We handle a variety of tree crews, which enables us to serve every customer’s need at various different price points. Our mission is to bring quality services and great customer support plus affordable pricing to the Atlanta area. We know tree jobs can often be stressful, so we want to make sure you are taken care of.


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Tree Pruning Safety Tips Created by Maureen Nunez

Read the manual The most elementary thing you could do is to read. Within the user manual you need to find all the things you need to know more about technical specs the tool procedures, and safety measures.

Wear the correct gear Make certain that you have the proper protective gear. From top to bottom you should wear: a helmet, safety goggles respirator or facial mask, work gloves boots with good traction, thick pants and maybe even leg chaps.

Use properly Pole saws are designed for one purpose, and one goal only: to cut and prune tree limbs. Do not use a pole saw to cut on bushes, shrubs, trees and plants. There are tools and machines.

Check the conditions Inspect the place for any obstacles. As you can’t run a pole saw if it’s dark, windy, or rainy assessing the weather prediction of the day may come in handy. Inspect the condition of the trees you want to prune or cut — dead or dying branches, wood rot, and the cutting can impact and even pose a danger.

Keep it upright Try to keep the rod saw as upright as possible. The machines can be too difficult to handle at an angle that is parallel to the floor. The pole saw will be manageable the longer vertical it is. Use a tap to spread the program’s weight away from the arms.

Do not cut above you Branches shouldn’t ever cut directly overhead, even when you’re an experienced pole saw operator. Do some training and acquaint yourself with the methods for reducing weight. A wrong move and you could be crushed by the falling limb. Stay away from the branch you are pruning or cutting.

Firm footing Keep a good, firm base, with both feet planted and balanced. Both feet must stay on the ground in any way times. Use both hands when operating a pole saw, never with one hand.

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