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Holiday Guide Final

Published by Arthur Blue, 2019-11-21 11:44:48

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November, 2019 New West KnifeWorks Holiday Gift Guide

Our American makers offer sharp From the Makers New West KnifeWorks functional art for the kitchen and field. Fine tools turn everyday chores into a joy- it is our pleasure to share that joy with you. “As beautiful as it is useful.” New York Times “America’s Best.” Cooking Light

Turning everyday chores into a joy. “I hated to cook because food prep was such a chore. Now I can’t wait to try new recipes because I get to go to the knife drawer and play with my favorite tool!” Lisa, San Francisco

ABOUT American made in the heart of the Mountain West. “Next Level”. Bloomberg Designed and crafted in the Teton Mountains, New West KnifeWorks and the Mtn Man Toy Shop make world class tools for the culinary artist and discerning outdoorsman. From the New York Times and Bloomberg, to Bon Appetit and the Wall Street Journal, top taste-makers appreciate the joy of a tool that is “as beautiful as it is useful\" (NYT).

The Chopper Holiday Collection New West Living While vegetables have nightmares about this chopping champion, you'll have sweet dreams about making salads and salsa.  A mid-size knife that makes a large-size impact on the cutting board. that makes a large-size impact on the cutting board. The Paring A comparison by Cooking Light’s test kitchen called this beauty \"America's Best\" paring knife. Don't be fooled, this wasn't a beauty pageant, it was a cutting board obstacle course focused on finding the champion in a variety of jobs- peeling, coring, mincing, pitting-- that the G-Fusion paring knife looks good getting the job done is just icing on the cake. 

The Host with the Most Holiday Collection New West KnifeWorks Deluxe Set A complete tool box for any professional or home chef. For the serious cook, having the right tool for the job turns food prep from a chore into an opportunity for performance art. The Minimalist Teton Samurai Set The \"Teton Samurai\" starter set features two very popular and effective Japanese inspired blade shapes. This is a great choice for those looking to cover all the basics-- a full size knife for heavy cutting board duties and something agile and light for precision work. The Perfectionist Mini-Mini Set These knives are designed to round out one's knife set. Perfect for cutting cheese or chopping basil, the Mini Chopper has a mini santoku design.  As for the Mini Paring, deveining shrimp, detailed trimming, or decorating pastries has never been easier.

The Teton Edge Santoku Holiday Collection New West Living This Japanese style blade takes its name from the \"three virtues\" of slicing, dicing and mincing. An all purpose chef knife, the santoku features a generous width for easy scooping while the moderate length and ergonomic design make it extremely agile on the cutting board. “Razor Sharp and Gorgeous” - Forbes

The Professional Holiday Collection New West KnifeWorks 4-piece Executive Pro Chef Set This is the ultimate set for the professional Chef or serious home cook who likes to have the right tools for every job. These American-Made chef knives turn prep work into performance art. Life is too short for dull knives. The Mixologist Bar Keeper Set Whether a waistcoat-wearing bar professional or a slightly obsessive home cocktail chef, this set will make easy work of every garnish and slice. The Outdoorsy One JH Outdoor Set The revival of local farm to table produce and protein has inspired many to get their hands dirty when it comes to providing sustenance. These knives are field tested by Jackson Hole's most experienced anglers and wranglers.

Holiday Collection New West Living The Petty Utility \"We find ourselves reaching for a petty knife as much as, if not more often than, the beloved chef's knife.\" Bon Appetit

The Mountain Man Toy Shop offers the finest tools, gifts and accessories for the modern day outdoorsman. We make tools inspired by the rich outdoor heritage and lifestyle of Jackson Hole, WY. Jackson Hole has been the destination of mountain men from legendary trappers and explorers like Jim Bridger to today's world class hunters, skiers, climbers, fishermen and other adrenaline hogs. Whether it's for charging hard in the wilderness, hanging with the boys around the campfire, or running into town for a whiskey, MMTS provides the finest supplies for those who live to answer the Call of the Wild.

Tactical Tools For The Wild Ones In Your Life Holiday Collection Mountain Man Toy Shop Hand-forged Throwing Hawk “The Tomahawk is a thing of beauty- a perfectly balanced hatchet designed for throwing. It’s all handcrafted by the same guys who make the drool-worthy [knives]. When I’m not throwing it, I’m going to hang it above my fireplace.“ Outside Magazine Mtn Man Trapper Vest Rough and ready on the outside so a fella can drink a PBR at the Stagecoach Bar without being accused of being a dandy. But on the inside it’s 100% Beaver-Filled LUXURY. The Outfitter Knife The ideal backcountry blade big enough for everything the deep woods demands, while also compact to pack in with ease

What knives do I really need? At New West KnifeWorks, we believe in quality far more than quantity. You really only need three knives to survive in the kitchen: a cutting board knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife for slicing. We’ve also included a fourth category for our“specialty knives”.

Paring Knife: This is the knife that is used when you are holding the food in your hand and cutting it. (Not on the cutting board). Peeling, coring, trimming, decorating... Some like to have a variety of sizes for different tasks. Petty Utility: Excels at delicate work for veggies, fruits, herbs and some slicing jobs of a larger knife. Paring: A comparison by Cooking Light's test kitchen called this beauty \"America's Best\" paring knife Mini-paring: Ideal for hand held work, the extra small blade and ample handle help master fine details Bread Knife/Slicer: A serrated edge is superior for soft foods that tend to smash like bread or tomatoes. It also works great for slicing roasts and other large meats. SuperBread: While performing heroic deeds on bread, its super powers extend far beyond the bread box. Deli: No more crooked or crumbly bagels or mutilation of tomatoes- the serration slices fruits and veggies properly every time.

Specialty Knives: You might not need them everyday, but when you do, you’ll be thrilled to have the right tool for the job. Whether it's for cheese, skinning a whitetail deer or deboning a fish, we’ve got the exact knives you need. Mini-Chopper: Adding a touch of elegance to a cheese and charcuterie plate, while effortlessly getting the job done. Fillet: After a decade of development, this knife addresses the needs of the outdoor enthusiast and professional chef. Hunter/Forager: More than just a hunting knife, this knife makes a great all-around belt or camp knife with its time tested saddle leather sheath. Outfitter: The ideal backcountry hunting knife with a blade big enough for everything the deep woods of the Snake River Range demands, but compact enough to pack in with ease.

A Family Connected by the Kitchen Corey’s passion for fine cutlery was born out of his love for fine food and the good life-- a love that has rubbed off on his son, Buck, who was the first ever Chopped Jr. Grand Champion at the ripe old age of 12! Buck also inherited the culinary itch from his Uncle, Chris Kidder, a Los Angeles-uber-chef and former chef-de-cuisine of James Beard favorite, Campanile. As you can imagine, holidays at the Milligan Ranch in Jackson Hole are full of fine flavors and friendly family rivalry in the kitchen. This competitive cooking nature led Corey and Buck to set up a local challenge where Buck would take on Jackson’s top chefs in a head to head style cooking battle. “Beat Buck Milligan” was born and became a staple of Teton County’s summer Farmer’s Market. If you’re looking for something new to add to your holiday palate, here’s a favorite of both Buck and Corey-- Uncle Chris’s Gravlax recipe.

Chef Chris Kidder’s Gravlax Ingredients: - One side of high quality salmon (Ingredients below per 1.5 lbs of salmon) - 2 cups rough chopped fresh dill - 1/2 cup fresh-ground course back pepper - 1/4 cup salt - 1/4 cup sugar

1. Rinse the salmon fillets and pat them thoroughly dry. Use tweezers or pliers to pull out any pin bones, if necessary. Cut salmon in half. 2. In a small bowl, combine the dill, salt, sugar, and pepper. Then divide the mixture into two approximately even piles within the bowl. 3. Cover each half of salmon with a pile of the ingredient mix. Cover all sides of the salmon, both flesh and skin should be covered. 4. Lay a fillet skin-down on small rimmed baking sheet (Ideally just big enough to fit the salmon). Lay the second fillet flesh-to-flesh on the first fillet. Sprinkle any remaining curing mixture over the skin of the top filet. 5. Cover the fillets with a second clean baking sheet. Top it with cans or pots or other heavy items to weigh the fish down, and find a place to put the whole thing in the fridge. 6. Let chill in fridge for 48 hours, draining excess liquid in the pan after the first day. 7. Remove from the fridge, lightly rinse off excess curing mix and gently pat dry. 8. The fish is ready to be sliced and served, or can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.

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