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October 2021 Newsletter

Published by rpughes, 2021-09-28 15:51:55

Description: October 2021 Newsletter

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Every Counts! Thank You Veterans! Great Apple Crisp Recipe GR CERY GOUGE! A SALUTE to VETERANS We have all noticed it, the price of # TorieTough! groceries, gas, electronics, and home improvement has all skyrocketed. After spending $256 for my weekly groceries for Be HALLOWEEN Aware! a family of 3, I decided to ask why. You would think that with the lack of Turkey’s Done grocery bageemployees, and self-checkouts, grocery stores could pass on the savings to the consumers. As I began to It’s a BLIZZARD Out there! do research, I found that there are a million reasons- from Covid, to Supply vs Demand, to Shipping bog Its OK not to be downs, to lack of workers. In the past it was pinpointed what was causing the hike in prices, now Walk like a Penguin it seems like a burlap bag full of excuses. So, we must revert back to making every penny count. Here are Milestones – AC Awesome! some great ideas from my childhood that you can try today! Milk is over $5 per gallon! What about Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, it touts that it is fortified with Vitamin A &D, and my mom touted how delicious it was, once I stopped gagging. Some form of trickery might be required with the new generation’s expectations, my mom would invest in a ‘name-brand’ box of cereal, and replace it with ‘Marshmallow Magic’ or ‘Honey Nut Scooters’ We only caught on when the cereal box became so delipidated that we knew it was not new. Then there was the amazingly full ketchup bottle that was ½ empty yesterday. No need to tap the bottom of the bottle, because the ketchup flowed like water! While we may not get away with those tactics today, it was a way that my Mom took to save money on groceries. The one thing I never did buy into, and still don’t today is SPAM! Here are some tips to lowering your bill without lowering your Parent Status! Check your Fridge First! Some shoppers head to the grocery store without taking inventory of what they already have at home. Before you buy one too many loaves of bread or gallons of milk, check your refrigerator and pantry. Snap a picture of what you already have or make a list of what you know you’ll need. Limit your Shopping Trips The less you’re physically at the store, the fewer opportunities you have for impulse purchases. Do not grocery shop if you are hungry! Clip coupons, electronic or printed and base your menu around sales Russ’s Market puts out a weekly ad, Menards has some cheaper prices on milk and some groceries +11% REBATES! Follow your favorite brands Follow your favorite brands on social media or sign up for their mailing lists. Tide Laundry detergent emails deals and offers directly into your email inbox.

150TH Anniversary $10 Adams County Sheriff’s Challenge coins represent organizations, units, and teams. They can also represent an achievement, an anniversary or a special event. They build close-knit, lasting bonds between people who receive them and represent unity. They have a long-standing tradition in military history. To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge is selling these fantastic Challenge Coins! Please support our local law enforcement. Contact ext. 2028 for more information. Thank You Heidi Graf for submitting this yummy fall treat! It’s that time of year, I love quick and easy and I am an “All-recipe” go to gal so here is a link to the recipe but I love apple crisp and would like to share. Ingredients All you do: • 6 Apples – Peeled, Cored and Sliced 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees • 1 Cup Water 2. Lightly grease a 9x13 inch baking dish. • 1 (18.25 ounce) pkg white cake mix 3. Arrange apples in an even layer in bottom of baking dish. • 1 cup packed brown sugar 4. Pour water over apples. • 1 Teaspoon ground cinnamon 5. In a medium bowl mix together cake mix, brown sugar, and cinnamon. • ½ Cup butter, melted. 6. Stir in melted butter or margarine until ingredients are thoroughly blended; mixture will be crumbly. 7. Sprinkle mixture over apples. 8. Bake until the cake is done. While many think that Benjamin Franklin invented electricity in 1752 by tying a key to a kite, English scientist Michael Faraday was the first to realize that electric current could be produced by passing a magnet through a copper wire. Almost all of the electricity we use today is made with magnets and coils of copper wire. Electric Generators are based on this principal by converting motion energy into electricity. A motor converts electrical energy into motion energy. Mr. Faraday discovered the principal behind the transformer and generator in 1831, 79 years after Ben Franklin! While it did not take quite 79 years for our courthouse to get a generator, it did take 58 years! Construction is now underway for the Courthouse to have supplemental back up power from a Generator. The project is expected to be completed before winter!

The following article is about Torie Arnold-Bohannon, daughter of Sarah Davis. This article Sarah works in the Treasurer’s office. I have received Sarah’s permission to share Torie’s story. Was submitted by Shari Brei., Familial adenomatous In 2017, Torie was diagnosed with FAPS (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Syndrome). Shari works as a polyposis (FAP) is a rare She went through two major surgeries in 2019 removing her large intestine and part of Motor Vehicle Clerk, and has her rectum, and then an ileostomy take down. worked for Adams County inherited cancer since 2015 predisposition syndrome characterized by hundreds to thousands of Fast forward to 2020. Torie was constantly sick starting in August. Many trips to the doctors and precancerous colorectal emergency room visits to the hospital, nothing was ever figured out as to why she was constantly running fevers, polyps (adenomatous shaking, migraines, throwing up, etc. May of this year, Torie called Sarah at work and told her to meet her at the polyps). If left untreated, affected individuals hospital, she was not feeling well at all. Sarah was actually not sure how Torie even drove herself there, as she was in inevitably develop cancer so much pain. Sarah pleaded with the emergency room department to please do an abdominal scan (thinking maybe had a kidney stone). They did agree to do the scan and it showed two major masses in her abdomen the size of of the colon and/or rectum at a relatively young age. grapefruit. They sent her by ambulance straight to Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha. They learned one of the masses was full of infection, and the other a Desmoid Tumor (Desmoid Tumors is an abnormal growth that arises from connective tissue) The physicians assigned to Torie’s care have spent all summer trying to get the large mass of infection cleared from her body. This has been quite a process. She has had an abdominal drain placed to help suck the infection out, as well as complete gut rest, meaning no food orally. She has been on IV feedings (Total Parental Nutrition & lipids that are compounded and put in an IV bag). These feedings were given through a PICC line in her arm, thus giving her the nutrients, her body needs to survive. Once she is cleared of infection, the next plan was to start chemotherapy for her tumor. Unfortunately, the doctors had some disagreement on how to proceed. The gastrointestinal specialist wants to start chemotherapy without doing a biopsy. The oncology specialists want a biopsy done so that they can determine which medicine will be of best benefit for Torie. Hence no treatment plan has been established for Torie. Torie has had many setbacks. She is on IV antibiotics which she does at home, but as soon as she is off them, a few days later, she is ill again and back to the hospital she goes for 7-10 days at a time. Sarah Davis The latest news, that we received from Sarah is that Torie will be headed to the Mayo clinic as an out-patient. We works in the Treasures pray that she gets some answers that both Torie and Sarah desperately need. Torie and Sarah have been dealing Office since with this for over 6 months. It has been a long hard battle and the battle has not been won. Sarah has 2017 missed many days of work to be with her daughter through all of this. They have accrued many medical bills, travel expenses, etc. To try to show our support, we are having a raffle to raise funds to help cover these and other expenses that she will continue to incur. They are available in the Treasurer’s office to purchase. So far, we have 8 prizes to raffle off, and there will be more at the time of the drawing. The tickets are 1/$5.00 or 6/$20.00. The drawing will be Friday, October 15th, 2021. You do not need be present to win. Sarah would like to express how thankful she is to all of the families and friends that have been there for them. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for answers and healing. We will keep everyone posted on updates of Torie’s continued journey. #TorieTough #TorieStrong Our thanks in advance for your generous donations! Here are a couple of the baskets that will be raffled off!!!

Columbus Day – October 11th – MONDAY Veteran’s Day – November 11th – THURSDAY Thanksgiving – November 25 & 26th THURSDAY/FRIDAY DEPARTMENT Tom Reichert has been the HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Maintenance Supervisor since 2016 We, in Maintenance, want to thank you for the Nomination for this spotlight. It is always real nice to be recognized for the hard work and loyalty for a job well done. Our dept. each Check with your department head day strives to have the buildings and grounds of Adams County be pillars of pride for tax payers, about costumes on Friday, October employees, and elected officials. 29th. If you plan on dressing up for the occasion, make sure they are work Working in the Maintenance dept. is like a roller coaster but also an honor. We are a team appropriate, and do not cause looking out for each other and work as one. ‘Work smarter not harder’ has been one of the team’s distractions to your fellow workers or mottos since I started leading the dept. Each day, month, and season brings its own new/old visitors. challenges. As a crew, we like to enjoy our jobs by sharing experiences, struggles, accomplices, and life in general. We have regular cookouts, fantasy sport leagues, and team building events throughout the If you hang year. The respect and transparency about things going on is huge in building trust and loyalty in our decorations make sure they are dept. I could not be prouder of the work my crew takes on each and every day. Each crew member fun and not gory. brings a special set of skills and personality to the team. Brock Iliff, Mike Shuck, Brooke MacDonald, Do not light candles inside any and Tony Hilburn are the real reason for our dept receiving this spotlight. pumpkins that you might carve or display. Use a battery-operated light. Mowing the lawns, delivering paper, snow removal are things everyone sees Maintenance do Take notice of visitors who might look all year long, however, we do so much more. suspicious wearing a costume inside Gross moments…... the courthouse. Picking up and cleaning Annex outside basement entrance of Scary or Weird moments…… Make Sure Turkey is DRY poo on a HOT morning. before Frying Anytime going into the attic of Annex. Several times cleaning up sewer water etc. after toilet Thaw Turkey in Fridge overflows, prison plumbing leaks. Going into the Annex subfloor (under basement offices) where there is still booths, Cook to 165 degrees Cleaning the sewer pit, pumps, and the ‘catch’ bucket for jail chairs, tables and papers from when it was internal flushed ‘stuff’. the Elk club concession area. Test Temp in Several Spots Cleaning up floors, sinks, carpet, toilets after someone pukes or Hershey squirts. Going down in the deep power vault outside Keep a Fire Extinguisher north side of courthouse. close by Cleanup dead animals (squirrels, birds, bats, cat, mice). Cutting down a tree in the middle of Keep an Eye on the Fryer Refilling holes at grave sites with old ‘wood and bone’ in the nowhere county cemetery with holes around holes. Do not let kids play near the tombstones from ‘animals’ digging. Picking up to dispose of used human birth control items. Do Not DROP turkey in oil Open any building in the morning expecting Witnessing the variety of ways prisoners communicate with to be the only one in the building, but you others through jail windows. aren’t. Disposing of dog waste around the grounds. Being stuck in the jail elevator after midnight Cleaning up giant clumps of hair in a restroom. and you are the only one that knows how it works to get someone out from the other side.

INCLEMENT WEATHER DAYS Separate policies apply to the Highway, Maintenance and Sheriff Departments on inclement weather days. If the Courthouse is open, all employees are expected to be at work. The County Board Chairperson will determine if the Courthouse will be closed due to adverse weather conditions, and KHAS-TV and KHAS Radio will be notified by 7:00a.m. Employees will not be individually notified. In unusual weather conditions which prevent the Courthouse from being open, employees will be excused from working and will receive paid time off. An employee who wishes to leave early, come in late, or not report for work because of adverse weather conditions when the Courthouse is open must take vacation or compensatory time. Step, don’t jump, from vehicles and At times we experience pressures Adams County equipment. that seem too hard to handle. If Employee Assistance Program you are contending with stress, Don’t walk with your hands in your anxiety, addiction, debt, death, grief, (866) – 451-5465 pockets. sorrow, depression or any feelings of despair, remember there is help. Do National Suicide Prevention Take short shuffling steps in very icy not be afraid to ask for help. Your (800) – 273-8255 areas. smile and laugh may be shielding your hurt, but it does not open the Veteran’s Service Office Don’t carry or swing heavy loads, such door for others to see your pain. We (402) – 461-7162 as large boxes, cases or purses that may all experience these feelings, and we are all here to help each other. Horizon Recovery cause you to lose your balance when (402) – 462-2066 you are walking. Adams County South Central When walking, curl your toes under and Cares! Behavioral Health walk as flat-footed as possible. (402) – 463-5684 Don’t step on uneven surfaces. Avoid curbs with ice on them. Catholic Social Services (402) – 463-2112 Place your full attention on walking. DigSgoimngewinhyeoreurinptohciksentebwooskleottrebr aacbkapladck whileeawgalelkiinsgwoantcihceinigs odvaenrgseorloduiesr.s. Respond with how many soldiers this Tesmtapjeostetinctbiairlldy isslicwkaatcrehainsgboyvtearp. pFinivge youRrafnodootmonCtohrreemct. Responses wins a COOL PRIZE! Send your answer to: [email protected]

` Michelle Braun – 6 Years Shari Marsh – 8 Years Richard Fahrenholtz – 19 Years Steven Laird – 5 Years Dan Heuertz – 18 Years Barbara Curtis – 8 Years Taylor Hancock – 5 Years Virginia Long – 12 Years Tamara Gilster – 7 Years YEARS Jackie Russell – 14 Years YEARS Greg Schmidt – 15 Years Amanda Bauer Dan Furman Janet Kopisch Delbert Kotas Heath Lemke 23 Years 33 Years 21 Years 42+20YYeEarsARS of S2E2 RYeaVrsICE! Larry Arnold - 10/4 David Begin 11/1 Barbara Curtis – 10/10 Erick Espinoza 11/10 Tamara Gilster – 10/24 Patricia Evans – 11/1 John Heieck – 10/26 Deanna Mead – 11/7 Scott Karr – 10/3 Jane Morris – 11/28 Tammy McConnell – 10/23 Jenny Murman – 11/18 Mike Poplau – 10/11 Jackie Norris – 11/15 Ron Pughes – 10/23 Gary Reed – 11/29 John Rust – 10/21 Gwen Rodocker – 11/29 Greg Schmidt – 10/29 Lyle Stovall – 11/17 Ramona Thomas – 10/22 Christina Thornton – 11/22 This newsletter is provided for you, by you! Please share questions, ideas, birthdays, anniversaries, special events, or upcoming events! To nominate a department to spotlight, or recognize one of our great employees, or to submit an article. please email: [email protected] Look for the next upcoming Issue in: December!

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