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Matt Starr-Body Systems Flipbook

Published by JODIE KUBERSKI, 2020-09-11 12:46:59

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Body Systems Flipbook Matt Starr

Key terms- INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM FUNCTION- The Derm/o- SKIN integumentary system contains Kerat/o- HORNY, HARD, CORNEA skin, hair, nails, glands, and nerves. Its main function is to act as a barrier to protect the body from the outside world. Xer/o- DRY JOBS/Careers: Xanth/o- YELLOW ● Dermatologist-Doctor who specializes in Erythr/o- RED Pedicu/o- LOUSE conditions involving the skin, hair, and nails. ● Cosmetic Surgeon- Cosmetologists learn how to beautify hair, skin and nails, which means that a licensed cosmetologist can provide a wide range of services in the beauty industry Onych/o- FINGERNAIL/TOENAIL 10 VOCAB WORDS Myc/o- FUNGUS ● Epidermis ● Dermis Pil/o- HAIR 4 CONDITIONS ● Subcutaneous layer Lip/o- FATTY ● Melanocytes Rhytid/o- WRINKLE ● CYANOSIS- Bluish color due to ● ECZEMA- Itchy, redness, rash on ● Melanin Albin/o- WHITE ● Nails Decreased blood oxygen concentration skin ● Sweat Glands ● Hair follicle ● JAUNDICE- Yellowish skin color ● ACNE- When hair follicles plug with ● Sebum ● Carotene From liver malfunction oil and dead skin cells causing pimples

MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM Function- A system of Key terms- 10 VOCAB WORDS bones, muscles and joints that provide support, ● Skull form, stability and movement for the body. My/o- Muscles ● Spine ● Femur Myel/o- Bone Marrow or Spinal ● Triceps Jobs/Careers- ● Humerus Orthopedist- Cord ● Hamstrings Specializes in bone ● Trapezius Oste/o- Bone Cost/o- Ribs ● Pelvis and joint injuries Crani/o- Skull ● Gluteus Maximus Rheumatologist- ● Radius Treat 4 conditions musculoskeletal -Pexy/o- Fixation ➔ Tendinitis- A condition in which the diseases Chondr/o- Cartilage tissue connecting muscle to bone becomes inflamed. ➔ Fibromyalgia- Pain in muscles Arthr/o- Joint (chronic disease) -Plegia/o- Paralysis ➔ (RA)- long-term autoimmune disorder that results in pain and swollen joints Kinesi/o- Movement ➔ Osteoarthritis- A type of arthritis that occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down.

Key terms- NERVOUS SYSTEM Function- The nervous system is a complex collection of nerves and Neur/ o - Muscles Jobs/Careers- specialized cells called neurons which Encephal/ o - Brain Myel/ o - Bone Marrow or Spinal Cord Neurologist- specializes in the transmit signals between different parts Ambul/ o - To walk -esthesia- Nervous Sensation study, treatment, diagnosis & of the body. Mening/ o - Meninges Psych/ o - Mind, Mental disorders of the nervous Concuss/ o - Shaken together system. Neurosurgeon- Specializes in surgical treatment of the central and 10 VOCAB words- peripheral nervous system. 4 Conditions ❏ Neuron ❏ Axon ● Alzheimer's- Disease that affects ❏ Dendrite Brain function, memory behavior, etc. ❏ Synapse ❏ Cell Body ● Bell's Palsy- Sudden weakness ❏ Brain or paralysis of muscles on half of one's ❏ Spinal Cord fa●ce (MS)- Chronic disease that ❏ Sensory ❏ Motor Neuron affects the central nervous system ❏ Myelin ● Parkinson’s- From damage to nerve cells in the brain, impacts smooth control of muscles and movement

Key terms- Special Senses Function- The special senses consist of our eyes to irid/ o - Colored part of the eye see, nose to smell, tongue to taste, ears to hear, and -cusis- Hearing skin to touch. These organs send signals to the brain that detect environmental stimuli and transduce -opia - Vision Condition their energy into electrical impulses. This gives us a sense of what’s happening around us. ot/ o - Ear hearing tympan/ o- Eardrum 4 Conditions ophthalm/ o - Eyes ❏ Pink Eye- Redness in the eye 10 vocab WORDS- -metry - Process of measuring ❏ caused by bacteria or viruses ❏ that is highly contagious Cornea Deafness- Hearing loss of any ● Conjunctiva Jobs/Careers- degree caused by damage to the ● Iris Otolaryngologist- Doctor that❏ ● specializes in ears, nose and inner ear throat disorders. Opthamologist- Doctor who Anosmia- Partial or complete ● Papillae specializes in eye and vision loss of smell usually from a cold, ● Taste Buds care. allergy, sinus infection, or poor ● Olfactory air quality Receptors Hypogeusia- Reduced ● Malleus ability to taste things that can ● Fundus be caused by acute viral ● Retina illness, traumatic brain injury, ● Accessory liver disease, allergic rhinitis and more. structures

Cardiovascular System Function- The main functions of the Cardiovascular system Key terms- Jobs/Careers: Cardiologist- a doctor with are to maintain blood flow to all parts of the body and to Cardi/o - Heart special training and skill in finding, treating and provide all the cells with preventing diseases of the heart and blood nutrients. Angi/o - Blood or lymph vessels. vessel 11 Vocab Words Cardiac Surgeon- involved in surgical treatment Hem/o, Hemat/o - Blood ★ Aorta of organs inside the thorax —generally treatment of conditions of the heart and lungs Brady - Slow ★ Capillary Tachy - Fast 5 Conditions- ★ Pulmonary Artery Thromb/o - Clot Cardiac Arrest- Cessation of the heart ★ Pulse -emia - Blood beat ★ Septum Leuk/o - White Myocarditis- Inflammation of the ★ Valve Erythr/o - Red muscle of the heart ★ Vein Arteri/o - Artery Tachycardia- An abnormally fast ★ Vena Cava heartbeat ★ Ventricle Bradycardia- An abnormally slow ★ Atrium heartbeat ★ Artery Congenital heart disease- A problem with the structure of the heart that develops at birth

Key terms- Respiratory System Jobs/Careers: Function- The respiratory system is a network of Bronch/o - Bronchial tube, Pulmonologist- Physician who organs and tissues that Bronchus work together to exchange specializes in the respiratory system gas allowing us to breath. Respiratory therapist- Person who work with patients who have Cyan/o - Blue breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. 10 vocab WORDS- Laryng/o - Larynx, thoat -oxia - Oxygen 4 conditions/diseases: ❖ Larynx Asthma- condition where a person’s ❖ Bronchi airways become inflamed, narrow and Oxy- Oxygen swell, producing extra mucus, and making ❖ Trachea Pleur/o - Pleura, side of the it difficult to breath ❖ Lungs body ❖ Alveoli Emphysema- Condition where air sacs in the lungs become damaged and Pneum/o - Lung, air stretched resulting in a chronic cough and ❖ Cilia difficulty breathing Tuberculosis- A potentially serious ❖ Nasal Cavity Pulmon\\o - Lung infectious bacterial disease mainly ❖ Diaphragm Thorac/o - Chest, pleural affecting the lungs. ❖ Mucus cavity ❖ Respiration Pneumonia- An infection that inflames the air sacs in one or both lungs. The air sacs may fill with fluid/pus causing cough with Trache/o - Windpipe, trachea pus, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing.

Digestive System Jobs/Careers: FUNCTION- The digestive system Key terms- Gastroenterologist- A physician who is a network of organs that work specializes in diseases of the digestive together to absorb the food that you Cholecyst/o - Gallbladder system including the esophagus, stomach eat and transform it into energy and and intestines. nutrients that our body needs to Enter/o - Intestine Proctologist- a physician who specializes survive. in diseases of the rectum and anus. Col/o, colon/o - Colon 4 Conditions Hepat/o - Liver Some Vocab Words- Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS is a ➔ Gastrointestinal tract common disorder that affects the large Gastr/o- Stomach ➔ Saliva intestine and causes pain in the belly, ➔ Mouth gas, diarrhea, and constipation. ➔ Pharynx Or/o - Mouth ➔ Epiglottis Hemorrhoids - Swollen and inflamed -pepsia - Digestion ➔ Esophagus veins in the rectum and anus that cause ➔ Stomach discomfort and bleeding. ➔ Chyme Chlo\\e - Gall ➔ Small Intestine Crohn’s disease - A chronic Proct/o - Rectum ➔ Colon inflammatory bowel disease that affects ➔ Rectum the lining of the digestive tract. ➔ Anus ➔ Pancreas ➔ Insulin Constipation - When a person passes ➔ Liver less than three bowel movements a ➔ Bile ➔ Gallbladder week, or has difficult bowel movements.

Urinary System- Vocabulary Words Function: The urinary system is a Key terms- ❏ Kidneys tract that consist of your kidneys, ❏ Renal Artery ureters, bladder and urethra. It’s -cele- Hernia, tumor, ❏ Renal Vein function is to filter out the blood and swelling ❏ Hilus create urine as a waste by-product. ❏ Glomerulus -lysis - Breakdown, ❏ Filtration Conditions and Diseases: separation ❏ Calyx Pyelitis- Inflammation of the Renal ❏ Catheter Cyst/o - Sac, bladder ❏ Cortex pelvis. Nephr/o - Kidney ❏ Creatinine ❏ Electrolyte Kidney Stone- A small, hard ❏ Dialysate deposit of minerals and acids that Ren/o- Kidney or Kidneys forms in the kidneys and is often painful when passed. -uria - Urination, urine Jobs/Careers.. Uremia- The presence of excessive -pexy - Surgical fixation Urologist- A physician who amounts of urea and other -ectasis - stretching, dilation, specializes and treats nitrogenous waste products in the enlargement conditions/diseases in the blood \"azotemia\". genitourinary tract (urinary system) Pyel/o - Renal pelvis, Bowl of and male fertility. Urethritis- Inflammation of the kidney Nephrologist- A type of urethra. -Characterized by dysuria is usually doctor that specializes in diseases the result of an infection of the and conditions that affect the bladder or kidneys. kidneys.

Reproductive System Function: The reproductive system Key terms- has four main functions 4 Conditions and Diseases: 1. To produce egg and sperm cells 2. To transport and sustain these cells Cervic/o - Cervix Endometriosis-A disorder in which the 3. To nurture the developing offspring To produce hormones tissue that normally lines the uterus grows 4. Salping/o - Fallopian Tube outside the uterus. 10 VoCaBuLaRy WoRdS Ov/o - Egg Orchid/o - Testicle STD- An infection transmitted through sexual ❖ Sperm Oophor/o - Ovary ❖ Testes Men/o - Menstruation contact, caused by bacteria, viruses, or ❖ Ova -Mamm/o - Breast parasites. ❖ Urethra ❖ Prostate Gland Uterine fibroids- Non Cancerous growths ❖ Ovaries ❖ Fallopian Tubes in the uterus that can develop during a ❖ Uterus woman's childbearing years. ❖ Menstrual Cycle ❖ Zygote Prostatitis- Swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland, a walnut-sized gland situated directly below the bladder in men. Jobs/Careers Gynec/o - Female Endocrinologist- A specialist qualified to Colp/o - Vagina diagnose and treat hormone imbalances in the endocrine organs, which include the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, testes and pancreas. Embryologist- A specialist who studies Prostat/o - Prostate gland eggs, sperm, and the embryos they create. They analyze sperm and eggs during the diagnosis process to determine if there are defects that must be addressed prior to fertilization.


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